Green Bay Packers (9-1-1) 26, Milwaukee Lapham A.C. 0
Sunday November 28th 1920 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - Displaying a lot of fight but hopelessly outclassed, the Lapham A.C. of Milwaukee, contenders for state football honors, were routed by the Green Bay Packers to the tune of 26 to 0 Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park before a good sized
crowd. The visitors lacked the beef and they crumbled
before the onslaughts of the Packer forward wall. The
Milwaukee team played well together as a unit and
showed the result of hard practice but class will tell and
the Packers had it over 'em like a tent. At that, the
home team put up one of their poorest exhibitions of the
season. There was little or no example of team play. It
was practically all individual work that paved the way for
a victory over the invaders. Lambeau's forward passes
were mussed up with due regularity and with the 
exception of two trick plays the Packers had to make
their gains through straight football. In this respect,
Wagner was the principal ground gainer for the Packers.
His short runs off tackle were generally good for a
chalkmark and a couple of times he got away for 
snappy dashes that brought the oval into scoring
distance. McNutt was the big man of the Milwaukee
lineup. This lanky end flashed into the limelight
regularly and it was his brilliant defensive play that cut
short many a Packer rush.
Cub Buck, All-American star of former days, and a
member of Jim Thorpe's Canton Tigers team, held down
a guard position for the Packers. He furnished the
crowd a lot of amusement as he just toyed with his
opponents. Buck probably didn't hit the turf a half dozen
times throughout the fracas but he made his presence
felt. The big fellow backed up the line on the defense
and captured a couple of forward passes. Once he
started a run down the field and it took about a half dozen Laphams to stop him. The Packers won the toss and chose to defend the west goal and kick to the visitors. Mason caught Lambeau's kick and came back 10 yard before he was downed. The visitors couldn't gain and on the fourth down punted to the Packers in midfield. The home eleven were held tight for three plays and kicked to the Laphams' 40 yard line. The visitors returned the kick, Wagner being downed on the 30 yard mark. After three downs the Packers again punted. Mason caught the oval in midfield. The Laphams kicked to the Packers' 15 yard line. The visitors were gaining a bit on the exchange of kicks. Lambeau kicked to midfield. The Laphams attempted a forward pass and Buck grabbed the oval. Two plays netted six yards and then Mason caught a Packer forward pass on his 30 yard line. The Packers held firm on three downs and Nesser punted to his 40 yard mark. It was a poor kick. Wheeler made 10 yards after catching a forward pass. He was downed 30 yards from the visitors' goal. Line plunges carried the oval to the two yard mark and Wagner plunged through for the first score of the game. Lambeau missed the goal. Score: Packers 6, Laphams 0. The Packers kicked off and as the team were lining up on the Laphams' 24 yard line, time was called for the quarter.
After three downs, the Laphams punted to midfield. The visitors secured the oval again when McNutt grabbed a forward passs. On an attempted onside kick, the Packers secured the ball on their 40 yard mark. Line plunges netted a first down but an offside penalty set them back 5 yards. Two forward passes were mussed up and Lambeau kicked to the visitors' 10 yard line. They punted out of danger to midfield. Three plays moved the linesticks ahead a chalkmark for the Packers. The visitors held tight for three plays 
and Lambeau failed in a dropkick from the 45 yard line. The Laphams put the ball in scrimmage on the 20 yard mark. The invaders punted to the 40 yard mark. The Packers made a first down and Dalton carried the oval to the 15 yard line after catching a forward pass. A Packer long forward fell dead back of the visitors' goal line. The ball was put into play on the 20 yard mark. The visitors' punt rolled out of bounds on the 40 yard mark. The Packers got going on straight football and rushed the oval to the 10 yard line. Here, they hit a brick wall on three plays and Lambeau again failed in a field goal attempt. Once more the oval was scrimmaged on the 20 yard line. Milwaukee punted to midfield when time was called for the half.
The visitors opened the third quarter by kicking to the Packers, who made two first downs in succession. McNutt covered a fumble for the Laphams in midfield and, on the next play, the Milwaukee team lost the oval by the same route. The Packers made a first down and then lost the ball when Bierbach caught a forward and ran 15 yards down the field. Three plays resulted in but 4 yards and Neiser's dropkick only traveled half the distance to the goal posts, Wagner catching the ball on the 20 yard line. Lambeau's long punt was misjudged by the visiting backs and the ball rolled across the goal line. The ball was scrimmaged on the 20 yard mark. The visitors kicked to midfield. A delayed pass took the oval to the visitors' 30 yard line. It was a pretty play. The Packers made two first downs, rushing the oval to the 4 yard mark. Lambeau shot outside of tackle for a score. He kicked the goal. Score: Packers 13, Laphams 0. The Packers kicked off. The visitors couldn't gain and punted to the 40 yard line. After suffering a 5 yard penalty for offside, the Packers got going again. Wagner paved the way for another score by running 30 yards. He was downed on the visitors' 5 yard mark. Lambeau smashed the line for another touchdown and kicked the goal. Score: Packers 20, Laphams 0. The Packers kicked off and time for the quarter was called with the ball in the visitors' possession on their 30 yard line.
The visitors hit a stone wall and punted to midfield. The ball changed hands frequently. Finally Buck caught a forward pass in midfield and the Packers were off again for another score. Two plays made a first down and then Lambeau shot a forward pass to Rosenow. The lanky backfielder made a flying catch of the oval and traveled 30 yards for a touchdown. Lambeau missed the goal kick. The Packers kicked off and for the remainder of the quarter played on the defensive. The Laphams showed a bit of life and through a series of forward passes made a number of first downs but they were never within the danger zone.

NOVEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - About 300 fans of Milwaukee followed their team here and they gave the best exhibition of organized yelling that has been heard at a Sunday game this season. Their "L.A.C." noisemaker was a peach...The crowd
couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Carl Zoll
carrying the ball. On his first rush, the big fellow
made a first down but the next time, the visitors
were wise to the play and they flopped him quickly.
.."Spill the elephant". That was what the Milwaukee
sidelines were yelling to their teammates. However
Buck ambled around with ease and hardly even got
the seat of his pants dirty during the fracas...
McNutt shut up a bunch of Green Bay fans that
were riding him while the teams were lining up for a
kickoff. "How about Beloit, you 'beefers'?" That's all
he said. There wasn't another word. He won the
argument...The jinx was on Lambeau when it came
to dropkicks. His first attempt from the 45 yard line
shot to the right of the drop rights while his second
try, an easy one, fliverred out on the other side...It's lucky the game didn't last any longer or the visitors wouldn't have had a substitute to put in. The green sweatered youths were pretty well battered up by the time the final whistle blew...It seemed like old times to see Herb Nichols in a uniform. 'The call of the wild' attracted the old star and he jumped into a suit. "Nich" got a chance to play in the final quarter and he looked as good as ever...Neiser, the left-footed kicker of the invaders, proved to be right at home when it came to booting the oval. Although his punts didn't travel so far, he had a knack of placing 'em where they were hard to handle...As usual, Powers and Leaper, the Packers' tackles, played a whale of a game on the defense. They frequently slipped through and spilled up the Milwaukee backfielders before they had a chance to get started...The Packers drew the majority of penalties. Starting before the ball was passed was a frequent offense of the Green Bay team. Even the great Buck got offside once and cost the Packers five yards.