ball in Stambaugh's possession in midfield.
Stambaugh opened the second half by kicking to the Packers. A series of first downs carried the oval to the visitor's 40 yard line where they held for downs. Stambaugh punted to the Packers' 35 yard mark. After two plays the Packers punted again and Stambaugh immediately returned the oval by the kick route. After this exchange of kicks, the Packers started an offensive from midfield. A forward pass with Wheeler on the receiving end carried the oval to Stambaugh's 25 yard line. Ladrow replaced McLean for the Packers. Line plunges carried the ball to Stambaugh's 2 yard mark. Here the visitors held for downs. Youngren's punt out of danger only traveled 20 yards. Three plays carried the ball to the visitors 10 yard line and once more the visitors braced and held for downs. Stambaugh got away for three first downs and a short forward added another 10 yards. Piper's poor pass balled up a Stambaugh forward and it was the Packers' ball in midfield. Green Bay's offensive swung into action again and they rushed the ball to Stambaugh's 35 yard line when time was called for the quarter.
Lambeau failed in a field goal from the 40 yard line and Stambaugh scrimmaged from her 20 yard line. The visitors kicked on the fourth down. It was the Packers' ball in midfield. A forward pass netted 30 yards and a first down put the ball on Stambaugh's 25 yard line. The visitors lost 5 yards for offside. Wagner ran the ball to Stambaugh's 7 yard line. Stambaugh braced and held for downs on four plays. The visitors punted out of danger. The Packers' first down put the ball on Stambaugh's 40 yard line. Vanzo caught a forward pass on his 30 yard mark. The visitors punted to midfield. Lambeau got away for 15 yards and Wheeler caught a forward for 15 yards. He was injured and Martell took his place. Three line plunges put the oval within a yard of Stambaugh's goal and Ladrow slashed his way through center for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. Score: Packers 14; Stambaugh 0. Stambaugh kicked off and for the remainder of the period the ball seesawed up and down the field. The visitors displayed new life during the closing minutes and made a number of first downs but they never were within scoring distance.

NOVEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Reg" Dwyer has
better than an even chance for recovery. That is the opinion of
the physicians who are taking care of the Packer football star
who had his left arm and leg mangled while working in the
railroad yards here Friday night. The injured members were
amputated Saturday, and it is said that Dwyer rallied from the
shock as well if not better than could be expected. Unless
complications set in, it is expected that he will pull through.
According to the doctors, it was only Dwyer's superb physical
condition that enabled him to survive injuries that would have
quickly killed the average man. "Remember Dwyer". That was
the Packers' slogan in the Stambaugh game here yesterday.
And well they did. Besides playing their hardest, scores of the
contest were flashed to the hospital every quarter. Despite his
condition, Dwyer showed a keen interest in the game and
wanted to know how it was coming out. Probably there has
been no accident in a long while that has stirred Green Bay to
greater extent. Expressions of sorrows over Dwyer's untimely
injuries could be heard on all sides. There was one continual
stream of telephone calls at the hospital inquiring about his
condition and his friends swamped the hospital wardens with
packages of flowers...PLAN BENEFIT GAME: A benefit game
is being planned for Dwyer. It will be staged a week from 
Sunday at Hagemeister park. According to the present plans,
the best football talent in the city from the East and West side
will clash in a gridiron argument. Old timers who haven't been
in action for a long time will don the togs again for this contest.
Every man on the Packer squad will be playing as well as the
cream of the high school stars.
NOVEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Lapham A.C. of Milwaukee will be the football opponents of the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. The game will start at 2 o'clock. Periods of 15 minute duration will be played. Joe Hoeffel referees, Kahle of Milwaukee is to umpire while Jimmy Coffeen will do the headlinesman work. The visitors are coming here with a strong organization. Every man on the squad is a former high school player. This team won the city championship of Milwaukee and, Thanksgiving Day, defeated the Milwaukee Normal eleven. The invaders average 170 pounds. The Lapham squad will reach here tonight and will be quartered at the Beaumont hotel. A carload of rooters will arrive here tomorrow on the noon train. The Packers are in fairly good condition. The men came out of the grueling Stambaugh argument without any serious injuries and it is expected that Manager Murphy will be able to place his strongest lineup on the gridiron.
NOVEMBER 27 (Racine Journal News) - The Lapham A. C. football eleven will board the rattlers for Green Bay Saturday night and will meet the strong Green Bay Packers for the state football championship on Sunday. The north siders came out of the Normal game in good condition, and with a light signal drill Saturday morning will be fit to give the Packers a battle for the state honors. The Packers, are favorites due to their victories over strong Wisconsin and upper Michigan teams, but the Laphams staged a comeback Thanksgiving and seem to have recovered from their recent dump and should give the Green Bay eleven strong opposition. The Laphams will be outweighed when they stack up against the northerners. but will more than make up for this handicap in their speed. Both teams are expected to make good use of the forward pass as the Laphams have McNutt and Jordan and the Packers have Dalton and Lambeau who are adapt receivers.
Green Bay Packers (8-1-1) 14, Stambaugh Miners 0
Thursday November 25th 1920 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - Battering their way through Stambaugh's stubborn defense for two touchdowns, the Green Bay Packers routed the Upper Michigan Miners by the score of 14 to 0 in a hard fought Thanksgiving Day football game at Hagemeister park before a large sized
crowd. The visitors came here with a "made-over"
gridiron machine in hopes of walloping the Packers but
they didn't stand a chance. Captain Vanzo's team
showed but little on the offensive. They had one or two
line plunging plays which split Green Bay's line for 
some first downs but their forward passes fell flat with
but two exceptions. It was on the defense that
Stambaugh showed strength. Once in the shadow of 
their goal posts, the Miners would stiffen and fight like a
bunch of wild cats. Seven different times during the
argument did they hold for downs inside off their 5 yard
line. The invaders built up a fairly good protection
against the Packer forward but towards the close of the
game, the locals opened up and made good on a
number of long throws.
The Packers did not look as well as in the Menominee
game last Sunday. It was individual work and not team
play that sent the invaders home on the short end of the
score. Buff Wagner kept his brilliant work. He broke
away for many short snappy runs which were indirectly
responsible for both touchdowns. Guy Leaper and
Sammy Powers were the bright spots in the Packers
line. This pair of tackles showed all sorts of class on the
defense. For Stambaugh, the Olson twins at guards and
Vanzo and Chors in the backfield were the luminaries.
Manning, who started out like a house on fire in the first
four plays, broke his collar bone and was shunted to the
sidelines. Inferior kicking paved the way to Stambaugh's
defeat. Lambeau outbooted Youngren 20 yards on an exchange. The Miners punter was not going any too good and twice when standing behind his own goal line he booted out of bounds at the 15-yard mark. Packers' touchdowns followed close after these kicks. The game was a bit late in starting and it was finished up in semi-darkness. The Packers were first on the gridiron but it was nearly 2:20 when Stambaugh hove into sight. The Packers won the toss and chose to receive at the west end of the field.
Stambuagh kicked off to Wheeler, who came back 15 yards before he was stopped. The Packers made a first down on off tackle plays. On the next four plays, Stambaugh held tight and secured the ball. After three line plunges, the visitors kicked. The punt was a fizzle. The wind carried it across the gridiron. It was the Packers' ball in midfield. A line buck netted three yards. Manning was hurt and Looney substituted. A forward pass failed and the next play resulted in Vanzo catching a Packer forward pass on his own 40-yard line. The visitors, on Chors' line plungers made a first down. Their drive ended quickly as Powers and Leapoer spilled three plays in quick succession. Stambaugh punted to the Packers' 25-yard line. The Packers got away for a first down but were checked on the next two plunges. Lambeau kicked to Stambaugh's 30 yard line. The invaders made 10 yards in three downs then lost the ball in midfield. After a line buck, Wagner slipped outside of tackle for a 35 yard run, carrying the ball to Stambaugh's 15 yard line. Here the visitors held for downs. Youngren punted out of bounds at the 10-yard mark. It was the Packers' ball. Dalton made 3 yards placing the ball on Stambaugh's 7-yard line when time was called for the quarter.
On the second play in the second period, McLean wormed his way through the line for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. Score, Packers,7; Stambaugh, 0. Stambaugh kicked off to the Packers and Lambeau ran the ball back to midfield. Dalton and McLean made a first down. Two forward passes failed and a line plunge netted only 3 yards. Standing in midfield, Lambeau missed a field goal. The ball just passing under the cross bar. The Miners scrimmaged the oval on the 20-yard line. After two plays, they punted to the Packers in midfield. Dalton got away for a 20 yard gain on a forward pass. The invaders broke up two forwards and then Vanzo intercepted a long throw on his 25 yard line. Looney got away for a 30 yard dash and a first down carried the ball to the Packers' 40 yard line. Two bad passes by center Piper halted the offensive and the Packers regained the oval. Nate Abrams nabbed a forward pass for a 30 yard gain. He was hurt on the play. Gavin substituted and Carl Zoll took Wilson's place. The Packers smashed through for a first down putting the ball on Stambaugh's 10 yard line. Stambaugh held for downs on four plays. The visitors immediately punted out of danger to the 40 yard line. Vanzo intercepted a Packer forward. On the next lineup, Chors tossed a long hurl to LeClair for about a 30 yard gain. There was a dispute over the catch but the officials ruled in favor of the visitors. The Packers broke up three forwards in succession and Stambaugh kicked. The punt fizzled out and it was the Packers' ball on their own 35 yard line. There was a rumpus over a penalty, but it resulted in neither team getting a yard. Time for the half was called with the