(DULUTH) - Denny Coughlin, former Notre Dame backfield ace, has won a home in this city. Knute Rockne's adept pigskin pupil grabbed a foward pass out of the air in Sunday's game against the famous Green Bay team, professional champions of Wisconsin, and dashed dow the field 55 yards for the only touchdown of the gridiron combat. Coughlin's spectacular piece of work came early in the third quarters after the team has played to a tie in the opening half.
Green Bay had the pigskin on its own 40 yard line when
Coughlin broke into the limelight. Two line rushes had
failed and Lambeau attempted an aerial toss. Coughlin
cut in from nowhere, grabbed the pigskin and was off on
his touchdown flight before the Badgers hardly knew 
what had happened. Murray, the visiting tackle, just
missed the runner by inches in a flying dive at the 20
yard line. The attempt for the extra point after the
touchdown failed as Gardner broke through and blocked
Method's kick.
After Duluth had scored, the mighty Green Bay machine
appeared to swing into action and they soon had Duluth
on the defensive. The burly Badger forwards smeared up
play after play and the home eleven was soon fighting in
the shadow of its own goal posts. In an attempt to play
safe, Captain Ryan ordered a punt on the first down.
Williams' pass was a bit low and McDonald juggled the
ball. Buck was on him like a leach. There was a mad
scramble for the oval but McDonald finally clutched the
pigskin. It was a safety, counting two points for the
visitors. The teams scrimmaged on the 20 yard line and
Duluth once again punted out of danger. The ball see-
sawed during the remainder of the period with the
visitors continuing their "bearing down" tactics which
completely smothered the Duluth offense.
In the final period, a poorly handled punt put Green Bay
back in their own territory. The visiting attack eased up
and Buck punted to midfield. At this stage of the game,
Duluth, with Gilbert and Coughlin leading, came through
with three first downs. It looked like another touchdown
but the sterling Green Bay defense showed itself again and took the ball on downs. With but a few minutes remaining, the Badger champions cut loose again with a drive which threw a scare into the Duluth rooters. Lambeau gobbled up Buck's onside kick for a 40 yard gain and a neatly executed forward pass put Green Bay 15 yards nearer the Duluth goal line.
By this time, it was just a question of seconds. Lambeau shot a forward pass to Wheeler. A Duluth man interfered with the Badger end on Duluth's 16 yard line. A penalty was called by referee Coffeen but Vaughn, the Duluth official, nulled the decision by inflicting a 15 yard penalty for holding on the Green Bay team. If Coffeen's decision had stood, it would have been Green Bay's ball on Duluth's one yard line, goal to go. The time was up before the teams got a chance to get into action again. During the opening half, Duluth showed a fair attack while the defense of the Green Bay team was wonderful. Five times during the opening quarters, the visitors made stonewall stands within their ten yard line and shut off what looked like sure touchdowns.
Bad passes and fumbles kept Green Bay continually in hot water in the opening half. Their much vaunted offense failed to materialize and whenever they got going a fumbled ball cut short the drive for a touchdown. The Bay backfielders had trouble handling punts and several of the miscues came near proving costly. Thanks to Buck's masterly kicking, Green Bay gained ground on every exchange of kicks. Duluth failed to show an awful lot on the offense and the home team forwards hopped on every loose ball like a scared rabbit. The visitors were not blocking on punts and the Duluth ends were always down the field fast.
Method and Coughlin, together with Denfield, starred for Duluth, while the Green Bay forward line carried off the honors for the visitors. The visiting ends made some splendid tackles while Murray, Buck, Owens and Gardner loowed up like a stone wall on the defense. After the game, the Bay management made Duluth an offer for a return game and the contest will probably be staged late in the season at the Badger state city. 

SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A tempting offer of $3,000 for the season to play professional football was turned down by Doug Brown, who played center last year on the undefeated eleven of Lafayette college. The Milwaukee club of the NFL was after the ex-collegian who rejected the offer on the grounds that "his ideals of college football prevented him from participating in the professional game." So far as we can see, the downtrodden professional game hasn't hurt the standing in community of Cub Buck or many other former collegiate gridders who are playing gold-digging football.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Three Green Bay dyed-in-the-wool football fans rode to Duluth and back to see the football game. Bundled up like knights of the road, they were "with the team" every minute although at times not to be seen. The trio were the guests of the management at the game. And there were several others, who we think will be haunted by Pullman porters and conductors for many weeks to come. But at that they traveled a bit more easier than the rod riding trio.
EXHIBITION - Duluth K.C.'s 6, Green Bay Packers 2
Sunday September 24th 1922 (at Duluth)
SEPTEMBER 26 (Rock Island) - At least six thousand football fans will flock to Athletic park here Sunday to witness the opening game of the NFL, which will be played between the Rock Island Independents and Green Bay, professional football champions of Wisconsin. All of the opening day thrills will be on tap. The city officials will have a hand in prying off the pigskin lid and two bands will furnish music. This will be the Independents "Booster Day" and the merchants and businessmen are getting solidly behind the football management in making the affair a big success. Already over 2,400 tickets have been sold. The appearance of the Green Bay team here is creating much interest among the football fans. In Buck, Gardner, Owens and Murray, the Badger champions have four of the greatest linemen in professional football while the backfield contingent composed of Captain Lambeau, Regnier, Davis, Taugher, Glick and Mathys rank with the best. The Independents will have another wonder club on the gridiron. Last fall Rock Island beat Green Bay, 14 to 3, and they expect to repeat their '21 success. Jimmy Conzelman, Dewey Lyle, Weinig, Jones and a host of other pigskin stars will be in the Rock Island lineup. In a practice game Sunday, the Rock Island Independents easily defeated the Moline Indians, 26 to 0. Eddie Usher, three years a backfield player with the University of Michigan, joined the Islanders yesterday. Duke Slater, giant Negro star from the University of Iowa, played at one of the tackle positions.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Aside from Rip Owens, the Green Bay players came out of their grueling struggle at Duluth in fair shape. Practice work was resumed this afternoon when the squad journeyed to Appleton and indulged in some scrimmage work against the Lawrence varsity. The routing for the Rock Island trip has been arranged. The Bay squad leaves over the Northwestern road, Saturday afternoon at 3:15. They reach Chicago at 10:15 and transfer to the Rock Island road. A special sleeper will be spotted at the station and the team can hit the hay early. The team reaches Rock Island at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. On the return trip they leave Rock Island Sunday night at 11:45, reach Chicago Monday morning in time to take the 9:15 Northwestern for home.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The first surprise of the football season indeed was a rude awakening to the fans of Green Bay who had figured on Captain Lambeau's eleven bringing home the bacon from Duluth. The famous K.C.'s looked bigger and better than ever and the way they Sunday places them among the topnotchers in professional football circles...Every cloud has a silver lining and Sunday's game had two. The contest with Duluth was a non-league affair and it won't count in the Professional league standings. What's more, the Duluth aggregation has practically accepted an offer to play a return contest here later this season. The date is as yet undecided but it probably will be on one of the November dates or early in December if the Green Bay schedule can be so rearranged...It is funny how the popular sport varies in different sections of the country. Take Duluth for instance. They haven't a half bad ballpark but the national game doesn't even draw a corporal's guard. Football is the big pastime and the gridiron promoters get away with a pile of jack. Hockey is another sport that is a money maker and curling 
SEPTEMBER 27 (Columbus) - The opening games in
the NFL will be staged Sunday October 1 with all the
teams in action except Evansville, Ind., and Louisville,
Ky. Eight contests are on tap and the results will give a
good line on championship possibilities. President Joe
Carr will make public his list of officials' assignments on
Thursday and several of the best men in the country will
be sent to the middle west where important contests are
pending. The eastern wing of the circuit is anxiously
watching three contests which are the most important in
the eyes of the pigskin dopesters. These games are the
Milwaukee-Cardinal fracas in Chicago, the Green Bay-
Rock Island clash at Rock Island and the battle between
the Racine Legion and Chicago Bears at Racine. Racine
and Milwaukee are newcomers in the pro circle but both
aggregations are credited with having great teams. The
Chicago Bears, who last year played as the Staleys,
are said to be better than ever. Manager Flanigan at
Rock Island has an aggregation of stars while the 
scrappy Green Bay team is much improved over last
season. The one east-west conflict will be played at Buffalo, where the Hammond Professionals have it out with the Bison City All Americans. Jim Thorpe's Indian eleven, representing Marion, O., will meet Dayton while the old enemies, Columbus and Akron, are billed for action.
SEPTEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay's pro footballer engaged in another scrimmage drill at Appleton this afternoon against Lawrence college. With the exception of Jab Murray and Moose Gardner, all the regulars were in togs, Murray had a legal case to try in Marinette while Gardner missed train connections en route here from Ashland, Wis., where he stopped off for two days after the Duluth game. Captain Lambeau's team is rounding into form nicely and the attack which failed to come up to expectations in the K.C. contest is hitting on "all eleven". No changes in the lineup are contemplated in the battle front against Rock Island but several additions to the squad are looked for in the next few days. Work at the park will be started immediately and the football field will be fixed up in gala style for the opening game here Sunday October 8, with the Racine team of the NFL. Tickets for the game will be placed on sale at the usual places about town not later than next Tuesday....DULUTH: The K.C. management has decided to accept the Green Bay offer for a return game in the Badger city. As yet the date has not been decided but it will probably be Thanksgiving Day, November 30, providing the Green Bay team can get released from its contract with the Chicago Bears on that date.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers are leaving no stone unturned to be in the best possible shape for the NFL game at Rock Island on Sunday against Bill Flanigan's Independents. Following the scrimmage drill at Appleton Thursday afternoon with Lawrence college, the Green Bay squad went through a practice Friday morning at the ballpark here and there will be a blackboard chalk talk tonight. The players battered up in the grueling clash at Duluth have fully recovered and will be able to step into their regular berths against Rock Island. The Green Bay squad about 22 strong hops out for the scene of Sunday's conflict Saturday afternoon at 3:15 over the Northwestern road. They will change cars in Chicago, arriving in Rock Island Sunday morning.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Two years ago the owners of the White Sox ballpark refused under any condition to rent out the field for professional football. But times have changed then and the "Old Roman" has probably seen the handwriting on the wall. As a result the Chicago Cardinals have secured a lease on the big park and the opening gridiron conflict will be staged on the Sox lot Sunday October 15, with the Green Bay team having the honor of battling the initial fracas against Chris O' Brien's hirelings.
in the winter is much more attractive to the Duluthians than golf in the summer...Fame is a wonderful thing sometimes but on the other hand quite often it is bothersome. The football colony in Duluth wanted to see one man, Buck of the Green Bay team, and in the hotel he was the center of all eyes. In his street clothes, Cub looks more like a businessman than a pigskin star but as we have said before occasionally looks are deceiving.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Appleton) - Although there was no kickoff, and the stands were empty, there was a football argument at Lawrence college Tuesday afternoon by those fortunate enough to look it over. The husky Green Bay eleven of the NFL scrimmaged with Coach McChesney's Lawrence collegians and the teams went at each other as if the championship of the country was at stake. The college squad was in there fighting every minute and kept the professionals hustling every minute. The teams alternated with the ball on the offense. The drill lasted about two hours and when proceedings were halted it was a pretty tired aggregation of footballers. Towards the end of the drill, the Green Bay backfield seemed to find themselves and in less than half an hour completed eleven out of twelve passes. It is probable that the teams will practice again before the end of the week.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Chicago) - Chicago Cardinals rooters will see Paddy Driscoll in action directing the attack of his gridiron machine at Normal park next Sunday when the hard hitting southside eleven swings into action against the Milwaukee professionals in the first battle of the championship season. The Milwaukee team has been practicing for several days at Delafield, Wis., and will present a battle array including such well known stars as Fritz Pollard at halfback, King of Harvard at fullback, Doane of Rutgers at guard, Mooney of Georgetown at quarterback and Wolters of Milwaukee Normal at end. Manager Chris O' Brien has secured a lease on the White Sox ball park and the Cardinals will play their first game there on Sunday October 15 against Green bay. Due to the fact that the Cubs and White Sox are to clash in a city series, it is impossible to secure the use of the field until that time. The Milwaukee and Hammond games will be played at Normal park, the old camping ground of the Cardinals.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Columbus) - Included in the list of referee assignments for the opening games in the NFL is R.W. Elliott, who will handle the Rock Island-Green Bay contest at Rock Island. Elliott is a veteran official and last year officiated in nearly all of the Canton Bulldogs' games. In speaking of the season's opening, Joe H. Carr, Columbus, president of the league, issued this statement: "The outlook for pro football has never been better. I think our success is assured and I can guarantee the public that the officials of our organization will cooperate to the fullest extent with the team managers in giving the football public the best possible grade of football."
SEPTEMBER 30 (Rock Island) - Over 5,000 spectators will witness Sunday's game between the Independents and Green Bay. This contest is considered one of the best attractions of the season. The appearance of the Badger champions has been long awaited here. They are credited with having a forward passing combination second to none in the pro world and in Buck, Murray, Gardner and Owens, they have a line which can stand any amount of battering. Captain Lambeau, Regnier and Mathys are a trio of corking good backfielders. Tomorrow's game will start at 2:30.
SEPTEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay football squad pulled out of here at 3:15 for Rock Island on Sunday where they will meet the Rock Island Independents in a NFL encounter. Captain Lambeau's squad realizes they will be up against a stiff combination but feel confident that the Islanders will know they have been through a pigskin encounter before the final whistle blows. The following players made up the Green Bay contingent of footballers: ends, Faye, Dunnigan, Wheeler; tackles, Buck, Murray, Nadolny; guards, Owens, Zoll, Gardner; center, Klaus, Secord; backs, Lambeau, Regnier, Davis, Taugher, Glick and Croning. A few loyal fans are going to accompany the team to Rock Island. A corporal's guard will leave on the train and there are about a half dozen auto parties which intend to make the trip.