(GREEN BAY) - Playing before the largest crowd that ever witnessed a football game in Green Bay, the Packers got off on the right foot in the NFL race by taking the Marines into camp Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park by the score of 12 to 0 in a classy pigskin tilt. Exactly 3,008 paid their way into the game. This total included the "Knot Hole Gang" admissions.
And the management lived up to its slogan, "A seat for
everybody". Possibly a hundred more spectators could
have been taken care of with seats. It was a brilliant
exhibition played under ideal weather conditions. Old
Sol was out in all his glory and there was just enough
snap to the breeze that swept the field to put the pep
into the players and spectators.
Long before the gates were opened, some of the
spectators were doing time around the ticket boxes
awaiting their chance to purchase the pasteboards. The
stands filled early and by the time the Legion band 
pranced around the gridiron to the tune of "On,
Wisconsin" the seats were pretty well occupied. The
band got a big hand from the crowd and their bit of the
afternoon's program was thoroughly enjoyed. Several
members of the Green Bay Concert band also donated
their services. Between halves, the band cut loose with
some snappy tunes and two of George De Lair's
volunteer entertainers, Mulligan Scroogy and Billy Pratt,
did some fancy dancing that made a big hit with the
spectators. The pair of clowns proved good entertainers.
A new star made its appearance on the pro football
horizon. Biff Basin, former Lawrence college captain,
made a splendid debut with the Packers. He proved
himself a consistent ground gainer and was credited
with both touchdowns against the Marines. Mills, who
was switched to fullback due to Gavin's sickness,
covered himself with glory along with Captain Lambeau
and Charlie Mathys. The Packer leaded broke his nose
early in the game but carried out in style. As usual
Mathys grabbed forward passes out of the air besides
being as cool as a cucumber when running the team.
Dewey Lyke and Cowboy Wheeler turned in a good jon
at the ends. Buck gave a good exhibition at left tackle.
Jug Earps hurt his left shoulder in the first period and 
was forced to retire. Jab Murray took Earps' post and
came through in old-fashioned Murray style. Woodin
and Moose Gardner were stalwarts at guard while Wally
Nieman gave the mighty Mehre, former Notre Dame
star, the toughest kind of a battle at center. Mehre, the
Marines' captain, shone brilliantly for the invaders. Paul
Flynn, former Minnesota All Conference star, played a
whale of a game at end while Abe Kaplan, a product of
Hamline University, showed plenty of class at
quarterback. He got off some splendid punts. The
officiating was above the average as referee Von was
right on top of the ball every minute.
It looked as if the Packers were going to score early in
the game. Captain Lambeau ran the kickoff back 60
yards. A forward pass to Mathys enabled the Bay
quarter to skirt over the goal line but he stepped out of
bounds and the ball was brought back. The Marines
held tight and booted out of danger. The pigskin see-
sawed back and forth. During the opening periods, the
Marines battled the Packers, man for man, and once
had the Bays backed down to the 20 yard line.
As usual, after the halftime intermission, the Packers
began hitting on "all eleven" and the Marines sore of
crumbled under the fire. Twice the visitors held tight in
the shadow of the goal posts but the Packers were not
to be denied and finally Basing plunged over for the
score. The roar of the crowd could be heard for miles.
Just as the third quarter ended, the Packers intercepted
a Marine forward and another touchdown march started.
Mathys grabbed a forward and zig-zagged the way
through a broken field. He was downed about on the 15
yard line. Three rushes netted a first down and then
Basing went over for another score.

OCTOBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The St.
Louis Browns, who tackle the Green Bay Packers on
Sunday in a pro league tilt, got off to a flying start in 
their opening game when they defeated the
Murphysboro All Stars 27 to 0. Ollie Kraehe has
gathered together a collection of gridiron cracks who
loom as probably topnotchers on the professional gridiron...Followers of pro football are puzzled over the results of the Chicago-Rock Island game. It was figured that the Halas tribe of high priced stars would have little trouble in taking a fall out of the Independents. But the worm turned and the Islanders emerged a victory 3 to 0. This upset changes the complexion of the pro football map considerably...Duluth's victory over Akron shows that the Northerners are going to cut quite some path in the race for the pro football championship. Akron has always been ranked among the topnotchers but they had a bad case of overconfidence and Duluth triumphed 10 to 7. Evidently Little Joe Sternamen is getting results in his new berth.
Green Bay Packers (1-0) 12, Minneapolis Marines (0-1) 0
Sunday September 30th 1923 (at Green Bay)
looks of things, hundreds of football followers from all over Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan will invade Green Bay Sunday. Tickets will be on sale at the usual places about town tonight. And in the meantime, Captain Lambeau is working his Packer squad at top speed to have them on edge for the St. Louis invasion. The players are put through a course of sprouts each morning at Joannes Park and several new plays are being worked out to surprise Ollie Kraehe and his aggregation of all-stars. The Packers know the strength of the St. Louis outfit and they realize that it is going to be the stiffest kind of a battle from first to last whistle.
OCTOBER 6 (Oshkosh) - Several hundred Oshkosh fans will make a pilgrimage to Green Bay on Sunday to see the St. Louis Browns have it out with the Packers. The Sawdust City pigskin followers are keen to see Eber Simpson in action again. Simpson plays quarterback on the St. Louis team. He is an old Oshkosh idol, having played high school football here before going to Wisconsin to be starred brilliantly on the gridiron. Simpson is on the faculty of Washington university, St. Louis, and during his spare time chases the pigskin with the St. Louis pro team. Simpson has written his friends here that the St. Louis team, in his estimation, ranks with the best in the country.
OCTOBER 6 (Columbus) - Nine games are scheduled in the NFL for Sunday. St. Louis will play the Packers at Green Bay. Akron will play at Buffalo, Columbus and Milwaukee will clash at the Cream City. Rochester will meet the Chicago Cardinals at Chicago, Duluth and Minneapolis will battle at Minneapolis, Cleveland will play at Rock Island, Louisville will be at Canton, and Dayton and Hammond will fight it out at Hammond.
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Ollie Kraehe, who owns the St. Louis Browns, is quite some pigskin chaser himself and although he isn't as young as he used to be, he still dons the moleskins and steps into the encounter if necessary. Last Sunday when his team was playing at Murphysboro, Kraehe felt the need of a workout and he substituted at guard. Maybe he will be seen in action here when the Browns play the Packers on Sunday.
OCTOBER 2 (St. Louis) - Ollie Kraehe's Browns, the St. Louis entry in the NFL, will play their first pro loop game at Green Bay, Wis., on Sunday when they tackle the Packers, Wisconsin state champions. This is St. Louis' first year in the pro wheel and Manager Kraehe is sparing no expense to produce a winner. Last Sunday in the opening game, a non-league affair, the Browns defeated the Murphysboro All Stars 27 to 0. This Murphysboro team was considered unbeatable on their home lot but the Browns ran over them at will...ALL STAR AGGREGATION: Manager Kraehe will take an all star aggregation to Green Bay. It is the opinion of sportwriters here that his team will finish among the first three in the race for the national championship. Every man on the St. Louis club is a college graduate and several of them have been mentioned on All American selections in their collegiate days. On the ends, the Browns have Dolly Gray of Princeton, Winburne of Washington and Jefferson and Meese of Wabash. Gray is the Tiger player who starred against the Chicago Maroons last fall in the intersectional game. Weller of Nebraska and Travis of Missouri will play the tackles. Weller was rated as the greatest tackle ever turned out by the Cornhuskers while Travis is a former Rock Island star. Two years ago, he played in Green Bay with the Independents against the Packers...LIKE STONE WALL: The center trio looms like a stone wall. Murrah of the Texas Aggies and Weller of Nebraska play the guards while Kreinheder of Michigan is at center. Each of these three players go over 200 pounds. Eber Simpson of Wisconsin is the quarterback. Siegsfried of Washington and Jefferson, Caldwell of Rochester and Casey and Rip King, both of Harvard, complete the backfield. Manager Kraehe boasts of having the greatest set of backfielders in the country.
OCTOBER 7 (St. Louis) - Confident of victory in the first pro league start of the season, the St. Louis Browns will leave here tomorrow morning for Green
Bay, Wis., where on Sunday Kraehe's aggregation
of stars will give battle to the Packers, champions 
of Wisconsin. Encouraged by their 27 to 0 victory
over the crack Murphysboro team last Sunday, the
Browns have put in a solid week of drill in
preparation for the Green Bay tilt. The St. Louis
forward wall, composed of giants, is looking better
at every practice while the backfield, considered by
experts as good as any in the league, is displaying
lots of pep in the drills...BOOST FOR SAMPSON:
St. Louis won't be without friends at Green Bay as
quarterback Eber Simpson, an Oshkosh, Wis.,
product, has received word from his friends in his
old hometown that they will invade Green Bay
several hundred strong on Sunday to root for him.
According to schedule, the Browns will reach Green
Bay Sunday morning. They have secured a special
sleeper from Chicago. George Sisler, the baseball
star, who holds a part interest in the Browns, will
not make the trip to Green Bay. He planned to
accompany the team but a change in plans
necessitated him staying at home. The following
players will make up the St. Louis squad on the
trip to Green Bay: Manager Kraehe, Captain
Murrah, Gray, Kreinhter, Moran, Windburn, Meese,
Travis, Menhardt, Wilder, Seigfried, Casey,
Cardwell, Simpson and Weller...TICKET SALE
SPLENDID: Tickets for the St. Louis game on 
Sunday were put on sale Thursday night and they
were gobbled up like hot cakes. The demand for
pasteboards is heavier than for the Marine game
and every indication points to a record breaking
attendance. The Packers went through their regular
practice this morning and looked better than ever.
The hospital list is fairly well cleared up and, 
according to Captain Lambeau, the Bay eleven will
be "rarin' to go" when the whistle blows Sunday
OCTOBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Rollie
Williams isn't going to play any pro football. At
least that is the official announcement from Decatur
where the former Badger gridiron ace is holding
forth as coach at Millikin University. It was reported
that the Racine Legion had made Williams a "fat"
offer...Probably the most improved club in the pro wheel this year is Columbus. The Panhandles had pretty well run their rope and the folks at home were not overeager to see them in action. However, it is different now. Pete Stinchomb, a Buckeye star, who played with the Bears for two years, is running the aggregation and he has got a classy eleven. His ends can't be beat- Gus Tebell of Wisconsin and Goebel of Michigan.
OCTOBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The busiest athlete in the state. That is the title they have wished upon Howard (Cub) Buck, who has a business in Neenah, coaches at Appleton and plays pro football at Green Bay. Between time, Buck takes a big hand in the Fox River Valley Rotarian activities. Buck resides in Appleton but he has an interest in an automobile business in Neenah. He is the pigskin chief at Lawrence college where he instructs an army of some 70 candidates the correct way to scamper after a football. Three mornings a week, Buck travels to Green Bay for pro football practice and on Sunday afternoon, he can be found holding down a left tackle job on the Packer team. Nothing to do until tomorrow - that's Buck.
OCTOBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Little Joe Sternaman has got his Duluth club traveling at a snappy clip. The former Illinois star seems to have more speed than ever and in the Akron game he displayed splendid field generalship...Brenkhert, the Akron quarter, got through for a touchdown against Duluth. This backfielder has a world of speed and he seems equally at home skirting the ends or plunging through the scrimmage line...Ink Williams, one of Hammond's veterans, played a whale of a game against the Canton Bulldogs. The colored players is a "bear" for punishment and he generally gets his share when in a pigskin chasing argument...Canton got off to a flying start, 17 to 0, at the expense of Doc Young's Hammond aggregation. Chamberlain has got a number of veterans back in the fold and he is figuring on another pro league championship...Hunk Anderson, who earned his gridiron spurs at Notre Dame, showed lots of class for the Chicago Bears in their "Waterloo" at Rock Island. Anderson is as big as ever and he hasn't lost any of his aggressiveness...Kadesky, one of the stars of the Iowa Big Ten champs in 1922, is holding down an end berth for the Rock Island Independents. He is proving himself an key to the aerial attack, as he can grab the oval from any position...Jimmy Conzelman seems to have won a home in Milwaukee. His Badgers are shaping up nicely and they hopped off on the right foot in the league race at the expense of Thorpe's Redskins. As usual Conzelman was in the limelight...Jim Thorpe played in superb form against Milwaukee. The Indians' boss was a team in himself and his exhibition showed that Father Time hasn't as yet cut short his career on the chalk marked playing field...Basing, a youngster from Lawrence college, is cutting a lot of fancy capers for the Green Bay Packers. He celebrated his initial appearance in pro football by scoring twice against the Minneapolis Marines...Kaplan, a Hamline college product, turned in a slick game for the Marines against Green Bay. He showed an educated toe that held its own with Buck, the Packer bootsmith. Kaplan is fast and he ran punts back nicely...Shorty Barr, ex-Wisconsin quarterback, has won his job on the Racine Legion eleven. In his first pro game, he hurled a forward pass which paved the way for the Legion to battle Toledo to a 7 to 7 tie...Tillie Voss, last year with Rock Island, is playing a wing position for Toledo. He starred in the contest at Racine, grabbing an aerial toss which he easily turned into a touchdown. Voss is quite some end...And, as usual, Paddy Driscoll starred for the Chicago Cardinals. After Chris O'Brien's team had battled Buffalo even up, Driscoll comes to the front in the final minutes and negotiates a 47 yard field goal...Gus Tebell, considered one of the greatest ends ever turned out at Wisconsin, is holding down an extremity for Columbus. Tebell is one of the rough and ready type of footballers. He should make good in the pro game.
OCTOBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Realizing that they have their toughest nut to crack on Sunday in the St. Louis Browns, the Packer squad is losing no time getting in shape for the conflict with Ollie Kraehe's aggregation of all stars which will be staged here at Bellevue park. It is officially announced that Buck Gavin, the plunging fullback, will be fit for the fray against St. Louis. Captain Lambeau will carry on despite his broken nose and Tommy Mills will also be in shape. It was not known in the spectators last Sunday that Mills played the final quarter with a badly twisted ankle. According to Doc McNevins, Jug Earps is on the road to recovery...IN THERE FIGHTING: The Packers know that a win over St. Louis will head them for a national championship and every man of the club will be in there fighting for every inch of ground. The Bay eleven looked much better against the Marines than in the Hibbing game and it is safe to say that next Sunday the squad will be a well oiled football machine. No end of interest is being shown over Sunday's game and the management hopes that a larger crowd than last Sunday will jam the park. The St. Louis contest is one of the most expensive on the Packer schedule...SELL TICKETS THURSDAY: Tickets will be on sale Thursday night at the usual places about town. There has been a healthy demand from out-of-towners for reservations and those who desire good seats are advised to grab up the pasteboards early. The Browns leave St. Louis Saturday morning and are scheduled to arrive here Sunday a.m. over the C. & N. W. They will travel in a special sleeper from Chicago. During their stay in Green Bay, they will put up at the Beaumont hotel.
OCTOBER 3 (Columbus) - John Getshell of Minneapolis has been named by President Joe Carr of the NFL to referee the St. Louis Browns-Green Bay game at Green Bay, Wis., on Sunday October 7. Getshell is considered one of the best officials in the western end of the pro league. The league president expressed himself as satisfied with the opening set of games in his wheel. "Keen competition and big crowds", stated Mr. Carr, "shows that professional football is going to be more popular than ever this season. The close scores in the opening games brings forth the fact that the teams are more evenly matched than usual. I am more confident than ever now that this is going to be our greatest season."
OCTOBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Down Rock Island way, the football fans are having visions of a championship football team. The unexpected win over the Chicago Bears chased away all the gloom that had hung over the pigskin horizon. Aside from three players, the Independents have a brand new team on the gridiron this fall...Stories in the St. Louis papers paint Ollie Kraehe's Browns to the skies and some of the scribes venture forth with the statement that the Green Bay Packers are in for a lacing next Sunday. Quite possibly, the news hounds down in the Mound City underestimate the class of football that is played by the Badger state champions. True enough, the Browns have an all star lineup but it is our hunch that the Packers are able to make it interesting for the best of them...The sport world is funny. Some athletes make their bow in the spotlight and then fade away. A select few seem to go on forever and Jimmy Thorpe is one of them. The Famous Indian athlete is still a great gate attraction. His Oorang Indians in the NFL are just about mediocre footballers but the famous Jim carries them through. The spectators pay their money to see Thorpe and they forget what the rest of the Braves do.
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With a fair break in weather, it is safe to say that the attendance mark at the Packer-Marine game will be smashed on Sunday at Bellevue park when Green Bay has it out with the St. Louis Browns, rated as one of the strongest elevens in the NFL. The demand for reservations has been unusually heavy. Many requests for seats have been received from out of town, and, from the 
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the greatest football teams in the country will give battle here Sunday afternoon to the Green Bay Packers in a NFL game at Bellevue park. The kickoff is scheduled at 2:30 o'clock and the contest will be played rain or shine. The St. Louis club is an all-star aggregation. It is coached and captained by Rip King, a Harvard product. Included in the lineup is Jack Gray, Princeton, who starred against Chicago last year; Cap Murrah, a Canton luminary for several seasons; Eber Simpson, an Oshkosh graduate, who shone on the gridiron for Wisconsin; Bub Walker and Bo Wilder, two of Nebraska's mainstays last season. Seigfried and Winburn, a pair of W. & J. cracks, and a host of other expert pigskin chasers complete the battlefront...PACKERS FACE TEST: It will be a supreme test for the Packers but Captain Lambeau's aggregation is waiting
for the whistle. The husky Green Bay eleven, with two
victories to its credit, will be in there fighting tomorrow
for every inch of ground from first to last whistle. The
Packers have put in a good week of practice and, aside
from two players, the squad is in splendid physical
condition for the gridiron combat. The rough spots in the
offensive have been ironed out and, when the whistle
blows on Sunday, Captain Lambeau hopes to cut loose
with a sweeping attack that will bewilder the much
vaunted invaders...SECURED GOOD OFFICIALS: Good
officiating is promised. President Joe Carr has named
John Getshell of Minneapolis as referee. Harry Wirrick
of St. Louis is slated to umpire while Jimmy Coffeen will
be the head linesman. Regulation periods of 15 minute
duration will be played. Indications point to a capacity
crowd. There has been a splendid advance sale of
tickets yet there are still some good reservations to be
secured. In order to accommodate the out of towners
who want to secure tickets on their arrival here Sunday,
a branch ticket office will be open at the Press-Gazette
from 9:30 A.M. until 12:15 o'clock. The gates at the
park swing open promptly at 1 P.M.
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tomorrow
the Packers tackle a tough foe. The St. Louis Browns,
on paper, looks as good as any club in the pro league.
Their battlefront is filled with stars and every player on
the team is a collegiate graduate. However, the Packers
wouldn't be all surprised if they marked up their third
victory of the season.
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The St.
Louis club arrived here this afternoon and went to the
park for a signal drill. The visitors changed their 
traveling schedule in order to get a good night's sleep 
here before the game. They are quartered at the 
Beaumont hotel. Manager Kraehe, when asked about
Sunday's game, said, "You'll know more about our club
when the game is over tomorrow. I am sure we will win."
OCTOBER 7 (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) - The St. Louis
professional football team, with Eber Simpson, former
Wisconsin U. star, in its lineup, will play the opening
game of the NFL schedule with Green Bay here this
afternoon. The team is in good shape with the recovery
of Kreinheider and Murrah from minor injuries. Bill Gray,
former Princeton end, is also ready for the opening
whistle. Eber Simpson formerly resided about 50 miles
from Green Bay and numerous friends from his home
town are here to see the former all-Western quarterback
play again.