(GREEN BAY) - The Packers tightened their hold on the state football championship Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park when they defeated the Milwaukee Badgers in a pro league pigskin encounter by the score of 12 to 0 before quite a gathering of football fans. It was a
splendid exhibition of the gridiron game. Both teams cut
loose with a lot of open play stuff and the contest
developed into just one thrill after another. The pigskin
see-sawed up and down the field quite frequently with
both teams gaining considerable yardage.
But through it all, the well-oiled Packer machine
functioned superbly. The team was hitting on all eleven
and it seemed as if every time the visitors got within the
danger zone, the Bay team would put on the brakes
and shut down tight on Jimmy Conzelman's orange
sweatered athletes. The play-by-play summary credits
the Packers with gains of 273 yards while the visitors
piled up 216 in yardage. The Packers never looked
better than they did against Milwaukee. The line opened
up gaping holes and the backs picked their openings
with second sense. As usual, the Green Bay far famed
aerial attack was very much in evidence and, during the
third quarter, they had the Badgers running around in
circles, trying to follow the pigskin.
Towards the close of the initial period, the Packers 
worked the pigskin well down towards the Milwaukee
goal. Three rushes netted but little yardage and Cub
Buck stepped to the 35 yard line. The Bays' big tackle
sailed the pigskin through the uprights, clean as a bell
for the first score of the game. There was nothing doing
in the scoring line in the second period. The invaders
cut loose with a lateral pass attack and loomed
dangerous. They swept down the field but the Packers
held tight about the 30-yard zone and the danger was
In the third quarter, the Packers renewed their drive with
vengeance and it wasn't long before the Milwaukee club
was doing a two step backwards. Twice Conzelman 
called a halt and read the riot act to his squad but it
was wasted energy. Down along the 40 yard mark,
Lambeau uncorked a long forward pass which Cowboy
Wheeler nabbed on the dead run and scampered across
the goal line for a touchdown. The crowd went wild.
Buck added to the joy by kicking the goal. During the
remainder of the game, the Packers held the upper
hand by a city block. Every now and then the Badgers
would spurt a bit but it was only a flash in the pan.
Twice it seemed if the Packers were headed for more
touchdowns in this period but the visitors stonewalled
in the shadow of their goalposts.
In the last quarter, the Packers renewed their smashing
attack and all the play was down in Milwaukee's own
backyard. Niemann covered a fumbled punt and the
Packers were right within scoring distance. However,
Milwaukee held tight and took the ball on downs. The
attempt to punt was blocked and it was grounded back
of the Milwaukee goal line for a safety. A technicality
robbed the Packers of a touchdown on this play as
Niemann hopped on the pigskin. The ball, when
blocked, bounced out of the end zone and back again
into the territory. The football rules automatically declare
this is safety against the defending team.
The ball was put in scrimmage on the 20 yard line by
Milwaukee. Soon after, the Packers regained the ball
and, once again, started for the goal. A smart play, a
fake kick on which Buck passed to Lambeau, put the
Packers up close again to a score. Buck missed a field
goal shortly before the final whistle blew. Jimmy
Conzelman starred for the invaders. He was here, there
and everywhere and got away for a couple of snappy
runs. Winkelman also proved himself a great ground
gainer. Peaches Nadolny busted into the fray towards
the close. The crowd gave him a good hand.
Every man on the Packer squad came through with
bells on. Hayes and Leaper made their first appearance
of the season and covered themselves with glory,
Wheeler broke into the touchdown class very nicely.
​Basing continued his brilliant performances while
Mathys, Lambeau, Mills and Gavin were in the midst of
the fight every minute. Niemann was a team in himself
at center. Lyle, Gardner and Woodin smashed every
minute at guards, while Buck, Earps and Murray turned
in a swell job at the tackle positions.

Wenke kicked off for Milwaukee. Mathys taking the kick and returning it 30 yards. Gavin failed to gain at center. Mills made one yard through right tackle. Basing made one through left tackle. Buck kicked 25 yards to Conzelman. Doane failed to gain. Conzelman passed 15 yards to Winkelman. Doane made a yard through right tackle. Winkelman made one around right end. A pass was incomplete. Conzelman kicked out of bounds on the 8-yard line. Buck kicked 60 yards to Conzelman. Conzelman made 3 yards through left tackle. Milwaukee was penalized 5 yards. A pass was incomplete. Conzelman punted 45 yards to Basing. Mills made a yard. Packers were penalized 5 yards for offside. Basing failed around right end. Basin made 5 yards through left tackle. Basing passed 25 yards to Mathys. Basing made 7 yards through left tackle. Mills made one. Conzelman intercepted a pass on the Milwaukee 16 yard line. Doane failed to gain. Conzelman made 2 yards through left tackle. Mathys passed 15 yards to Leaper. Mills failed around right end. On the next play, Basing fumbled and Leaper recovered. A forward pass failed. Buck kicked a field goal from the 38 yard line. Wenke kicked off to Leaper. Gavin made one yard. The quarter ended with the ball in Packers' possession on their own 30 yard line.
Basing made 3 yards around left end. Buck punted 40 yards. Winkelman failed to gain. Conzelman made two yards. A forward pass failed. Conzelman punted 40 yards to Mathys. Buck returned the kick, gaining 5 yards on the exchange. Conzelman passed 30 yards to Winkelman. Conzelman passed 30 yards to Winkelman. Conzelman made 6 yards through right tackle. Milwaukee was penalized 5 yards for offside. A forward pass failed. Gavin made 5 yards. Basing made 3. Buck punted 45 yards. Conzelman ran 25 yards around right end. A forward pass failed. Conzelman passed to Winkelman for 25 yards. Conzelman passed to Winkelman for 10 yards. Another pass was good for 9 yards. Conzleman failed to gain. Conzelman's attempted field goal was blocked. Lambeau made 10 yards through left tackle.
Wenke kicked off to Lambeau who returned 15 yards. Lambeau passed to Mathys for 10 yards. Lambeau passed 6 yards to Mathys. Basing smashed off tackle for 10 yards. Gavin made three more. Lambeau passed 10 yards to Mathys. Lambeau failed to gain. Lambeau passed 20 yards to Wheeler, who crossed the goal line. Buck kicked goal. Lambeau kicked off to Conzelman, who returned 20 yards. Wheeler downed Conzelman for a 15 yard loss. Conzelman made 7 around left end. Conzelman kicked offside on the 35 yard line. Gavin made 2 yards. Basing made 15 through right tackle. Lambeau added 1. A pass was incomplete. Buck punted offside on the 9 yard line. Conzelman kicked out of bounds on his own 20 yard line. Gavin made 3 yards. Lambeau failed to gain. Basing made 4 yards. Basing made 1 yard and the ball went to Milwaukee. Conzelman punted 43 yards to Mathys. Doane intercepted a forward pass. Conzelman made 10 yards around left end. Conzelman passed to Winkelman for 15 yards. Doane plunged through for 12. Conzelman passed to Turner for 5 yards. Conzelman was thrown for a 10 yard loss.
The Packers were penalized five yards. Conzelman passed to Turner for 10 yards. Buck intercepted a pass on the Packers' 25 yard line and returned it 10 yards. Gavin made two. Basing made three. Buck kicked 58 yards to Milwaukee's two yard line. Conzelman's punt was blocked, the ball dropping in the end zone, and rolling back into the line of play where Niemann covered it, automatically scoring a safety. The ball was put in play on Milwaukee's 20 yard line. Conzelman passed 10 yards to Winkelman. Conzelman passed five yards to Turner. A forward pass was incomplete. Conzelman kicked 45 yards to Lambeau. Gavin made four yards. Lambeau made one. Buck kicked 45 yards to Winkelman, who fumbled, Niemann covering the ball. Buck's attempted placekick failed. Conzelman made three yards around right end. A forward pass failed. Another pass failed. Conzelman kicked 50 yards to Mathys. Lambeau made five yards. Basing added four. Lambeau made it first down. Gavin made three; Basing made five; and again Lambeau plunged for first down. Gavin made four yards, and Basing failed to gain. On a faked placekick, Buck passed 20 yards to Lambeau. Gavin made two yards. A pass was incomplete over the goal line. Conzelman passed to Doane as the game ended.
Green Bay Packers (2-1-1) 12, Milwaukee Badgers (1-1-2) 0
Sunday October 21st 1923 (at Green Bay)
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers went through another strenuous workout this morning in preparation for the state championship game with the Racine Legion here on Sunday. Captain Lambeau's warriors are not underestimating the strength
of their opponents and every player figures that the 
Racine fray is going to be the toughest kind of a battle.
The team is in pretty good physical shape for the game
with Racine. All of the regulars came out of the 
Milwaukee fracas with but minor bruises and it will be
possible to start the strongest lineup against Babe
Ruetz's gridiron warriors...EXPECT LARGE CROWD:
There is a big demand for tickets. The pasteboards
were put on sale last night and the ducats were
snapped up early in a hurry. Sunday's game will be the
last home appearance of the Packers until Thanksgiving
Day when the Bay eleven will have it out with Duluth.
Art Von, the crack Duluth official, has been named to
handle the game against Racine. He follows the ball
closely and is on top of the scrimmage every minute.
Good officiating is half the game. Sunday's contest will
start promptly at 2:30 o'clock and the game will be
played rain or shine. Fifteen minute periods are agreed
OCTOBER 26 (Racine) - "All Aboard for Green Bay".
That is the slogan in the town that Horlick made
famous. Several hundred rooters will follow the Legion
eleven for Sunday's game. The football squad will make
the trip in a special car over the C. & N. W. The
Beaumont hotel will be the Racine headquarters during
the sojourn in Green Bay. A special section of seats
has been reserved for the Racine delegation at the
game. Hank Gillo, the Racine coach, in speaking of 
Sunday's game said: "The Packers have just as good a
team as there is in the pro league but I think that we'll
lick them on Sunday. We've built up a defense against
the forward pass which, I think, is going to give the
Packers a lot of trouble. No matter who wins, it is going
to be a great game.
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
addition of Jack (Dolly) Gray should make the Packers
better than ever. The former Princeton star is a splendid
performer at end and his ability to handle forward
passes should make him a star with the Green Bay
team. Gray was with St. Louis and going good but he
was not satisfied with conditions and Manager Kraehe
finally gave the Packers first option on his services.
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Hill turned
in a swell game of football for the Toledo Maroons
against the Dayton Triangles. During the last few
minutes of play he plunged through the forward line for
a touchdown, which won the battle 6 to 3...Blacklock, field captain of the Chicago Bears, won't likely do anymore pigskin chasing this season. He was carried off the field in the Canton contest with a badly injured leg. His injury is a blow to the Chicagoans...Pete Henry did some classy kicking for the Bulldogs last Sunday. Twice did the big tackle boot the pigskin between the uprights and his six points were the only counters made during the hard fought gridiron joust...Abbott, former varsity quarterback at Syracuse, is turning in a good brand of football for the Dayton Triangles. He handles punts nicely and keeps his team traveling at top speed when in possession of the ball.
being on the receiving end of long forwards on two occasions. He has all the earmarks of being a wonderful player and one who can be depended upon in pinches. There is no uncertainty when he reaches out to grab the ball as it sticks with him. Gillo's old kicker will be in good working order for the Packer game. He oiled it up in fine shape last Sunday when the Horlicks trounced the Akron Pros by a 9 to 7 count. Hank earned all the points made by the locals with his toes. He kicked one placekick from the center of the field and another from the 48 yard mark in the second quarter and then booted over the winning points from the 30 in the last period. These three placekicks are probably the greatest ever booted in a pro game and mark Gillo as a dangerous man...ALL AMERICAN FULLBACK: He not only stars in kicking from the field but shoots his kickoff over his opponents line and is a demon on line plunging. Hank has been with the locals for three years and is well known in Green Bay. He was picked as an All American fullback when playing with Colgate. The Bay fans will have a chance to see several Wisconsin university stars in action when the Legion plays their team as besides Barr there is Rowdy Elliott, a speedy half; Paulie Meyers, a crack end, and Fat Smith, a tackle in the lineup. The Legion management is certain that its team this year is the best it has ever and is going into this forthcoming battle with the Packers for a win.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Racine Legion, contenders for the State professional football championship and one of the strongest elevens in the pro league, will give battle to the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park. It will be the last home appearance of the Packers until Thanksgiving Day because, during the next four weeks, the Green Bay team will be playing on foreign grids. Arthur Von of Duluth, an official who is on top of the ball
every minute, will referee. Whyte of Wabash is the
umpire while Coffeen of Beloit will serve as head
linesman. The game, which will be played rain or shine,
is scheduled to start promptly at 2:30. The periods will
be of 15 minute duration...VISITORS ARE STRONG: 
Racine will present a husky aggregation of gridiron
warriors. The Legion squad is composed of tried and
true pigskin warriors, many of whom have made a name
for themselves on college teams. Wisconsin is well 
represented by Paul Meyers, end; Shorty Barr, 
quarterback; Rowdy Elliott, halfback and Fat Smith,
tackle. Several of the Horlickmen are products of
Chicago, Tong, guard; Dressen, quarter, and Halladay,
end, having learned their football under the famous
Alonzo Stagg. Candy Miller, guard, was a star at
Purdue. Bud Gorman, who plays guard, is a pugilist of
note and was Tommy Gibbons' chief training partner for
the fight with Dempsey at Shelby, Mont. The most
feared man on the Racine team is Hank Gillo, the All
American from Colgate. Gillo is the equal of any field
goal kicked in professional football and rarely a game
passes that he doesn't boot the pigskin between the
uprights. Gillo's educated toe has twice turned defeats
for Racine into tie games when playing against the
Packers...PACKERS IN SHAPE: The Packers are fit
for the fray and they hope to take another step towards
clinching the state championship for another season.
All the regulars will be on the job and it is expected that
Dolly Gray, Princeton's star end in 1922, the newest
addition to the Green Bay team, will break into the
lineup. Another big crowd is expected. There has been
a heavy advance sale of tickets. The gates at the park
will open at 1 o'clock. Reserved seat tickets will be on
sale at the Press Gazette Sunday morning from 9:30
A.M. until noon.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The stand
at the northeast side of the field has been set aside for
the Racine rooters, who are expected to come in here
about 300 strong. Special tickets have been issued for
use by the Racine rooters. Manager Ruetz of Racine
has promised to return the favor on the stand reservation
to the Green Bay rooters when the Packers play in
Racine on November 11.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tomorrow
the Packers will perform at Bellevue park for the last
time until Thanksgiving Day rolls around and the
management is in hopes that a capacity crowd will pack
the park so as to give the Bay eleven a corking good
send out. Racine will oppose Lambeau's gridders and 
from reports working out of Horlickville, the Legion team
expects to spring a surprise on the state champions...
Following Sunday's game, the Packers take the road for
four weeks, November 4 they perform in St. Louis. The
next Sunday the Bay eleven plays a return game in
Racine. On November 18, the Green Bay club shows its
wares in Milwaukee while on November 25 the Packers
invade Chicago to lock horns with Chris O'Brien's Cardinals at White Sox park, quite likely the Windy City fracas will take on a championship hue.
OCTOBER 27 (Columbus) - Sunday's games in the NFL promise thrills galore for the pigskin fans who flock to the Sabbath Day tilts. President Joe Carr, head of the league, plans to take in the Chicago Bear-Buffalo All American game in the Windy City. This contest is considered the big game in the pro league on Sunday. However, there are a number of other important contests. Dayton plays the Cards at Chicago; St. Louis invades Milwaukee; Racine meets the Packers at Green Bay in a State championship tilt, while Duluth and Minneapolis will battle again. The Rock Island Independents play a non-league game going to Omaha for a pigskin tilt. Speaking of pro football, President Joe Carr said: "So far this season, we have been very successful and I look for the season to end in a blaze of glory. With one or two exceptions, keen competition has featured the league games this season. The attendance has been very satisfactory and the class of play pleasing to the spectators. Despite the fact that there are several undefeated teams, I don't think the championship is settled as yet. Some of the undefeated teams are sure to fall by the wayside...LEAGUE GOSSIP: Hendrian, ex-Princeton star, has won a home for himself at Akron. His brilliant play at quarter is attracting favorable comment around the pro circuit. He follows the ball closely and "Speed" is his middle name...Death Halladay, who gained fame as a footballer at Chicago, has joined the ranks of the professionals and is holding down a wing berth on the Racine Legion team. He looked good in his first game against Akron...Eddie Anderson, formerly of Notre Dame, is playing bang up football for Chris O'Brien's Chicago Cardinals. Anderson in an adept receiver of a forward pass. He is one of the main cogs in Paddy Driscoll's machine...Sampson, the Minneapolis Marines' fullback, played a whale of a game against the Cards last Sunday in Chicago. He backed up the line to perfection and his savage tackling dumped the Cardinal backs mighty hard...In Underwood, a Rice Institute graduate, Jimmy Conzelman of the Milwaukee Badgers has picked up a corking good lineman. The big fellow tips the beam at over 265 pounds but is fast on his feet for a giant...Lambeau, the Green Bay captain, is continuing his brilliant performances as a forward pass hurler. The air attack is the Packes' best stock in trade due to Lambeau's ability to shoot the pigskin like a bullet...Williams, one of the hometown products on the Duluth teams, is making quite a rep as a lineman. The Duluthian is as strong as a bull and Little Joe Sternaman is polishing off all his rough spots...Tallant, one of the veterans on the Hammond team, is playing a much improved brand of football. He is of the aggressive type of tackle and is generally found right in the midst of the roughest going...Isabel had quite a field day at Louisville when Columbus downed the Colonels to the tune of 34 to 0. The former Buckeye varsity gridder marked up a pair of touchdowns against the hard working Southeners...Otto, the former Centre college player, is holding down the center job for Louisville and he has looked pretty good in his two pro league games. Otto is right on top of the ball all the time and is a splendid passer...Cap Murrah continues to show his ability as a pro footballer. He is hanging his hat in St. Louis this season and Manager Kraehe of the All Stars is using him at different positions on the scrimmage front...Huffman, considered one of the best tackles ever turned out at Ohio State, is playing superb football for the Cleveland club. The big fellow has the knack of making wide holes for his backfielders to sift through easily...Red Fox, quarterback on Thorpe's Indians, shows flashes of real football ability. The Redskin quarter has his hands full getting off plays as the Braves' front line often wilts quickly under a smashing attack...Manager McNeil of the Buffalo All-Americans showed a new backfield star last Sunday against the Indians in Flavian, the former Georgetown flash. The newcomer seemed very much at home cavorting with the pro gridders...Rock Island played a non-league game last Sunday, taking a fall out of the Hibbing Miners, 27 to 7. Three former Islanders, Buland, Marshall and Rube Ursella were the luminaries for the Hibbing aggregation...The Chicago Bears haven't secured a touchdown this season. Only six points have been marked up by the Halas hirelings and Dutch Sternaman's educated toe made 'em with a pair of field goals...Rochester will invade Hammond for a pro league game on Sunday. The Kodak City club is bracing its lineup in order to make things interesting for Doc Young's squad. Two bad lickings are charged against the New Yorkers.
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packer football men will no longer shiver on the benches or take turns at the captain's leather coat if the efforts of the Auxiliary to the Catholic Women's club and the goodwill of the public can help it. Visiting teams promenade onto the field with bright colored blankets around them and sit warmly wrapped in them while on the benches. "Our Packers" blankets are sadly missing. And to the enthusiastic football fans there is nothing short of a shame. So they have decided that when the team sallies forth to St. Louis a week from Sunday, they too will promenade onto the field with "GREEN BAY" printed proudly on the backs of their blankets. After much conference yesterday, with various levels of organizations, the girls were granted permission to hold a tag day on Saturday October 27. They will be on the streets all day and during the evening and will ask everyone to help Green Bay by helping buy the Packers' blankets. The team is a community organization, and the blankets will be merely an addition to the equipment of the public's property. The surplus proceeds collected during the day will be divided equally among the public charities. "Help Keep the Packers Warm and Boost Green Bay" is the slogan adopted by the girls, who hope to have a surprise for all spectators at Sunday's game.
OCTOBER 23 (Racine) - Twice a day workouts have been ordered for the Racine Legion football team in preparation for the state championship football game which will be played at Green Bay on Sunday against the title holding Packers. Captain Gillo is determined to win the argument and every player on the squad will fight behind their goal kicking leader to the last ditch. Racine has shown class on the gridiron this season. The Legion lost to the Bears, 3 to 0, but played tie games with Toledo and Milwaukee, and last Sunday defeated Akron, 9 to 7...GILLO IS STAR: In Gillo, Racine has one of the greatest kickers in pro football. He specializes in place and against Akron booted three of them between the uprights, winning for Racine single handed. Gillo has always been a thorn in the side of the Packers and he is liable to cause them a lot of trouble on Sunday. However, Gillo isn't the only star in the sky on the Racine team. The Horlickmen have three quarters, Shorty Barr, who played with Wisconsin last season, Dressen, last year's regular, and Milton Romney, who gained fame at Chicago...ELLIOTT AT HALF: Rowdy Elliott of Wisconsin and Irv Langhoff of Marquette are the first string halfbacks and they are capable of playing brilliant football. Paul Meyers of Wisconsin and Fritz Roessler of Marquette hold down the end jobs with Heinsch of Indiana in reserve. Miller of Purdue and Smith of Wisconsin, an Oshkosh product, are the varsity tackles. Foster of Indiana and Braman of Yale substitute at these positions. Bud Gorman, Tommy Gibbons' sparring partner and Cing Tong of Chicago flank the center with Hueller and McCaw of Indiana as extras. Jack Mintum, rated one of the best centers in the pro game, will pass the ball. There is a lot of interest in Racine over the game and it is estimated that at lease three hundred rooters will make the pilgrimage to Green Bay for the gridiron combat. Manager Babe Ruetz has reserved a block of seats and the Racine rooters will all be grouped together.
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Cardinals bumped into some stiff going last Sunday and it was only Paddy Driscoll's toe that enabled them to beat the Minneapolis Marines. Chris O'Brien arranged a pretty good schedule for show purposes and up until the Marine game they looked like the class of the league. Of course, comparison of scores don't amount to much but the "dope bucket" is always good feeding and it is well to remember that the Packers beat the Marines by a 12 to 0 count. And it was touchdowns beside...Racine Legion's footballers will give battle to the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday. It will be another game in the series for the Badger state championship besides cutting a figure on the pro league race. Racine has a classy squad of pigskin chasers. The Legion's lineup is studded with stars and, in Hank Gillo, the Legion has one of the best field goal kickers on the professional gridiron. Last Sunday, he beat Akron single handed, booting three placekicks successfully.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday's State championship football game between the Packers and Racine will be the last home appearance of the Green Bay eleven for four weeks. During their journey abroad, the Packers will visit St. Louis, Racine, Milwaukee and Chicago in the order named and then come back here to play Duluth on Thanksgiving Day which, according to schedule, is the last home game of the season. The pigskin fracas with Racine is kicking up a lot of interest around this part of the state and one of the biggest crowds of the season is forecast. Tickets will be placed on sale Thursday night at the usual places about town. The advance reservations, it is said, are unusually heavy. Racine wants 150 seats for the rooters, who will follow the Horlickmen here for the game...ANOTHER THRILLING GAME: Those who watched the Packers best Milwaukee last Sunday are still talking about the game. It sure was a thriller and it is safe to say that the Racine game will be built along the same order. The Legion eleven are said to be adept at the aerial attack, and they are working twice a day on air formations with which they hope to down the Packers. Racine has one of the best teams in the pro league. Headed by the famous Hank Gillo, goal kicker extraordinary, every man on the squad is right at home on the gridiron. Shorty Barr and Paul Meyers, two players famous in Wisconsin football history, perform with Racine. In Rowdy Elliott, another ex-Badger, and Irv Langhoff, who starred at Marquette, Racine has a sweet pair of halfbacks. Milt Romney and Death Halladay, two former Chicagoans, are also on the team. Bob Gorman, who is one of Tommy Gibbons' sparring partners, is holding down a line position...ARE PRACTICING HARD: The Packer squad is continuing its daily workouts at Joannes park. The players are in pretty good physical condition and the team spirit is 100 percent. Every man on the team will be "rarin' to go" when the whistle blows for the Racine skirmish. One of the players said: "We're going to earn those blankets on Sunday. The squad is much pleased with the tag day plans to raise money for the purchase of the blankets and they are willing to help the drive along anyway possible."
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Shorty Barr, who gained considerable fame as a footballer while at Wisconsin, will show his stuff on a Green Bay gridiron Sunday afternoon when he plays with the Racine Legion against the Packers. Barr made quite a reputation for himself as a forward passer while at Madison. It will be interesting to watch how he stacks up with Captain Lambeau of the Packers, who is rated as one of the best tossers in the pro game.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Putting spirit in professional football." This is the way that many have designated the move of the Auxiliary of the Catholic Woman's club in putting on a tag day Saturday to raise money to buy blankets for the Packers. Civic pride urged the girls to ask each football fan in the city to give his little bit that the boys who represent the smallest city in the Football league could proudly carry the name "Green Bay" onto the foreign fields in a greater measure. Week after week, as green, orange and red blankets with flaming letters shrieking the name of the city from whence they came, were ushered onto the field, the idea grew in the minds of the girl fans. And with the first out of town game only two weeks off they asked the mayor for permission to raise money by a tag day. "Tis a serious matter," said he, "but I guess I can say yes this time." So get your money ready and wear a blue tag Saturday. If enough wear blue tags the Packers will wear blankets - if not - but the Packers will wear the blankets. And the public charities of the city will receive the surplus funds. The committee in charge of the tag day Saturday, the proceeds of which will be used to buy blankets for the Packer football team and the surplus funds given to public charities, met last night at the Allouez Community house. The headquarters of the taggers will be at the store of Miss Catherine Gleeson, 226 Cherry St. The taggers will be on the streets at 8 o'clock and will wear a badge of identification. All are asked to report at their assigned hours and secure their territory, boxer and tags. More taggers are wanted and are asked to leave their names at Miss Gleeson's store by tomorrow evening.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jack (Dolly) Gray, the famous Princeton end, who made three touchdowns against Chicago last year in the much-talked of intersectional game, has joined the Green Bay Packers and will be in uniform here Sunday against Racine. After several weeks of dickering, the Packer management was able to put through a deal with Manager Ollie Kraehe of the St. Louis Browns by which Gray will report immediately to Green Bay. Gray played end with St. Louis against the Packers several weeks ago and he gave a bang up exhibition of football. He is a scrappy kind of a gridder who will fit in perfectly with the Packer machine. He is a perfect receiver of the forward pass and a brilliant defense player. The newest addition to the Packer squad played three years at Princeton and Bill Rope, the Tiger coach, credited him with being one of the greatest ends that ever wore the orange and black....Members of the Packer squad are asked to report at the park armory at 9 o'clock Friday morning as there will be a blackboard talk before the team stages its regular morning workout.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Several hundred Racine fans are going to follow the Legion team to Green Bay for Sunday's game. This is the sort of spirit that goes a long way to put pro football on a firm foundation. Green Bay's football fans are known all over the middle west for the loyal way in which they always follow the Packers around the circuit.
OCTOBER 25 (Racine) - The Horlick Legion squad of this city will journey to Green Bay on Sunday in company of about 200 ardent fans for the purpose of regaining the state title which they lost to the Packers on a neutral field in Milwaukee last December by the score of 14 to 0. The Legionnaires are having some bad breaks just at present but it is confidently believed that the squad can be whipped into shape to lick the strong Packers. Manager Reutz announced on Wednesday that Captain Irv Langhoff, one of the most consistent ground gainers on the team, would be out for the remainder of the season with a broken leg and that Fritz Roessler, star right end, would also be laid up some time because of a torn ligament in his left leg. Langhoff was hurt in Sunday's game with the Akron Pros when he was tackled from behind and thrown to the ground by Nesser, speedy Akron end, who overtook him when he was nearing the Ohio goal posts after a sensational run. At that time it was thought that Langhoff's injury was a mere strain but an x-ray shows that his left leg was fractured near the knee. It is probable that Hank Gillo, captain of last year's squad, will be induced to act as captain now that Langhoff is out of the game. Hank refused the honor at the outset of the season as he is coach of the Bay View, Milwaukee, high school team and this takes up much of his time...DRESSEN IN GAME: With Langhoff and Roessler out of the regular lineup, Manager Ruetz has been forced to fill in their places. Just when things were looking gloomy for the Legionnaires a telegram was received from Charlie Dressen, last year's quarterback, saying he would report Wednesday and be in shape for the Packers' game. Charlie has been covering third base for the St. Paul team of the American Association. Next year he is going to play with the Washington team and there was a rumor about to the effect that he would not play with the Legion for fear of getting injuries which would keep him from the big show. All doubts were put to rest when the little fellow wired he was ready to get into the game, however, and his coming will do much to plug up the holes in the team. Dressen will undoubtedly be used at the quarterback position while Shorty Barr, University of Wisconsin star, will alternate with him and also fill in as a halfback in Langhoff's place. Barr is qualified to play either post...MILTON TO PLAY HALF: Jack Milton will go in as a regular at the right halfback job while Foster can help out when needed and also sub for Hank Gillo at full. Fritz Heinsch and Candy Miller will be given chances to sub at the vacant end position which goes permanently to Halliday, a former University of Chicago star, who joined the local squad just in time to get into the Akron game. Halliday distinguished himself in his opening game by