(GREEN BAY) - Continuing their winning ways, the Green Bay Packers celebrated Thanksgiving Day by defeating the Hammond, 19 to 0, in a pro league game at Bellevue park Thursday afternoon before a fair sized crowd. It was the Packers' fifth win in a row and the seventh they have marked up this fall in the professional circuit. As a result of Thursday's success
over Hammond and the defeat of the Chicago Cardinals
by the Bears, the Packers are now "sitting pretty" in
third place.
Doc Young's All Stars were badly outclassed. Never
were the visitors within scoring distance of the Packers'
goal. Robinson, who scored against the Bears last
Sunday, was about the only Hammondite who made
much headway against the Packers. Robinson can run
like a deer and he had a change of pace that somewhat
confused the Packers in the opening periods. However,
the Packers began dumping Robinson pretty hard 
towards the close of the fray and he wasn't quite so
frisky. Ink Williams was sort of feeling his oats and he
didn't perform with his usual brilliance. Smith, one of the
Hammond guard, appeared to like the milling and he
was in there battling all the time.
The Packers continued their brilliant performance. The
team worked like a machine. The blocking was better
than usual. The much promised air drive was very much
in evidence and the Packers cut loose with a lot of new
stuff that opened the eyes of the crowd. The defense of
the Bay eleven was superb. The line could be likened to
a stonewall while the secondary defense swept in 
nicely and Hammond's weak attempts at forwarding 
passing were covered like a tent.
The Packers received the opening kickoff. On the first
scrimmage, Green Bay used a spread formation but the
pass went bad. However, the play had the desired result
as the visitors were running around in circles trying to
build up a defense. It wasn't long before Mathys leaped
in the air and snagged a toss from Lambeau for a big
gain. Then Cowboy Wheeler grabbed the oval on 
another play and was dumped on the one yard line. The
next play Mathys wiggled through center for a
touchdown. Buck missed the goal kick. Following this
touchdown, Hammond braced a bit and the battle
waxed warm on both sides. The Packers held the upper
hand, however, and the visitors were not piling up much
yardage. When time was called for the quarter, the ball
was in Hammond's possession on its 38 yard line.
Towards the close of the first quarter, Captain Lambeau
hurt his ankle while being tackled and he was forced to
retire. Hal Hanson, the newest addition to the Packer
squad, got a big hand when he stepped into the fracas.
There was no further scoring in this period. Starting the
second half, the Packers kicked off. Following in
exchange of punts, the Bays began another goalgetting
pass drive. Captain Lambeau was back in the game,
and he made his appearance felt. On a screen pass,
Lambeau shot the pigskin to Mills and the Packers
backfielder wormed his way through a broken field 35
yards for a touchdown. It was a nifty run. Buck kicked
the goal.
This score sort of took the wind out of Hammond's sails
and for the remainder of the game, they were beating a
hasty retreat. Once the Packers lost the ball on downs
but inches away from a touchdown. Hanson was piling
up a lot of yardage in this offense. When the final period
got underway, the Packers had the ball well within
Hammond's danger zone. Several time, Hess kicked 
from behind his own goal line only to have the Packers
march down the field again. With but a half minute to
play, the Packers pulled their famous screen pass. The
same play that won the Milwaukee game, and Mathys
hurled the ball into Lambeau's waiting arms for the third
touchdown. Jug Earps missed the goal as time was
Murray, Wheeler and Hayes turned in a good job at the
ends. Buck and Earps played bang up football at the
tackles, while Woodin, Lyle and Gardner were in 
brilliant form at the guards. Niemann showed his class
at center. Mathys' work at quarter could not have been
improved upon while Mills, Basing, Lambeau, Gavin and
Hanson pleased the crowd with their sensational

Lambeau chose to put his back to the wind and
Hammond kicked off to Gavin, who returned 10 yards.
Packer pass was incomplete; Lambeau hit right tackle
for 3 yards. Lambeau passed 15 yards to Murray, who
ran 5 yards and slipped. First down. Lambeau made 2
yards around right end and Mills made 6 through right
tackle. Lambeau made it first down. Two line bucks
gained 2 yards and a pass was incomplete. Buck's
Green Bay Packers (7-2-1) 19, Hammond Pros (1-5-1) 0
Thursday November 29th 1923 (at Green Bay)
placekick from the 49 yards line was wide. Hammond's ball on their 20 yard line. Two plunged failed to gain, and Hess punted 30 yards to Mills; no return. Lambeau attempted a pass which was incomplete. Lambeau passed 25 yards to Mills. First down. After Gavin failed to gain on a line buck and Mills attempted a pass which went wide. Lambeau passed 30 yards to Wheeler, who ran out of bounds on the 1 yard line. Mathys sneaked over for the score on the next play. Buck's kick went wide. Score: Packers 6, Hammond 0. Murray kicked over the goal line and it was Hammond's ball on their 20 yard line. Two line plunges failed to net Hammond a yard and Hess punted to Mathys, who made a pretty return of 25 yards to the 35 yard mark. A pass was incomplete and on the next play Rydzewski was called for interference and the Packers had the ball on the 22 yard line. Mills got 2 yards and Rydzewski interecepted a pass. Hess made 5 yards in two plays, and Oltz smashed center for 6 yards and first down for Hammond. Oltz was thrown for a loss and Cearing failed to gain. Hess punted 30 yards to Lambeau, who was downed in his tracks; he was hurt on the play and left the game. Gavin taking right half and Hanson fullback. Two line bucks netted the Packers 2 yards, and Buck's attempted pass from punt formation was incomplete. Buck punted 50 yards to Robinson, who returned 20 yards. Hess punted 40 yards to Mathys, who signaled for a fair catch. Buck punted to Cearing, who returned 10 yards. The quarter ended with Hammond holding the ball on their 38 yards line. Score: Packers 6, Hammond 0.
Cearing got 3 yards off left tackle. Hess punted 20 yards. Packers offside; Hammond first down on the 50 yard line. Hayes replaces Wheeler for the Packers. Two bucks gained Hammond 5 yards and their pass was incomplete; Hess punted 40 yards to Mathys, who returned 7 yards and ran out of bounds. Packers gained 4 yards on smashes and a pass was incomplete. Buck punted 50 yards to Cearing, who returned 4 yards. Hess punted 40 yards to Mathys, and Williams downed him in this tracks. After two plays failed Buck punted 45 yards to Robinson, who returned 20 yards. Smashes by Hess and Oltz gained 2 yards for Hammond and a pass was incomplete. Hess punted 38 yards to Mills, who returned 7 yards. Hansen smashed center for 8 yards as the half ended. Score: Packers 6, Hammond 0.
Murray kicked to Seibert who returned to the 30 yard line. Two line smashes failed to gain and Hess punted to Hansen who fumbled. Mathys recovered. Mills gained a yard and Hansen smashed center for 10 yards and first down. Mills gained a yard and Lambeau passes 8 yards to Mathys. Lambeau gained 5 yards and first down. Lambeau passed to Mills who worked his way 30 yards for a touchdown. Buck kicked the goal. Score: Packers 13, Hammond 0. Murray kicked to Berry, who returned to the 40 yard line. A pass to Siebert netted 2 yards and another pass was incomplete. Basing went in for Mills for the Packers. Hess punted, Tallant downing the ball on the 35 yard line. Basing's pass was incomplete. Lambeau passed 10 yards to Mathys for a first down. Mathys passed 20 yards to Basing for another first down. Hansen got a yard and a pass was incomplete. Lambeau passed 15 yards to Basing. Basing made 4 yards through tackle. Hansen made first down on two smashes. Hansen took the ball to the two yard line but failed to score in three attempts. Hess punted to the 28 yard line. Lambeau gained 9 yards on an off tackle smash. The third quarter ended with the Packers in possession of the ball on Hammond's 18 yard line. Score: Packers 13, Hammond 0.
Hayes replaced Wheeler. Lambeau shot off tackle for 7 yards. Hammond covered a Packer fumble. Hess punted to the 40 yard line. Robinson caught a Packer pass but was out of bounds. Mathys just missed a 30 yard pass. Buck punted over the goal line. Oltz smashed center for 15 yards but fumbled, Hayes covering for the Packers. Mathys' pass was incomplete. Hansen passed to Lambeau for four yards. Siebert intercepted a pass and ran 30 yards before being downed by Niemann. Basing intercepted a pass. Hansen smashed center for 5 yards. Packers penalized 15 yards for holding. Buck punted 40 yards. Murray downing the ball on the 38 yard mark. Mathys intercepted a pass. Butler replaced Cearing for Hammond. Gardner for Lyle for the Packers. Two line smashes failed to gain and Buck punted to the 10 yard line. Hess punted 25 yards to Basing who returned 3 yards. Lambeau smashed tackle for 6 yards. Hansen ran 7 yards for a first down. Basing gained 2 yards and Mathys passed 20 yards to Lambeau for a touchdown. Earps failed to kick the goal as the game ended. Score: Packers 19, Hammond 0.

NOVEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A new pro football league is in the makings. At least that is the yarn from Waukegan. It seems that the Elks held a franchise in the Midwest pigskin league but they charged that they did not get a square deal. According to the Waukegan story several cities are willing to get in the new circuit. We have our doubts about its success. It takes a lot of money to run a pro football wheel...It is pretty hard to figure out the Chicago clubs' method of doing business. Both the Cards and Bears have crawled out of game with the Packers and taken on, instead, contests with other Wisconsin elevens who rank below the Bay team in the championship race. Maybe Chris O'Brien and George Halas are watching which side their bread is buttered on but, nevertheless, it does not look as if they are shooting fair with the Badger state champs.
NOVEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Moose Gardner, former Wisconsin lineman, has played brilliant football for Green Bay. The big guard has experienced his best season since entering the pro game. Gardner performed brilliantly on the defense...Duluth points with pride to the classy game put up by Harris at fullback for the Kellys. The husky backfielder always gained consistently on line plunges and his kicking ability was far above the average...Blailock, Milwaukee's crack tackle, broke into the touchdown column in the St. Louis game. Getting the oval on a delayed pass, he swung across the line and darted 30 yards through a broken field for a score...Wyckoff, a St. Louis substitute, has shown considerable ability as a pigskin chaser behind the line. He is equally at home at half or full. Wyckoff gained considerable yardage for the All Stars against Milwaukee...McNamara, Toledo guard, pulled the Buffalo game out of the fire, when in the last two minutes of the game he booted the ball between the uprights for the three points that knotted the count with McNeil's All Americans...Culver's play at center has stood out prominently for Buffalo throughout the season. The former Syracuse snapper back has passed superbly and his aggressiveness on the defense has given the opposing teams a lot of trouble...One of the surprises of the pro league season was the defeat of the Chicago Cardinals by Racine, 10 to 4. The Horlicks forward passed the Cards off their feet due to skillful tossing of the ball by Shorty Barr...Eddie Anderson, the Cardinal end, twice fumbled passes with a clean path ahead of him in the Racine game and Paddy Driscoll mussed up four attempts for field goals. No wonder Chris O'Brien's club took a licking...Robinson, former Oak Park high star, threw a scare into the Bears last Sunday. The recruit was playing fullback for Hammond. He caught a punt and wormed his way 65 yards down the gridiron for a touchdown...Joe Le Fleur seems to have won a berth at left guard on the Chicago Bears squad. During the early games, he was used in the backfield. Le Fleur is a husky individual and he would rather fight than eat...Captain Sies, despite his 200 poundage, tried his hand at quarterback for Rock Island in the game against the Marines. He didn't turn in a bad job at the position as he gave great interference for the man with the ball...Hudson, the Marines' giant fullback, plunged his way for many a gain against the Islanders. The big colored boy crashed the line like a steamroller and he seldom fails to advance the ball on center smashes...Sonnenberg had quite a hand in the Columbus victory over Jim Thorpe's Oorang Indians. The former Detroit U gridder was a star on the defense and he rang up a touchdown on a short plunge through the line...The Redskins haven't broken into the win column this season. Nine of the teams in the pro league have taken picks on the Braves. Thorpe has been badly handicapped by a line that couldn't hold its shadow...Eighteen thousand spectators saw the Canton Bulldogs take Cleveland into camp to the tune of 46 to 10. Cleveland's all star aggregation seemed to crack under the strain and the Bulldogs simply ran wild with passes...Guy Chamberlain's team appears to have the pro league championship salted away safely for another season. The Bulldogs' classy air drive coupled with a stonewall like is a pretty hard combination to beat...Saturday pro football didn't enrich Ollie Kraehe's coffers at St. Louis. The colleges were idle and Kraehe "horned in" hoping to get a big Saturday turnout. The game with Milwaukee drew less than 2,500 paid admissions...The Duluth Kellys failed to show their class while traveling. They did not taste a defeat at home, but going in the road, Milwaukee, Chicago Cards and Green Bay Packers trimmed the Northerners on successive Sundays...Several applications for membership will be filed at the next league meeting. Omaha will again press its claim for admittance and the Ironwood, Mich., legion club is also planning to seek a franchise in the pro wheel...Hundreds of Canton rooters followed the Bulldogs to Cleveland last Sunday and saw Chamberlain's squad top over the last obstacle in the path to a championship. The Cantonians helped swell the record crowd considerably...Several of the clubs are looking ahead to next year. Scouts of the pro teams have been giving the college stars the once over and it is known that several of the conference aces have already received offers for 1924.