Wisconsin star and was selected by Walter Camp for the All-American team in 1916.
SEPTEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The American Legion football team of Kaukauna, composed of the best football players in the Fox River valley will face the Packers on Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. The war legion's organization, which has the backing of the paper mills at Kaukauna, is sparing no expense to get an all-star aggregation together for the game with the Packers. According to word received here, a number of former college stars will be seen in their lineup....RESUME PRACTICE: The Packers resume their practice stunts this evening at the plant gridiron. With but a couple of exceptions the Green Bay eleven came out of the Chicago argument in pretty good shape. All of the regulars will be ready to start in Sunday's game. It is likely that there may be a couple of changes in the lineup. Although well satisfied with the showing against Chicago, the management is planning to bolster up a couple of weak spots.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers resumed their practice stunts last night at the plant gridiron and it was one of the best workouts of the season. Twenty players were out in uniform and Dalton kept the men going at a stiff pace until darkness put an end to the work. The Packers' stock took a jump last night when Al Petcka, star tackle of last year's team made his appearance. Petcka is rated as one of the best linemen in this part of the state and his return to the lineup will add a lot of strength to the scrimmage front...HARD GAMES AHEAD: A stiff schedule is facing the Packers. Manager Murphy has closed for all his game for the next six weeks. After the Kaukauna game on Sunday, Stambaugh plays here October 10; Marinette, October 17; De Pere, October 24; Beloit, October 31; Milwaukee All-Stars, November 7. On November 14, the Packers battle at Beloit in a return game. November 12, Ishpeming plays here, and a big contest is pending for Thanksgiving day.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Joe Hoeffel, former Wisconsin football candidate and a Walter Camp All-American selection, will handle all professional football games in this city for the rest of the season. Manager Neil Murphy of the Packers closed negotiations with the ex-Badger star on Tuesday. Hoeffel, up to this time, has consented to act in some minor officiating capacity but Manager Murphy made the inducement so strong that Hoeffel accepted the offer to run the games. With Hoeffel in charge, it is a certainty that the petty squabbling of last Sunday will be a thing of the past.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 
football team representing the American Legion post is
working hard to get in shape for the gridiron fracas with
the Packers at Green Bay on Sunday afternoon. Star
players from many of the Fox River valley towns will be
seen in action with Kaukauna and there is also a 
chance that "Cub" Buck may play with the Legion 
squad. He has been coaching them for the past two
weeks. The probable lineup of the war veterans'
aggregation is as follows: Ends, Gonsharic, Bienzel,
Eimmerman; tackles, Wiggers, Gainey; guard, Van
Compel, Leher, Frey; center, Reumicke; backs, 
Regenfuss, Brown, Husting, Hansen, Brauer, McMonon,
and Faust. F.X. Grogan will act as the Kaukauna official.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There is 
a possibility that an all-American footballer may be seen
in action Sunday at Hagemeister. "Cub" Buck, former
Wisconsin star who is signed with Jim Thorpe's Canton
Tiger team, may hold down a line position for Kaukauna
against the Packers. Buck, owing to a business
connection, was forced to delay his department to 
Canton for a week. He is employed by a Kaukauna 
paper mill and, it is stated, that he has been coaching
and practice with the Legion team, during the week.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Curley
Lambeau, one of the greatest football men ever
developed here, has been chosen field captain of the
Packers. This is two years in a row that Lambeau has
been leading the Green Bay professional eleven.
Lambeau has a statewide reputation as a gridiron star.
He played three years at East high, twice being 
selected on all state teams, after graduating from the Hilltoppers institution, Lambeau went to Notre Dame and in his freshmen year made the varsity team, playing fullback. He is rated as one of the best throwers of
forward passes in the middle west and his drop kicking ability has won many a game for the Green Bay teams.
OCTOBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers engaged in their best workout of the season last night on the plant gridiron. Coach Dalton has about 22
players out in uniform and a stiff scrimmage was
engaged in. Several changes were made in the lineup.
Gavin, who played center on last year's team, was back
at the pivot position, while Al Petcka resumed his old
tackle job. Klauss was playing guard in place of Carl
Zoll, who failed to report for the workout. Manager
Murphy has ordered an extra practice for tomorrow
afternoon. The squad will engage in a signal workout at
Hagemeister park after the high school doubleheader.
OCTOBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 
American Legion team of Kaukauna will be the
opponents of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday
afternoon at Hagemeister park. The game will start
promptly at 3 o'clock. Twelve minute periods are
scheduled. Joe Hoeffel, former Wisconsin football 
captain, will referee. Grogan of Kaukauna umpired. The
invading team is composed of the best football players
in the Fox River valley and reports from the Paper Mill
village carry the news that their squad of pigskin 
chasers feel confident of taking a fall out of the Green
Bay aggregation. The appearance of "Cub" Buck, all-
American star in the Kaukauna lineup is still uncertain.
The Kaukauna management although including his
name in the lineup, won't guarantee his appearance in
the game. Fritz Gavin will probably star at center for the
Packers, while Al Petcka is slated for one of the tackle
positions. The other players will start off the same as 
last Sunday.
Green Bay Packers (0-0-1) 3, Chicago Boosters 3 (Tie)
Sunday September 26th 1920 (at Green Bay)
(Green Bay) - The Chicago Boosters and Green Bay Packers battled to a 3 to 3 tie in the first pro football game of the season yesterday afternoon at Hagemeister park before a crowd estimated at 1,200 pigskin fans. Curley Lambeau again broke into the limelight
with a spectacular gridiron stunt. It was his drop kick
in the last twenty seconds of play that prevented the
Windy City aggregation from walking off with a 
victory. It was the hardest fought professional game
that has been staged here in a long time. As
announced the Chicago outfit came here with a
stellar aggregation of footballers and they made the
Packers travel every minute. On the other hand, the
Packers were not right on edge. Their interference
split badly and frequently signals were mussed up.
Some poor passes by Sauber also cut short a
number of promising rallies.
From a specator's point of view, it was an interesting
game but there was too much beefing on the field.
Referee Reppening was continually in hot water. Both
teams kicked at his decisions and play was
frequently halted while the team leaders argued about
rulings. Chicago won the toss and chose to receive
the kickoff. Wilson booted to Sacks who was downed
by Abrams. It was here that the visitors displayed
their best offensive. Quarterback Applehans pushed
his backs through for a couple of first downs, working
the ball past the center field. Inside the danger zone,
the Packers braces and Chicago punted to Medley
who brought the oval back about 15 yards before he
was downed. The Packers could not gain and Wilson
punted. An exchange of kicks followed and the ball
see-sawed back and forth between the 40 yard lines
for the remainder of the quarter. In the second quarter
the Packers got their old forward pass working and the Lambeau to Abrams combination proved a good ground gainer. The Packers soon has the ball in Chicago's territory and they were on a touchdown march until Sauber made a bad pass, which resulted in a 20 yard loss. Wilson then punted across the goal line and Chicago scrimmaged the oval on the 20 yard line. During the rest of this period, both team fought like demons. Some of the players began mixing it up a bit and there was quite a lot of rough work. The oval was in Chicago's territory when half time was called.
There was lots of excitement during the third quarter. The players had recovered their second win and the play was mighty fast. After the Packers kicked off, Chicago attempted to pen up on backfield shifts and the visitors netter a few first downs. However, the Packers also braced inside of the danger zone and some splendid line work by Wilson and Powers made it rather hard going for the Chicago backs. This period was about even up. What ground the visitors made on straight football was offset by the Packers forward passes. Towards the close of the quarter, Goodman, Chicago's fullback, was carried off the field with a twisted knee. However, Miller, who substituted for fullback proved to be a star. Penalties were numerous at this stage of the game, the Packers losing quite heavily. The fireworks let loose in the last quarter. After about seven minute of play, the ball was on the Packers' 35 yard line. Wilson punted to Neillsen, who started a prance down the field. He shook off a half dozen tacklers and traveled about 50 yards before he was downed on the Packers 25 yard line near the left side of the gridiron. Quarterback Applehans shot a play which brought the oval into midfield and then worked two line plunges. On the fourth down, Neillsen stepped back and booted a placekick between the uprights for the first score of the game.
There was about five minutes left to play. The Packers received the kickoff. On the first scrimmage, Chicago interfered with Dwyer as he was about to catch a forward pass and the visitors drew a heavy penalty which put the ball in their territory. Continuing the aerial pass game, the Packers kept up their forward march towards the visitor's goal line. On their 25 yard line, Chicago braced and held three times for downs. In the next line up, Hayes, Chicago tackle, was offside and this gave the Packers a 5 yard penalty and first down. There was about two minutes to play. Three downs netted the Packers but a few yards and then Lambeau stepped back to the 31 yard line and booted the pigskin between the posts. This tied up the score. Final time was called right after the next kickoff.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press Gazette) - There was too much rough stuff in Sunday's football game. Players openly resorted to fisticuffs in the early part of the contest. Twice policemen came onto the field. That's bad business. Players who can't control their tempers should not be allowed to remain in the game. The fans pay to see football and not fights. There was too much wrangling. Pro footballers should know the rules of the game. Nearly five minutes of time was taken out while the referee read the rules. Both teams were offenders. Play the game clean, learn the rules, choose officials with care and pro football will be the most popular sport in Green Bay.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Howard Buck, who is a member of Jim Thorpe's Canton Bull Dogs, witnessed yesterday's game between the Packers and Chicago. He has a word of praise for the Bay aggregation. "The Packers look mighty good to me," said Buck. "I have heard of 'em before but their class of play surprised me. Lambeau throws forward passes exceptionally well and the ends know how to receive the ball. It was a corking good game of football." Buck, who is a salesman for the Hilliman Paper Co. of Kaukauna leaves on Friday for Canton where he will remain during the football season. He is a former