Gillo crashed through center for fifteen yards. Johnson and
Langhoff gained twelve yards in two plays, slicing through the
Packers' forward wall. Inside the twenty-five yard line a
touchdown seemed imminent, but the menace was averted as
Dressen heaved a pass toward the speeding Johnson, only to
have Usher, Green Bay half, step into the throw, clutch the ball
and obtain possession for his team on his own ten yard line.
That was the one occasion Racine showed the power it had
developed in previous games. Thereafter the Cardinal eleven bent
itself to checking the powerful onslaught that ever thrust the
Racine line backward, slowly but surely. Last ditch fighting spirit
hurled back battering backs of the Bays a number of times, but
the northerners were not to be denied, and their two touchdowns
were well earned and fully representative of Green Bay's
superiority on Sunday.
Green Bay was in the lead from the kickoff, always more
powerful in its attack and gaining ground on every exchange of
punts. Buck outspiraling Johnson by five and ten yards each
time. The period ended with the ball in the Bays' possession on
Racine's thirty-three line, Lambeau missing a dropkick widely as
the reel terminated. Previously Buck had failed on a thirty yard
attempt from placement. Midway in the second quarter, Green
Bay took the ball on its own forty yard line. Two tries at the line
gained but a few yards and then Lambeau shot a pass to
Mathys, who leaped high in the air, clutched the leather and was
off on his way to a touchdown, eluding Dressen, the only enemy
between him and the line, by inches. The pass carried to the
Racine thirty yard line and from there, Mathys sped to the
score, Buck adding the seventh point by a kick from placement.
In the fourth quarter, Elliott, inserted for Langhoff, fumbled on his
first play and Green Bay recovered fifteen yards from a
touchdown. Racine held in the line, however, and Buck stepped
back for kick, Elliott, incensed by his errors, crashed through
just as Buck's toes lifted the ball from the ground and blocked
the kick, Mathys recovering for Green Bay, however, on the
thirty-three yard line.
On the first play, Lambeau shot a pass to Mathys, the latter
making his third sensational catch of the afternoon, and the ball
rested on Racine's twelve yard line. Usher clipped off a yard.
Lambeau added another and then Lambeau sped through an
enormous hole in the center of the scrimmage line, carrying the
ball to the one yard line. Gardella failed to gain. Usher got two
feet with a plunge and then, with twelve inches to go, Usher
squeezed through for a touchdown. Buck kicked goal and the
game ended a few minutes later.

DECEMBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) -
Professional football championship goes to the Green
Bay Packers as a result of trimming the Racine Legion
team Sunday. The Green Bay eleven held the
downstaters back so far that Gillo's toe, which has been
the Packers' jinx all through the season, didn't have a
chance to show its worth. It begins to look as though
the Packers will play Canton, the league leaders in
Milwaukee next Sunday. If this game materializes, it
should be a battle royale and the Packers may be relied upon to
get a good account of themselves.
Green Bay Packers (4-3-3) 14, Racine Legion (6-4-1) 0
Sunday December 3rd 1922 (at Milwaukee)
(MILWAUKEE) - Green Bay nailed the Badger state professional football championship pennant to its mast Sunday afternoon at Athletic park in Milwaukee when the big blue team, playing superb football, waltzed around the Racine Horlick Legion combination to the  tune of 14 to 0 before some 4,500 fans of  which at least six hundred were from the Bay. The Milwaukee sport writers who covered the game were unanimous in their opinion that Captain Lambeau's team gave the best exhibition ever seen on a Milwaukee field. Manning Vaughan, the dean of the Milwaukee sports critics, paid this compliment to Green Bay: "I had heard a lot about Green Bay's famous aerial attack but was inclined to take the stories with a pinch of salt but the way Green Bay hurled that ball was as pretty as I have every seen in my experience as a sportswriter. You have a  wonderful team and I think it is as good as any in the country." And the other scribes were nodding their heads in the affirmative while Vaughan was patting the Bays on the back.
The score does not by any means indicate the superiority of Green Bay over Racine in Sunday's game. Aside from a few minutes in the second period, practically all of the play was in Racine's territory. The much-famed Gillo didn't even get close enough to try for a field goal while the agile Rowdy Elliott and line battering Johnson were dumped in their tracks nearly every time they attempted to rush the pigskin. It was an ideal day for football. Old Sol shone brilliantly and the gridiron was fast as lightning. The Racine rooters were banked along the "Third Base" line while across the field the Bay followers were grouped. Hundreds of
Milwaukee people attending the game and they all went home singing the praises of Green Bay.
The game was bitterly contested but clean as a whip. Referee Cahn and umpire Holoway handled the fracas splendidly, Cahn was on top of the ball every minute and was given great assistance from Holoway. About a half dozen penalties were called and, strange as it may seem, they were all against Green Bay. The Green Bay machine played like one man. The blocking was perfect and the "carrier" was given perfect interference. Time after time, the line opened gaping holes and the Bay backfielders pranced through for many a gain. An  example of the Green Bay offensive power came in the final quarter. After the Bays had rushed the ball down to Racine's 12 yard mark the Horlick's line held tight on three rushes and it was fourth down 7 to go. The Blue team held a confab and then Lambeau dropped back as if to pass. Instead Curley tucked the ball under his arm and slashed straight through the center of the line for eight yards, making a first down and putting the ball within a yard of Racine's goal. Usher scored shortly after. On this play, the Bay forwards opened a hole big enough for a team of horses to drive through. Murray, Mintun and Gorman being put out of the play completely.
Despite the fact that Green Bay was without the services of Stan Mills and that Tubby Howards' bad knee only enabled him to play a few minutes, the big Blue team shouldered this handicap and played rings around their "Hoodoo" opponents. Hayes and Wheeler showed class galore on the wings and Tubby Howard did well the few minutes he was in the game. Earps and Buck, the mighty Bays' mighty tackles, did everything that was asked of them and a little bit more. Woodin, Lyle and Gardner covered themselves with glory at the guards while Niemann pranced around at center, enjoying himself immensely.
The Bay backfielders played superb football. Usher, Gardells and Lauer marked up plenty of yardage for Green Bay while the brilliant forward pass combination ​of Lambeau and Mathys, two of Green Bay's own, will long be remembered by those witnessing the game. Mathys grabbed pass after pass out of the air and several of the tosses he nipped out of the air while surrounded by enemies. Several of the Racine warriors stood out prominently. Miller played a whale of a game at end while Hank Gillo made some gains on line plunges. Dressen cut some fancy capers but the dashing little quarterback, like Elliott, was covered like a tent throughout the game.
Racine threatened by once, late in the second quarter, just after Green Bay had counted the initial points of
​the battle. Then, after Buck's only poor punt of the afternoon has been returned by Dressen to midfield, the down staters launched an attack that drove to three first downs in a twinkling. From the fifty yard line