Green Bay Packers (6-0-1) 9, Milwaukee All Stars 0
Sunday November 7th 1920 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - In the hardest fought game of football that has been staged at Hagemeister park this season, the Green Bay Packers nosed out a 9 to 0 victory over the Milwaukee All-Stars in a sensational exhibition of pigskin chasing. The invading All-Stars 
from the Cream City more than lived up to advance
notices. Reinforced by a half dozen candidates, they
cut loose with a brand of football that was of the A1
variety and, not until Lambeau made good on a field
goal in the fourth quarter, did the Packers have the
game on ice. The Brewers had a splendid football
machine. They were up and at it every minute and it
was only the superior combination play of the Packers
that paved the way for a victory. The visitors had the
best set of line plunging backs that have played here
this year. Gauer, Kinney and Coogan ripped big holes in
the Packers line for many a gain but the home team 
always braced when in the danger zone and cut short
Milwaukee's advances.
One big factor in the Packers victory was Wilson's
kicking. The big lineman was at his best Sunday and he
averaged about 45 yards on a punt. It was his trusty
right foot that booted the ball far out of danger when in
the shadow of the goal posts. The Packers' bootsmith
outdistanced Coogan 20 yards on every kick. "Butch"
Hayes, a Green Bay product, played a whale of a game
at end for the visitors. Douglas at center and Kinney, 
who substituted for Gauer, were also in the limelight 
continually. Aside from Wilson, Wagner and Leaper 
were the luminaries for the Packers although the entire
team showed their best work of the season.
Milwaukee lost the toss and the Packers chose to 
defend the west goal and boot to the visitors. Wilson
kicked to Coogan and McLean tackled the visitor so
hard that he was out for the count. On the first line up,
Milwaukee fumbled and it was the Packers' ball on
MIlwaukee's 25 yard line. Four scrimmages failed to net
the necessary 10 yards and the visitors regained the
pigskin. The Brewers were thrown back on two plays
and they punted out of danger. A split formation by the
Packers went wrong and Butch Hayes covered the ball
for Milwaukee in midfield. The visitors made a first down
on three plays. An offside penalty set them back 5 yards. Miller and Coogan pounded through for another first down. The visitors were thrown for a loss on an attempted pass and they kicked to McLean on the Packers' 20 yard line. On this play, the Packers were penalized 15 yards for holding.
Standing behind his own goal line, Wilson kicked 50 yards to O'Connor, who was downed in midfield. The visitors got the breaks on a forward pass which netted them 15 yards and they followed this up with a first down, putting the ball on the Packers' 20 yard line. The home team secured the ball by holding for downs. Wilson again kicked 45 yards down the field. O'Connor, who made the catch, was downed on his 40-yard marker. Milwaukee couldn't gain and, on the fourth down, they punted to the Packers. A backfield fumble gave the ball back to Milwaukee on the next line up. The visitors were hitting a stonewall and they had to kick. The ball went out of bounds on the Packers' 30 yard line. Rosenow and Dalton got through for five yards apiece and made it for a first down. Time was called for the quarter with the oval in the Packers' possession on their 45 yard marker.
After three plays which netted by seven yards, Wilson punted to Milwaukee's 20 yard line. The visitors made a first down. The next three rushes were checked. and Milwaukee punted. McLean was downed on his 20 yard mark. Wilson again booted the ball out of the danger zone. The invaders attempted a forward pass and Dalton grabbed the oval in midfield. The Packers made ten yards in three plays. A forward pass out of bounds gave the ball to Milwaukee. Kinney got through for a chalk mark but the next play, a forward pass, was intercepted by Dalton. Coogan again secured the ball for Milwaukee by grabbing a Packers' forward pass but a fumble on the next down returned the ball to the Packers. At this stage of the game, the Packers started the rush that resulted in a touchdown. Dalton shot around end for 20 yards, Rosenow grabbed a forward pass for a 22 yard gain, and Wagner bucked tackle for 7 yards putting the ball on the invaders' 2 yard line. Dalton was injured on this play and Medley went in at quarter. Wagner shot outside of tackle for two yards and a touchdown. Medley failed on the goal kick. The Packers kicked off. Kinney received the kickoff and he ran through the entire Packer team with the exception of Medley. The little quarterback nabbed him on the Packers' 30 yard line. O'Connor failed in an attempted field goal as time was called for the half.
Milwaukee started the third quarter by kicking to the Packers, the kick was a fizzle. It hit Klaus' shins and Leaper scooped up the ball and traveled to Milwaukee's 40 yard line before he was dropped. Three downs gave the Packers 6 yards. Wilson dropped back and punted over the goal line. The visitors scrimmaged the oval on their 20 yard line. Milwaukee made a first down and an offside penalty gave them 5 more yards. The Packers held for downs in midfield and followed this up with a first down. The next three plays proved futile and Wilson attempted a field goal from the 40 yard line. It was unsuccessful. Milwaukee scrimmaged the oval on the 20 yard line. The visitors made two first downs and then punted to the Packers.
A costly fumble gave the ball back to Milwaukee on the Packers' 40 yard marker. The locals braced and held for three downs. O'Connor failed in a drop kick and the Packers put the oval in play on the 20 yard line. The Packers attempted a forward pass and Milwaukee regained the oval on the 30 yard line. McLean grabbed a pass by the invaders on his 20 yard line. Wilson booted out of danger 30 yards down the gridiron. Milwaukee made a couple of first downs and the time for the third quarter was called with the ball in the visitor's possession on the Packers 35 yard line.
Kinney plunged through the line for a first down and put the ball on the Packers' 20 yard line. It was here that the Packers pulled a stonewall stand and held for downs. Once again Wilson booted out of the danger zone. Nate Abrams busted into the limelight by catching a Milwaukee forward pass in midfield. The Packers were held on the three next plays. Wilson went back for a kick, fumbled the pass and made an incomplete forward. It was Milwaukee's ball in midfield. Douglass, Milwaukee center, made a bum heave, and the oval rolled back to Milwaukee's 30 yard line where McLean covered for the Packers. The visitors held tight on three downs and Lambeau was sent into the game for a dropkick. Standing on the 35 yard line, he booted the oval between the uprights. It was quite a boot.
Milwaukee received the kickoff and they made a first down. An offside gave them another 5 yards. They were held tight on three downs and kicked to the Packers' 30 yard mark. After three downs, the Packers returned the kick. The visitors were held tight and they punted again. Abrams got away for a 30 yard gain on a forward pass. The ball rested on Milwaukee's 30 yard line. Four forward passes by the Packers failed and the invaders secured the ball. Milwaukee made a first down but were held tight on the next three plays and they kicked to the Packers. Final time was called with the oval in midfield.

NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jimmy Coffeen pulled the best one of the afternoon during the opening quarter. While acting as head linesman, he yelled "Marquette offside". There was a lot of truth in his words at that...Klaus played well against the veteran Douglass. The pair had quite a battle in the center of the line. The Packers' center was forced to exit during the third period due to an injured ankle...The crowd was late in coming. At 2 o'clock there were but a few spectators in the south bleachers. However, when the whistle blew, the stands were filled and there was a "fringe" around the gridiron...The Milwaukee collegians displayed a lot of scrap and they were trying to get all that was coming to them. Even at that, the game was quite free from squabbling as there were only a few arguments...The visitors were togged out in sweaters borrowed from another Milwaukee team, the Right Laundrys. Some of the sweaters were much the worse for wear by the time the final whistle blew...Hays, who played end for Marquette last year, was given a good "riding" by his Green Bay friends. Butch still is some footballer and but few gains were completed around his extremity of the line...Toody McLean got his first chance of the season to start a game and the former West Sider came through with flying colors. He gained many a yard for the Packers and, on the defense, played great football...Kinney's run for 65 yards after receiving in the kickoff in the second quarter was a thriller. He dashed straight through the Packer team and was headed for a score when Medley spilled him...Wagner's consistent football is making him popular with the Green Bay fans. "Buff" is as a good a ground gainer as there is in the Packer backfield. He made the first score against Milwaukee yesterday...Joe Hoeffel, as usual, handled the officiating in good shape. He didn't have the easiest job in the world because the invaders were beefing continually about downs and penalties...Chicocki, the Marquette varsity star who umpired, stated after the game that the Packers have one of the best professional teams he ever saw in action. He had much praise for Wilson's kicking.
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will start practice tonight at the plant gridiron for the battle with the Fairbanks-Morse Fairies at Beloit Sunday afternoon. The signal workout will be preceded by a business meeting which is scheduled to start promptly at 7 o'clock. There is a good chance that the Packers' hospital list will be cleared up by Sunday. Dalton's ankle is still pretty sore but the doctors say he will be ready to go against Beloit. Lambeau came out of the Milwaukee fracas without bruising his ribs. There is some question about Klauss as his leg is pretty badly bruised up. However, in Gavin, the Packers have a first class man to plug the gap. Wilson, Petcka and Medley, the other injured warriors, will be O.K. for the invasion of "Fairyland". Arrangements have been completed for the Packers to attend the homecoming game at Madison between Illinois and Wisconsin. The squad, 28 strong, composed of players, officials and managers, will leave here early Saturday morning for the Capitol City. On the second jump of the trip, the Packers leave Madison at 5:30 p.m., arriving in Beloit about 7 o'clock. This will enable the team to get a good night's rest before the clash with Beloit.
NOVEMBER 9 (Menominee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Arrangements are underway to take "half the town" to Green Bay on November 21 when the locals give battle to the Packers. Footballer dopesters think this contest will decide the gridiron championship of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Menominee is confident that Captain Erdlitz's squad will take Stambaugh into camp in the Armistice Day clash. A special train will take the rooters to Green Bay. At least five hundred fans are expected to participate in the invasion and a request has been sent to Green Bay management asking them to reserve the bleachers along the south side of the field.
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jim Thorpe's Canton Tigers are seeking a game with the Packers. Manager Murphy yesterday received a wire from Thorpe offering the Green Bay team a game at Canton on November 28. On this date, the Lapham A.C. of Milwaukee, one of the strongest teams in the state, is booked for an appearance here and there is no chance of switching around the schedule so as to slip in the game at Canton on this date. Murphy has queried Thorpe about booking a clash December 5 and he is hopeful of receiving a satisfactory reply within the next twenty-four hours.
NOVEMBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers' invasion of Beloit will be underway Friday and, 
when the whistle blows at the Fairbanks-Morse field Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, it is expected that close to 500 Green Bay football fans will be in the stands to cheer the Packers on to a victory over Manager McCarthy's Fairies. Graduates of Wisconsin living in Green Bay are going to flock to Madison for the Homecoming Saturday and then they will travel
on to Beloit for the Sunday game. This will
augment the bay rooting delegation at
Fairyland. Many automobile parties will pull out
of here after the Armistice Day game and make
the trip to Madison and Beloit by easy stages.
The Packers' squad, 28 strong, leaves here
Saturday morning at 6:40 over the Northwestern
for Madison where they will attend the Illinois-
Wisconsin game. After the Big Ten game, the
team will move on to Beloit in time to get a
good night's sleep. The Green Bay rooters who
are going direct to Beloit will leave here Saturday afternoon at 2:40 over the Northwestern. They reach Janesville at 7:40 and many of them plan to stay there overnight due to the fact that hotel reservations at Beloit are at a premium. Interest over the game is not alone confined to Beloit and Green Bay. Janesville has reserved 200 seats in the grandstand and they will be pulling every minute for the Packers. According to word from Milwaukee, three of the Brewery City papers will have sports writers at the game. Dame rumor has it that the Fairies have bolstered up their lineup. The two defeats in succession have not set very well on Beloit and it is said that the Fairies are planning to use a galaxy of all stars against the Packers. Captain Lambeau's team is in good shape. All of the regulars will be in the fray at the first kickoff and this means that the Fairies are going to have the hottest kind of a gridiron battle.
NOVEMBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) -
Tomorrow afternoon on the Beloit gridiron, the Green
Bay Packers and Fairbanks-Morse elevens will meet
in a game that will decide the professional football
championship of Wisconsin. The Packers already
have one victory to their credit over the Fairies. One
of the biggest crowds that ever attended a pro grid
argument in the state is expected. Delegations are
making a pilgrimage to Beloit for the game. A Green
Bay delegation of about 400 will be in attendance. 
The Packers squad will lay over tonight in Janesville.
They attended the Wisconsin-Illinois game at
Madison this afternoon. The final lap of the Beloit
journey will be made Sunday morning. Manager
Murphy's team is in good shape. Klauss, Wilson and
Dalton will hold down their regular places in the
lineup when the whistle blows. Lambeau, who has 
been on the sidelines with broken ribs, will resume
his backfield position.
NOVEMBER 11 (Beloit-Green Bay Press-Gazette) -The biggest football game of the professional gridiron season will be staged here Sunday afternoon between the Beloit Fairies and the Green Bay Packers. The invaders have a 7 to 0 victory to their credit over the home team but Manager McCarthy's aggregation is confident of evening up the count. Arrangements have been made to handle a 7,000 crowd at the Fairbanks-Morse park. The playing field has been wired off and no spectators will be allowed on the gridiron. Gharrity, Washington American league catcher, will referee while Hoeffel of Green Bay will do the umpiring. Wadsworth of Wisconsin will be the head linesman. The game is scheduled to start at 2 o'clock and regulation 15 minute quarters will be played. An influx of outsiders is expected. Hotel reservations are at a premium and many of the spectators plan to put up at Janesville hotels and come here Sunday morning. Delegations of football fans from Milwaukee, Madison and Racine have reserved blocks of seats. Word from Green Bay brings the news that about 400 football fans will follow the Packers here. The Fairies are in good shape for the game. Scheibel and Walsh, who were bruised up in the Rockford clash last Sunday, will be off the hospital list in time for the Packers clash. Dame rumor has it that several new faces will be seen in the Beloit lineup. However, Manager McCarthy flatly denies this report. With the exception of Dalton, the Green Bay team is reported in good shape. The former Janesville star will probably play with the Packers despite his injured ankle. Manager Murphy of the Green Bay team has assured the local management that Lambeau, the Packers' star, will be seen in action here against the Fairies.
NOVEMBER 11 (Janesville-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Plans are underway to give the Packer football team of Green Bay a great reception when they reach here Saturday night en route to Beloit where they will clash Sunday with the Fairbanks-Morse eleven. This city is pulling for a Packer victory. The Janesville sport fans have little love for Beloit and the majority of 'em still remember the Beloit-Packer game of last year. However, there is more interest here over the Packer team this year due to the fact that Jack Dalton, a Janesville product and star forward of the Lakota Cardinal basketball five, is coaching the Green Bay eleven. Dalton has hundred of friends here and they will be on the sidelines Sunday pulling for the Packers.
NOVEMBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "All Aboard for Beloit!" That's the slogan that's going the rounds in Green Bay. The exodus of fans is underway today. Many of them, Wisconsin graduates, left this afternoon for the homecoming at Madison and they will swing over to Beloit after the Wisconsin-Illinois battle Saturday afternoon. The Packers team, 28 strong, will pull out tomorrow morning at 6:40 a.m. for Madison where they will attend the Big Ten game and then travel on to Beloit. Every man on the Green Bay team is fit for action, with the exception of Dalton, and it is said that when the whistle blows Sunday at the Fairy field he will be holding down his regular berth in the backfield. The biggest delegation of fans will probably pull out of here on the 2:50 Northwestern train Saturday afternoon. This will get them to Janesville early in the evening. Another crowd of rooters will take the later St. Paul train and, by riding all night, will reach Beloit early Sunday morning. If weather conditions are favorable, many automobile parties are planning to make the trip. The roads are reported in good shape and it is said that the journey to Beloit can be made in about seven hours. From present indications, there is one thing sure. When the Packers step out on the field in Fairyland they will not want for support because it looks as if about 400 Green Bay football fans will be along the sidelines.
The Fairbanks field was one of the first baseball fields constructed in Beloit which hosted over thousands of historic games. Hundreds of fans would gather to create treasured memories to last a life time. This great field was once located by the old Beloit mall but is now only remembered through memories and pictures. (SOURCE: Beloit Baseball)
ABOVE: The Fairbanks Morse (named after the Fairbanks Morse company) field back in the 1800's where the Fairbanks Faires squared away against the Chicago White Sox.
BELOW: Undated photo