Green Bay Packers (2-0-1) 3, Stambaugh Miners 0
Sunday October 10th 1920 (at Green Bay)
(Green Bay) - A drop kick from the 35 yard line in the first quarter by Curley Lambeau was the only score made in the Packers-Stambaugh football game which
was played Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. The
final score was 3 to 0 with the Copper country
champions on the short end. It was the worst football
day in the history of the gridiron game here. The gridiron
was covered with water and the players were a sight to
behold after the first few scrimmages. However, it wasn't
only the players that suffered. Nearly all of the
spectators there , there were about 800 of 'em, got a 
​drenching. The water was ankle deep along the
sidelines and dry feet were few and far between. There
was a continuous downpour of rain up until the last few
minutes of play. The condition of the play field prevented
either team from showing their best form. The pigskin
was as slippery as a banana peel and mighty hard to
handle. It's a wonder there wasn't more fumbles. The
forward pass game was out of the question. Both teams
attempted it a number of times but it failed all but once
when Rosenow of the Packers grabbed the throw from
Lambeau in the third quarter for a 15 yard gain. The
game was bitterly contested but it was clean. No
rowdyism developed on either side. Injuries were quite
numerous. Medley and Wilson of the Packers were both
forced out of the fracas due to bruises while Fregetto,
McGowan, Moratti and Chores of Stambaugh were also
forced out via the same route.
The Packers showed a much better offense than their opponents and nearly all the play was within Stambaugh's territory. However, the visitors displayed a stonewall defense when battling within the shadow of their goal posts and quite frequently the Packers lost the ball on downs when a touchdown loomed up only a couple of yards away. It was an old fashioned game of football. Line bucks and short end runs were the chief methods of ground gaining. Both teams were playing pretty safe all the time and very little fancy stuff was attempted. There wasn't an individual run over 30 yards during the entire argument. The only score of the game came after five minutes of play in the first quarter. The Packers opened the fracas by kicking off to Stambaugh. The visitors couldn't gain and they booted out of danger. The punt was fizzled and Medley caught the ball in midfield. On the next scrimmage, the Packers quarter hurt his leg and was carried off the field. An exchange of kicks followed and the Packers secured the ball on Stambaugh's 28 yard line. Rosenow made two yards, Dalton added a couple of more, and then Lambeau pulled his dropkick for a score. Curley was standing ankle deep in mud and was booting against the win. The oval lobbed over between the uprights with plenty to spare.
PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL-Meeting to Be Held This Evening With Idea of Organising City Team
OCTOBER 12 (Oshkosh Northwestern) - Oshkosh may see some first class professional football this year if enough material appears at the meeting which is to be held at Armory B this evening at 7:30 o'clock. There is a wealth of fine material in this city, many of them men who played on the various college and university elevens and others who showed considerable class on service teams during the war. Captain Barker has agreed to allow the team, if one is formed, to use the armory, not only for their first meeting tomorrow night is to see just what material may be depended upon and also to give the men a chance to decide on plans for operation. Professional football has fast been gaining a strong foothold throughout the country, although up to this time it has not been tried out in Oshkosh to any great extent. The public, however, is becoming educated to the game and new interest is being taken. Every man in the city has had football experience and is interested in the sport from the player's standpoint is invited to attend the meeting tomorrow night. Negotiations are already under way whereby uniforms will be furnished by some local manufacturing concern and it is stated that if a team can be organized, games with such teams as the Green Bay Packers and Horlick's Malted Milks are assured.
OCTOBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Under the leadership of Coaches Newman and Murray, Marinette's football team is working out every night this week for the game with the Packers at Green Bay Sunday. The squad that travels to the Bay this weekend will be the strongest aggregation of professional footballers ever turned out of the Twin Cities. The opinion here is that the Green Bay team is overrated and Coaches Newman and Murray are building up a defense to cope with Lambeau's forward passes. Several of the local players saw the Stambaugh-Green Bay clash last Sunday and they feel confident that the Twin City eleven can come home with a victory on Sunday. The probable lineup of the Marinette team is as follows: Ends, Lemisky, F. Petersen, Ecklund; tackles, Smith, Jay, Erdlitz, Bouche, Schumaker, Joshart; center, Leafe; backs, Foggarty, Erdlistz, Setright, Bielek, J. Petersen, Burford and the Hanson brothers.
OCTOBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will start indoor football practice tonight in the armory at 8 o'clock. Owing to the absence of lights at the plant gridiron, Manager Murphy secured the regimental building for the signal work. This same stunt worked out satisfactorily last year. The members of the squad think Sunday's game with Marinette will be a tougher argument than the clash with Stambaugh. The Twin City aggregation has no love for Green Bay and a victory over the Packers this year would put them in the running for the state championship. Although Jab Murray is slated to umpire, word reached here last night that the old Marquette star would be playing tackle Sunday against the Packers. No changes are contemplated in the Packers lineup. Wilson and Medley have both recovered from their injuries and they will resume their old positions in the weekend fracas. Sunday's game will start promptly at 3 o'clock. Fifteen minute periods are called for in the contract and Joe Hoeffel will handle the refereeing job.
OCTOBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The followers of the Marinette professionals are suffering from a bad attack of footballitis and as a result about three hundred of them are planning to come here Sunday for the pigskin clash between the Twin City squad and the Packers. What's more Marinette expects to win. It's their big game of the season and the squad from the Northern burg has been practicing every night this week to be right on edge for the clash with the Bay. Several additions have been made to the team and when they prance out on the Hagemeister park gridiron Sunday. It will be the strongest professional aggregation of footballers that has ever been molded together in Marinette. However, the Packers aren't worrying. Captain Lambeau's indulged in a lengthy workout at armory last night and Manager Murphy reports that every man is in shape for the Marinette clash. This means that Medley and Wilson will be in the lineup when the whistle blows.
OCTOBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Negotiations have been closed with Stambaugh for another game her with the Packers Thanksgiving Day. The Miners are not satisfied with the result of last Sunday's argument and Manager Nettle jumped at the chance to
get another crack at the Packers on Turkey day. A
game with the Lapham A.C. of Milwaukee has been
closed for November 28. This is the Sunday following 
Thanksgiving Day. The Milwaukee squad looks like the
probable winners of the heavyweight title in the Cream
City league.
OCTOBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Here's good
news for the football fans. The days of standing along 
the sidelines at Hagemeister park are about over with.
Construction of the bleachers with a seating capacity of
seven hundred was started yesterday afternoon by a 
force of men from the Indian Packing company. Macel
Lambeau, construction superintendent at the plant, is in
charge of the work and he hopes to have the stand 
completed in time for Sunday's game with Marinette.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday
afternoon at Hagemeister park, the Marinette
professionals will attempt to put a crimp in the clean
gridiron record of the Green Bay Packers. The game 
will start promptly at 3 o'clock. Fifteen minute periods
are scheduled and Joe Hoeffel will handle the officiating.
The Twin City football aggregation is coming down here
backed by about 300 rooters. According to word from
Marinette, an extra coach will be hitched on the C. & N.
W. train arriving here about 11 o'clock to take care of the
overflow crowd. Both managers claim their team are
right on edge for the pigskin fracas. There is little love
lost between the squads and it should be a bitter battle
from start to finish.
OCTOBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - For the first time this season, the management allowed autos to be parked along the sidelines. This afforded shelter for a few of the for a few of the fortunate ones...One of the bleachers crumbled under the weight of the water soaked fans. Despite the fact that about forty persons were thrown to the ground, nobody was hurt...There was an ankle deep wading pool in front of the ticket offices. However, this did not prevent the dyed-in-the-wool fans from stepping up and purchasing their ducats...Referee Hoeffel was covered from head to foot. His grey sweater was a sight. The players used it as a towel to wipe off their mud bespattered hands...About 300 Stambaugh rooters took in the fracas. There was a handful of girls among 'em and the rain didn't dampen their spirits - but the defeat did...At times it was hard to tell the players apart. Both teams wore blue sweaters and the mud covering added to the confusion in spotting out the contestants..."Is there an island along the sidelines?" That's what one late comer asked as he was wading around in the water soaked grass. He finally took refuge on the running board of an auto...The crowd was late in coming, many thinking that the game wouldn't be played. George Neidl at the clubhouse claimed he did a rushing business on the telephone telling fans that the game was on...The wind cut all sorts of capers with the umbrellas and many a rain shed was turned inside out. Charlie Bader lost two of them while acting as linesman.
are probably stated Manager Neil Murphy.
OCTOBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Game called off on account of rain." That's what happened to the De Pere-Oconto gridiron fracas that was booked for Sunday afternoon on the De Pere gridiron. It is probably that this contest will be staged later in the season. Headed by Coach Carey, practically all of the De Pere players took in the Packers-Stambaugh argument at Green Bay. De Pere battles the Packers at Hagemeister park on October 24.
OCTOBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Coming out of the Stambaugh game in pretty good shape, the Packers are now looking forward to the Marinette contest which will be played Sunday at Hagemeister park. If comparative scores count for anything, the fracas next Sunday should be a pretty good exhibition of football. Marinette lost to Stambaugh by the score of 10 to 6. The game was played on the Miners' home field and the Copper country champions admitted, during their stay here, that the Twin City aggregation outplayed them during the first half of the game. Marinette is coming here with a first class team. Hansen, Erdlitz, Ecklund and all the other stars of the olden days are back in the game and they will be seen in action against the Packers. "Butch" Newman, former Michigan star, and "Jab" Murray are coaching the team. It is stated that about three hundred Twin City football fans are going to follow their team here next Sunday. There is no end of confidence in the Marinette football camp and they expect to take a fall out of Captain Lambeau's squad of footballers.
When the Packers played Stambaugh
The Green Bay Packers were a semipro club in the 1919 season, which is generally recognized as the team’s first. Heavy emphasis on “semi.” In his book, “The Packers Experience: A Year-by-Year Chronicle of the Green Bay Packers,” Lew Freedman says the season’s profits were divided among the players, with each receiving $16.75. About $230 today. Curly Lambeau’s Packers finished 10-1 in 1919, including a 17-0 victory at Stambaugh against the Miners. That Upper Peninsula game is mentioned in a new blog by Packers historian Cliff Christl — “Cliff’s Notes” at According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, it was the first time the Miners had lost a home game in six years, Christl says. The newspaper, meanwhile, commended Stambaugh police for keeping fans in check with horsewhips. (Mace wouldn’t be invented until 1965.) The Press-Gazette said Packers fans went home some $3,000 richer after collecting on wagers. About $41,000 today. Which helps explain the horsewhips. In 1920, according to, the Packers would defeat Stambaugh clubs twice at Green Bay’s Hagemeister Park. A field goal by Lambeau gave the Packers a 3-0 win over the Miners/Wolverines on a muddy turf in October. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, the Packers prevailed 14-0 over the Upper Peninsula champion Miners. Christl, honored recently by the Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA) with the Ralph Hay Award for lifetime achievement, says the early Packers sometimes played against teams organized on short notice. Beloit and Stambaugh offered Green Bay its toughest opposition in 1919-20.
SOURCE: Iron Mountain Daily News, Jim Anderson (August 6th 2014)