Chicago Cardinals (2-0) 16, Green Bay Packers (0-3) 3
Sunday October 15th 1922 (at Chicago)
(CHICAGO) - The brilliant individual play of the Cardinal backfield coupled with some gaping holes in the Green Bay line gave Chris O'Brien's team a 16 to 3 win
over the Bays in a NFL contest Sunday afternoon at
Normal park, Chicago, before about 3,500 fans. The
Bays withered in the second half and Paddy Driscoll,
Johnny Mohardt and the Horween brothers, playing
under the name of McMahon, smashed through the
Blue defense for considerable yardage. The old Harvard
crisscross line buck enabled A. Horween to twice
smash through for touchdowns.
Paddy Driscoll is just as brilliant a football player as
ever. He never seems to get old and in Sunday's game,
he stood out as the mainstay of the Cardinal machine.
Driscoll ran back punts brilliantly, he skirted outside of
right tackle frequently for long gains and, as usual, his
trusty kicking toe was very much in evidence. There is
no getting away from it, the Cardinals have a good
team. Their much despised "Prairie" line outrushed and
outcharged their much heavier Green Bay opponents.
The Cardinal forwards seemed to get the jump on the
Bays, particularly in the second half, and the Green Bay
backfielders had a dickens of a time getting started.
The work of five Green Bay players stood out
prominently. Tubby Howard and Cowboy Wheeler
played wonderful football at end. But few gains were
made around the Bay wings despite the fact that two
and three men were bearing down on Wheeler and
Howard continually. On the offense, the two ends,
together with Charlie Mathys, caught more than their
share of forward passes. Mathys ran his team nicely,
came through with a nice field goal and handled punts
well even though the Cardinal forwards were on top of
him every minute. Mills showed firm at fullback and
stood out prominently on the defense. Niemann, the
new center, played a bear of a game and got away with
several feature plays that drew a big hand from the
The game was a bit late in starting. The Cardinals won
the toss and the Packers kicked off. Murray booted to
Driscoll and the Chicago star came back 15 yards. The
Chicago team launched a spirited drive which carried
the pigskin straight down the field. As usual, the 
Packers were slow in getting started. With the pigskin
on their 15 yard line, the Packers held for two downs
and then Howard threw Mohardt for a 5 yard loss. 
Driscoll stepped back and kicked a field goal. At least
that was the way referee Elliott ruled. Umpire Holloway
called it no goal and the teams wrangled for ten
minutes. Finally the game was resumed.
The Cardinals kicked off. Driscoll's kick was grabbed by
Niemann and he ran the pigskin to the Cardinals' 40
yard line. It was a sparkling play. After two plays,
Lambeau passed to Howard and it was first down on
the Cardinals' 30 yard line. Lambeau's dropkick was 
partly blocked but Buck recovered for the Bays on
Chicago's 15 yard mark. After three plays, Lambeau's
drop went astray and it was the Cardinals' ball on the 20 yard line. Driscoll punted out of danger immediately. The Bays started another drive which ended on the Cardinals' 20 yard mark when time was called for the quarter. Green Bay lost the ball after two forward passes went bad. The Cardinals didn't set the world on fire and Driscoll punted to Mathys on the Bays' thirty. An exchange of punts gained little for either team. Lambeau was badly banged up and Glick took his place at half.
Buck's punt was blocked and the Cardinals got the ball in Green Bay's danger zone. Chicago could not gain and Driscoll's dropkick was blocked by Mills who recovered the ball in midfield. Then the Bays got going again and they piled through for a couple of first downs. A series of forward passes put the ball on the Cardinals' 19 yard line and Mathys evened the count with a dropkick. There was no further scoring in this period.
The Cardinals kicked off. On the first play, Glick fumbled and it was the Cardinals' ball on the Bays' 15 yard line. Green Bay held in stonewall fashion and Driscoll's dropkick went bad. The Bays could not advance and Buck punted to midfield. The Cardinals' offense swung into action again and coupled with a penalty of 15 yards for roughing Driscoll, they soon had the ball on the Bays' five. McMahon plunged over for a score and Driscoll kicked the goal. Gardner kicked off for the Bays. The ball changed hands on a series of kicks. Mathys was downed on the 20 yard line and on the next lineup Cronin fumbled and the ball went to the Cardinals. Green Bay made a stand on the one yard line and held for downs. Buck punted to Driscoll who came back to the Bays' 40 yard mark.
In the fourth quarter, the Cardinals kept pushing ahead and it wasn't long before McMahon fought his way over for a touchdown. Driscoll missed the goal. For the remainder of the quarter, the Bays held their own pretty well and with but a few minutes of play, Lambeau, who had returned to the game, cut loose with some passes which put the pigskin in the Cardinals' territory; final time was called with the oval on the Cardinals' 20 yard line.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Fred (Bull) Earps is the newest addition to the Green Bay football club. The 210-pound lineman, who for two years starred with the Rock Island Independents, reported to Captain Lambeau here this morning. Earps recently asked for his release from the Rock Island club. According to Dame Rumor all is not well Flannagan's aggregation and there is a lot of internal friction between the players...PLAYED AGAINST COUGHLIN: Earps can be remembered by the Green Bay fans as the player was made a "monkey" of Coughlin in last year's game with Rock Island here. He played center on the offense and tackle on the defense. Along with Dave Healey and Duke Slater, Earps cut quite a figure against the Bays in the contest several weeks ago at Rock Island. Earps will probably be placed at right tackle in the Green Bay lineup. The Bay squad resumed their practice stunts at the park this morning and the squad didn't look much the worse for wear from the Cardinal tilt although several of the players are still suffering from bruises.
OCTOBER 17 (Milwaukee) - Professional football has come to stay in Milwaukee. The opening game last Sunday drew a crowd of some 6,000 fans and even a larger turnout is expected this weekend when the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay have it out at Athletic park. Milwaukee played a great game against Racine last week and the followers of the Cream City Badgers are expecting them to take a fall out of Green Bay. The Badgers' squad is composed mainly of eastern footballers and there are several former All Americans in the outfit. Green Bay has always been noted for its football teams and the pigskin dopesters here are figuring on the upstate squad making things hot for Milwaukee despite the fact that Lambeau's team has been upset several times this season.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Paddy Driscoll is the greatest player in professional football. The Bears can point with pride to Stinchomb and Sternaman. Marion has its Thorpe and Calac, Rochester lauds its Alexander and Wray while Milwaukee is strong for King and Doane but from what we have seen, the Cardinals' Paddy has 'em all beat a city block. Driscoll is a kicking fool, he runs like an eel through an open field and can toss a pass with bullet speed and he tops this all off with a real honest-to-goodness football head.
OCTOBER 20 (Columbus) - Eight games will be played Sunday in the NFL and several contests of intersectional importance are booked. The Buffalo All
Americans play the Bears at Chicago and Rochester
gives battle to the Independents at Rock Island. The
three Wisconsin teams will be in action. Green Bay
plays at Milwaukee while Toldeo will battle in Racine.
President Joe Carr has named W.J. McCoy of Dayton,
O., as the referee of the Milwaukee-Green Bay game.
OCTOBER 20 (Milwaukee) - Officials for Sunday's pro
league game which will be played here at Athletic Park
have been agreed upon by the management. W.J. 
McCoy, of Dayton, O., will referee the game. He was
appointed by President Joe Carr of the pro league. Jack
Williams, Chicago, will umpire, while Jimmy Coffeen,
Beloit, is the head linesman. The game will start 
promptly at 2:30 and 15 minute periods are scheduled.
There is a lot of interest here over the contest and all
indications point to a capacity attendance.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green
Bay squad leaves here Saturday afternoon over the Northwestern road at 3:15 for Milwaukee. The Bay headquarters in the Cream City will be at the Hotel Wisconsin. The team has put in a good week of practice and the players are determined to make things interesting for the snappy Milwaukee club, which last Sunday walloped Racine 20 to 0. Dave Hayes, who played a classy game at end last season for the Bays, is again with the squad and will be seen in action against Milwaukee. Earps, the other new addition, is showing lots of fight at a tackle berth. Captain Lambeau, Regnier, Mathys and Mills will probably be the backfield starters for Green Bay.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The football fans who don't go to Milwaukee on Sunday are planning to flock to the Elks' club where the play-by-play account of the Milwaukee-Green Bay game will be given hot off the wire. The "story" of the game will begin breaking about 2 o'clock. Every little detail of the preliminaries will be "shot" back here via the special wire and the fans at home will know everything that is going on hot off the wire. The wire has been set up in the press box at Athletic Park, Milwaukee, and it will run direct to the Elks' club here. Arrangements have been made to handle a big crowd at the Elks' club and it is expected that the hall will be filled to overflowing.
going the rounds in football circles here when Sunday's game is being talked up. The "Gold Dust Twins" who are already popular idols in Milwaukee are a pair of colored footballers who have gained fame in the pigskin while at college. Fritz Pollard was an All American halfback when at Brown while Gene Robeson made a name for himself playing an end for Rutgers...ROBESON IS BIG MAN: Robeson is about six foot four and mighty fast for a big man. He hasn't had his flank turned since joining the Milwaukee club. Fritz Pollard is a backfielder extraordinary. He is credited with being one of the greatest open field runners in the game and an expert tosser of the forward pass. Pollard has played pro football for a number of years with brilliant success. However, Milwaukee won't hog all the star honors because Green Bay has several players who bob into the football limelight with due regularity. In Cub Buck, the Northerners have a tackle who turned down a Big Ten coaching job at Indiana to remain with Green Bay. In the recent Green Bay-Rock Island game, Buck played the mighty Slater off his feet...WILL WATCH LAMBEAU: Lambeau, the Green Bay captain and halfback, is one of the greatest forward passers in the game today. Around Lambeau, the Bay aerial attack is developed and Milwaukee plans to keep a close watch on him. In Moose Gardner, Green Bay has one of the best guards in professional football while Mills, the Bay fullback, starred with the Buffalo All Americans for two years. Among the other stars in the Bay lineup are: Tubby Howard, Hope Gardella, Bull Earps and a host of others well known in the football world. Sunday's game, which will be staged at Athletic Park, is scheduled to start at 2:30. A special block of 500 seats will be saved for the Green Bay rooters.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - From all indications, the Elks club hall will be jammed to capacity Sunday afternoon when the direct wire from Athletic Park, Milwaukee, begins sputtering with complete details of the football game between the "Brewers" and Green Bay. Much interest in being evidenced in this game against the Bays will be in there making a final stand for the state professional football championship and it promises to be a thrilling battle as both squads base their offensive, mainly on the aerial attack. Efforts are now being made to furnish the spectators with a bit of amusement between halves. No score of the game will be flashed from the Elks outside and the management requests that people lay off the phone, asking what's the score. Last Sunday there were about 500 calls in less than two hours. The direct wire will open up at 2 o'clock and there will be something doing every minute until the final whistle blows.
OCTOBER 21 (Milwaukee) - The biggest crowd that ever attended a professional football encounter in the Badger state is expected to be on hand tomorrow afternoon at Athletic park when Green Bay and Milwaukee meet in a NFL game. Over 8,000 spectators are looked for at the fray. Staid old Milwaukee has gone wild over her professional pigskin aggregation. The 20 to 0 win last Sunday over Racine has stirred up the enthusiasm to the boiling over point and it is a safe
prediction that with an even break in weather all roads
will lead to Otto Borchert's park, the home of the
Brewers, Sunday afternoon...BAY TEAM FEARED:
Green Bay has lots of friends here and the football
dopesters figure that if Captain Lambeau of the invading
quad can get his aerial attack hitting right, Plunkett and
McQuirk, the Milwaukee managers, are going to grow a
lot more gray hairs. The Bays have a crack eleven. The
jinx has been following them all season and bad breaks
have been responsible for their defeats. With a smile or
two from Dame Fortune, the mighty Green Bay team
can be counted on to give the Brewers all they are
looking for. The Green Bay team is headquartered at the
Wisconsin hotel and it is here that the visiting rooters
will gather before wending their way to the scene of
action. A special section of seats has been reserved for
the Green Bay rooters, who have a reputation 
throughout the professional football world as being the
most loyal in the country. W.J. McCoy of Dayton will
referee the game, which is to start promptly at 2:30.
Dick Williams of Chicago is the umpire, while Jimmy
Coffeen of Beloit will be the head linesman. The time of
quarters is 15 minutes.
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The fans
who don't go to Milwaukee can "hear" the game hot off
the wire at the Elks club. A special wire direct from
Athletic park, Milwaukee, to the Elks club here. A second after someone has been dumped on the Milwaukee gridiron the fans at the Elks club will know all about it. The fans who "listened in" last Sunday were loud in praise of the service and a big crowd is expected to jam the hall tomorrow afternoon. The wire will start sputtering about 2 o'clock.
OCTOBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay squad pulled out of here in a special over the Northwestern road for Milwaukee at 3:15. Every man on the team is reported in the pink of condition and "rarin' to go". The players think that the worm will turn in Sunday's game and that the Bay squad will break into the win column. The addition of Earps at tackle and McCall at guard will instill a lot of fight in the line, which has been missing in past games. Dave Hayes will also prove a valuable man at end. McCall played guard at Indiana last year and was mentioned on several all Conference teams. A big delegation of Bay fans are going to make the trip to the Cream City and it is probable that the block of 600 seats for Green Bay will filled to overflowing.
OCTOBER 18 (Milwaukee) - A home contest will be staged here at Athletic park Sunday afternoon when Green Bay plays Milwaukee in a NFL game. The Marquette students are planning to turn out en masse and root for the Bay eleven as four of their former gridiron heroes are members of the Northern squad of pigskin chasers. Jab Murray was one of the greatest linemen ever turned off by the Hilltoppers. Glick saw a year's service at halfback while Cronin and David were stars on the 1921 Marquette eleven...KICKS UP INTEREST: The appearance of Green Bay here on Sunday is kicking up a lot of interest. For several years, the Bays have ruled supreme in Badger state professional gridiron circles and now that their crown is in danger, they can be counted on to battle harder than ever before. Milwaukee's 20 to 0 victory over the Racine Legion has done a lot to boost the interest in football here and the fans have discovered that Joe Plunkett's Badgers bid fair to be one of the greatest elevens in the country...DRILL AGAINST FORWARDS: The Milwaukeeans have been putting in some stiff practice licks this week and have been centering their work on a defense to offset the famous forward passing combination of the Green Bay team. In every game played this year, Green Bay's aerial attack has gained many a yard. Manager Plunkett is looking for a capacity turnout on Sunday. He expects the Green Bay game to outdraw the Racine contest which attended over 6,000 fans through the ticket gate. A special section of 500 seats will be saved for the Green Bay rooters.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The bubble has burst at Racine. The unexpected defeat at the hands of Milwaukee has sort of scattered gobs of gloom all over Horlickville and the latest reports of the downstate city carry the news that Manager Babe Ruetz has departed on a still hunt for some new football material. The 20 to 0 walloping was a cruel blow because Racine figured they had a stranglehold on the state professional pigskin supremacy.
OCTOBER 19 (Milwaukee) - "What will the 'gold dust' twins do against Green Bay?" That is the question