Green Bay Packers (4-0-1) 62, De Pere 0
Sunday October 24th 1920 (at Green Bay)
(Green Bay) - De Pere's aggregation of football warriors proved no match for the Green Bay Packers Sunday at Hagemeister park. Captain Lambeau's team
won 62 to 0. But the game was bitterly contested
despite the lopsided score. The invaders failed to live up
to advance notices. Aside from the first quarter, they
were hopelessly outclassed. Their much heralded
offensive fell flat and, on the defensive, the Packers'
varied attack soon had them running around in circles.
It was a pretty sweet victory for Green Bay. Never in the
history of football has a Green Bay team piled up such
an overwhelming score on a De Pere eleven.
The largest crowd that ever attended a professional
game here witnessed the argument. At least 3,500
persons were inside the enclosure. Both of the stands
were packed to capacity and the spectators were
standing about 'steen deep around the gridiron. De Pere
brought down a big bunch of rooters, nearly filling the
south bleachers. The visiting rooters cut loose with a lot
of stunts before the game but they lost some of their
"pep" after the Packers began to pile up touchdowns.
Considering the feeling between the teams, the
penalties were far and few between, both team losing
about the same amount of yardage. Silen, Roels, and
Sommers were the luminaries for De Pere while Dalton,
Wagner and Sammy Powers started for the Packers
although the entire Green Bay team, substitutes and all
showed their best form of the season.
De Pere lost the toss and Captain Lambeau of the
Packers decided to defend the east goal and kick to the
visitors. De Pere started off fast. Sommers hit left tackle
for a first down and line bucks by Nuss and Elm added
another 10 yards. The Packers braced in midfield and
secured the ball after the invaders mussed up a forward
pass on the fourth down. Two first downs were made in
rapid succession by the Packers. De Pere held three
times on her 30 yard marker but Lambeau on the fourth
try skirted end on a fake kick formation for 23 yards.
The visitors checked a pair of line plunges but Lambeau
got the first touchdown on a delayed pass. He shot
through left tackle. Lambeau kicked the goal. The
Packers again kicked off. Chief Sommers got away for 
a 25 yard run. Twice the visitors were held tight but on the next lineup, Silen from a punt formation threw a forward to Metoxen for a 20 yard gain. The De Pere rooters were going crazy about this time, but their joy soon ended. Ladrow intercepted a forward pass and it was the Packers' ball in midfield. Three plays netted but 4 yards and Lambeau punted to Jimmy Nuss, who was downed in his tracks by Dwyer. De Pere couldn't gain and Silen punted to Wagner. Time was called for the period with the ball in the Packers' possession in midfield.
The Packers' scoring machine swung into action. Using a special backfield formation, the home team started a march down the field which ended when Wagner circled Schumerth's end for 25 yards and a touchdown. He shook off about a half dozen tacklers in his journey. Lambeau kicked the goal. De Pere again received the kickoff. The visitors made a couple of first downs but lost the ball when an outside kick went out of bounds. Once more the procession started. Dalton caught two forwards in succession for a gain of 30 yards and then Dwyer jumped into the limelight by grabbing a forward pass and running 25 yards through a broken field for another touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. The Green Bay rooters' cup of joy was running over. The Packers kicked off and, on the first lineup, De Pere fumbled and Powers covered for the Packers. Rosenow took Lambeau's place, who was suffering from a bruised side. "Rosie" celebrated his appearance in the fracas by walking all over Schumerth for a first down. Then Wagner skirted this same end for a 35 yard run. It was another brilliant piece of work. Line plunges took the ball to De Pere's 4 yard line from where Dalton made the first of his six touchdowns on a smash through left tackle. In making the score, Dalton dove and landed squarely on his head. To the amazement of the spectators, he got up with a smile on his face. It looked from the sidelines as if he had broken his neck. Ladrow missed the goal. The Packers kicked off again. De Pere couldn't gain and lost the ball on downs in midfield. Dalton got away for three good gains and then heaved a long forward to Abrams who was downed on De Pere's 30 yard line when halftime was called.
The only dispute of the game came early in the third quarter after De Pere had kicked. The Packers pulled an onside kick. Dalton booted the ball and Wagner, who it was claimed was behind Dalton at the time of the kick, covered the oval behind De Pere's goal line. Referee Hoeffel ruled it a touchdown and Dalton kicked the goal. However, De Pere protested. The touchdown was rule out and De Pere scrimmage the oval on her 20 yard line. From this point on, it was a runaway for the Packers. De Pere hit a stone wall every time she tried to buck the line and her backs couldn't circle the Packers' ends. Ladrow was knocked cold in a scrimmage and McLean took his place. It wasn't long before Dalton had crossed the line again for another touchdown. He also kicked the goal. Before the close of the period Dalton added another touchdown and goal kick.
Three more touchdowns were made in the final period. All of 'em by Dalton. The visitors did not give up fighting, but they appeared unable to solve the Packers' varied attack. The Packers during this quarter uncorked a number of delayed passes and trick plays which netted big gains. The final score of the game came just as the timekeeper's whistle blew. And the goal was kicked while the crowd was surging out on the field.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The game that the Green Bay football fans have looked forward to ever since last November will be staged at Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon. Beloit's crack professional eleven will give battle to the Packers in a 
gridiron fracas that will decide the "Pro" pigskin chasing
championship of Wisconsin. With an even break from
the weather man, indications point to the largest crowd
of the season. Interest over the game is at the bubbling
over point. As an extra attraction, the 30-piece Green
Bay & Western band will furnish the music at the game.
The management has erected a huge scoreboard which
will be used for the first time Sunday. Joe Hoeffel, former
Wisconsin captain, will referee; Ed Gharrity,
Washington American league catcher is to do the
umpiring, while Jimmy Coffeen will work as head
linesman. The kickoff is scheduled promptly at 2:30 and
regulation 15-minute quarters will be played. Reports
from the rival camps show both teams on edge. Beloit
left for this city at noon today and will reach here at 7:15
tonight. Manager McCarthy claims his squad is right on
edge for the fracas. Although the Fairies appear 
confident of victory, they are holding off for the short end
in 10 to 8 betting odds. With the exception of Lambeau,
the Packers' hospital list has been cleaned up. Medley,
Wilson, Petcka and Ladrow are in condition to play. 
Lambeau's injured ribs will keep him on the sidelines
although if a drop kick is needed Lambeau may be shot
into the fray to do the booting and then pulled out again
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay will have a chance to show her true sportsmanship on Sunday at Hagemeister park when the Packers play Beloit. Local football fans have forgotten the game in Beloit last year when the Packers received the rawest kind of a gridiron deal. The Packers players will do their part on the gridiron. Let the rest of us forget last year tomorrow and give the visitors a clean break. Show 'em that when it comes to true sportsmanship Beloit fades out of sight in comparison to Green Bay.
here next Sunday and Lambeau is still remembering last year...Silen played a corking game at left tackle for De Pere. His hard play got him in bad with the Green Bay fans and they were yelling, "Get the guy with the green stockings."...Carl Zoll, wrestler, and Jimmy Nuss, pugilist, rubbed noses once and got up glaring at each other but that was all there was to it. The mat artist sure did play a whale of a game for the Packers...Few of the spectators were wise to the onside kick. This play is legitimate providing the man who recovers the ball is behind the kicker when the oval is booted. Where was Wagner? That was the question...De Pere rooters invaded Green Bay and whooped it up in the business districts before the game but on their return the gloom was mighty thick...All of the spectators weren't within the fences. Trees affording a "vantage" view of the gridiron were loaded with onlookers. Even the roof of the roller rink served as a grandstand.
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The game that the Green Bay football fans have looked forward to ever since last November will be played at Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon. Beloit plays here and the Packers, remembering the shabby treatment received in "Fairyland" last year, are determined to show up the invaders in their true light. The Packers' hospital list took on two more invalids as a result of Sunday's game. Captain Lambeau and Ladrow are the new additions. Wilson, Medley and Petcka are still unmended although it is hoped to have the sick list pretty well cleared up by the time the whistle blows Sunday. Beloit has practically the same team as in '19. Their all star backfield - Witte, Brittain, Scheibel and Phillips - remains intact while Van Galder, Cunningham and Walsh are again holding down line positions. The Fairies have played three games this season and won 'em all. They defeated St. Charles, Ill., 14 to 0; Camp Grant, 21 to 0, and the Amos A.C. of Chicago 30 to 0. This was the team that played the Chicago Boosters to a 0 to 0 tie two weeks ago.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Packers are working their heads off so as to be right on
edge for the gridiron fracas with the Beloit Fairies
Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. The squad
worked out last night at the armory and tomorrow
afternoon at 4 o'clock they will scrimmage at the plant
gridiron. Beloit is coming here with a big squad of
players. Reservations for 28 players have been made at
the Beaumont hotel. The visiting delegation will include
24 players, two officials - umpire and timer, a trainer,
and Manager McCarthy. Beloit arrives 7:15 Saturday
night. According to work from Beloit, a lot of interest is
being shown in the game here on Sunday. About twenty
autoloads of followers will make the trip to the Bay
providing the weather holds good while many other
rooters will make the trip by train. The lineup of the
Beloit team for Sunday's game, according to Manager
McCarthy will be as follows: Ends, Demoroskey,
Renform, Van Kuren; tackles, Ziebel, Stuvengen, Ewers;
guards, Cunningham, Van Galder, Larabee; center,
Walsh, Paschke; quarterback, Witte, Everson;
halfbacks, Britain, Phillips, James, Wolfe, Finnegan; fullback, Scheibel, Sparks.
OCTOBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Beloit-Packers' football game here Sunday is attracting statewide attention. The winner of this contest will have a clean claim to state professional gridiron honors. The pigskin argument is kicking up a lot of interest and it is reported that fans from Janesville, Milwaukee, Oshkosh and Racine will be along the sidelines when the whistle blows. Joe Hoeffel will referee while Beloit is to select the umpire, who will be either Spindle or Jacobson, both athletic instructors at Beloit college. Jimmy Coffeen is to act as headlinesman. The contract calls for regulation periods of 15 minute duration. The visitors accompanied by a carload of rooters will arrive here Saturday night and put up at the Beaumont hotel. Words was received from Manager McCarthy today stating that every man on his squad was in the pink of condition and confident of victory. Although the Packers' hospital list looms up big, the local aggregation is determined to wipe out that "shady" reversal of last November. The squad indulged in a brisk scrimmage practice this afternoon at the plant gridiron. Quarterback Medley has returned to the lineup and it is expected that Milt Wilson will be in good shape for Sunday's contest.
OCTOBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Manager McCarthy of Beloit has made a change of his umpire selection for the game here Sunday with the Green Bay Packers. A letter received today from the "Fairy" gridiron manager stated that either Eddie Gharrity, Washington American league baseball catcher or Jack Paynter, former Nebraska star, would hold down the umpiring job. The stage is all set for Sunday's game and the local management has made arrangements to handle the biggest crowd of the season. The visiting squad, 28 strong, accompanied by a carload of rooters arrive tomorrow night at 7:15 over the Chicago and Northwestern. They will put up at the Beaumont during their stay in the city. The Packers are in fair condition for the game and the locals can be counted on to give the invaders from "Fairyland" the hottest kind of an argument. Medley will resume his old job at quarterback and Milt Wilson will probably hold down a line position. However, it is doubtful if Captain Lambeau will start the game but he will be used in case of an emergency. Sunday's game is scheduled to start promptly at 2:30 and regulation periods of 15 minute duration will be played.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Some of the De Pere rooters didn't stick for the finish...The Packers delighted in circling "Stub" Schumerth's end and the De Pere veteran had a tough time of it during the game...The crowd has a great time kidding McGovern, the De Pere timekeeper. Someone suggested that they take the "crowd" off the field but "Fat" only smiled and ambled down the gridiron...Half of Oneida was out to the game to see their Indians play. War whoops rent the air whenever Chief Sommers or Guy Elm would get away for a gain. This pair of redskins are real footballers...It's been a long time since Lambeau has been taken out of the game on account of injuries. However, Curly was playing safe. Beloit's