get any bets at all...There was hardly a corporal's guard on hand at the start of the game but the spectators waded in quickly during the first quarter. Many of the latecomers had no thoughts that the teams would be at it...Umbrella holders were not popular with the bleacherites and taking a soaking just as long as they had a clear view of the mud battle. "Put down the umbrella" was a frequent cry...The crowd had a tough time leaving the grounds. Nearly all of the "gang planks" were submerged and there was nothing else to do but splash through the muck and water. Many autos were parked in mud halfway up to their hubs...There was somewhat of a dispute over Erdlitz's run for a touchdown. The Packers claimed that he stepped out of bounds at the five yard line on his dash for a score. After inspecting footprints etc., the officials ruled otherwise...In Teichler and Erdlitz, the invaders had a nifty pair of backfielders. The great bulk of the Michiganders' gains were made by this pair. Both of 'em are former scholastic stars at the Twin City high...Klauss played great football at center for the Packers against the veteran Nenman, a Michigan varsity man. It was the covering of a fumble by Klauss that paved the way for the Packers' second touchdown...Wagner played the game of his life Sunday. "Buff" hails from Marinette and nothing suits him better than to help defeat a Menominee team. He certainly did his share to rout the invaders.
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Stambaugh All Stars will face the Packers in the Thanksgiving Day football attraction at Hagemeister park. One of the largest crowds of the season is looked for because a Turkey day gridiron argument always results in a big "Gate" here. Five hundred fans from the northern country are coming to see the game. A special train will carry the Michiganders here. It is due to arrive here about noon Thursday. The Stambaugh squad, 24 strong, arrives tomorrow afternoon at 2:45. They will be headquartered at the Beaumont hotel. Manager Nettle is bringing his players on a day ahead of time so as to give them a chance to have a practice workout at Hagemeister park...PACKERS ARE READY: For the first time this season the Packers came out of a game without any injuries. There wasn't a player banged up in the Menominee argument and when the whistle blows Thursday every man in the squad will be fit to give battle to the Miners. The Turkey day fracas is scheduled to start at 2 o'clock. Fifteen minute periods will be played. Joe Hoeffel is slated to referee. Christiansen of Chippewa Falls will do the umpiring while Jimmy Coffeen will again be on the headlinesman's job...PLAY LAPHAMS SUNDAY: Sunday the Packers will again be busy on the gridiron. They will clash with the Lapham A.C., one of the strongest teams in Milwaukee. According to Manager Murphy, this game will probably wind up the professional gridiron season here although there is still a chance for a game on December 5 if the weather holds good.
NOVEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - R.L. Dwyer, 800 South Oakland Avenue, was seriously injured early this morning while working in the C.M. and St. P. railroad yards here. While switching cars in the yards at about 3 o'clock this morning, Dwyer fell beneath a moving car. His left arm and leg were mangled. No one saw the mishap and Dwyer's cries alone brought aid. He was taken to St. Vincent's hospital where it was announced that amputation of the leg and arm was probably necessary. His condition is serious. Shortly after being removed to the hospital Dwyer asked that Dr. Robert Minahan be called. According to hospital authorities Dwyer's condition was so precarious at noon that it was uncertain where the operation of his leg and arm could be carried out
today. It is thought that Dr. Minahan will be forced to
wait until Dwyer regains more strength. His weak
condition is attributed to the great loss of blood
sustained after the accident. Dwyer is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Michael Dwyer and is well known in athletic
circles throughout the city. He is a member of the
Packers' football team and also took part in other
NOVEMBER 24 (Wisconsin State Journal) - R. O.
Dwyer, star end of the Green Bay Packers football team
and one of the best known ball players in the state, is
near death today as the result, of an accident while at
work on the Northwestern railroad last night, when he
fell from a train. His right left and arm were severed. He
was a switchman.
NOVEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Turkey day football attraction at Hagemeister park will
be between the Green Bay Packers and Stambaugh All
Stars. The kickoff is scheduled for 2 o'clock. Regulation
quarters of 15 minute duration are scheduled. Hoeffel
will referee, Christiansen is to umpire while Coffeen will
act as head linesman. The Stambaugh squad arrived
here early this afternoon. Manager Nettle's men are in
tip top condition and it is said that they are confident of
reversing the early season defeat received at the hands
of the Packers. Three hundred Stambaugh fans will
arrive here at noon tomorrow on a special train. Space
has been reserved for them in the south side bleachers.
If the weather is halfway decent, the management is
expecting a record breaking crowd. Extra police protection has been secured to keep the crowd back from the sideline ropes. The gates to the park will be opened at 12:30.
Green Bay Packers (7-1-1) 19, Menominee Professionals 7
Sunday November 21st 1920 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - Wallowing around in a sea of mud, the Green Bay Packers nosed out a 19 to 7 victory over the Menominee Professionals Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park in a bitterly contested game of football. As a result of this contest, the Packers made
good their claim to the undisputed "pro" championship
of northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Despite the
inclement weather conditions, about 800 spectators
braved the rain to witness the argument. A big crowd
came down from Menominee and they appeared to
enjoy themselves immensely, particularly during the first
period. After this quarter, they were not very much in
evidence. It was a horrible day for the pigskin article.
The gridiron looked like a big mud pool and after two or
three scrimmages, it wasn't possible to distinguish one
player from another. Water was inches deep over many
parts of the gridiron and many of the spectators waded
through ankle deep muck to reach the bleachers and 
then they got drenched to the skin by a continuous
downpour of rain.
The invaders presented a husky front. They were a
beefy aggregation and these crimsoned jerseyed visitors
were pretty much footballers. A number of ex-college
stars appeared in their lineup and they were playing the
game every minute. During the opening periods, they
cut loose with a shifty attack and stonewall defense.
However, the pace told them and, when the Packers'
streamrollers got in action, they crumbled a bit. 
Teichler, Erdlitz and Boyle starred for the Michiganders.
The Packers played real good football. They showed a
reversal of form over the Beloit game. Lambeau was at
his best and Wheeler and Wagner broke into the 
limelight with due regularity. There was a lot of snap to
the Packers' play against Menominee. There was a lot
of good interference and the lineup was opening up 
holes for the backfielders.
Menominee won the toss and chose to receive at the east end of the field. The Packers kicked off, Lambeau booting to Erdlitz who was halted on his 30 yard line. Three plays netted Menominee but 5 yards and Christensen punted to McLean. The Packers kicked off on their fourth down and the invaders returned the oval by the same route after two plays. Teichler intercepted a Packer forward in midfield but the visitors couldn't gain and they were forced to punt. The Packers again kicked and Teicher after making the catch, traveled 45 yards before he was stopped. The ball was on Green Bay's 40 yards line. On the next lineup, the Packers drew a 15 yard penalty for roughing the thrower of a forward pass. This put the ball on the 25 yard mark and Erdlitz on the next lineup scooted around right end for a touchdown. Teichler kicked the goal. Score, Marinette 7, Packers 0. The Packers kicked off. Menominee found the going pretty rough and they resorted to the punting game. Towards the close of the quarter, Green Bay got her offense in motion and they rushed the ball to Menominee's 20 yard line when time was called.
The visitors held for downs and immediately punted out of danger. The Packers secured the oval in midfield and once more started a rush for a touchdown. Line plunges and short passes carried the oval to Menominee's 20 yard line. Here the Packers were penalized 5 yards for offside. Straight football took the ball to the 3 yard line and Wagner bucked tackle for a score. Lambeau missed the goal. Score Menominee 7, Packers 6. Menominee kicked off. The Packers made a couple of first downs. Menominee braced and held for three plays. Lambeau's punt sailed over Erdlitz's head and rolled to the 10 yard line before the visiting quarterback fell on the pigskin. On a fake punt formation, Erdlitz got away for a chalkmark and Teichler and Sutliff made another first down. The Packers braced and Menominee punted to McLean in midfield. Line plunges netted two first downs and Lambeau attempted a drop kick from the 40 yard line. The attempt fell short and Erdlitz, standing on his 10 yard line, muffed the ball. Klauss covered for the Packers. Dalton's smash netted 4 yards and a Menominee offside put the ball on the 2 yard mark. Wagner again bucked tackle for a touchdown. Lambeau made good on the goal kick. Score Packers 13, Menominee 7. Menominee kicked off. The visitors drew a penalty for 15 yards for roughing. A Packer fumble gave the visitors the oval in midfield just as the timer's whistle blew for the first half.
The visitors opened up the second half by kicking off to the Packers, who made three first downs in rapid succession. Menominee held for downs and punted but the Packers were not to be denied and they started another rush down the field. Sweeping end runs and forward passes were put to good use and it wasn't long before Menominee was fighting within the shadow of her goalposts. The invaders stiffened their defense and held tight for three downs. On the next lineup, Lambeau tossed a forward into Wheeler's arms and he waded five yards for a touchdown. Lambeau missed the goal. Score: Packers 19, Menominee 7. This ended the score for the day. The visitors kicked off and the ball changed hands frequently on intercepted forward passes during the remainder of the quarter. When time for the period was called, the oval in Menominee's possession on her own 19 yard mark.
Both teams sent fresh men into the fray into the final period. The Packers' reserves showed a lot of fight and it looked like another touchdown but the visitors braced and held whenever a score loomed near. All of the playing in this quarter was inside of Menominee's 40 yard line. Near the close of the game, Ladrow's line plunges took the ball to Menominee's 20 yard marker where Lambeau fell short on an attempted field goal. The visitors had the ball on the 30 yard line when the game ended.

NOVEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It was a scrappy game and the officials were "beefed" at continually although there were but few disputes on the field of play. Umpire Doyle got a pretty hard ride from the Green Bay spectators...Talk was cheap with the Michiganders. The rooters had a lot to say before the game but they were a trifle backward about putting up their money. Green Bay fans had to give odds to