(GREEN BAY) - Dutch Sternaman's educated toe kicked the Chicago Bears to a 3 to 0 victory over the Green Bay Packers in a pro league game Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park before the largest crowd that ever attended a sport encounter in Northeastern
Wisconsin. There were exactly 4,451 paid admissions.
This included 200 members of the "Knothole Gang". A
costly fumble by Green Bay towards the close of the
second quarter paved the way for the Chicagoans'
score. This break in the game was just one of the many
which went against Captain Lambeau's squad.
Horseshoes aren't supposed to be part of gridiron 
equipment but the Bears sure had 'em in Sunday's
About the middle of the first quarter, Gavin was playing
a punt safely. The pigskin took an awkward bounce,
grazed Gavin's hand and a Bearite hopped on the ball.
This was just another instance when the jinx appeared
to be holding forth. The greater part of the play was in
the Bears' territory. Twice during the game, the Packers
were far enough in the Chicagoan's danger zone to
attempt field goals but both tries went astray. Right in
cold figures the Packers piled up the yardage
amounting to 166 while the Bears gained 103 yards.
Cub Buck had his kicking shoes on. The Packers'
husky tackle got 'em off in "Casey" fashion. He
outbooted the famous Hanney, last year's Indiana star,
by at least ten yards on every exchange. Several of
Buck's punts traveled over 55 yards. When the Bears
pranced on the field, a chorus of "oh's" greeted them.
Every man on the Bruin squad looked as big as a house
and garbed in their orange sweaters, they sure sized up
like giants. The Bears sure are a 100 percent in 
huskiness. But the Packers weren't overawed. They
settled right down to work and gave the Bears just as
stiff an argument as they will bump up against this year.
The much flaunted Chicago line, rated the best in
professional football, got all they wanted from the
Packer forwards, and perhaps a little bit more.
The Packers threatened continually. The forward pass
threat was always in evidence and the Bears were kept
busy knocking down forwards. The visitors' aerial attack
didn't amount to much. They completed but a pair of
hurls, one of which, however, Hanney captured way
down near the Packer goal. This came immediately
after Basin fumbled in the second quarter and was 
followed shortly by Sternaman's field goal. The Bears
didn't have much on the offense but their mighty line
more than made up for the weakness behind it. Healey,
Blacklock and Hunk Anderson were in the midst of
every play while Hanney turned in quite some 
considerable job on end.
The Packers performed brilliantly. Gavin showed his
class at fullback, while Mathys starred at quarter,
despite the fact that the Bears covered him like a tent
when the forward pass was in action. Lambeau
performed superbly while Basing and Mills showed their
class at the other half. Dewey Lyle was right in his glory
battling the Bears. Wheeler turned in a swell exhibition
at the other end until forced to retire on account of
injuries. Murray replaced him and filled the bill. The Bay
center trio, Woodin, Gardner and Nieman, showed class
galore, Woodin playing his best game in a Packer
Never before have so many spectators witnessed a
game in this city. The gates opened at noon and before
one o'clock there was a thousand spectators in the
park. They came in by droves and long before the 
kickoff, every seat was taken in and standing room was
at a premium. Every reserved seat was sold out long
before noon. It was an orderly crowd and there was no
disturbances of any kind to mar the afternoon's
entertainment. Some of the spectators perched
themselves on the fence so as to get a vantage view of
the field of play. In some places, the crowd stood about
​'steen deep back of the fence along the gridiron. The
Legion band broke loose before the game and between
halves. Their efforts drew a big hand of the spectators,
"Barney Google" and "On, Wisconsin" being equally enjoyed.

Garvey kicked off, the ball going over on the 20 yard line and was put in play on the 20 yard line. Lambeau made one yard through right tackle. Gavin made another. Buck kicked 30 yards to Sternaman. Sternaman failed to gain around left end. Bolan failed to gain through center. Haney kicked 30 yards to Mathys. Lambeau made a yard around right end. Gavin plunged 8 yards through center. Basing failed to gain around left end. Buck punted 40 yards to Sternaman. Bryan failed to gain. Lanum failed to gain. Haney punted 50 yards to Mathys. Gavin made two yards. Lambeau failed to gain around right end. Basing passed 10 yards to Wheeler. Gavin plunged for 3 yards. Basing failed to gain. A forward pass was incompleted. Buck attempted a placekick at an angle from the 35 yard line, but it was off. Sternaman made two yards. Bolan made three. Haney kicked 40 yards to Gavin, who fumbled, and Halas recovered the ball. Sternaman went 8 yards around right end. Bryan made one through center. Lanum made it first down. Sternaman made four yards on left end. Bolan added two. Sternaman's dropkick from the 40 yard line fell short. Lambeau made two yards. Basing made three more.
A forward pass was incomplete. Buck kicked 50 yards to Sternaman. A long pass failed. The Packers were penalized 5 yards. Lyle downed Lanum for a 10 yard loss. Lambeau intercepted a pass. Gavin made one yard. Lambeau's pass was incomplete. Basing passed 15 yards to Mathys. Basing fumbled on the next play, Lambeau recovering. Buck punted 45 yards over the goal line. Bolan made 10 yards. Sternaman failed around right end. Bryan made 12 yards around right end. Bolan made 8 yards through center. Two passes were incomplete. Lanum kicked 50 yards to Mathys. Gavin made three yards through left tackle. Basing fumbled, Anderson recovering for the Bears. Bolan made two through center. Bryan passed 10 yards to Halas. Sternaman made five yards around right end. Sternaman dropped back to the 15 yard line and booted a placekick between the bars. Gardner kicked off to Sternaman. Lanum failed to gain.
Garvey kicked to Mathys who ran the ball to the 30 yard line. Lambeau failed around left end. Buck passed 30 yards to Mathys, who ran three more. Mills made one yard. Bryan intercepted the next pass. Le Fleur made a yard. Fetz made one around left end. Le Fleur added three through center. Bryan kicked 50 yards to Mathys. On the next play, the Bears were penalized 5 yards. Mills was thrown for a slight loss. A forward pass was incomplete. Buck punted 60 yards to Bryan, who was downed in his tracks. Bolan made one yard. Le Fleur made 5 through center. Bolan failed. Le Fleur's kick fizzled, traveling ten yards. Mills failed to gain. A forward pass was incomplete. Buck punted over the goal line. Le Fleur made three yards. Bryan failed to gain. Haney kicked 40 yards to Mathys. Mills made 8 around left end. The Bears were penalized 5 yards. Gavin made 8 yards through center. Lambeau failed to gain. Mills made one yard. A pass was incomplete, and the Bears took the ball on downs. Bryan failed to gain. Haney punted 35 yards to Mathys, who returned it 15. Gavin made 8 yards. Lambeau's dropkick was wide of the goalposts. Bryan made one yard.
Le Fleur made one yard through center. Sternaman failed to gain. Haney kicked 40 yards to Lambeau, who returned it ten. Lambeau failed to gain. A forward pass was incomplete. Sternaman failed to gain off left tackle. Sternaman made 9 yards around left end. Bryan made one yard through center. The Bears were penalized 5 yards for offside. Haney punted 35 yards to Lambeau. Lambeau took the ball for 8 yards around left end on the next play. Lambeau then passed to Mathys for a 20 yard gain. The next forward pass was incomplete. Lambeau failed on a run around right end. Buck punted 50 yards to Sternaman who returned it five. Le Fleur made 3 yards through center. Lanum failed to gain. Sternaman made one yard when he dashed around right end. Byran made 6 yards around left end. Le Fleur squeezed through for one. Sternaman failed to gain. Haney punted 50 yards to Mathys, who signaled for a fair catch. Lambeau's pass was intercepted by Bryan as the whistle blew.
Chicago Bears (2-1) 3, Green Bay Packers (1-1-1) 0
Sunday October 14th 1923 (at Green Bay)
OCTOBER 15 (Marinette) - Two men were killed and
two injured when a touring car carrying eight men from 
Ishpeming, Mich., collided with a furniture truck on
Highway 38, two miles from Crivitz, Wis., last night.
The dead are Walfred Anderson, 30, and Fritz Ring, 28,
both of Ishpeming. The injured are Hjalmer Solberg and
Reuben Stevens. The Ishpeming party was returning 
from the Bear-Packer football game at Green Bay and
were traveling north. The truck, driven by Herbert Shiek,
Joliet, Ill., was coming from the north when the accident
occurred. Fred Langes, driver of the touring car, Fred
and Arthur West, and Ben Blocken, occupants of the
Michigan car, are being held in jail here pending the
outcome of the coroner's inquest to be held today. 
Conflicting stories of the cause of the accident are given
by the drivers of the two cars. Langes, driver of the car,
says the lights of the truck were dimmed and that he
failed to see it in time to avert the crash. The driver of
the truck claims the touring car was traveling on the 
wrong side of the road. The injured are in a hospital
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Once in
awhile a sport scribe "fumbles", just like a football
player. We did in the story of the Bear-Packer game. In
handing out bouquets to the Green Bay players, we
stubbed our toe on Earps. Jug wasn't mentioned and he
deserved just as much credit as the other players. It is
lucky for the Bears that he didn't have two more arms to
use...The Packers' tilt with the Milwaukee Badgers on
Sunday should be another thrilling pigskin combat. The
Cream City aggregation under the leadership of Jimmy
Conzelman have been showing lots of class on the
gridiron and as yet they haven't tasted defeat this
OCTOBER 16 (Milwaukee) - The Milwaukee Badgers
will travel to Green Bay this weekend where they will
meet the Packers, Wisconsin state champs, Sunday
afternoon at Bellevue park in a pro league game. This
contest is considered one of the most important on the
Badgers' schedule and Captain Jimmy Conzelman, the
former Rock Island star, is working his squad daily so
as to have them in the pink of condition for the Packers.
Aside from Smith, who suffered an injured shoulder in
last Sunday's game against Racine, the Badgers are in
good physical shape for the game, which is one in a 
series for professional football honors in Wisconsin...
NOT YET BEATEN: The Badgers haven't as yet tasted
defeat this season. They have participated in three
games, knocking off Jim Thorpe's Indians and battling
to tie scores with Pete Stinchomb's Columbus eleven
and the Racine Legion. When Conzelman took charge
of the club this fall, he immediately started a house
cleaning. Aside from Conzelman, only Dinger Doane,
fullback, and Gyp Mooney, halfback, are again in 
moleskins...HAVE FORMER BEARS: Center Larsen
and guard Smith were purchased from the Chicago
Bears. End Sachs was secured from the Chicago
Cardinals and Peaches Nadolny was secured from
Green Bay via the waiver route. Among the other stars
in the Badger lineup are: Blailock from Baylor U,
Underwood of Rice Institute; Wenke from Nebraska;
Winkleman from Arkansas; Turned and Strickland from
Lombard; Erickson, an All-American halfback from
Washington and Jefferson; and McGinnes, last year's
captain captain and star lineman at Marquette.
Underwood, the big guard from Rice Institute, is a
second "Cub Buck" when it comes to weight as he tips
the beam at 265 pounds. Larson, the former Notre
Dame star, who plays center, saw service with the
Packers in 1921....EXPECT TOUGH PICKING: The
Badgers realize they will have tough picking against the
Packers but Conzelman is confident that he can build
up a defense which will curb the Bays' famous forward 
pass a ticket. A Badger scout saw the Packers play
last Sunday against the Chicago Bears and he came
back loud in praise for the Green Bay Packers.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Our
pigskin fans are just beginning to realize that Milwaukee
is represented by one of the best professional football
teams in the country. The team has not been defeated
in four starts against tough opponents and it shows
more class every time it starts. Because Jimmy
Conzelman violated precedent and gathered a squad of
youngsters, some of them unknown in this section of
the country, little consideration was given the team at
the start of the season. However, Conzelman's move
has been justified by the fine football played by his flock
of youthful stars, who put more of the real college spirit
in their play than any professional eleven we have ever
seen. Complaint has been made that the pro games lack color. Some of the teams do play in a methodical machine-like manner, but not the Badgers. They are full of fight all the time. Sunday, Milwaukee plays the Packers at Green Bay. It should be some battle." Manning Vaughan in Milwaukee Sentinel.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The second game of the series for the Wisconsin professional football championship will be played here Sunday afternoon when the Green Bay Packers have it out with
Bears at Packers - October 14th 1923
the Milwaukee Badgers. The initial contest of the pigskin race was played at Milwaukee last week when Jimmy Conzelman's team played a tie with the Racine Legion. The Packers will be defending their championship honors which they won last season in the playoff game at Milwaukee from Racine by the score of 14 to 0...LOOK EVENLY MATCHED: If the dope bucket can be counted on for any real information, the teams look evenly matched. Two weeks ago, the Bears beat Racine, 3 to 0, and last Sunday the Chicagoans took the Packers into camp by the same
score and Racine and Milwaukee played to a tie.
Milwaukee is coming here with a swell football machine.
Jimmy Conzelman's club is able to give any of them a
tough battle. As yet, this season the Packers'
opponents on Sunday haven't lost a game. They won
their opener against Thorpe's Indians and battled
knotted counts with the Columbus Indians and Racine
Legion...PACKERS MAKE READY: The Packers are
making ready for the Milwaukee invasion. The squad
came out of the grueling Bear tilt in pretty good shape
and every player will be ready for the whistle when it
blows on Sunday. Captain Lambeau's aggregation isn't
underestimating the strength of their opponents and
daily practice will be the rule. Tickets will be on sale
Thursday night at the usual places about town and
another crowd is looked for. There has been a healthy
demand for reservations from the out of towners.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - But the
thrills weren't along in the college games. Erickson, the
Milwaukee Badger half, pulled one in the Racine game.
Mintum, the Legion center, broke through, blocked 
punt and, scooping up the pigskin, started for the
Milwaukee goal. He had a clear field ahead and two of
his teammates were running alongside. Out of the
scrimmage dated Erickson. He was eighteen yards
behind but behind but fleet of foot and he grabbed the
wobbling Mintum on Milwaukee's 15 yard line with such
force that he dropped the ball and Sachs, the Milwaukee
end, covered. The Milwaukee sport scribes hammered
out reams of copy about this play alone. We don't
blame them.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Exactly
4,451 spectators paid their way into the Packer-Chicago
Bears league football game at Green Bay last Sunday.
This is the largest crowd that ever attended an athletic
contest in this part of the state. It was several hundred
bigger than the Pails-Sheboygan ball game.
OCTOBER 18 (Milwaukee) - Jimmy Conzelman's
Milwaukee Badgers will be in the "pink" when they
battle the Packers on Sunday in a pro league game.
Every man on the squad is in good physical trim. It was
feared Smith's injured shoulder would keep him out of 
the pastime but the big guard claims he will be on the
job when the whistle blows. The Badgers may leave
here Saturday afternoon so as to get a good rest in
Green Bay the night before the game.
OCTOBER 18 (Racine) - Racine football fans will keep
their ears to the ground on Sunday, anxious to find out
what is happening at Green Bay when the Packers and
Milwaukee meet. The Legion played a tie with
Milwaukee last Sunday and October 28 journey to the
Bay to tilt with the Packers.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Reports
from Milwaukee have it that Jimmy Conzelman, captain and coach of the Badgers, is putting his charges through a week of intensive drill for Sunday's game against the Packers. Conzelman is attempting to perfect a defense against the Bays' aerial attack. The Milwaukee leader has played against the Packers many games and he has always had his trouble putting a crimp in the Packers' forward passing. Maybe he will use about 'steen men on the secondary defense.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) -  A healthy demand for seats for Sunday's football game between the Packers and Milwaukee is being reported and, if the Weather Man gets through "shedding tears" sometime before Sunday, another capacity crowd is looked for. The game will be played rain or shine. There is a lot of interest in the state championship series. The Packers hold the gridiron title now and they hope to take another step towards the championship again in Sunday's fray...WILL BE TOUGH GAME: However, it will be a tough game. The Milwaukee club is coming here with a classy aggregation of pigskin chasers, headed by the famous Jimmy Conzelman, who starred at Rock Island for several seasons. Conzelman has a well balanced team blessed with a smashing offensive and sturdy defense. The Packers are not letting the damp spell halt their daily drills. Indoor practice at the park armory is the rule and the squad is working up some new stuff to spring on the Badgers.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There's more than one way to skin a cat. Rain has crimped the Packers' outdoor drills during the past two days but they have practiced just the same, making use of the board gridiron at the park armory. These indoor workouts are just as strenuous enough to keep the players on edge for their state title fray on Sunday here against the Milwaukee Badgers...Mathys, former Indiana quarterback, is playing super football for the Green Bay Packers. He is a superb receiver of the forward pass and his ability to clutch the pigskin has gained many a yard for the Bay eleven.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers staged a lively workout this morning in preparation for Sunday's pro league game against the Milwaukee
Badgers, which will be played at Bellevue park. The
played displayed a lot of pep in their workout and the
physical condition of the squad seemed superb. The
men are rarin' to go and it is a good bet that Jimmy
Conzelman's Milwaukee team will get a warm welcome.
..SPEED UP OFFENSIVE: The Packers will use a new
signal code in Sunday's game. This change will tend to
speed up the offensive somewhat. Captain Lambeau is
pulling every string possible to have the team on edge
as he is determined to tuck away Sunday's game in the
win column. Milwaukee is going to give the Packers a
lot of trouble. At least, that is the dope coming up from
the Cream City. Jimmy Conzelman has been driving his
footballers to the limit all week and he has been
specializing on a forward pass defense, which he hopes
will blanket the Packers' aerial method of gaining
ground...BIG CROWD EXPECTED: With the rainy spell
over with, indications look to another bumper throng at
Sunday's game. Tickets which were placed on sale 
Thursday night were quickly snapped up. There has
been a big demand for ducats from the out of towners.
Sunday's game marks the initial attempt this year of the
Packers to defend the championship honors. There is
keen rivalry between Racine, Milwaukee and Green Bay
for this coveted title. Several hundred followers of the
Badgers will follow the Milwaukee team here for the
clash with the Packers. In order to handle the seat sale
with the last possible confusion, tickets will be on sale
Sunday morning at the Press-Gazette from 9:30 until
OCTOBER 19 (Columbus) - Rochester ran up against a
flock of touchdowns at Rock Island, and when the final
whistle blew, the Easterners were buried under 56 to 0.
The squad from the Kodak City has little or nothing on
the attack...Duke Slater is playing a whale of a game
for Rock Island at right tackle. The big colored star, who
gained fame at Iowa, is in tip top shape and he is
playing his usual aggressive game when on the defense.
..Gray, last year's Princeton's end, is giving a good
account of himself with Ollie Kraehe's St. Louis club. 
Gray is a bit light for pro football but seems to stand up
well under the poundings of the big fellows...Knapp, the
Hammond fullback, is making a lot of yardage on line
plunges this season. Doc Young, the Hammond
manager, shifted Knapp from a halfback berth and he is
acting "right at home" when it comes to smashing...
Johnny Mohardt has returned to the fold with the
Cardinals and the former Notre Dame ace didn't look
bad at all against Akron. Mohardt appears not to have
lost any of his speed on sweeping end runs...Paul Meyers is a hero in Racine. The ex-Badgers star grabbed a forward pass from Barr in the last few minutes of play and scampered across the line for a touchdown. As usual Gillo kicked the goal, knotting the count against Milwaukee...Louisville was idle last Sunday but the Colonels are making great preparations for this weekend when they will open the pro league season at home with Pete Stinchomb's Columbus Indians...Jack Thorpte, brother of the famous Jim, made his appearance in the Indians' lineup against the Minneapolis Marines. Jack took his brother's place when the veteran Redskin suffered an injury to his arm...Irgens, the Marines' quarter, showed flashes of his old form in the Oorang game. The Minneapolis backfielder got away with some classy open field running and also handled punts like a big leaguer.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The undefeated Milwaukee Badgers, headed by the famous Jimmy Conzelman, clash with the Green Bay Packers
here Sunday afternoon in a pro league football game at
Bellevue park. The pigskin battle will start promptly at
2:30 o'clock. Periods of 15 minute duration is scheduled
and Jim Holloway of Chicago, one of the best officials in
the game, will referee. The contest will be staged rain or
against Milwaukee, the Packers will be defending state
championship honors. Each year a triangle race for the
gridiron supremacy is held between Milwaukee, Racine
and Green Bay. Last season, the Packers won the title
in a playoff game at Milwaukee where they defeated
Racine, 14 to 0. But one game has been played in the
State series this season. Last Sunday, Racine and
Milwaukee played to a tie. A week from Sunday the
Racine Legion plays here...STILL A 1.000 PCT: 
Milwaukee is still a 1.000 pct. in the pro league rating.
The Badgers have yet to be beat. In their opening game,
they scalped Jim Thorpe's Indians and then they played
tie games with Columbus and Racine on the last two
Sundays. Conzelman has a classy aggregation and 
they play a fighting brand of football. In Dinger Doane,
Milwaukee has a plunging fullback who can hold his
own with the best. Erickson, former All American at W.
and J., is a superb halfback while Larsen at center is
considered a crackerjack. The other players on the
squad are way above the average...PACKERS IN 
SHAPE: The Packers are all set to make things
interesting for the Badgers. Captain Lambeau has put
his squad through a course of sprouts and it is probable
that Green Bay will cut loose with some fancy stuff. No
changes in the lineup are contemplated. The squad is
in good physical shape. Gates at the park will open
promptly at 1 o'clock. Reserved seat tickets will be on
sale at the Press-Gazette from 9:30 until 12:15 o'clock
Sunday morning. The advance sale of tickets has been
unusually heavy and another capacity crowd is looked
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The pigskin
tilt between Milwaukee and Green Bay tomorrow should
be a humdinger. The Bay eleven is considered past
masters at the aerial attack while the Badgers claim to
have a defense which will checkmate this method of
offense. There would be plenty of open football on tap with thrills galore for the spectators. Conzelman, the Milwaukee leader, is a shrewd field general and he can be counted on to pull everything in the book.