Green Bay Packers (5-0-1) 7, Beloit Fairies 0
Sunday October 31st 1920 (at Green Bay)
(Green Bay) - A wet ball sliding out of the arms of Everson, Beloit halfback, in the last minute of play in the third quarter paved the way for a victory by the Green Bay Packers over the Beloit Fairies by a score of 7 to 0 in a bitterly contested argument Sunday afternoon at
Hagemeister park. The touchdown came like a shot out
of a clear sky and the two thousand spectators went
wild with delight when they awoke to the fact that Green
Bay had scored. The visitors had held the Packers for
three downs on their 40 yard line when Dalton booted a
lofty spiral from a short kick formation. Evenson, 
standing on his own 10 yard mark, caught the ball and
then Dwyer tackled him. "Reggie" smashed in pretty
hard and the pigskin slipped out of the Beloit substitute
halfback's grasp. It rolled across the goal line and about
a dozen players dove for the oval. When the pack was
pulled apart, the ball was in Wagner's possession. It
was a touchdown for the Packers and Dalton added
another point by kicking the goal.
It was the biggest thrill of a sensational contest. Up to 
the time of the touchdown Beloit had gained the most
ground and the greater majority of the play was in the
Packers' territory. However, after the score, the visitors
crumbled and they were kept on the defensive the
greater part of the time. Both teams played good 
football. The absence of Lambeau was felt by the
Packers. They failed to display their usual dash on the
offense and their forward passing game fell flat. The
locals didn't make good on a single long heave during
the game. This is something unusual. The visitors had a
shifty attack, which varied between smashing line
bucks, sweeping end runs and a few forwards. Their
interference was exceptionally good, particularly on the
circuit swings when Scheibel was carrying the ball. The
strain of the game told on Beloit and Manager McCarthy
was forced to make use of nearly all his second
Beloit won the toss and chose to defend the east goal.
The Packers kicked off. The visitors made a couple of
first downs right off the bat. An offside penalty set them
back 5 yards and the Packers held for downs on the 25
yard line. Starting before the the ball was in motion cost
the Packers a chalk mark and a bad toss by Klaus cost
them a 15 yard loss and put the home team back near
the goal line. Wilson's punt was partly blocked by Van
Galder but Rosenow made a nifty catch of the ball. This
play netted the home team a gain of almost 30 yards
and it took the oval out of the danger zone. Beloit
braced in midfield, threw the Packers back in midfield
and secured the ball for a first down on a fake kick
formation. Brittain and Phillips were thrown for losses
and White punted. Medley playing safe let the ball roll
across the goal line for a touchback. The pigskin was
scrimmaged by the Packers on their 20 yard line. The
locals made a couple of first downs and the ball was in their possession in midfield when time was called for the quarter.
During the second period, the visitors showed their most class and at times, the play was within the Packers' danger zone. On the first lineup in this quarter, Wilson punted to Witte, who came back 15 yards before he was dropped. Three plays netted the visitors a first down and then Scheibel got away for a 15 yard gain. A penalty for holding set the Fairies back 15 yards and the Packers got the ball on downs. Brittain intercepted a forward pass and the oval changed hands. The visitors made a first down. Two forward passes went bad for Beloit and the Packers secured the ball on their 15 yard line. Wilson punted out of danger but the visitors resumed another march down the field. This time the Packers blocked 'em on the 20 yard mark. Rosenow got away for 10 yards by on the next play, the Packers lost 15 yards for holding. Wilson again booted out of danger. For the remainder of the quarter, the play was in the Packers' territory with Beloit doing most of the gaining. When time was called, the teams were battling on the Packers' 40 yard mark. The Packers opened the third quarter by booting to Beloit. The ball changed hands frequently but Beloit gained ground on the exchanges. Towards the middle of the period, the visitors rushed the oval to the Packers 10 yard mark. An offside put them back 5 yards. Two downs netted no gains and then Witte attempted a field goal. The drop kick failed. The ball was put in scrimmage by the Packers on their 20 yard mark. Wilson immediately kicked out of danger. Beloit made a couple of first downs but lost the oval on three futile forward passes. Ladrow, Rosenow and Wagner made a first down for the Packers. A penalty for holding cost the locals 15 yards. Then Dalton got around left end for a run of 40 yards along the sidelines. Three attacks were checked  by Beloit and then came Dalton's boot that was fumbled by Everson and covered by Wagner for a touchdown.
The Packers kicked off at the start of the final period. Beloit could not gain and punted to the Packers. Dalton got away for 35 yards. The visitors braced and Wilson kicked. Beloit attempted a last resort by shooting forward passes but the Packers' secondary defense was smearing them up in good shape. Witte kicked off to the Packers 30 yard mark and after two downs Wilson returned the kick. Phillips fumbled the ball and Sammy Powers covered for the Packers. This was a net gain of about 50 yards. Beloit was pushed back to her 30 yard marker. The Packers were held for three downs and then Lambeau was called from the sidelines to attempt a field goal. The Beloit forwards broke through fast and blocked the kick. Beloit recovered the oval on her 15 yard mark. The invaders punted out of danger and the Packers returned the kick. The ball was in midfield when final time was called.

NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There was little love lost between the teams but it was a hard, 
clean game of football. The officials had plenty to do but they handled their job well. The fracas was practically free of arguments...The Green Bay and Western band cut loose with a bit of music before the game started but evidently the rain drowned 'em out and during the closing periods, there wasn't a peep let out by the railroading musicians...The crowd had a great time riding the "Fairies". That's what the Beloit team is called and there were frequent suggestions that they bring out Zabel and let him help them turn defeat into victory...Lambeau was given a great reception when he was thrown into the fray to attempt a field goal in the last quarter. Rather than to take any chances the Packers' star was pulled out again after one lineup...Scheibel played a whale of a game at fullback for Beloit. The big fellow is as nifty a line plunger as has been seen in action here in many a moon. He was the visitor's best bet when it came to rushing the ball...The rain didn't seem to dampen the spirits of the crowd. Both the stands were comfortably filled and the spectators were standing two or three deep around the gridiron. Everybody got wet but who cared?...Beloit's fake kick formation was a hard one to solve and this method of attack gained many a yard for the invaders. It was a direct pass from center play and any of the backfield carried the ball..."Hold 'em Packers." Sounds funny doesn't it? That was heard at Hagemeister park a number of times yesterday afternoon. That gang of invaders had the home team in dangerous holes too often for safety...The Fairies were not without supporters. About fifty followers from the Border City made the trip and their ranks were augmented by a bunch of De Pere fans who were pulling hard for the Packers to get beat...Dalton and Beloit have been ancient enemies for many a year and this was the one game of the season that the Packers coach wanted to win. After the final whistle, he had a smile on his face from ear to ear.
NOVEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Milwaukee All-Stars, an aggregation of college players representing the Maple Leaf A.C., will battle the Packers here Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. The Cream City team is coming here "Loaded to the gills" with the best football material in the state. They have been promised games with the Staleys and Chicago Tigers if they put over a win on the Green Bay eleven. Among the stars who will be seen in the visiting lineup are: Ben Chicoki, Plant and Douglas, former Marquette college players, Miller of Western Reserve, Wilcox of Northwestern and Jameson of Carroll. According to Manager Murphy, Sunday's game will be the stiffest battles on the Packers' schedule: "This Milwaukee team knows they have big money before them," said Murphy. "If they can beat us, I think they will load up to the 'brim' for our game and the fans of this city can feel certain that they will see a mighty high class exhibition of pigskin chasing at the park Sunday."
NOVEMBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Milwaukee All-Stars will arrive here Saturday night so as to get a good sleep and be in tip top shape for the clash with the Packers on Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. Dame rumor has it that a number of present day college stars will be in the visitor's lineup. The Cream City manager is holding back the names but it is known here that the Milwaukee aggregation has strings on a half dozen cracks for this game. The Packers came out of the Beloit game in pretty good shape and all of the players, with the exception of Captain Lambeau, will be fit to give battle to the invaders. It has been officially announced that Lambeau will be in shape to play at Beloit on November 14, when the Packers play their return game with the Fairies.
NOVEMBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers resume outdoor football practice tonight. A daylight gridiron has been fixed up at the plant field. Lights have been strung up so that the team can stage their nightly workouts and get in some scrimmage practice. There will be a workout tonight at 7 o'clock and another practice tilt on Friday evening. Sunday's game with Milwaukee is apt to be much stiffer than expected. The Cream City aggregation will have a galaxy of all stars. Among the former collegians who will be seen in the Maple Leaf lineup are: Ends, Malone, Milwaukee Normal and Wilcox, Northwestern; tackles, Jameson, Carroll and Ehlert, Milwaukee Normal; guards, Plant, Marquette and Chicocki, Marquette; center, Douglas, Marquette; backs, Hillquist, North Dakota, Miller, Western Reserve, Kelly, Marquette, and Guer, Milwaukee Normal. Joe Hoeffel will referee the weekend gridiron tilt at Hagemeister park while Langhoff, Marquette captain, will most likely do the umpiring. Regulation periods, 15 minutes, will be played. The game is scheduled to start promptly at 2:30 p.m.
NOVEMBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers football squad is going to attend the Homecoming football game at Madison on November 13. The Green Bay eleven, 28 strong, will leave here early on the morning of the 13th for Madison and after the game continue on their journey to Beloit, where on Sunday November 14 they will battle the Beloit team in a return game on the Fairbank-Morse gridiron.
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With every man on the squad except Captain Lambeau in first class condition, the Packers expect to give the Milwaukee All Stars the warmest kind of a reception in the game that will be played Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. Mystery shrouds the lineup of the Cream City aggregation. It is known that the Cream City squad is combing the middle west for football stars and that they will have a high salaries aggregation in uniform when they prance out on the gridiron here Sunday. Dame rumor has it that a number of the Marquette
college stars will be playing here under assumed
names. However, the Packers aren't worrying about the
collection of All-Stars. The squad showed lots of pep in
practice last night and they can be counted on to cut
loose with a high class exhibition of pigskin chasing in
Sunday's game.
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "ARE YOU
GOING TO BELOIT?" - That is a popular question these
days. Early indications point to about three hundred
football fans following the Packers into "Fairy Land" a
week from Sunday...AND THE YOUNGSTERS HAVE A
KICK TOO - Gus Rosenow, Packer football star found
this out. He scrimmaged against West High yesterday
afternoon and came out of the mixup with a "shiner"
that was a sight to behold.
NOVEMBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The pick
of Milwaukee football, bolstered by a few midwest
collegians, will step out on the gridiron Sunday
afternoon at Hagemeister park to give battle to the
Green Bay Packers in a game which promises to be
one of the best of the season. Joe Hoeffel will referee
while Captain Langhoff of Marquette is slated to do the
umpiring. Jimmy Coffeen will handle the head linesman's
job. The kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 and 15 minute quarters are scheduled. The Milwaukee team will arrive here tonight at 11:30 over the C. M. & St. P. They will be quartered at the Beaumont hotel during their stay in this city. Arrangements have been made for the visitors to indulge in a practice workout tomorrow morning at the park. Captain Lambeau will be the only Packer veteran missing from the lineup. All of the other regulars are right on edge and they expect to send the Cream City aggregation home on the short end of the final score.