Beloit Fairies 14, Green Bay Packers (6-1-1) 3
Sunday November 14th 1920 (at Beloit)
(BELOIT) - Battered to pieces by fierce line plunging, the Packers of Green Bay, claimants of the Wisconsin professional football championship, met defeat at the hands of the Beloit Fairies by a score of 14 to 3 here Sunday afternoon at the Fairbanks-Morse park in a bitterly contested gridiron argument. It was simply a case of old football against the new style of
play and the line plunging game triumphed over the
forward passing variety. The Fairies failed to make
good on a single forward throughout the fracas but
their line plunges carried 'em on two straight 
marches down the gridiron for touchdowns.
On the other hands, the Packers couldn't gain
except on forward passes. Beloit's forward smeared
up the Packers' straight formations before they got
started and it was only Lambeau's forwards that
enabled that the visitors to keep their offensive in
motion. The Green Bay team got away with twenty-
six forwards during the game and gained at will when
in midfield. However, when the Fairies were tacked
down in their own danger zone they smeared up the
throws and on six different occasions spoiled throws
that would have resulted in touchdowns. Only a fair
sized crowd witnessed a very remarkable exhibition
of pigskin chasing. There wasn't a fumble during the
entire game and only three penalties were called.
The Packers lost 20 yards - 15 for holding and 5 for
offside, both of these being called when they were
within Beloit's 25-yard line. The Fairies lost a chalk
mark for starting before the ball was in motion.
The gridiron was hard and fast when the teams 
pranced out for their first warming up practice. There
was a bit of snow on the ground and it was rather
cold. The Packers won the toss and chose to 
receive at the east end of the field. Beloit kicked off,
Witte to Medley, who came back ten yards before
he was stopped. The Packers made 8 yards on 3
downs and then punted to Beloit. The home team
couldn't gain and they kicked to the Packers 20 
yard line. Wagner and Dalton got away for a first
down. Dalton's ankle went bad and he was forced to
limp to the sidelines. Ladrow replaced him. The
Packers opened up with a series of forward passes
and carried the ball to Beloit's 30 yard line. Here the
Fairies braced and held for three downs. On the next
play, Lambeau, standing on the 15 yard line, drop
kicked the ball between the uprights for a field goal.
Score Packers 3, Beloit 0. This score came after 
about 4 minutes of play.
It looked like a walkaway for the Packers, and the Green Bay rooters were jubilant. However, their joy was shortlasted. The Packers kicked off, Lambeau booted to Scheibel, who was downed on his 15 yard line. And it was from this point that the Fairies procession started. Using only straight football, quarterback Witte of Beloit sent his backs and tackle Stuvengen crashing through the Packers line for small gains but the home team made the first down with due regularity. The Fairies carried the oval to Green Bay's 5 yard line. Three times, the Packers braced but on the final try, Stuvengen swung around one tackle play and scored a touchdown. Witte kicked the goal. Beloit kicked off and the Packer making use of forward passes carried the oval to midfield when time was called for the quarter.
There was no scoring in the second period, although the Packers twice worked the oval to Beloit's 15 yard line. Once a 15 yard penalty for holding killed all chances for a score while the other time, Lambeau's throw just grazed Dwyer's fingers and went for a touchback. During this quarter, the Packers line stiffened and turned back the Fairies line plunges. However, the grueling was telling on Manager Murphy's team. Wheeler replaced Ladrow at fullback and until injured played a whale of a game on the defense. Time for the period was called with the ball in Beloit's possession on her 40 yard line.
The Packers started the second half by kicking to Beloit. The Fairies were held tight and they kicked to the Packers' 40-yard marker. Beloit intercepted a forward pass and secured the oval. They attempted the same kind of a play and Rosenow regained the ball for the Packers. A series of forwards carried the oval down to Beloit's 7 yard line. It looked like a sure touchdown. Head Linesman Painter called the Packers offside and Green Bay was set back to the 12 yard line. Two forwards went astray and the third one was just out of the grasp of the Packer back. The oval rolled across the goal line for a touchback. Beloit scrimmaged on her 20 yard line. The Fairies made a first down and then punted to the Packers 40 yard line. The ball was on this marker when time for the quarter was called.
The Fairies soon after the start of this quarter intercepted a forward pass and started a march down the field which ended in a touchdown when Brittain plunged through the line from the 7 yard mark. Witte kicked the goal. After this touchdown, the Packers showed what they were made of. Manager Murphy rushed nearly all of his reserves into the fray and they had the Fairies backing up rather lively. Three time during the last few minutes of play, the Packers rushed the oval to the Fairies 5 yard line but failed to have the necessary punch to put it over. Aside from Beloit's touchdown march in the last quarter, all of the remainder of the play was far down in the Fairies territory.
NOVEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Beloit Fairies and Green Bay Packers will not clash on the gridiron again this season. Negotiations ended
last night when Manager McCarthy of the Beloit
team notified Manager Murphy of the Packers that it
was impossible for his team to play Sunday
December 4. After the contest at Beloit last Sunday,
the managers got together and practically decided to
play here Thanksgiving Day, providing they both
could get releases on the contracts which called for
games on that date. Beloit had Elgin scheduled, and
the Packers were booked with Stambaugh. Monday,
Manager McCarthy notified Green Bay that Elgin
refused to call off the game and it was the same with
Stambaugh. The Miners simply would not pull back
their argument with the Packers for Turkey Day. At
this time hopes of the game were not squashed.
Manager Murphy of the Packers suggested
December 4 to Beloit. This looked half way
satisfactory to Manager McCarthy. Negotiations were
continued for three days and everything looked rosy
until last night when Manager McCarthy notified
Green Bay that his team would be playing December
4 due to the fact that two of his star backs, Brittain
and Phillipps were basketball players and the Fairies
court season was to start December 8. As the dope
now stands, the Packers will close the season
November 28 with the Lapham A.C. of Milwaukee
unless the Superior professionals, an undefeated
team from the upper lake region, accept terms to 
come here on December 4.
NOVEMBER 20 (Stambaugh-Green Bay Press-
Gazette) - The Stambaugh All-Stars, claimants of the
Upper Peninsula professional football championship,
are confident of reversing the 3 to 0 victory scored by
the Packers' eleven in the season when they meet the Green Bay team on Thanksgiving Day. The locals are making the trip by special train, accompanied by 200 fans. They will reach Green Bay Wednesday noon so as to have a chance to run through signals at the park in the afternoon of the day before the game.
NOVEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay football fans will see one of the most bitterly contested gridiron arguments of the season tomorrow afternoon at Hagemeister park. Menominee will clash with the Packers in a game that will decide title honors of upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. The Northerners backed by about 400 followers will arrive here Sunday morning at 11:10 over the Northwestern. They are confident of taking a fall out of Coach Lambeau's team. According to Manager Welscher, every man on his team is in the best of condition. It is said that the Twin City aggregation has spent every night during the past week in practice workouts. The Packers are in better shape than was to be expected after the numerous injuries in the Beloit argument. Dalton, Medley and Wheeler won't be able to play but the rest of the squad will be fit for action and this means that the chesty Northerners are not going to have everything their own way in Sunday's game. The kickoff is schedule for 2:30 sharp. Fifteen minute periods will be played. Joe Hoeffel is to refereee, Jab Murray will take care of the umpiring while Jimmy Coffeen is to be the head linesman.
NOVEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - About 500 Green Bay fans followed the train into Fairyland and they backed the Packers to the limit."The Fish Mongrels" as the Bay delegation was called by Beloiters showed the natives of the College city that the best sports in the world come from old Green Bay...The Packers took their licking without a whimper. It was a fair and square defeat. The officiating was above par and the gridiron was kept clear of spectators. Arguments were few and far between. There wasn't a dispute on the field and the treatment received was every bit as good as Beloit received here...Nearly all of the Green Bay rooters and the team spent Saturday night in Janesville. That is Dalton's hometown and the fans of "Samsonville" showed that old friendship had been not forgotten. They struck to the Council Brands both before and after defeat...About a hundred of the Green Bay gang took in the game at Madison. Joe Hoeffel got tickets for the Packers squad and they all said it was one of the greatest exhibitions of football they had ever put their eyes on. Many of the squad was hoarse from yelling...Several carloads of fans drove down for the game. Although the ride was a bit frosty, the occupants of the cars reported a good old time en route. All the drivers claimed speed records for the trip. Taking an average of all of 'em it was about six hours..."Jock" Smith again officiated as cheerleader for Green Bay. He was resplendent with a new pair of light gloves and he sure did cut up all sorts of capers. "Jock" was getting hoarse before the first half was over and somebody handed him a glass but it was empty...The crowd at the game was somewhat of a disappointment. Evidently the weather was a bit too cold for the Beloiters. There was nearly as many Green Bay and Janesville rooters at the game as there were followers of Manager McCarthy's team. Lambeau's drop kick was the longest field goal that ever was pulled off of on the Beloit field. It looked as if it wouldn't clear the bar but the oval went over with a bit to spare...Stuvengen of Beloit proved the most consistent line plunger of the game. Although playing tackle he carried the ball oftener than the backs and it was his work that paved the way for both scores...Witte, Beloit quarterback, displayed real generalship on the offensive and frequently broke into the limelight by breaking up forward pass attempts by the Packers...Something was wrong with the Packers' defense. Either the line was giving way too much or the secondary defense was not backing up in the way it should. Anyway the Fairies sure did rip it to pieces. Some new faces were seen in the Packers' lineup towards the close of the game. Wes Leaper and Jen Gallagher, stars of last year, were sent into action as well as Malis, crack De Pere tackle. "Buff" Wagner was probably the lone Green Bay backfielder who could gain at all on straight football. The former Marinette warrior also cut loose with some nifty defensive work. Many of the Green Bay fans caught a C.M. & St. P. train out of Beloit late yesterday afternoon. The "flyer" was held back a half hour so as to enable the spectators to hop aboard. Those who missed the train and went back to Janesville with the team had to get up at 4:45 this morning to catch the Northwestern "Sunrise" special. It sure was a cruel awakening.
NOVEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Negotiations have been practically completed to bring Beloit here for a game Thanksgiving Day. Both teams have a victory apiece and the winner of the Turkey Day argument will have sole claim to the "Pro" gridiron title of the state. According to Manager Murphy, the Stambaugh game which was scheduled for Thanksgiving Day will be set back to the first Sunday in December.
NOVEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer have another hard game on their hands this weekend. The Menominee City team, an aggregation of crack gridiron warriors from the Twin Cities, is booked for an appearance Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park. The Northerners haven't bit the dust this season and they have been walloping 'em all with due regularity. They have a firm hold on the professional football championship of the upper peninsula in Michigan and they are confident of tucking way Wisconsin honors by slipping one over on the Packers. Three hundred fans will follow the Menominee team here, according to reports from the Wolverine team. What's more the Michigan fans are willing to wager even money that their eleven defeats Coach Dalton's men. There is no doubt but that the Packers are in pretty punk shape. They came out of the Beloit game with a rather sorrowful looking hospital list. Lambeau has a broken nose and his broken ribs are not in any too good shape. Wheeler's foot is very painful and it is doubtful he can play. Rosenow's busted ribs will keep him on the sidelines while Medley's knee is far from being in healthy condition. It is doubtful if Dalton will play as his ankle is not mending rapidly and he wrenched it badly again in the clash at Beloit. Klauss can't run on his sore leg. However, the Packers will present a fast lineup Sunday. The rest of the squad is blessed with a lot of pep and some of the vacant holes may be plugged up in good shape. Three nights of practice have been schedule for the remainder of the week.
NOVEMBER 17 (Menominee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - All roads will lead to Green Bay Sunday. The Packers-Menominee football game, which will be staged at Hagemeister park in the Bay is attracting no end of interest here and the Twin City football fans are playing the greatest gridiron invasion in the history of this town. For three years, the Green Bay team has ruled supreme so far as pigskin chasing is concerned in this part of the state but the locals feel that this weekend they have a chance to upset the dope and make the Packers bite the dust. Word from Green Bay brings the news that the Packers are pretty well battered up as a result of the Beloit game and that some of their stars will be decorating in Sunday's conflict. Naturally, this boosts Menominee's stock. Captain Erdlitz's squad came out of the Iron Mountain fracas without an injury. The invaders were dipped into the whitewash bucket to the tune of 53 to 0 and this score was piled up by Menominee despite the fact that several of the local stars were not in action. Menominee will probably use the following men in the clash against the Packers: Ends, P. 
The Fairbanks field was one of the first baseball fields constructed in Beloit which hosted over thousands of historic games. Hundreds of fans would gather to create treasured memories to last a life time. This great field was once located by the old Beloit mall but is now only remembered through memories and pictures. (SOURCE: Beloit Baseball)
ABOVE: The Fairbanks Morse (named after the Fairbanks Morse company) field back in the 1800's where the Fairbanks Faires squared away against the Chicago White Sox.
BELOW: Undated photo
Christensen and Yeager; tackles, L. Christensen and R. Sutliff; guards, Kellner and Schumaker; center, Boyle or Neiman; backs, Erdlitz, Teichler, Hermanson, Pareria and G. Sutliff.
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers resumed practice at the plant gridiron last night
and there will be stiff workouts on Thursday and Friday evenings. Although Manager Murphy's squad is pretty badly crippled, there are still hopes that some of the injured men will be in shape against Menominee
NOVEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Packers play their crucial game of the season Sunday
afternoon at Hagemeister park against Menominee.
Earlier in the season this contest was just looked upon
as a "fill-in" date between two hard battles but 
conditions have changed the complexion of things. The
Northerners have gone through the season without a
reversal and in nearly all of their contests they have run
up overwhelming scores. They claim the professional
football championship of upper Michigan due to the fact
that Stambaugh cancelled their game which was
scheduled for Armistice Day. The Wolverine aggregation
is composed of the best footballers in the Twin Cities
and a number of ex-college stars have been playing
with them all season. On the other hand, the Packers
are not in good shape. There are about eight men on the
hospital list and some of the other players are not in
the best of condition. The Beloit game was a stiff
contest and the squad is still feeling the effects of the
Fairyland reversal. However, the players realize what
they are up against. They are practicing harder than
ever before this season. When they take the field this
weekend, there is no doubt but that a lot of the old fight
will be shown again and they can be counted on to give
the Michiganders the hardest kind of argument. Joe
Hoeffel will referee the Menominee game while Jab 
Murray is slated to do the umpiring. Jimmy Coffeen will
be the head linesman. The kickoff is scheduled at 2:30
shape and 15 minute periods will be played.
NOVEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Packers had one of their best workouts of the season
last night at the plant gridiron and it looks as if the team
would be in fairly good shape, after all, for the clash with
the Menominee professionals Sunday afternoon at
Hagemeister park. Klauss is the only lineman over
which there is some doubt about playing. The big
center's ankle still is causing him a lot of trouble. In case he isn't right, Gavin will probably hold down the snap back job. It's in the backfield where the Packers' hospital list shows itself. Dalton and Wheeler will decorate the sidelines and it is also quite possible that Medley and Lambeau may also be out of the game. The doctors have patched up Rosenow so that he will be able to start the contest.
NOVEMBER 19 (Menominee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Beat the Packers". That's the slogan here and if practice will do the trick, the local team is confident of victory. They have been practicing every night this week and are in the best of condition. The school board gave the team permission to use the high school gym for indoor workouts and nothing has left undone to get the eleven right on edge for the Packers game. There isn't an injured man on the squad and every regular will be in the lineup when the whistle blows at Green Bay Sunday afternoon. At least 400 fans will accompany the team. Three extra coaches will be carried by the Northwestern train leaving here at 9:20. Many plan to make the trip by automobile.