Green Bay Packers (3-0-1) 25, Marinette Professionals 0
Sunday October 17th 1920 (at Green Bay)
time. The marker sizes up as big as a house and it helps to spot the locals from the opposing gridiron warriors.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the
biggest games of the professional football season will
be played at Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon. The
Packers will face De Pere. Victory at any cost. That's
the way both teams feel. Nothing would sit the 
aggregation from the neighboring town better than a win
over Captain Lambeau's squad. The 114 to 0 victory of
De Pere over Menasha has greatly boosted the gridiron
stock. Any team what can run up such a total must
have a pretty high powered scoring machine. Dame
rumor has it that at least three college men of midwest
reputation will be seen in De Pere's lineup. The Packers
are standing pat. There will be no new additions to the
makeup of the team. However, both Wilson and Medley
will again be back in the fray. The locals work out
tonight at the armory where they will combine a
business and practice session.
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Packer-De Pere football pot is heating up in good shape
and by Sunday it should be at the boiling over point.
Charges and countercharges are filling the air, bear
stories are being issued from both camps and the followers of the teams are showing unusual excitement. Sunday's game at Hagemeister park promises to be a thriller from start to finish but it will be fairly fought due to the fact that the managers have agreed upon capable officials. Joe Hoeffel will referee while Dr. Curtin, former Marquette star, will do the umpiring. Full length periods of 15 minutes duration are scheduled. De Pere is practicing every night this week (Manager Van Vonderen may deny this also). Coach Carey is driving his squad as they have never been driven before and when they step on the field Sunday at Hagemeister park, it will be the best drilled gridiron machine that has every been turned out of De Pere. The Packers aren't losing any time in practice stunts and Manager Murphy's team will be fit when the whistle blows. The team would rather win the De Pere game than any other one on the schedule with the possible exception of Beloit.
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Manager Van Vonderen of the De Pere football team denies all reports that his team will be "loaded" up for the game with the Packers at Green Bay. "Aside from the Indians from Oneida, who have played with us all season," said Manager Van Vonderen, "there will be no outsiders in our lineup. Evidently the 'Bull's stories originated in Green Bay. There is enough good football material right here in De Pere to give the Packers all they are looking for when it comes to pigskin chasing."
(Green Bay) - Battling desperately up tp the last minute of play but, hopelessly outclassed from start to finish, the Marinette Professionals went down to defeat
at the hands of the Green Bay Packers yesterday 
afternoon at Hagemeister park gridiron to the tune of 25
to 0 before one of the largest crowds that has ever
witnessed a Sunday gridiron argument here. It was
probably as rough a game as had ever been played on
a local field. There was little love lost between the
teams and both aggregations were battling hard every
minute. When final time was called every available
substitute on both teams had been used up. The
Packers made use of six extra men while the visitors
sent seven new players into the fracas. Doctors
Rudolph and McNevins had a busy time during the
afternoon. The Twin City aggregation came down here
full of pep and confidence. They had high hopes of
taking a fall out of the Packers, but after a few minutes
of play they lost all their "appetite" for a victory. The
Packers looked better than any time this season. The
line opened up big holes and the backfield seemed to
work with a snap. The man with the ball was given good
interference and the combination play was altogether
too much for the scrappy invaders. It is true that Captain
Lambeau's team did not get away with many forward
passes but this was due to the fact that Marinette's
secondary defense was keeping a close watch for any
aerial route stunts.
Marinette recovered the initial kickoff. The visitors lost
the ball on downs and the Packers' steamroller got
busy. Line plunges netted a couple of first downs and
then Rosenow caught a forward pass from Lambeau for
a 20 yard gain. He was downed on Marinette's 12 yard
line. Three plays put the ball a few yards closer to the
goal line and Rosenow followed with a plunge outside of
tackle for a score. Lambeau kicked the goal. At this
stage of the game, it looked like a walkaway for the
Packers. Marinette received the next kickoff and on the first lineup attempted a forward pass but Dalton, doing a nose dive, made a leap in the air and clutched the pigskin. The procession started once more but the visitors braced and held for downs on their 5 yard line. Marinette kicked out of danger to Wagner, D. Knutson on the next scrimmage intercepted one of Lambeau's long forward passes and traveled 35 yards before he was downed. An offside penalty cost the Packers five yards and time for the period was called soon after with the ball in Marinette's possession in midfield.
The ball changed hands frequently in the second quarter. The Packers had the edge on the offensive but the visitors would always brace when within the danger zone. Both teams fumbled considerably. Towards the close of the period, the Packers secured the ball after an exchange of punts on Marinette's 45 yard line. A couple of first downs took the ball within 20 yards of the goal. Marinette stopped the Packers on three plays but, on the fourth lineup, Lambeau dropped back for a field goal try. His first attempt failed by as both teams were offside, the down was ruled out and he got another chance. Again the whistle blew, Marinette was offside but Lambeau, using his head, booted the ball between the uprights for a score. The rules read that the team offended has the right to either take the gain on the play or the penalty. The Packers took the gain which was the three points from the dropkick. Halftime was called ten seconds after the Packers had kicked off. Marinette crumbled somewhat in the closing periods. The Packers started off the second half by booting to Marinette. On the first play, Leafe's pass for a punt sailed over D. Knutson's head and he was downed back of the goal line by Leaper. This was a safety and added 2 points to the Packers' score. The ball was put in scrimmage on the 20 yard line by Marinette. An exchange of punts followed, Marinette was trying to keep the score down and they punted immediately whenever getting possession of the ball. Shortly before the close of this quarter, Lambeau attempted a field goal from the midfield and his dropkick only fell a few feet short. The Packers ran rampant in the closing quarter. Fresh men were sent into the lineup and they made their presence felt, particularly Gavin and McLean. Ladrow, who played a whale of a game in the backfield made a couple of touchdowns in this period, one of which was a nifty run of about 25 yards. The Packers were right on the verge of another score when time was called.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The bleacher crowd had a great time "riding" Jab Murray but the Marinette umpire only grinned and kept on calling offsides on the Packers...The biggest crowd of the season witnessed the argument. Marinette's rooters were noisy before the kickoff but the Packers' first score seemed to take the wind out of their sails...When McLean was injured in the last few minutes of play, the Packers had no man to substitute for him so "Toody" stuck it out and while playing safety on the defense squatted on the ground so as to rest his injury...Wilson and Medley weren't even in uniform. Rather than risk further injury to his pair of stars, Manager Murphy kept 'em out of the fracas so as to have them right on edge for the De Pere argument this coming Sunday..."Butch" Sullivan, a boxer, played an end for the visitors and his antics amused the crowd. The pugilist was inclined to be rather noisy and the spectators would howl with glee whenever his wing was circled for a gain...Two scores were made without many of the onlookers knowing what had happened. Few thought Lambeau's drop kick counted due to the fact that the whistle had blown while the safety play was considered by many to be a touchback...Dave Knutson of Marinette dislocated his jaw in the last quarter. He couldn't close his mouth. A pair of doctors pushed it back into place, and Knutson kept on playing. There is no question that they make 'em tough up in the Twin Cities...There was an "extra" timekeeper on the field during the closing half. He carried a cane and the fans made merry kidding about his war club. This didn't fease him, however, and he continued to parade the field...The "Council Brand" emblem was worn on the Packers' jersey for the first
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette - A football war has broken out among the Legion elevens of the Copper country. Ishpeming and Stambaugh are the leading warriors and indications point to quite an argument. Ishpeming accuses Stambaugh of "hogging" dates, and they have challenged the right of the Stambaugh team to play a return game with the Green Bay Packes of Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day. Ishpeming says Stambaugh is traveling around on its past reputation as Copper country champions, and that they can't claim the title this year until they have met the Ishpeming team. Stambaugh is agreeable to this but insists that Ishpeming come to Stambaugh for a game. Up until last year, when the Packers turned the trick, Stambaugh hadn't been beaten on their home gridiron in eight years. Ishpeming won't play at Stambaugh and in turn invited the Miners to play at Ishpeming but Stambaugh turned the offer down cold. At the present time, the managers are squabbling back and forth about a neutral field, but there seems to be little chance of them getting together. It appears as "if one is afraid and the other dasn't." Stambaugh has the upper hand, holding a signed contract for the game at Green Bay Turkey Day. The Packers' schedule is booked solid and there is little chance for Manager Leffler's team horning in for a game. Stambaugh and Ishpeming appear about on a par. Ishpeming hasn't lost a game and her 28 to 0 victory over Bessemer last Sunday was a creditable piece of work. Stambaugh, so far this season, has kept her skirts clean with the exception of the 3 to 0 reversal by the Packers at Green Bay on October 10. There is no doubt but these two aggregations are the class of the Copper country pigskin aggregation.
OCTOBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With both teams right on edge and each aggregation confident of victory, Sunday's football argument between the
Packers and De Pere is taking on all the earmarks
of a thrilling exhibition of pigskin chasing. Backing
up their statement that the lineup will not be
bolstered by outsiders, Manager Van Vonderen of
De Pere has given the list of players that will be
used by his team in Sunday's fracas. It is as as
follows: Center, Patterson; guards, Smtis, Nuss,
Phimster, Clabots; tackles, Silen, Freiss, Reider,
Latus; ends, Schumerth, Johnson, Metoxen,
Hermsen; backs, Roels, Kiernan, Elm, Sommers,
Vande Hei, Woods, Jimmy Nuss and Rabideau.
Many of the players are well known to local football
fans. Roels is one of the best quarterbacks in this
neck of the woods; Metoxen and Elm are former
Carlisle Indian stars, while Jimmy Nuss who will
play fullback is a pugilist when not cavorting on the
gridiron. No rough work will be tolerated at Sunday's
game. Referee Hoeffel will warn the players to cut
the rough stuff before the fracas starts and any
offenders will be promptly ousted from the game.
Extra police protection has been secured to keep
the crowd in line. Indications point to a record
crowd if the weather holds. The whistle will blow
promptly at 2:30 and 15 minute periods will be
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The stage is all set for Sunday's game between the Green Bay Packers and the De Pere City team. The whistle will blow for the kickoff at 2:30 sharp. Regulation quarters of 15 minutes duration will be played. Joe Hoeffel will referee; Dr. Curtin is slated to handle the umpire job, while Jimmy Coffeen will act as headlinesman. Both teams are ready for the fray and confident of victory. The Packers with Medley and Wilson back in the lineup will be the same old football machine that has swept everything before it for the past two years, and they expect to continue their sweep tomorrow. It's do or die with De Pere. The invaders have boasted of what they are going to do with the Packers and they will get their chance on Sunday. One thing is certain, every man on the De Pere squad is going into the battle with a fight to the last ditch spirit and they feel confident of putting a dent into the Packers long string of wins...STATEMENTS OF MANAGERS: Van Vonderen - De Pere - "Our team is on edge. We expect to win. All we ask for is a square deal, and a clear playing field. If we get beat, we will have no excuses to make." Murphy, Green Bay - "The Packers are 'right'. That is enough. We look for a hard game but feel confident that De Pere's hopes for victory will be badly shattered."