(GREEN BAY) - Outclassing the Packers at their own game, forward passing, the Racine Legion uncorked a superb aerial attack and defeated the Packers, 24 to 3, in a pro league game here Sunday afternoon before a good sized crowd. There were close to 2,800
paid admissions. It was the worst defeat suffered by the
Packers in their gridiron career.
The game was a lot harder fought than the score would
indicate. The Packers died with "their boots on". They
fought stubbornly from the start to finish but it simply
wasn't their day and that's all there was to it. Racine
played super football. It just seemed as if every move of
the Horlickmen worked out nicely. Dame Fortune
rubbed elbows with the visitors and the breaks went to
them all during the game.
It was a good game for the spectators. There was just
one thrill after another and the ball see-sawed back and
forth on the gridiron. In other words the air was full of
forward passes. Both teams made continual use of the
aerial attack and open play featured the combat. Racine
came here with a big delegation of rooters. They were
parked on the east side of the field and the visitors from
the town Horlick made famous rent the air with some
real college cheering. Led by gaily bedecked youth, the
Racine crew let loose with a lot of yells. And what's
more they had a lot to cheer for. It was a splendid
display of spirit.
However, the Packers got their share of support. The
hometown fans struck to the Bay eleven right up until
the final whistle. True enough some of the "Brass Band"
members tuned up lively but the greater majority of the
Packer followers showed their loyalty in true light. The
Packers started off like a million dollars. After receiving
the kickoff, the Bay eleven pranced right down the field.
Several forward passes worked successfully and it
wasn't long before the Green Bay squad looked
Racine braced within the 20 yard line and Buck dropped
back for a placekick. He missed the attempt and the 
ball was scrimmaged on the 20 yard line. Gillo plunged
through for a first down. It was about his only gain of
any importance during the game. Early in the second
quarter, after a punk punt by Cub Buck, Gillo got his
chance for a field goal and made good. This put the
Horlickmen in the lead. Towards the close of the period,
Romney washed over for a touchdown after grabbing a
pass from Barr. Of course, Gillo kicked the goal.
The Packers opened with a lot of fight in the second
half but a fumble put the skids under the machine and
it wasn't long before Halliday picked the pigskin out of
the air and scampered for a touchdown. And Gillo
kicked the goal. Then the Packers came back strong.
They negotiated several forward passes and twice
marched down the field only to be turned back when a
score loomed. Finally, Buck got his chance again for a
field goal and he made good.
The last quarter saw the Packers fighting stubbornly but
Racine was playing better than ever. The Packers held
for downs twice right in the shadow of the goal posts. A
Packer forward was intercepted and Racine marched
onward again. This time they weren't halted and Barr
tossed to Elliott, who was all alone, for another
touchdown. Gillo - but why repeat. During the last few
minutes of play the pigskin was in the Racine territory
but the visitors were knocking down the forward passes
as fast as the Packers hurled 'em. Racine's backfielders
and ends played superior football. They were here,
there and everywhere. The visitors gained but little on
line plunges as the Packers' forward wall was like a
stone wall. However, it was forward passes that kicked
over the dope bucket and the Packers, even when
hitting on all eleven, never gave a better exhibition of the
aerial attack than did the husky invaders from 
Horlickville in Sunday's game. Cheer up, a hundred
years from now we won't know anything about it.

Gillo kicked off to Green Bay's 10 yard line and
Lambeau returned to 28 yard mark. Gavin failed to gain
at center. A pass, Basing to Lambeau, put the ball on
Racine's 42 yard line. Basing made 1 off left tackle. 
Gavin plunged through right guard for 1 yard. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was incomplete. On punt formation Buck passed to Lambeau for a first down, putting the ball on the 20 yard line. Basing was held for no gain. Pass incomplete. Basing made 2 around left end. Buck attempted a placekick which went wide. Gillo plunged through center for 12 yards. Romney made 2 off left tackle. Elliott hit right tackle for no gain. Elliott fumbled on 38 yard line, Gray recovering for the Packers. Basing failed to gain at center. Lambeau hit right guard for 1 yard. A short pass, Basing to Mathys, gained only 1 yard. Lambeau attempted a dropkick from the 40 yard mark, which Elliott recovered on the 20 yard line. Green Bay penalized 5 yards for offside. Gillo hit right guard for 2 yards. Barr failed at center. Gillo plunged over right guard for first down. Romney made 2 over left tackle. Barr punted 40 yards, Mathys falling on the ball on Green Bay's 13 yard line. On a pass formation Lambeau made 7 around end. Basing made 4 over left tackle, for first down. Gavin made 3 through left guard. Basing made 8 through left guard for another first down. Basing made 8 through left guard for another first down. Lambeau made 3 around left end, on pass formation, as quarter ended.
Lambeau failed at right tackle. A pass incomplete. Buck punted out of bounds on Green Bay 45 yard line. Romney hit left guard for no gain. Barr passed to Elliott for 11 yards. Ball on Green Bay 35 yard line. Gillo 1 yard over right tackle. Barr hit center for 1 yard. Gillo made a pretty field goal for 40 yards. Score: Racine 3, Green Bay 0. Gillo kicked off and Lambeau returned to the 27 yard line. Lambeau failed to gain at right end. A lateral pass, Lambeau to Mathys, lost a yard. Buck punted to Barr who was downed on the 45 yard line. Elliott lost 1 at right tackle. Gillo hit center for no gain. A pass incomplete. Barr punted out of bounds on Green Bay's 26 yard line. On a criss cross play Lambeau made 2 yards. Mathys fumbled and recovered for no gain. Basing failed to gain at right guard. Buck punted to Racine's 44 yard line where Barr was nailed in his tracks. Barr made 5 off left tackle. Offside cost Green Bay 5 yards. Romney made 8 over left guard. Elliott 1 off left tackle. Elliott held for no gain. Barr failed at center. Green Bay ball on 30 yard line. Basing made 1 off left tackle. He repeated with 3 in the same place. A forward pass was incomplete. Buck punted out of bounds on Racine's 38 yard line. Barr made 12 around left end. Elliott failed at right tackle. Gillo failed at right guard. On a forward pass Racine was given the ball on Green Bay's 32 yard line for interference. A forward pass incomplete. Barr passed to Halliday for 20 yards putting the ball on Green Bay's 10 yard line. Barr passed over the goal to Romney for a touchdown and Gillo kicked goal. Gillo kicked off to Mathys who returned it to the 25 yard line. A pass incomplete. A pass, Lambeau to Basing, put the ball on the 43 yard line. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, netted 10 yards. A pass was blocked. Racine interfered with Wheeler and Green Bay was given the ball on Racine's 15 yard line. Lambeau passed over the goal line. Barr failed to gain at center as the quarter ended. Score: Racine 10, Green Bay 0.
Gardner kicked off to Racine's 25 yard line and Mathys returned to the 35 yard mark. Racine lost 5 on account of offside. Barr punted to Mathys, who fumbled and Halliday recovered on the 30 yard line. Gillo failed at center, following with 1 at right guard. Barr failed at left end. Barr attempted a pass which Leaper partially blocked and Elliott recovered. Gillo failed at left guard. Barr passed to Halliday, who carried the ball over. Gillo kicked the goal. Gardner kicked off to Barr, who was downed on the 26 yard line. Barr punted to Mathys, who fell on the ball on the 20 yard line. Basing attempted a pass which was incomplete. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, made 12 yards. Romney tripped Leaper in the act of catching a pass and Racine was penalized 15 yards. Lambeau made 3 around right end. A pass to Basing netted 15 yards. Ball on Racine's 28 yard line. A pass incomplete. Another pass incomplete. Halliday intercepted a pass and carried same to the 24 yard line. Gillo lost 4 yards on end run. Barr held for no gain. Barr punted to Lambeau, who returned to the 43 yard line. Lambeau made 11 off left tackle. Basing followed with 4 over right guard. Lambeau made 7 for a first down. Basing went off left tackle for 3 yards. A pass was incomplete. Barr knocked down another on the goal line. Buck made a placekick from the 30 yard line. Racine 17, Green Bay 3. Gillo kicked off to Basing, who returned to the 36 yard line. Basing made 2 around left end. A pass incomplete. Halliday intercepted a pass carrying same to the 30 yard line. Barr made 4 around left end. Gillo hit left guard for a yard. Elliott made 1 over right guard. Barr passed to Elliott, who carried same to Green Bay's 11 yard line. Barr hit left guard for 2 yards. He followed with 4 off left tackle. Barr passed over goal line. On punt formation Buck passed to Mathys for 5 yards. Lambeau lost 10 on an end run which was supposed to be a pass.
Lambeau started fourth quarter with a 10 yard gain around left end. Buck punted to Barr, Mills tackling him on the 40 yard line. Romney failed at left tackle. Gillo failed at right guard. Barr made 9 off left tackle. Barr punted to Mathys, who was downed on the 12 yard line. Buck passed to Mathys, who made a pretty run to the 30 yard line. A pass incomplete. Braman intercepted a pass and carried same to Green Bay's 5 yard line. Gillo lost 1 yard at right guard. Romney made 1 over left guard. Barr lost 8 on end run. Gillo missed a placekick from the 10 yard mark. Mills hit right guard for a yard. Elliott intercepted a pass and carried same to the 28 yard line. Barr lost 13 yards on an attempted pass. Barr passed to Elliott for 10 yards. Another pass incomplete. Gillo attempts kick from the 40 yard line, which went out of the bounds on the 5 yard line. Racine penalized 15 yards for talking back to the officials. Buck attempted a pass off punt formation which Elliott intercepted and carried to Green Bay's 21 yard line. Barr carried ball out of bounds for no gain. Barr passed to Elliott for 10 yards. Barr passed to Elliott for touchdown. Gillo kicked goal. Gillo kicked off to Mathys, who returned to the 47 yard mark. Lambeau passed to Mathys for 11 yards. Another pass incomplete. Another pass grounded. Lambeau attempted another pass which was blocked. Halliday knocked down another pass. Foster hit left tackle for 1 yard. Dressen no gain. Racine was penalized 5 yards for stalling. Elliott punted to Green Bay's 36 yard line. Lambeau made a pretty pass to Mathys, who ran 40 yards. Lambeau tried another pass which was incomplete. Elliott intercepted another pass, carrying same to the 20 yard line. Dressen made 1 yard. Foster failed to gain. Elliott punted to Lambeau, who was downed on the 43 yard line. Three passes were incomplete. Lambeau passed to Mills, who stepped out of bounds on the 36 yard line. Foster made 1 off right tackle and Dressen was held for no gain as the whistle blew.
Racine Legion (2-1-2) 24, Green Bay Packers (2-2-1) 3
Sunday October 28th 1923 (at Green Bay)
all the more with the reversal came unexpectedly. However, Green Bay is just as loyal as ever to its Packers and the players are more determined to start a new winning streak Sunday against St. Louis. The following week, November 11, Green Bay plays its return game with Racine and, unless we miss our guess, there is going to be a lot of fur flying.
OCTOBER 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Direct telephone service between Sportsman park, St. Louis, and Turner Hall, Green Bay, when the Packers play in 
the Mound City against Ollie Kraehe's Browns. The loop
has been arranged for so as to give the fans in Green
Bay "play by play" service on the game. For a time, it
was feared that due to the great distance between St.
Louis and the Bay, it would be out of the question to set
up the telephone service. However, officials of the
Wisconsin Telephone company brought pressure to
bear and permission was secured to establish the direct
wire. The St. Louis end of the wire is to be cut in at the
press box at Sportsman park, where the game will be
played and the "sender" will have a clean and
unobstructed view of everything that is doing on the 
gridiron. A second later the fans at Turner Hall will know
all about it.
NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Packer footballers are working out every day in 
preparation for the pro league game at St. Louis on
Sunday. The morning drill schedule was switched 
around and this afternoon the team "forward passed" it
with East High at Joannes park. The Bay eleven is
perfecting a new defense for the aerial attack and the
players feel confident that the Browns will have a
dickens of a time trying to complete forward in Sunday's
game at the Sportsman park. The players are in pretty
good shape for the St. Louis encounter and it is 
expected that the strongest Packer team will start the
game against the Browns. The final drill will be staged
Friday morning. The plans for the trip are all set and the
squad leaves Friday night over the midnight
Northwestern train for Chicago. The Bay eleven will
reach St. Louis about 5:30 Saturday afternoon. During
their stay in the Mound City, the Packers will put up at
the Statler Hotel.
NOVEMBER 1 (St. Louis) - Casey, the brilliant St. Louis
kicker, is again fit for the fray. This was the good new
announced by Manager Kraehe when speaking of his
team's chances in the Green Bay game here on
Sunday. Casey has been on the shelf with a couple of
cracked ribs and only able to play a few minutes at a
time. However, the doctors have reported him right and
he will start against the Badger State champions. Green
Bay has secured permission from the ball club officials
to string a special wire into the park for a "play by play"
service on the game. This is something new for St.
Louis and the football followers are much interested in
this novel stunt.
NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Resplendent in their new blankets, the Packers should make quite a favorable impression when they prance out on the gridiron at Sportsman's park, St. Louis, next Sunday. One of the Mound City sportwriters has been billing the Packers as "The Pro team with the College spirit" and it is our hunch that he just about the nail on the head.
NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers' blankets arrived yesterday and some of them were placed on display in the window of the C.W. Hall Dry Goods company. The window presents an attractive appearance and it is well worth seeing. The blankets are royal blue, bound in gold and are lettered in gold in letters that all St. Louis can't help but see. They will be presented to the football team tomorrow. Money with which to buy the blankets were raised by the Auxiliary to the Catholic Woman's club through a tag day last Saturday.
NOVEMBER 1 (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) - The Green Bay Packers of Green Bay, Wis., one of the strongest of the NFL teams, will oppose Ollie Kraehe's St. Louis professional teams at Sportsman's Park Sunday afternoon. On comparative scores, the Green Bay team is either 18 points stronger than St. Louis, or exactly on a par with the local team, as one chooses to interpret the scores. Kraehe's team tied Green Bay, 0 to 0, in the first game of the season. Later, Green Bay defeated Milwaukee, 12 to 0. One week later Milwaukee defeated St. Louis, 6 to 0. One of the features that will be on exhibit Sunday is Cub Buck, 275-pound tackle who played several years ago for Wisconsin. He is said to be the biggest man in football today. Besides Buck the great Weller, star tackle of the St. Louis team, will appear small although he weighs 230 pounds. Green Bay has developed a very formidable forward passing game in which Lambeau at right half, tosses to the quarterback, Mathys, for consistent gains. The ends, Wheeler, Leaper and Hayes, are also adept at receiving passes. Lambeau is a former Notre Dame star. Jim Gould (Army) will referee the game. Coffeen of Beloit College will umpire.
NOVEMBER 2 (St. Louis Star and Times) - Outside of coaching four elevens and playing with a fourth, Cuib Buck, the star of the Green Bay Packers' team, which
opposes Ollie Kraehe's St. Louis professionals at
Sportsman's Park Sunday, has little or noting to do.
This extraordinary gridder weighs a mere 275 pounds, in
condition, and is said to be the biggest player now in
the game. Cub once toiled in the Wisconsin University
line and helped make the Badgers formidable in the Big
Ten Conference...HIS DAILY SCHEDULE: Arising in the
morning, the genial Cub clothes himself in football
cloths made by Omar the Tentmaker and practice with
the pro eleven, of which he is the shining light. After
lunch he goes to Appleton to coach the high school
eleven there and at 3:30 switches fields and directs the
practice of Lawrence College in the same city. Back to
his hometown of Kaukauna, Wis., he then dashes for a
session with the high school and, at night, takes over 
the coaching of the American Legion squad. Of course,
he has to have some rest and this comes on Sunday
when, after actually idling away three or four hours, he
takes his place in the line of the Green Bay Packers
and beguiles an afternoon trying to push his opponent
off the football map. That would seem rather a large
program for any human, but the big chap really thrives
on this continuous action, and never in his football 
career has he been taken out of a game because of 
injury. Reports fail to state, however, whether any of his opponents retired for such reason. Buck is a star for the same reason that men of any profession are leaders in their chosen work - he loves his work, and his game and should some fanatic geek push through an anti-football amendment to our well-known constitution, the heavy Wisconsin lad would be utterly lost. Football fans of St. Louis will have a chance to gaze at this behemothic battler often Sunday as he does all the kicking for the visiting eleven.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It was a determined Packer squad that went to work at Joannes park this morning. Every man on the team was out for the morning drill and the players got down to practice in a way that broods trouble for the teams that face 'em in the games to come. Captain Lambeau immediately got busy to remedy the faults that cropped out in the Racine "waterloo". Every effort will be made this week to perfect an airtight defense against forward passes...IN GOOD SHAPE: The players came through Sunday's conflict in pretty good physical shape. Several members of the squad are a trifle banged up but they will all be fit for the fray on Sunday. It will be a fighting Green Bay squad that takes the field at St. Louis. The players are determined to get back again on Victory row at the expense of the Browns and then take revenge on Racine a week later...LEAVE FRIDAY NIGHT: Arrangements for the Packers' trip to St. Louis have been completed. The team will leave here Friday night at midnight for Chicago over the Northwestern. Breakfast will be had in the Windy City and at 10:15, the team will pull out for St. Louis over the Wabash road. According to
schedule, the Green Bay gridders should reach St.
Louis Saturday afternoon about 5:30 o'clock. During
their stay in St. Louis, the Packers will headquarter at
the Statler hotel. On the return trip, the Packers leave
St. Louis Saturday night, and arrive home Monday
afternoon at 3:50 p.m...WILL MAKE RESERVATIONS:
The management is anxious to get in touch with any of
the fans who are planning to accompany the team and,
if so desired, will make train and hotel reservations for
the rooters on the trip. Reports from St. Louis have it
that Manager Ollie Kraehe has shaken up his lineup, 
adding several new players, in hopes of breaking into
the win column at the Packers' expense. The game
will be played at Sportsmens' park, the home field of the
St. Louis American League baseball team.
OCTOBER 30 (St. Louis Star and Times) - After losing
two games on the road, both by scores of 6 to 0, the
St. Louis Bulldogs are back in town and are getting
ready for Sunday's contest with the Green Bay Packers
who were held scoreless in their hometown by the 
locals. In Milwaukee, as in Cleveland, the downfall of
the St. Louis crew was in the forward passing attack of
the enemy, and, although the Mound City defense against the aerial warfare of the opponents appeared to be strong, passes, resulting in scores, were completed at critical moments. Against end runs and line plunges the local entry had no trouble, downing the man with the ball with precision. It was probably because the Brewers could not penetrate the Bulldog line that they tried their aerial attack. Strange enough, the aerial battle was fought by two former Washington University quarterbacks, Eber Simpson of the local crew and Jimmy Conzelman of the Wisconsin team. The absence of "Smilin' Sid" Siegfried was a serious handicap to the St. Louis outfit, although Cardwell, a stellar halfback, was performing well in his place. Siegfried, who is at present out of the game with a broken nose, will return to the game Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. Sunday's contest with the Green Bay eleven will without a doubt draw a great number of football followers who are anxious to see what the Mound City crew can do against a team that they held to a tie earlier in the season. It is thought that if the St. Louis outfit can successfully down the passes of the Wisconsin gridders, Kraehe's men will emerge victorious. At any rate, grid fans are expecting to see a real tussle.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay football fans won't have to wait until Monday to get all the dope on Sunday's game at St. Louis between the Packers and Browns as arrangements have been completed to set up the "play by play" service which has been a feature of the football seasons here for the past two years. Turner Hall has been secured and the play by play service will be handled like in past years. A direct wire from Sportsmans' park, St. Louis, to Turner Hall has been provided for and the fans at home will be able to follow the play "hot off the gridiron". A second after somebody has been dumped in his tracks at St. Louis, the footballers, who are sitting in at Turner Hall, will know all about it.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well, the bubble burst in Green Bay on Sunday and the Packers got the worst trimming in their career on the gridiron. Outplayed at their own game, the forward pass, the Bay eleven trailed home on the short end of a 24 to 3 score. However, the best of teams get a licking now and then and it is safe to say that Captain Lambeau's squad will more than even up this reversal before the season ends.
NOVEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer football squad, fit for the fray and determined to bring home the bacon, will leave tonight for St. Louis, Mo., where on Sunday they will tackle the St. Louis Browns in a pro league gridiron engagement at Sportsman's park. The Bay eleven has spent a hard week of practice. The players are anxious to take revenge on St. Louis Sunday, for what happened here last week when Racine was in our midst. An ironclad defense against the forward pass has been built up and Captain Lambeau has added a few intricate formations to the offensive program which are sure to give the Browns considerable trouble...LEAVE OVER NORTHWESTERN: The team will pull out of here tonight at 12:50 o'clock over the Northwestern for Chicago. Saturday morning the squad hops off on the second lap of their journey to St. Louis over the Wabash. According to schedule, the Packers will set foot in the Mound City about 5:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon. The Green Bay headquarters will be at the Statler hotel. Returning home, the Packers leave St. Louis Sunday night and will arrive here Monday afternoon at 3:50. The following players will be taken to St. Louis: Captain Lambeau, Mills, Gavin, Basing, Mathys, Wheeler, Hayes, Murray, Gray, Buck, Lyle, Earps, Niemann, Gardner and Woodin.
NOVEMBER 2 (St. Louis) - Football followers here are warming up to Sunday's pro league football game between the Green Bay Packers and Ollie Kraehe's St. Louis Browns, which is scheduled at the Sportsman's park. The Packers are being "played up" in the St. Louis papers and there is a lot of interest around here over the team from the Wisconsin city that has so well on the professional gridiron. The forward pass play of the Packers will be watched closely by the St. Louis footballers.
NOVEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Injuries were numerous in the Chicago Cardinal-Dayton game and Crangle, Chris O'Brien's husky fullback, was among the players taken to the sidelines. Bob Koehler replaced him and played superbly on the defense...Abbott, former Syracuse quarterback, is acting as field general for the Dayton Triangles. He keeps his team full of pep and displays a lot of football sense in directing the offensive movements...In Guy at center, Cleveland has one of the best snapper backs in pro football. He is a shifty type of lineman and swings with the play. Guy is often down the field under punts as fast as the ends...Jim Thorpe's Indians took another lacing but the Redskins looked better against Cleveland than in any other game this season. Thorpe's club is beginning to play together and, as a result, the backs aren't doing all the work...Doc Young, the Hammond manager, called off the Rochester invasion last Sunday and he hasn't a league game booked for this week but on November 11, Hammond plays in Chicago against the Cards. This is their big game...Rock Island added another notch to its winning streak by taking the Omaha Pros into camp in a non-league game. Captain Sies has built up a wonderful team for the Islanders. The Green and White rank with the best...Two undefeated elevens in the pro league race meet on Sunday in Chicago when the Cardinals and Canton Bulldogs lock horns. The brilliant Paddy Driscoll may give Chamberlain's outfit considerable trouble...For years, the Minneapolis Marines held the Northwest championship but Joe Sternamen and his Duluthians took the honor this year. Twice, the Marines bit the dust before the smooth working Duluth eleven.
NOVEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday the Chicago Cardinals and the Canton Bulldogs lock horns in the Windy City and it should be a stellar exhibition of pigskin chasing. The Cards, headed by the mighty Paddy Driscoll, have been going like a house afire all season and they are liable to make things more than interesting for Chamberlain & Co. Driscoll is a whole team in himself but Canton will probably see to it that Paddy gets his share of hard bumps. Such is the life of an all star footballer.
NOVEMBER 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Packers kick off to St. Louis." Casey makes a yard; King stopped in his tracks; Simpson gets two; Casey punts 50 yards to Mathys, who comes back 15 before being dumped by Weller. Etc. Etc." That is the way the fans at home, who attend the play-by-play service at Turner hall will "hear" the Packers-St. Louis game on Sunday. "Seeing" the game over the wire is just as thrilling as being in the grandstand or on the sidelines. A direct wire from Sportsman's park, St. Louis, to Turner hall, Green Bay, has been arranged over and the fans at home will get every play in the game at St. Louis a second after it happens. The play-by-play service will start talking about 2 o'clock. Much interest is being shown over the service and it is expected that a capacity crowd will "hear" the game.
NOVEMBER 3 (St. Louis) - The biggest crowd that ever attended a pro football game in St. Louis is expected to watch Sunday's gridiron encounter between
Ollie Kraehe's Browns and the Green Bay Packers,
champions of Wisconsin. The visit of the Badger team
has kicked up no end of interest around here. The
Wisconsin eleven is being billed as "The Pro Team With
The College Spirit" and the St. Louis pigskin followers
are going to turn out tomorrow to see if this is possible..
credited with having a superb aerial attack. Captain
Lambeau is an expert tosser while Mathys, the former
Indiana star, and Wheeler are said to be "bears" when
it comes to grabbing the oval. Cub Buck's game has
preceeded him here and St. Louis is anxious to see the
former Wisconsin All American star. Buck tips the
beam at 275 pounds and is said to be the biggest
pigskin chaser "in captivity". Every man on the Packer
squad has had college football training...BROWNS IN
GOOD SHAPE: The Browns are in good shape for the
game. Casey, the star halfback and kicker, will start the
game and all the other regulars have been given the physician's O.K. St. Louis has built up a defense against the forward pass by which they hope to send Green Bay home with a defeat. A month ago the same team played a tie game at Green Bay.
NOVEMBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Professional football is making progress each year. Possible that is what rolls Stagg. Maybe he hates to see any football organization succeeds aside from what he is one of the powers that be. The NFL is not monkeying with players in college. The pro magnates wait until they get out of school before doing any "tinkering". We admit this wasn't always so but progress and it is keeping its "skirts" clean. We don't know if he can say that much about Stagg so far as progress goes.
NOVEMBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A big crowd of football fans will wend their way to Turner hall Sunday afternoon and "hear" the Packer-St. Louis game hot off the wire. The Play by Play service is popular here. Two years ago, when it was first attempted, the football fans were a bit skeptical, but they found that it filled the bill nicely and each year the football fans always flock in for the service when they are not following the team. A direct wire, connecting the Sportsman's park, St. Louis, and Turner hall, Green Bay, has been set up. Perfect service is promised as the telephone officials at Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis are going to have experts watching the wire every minute during the game. Not alone will the wire carry a play by play story of the championship game but all the sidelines and features will be "woven" into the story as it comes over the wire, "hot off the gridiron" from St. Louis. The wire will start chirping about 2 o'clock. Better be there early and get a seat "about the fifty yard line."
NOVEMBER 4 (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) - The Green Bay Packers, professional football champions of Wisconsin for seven years, will oppose Ollie Kraehe's professional team today at 2:30 o'clock at Sportsman's Park in the second NFL game of the local season. In its first local game, Kraehe's team played a scoreless tie with the Hammond, Ind., eleven on a muddy field. St. Louis has played four league games, tying two and losing two. The last defeat was experienced last Sunday when Jimmy Conzelman scored a touchdown that gave Milwaukee a 6 to 0 victory. This is Green Bay's second meeting with Kraehe's eleven. The first game of the season was played at Green Bay and St. Louis held the opponents of today to a scoreless tie. Since that time Green Bay has defeated Milwaukee the team that stopped St. Louis, 12 to 0. Cub Buck is the outstanding star of the Wisconsin invaders. He weighs 275 pounds and looks like an itinerant skyscraper. He plays left tackle and made his reputation at Wisconsin University.
OCTOBER 31 (St. Louis) - The appearance of the Green Bay, Wis., Packers against the St. Louis Browns here on Sunday at Sportsman park in a pro league game is attracting much attention from the football followers. The Packers are being billed as the pro team with the college spirit, and it will be interesting to see if they live up to advance notices...HEARD ABOUT PACKERS: St. Louis football fans have heard a lot about the Packers and their ability to chase the pigskin. The members of the Browns who played in Green Bay about a month ago came back here singing the praises of the Badger state champions. The biggest fault St. Louis has had to find with pro football has been the absence of open play. In other games, there has been too much line plunging and punting. It is said that the Packers have a varied aerial attack which lets the spectators see what's going on all the time...TAYLOR IN CHARGE: Frank W. Taylor, a prominent St. Louis newspaper man, who came from Green Bay, is taking charge of the arrangements for the Packers' visit in this city. There are about two dozen former Green Bayians living in St. Louis or the immediate vicinity and they have formed an impromptu Wisconsin club to make the Packers feel at home while in St. Louis. The advance sale of tickets have been unusually heavy and it is expected that the biggest crowd in the history of pro football in St. Louis will see the "wonder" team from Wisconsin perform here on Sunday.
OCTOBER 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Nothing is quite so unpleasant as a stinging defeat and it hurts