TO THE RIGHT:  Two buildings that were part of the Indian Packing Co. when the Packers were founded in 1919 — Acme purchased it in late 1920 — are still standing and can be seen from Morrow Street — from the middle of three railroad tracks west of Henry — or from the George Kress Trail. The Packers practiced at the plant in their first two seasons and that’s where their first team photo was taken. But contrary to “A City & Its Team,” the practice field was located west of the plant on Morrow, not east, and the picture was taken in front of an 11-stall garage that was torn down, not in front of one of the existing buildings.
(SOURCE: "Green Bay Packers history becomes a mix of facts, fiction" Green Bay Press-Gazette, October 31st 2011)
SEPTEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay's
official representative on the gridiron, the Indian Packing
Corporation's football eleven, in the initial battle of the
season at Hagemeister park yesterday, walloped the North
End Athletic club, of Menominee, 53-0, before a record
crowd of football fans. The Northerners were completely
outclassed and never had a chance to get near the goal
line. Captain Lambeau kicked off to Menominee and they
lost the ball on downs. The Packers immediately began
a march down the field and after a few minutes, "Dutch"
Dwyer, the pilot of the Bay team, crossed the goal with the
first touchdown, on a straight line plunge through center...
Menominee crew was completely outclassed and did not
make their downs on more than one occasion. The
Packers' defense was powerful and played a smashing
game. The warriors on the front line broke through the opposition almost every time and succeeded in downing the Lumberjack's backfielders before they even were started. The Bay pigskin conveyors in the backfield lodged a varied attack on the Northerners, using the forward pass to great advantage and making long gains on line smashed, when forced to do so. Captain Lambeau was the main figure and his forward passes went true almost every time. He played a great part in the scoring column...PLAYS IN GOOD FORM: The entire Green Bay eleven played like all-stars, every man doing his bit. The team ran in excellent form, like a well oiled machine and often times had the Upper Peninsula footballers off their balance. The Packers used twenty men during the game, giving each one an opportunity to show his mettle. The players worked like demons and their playing was a revelation to the large assemblage, who expected to see a close and airtight contest. The Bays presented a beautiful scene in their new outfits. Every man wore a blue jersey and white sox...TEAM OF ALL-STARS: There were no individual stars in the game, each man doing his part and in good shape. This is what made the team play possible yesterday. The men all played together in mid-season form and proved a big surprise to the huge
September 14: Green Bay (1-0) 53, Menominee North End A.C. 0
that had gathered to witness the fray.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packers football squad resumed practice last night at the plant grounds and Coach Ryan had a good sized squad to work on. All the players came out of the Menominee game with but minor injuries and every one of 'em will be in tip top shape for the battle on Sunday with the Marinette All-Stars. Three and possible four new faces will be seen in the Packer's lineup next Sunday. Wallie Ladrow, Jen Gallagher and Milton Wilson have joined the squad, while Herb Nichols' injured ankle will be improved enough to allow him to enter the game. The Marinette game has already kicked up a lot of interest. Manager Bill Doyle is bringing down a stellar aggregation and according to the Twin City paper, the Northerners have visions of a victory. Following the Marinette game, the Falls Motor club of Sheboygan Falls will play here on Sunday September 28 and on October 5, either the Oshkosh A.C. of Oshkosh or the Ishpeming, Mich., team will be seen in action on the Hagemeister park gridiron.
SEPTEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - Attendance records for an opening football game were shattered at Hagemeister park last Sunday afternoon in the Packers-Menominee game. It is estimated that approximately 1,500 fans attended the game. The spectators were lined up on the sidelines and at both ends of the field...The Packers showed that they were football players of first water against Menominee Sunday. The entire squad played like seasoned veterans and every man Coach Ryan sent into the game was a credit to the game and to the team.
​SEPTEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The second game of the semi-pro football season will be staged tomorrow afternoon at Hagemeister's park when the Green Bay Packers face Bill Doyle's Marinette All Stars. The kickoff is at 3 o'clock. Indications point to a hard fought fracas. The Northerners are coming here with a team that has been "loaded" to secure a victory and with the lineup that the visitors present, Green Bay is very likely to have her hands full. Arrangements have been made to handle a large sized crowd. The gridiron has been lined off and a fence put around the playing field. There will be extra car service to and from the park. Capable officials have been secured to handle the game. Fourteen minutes will be played.
September 21: Green Bay (2-0) 61, Marinette Northerners 0
SEPTEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers scored a 61 to 0 victory over the Marinette eleven on Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister's park before a fair sized crowd of spectators. Although weather conditions were unfavorable the gridiron was in fair shape and both teams handled the pigskin clearly. There were only two fumbles in the entire game. The Northerners were hopelessly outclassed. Only once did the visitors make a first down and at no time during the argument
were they within 45 yards of Green Bay's goal line.
Marinette looked husky during the initial workout and
Doyle's squad displayed a lot of fight during the first
quarter but it was a walkover in the last three periods of
play. Captain Lambeau's Packers displayed a splendid
article of football. Green Bay's forwards played a
smashing game while the backfielders were right at
home shooting the forward pass. The aerial route was
responsible for the majority of Green Bay's scores.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green
Bay Packers will indulge in a special afternoon practice
on Friday afternoon on the plant gridiron at 3:30 o'clock.
Captain Lambeau wants every man on the squad to be
on hand promptly as new plays which will be used for the
first time against Appleton on Sunday at Hagemeister's
park will be worked out. Abrams, Dwyer, Nichols, Martell,
Petcka, Powers, Muldoon, C. Zoll, M. Zoll, Sauber, Bero,
Gavin, Coffeen, C. Dwyer, Rosenow, Martin, Gallagher,
Ladrow and McLean are urged to be on hand without
fail. The afternoon practice will be a once-a-week feature
from now on due to the fact that the increasing darkness
cuts short the time available for practice in the evenings.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The New
London Athletic club will be the football attraction at
Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon. An eleventh hour
change of schedule puts this crack team on against the Green Bay Packers instead of the Appleton city team. The New London squad is a husky aggregation. Their line will average about 170 pounds. Included in the lineup are six members of the crack Edison basketball five, which were runners up in the national A.A.U. basketball
tournaments at Chicago and New York last spring. This is enough to guarantee a corking good game of football on Sunday when Captain Lambeau's team faces the invaders.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the best football games of the season will be staged  tomorrow at Hagemeister's park when the Green Bay Packers face the crack New London Athletic club eleven. The game will start at 3 o'clock and 13 minute periods will be played. The visitors are coming here, with an all star lineup. Their team is coming mostly of ex-collegians. New London's scrimmage front, from tackle to tackle, is one of the heaviest in the state. Green Bay is not in any too good shape. Nichols, McLean and Martin are pretty badly banged up and Coach Ryan plans to keep them out of the fracas.
September 28: Green Bay (3-0) 54, New London 0
SEPTEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bill Ryan's clan of Packers continued their victorious march on the gridiron yesterday afternoon at the Hagemeister park, where they handed the New London football warriors the short end of a 54-0 pigskin argument. Although the visitors succumbed to the onslaughts of the Packing plant crew they had plenty of fight. The Packers showed the value of practice and workouts, by their week of Sunday afternoon. The team ran like a well-oiled machine, and there were no bad blunders to spoil the playing. Each man did his part in good shape. The New London athletes displayed strong resistance on line plunges and occasionally an open play. Although, the Packers ran up over half a hundred points, the New Londoners furnished plenty of opposition, but tired as the game progressed. They were strong at the beginning of the periods, but their strength gradually waned as the time progressed. The crack Company C football eleven of Sheboygan will oppose the Packers at Hagemeister park next Sunday.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Sheboygan Press) - The Co C football team will clash with the Indian Packing Company team on the gridiron of the home team at Green Bay next Sunday, in the initial game. From all reports the Packers from the "Bay City" are a husky lot; but judging from the exceptional form shown by the "Red Arrow" boys, in their recent practice games, they will prove equal to the occasion and are confident of coming "back with the bacon". Under the tutelage of Coach Whinfield, the Co C players have been working hard and show every indication of being in first class condition and with a few exceptional deceiving movements which they have worked out the "Bay City" Packers are going to have a job on their hands to place the pigskin over the goal.
OCTOBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - On Sunday afternoon at Hegmeister park the Company "G" team of Sheboygan will be the gridiron opponents of the Green Bay Packers. This squad from the Chair city comes here with a reputation of having one of the best elevens in Badger semipro circles. In 1916, the Sheboygan aggregation were runners up for state championship honors. In 1917 and '18, they were in army service but kept their football organization intact as they were all members of one company. Every man on the squad is a war veteran. Coach Ryan is shaping his men for this game and there will be a couple of new faces in the lineup. Gus Lookaround, former Carlisle star and teammate of Jim Thorpe, will be seen in action against the Sheboygan crew. There is a blackboard talk tonight for the Packers at the Continuation school building at 7:30 and an afternoon practice drill on the plant gridiron on Friday at 3 o'clock.
OCTOBER 2 (Sheboygan Press) - This evening the Co C football team will engage in active practice at the ball park, virtually the last chance before leaving for Green Bay where the opening game of the season will be played on Sunday. Every member is urged to be out this evening and should the weather be inclement then report at Billy Liebl's place at 7:30 to get final instructions for the coming game.
OCTOBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - As yet the management of the Indian Packers football eleven has been unable to bring a team here that is a match for the locals. Each of the three elevens who exhibited at Hagemeister park during the last three Sundays proved easy for the Packers, who walked all over them. Marinette came here with a haughty air of confidence, optimistic of spilling the Packers' chances. But, the Packers proved a stumbling block for the Lumberjacks and they fell hard before the onslaughts of the Indians. New London proved a bit stronger than the Northerners, but the Edison team was no match for the Ryan men. The Packers' smashing attack crumpled the defense of the visitors and their open style of play has them completely baffled...Now comes Sheboygan. A report from the city of chairs states that the Company C eleven has a fellow who is a second Oliphant, holding down the fullback position. This fellow tips the beams in the vicinity of the two hundred mark and carries a smashing style of attack. He is also a strong and hard hitter on defense, says the note from Sheboygan. We at least hope there is one man who can give the Packers a little opposition.
OCTOBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tomorrow afternoon at Hegmeister Park, the crack Company "C" team of Sheboygan will face the Green Bay Packers in a football game that will go a long way toward deciding the semi-pro championship of the state. The game will be called promptly at 3 o'clock and periods of 13 minutes duration are scheduled. The visitors, according to all reports, have a stellar aggregation. Every man on the team is a war veteran and this same squad played football two years ago in Waco, Texas, and last year in France. Drews, Sheboygan's fullback, is rated as a line plunger extraordinary. Coach Ryan's Packers are in good shape for the game. There will be no changes in the lineup. The Carlisle star, Gus Lookaround has left the city and will be seen in action.
October 5: Green Bay (4-0) 87, Sheboygan Company C 0
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay has the best semi-pro football team in northeastern Wisconsin. This fact was clearly demonstrated at Hagemeister park on Sunday afternoon, when the Packers routed the crack Company "C" team of Sheboygan to the tune of 87 to 0. The visitors were a husky aggregation and they made a nice appearance in their new uniforms, but that was all. The soldiers could not check Green Bay's varied attack and aside from a couple of spasmodic rushes, the offensive work was smashed to smithereens. Usually, the Packers' forwards were on top of Sheboygan's backs before they got started...WELL OILED MACHINE: Coach Ryan's team played their best football of the season. The Packers acted like a well oiled machine. Their interference was perfect and long forward passes amazed the crowd. Lambeau was shooting 'em all the way from 20 to 40 yards with the other backfielders and ends making sensational catches. Despite the fact that it rained for the fourth consecutive Sunday, there was a fair sized crowd on hand for the game. Next Sunday, the Racine City team, southern Wisconsin champions in 1918, will play here.
OCTOBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - On Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park, the Racine city football team will face the Green Bay Packers. This should be one of the best games of the season because the visitors come here with a guaranteed reputation as footballers. This team held the Southern Wisconsin semi-pro championship in '18. Racine went through last year without a defeat and this season they have a pair of victories to their records, defeating Kenosha and a crack Milwaukee team. Racine's line will average 165 pounds and the backfield is equally as heavy. Green Bay will be in good shape for the clash. With the exception of Nichols and Wheeler, the casualty list is practically cleared up. Wilson and Bradlee, a pair of star linesmen, have been added to the squad. Captain Lambeau's team will hold a blackboard talk tonight at 7:30 in the Continuation school building and there will be scrimmage practice Friday afternoon at the plant gridiron.
OCTOBER 8 (Racine Journal News) - Victors of last week's game, and State champs, will try some out-of-town bacon this weekend when they travel to Green Bay to clash with its city team. Iroquois men say that they are considerably underweighed by expect that their superior speed will make an easy victory for them. The Green Bay bunch has not met defeat yet this season and their lowest score is 54 to 0. That is "some rep" and the locals plan to spoil it for them. It seems a shame to muss up a pretty total sheet like that but such is life in the football world. With the exception of Swingle who the champs figure on having in the backfield the lineup will be the same as used against the Ajax rubbers last week. Ockey Hansen, who had several stitches taken in a cut received at the last battle will be back on the job when the ump tootes the whistle.
OCTOBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers crack football machine is running along at a rapid pace towards the state championship and if their future opponents prove as easy as those of the past, title is cinched. Menominee, Marinette, New London and Sheboygan fell heavily before the onslaughts of Ryan's crew. All of them were highly toured and supposed to be strong opponents, but they failed miserably in the attempt to give the Packers some opposition. Each of the teams was handed a goose egg, while the Packers rolled up three scores of more points in almost every game...Now comes the Racine City team, champs of southern Wisconsin. This is the team that defeated the famed Horlick Malted Milk's of the Belle city in the early part of the season and they threaten dire things to the Packers. So did Sheboygan, but the Chairmakers fell hard in the attempt. The Chair city sent down a husky crew and they wore some flashy uniforms, but that was all.
OCTOBER 11 (Racine Journal News) - Sometime Sunday night the Iroquois grid team expects to return from Green Bay with another victory to their credit. They now hold the championship of southern Wisconsin and intend to keep right on holding it. Reports say that the opposing team in Sunday's match will offer some strong
opposition and the local boys have left nothing undone in the practice line to prepare themselves for the coming struggle. The management of this star club has been casting a weather eye about the sport world of Racine in search of new material with which to strengthen his team. It is said that several new players have been added to the already strong eleven.
OCTOBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Racine city team, southern Wisconsin football title holders, will face Captain Lambeau's Packers tomorrow afternoon at Hagemeister park. This is the greatest semi-pro gridiron attraction that has ever been booked for a local field. The visitors are coming here with a great record. They haven't been beat in two years and this season have two victories to their credit. The invaders will average 165 pounds and the lineup includes some of the best semi-pro footballers in Wisconsin. Green Bay is all set for the game. Every man on the squad is in shape to step into action. The Packers will as usual display a varied attack. Several new plays and formations have been added during the past week and they will be used for the first time against Racine. With a good break in the weather, indications point to a record sized crowd. The game will start promptly at 3 o'clock and periods of 14 minutes duration will be played. Capable officials will handle the contest.
October 12: Green Bay (5-0) 76, Racine 6
OCTOBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - In the hardest fought that has been played at Hagemeister park this season, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Racine City team, southern Wisconsin football champions, by a score of 76 to 6. It was the first time in two years that Green Bay has been scored on and it was also the first defeat for Racine in two seasons of play. Good weather brought out a big crowd and they were treated to plenty of excitement. The visitors fought for every inch and they were a scrappy and aggressive bunch. Their lone score came in the third quarter after a series of successful forward passes, which brought the ball to the Packers' two yard line. Three time did Green Bay hold tight but on the last down fullback Somers placed the ball across the line. Racine did not make the goal as the kickout was blocked. As usual, the Packers made good use of the forward pass. The aerial route was responsible for nearly all of the touchdowns. The Bays were up against stiff opposition and Captain Lambeau's team had to display an A1 brand of football throughout the game. Casualties were numerous. Racine used up every one of her substitutes a couple of her men being pretty badly banged up. Two of Green Bay's players, Powers and Bero, were forced to leave the game on account of injuries. Next Sunday, the Packers play Mark Catin's Ruepping Leather company team of Fond du Lac.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Due to an eleventh hour cancellation by the Rueping Leather company team of Fond du Lac, there will be no football game at Hagemeister park on Sunday afternoon. Manager Stack of the downstate notified the Packers' management at noon on Wednesday that he would be unable to fulfill his contract for a game on October 19. His alibi was sickness and injuries to his players. The Packers won't be idle, however, as they are going to Ishpeming, Mich., to play the champions of the northern peninsula. The Michiganders haven't tasted defeat in two years and it looks as if Green Bay will have their hands full. Captain Lambeau's squad, 22 strong, leaves over the C.& N.W. Saturday at midnight and it is expected that a large bunch of followers will accompany the team. The Packers will hold an important meeting tonight in the Press-Gazette editorial rooms and there will be a long signal practice on Friday afternoon at the plant gridiron.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Racine daily newspaper emitted a loud wail in its columns Monday night, in the story of the game between the Packers and the Iroquois team of the Belle city here last 
Sunday. The story claims that the Green Bay team tipped the scaled at 190 pound average man and that the Racine team was outweighed 40 pounds to the man. This sounds rather "fishy". But they forget to mention that their favorites were outclassed and outplayed from the
sound of the referee's whistle until time was called...
Nothing concerning a football game between the La
Crosse city team and the Packers has been heard from
the western city since the opening of the gridiron season.
Before the season was ushered in, the westerners
claims they would get a team that would wipe the earth
with Green Bay, et cetera, but did they perform that feat?
No, not yet. The season is in full swing now and if the
La Crosse bunch wants to meet the Packers, let us hear
from them.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Backed by a
rooters club of fifty football enthusiasts, the Green Bay
Packers will leave for Ishpeming, Mich., tomorrow night
over the C. & N.W. On Sunday, Captain Lambeau's team
faces the Michiganders in the first big inter-state
professional football clash of the season. The Green Bay
delegation will travel in a special Pullman. Arrangements
have been made for an extra car to be added to the train
that will reach Ishpeming on Sunday morning at 7:15.
This will enable the team to have a good night's sleep
and be in tip-top shape for the game that will go a long
way towards deciding professional gridiron honors of 
the middle west. On the return trip, the Packers leave
Ishpeming at 6 p.m., reaching home shortly after
midnight. The Packers went through a 3-hour grill on the
plant gridiron this afternoon and at the close of the
practice the following squad was selected to make the
Ishpeming trip: Captain Lambeau, Ladrow, McLean,
Rosenow, Gallagher, Martin, Beron, Coffeen, Martell,
Abrams, Dwyer, Petcka, Powers, Wilson, C. Zoll, M. Zoll,
Muldoon, Gavin, Sauber, Coach Ryan, Manager Calhoun
and Umpire Stewart.
OCTOBER 18 (Ishpeming-Green Bay Press-Gazette) -
With fair weather predicted for Sunday, the stage is all set
for the biggest football game that has been staged in the
northern peninsula for a long time. The appearance here
of the Green Bay Packers, claimants of the Wisconsin
semi-pro football championship, has kicked up a good
deal of interest and it is probable that over 5,000 people will attend the football game here on Sunday. Betting is lively and a flood of Green Bay money has more than wiped out the 5 to 3 odds that were being offered on Ishpeming...The Green Bay Packers leave tonight at 12:45 for Ishpeming, Mich., where, on Sunday, they will clash with the champions of Northern Michigan. Coach Ryan's team is in fairly good shape for the argument. Captain Lambeau's knee is on the mend. Bero's fractured nose won't prevent his playing, and Martin's ankle is once more in shape. Wheeler, who is laid up with a broken arm, is the only man on the squad who won't be able to take part in the fracas...SPECIAL PULLMAN CAR: The Packers are making the trip in a special Pullman car and the coach will be decorated with Green Bay booster banners. It is expected that a large delegation of football fans will follow the Packers to Ishpeming tonight. The Green Bay team will line up as follows: Ends, Martell, Abrams, Dwyer. Tackles, Wilson, Petcka, Powers. Guards, C. Zoll, M. Zoll, Muldoon. Center, Gaving, Sauber. Backs, Captain Lambeau, Gallagher, Ladrow, McLean, Rosenow and Bero.
October 19: Green Bay (6-0) 33, Ishpeming 0
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - For the first time
in five years, Ishpeming, football title holders on their home
gridiron, the Green Bay Packers turning the trick on Sunday
afternoon by a score of 33 to 0. It was the Packers sixth
straight victory of the season. Outweighed by at least five
pounds to the man, Green Bay played rings around their
heavier opponents, and if it has not been for some very
good "defensive work" by the head linesman, who was a
Michigander, the score would have been much larger. This
officials seemed to take great pleasure in penalized the
Bays for offside and holding, particularly when Captain
Lambeau's team was inside of Ishpeming's 35 yard line...
ROUGH FOOTBALL: It was a rough battle. Ishpeming,
when she began to see certain defeat, started to mix up
and it was a case of give and take. Casualties were 
numerous and a couple of the Green Bay squad were pretty
badly battered up. Coach Ryan took up twenty players and
every one of 'em got in the game. The crowd was the
largest that Green Bay has played before. More than 3,000
fans were in attendance, and they were standing about 
'steen deep on all four sides of the gridiron. The playing
field was kept clear at all times...GREEN BAY SCORES
QUICKLY: The Packers, as usual, got the jump. Captain
Lambeau kicked off to Thornton, who when tackled by Zoll,
fumbled the ball on Ishpeming's 20 yard line. Powers
covered the oval for the Packers. On the first play, Gallagher
shot outside of tackle for two chalkmarks and he crossed
the goal line but the head linesman claimed a Green Bay
man was holding and he penalized the Bays 15 yards. The
touchdown was not allowed. The ball was put in 
scrimmage on the 35-yard line. On the first lineup,
Lambeau shot a forward pass to Ladlow for a big gain.
Gallagher came through for a chalkmark on a trick
formation and the former West high star followed this up
with a pretty run for a touchdown. Captain Lambeau kicked
the goal...ROUGHNECK TACTICS: From then on, it was a 
rout. The Packers, riled up by the roughneck tactics of their
opponents, went to it like a house-a-fire. The line opened
up big holes for the backs and it was a procession up and
down the field. On the defense, Green Bay was practically
impregnable. The renowned Ishpeming backs were thrown
for losses with due regularity...ISHPEMING WEAKENS: The
Michiganders could not get going in the final half and the
Bays ran up three more touchdowns. Coach Ryan made
numerous changes in the lineup and the fresh players that
were shot into the game kept up such a dizzy pace that the
Michiganders appeared to be standing still. Every man on
the Green Bay team played great football. This stonewall
defense backed by a lightning fast attack simply dazzled 
the Michiganders and the Wolverine champions soon
realized that they were up against the fastest aggregation
that they ever faced.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Hugh Minahan
headed the Green Bay rooters' delegation and the Bay fans
had a great time at the expense of the Michiganders. 
Although outnumbers about 200 to 1, the Packers followers
made themselves heard with due regularity. About two 
dozen made the trip...Ishpeming money was not very
plentiful. The Packers brought back about $500 and there
was close to $2,400 that was untaken. The Michiganders
wanted 10 to 8 odds...About twelve hundred Ishpeming
fans paraded the grounds behind the Michigan City band.
At the start of the game, the musicians played "There'll Be
A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight". Before the first
quarter was over, some of the musicians were seen 
headed for home with their instruments covered up...The "Packers Special" made a great hit at all stations. Big streamers, donated by the A. of C. let the ruralities know who was traveling and, on the way back, crowds gathered at every station, wanting to find out how the game went...Ishpeming fans, who met the Packers at the station, classed 'em as a bunch of kids and predicted an easy victory. However, they couldn't be induced to put up any money...Some of the Michigan rooters were inclined to get a bit sarcastic but, on the whole, they acted a lot more sportsmanlike than some of the big bruisers that were attempting to play football...Although the football field at Ishpeming is nearly two miles from the business district, a crowd of some 3,500 people attended the game..."Best team that has ever played in Ishpeming." That was referee Plummer's statement when asked what he thought about the Packers. "The best thing about the Green Bay team is the fact that your extra men can be sent into the game without weakening the lineup," said the Michigan official.
OCTOBER 20 (Iron Ore Newspaper) - The Twin-City football team met its first defeat of the season, Sunday, when the fast Green Bay eleven came to the city and took the Negaunee-Ishpeming boys into camp to the tune of 33 to 0. Superior generalship and fine teamwork spelled the defeat of the Twin-City aggregation, but the score would have been held down had the locals put up the article of ball which we know they are capable of playing. The boys did not display the same dash and fighting spirit which was so evident the previous week, when Appleton played here, and the fans are unable to account for the slump. Fumbles proved very costly for the locals. The Green Bay team is the fastest that has appeared here in years, and the eleven could hold its own against many of the college elevens. It has the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Green Bay, being sort of an advertising feature for the town, and it is plain to see that the players have spent considerable time in practice work. Two teams were brought to Ishpeming, there being a substitute for every position, and a number of spare players were given an opportunity to get into the contest. Green Bay counted five touchdowns and kicked three of the five goals. The first score was made in the first quarter, after only a few minutes of play, and the first half ended with the count 14 to 0. The play was in Twin City territory the greater part of the contest, and it was only during the final period that the locals succeeded in keeping the pigskin at Green Bay’s end of the field. Green Bay had possession of the ball the greater part of the time, and there were few instances of where the Twin-City was able to make the first down. The failure to make gains were due largely to the fact that the Twin-City line did not hold, and the backs were unable to get away. It is our opinion that the boys were a little too hasty and did not display the same coolness which marked the other contests this season. Urquhart was the star for the Twin-City playing a fine game on both offense and defense (a couple words here I can’t make out) player and it was because of his work at the end position that the score was not larger. Tippet was up to his usual form, and Green was right in the game until an injury caused him to slow up. Johnson, Thornton and Henrickson were slightly injured and forced to withdraw. Several of the visiting players received injuries and had to take to the sidelines, one of the men being so unfortunate as to have several ribs fractured. Lambeau, the Green Bay captain, played a star game. He is a former Notre Dame fullback and displays the result of expert coaching. Rosenow, a one-armed player who entered the game in the last half, showed cleverness at dodging. He also did the kicking during the time he was in the game. The Ishpeming-Negaunee boys are not one bit downhearted because of their defeat as they realize that they were up against a fast aggregation of stars. They are going to be right in the game until the end of the season and hope to come out victors in the game against Lake Linden, Sunday, at Union Park. Ishpeming and Negaunee fans are not of the variety who go back on a team because of a defeat
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It's a great thing to have a championship football team but lopsided victories and big scores sure do upset a schedule. Teams that have been booked to play the Packers are having a bad attack of cold feet. Last Sunday, Fond du Lac was booked to play here but Manager Tack, who called on the long distance phone Wednesday October 15, claimed there was an epidemic of small pox raging and that every man on his team had been vaccinated and that it was impossible for his team to play. As a result, the Packers journeyed to Ishpeming, Mich., and tucked the championship of Northern Michigan under their belt. The Falls Motor Corporation of Sheboygan Falls was scheduled to play here on Sunday October 26. The game was arranged early in September and contracts signed. This morning the management received a telegram from L.H. Preston, manager of the "Motors" stating that three of his men had broken legs, and that he was forced to call off the contest scheduled in Green Bay for this coming Sunday. The wires are now being burned up in an attempt to secure a game here on Sunday, to secure a game here on Sunday, negotiations having been opened with Rockford, Ill., Nash Motors of Kenosha, Beloit A.C., Oshkosh Professionals and Waukesha Jiffy-Jells.
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - The delegation of live wires that accompanied the Packers to Ishpeming last Sunday sure did turn things upside down in the Michigan city. Headed by the large sign, bearing the season's record in gaily painted colors, they marched through the business districts to the hotel. The sign remained with the crowd all the time. It occupied a prominent position at the game and the Ishpeming natives stared at it with mouths wide open, when they saw the scores the Packers ran up in the first five games this year. But what burned most of all was to witness the downfall of their favorites at the hands of the Packers and then to see the score painted on the sign...On the train to Ishpeming a few wise guys reported that the northerners were betting and offering 5-3 odds on their team. But when we arrived there, we found an altogether different situation prevailing. The Ishpeminites would not even wager at even, to say nothing of offering offs. Only a few bets were placed by Green Bay rooters.
OCTOBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Oshkosh Professionals will face the Green Bay Packers
on Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister Park. Manager
Wied of the Sawdust City eleven has guaranteed to bring
an all-star aggregation here and he says the Bays may
be in for a big surprise before the final whistle blows. The
Packers will practice tomorrow night at the Park roller rink
and on Friday afternoon at the plant gridiron. Captain
Lambeau's squad is rather badly battered up as a result
of the rough game at Ishpeming, but it is expected that
all of the players with the exception of Petcka and Coffeen
will be in the game.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The fame of
the Green Bay Packers is spreading throughout the
middle west and the Bay eleven is getting nibbles for
games with the best teams in this part of the country. The
record of the Packers in winning six straight games and
scoring 278 points to their opponents' 6 has kicked up a
good deal of interest in professional football circles, and,
unless all signs fail, Captain Lambeau's team will have a
chance to battle with some of the greatest pro elevens in
the country before the curtain is pulled down. Grand
Rapid, Mich., Rockford, Ill., and the Minneapolis Marines
are among the teams seeking games with Green Bay.
The Oshkosh Professionals are the attraction at
Hagemeister park this weekend. Milwaukee plays here
Sunday November 2, and it is possible that a Chicago
eleven will be seen in action here the following Sunday.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Oshkosh
Professionals, a team composed of former high school
and college stars will face the Green Bay Packers
tomorrow afternoon at Hagemeister park. The game will
start promptly at 3 o'clock and 14 minute quarters are
scheduled. The Sawdust City aggregation has hopes of
mussing up the Packers' clean record sheet. Manager
Wied will put a line in the field averaging about 170
pounds while his backfield won't go much below that
average. The visitors, according to reports, are a scrappy
outfit and they are right at home on the gridiron. The
Packers have pretty well recovered from the grueling
game at Ishpeming and they will be "just rarin' to go"
when the whistle blows. One or two new faces will be
seen in the squad and it is possible that Coach Ryan
will make some last minute changes in the lineup.
October 26: Green Bay (7-0) 85, Oshkosh Professionals 0
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers football
machine, hitting on all "eleven", defeated the Oshkosh Professionals
Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park by a runaway score of 85 to 0.
This was Green Bay's seventh straight victory this season. The
invaders were hopelessly outclassed. During the first period the
Sawdust team displayed a lot of fight but after the initial quarter, it 
was a marathon up and down the field...NEW SCORING RECORD:
The Packers had to travel some to run up their big count. Twelve
minute quarters were played. The score at halftime was 27 to 0 in
favor of Green Bay. In the last twenty-four minutes of play, Green Bay
ran up 58 points. That's going some. Captain Lambeau's team 
displayed the same old fight despite the fact that four members of 
the squad were out of action due to sickness. Leaper, Nichols and
Des Jardien made their first appearance in the Packers lineup. Next
Sunday, Milwaukee plays the Packers here and the following week,
November 8, one of Chicago's strongest professional teams will be
seen in action at Hagemeister park.
OCTOBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Milwaukee's professional
football aggregation, the Maple Leaf A.C., are booked to face the
undefeated Green Bay Packers at Hagemeister park on Sunday
November 2. Wisconsin professional gridiron honors will be at stake
in this game. The Cream City plays the best of 'em, including 
Rockford, Ill., Pullman-Thorns of Chicago, Beloit, Hammond, Ind., 
and other stellar football elevens. It will be their first appearance in
Green Bay. Coach Ryan of the Packers isn't taking any chances on 
the game. The team will practice tonight and Thursday evening at the
Armory, there will be a scrimmage Friday afternoon at the plant
gridiron and a blackboard talk Saturday night.
OCTOBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - Many
spectators, who have witnessed the football games in which the
Packers have participated, marvel at the playing of Gustav Rosenow,
halfback. "Rosie" as he is familiarly called, has but one hand, but
this does not seem to handicap him at all. He is able to spear 
forward passes with the best of pass receivers, is a good open field
runner and line smasher. His greatest asset, however, one
connected  with his backfield duties, is giving interference. Rosenow
is a past master in the art of blocking and spills the opposition with
due regularity. When he goes for a man he always gets him.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Milwaukee
professional football team which plays here against the Packers on
Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park is an aggregation of veteran
gridiron stars averaging about 173 pounds. The invaders' lineup as
forwarded by Manager Ed. Smoke is as follows: Ends, Cichocki,
A.E.F. team and Del Milke, who played with Marquette, tackles, Rudy
Steinbacker, Marquette Preps, and Sharkey; guards, Hintz, A.E.F.
team and Mike Pufahl; center, Bill Schleuter, ex East Division High
school star; backs, Ted Hayes, Ben Waier, Kastner of Milwaukee
Normal fame, and Andy Steinbacker, formerly Marquette Prep star.
The substitutes include Jameson, Kalmbacker, Schutz, Newton, Bob
Cihocki, Range, Peters, Turk, and Red McGinley, who played here
some years ago with a Milwaukee high school eleven against West
High. The Packers practice again tonight at the Armory and tomorrow
night noon on the plant gridiron. Coach Ryan wants every man on the
job for the workouts.
NOVEMBER 1 (Oshkosh Northwestern) - The Oshkosh High school
football warriors will invade the East Green Bay high school gridiron
this afternoon. The West Green Bay high school squad is idle today,
their coach deciding to rest the team somewhat crippled after their
game with Marinette last Saturday. The Maple Leaf A.C. team of
Milwaukee faces the Green Bay Packers tomorrow afternoon in a
contest, which it is said, will decide the professional football 
championship of Wisconsin.
NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Milwaukee team,
twenty strong, arrives tonight at 12:35 over the Chicago and 
Northwestern. The visitors will be taken in autos to the Bay City hotel
where they will make their headquarters during their stay in Green
NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tomorrow afternoon at
Hagemeister park, the Maple Leaf A.C. team, professional football
champions of Milwaukee, will clash with the Green Bay Packers. The
game will be called promptly at 3 o'clock and regulation periods of
15 minutes will be played. The Cream City outfit is coming here with
an all-star lineup that will average in the neighborhood of 175
pounds. This Milwaukee team has been successful, so far this 
season, and advance reports from their home town indicate that they
expect to take Green Bay into camp. The Packers are right on the 
edge for the go and Captain Lambeau's team will be in a position to
play their best game of the season. With only Petcka and Wheeler on
the injured list, the Bays will have a big squad to draw from. 
Arrangements have been made to handle the biggest crowd of the
season. Special police protection has been secured for this game.
Murphy will referee while Jack Lathrop of Milwaukee will act as umpire. Harvey Stuart has been selected to act as headlinesman.
November 2: Green Bay (8-0) 53, Milwaukee Maple Leaf A.C. 0
NOVEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It is the same old story.
The bigger they come they harder they fall and yesterday afternoon
at Hagemeister park, the Green Bay Packers "packed" their way
right into the professional football championship of Wisconsin when
they walloped the crack Maple Leaf A.C. team of Milwaukee to the
tune of 53 to 0. This makes it eight straight for the Packers and they
have run up 502 points to their opponents' 6. The biggest crowd of
the season watched the slaughter of the invaders and the
spectators simply went wild with joy when Captain Lambeau's well
oiled gridiron machine got going right and began to push over the
touchdowns. Milwaukee won the toss and chose to receive. The
visitors launched a smashing offensive, right off the bat and for the
first time this season, the Bays were pushed backwards into their
home territory by straight football. Captain Lambeau's team
stiffened up on their 40-yard line and secured the ball on downs. It
wasn't long before Jen Gallagher, aided by splendid interference,
shot around left end for a touchdown. He traveled 35 yards.
Lambeau kicked the goal...THOSE FORWARD PASSES: From then
on, Milwaukee was outclassed. The visitors were unable to check
the Packers' offensive and Captain Lambeau's team, as usual, let
loose their aerial attack, which resulted in touchdowns with due
regularity. Green Bay played splendid football and no better
interference has been seen on the home gridiron this season.
Coach Ryan made use of every man on the squad, and all the
players appeared to be "just rarin' to go". The Steinbacker brothers,
Milke and Pufahl were the luminaries for Milwaukee. Next Sunday,
the big game of the season will be played here when the Chilar A.C.
of Chicago, one of the strongest pro teams in the middle west face
the Packers.
NOVEMBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The big game of the
professional football season in Green Bay will be played on Sunday
at Hagemeister park when the Chilar A.C. eleven of Chicago faces
Captain Lambeau's undefeated Packers. The Illini team come here
with a good reputation. They are rated in a class with the Pullman-
Thorns, Cornell-Hamburgs, Logan Squares, and other crack 
elevens of Chicago. Included in their lineup is "Bullet" Logan and
Hussers, two players who a few years ago, wore Marinette uniforms.
Ted Berg, who coaches the invaders, is classed as one of the best
football men in Chicago. The Packers won't be caught slumbering
in this game. Captain Ryan's aggregation practice tonight and
Thursday evening at the armory and, on Friday afternoon, will have
scrimmage drill on the plant gridiron.
NOVEMBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago team that
will appear in action next Sunday at Hagemeister park against the
Green Bay Packers is an all-star aggregation and the squad 
includes some of the best footballers in the Windy City. The line, 
from tackle to tackle, will weigh 175 pounds, the ends about 160,
while the backfield will average about 155. The Chicago team will
line up as follows: Hussers, center; Jorgensen, Austin Prep school,
r.t; Murphy, Cornell college, r.t; Loss, Crane college, r.e; Carlson,
Hyde Park, l.g; Jones, county tackle, l.t; Wright, Austin Prep, l.e; Berg,
Worcester and Mohawk club, q.b.; Munson, Armour Insitute, l.h.b;
McKenna, St. Ignatius, r.h.b; "Bullet" Logan, Marinette, f.b. Friday
afternoon at the plant gridiron the Packers will indulge in a final
workout for the Chicago game. Practice will start promptly at 4
o'clock and Captain Lambeau wants every man on the job.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Chicago vs. Green Bay.
That's the football menu that will be dished out to the gridiron
enthusiasts of this city tomorrow afternoon at Hagemeister park.
The game will be called at 2:30 sharp and regulation periods of 15
minutes will be played. The Illinois team is coming with a good
reputation and included in their lineup are some of the best pigskin
chasers in the Windy City. Every man on the squad is a former
collegian and the invaders will average close to 175 pounds. 
Chicago arrives here tonight at 9:30 over the Chicago and
Northwestern railroad. The visitors will be taken to the Beaumont
where they will stay during their stop in Green Bay. Manager Berg is
bringing a squad of 20 men...PACKERS ALL READY: Captain
Lambeau's team is in the best of shape. Petcka will be back in the
game and this leaves only Wheeler on the injured list. Green Bay's
squad feels confident that the Chicagoans will have their hands
full. 'Nuff said. Arrangements have been completed to handle the
biggest crowd of the season. Extra police protection has been
secured and an effort will be made to herd all the kids at the east
end of the field near the billboard. In this way there will be more 
room for spectators. Automobiles must be parked back six feet from
the sideline fences.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The game will be called
at 2:30 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock. Chicago demanded regulation
quarters and the early start will be necessary as to prevent the last
quarter being played in darkness. This may be the Packers' last
appearance in Green Bay this season as the next three games will
be played out-of-town at Stambaugh, Mich., Chicago, and Dubuque,
November 9: Green Bay (9-0) 46, Chilar A.C. of Chicago 0
NOVEMBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It's getting to be a regular weekend habit for the Packers to win a football game and running true to form Captain Lambeau's team walloped the Chilar A.C. eleven of Chicago by a score of 46 to 0 yesterday afternoon at Hagemeister park. This makes nine straight wins for Green Bay. The visitors were, by far, the best team that has played here this season but they were unable to check Captain Lambeau's squad. Chicago fought for every inch of ground and, at times, it seemed as if they were going to break away for a score. Both aggregations played straight football. The soggy condition of the playing field prevented open play. Forward passes and trick plays were thrown into the discard and it was an old fashioned line smashing gridiron argument...BAYS GET QUICK START: Chicago won the toss and received at the west end. The Bays were off to a quick start and Captain Lambeau's outfit put across the first marker in five minutes of play. The second score came quicker. A forward pass, Lambeau to Dwyer, aided materially in this count. The visitors braced after the two first scored and the ball seesawed up and down the field. Green Bay's line played their best game of the season and the Chicago backfielders were generally smothered before they got a chance to get started. Green Bay scored one more touchdown before halftime and the goal was kicked...SMASHING OFFENSIVE: The Packers opened up a smashing offensive in the last half and the visitors were soon beating a hasty retreat. Coach Ryan made a number of changes in the lineup during the final quarters and the fresh men, "just rarin' to go" made it rather uncomfortable for the Windy City footballers. Towards the close of the battle, the play roughed up a bit and injuries were numerous, a couple of visitors getting badly banged up.
NOVEMBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will play their hardest game of the season on Sunday when they face the Stambaugh Professionals at Stambaugh. The Michiganders haven't lost a game this season and they have run up some pretty big scores. Captain Lambeau's team will be right on edge for the title fray. The team holds a meeting tonight in the Press-Gazette editorial rooms, tomorrow evening there will be a signal drill at the armory, and on Friday afternoon a two hour workout on the plant gridiron. The Packers will travel to Stambaugh in a special Pullman car and there is a limited number of reservations available to the rooters desiring to accompany the team. Those wishing to make the trip are asked to get into communications with the management.
NOVEMBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - The victory of the Packers over the Chilar A.C. of Chicago last Sunday boosted their stock on the football market considerably. Teams of the Windy City were prone to believe that the Green Bay team was just an ordinary football eleven, but they showed some football Sunday that opened the eyes of the Chicagoans.
NOVEMBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Here's good news for the football fans. The Packers will play another game at home this season. The schedule has been rearranged so as to bring De Pere here on Sunday November 30. The ruralities have been pulling a lot of paper talk about a game and at first, De Pere refused to play at the terms offered by the Packers' management. Green Bay stood pat on the demands and, finally, our "next door neighbors" fell into line, and accepted the terms. On Sunday November 23, the Packers journey to Beloit for a game which will decide the professional football championship of the state of Wisconsin. This Fairbanks-Morse combination is the only squad that stands between the Packers and topnotch honors. Sunday December 7, it is very probably the Packers will make the Chicago trip and face one of the greatest pro football teams in the middle west. Negotiations for this game are now underway. Captain Lambeau's team practices tonight in the park armory and on Friday afternoon on the plant gridiron. Coach Ryan wants every man on the job for both workouts.
NOVEMBER 12 (Escanaba Daily Press) - Two undefeated professional football teams will clash Sunday for the the championship of the Northwest when the Green Bay Packers will meet the Stambaugh American Legion team on Highland field here.
NOVEMBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Based on authentic information received by the Packers' management, it appears that Captain Lambeau's eleven will bump into an all-star aggregation at Stambaugh on Sunday. It seems that the Iron Ore Professionals are out to win the game at any cost. They will be loaded for the battle with Green Bay, according to reports reaching here. Jerry De Pratto, of All-American fame, Bill Presseler, and two other Chicago professional football stars have been added to the Northerners lineup for Sunday's game. The Miners' squad will have a line averaging 190 pounds while the backfield won't be much lighter. Captain Lambeau's team isn't worrying and the Bays feel confident that Stambaugh will likely know a whole lot more about football before the final whistle blows on Sunday afternoon.
NOVEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tonight at 12:50, the Green Bay Packers will leave over the C. & N.W. road in a special Pullman care for Stambaugh, Mich., where on Sunday, Captain Lambeau's squad will face the Iron Ore professionals, champions of Northern Michigan. The Northerners haven't lost a game, they have strengthened their lineup with a number of All-American stars. Green Bay's squad is in good shape for the game and they are confident that the Miners are going to have the hardest battle of the season on their hands. Every man is right on edge and there isn't a player on the hospital list. The Packers' aggregation making the trip to Stambaugh is composed of the following: Captain Lambeau, Gavin, Sauber, C. Zoll, M. Zoll, Des Jardien, Muldoon, Wilson, Pecka, Powers, Martell, Abrams, Nichols, Dwyer, Leaper, Coffeen, McLean, Bero, Martin, Gallagher, Rosenow, Ladrow, Coach Ryan, Manager Calhoun, Umpire Murphy and Timekeeper Abrams. It is expected that a large number of rooters will accompany the Packers to Stambaugh. There are still a few reservations left in the special Pullman and those desiring a berth are asked to get into communication with with the management. On the return trip, the Packers leave Stambaugh at 5:30 in the afternoon and are due to arrive in Green Bay shortly after midnight.
November 16: Green Bay (10-0) 17, Stambaugh Miners 0
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Playing a
superb brand of football, the Green Bay Packers
defeated the Stambaugh Miners, champions of
Michigan, here on Sunday by a score of 17 to 0 in a
bitterly contested game. It was the first game that the
Michiganders have lost on their own gridiron in six years.
The teams battled before a crowd estimated at 2,500
football fans and, included in this mob, were about 300
lusty lunged rooters from the Bay, all armed with
megaphones, and they sure did cut loose with a lot of
noise. The Packers got the best of treatment during their
stay in Stambaugh. The game was free from roughness,
the officials square, and the home crowd very orderly.
The Stambaugh management did everything possible to
make things right and there wasn't a rumpus of any kind
to mar the visit...SURE OF VICTORY: Stambaugh was
sure of victory and the "natives" backed up their team
with cold cash. It is roughly estimated that the Green Bay
delegation which followed the Packers into the wilds of
Michigan came back with about $3,000 of Wolverine
money. The teams were evenly matched in weight. There
probably wasn't ten pounds difference. Stambaugh's
squad battled clean and fair every inch of grounds but
they couldn't stop the Packers' forward passes. As
usual, it was Green Bay's aerial attack, led by Captain 
Lambeau, which brought home the bacon...NO SCORES
IN FIRST HALF: There was no scoring during the first
two quarters. Twice Stambaugh stopped the Packers 
inside their ten yard line. The Miners put up a stonewall
defense when in the shadow of their goal posts and 
their stubborn fight shut off what looked like sure
touchdowns for Green Bay. The Miners much heralded
offensive failed to show itself in the opening quarters 
and aside from one long forward pass, which was good
for a 35 yard gain, the Michiganders were never
dangerous. During the entire game, they never were
inside of Green Bay's 40 yard line. During the first half,
the play was pretty well evened up although the Packers' smashing attack enabled them to keep up a varied offensive. From tackle to tackle, Stambaugh was very strong and nearly all of Green Bay's gains were made on forward passes and end runs...PACKERS GET GOING: Shortly after the kickoff in the third quarter, Green Bay held Stambaugh for downs in midfield and the Packers got going. Lambeau shot a forward pass to Nichols for 15 yards, Gallagher went outside of tackle for a chalk marker, Ladrow made it another first down and then Lambeau threw a forward pass 20 yards into the waiting arms of Dwyer and Reg traveled the remaining distance for a touchdown. The kickout was a success and Lambeau followed this up with a goal kick. The next count came quicker. Stambaugh received the kickoff and her forward pass was caught by Green Bay on the Northerners' 30 
​yard mark. Three times the Packers were stopped and, on fourth down, 8 to go, Lambeau went back to the 38 yards line and dropkicked the ball over the uprights for another 3 points...DWYER MAKES ANOTHER: The final score came in the last quarter and Dwyer was again responsible for it. He made a sensational catch of a forward pass, which Lambeau shot at least 30 yards, and traveled two chalk marks through a broken field for a touchdown. The kick was again successful and Lambeau once more booted the ball between the uprights. Green Bay launched a savage offensive in the final minutes of play. Coach Ryan sent in many fresh players and the Bays were on their way for another score when the final whistle blew.
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay rooters made a good showing at the game. They were bunched along the sidelines and led by Jock Smith, they cheered the Packers on to victory. The Packers and their supporters were accorded fine treatment by the Stambaugh townspeople. A special trolley carried the Green Bay men to the game. They admitted that the Packers eleven is the best team that has ever performed on their field. The Stambaugh rooters were cheerful losers. Although the defeat hit their pocketbooks rather hard, they did not show it and admitted that the Packers were the better footballers and were entitled to victory. Vanzo, Stambaugh's star halfback, who was expected to surprise the Packers, failed to deliver the goods. He was guarded very closely and did not pass the line of scrimmage once. Excellent police protection kept the crowd in good order. The coppers armed with horse whips held the rooters behind the wires. Fregetto, the lanky center for the losers, was easily the star for Stambaugh. He broke up many of the Packers' plays through the line and was a bear on offense. The town bands was out in full force. The musicians kept up the spirit of Stambaugh rooters in the third and fourth quarters. In the opening periods, Green Bay was unable to push the ball over for a touchdown. The Stambaugh line held like concrete in the second and third quarters, but weakened in the following period, under the onslaughts of the Packers. The Packers traveled in a special Pullman car and John Hogan, C. & N.W. agent went along to see that the Green Bay squad was taken care of in good shape. Hereafter no trip will be complete without Mr. Hogan.
NOVEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers will resume their practice workouts tomorrow night at the armory in preparation for the game with the Beloit professionals on Sunday at Beloit. This game is for the professional football championship of Wisconsin. Neither team has been defeated by a Badger aggregation this year. The Packers have a clean record, ten in a row, while Beloit has lost one game, that to the Pullman-Thorns of Chicago by a score of 12 to 6. Captain Lambeau's squad came out of the Stambaugh game without any serious injuries. Some of the men were pretty well banged up. However, by Sunday every man on the team will be "just rarin' to go" and this means that Beloit is apt to have rather a strenuous afternoon of pigskin chasing.
NOVEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday's game at Beloit with the Beloit Professionals is the crucial battle in the Packers' schedule. It is the "Stepping Stone to Greatness." In order to be given consideration by the "Big Four" in Chicago, a team has got to beat Beloit and Green Bay has practically been assured a contest in the Windy City if they wallop the southern Wisconsin footballers. Copies of the Beloit papers have been received here and they are giving wide publicity to the game. The Packers are called "one of the greatest teams in the country" bu the Beloit writers and all of the news writers unite in their opinion that it will be hardest argument of the season. One of the officials will be George Zabel, former Chicago pitcher, who will act as head linesman. Zabel is a former Baker university footballer, and has gained a good deal of fame as a pigskin referee in the southern part of the state. The Packers practice tonight in the Armory and on Friday afternoon on the plant gridiron.
NOVEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tomorrow afternoon at 2:50, the Green Bay Packers football team, 25 strong, will leave over the C. & N.W. in a special Pullman sleeper for Beloit where, on Sunday, they will meet the Beloit A.C. aggregation on Morse field in a game that will decide the professional football championship of Wisconsin. Captain Lambeau's squad is fit for the title struggles. There isn't a man on the hospital list and every member of the team is in the pink of condition. This means that the "Downstaters" are going to have a battle on their hands. The Packers squad will be composed of the following: Captain Lambeau, Gavin, Sauber, C. Zoll, M. Zoll, Des Jardien, Muldoon, Petcka, Wilson, Powers, Leaper, Martell, Abrams, Dwyer, Nichols, McLean, Coffeen, Gallagher, Martin, Ladrow, Rosenow, Bero, Coach Ryan, Manager Calhoun and Referee Murphy...MANY FANS GOING: It is expected that a large number of Green Bay fans will accompany the team. There are about a dozen reservations left on the special Pullman and those desiring to make the trip are urged to notify the management immediately. A number of automobile parties are planning to make the trip. These cars will leave Saturday morning and arrive at Janesville in time to meet the Packers squad when they reach there Saturday night en route to Beloit.
NOVEMBER 22 (Madison Capital Time) - Jim Thorpe's Canton Bull Dogs are due to play the Green Bay Packers team at Green Bay Thanksgiving Day. The Packing company should have plenty of chopped Beef after Thursday.
NOVEMBER 22 (Janesville Faily Gazette) - Promising to be a cracking good game, the Green Bay Packers will meet the Beloit A.A.C. on Morse field, Beloit, tomorrow afternoon to decide the semi-pro football championship of Wisconsin. The Packers' lineup is composed of a number of star university football players. This eleven boasts of not having lost a game in the past three years. Many Janesville fans are contemplated making the trip by auto and interurban.
NOVEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers
met defeat at the hands of the Beloit Professionals at Morse park here
on Sunday by a score of 6 to 0 before a good sized crowd of spectators.
Captain Lambeau's team was robbed of victory by referee Zabel of
Beloit. This official penalized Green Bay three times after touchdowns,
refusing to allow the scores. The Packers were twice on the verge of
leaving the field but decided to play it out. Every time the Packers had the
ball, the crowd would sweep out on the playing field, leaving practically
no room for a forward pass offensive and, of course, in this way, putting
a big check on the Packers' ground gaining machine. Just before the
close of the game McLean got away for a long run, headed goalward,
close to the sidelines, when a Beloit spectator gave him a foot and the
Packer quarterback fell to the ground. This was just one of the many
obstacles that Green Bay had to combat with during their stay in Beloit.
The team were evenly matched in weight and both squads were
exceptionally fast. The Packers made good on a number of forward
passes while Beloit's gains were made mostly on smashing line
plunges. Beloit's fullback, Scheibel, was a corking good plunger...
PACKERS WIN TOSS: Captain Lambeau won the toss and chose to kick
to Beloit. The Packers cut short Beloit's offensive and they punted on
fourth down to McLean in midfield. The Packers got going and rushed
the oval to Beloit's five-yard line but a penalty by referee Zabel, 15 yards
for holding killed the chances for a score. For the remainder of the
quarter, the ball seesawed back and forth with little advantage to either
side. For the first seven minutes of the second quarter, the Packers
marched steadily down the field. Beloit held on the 20 yard line and
immediately kicked out of danger. McLean, who received the ball, was
dropped on the 40 yard line. A costly fumble at this point gave the ball to
Beloit. Captain Witte sailed Beloit's first and only good forward pass into
Van Kuren's waiting arms and he was dropped on the Packers' 25 yard
mark...SCORE IN LAST MINUTE: Beloit made another first down on four
line plunges. The ball rested on the 15 yard mark. At this stage, the
Packers were fighting harder than ever before this year. Scheibel got
outside of tackle for another first down bringing the ball to Green Bay's
five yard line. Three times in succession, the Packers hurled 'em back,
and on the fourth play, when Scheibel was stopped in his tracks, referee
Zabel called an offside on Green Bay. This made a first down for Beloit
on Green Bay's one yard mark. At this point, timekeeper Wheeler called
time up for the half, but Beloit's timer, McCarthy, claimed there was five
seconds to go and, of course, referee Zabel backed him up. On the next
play, Captain Witte wormed his way over center for a score just as the
whistle blew for halftime. Beloit missed the goal. Score at the end of
the first half: Beloit 6, Green Bay 0...FIREWORKS IN SECOND HALF:
Green Bay came back strong in the third quarter as soon had Beloit on
the run. Even Zabel was moving fast. At this stage of the game, the
crowd began circling the field and the gridiron looked more like a mob
scene than a football field. A consistent offensive by the Packers soon
had Beloit battling in the shadow of their own goal posts. With the ball
resting on Beloit's five yard line, Captain Lambeau bucked tackle for as
clean a touchdown as has ever been made on a gridiron. After the 
whistle blew, referee Zabel took the ball and set it back 2 yards claiming
the forward motion of the ball had stopped before Green bay's captain
went over the line. It was here the riot started. For a time, it looked as if
there would be a great little free-for-all. After a lengthy dispute, the teams
went at it once more. Captain Lambeau warned every man on the
Packers to keep his hands to home and guard against offside. On this
play, the Green Bay leader shot across the goal line with three yards to
spare. As he did, Zabel once more blew his whistle, called an offside on
Green Bay, penalized the Packers 5 yards and gave the ball to Beloit...
DECIDE TO PLAY OUT GAME: This was the straw that broke the camel's
back. The Packers came within an inch of leaving the field, but at the last
moment, decided to fight it out at all costs. After the rumpus, Beloit
kicked out of danger and the Packers, fighting like demons, once more
started to waltz down the field. Twice in the last ten minutes of play, the
crowd blocked touchdowns for the Packers. Gallagher made a pretty
catch of a forward pass and was headed for the goal when the crowd
bunched out in front of him and halted his progress. McLean got away
again in the closing minutes of play but as related above a Beloit
spectator spilled him while he was en route for a score. Final time was called with the ball in Beloit's possession in midfield. Negotiations for another game on December 6 were started in Beloit on Sunday night by the Packers' management. Green Bay is willing to play Beloit, winner take all and a $2,000 side bet, on any neutral field in the state with neutral officials.
NOVEMBER 24 (Janesville Daily Gazette) - An off-side played called by the head linesman on a Green Bay play just as the Packers shoved across a touchdown and tied the score, gave one of the most hotly contested football games ever seen in this vicinity to Beloit at Fairbanks-Morse field yesterday afternoon by a score of 6 to 0. Cries of derision were heard all over the sidelines from the spectators when the penalty was called. For a time, with the 2,000 spectators surging over the field toward the two teams and the referee, it appeared that a riot would be In progress, but the players of both, teams forced the crowd back. The Green Bay players had carried the ball by a series of line plunges through the Beloit line, gradually worked it down the field until they reached their own five-yard line. Beloit then stiffened, threw up a stone wall, and fought back, but though they were heavier than the Bay boys, Beloit couldn't hold. Foot by foot, Green Bay pushed onward until they over the line. The joy of the Packers and their rooters were soon dampened, however, when the linesman ran onto the field to inform the referee that a Green Bay player had been offside. When the ball was taken back, Green Bay tried some running, but it was forced into a criss cross sprint and then the referee penalized the visitors again, this time for an out-of-bounds' play. A beefing match then followed with the referee and the captain of the Green Bay team, chewing the fat over the rule book, and the discovery that the referee was using a 1918 set of rules. Beloit made its points In the end of the second quarter, when after the ball had successively been carried from one sector to the other, neither team seeming to have any advantage over the other. Beloit had won its fourth down and kicked, sending the ball to the 20-yard line. Then began a series of pushes, by which the spheroid was slowly advanced. The Packers endeavored to hold; they made the Line City men fight for every gain; but with 50 seconds to go, Scheibel of Beloit just squeezed over when the gun sounded, ending the quarter. Beloit missed the kick; the ball not rising more than two feet from the ground. The balance of the game was like the first period, constant harrying from one territory to the other, neither team seeming to have much advantage over the other. The advantage, however, seemed to be with the Green Bay boys, who managed to get more chances at their goal, and especially in the final period kept the ball almost entirely within their own land. It was rumored after the game that the Green Bay Packers offered to play Beloit again on a neutral field for a side-bet of $5,000, and would get Walter Ekersall, the famous football authority, to referee the game. About $5.000 was up in bets on the results of yesterday's game, and many Green Bay backers lost.
DECEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - By mutual
agreement, the Green Bay Packers-De Pere football
game, which was scheduled for Sunday afternoon at
Hagemeister park, was called off owing to the condition
of the playing field. If weather conditions improve, it is
probably that the game will be played on Sunday 
December 14. It was out of the question to play the
contest booked for yesterday. The gridiron was covered
with a coating of ice (some of the youngsters were using
it for a skating rink) and there were six inches of solid
ice here and there across the gridiron. If the game had
been played, there would have been more work for the
undertakers and doctors than there would have been
for the officials and scorers. The game was not finally
called off until 11 o'clock Sunday morning and the
management made every effort possible to spread the
news of cancellation about the city. Even at that, 
hundreds of people made the trip to the grounds but one looks at the grid satisfied 'em that a game was impossible.
DECEMBER 2 (Janesville Daily Gazette) - Arrangements have been completed between the Green Bay Packers and the Beloit A. A. C. elevens to stage .another big battle at Fairbanks-Morse field, Beloit. The game will be played next Sunday and promises to be chuck full of thrills and even more spectacular than the one of November 23 when Beloit defeated Green Bay 6 to 0, and claimed the Wisconsin professional gridiron title. Manager Calhoun of the Packers has closed a deal with Manager McCarthy of Beloit, backing it up with a reported 
NOVEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Negotiations were
completed early this afternoon for a game between the Green Bay
Packers and the Beloit Professionals at Beloit on Sunday December
7. Captain Lambeau's team is going back into Beloit for another
crack at the downstate aggregation. Contracts for the contest are
now in the mail. The Beloit management will deposit $200 in the
Beloit State bank guaranteeing that the playing field will be kept
absolutely clean of spectators and that a fence will be played around
the gridiron, ten feet back of the sidelines...NEUTRAL OFFICIALS:
Neutral officials will handle the game. Negotiations are now
underway to secure the best men in the middle west. Efforts will be
made to secure Eckersall of Chicago, Birch of Earlhame and another
western conference official. Both teams will make a deposit
guaranteeing no "ringers" in the lineup. The same players only that
were in the eligibility lists for the game last Sunday will be allowed to
compete in the battle on Sunday December 7. Arrangements have
been started in Green Bay already to secure a special train and it is
expected that 500 football fans will follow the Packers into Beloit.
NOVEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The big game of the
professional football season in Green Bay will be played next
Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park when Captain Lambeau's Packers face the De Pere gridiron warriors. This is a "grudge" battle and it promises to be a fight to the finish. De Pere has "loaded" up for the game and they intend to win at all costs. Among the men booked to
appear in De Pere's lineup are: Jab Murray, Cicione and
Connie Hanley of Marquette university fame, and four
other collegiate stars. The Packers came out of the "riot"
at Beloit in fairly good shape. With the exception of
Gallagher and Dwyer, all the men are fit for another
argument and it is expected that these two injured stars
will be back in shape in time to take their regular places
in the lineup. Captain Lambeau's squad will put in a
hard week of practice. The team will work out
Wednesday night at the armory, Thanksgiving day
morning on the plant gridiron and also on Friday
afternoon. There will be a blackboard talk Saturday night
at the Continuation school.
NOVEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Interest
over the Packers-De Pere game is at topnotch, and early
indications point to a record breaking crowd at
Hagemeister park next Sunday afternoon. There is little
love lost between the two teams and De Pere's move in
loading up with a bunch of "ringers" has not improved the
situation any. Captain Lambeau's squad is all set for a
finish battle, and the invaders, with their outside pigskin
stars, will have one great little football fight on their
hands. Erdlitz of Marinette will referee the game. The
other officials will also be out of town men. Regulation
periods of 15 minute duration are scheduled. According
to the terms of the contest, the game will be played
despite weather conditions. The game will start promptly
at 2 o'clock. The Packers practice tonight, Thursday
morning and Friday afternoon for the game. Coach Ryan
wants every man on the job.
NOVEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Despite
weather conditions, the Green Bay Packers will face the
De Pere football team tomorrow afternoon at
Hagemeister park. The game will be played at 2 o'clock
sharp and 13 minute quarters are scheduled. The 
gridiron will be in fairly good shape as a corps of 
ground keepers will start work on the playing field early
Sunday morning. The snow will all be scraped off and
the standing room space back of the fence lines is to be
cleared of the spectators. It promises to be a hard fought
game. De Pere is coming here with a corking good 
lineup and a number of the "ruralites" weak spots have
been strengthened by college stars. Among the
collegiate cracks who will play with the invaders are 
Murray and Hanley of Marquette, Metoxen of Carlisle and
Coach Carey and La Fleur of St. Norberts...PACKERS
READY TO GO: Captain Lambeau's team is in fairly good
shape and the Bays can be counted on to play their
hardest game of the season. There is little love lost
between Green Bay and De Pere and tomorrow's
argument promises to be a grudge from start to finish.
Two out of town officials have been secured to handle the
game. Erdlitz of Marinette will referee while Flawler of
Appleton is the selection for umpire. Neil Murphy will be
the head linesman. All spectators will be kept back of
the sideline fences and a squad of 10 policemen will be
on the job to keep order.
NOVEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - That's what the Green Bay football fans are beginning to think about these days, and, unless all signs fail, a crowd of rooters numbering close to 400 will follow the Packers into "College Town" on Sunday December 7. Tentative arrangements have been made for a special train, providing 125 rooters will make the trip. The train will leave here next Saturday night at 11:55 p.m., reaching Beloit Sunday morning at 7:15 a.m. On the return trip the Packers special will leave Beloit at 12:05 a.m. Sunday night and will arrive in Green Bay at 6:45 a.m., Monday morning. This schedule is arranged so as to get away from the federal railroad administration rule banning special trains, starting on Sunday. The round trip fare is $10.72 and exchange ticket stubs can be secured from any of the players, or at Lynch and Van Beck's, Harry Levitas', Congress poolroom, Billy McGinnis', Neveu and Schweger's or any of the hotels in the city. The cash guarantee for the 125 fares must be deposited not later than Wednesday of next week and those planning to make the trip are askd to buy their tickets before next Wednesday, so that the money necessary to secure the "Packers' Special" can be turned over to John P. Hogan, C. & N.W. agent.
November 23: Beloit 6, Green Bay (10-1) 0
$1.500. Officials, over which there was so much argument in the Iast game when it was declared by Green Bay that the Beloit referee threw the game to the Line City team, will be picked by the sporting editor of a Chicago newspaper. In addition, the field will be roped off five yards all around behind the side lines.
DECEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers
will not play at Beloit Sunday December 7, owing to a
cancellation by Manager McCarthy of the Beloit team. A
special delivery letter to the Green Bay management,
which arrived this morning, stated that a sleet storm
followed by a cold snap, on Monday, covered the gridiron
with a coat of ice and that it would be impossible to play
the game. He also says something about injuries to his
men. Before closing, Manager McCarthy takes a rap at
the article in the Green Bay Press-Gazette. His letter is
as follows:
"Manager of the Green Bay Packers, Green Bay, Wis.
Dear Sir - Owing to the severe weather that has set in
here and the terrible condition of the field it is necessary
to call off negotiations for a game here next Sunday. It
rained here all of Sunday and then froze up solid, the
field being covered with a couple of inches of ice and as 
hard as cement. Four of my players are also basketball
men and as we have begun our basketball season, I do
not desire to risk injury to them on a frozen field at this
time. I regret the necessity for this action but under the
condition it is the reasonable thing to do as basketball
means more to us than football at this season of the
year. Was interested in reading the account of our game
in your Green Bay paper and must say you are all very
fortunate in having a class of fans down whose necks
you can poke such an unlikely story. However, the story
is considered a joke both in Beloit and Janesville.
Trusting we may meet again next season and assuring
you that any unpleasantness which may have arisen in connection with our game has been forgotten by the writer, I am, Yours very truly, D.F. McCarthy"
DECEMBER 4 (Janesville Daily Gazette) - Old Man Winter has stepped in and interfered with the plans of Beloit to stage another football match with the Green Bay Packers. Manager McCarthy of the Beloit A. A. C. has suddenly decided that the cold weather has come at a very unseasonable time and ahead of schedule and cancelled the game with the northern team on the basis that it is impossible to stage a real football game with the mercury ranging around zero. The game was to have been played next Sunday.
DECEMBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Every member of the Packers football squad is asked to report at the Packing plant, Sunday afternoon at 1:30 with their uniforms. Arrangements have been made to have a picture of the team taken after which the uniforms will be checked in. This will wind up the greatest season of professional football that Green Bay has ever experienced.
November 30: Green Bay at De Pere - Cancelled
This famous photo originally ran in the Green Bay Press Gazette with the following caption: This is the Packer squad that started Green Bay rolling on its way to football fame in 1919. The members were left to right: top row– Herb Nichols, Sam Powers, Jim Coffeen, Martin Zoll, Alvin Martin, Abe Sauber, Herman Martell, Wes Leaper, Wally Ladrow, John Des Jardin, Carl Zoll, Andy Muldoon, Gus Rosenow, Al Petcka, G. W. Calhoun; center– Coach Curly Lambeau; bottom row –Nate Abrams, Fritz Gavin, Tudy McLean and H.J. (Tubby) Bero.
The 1919 Green Bay Packers Game Results