EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers 10, Duluth Kelleys 0
Thursday November 30th 1922 (at Green Bay)
(RACINE) - Battling on a muck covered gridiron, Green Bay's big blue team took a fall out of the far-fames Duluth K.C.'s by the score of 10 to 0 in the Thansgiving
Day football fracas at the ball park. The weather man
knocked the "boost" out of the Booster Day affair and
one of the smallest crowd of the season was in
attendance. As a result the club management is deeper
in the hole. The rain which started in the wee hours
Thursday morning and continued up until noon made
the gridiron a sloppy playing field and incidentally kept
away about 2,000 pigskin followers away from the park.
At one it was thought the game would be called off but
in order to keep faith with the fans, the management
went through with the contest despite a big monetary
The visitors played their usual scrappy game. They had
a lot of fight in their first half and twice halted Green Bay
rushes inside of their ten yard line. Towards the close
of the second period, the invaders got within field goal
distance but Gilbert's attempt went wide of the uprights.
Aside from this one spurt, the visitors never got within
the Bays' 35 yard line although after receiving the
kickoff following the Green Bay touchdown, the red
jerseyed team got loose with a series of forward passes
which netted three first downs. The smashing attack of
the Bay backfielders coupled with the grueling
defensive tactics of the linemen wore down the Duluth
team. Several of their players were much the worst for
wear and Gilbert, their captain, had to be carted off the
As usual, the Bay machine warmed up slowly and it 
was not until the last half did the big blue team begin
hitting on "all eleven." However, when they did get going
right, the diehard invaders were forced to yield
considerable yardage. The Green Bay attack looked
better. The interference on end runs was superb and the
line opened holes for the backfielders. The Bays mixed
up their formations cleverly and showed a new play with
Buck back, he passed instead of kicked and twice good
gains were hung up on his tosses.
The spry Mr. Coughlin, who ran 60 yards for a
touchdown in the first game of the season, was watched
pretty carefully by Green Bay. The former Notre Dame
star had trouble starting and aside from one dash
outside of the tackle for a chalk mark he did no damage
whatever. Williams, the stringbean center for Duluth, 
shone brilliantly on the defense. He was in the midst of
every play and took a lot of punishment from the Green
Bay forwards. Clown Kiley had an enjoyable afternoon
and when he wasn't tiding one of his opponents, he was
exchanging verbal barrages with the sideline spectators.
Just the same, he was in here playing football every
minute. The Bay players did all that could be asked of
them. Every man on the squad was given a chance in 
the argument except Tubby Howard, whose injured leg
is not mending as rapidly as expected. Eddie Glick
made some snappy dashes down the field. Lauer was
a bear hitting the line. Usher showed lots of class while
Mills and Gardella shared the honors at fullback.
Captain Lambeau continued his super footballing.
Dave Hayes turned in his best game of the season at
end and Wheeler was going good at the other 
extremity. Nate Abrams broke into the fracas for the
first time this season. The Bay linemen, Earps, Lyle,
Gardner, Woodin and Nadolny, covered themselves with
glory along with Cub Buck who outkicked the Duluth
bootsmith about 20 yards on every exchange. Wally
Niemann more than held his own with Williams, who it
is said, up to Sunday's game, had outplayed every
center that faced him this season. The game was
cleanly played and well officiated. There were only four
penalties during the fracas. A singular feature of the contest was that despite the slippery condition of the pigskin, there wasn't a single fumble during the fray. The first half was scoreless. The game opened with the Bays receiving at the west end of the field. The visitors stubbornly contested every inch of ground and Cub Buck's trusty right foot was called into play. On the exchange of kicks, Green Bay gained considerable yardage but the invaders' forward wall was fighting just hard enough to halt any consistent gaining by the big blue team.
When the visitors secured the ball they did little damage and for them it was generally a case of punt after three attempts to rush the pigskin. Twice the Bays pushed the pigskin into the danger zone but were held tight. Early in the second quarter, Green Bay cut loose with a line smashing attack which took the oval straight down the field. It looked as if a touchdown was in the making. Five first downs in succession were marked up but the drive bumped into a stone wall on Duluth's 10 yard line where the pigskin changed hands. For the remainder of the period, the visitors chased Green Bay out of their territory. Two of Green Bay's kicks were carried out of bounds for little gain and the invaders followed up this advantage with a first down pulling the pigskin on the 35 yard line. Three rushes netted little and Gilbert's dropkick went wide of the mark. The ball was put in play on the 20 yard line. Green Bay kicked after two plays to Duluth in midfield. The visitors got away for two first downs and Gilbert was standing on the 35 yard line waiting for a pass from center to try for a goal from the field when the whistle blew ending hostilities for the first half.
After the Bays had kicked off to Duluth in the third quarter, it was plainly seen that the gang meant business. The invaders were dumped in their tracks and Gilbert's kick was swept out of bounds at the yard mark. The Bays made a first down but lost the ball when forward was incompleted over the goal line. This looked like a bad break for the Bays as it gave Duluth the ball on the 20 yard mark. However, the Green Bay forwards kept boring and it wasn't long before the Bays had secured the ball again after a kick had gone bad. This time the big blue squad counted, Captain Lambeau smashing over for a score. Buck added the additional point. Following the touchdown, Green Bay again kicked off and the much tired visitors were unable to make much headway. They made three first downs via the aerial attack. On an exchange of kicks, the Bays picked up some yardage and this coupled with several well executed forward passes once
DECEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Eyes of the Badger state football world will center on Athletic park, Milwaukee, Sunday afternoon when the Racine
Legion and Green Bay Packers engage in a gridiron
combat on which hinges the titular professional honors
of Wisconsin. The game will start at 2:15 and will be
played rain, shine or freeze. These two teams, both of
whom are well up in first division of the NFL, are bitter
gridiron enemies and whenever they start mussing up
each other on the chalk marked gridiron it is a hammer
and tong battle from opening to closing whistle..NAMES
TWO OFFICIALS: In order to "keep peace" in the family
and have the game well handled, President Joe Carr of
the NFL has named two of his best arbitrators to 
officiate the game. Bobby Cahn, Chicago, will referee
while Jimmy Holway, Northwestern, is slated for the
umpire's duties. Every indication points to a capacity
crowd at Otto Borcherts' playground. Racine will send a
delegation of 2,000 fans headed by the famous Legion
drum corps while Green Bay's contingent of loyal 
rooters, about six hundred strong will be on the job...
RACINE SQUAD FIT: Racine reports every man on the
squad in the pink of condition for the pigskin combat. 
This will give them an edge in this respect on Green
Bay because Mathys, Howard and Gardner of the big
blue team are still feeling the result of the banging
received in the Milwaukee game last Sunday. However
it is expected that they will be able to start the game.
The lineups of both elevens are studded with brilliant
footballers. The Legion team shouts the praises of Hank
Gillo, Dressen, Jab Murray and Rowdy Elliott, while
Green Bay pins its hopes upon Cub Buck, Earps, Curly
Lambeau and Gloom Niemann. Both teams base their
offensive upon the aerial attack although each of the
squads are blessed with line plungers extraordinary. In
Gillo, Racine has the best field goal kicker in
postgraduate football while Buck is in a class by
himself when it comes to punting the pigskin.
DECEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A first time
must have been has by all at the Cardinal-Bear game in
Chicago on Thanksgiving Day. These two teams love
each other like poison and when they get together on the gridiron bad blood always crops out. That setto between Paddy Driscoll and George Halas must have been a corker and just imagine the war broaden so quickly that three calls were sent in for the police reserves. Joe Carr would probably had thrown a fit if he had been an eyewitness to the fracas....Green Bay and Racine resume gridiron hostilities for the third time this year on Sunday. The game will be played on a neutral field, Milwaukee, and it promises to be a bitter encounter. If the big blue team can jinx Hank Gillo's kicking foot, they should come home with a victory.
DECEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The fans who don't follow the team to Milwaukee for the state championship game with Racine can "see" the game hot off the wire at the Elks' club. A special loop has been set up between Athletic park, Milwaukee, and the B.P.O.E. hall, and a second after a play is pulled off in the title tilt, the fans at home will know all about it. The wire will begin "talking" about 2 o'clock.
more had the pigskin in scoring distance. Duluth braced in the shadow of its goal posts, holding for downs. ​When the fourth quarter started, it was Duluth's ball on her own 5 yard line. The visitors kicked out of danger and the Bays came back fast. A forward pass to Mathys for a 30 yard gain put the pigskin deep in Duluth's territory. After three smashes, Buck stepped back and booted the ball between the uprights for three additional points. Duluth kicked to the Bays after the field goal and for the remainder of the game both teams resorted to open football. Duluth compared a couple of passes but small gains. Green Bay played it pretty safe and the squad rested content on their 10-point margin.