(ST. LOUIS) - Cub Buck's field goal in the third quarter from the 28 yard line paved the way for the Green Bay Packers to defeat the St. Louis Browns here Sunday afternoon by a score of 3 to 0. The pigskin fracas was played on a sea of mud and, five minutes after the
first whistle blew, it was hardly possible to tell one
player from another. St. Louis never threatened. The
Browns failed to get within the Packers' 30 yard line. In
the last minute of play, the Green Bay team had the ball
on St. Louis' three yard line, but time was up before the
Badger champs could put it over for a touchdown. The
Packers covered themselves with glory on their first visit
to the Mound City. Ollie Kraehe's team was prepared for
the game with the Bays but, aside from the two giant
tackles, Travis and Weller, the St. Louisians were pretty
well smeared up at all stages. Green Bay was not
without friends in St. Louis. Zach Taylor, a former Green
Bayian, now managing editor of the St. Louis Star, 
headed the Green Bay rooters and after the game paid
Captain Lambeau this complement: "I am prouder than
ever of the Bay." Getting back to the game itself, it sure
was a muddy party. The players mussed around just as
much as in the Columbus game last year. It was
impossible to gain any sort of a foothold and the pigskin
chasers were begrimed with muck from head to foot. 
Despite the sloppy going the Packers played consistent
football and they were on top of the oval every minute.
The pigskin could be likened to a greased pole, but even
at that the Badger state champs gave a good exhibition
of forward passing. "Watch the pass" that was the St.
Louis battle cry but they got mud in their eyes trying to
do it. St. Louis completed about two passes while the
Packers must have negotiated at least a dozen. Captain
Lambeau's squad outsmarted their opponents all
through the fracas, the Bay eleven cut loose with a
brand of wide awake football which means trouble for
Racine next Sunday. It looked for a time as if the game
might go into the discard as Manager Kraehe of the St.
Louis club wanted to call it off on account of weather
conditions. However, the teams finally went at it but
they were a good half hour behind schedule. Probably
a thousand spectators witnessed the combat. Mills,
Lambeau, Mathys, Gavin and Basing seemed to enjoy
the mud and they were right at home in the sloppy
going. Hayes, Wheeler, and Jabber Murray performed
nicely at ends while Buck and Earps more than held
their own with the giant pair of St. Louis tackles. The
work of Green Bay's center trio, Lyle, Woodin and
Niemann, was superb. Niemann passed the wet ball
without an error while Buck placed his punts so nicely
that he gained yardage on Casey, the classy St. Louis
bootsmith. Travis, Weller and Casey were the
outstanding stars for St. Louis with Dick King, the old
Harvard fullback in the limelight occasionally. 

The Packers made quite a hit with crowd when they
came on the field for practice, with their new blankets
which were donated by the girls of the Auxiliary to the
Catholic Woman's club. Green Bay lost the toss and
they defended the west goal. St. Louis kicked to Green
Bay, Mathys fumbling but regained on Green Bay's ten
yard line. Gavin hit center for a yard. Buck punted 30
yards to Siegfried, who slipped and was downed in his
track. The ball is now on Green Bay's 45 yard line. 
Siefried lost two yards on an attempted right end run.
Nieman intercepts a forward pass and the ball is now
on the 50 yard line in Green Bay's possession.
Lambeau hit left tackle for a yard. Gavin hit center for 2
yards. A forward pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was incomplete. Buck punts 50 yards over the goal line, St. Louis ball on the 20 yard line. St. Louis left halfback gained 2 yards over left tackle. Casey punted 40 yards to Mathys who was downed in his tracks. Green Bay ball on their own 40 yard line. Gavin went over right guard for 8 yards. Lambeau loses two yards on an attempted end run. A forward pass, Lambeau to Hayes, incomplete. Last down ball on the Bay 45 yard line. Buck punted 50 yards to King who was downed in his tracks. The ball is on St. Louis 20 yard line. On a cross buck Casey made 3 yards over left tackle. Siegfried went over left tackle for a yard. Casey punted 40 yards out of bounds. Green Bay's ball on their own 35 yard line. Mills was stopped for no gain. A forward pass, Lambeau to Mathys, incomplete. Lambeau was hurried and had to throw the ball quickly. Lambeau made 5 yards around left end on good interference. Buck punted 40 yards, Jug Earps got the tackle and downs the man in his tracks. St. Louis' ball on their own 25 yard line. Casey lost 4 yards on an attempted end run. Casey punted 40 yards to Mathys, who was downed in his tracks. Green Bay's ball on their own 48 yard line. Gavin made 3 over right guard. A forward pass, Lambeau to Mills, incomplete, third down, five to go. Buck kicks 35 yards to St. Louis. Jug Earps and Nieman got the tackle, throwing Simpson in his tracks on St. Louis' 19 yard line. Siegfried made 5 yards on a right end run. King made 2 yards over center. Casey made 4 yards over left tackle, first down. Siegfried lost 2 yards on an attempted end run being thrown by Earps, who is playing a splendid game today. Casey was held for no gain around right end. Casey punted 40 yards to Lambeau. Green Bay's ball on their own 42 yard line. Gavin made four yards over left tackle, third down, five to go. Mills lost 2 yards on an attempted right end run. Buck punted 40 yards to Siegfried, who returned the ball 10 yards to St. Louis' 35 yard line. A forward pass, Simpson to Milton, made one yard. King made six yards over right tackle. Casey punted 20 yards out of bounds. Green Bay's ball on their own 43 yard line. Lambeau made 3 yards over left tackle. Mills made 2 yards over left tackle. Buck punted 50 yards out of bounds on St. Louis' 2 yard line. Casey punted to Mathys, who returned the ball 20 yards to St. Louis' 22 yard line. Gavin fumbled the ball, St. Louis recovering. First down St. Louis' ball on their own 22 yard line. St. Louis punted 38 yards to Mathys, who brought the ball to the 43 yard line. Green Bay's 43 yard line. Mills hit left tackle for no gain, third down, ten to go. Lambeau passed 20 yards to Mathys, who made a spectacular catch. The ball is on St. Louis' 40 yard line. Mills hit right tackle for 3 yards. Lambeau hit left tackle for 2 yards. Lambeau passed 15 yards to Mathys who made another spectacular catch, jumping high in the air to get the slippery ball. The ball is now on St. Louis' 25 yard line. Buck failed at a placekick from the 25 yard line missing by about a foot. On an attempted cross buck Casey was held for no gain.
Casey punted 50 yards to Mathys, who fumbled by recovered on Green Bay's 40 yard line. Gavin made a yard over right guard. Lambeau threw a ten yard pass to Mathys who ran another 10 yards putting the ball on St. Louis' 43 yard line, first down. Lambeau loses 2 yards over right tackle. Cub Buck punts out of bounds on St. Louis' 25 yard line. St. Louis' ball. Siegfried made 5 yards on a right end run. Casey punted 40 yards to Lambeau, who returned it five yards to Green Bay's 50 yard line. Green Bay, first down. Gavin made a yard over right guard. St. Louis intercepted Lambeau's forward pass on their own 38 yard line. St. Louis' ball, first down. Siegfried lost two yards on an attempted right end run, Gavin making the tackle. Casey punted 70 yards across Green Bay's goal line, Green Bay's ball on their own 20 yard line. Gavin made a yard over center. On a mixup of signals, the ball was passed to a man who was not expecting it, and the Bays lost four yards on the play. Buck punted 35 yards to St. Louis, Simpson being downed in his tracks by Mills. Lambeau intercepted a forward and ran 10 yards. Green Bay's ball on their own 43 yard line, first down. Mills was held for no gain at left guard. Gavin hit left guard for no gain. Buck on a fake kick passes 10 yards to Lambeau who makes three yards before being downed. Ball now on the 50 yard line. Time out for Casey who was hurt on the play. Casey is being taken out of the game, being carried off the field by his teammates. He was injured tackling Lambeau. Wyckoff is substituting for Casey. Buck punted 30 yards to St. Louis, Simpson downed in his tracks on St. Louis' 26 yard line. Wyckoff made 8 yards over right tackle. King makes it first down on St. Louis' 39 yard line. On an attempted run around left end, Siegfried was thrown for a 4 yard loss by Lambeau. King was held for no gain over left guard. Wyckoff punted 40 yards to Lambeau, who was owned, on Green Bay's 30 yard line. Buck punted 40 yards to Simpson, who was downed in his tracks on St. Louis' 37 yard line. First half over.
Casey is ready to resume play in the second and apparently has recovered from his injury. St. Louis kicked out of bounds on Green Bay's 25 yard line. Lambeau made 1 yard over right guard. Time out for St. Louis. Lambeau failed to gain over right tackle. Buck punted 50 yards to St. Louis' 33 yard line. Casey punted 40 to Lambeau who returned it five to Green Bay's 30 yard line. A forward pass on the next play was incomplete. Second down, 10 to go. Forward pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was good for eight yards. A forward pass was intercepted by Simpson, who ran it back 10 yards to St. Louis' 47 yard line. King made two yards over center. Siegfried made one yard over right guard. Casey made seven around right end. St. Louis first down. Ball on Green Bay's 43 yard line. Siegfried lost three yards on an attempted right end run. King made three right guard. Casey punted to Green Bay's four yard line. Buck punted 50 yards to Simpson who returned it 10 yards. The ball on the Packers' 42 yard line. Wyckoff substituted for Casey. Seigfried fumbled and Wally Niemann recovered on his 41 yard line. Lambeau made one over right guard. Gavin made one over left guard. Buck punted 50 yards and Niemann recovered Simpson's fumble, putting the ball on the St. Louis 16 yard line. Lambeau plunged over left tackle for two yards. Mills makes one over right tackle and time was taken out for Green Bay. Basing was substituted for Mills who was taken out with an injured ankle. Buck kicks it over from the 20 yard line, for three points. St. Louis kicked to Niemann who returned it 10 yards to Green Bay's 30 yard line. Buck kicked 60 to St. Louis five yard line. Siegfried failed to gain on an attempted end run. Simpson punted 30 yards to Green Bay. Ball on St. Louis' 30 yard line. Buck punted 40 yards to St. Louis' 2 yard line, Niemann fell on the ball. St. Louis' ball on their 2 yard line.
Ball being brought out 10 yards to give St. Louis a chance to kick. St. Louis punts 30 yards to Mathys who returned it 5 yards to St. Louis' 25 yard line. Gavin made 6 yards over right tackle. Gavin failed to gain at right guard. A forward pass, Lambeau to Mathys, incomplete. From the sidelines it appeared to be a clear case of interference but the ump would not allow it. Mathys was knocked down attempting to catch the ball. St. Louis' ball on their 17 yard line. King punted 40 yards to Mathys who returned it 15. Green Bay's ball on St. Louis' 38 yard line. Lambeau hit right tackle for 2 yards. Time out for Lambeau, who was injured on the play. Basing made 3 yards around right end. Basing passed ten yards to Lambeau who fumbled. St. Louis gains the ball when Lambeau fumbled after being tackled. King made one yard around right end. St. Louis completed a 7 yard pass. King made 18 over left guard. King makes one yard over center. Siegfried made one yard over left guard. Wyckoff made 3 yards over left tackle. Wyckoff punted 30 yards to Basing who went out of bounds on Green Bay's 18 yard line. Lambeau made 2 yard off left tackle. Basing hit left tackle for a yard. Buck punted 45 yards, Simpson being downed in his tracks. King failed at left tackle. Simpson punted 40 yards to Green Bay's 7 yard line. Gavin made 2 yards over center. Lambeau crashed over left tackle for 3 yards. Buck punts 35 yards to Simpson. The ball is on Green Bay's 45 yard line, First down 10. On a trick lateral pass play St. Louis lost 6 yards. St. Louis lost 11 yards on another trick play. Simpson punted 30 yards to Mathys, who returned it 5 to his 35 yard line. Basing failed to gain at left guard. Lambeau makes 3 yards on a left end run. On the next play Buck fumbled but recovered and the ball went in play on Green Bay's 28 yard line. Buck punts 40 to St. Louis' 40 yard line. Wheeler intercepted a lateral pass for Green Bay on St. Louis' 10 yard line. Basing hit right tackle for 3 yards. Lambeau was thrown for an 8 yard loss on an attempted pass. Lambeau made a yard off left tackle.
Green Bay Packers (3-2-1) 3, St. Louis All Stars (0-3-2) 0
Sunday October 28th 1923 (at St. Louis)
NOVEMBER 10 (Racine) -With fair weather predicted,
Manager Babe Ruetz of the Racine Legion football team
is making preparations to handle the biggest crowd that
ever attended a pigskin encounter here on Sunday when
Racine and the Green Bay Packers lock horns in a
game on which hangs the pro championship of the
Badger state. The football colony in Racine in Southern
Wisconsin is anxiously waiting the whistle, which will
bring together two of the best teams in the country. The
game will start at 2:30 o'clock and the doors to the park
will be open at 1:15...GREEN BAY SECTION: A section
of 200 seats has been set aside for the Green Bay
rooters. These reservations are in close vicinity of the
Packer bench. Tickets for this section can be secured
at Smaders' up until 1 o'clock. The Green Bay
headquarters will be at the St. George hotel. The football
experts here are looking for a bitterly contested game.
Racine whipped the Bay eleven quite badly two weeks
ago, but the Packers are seeking revenge this time out
and it is figured that Hank Gillo and his cohorts are going to have a tough battle trying to put over another victory...BOTH TEAMS FIT: Both teams are reported in the pink of condition. The Packers came out of the St. Louis game without a scratch while the Legion eleven is fit again after the bumping they received last Sunday in Minneapolis at the hands of the Marines. In view of the importance of the game, President Joe Carr of the NFL has assigned Bobby Cahn of Chicago to officiate. Cahn is rated the ace of referees in the western district. Whyte of Milwaukee is to umpire while Coffeen of Beloit will be the headlinesman.
NOVEMBER 10 (Columbus) - President Joe Carr of the NFL will attend the Canton Bulldog-Buffalo All American clash at Buffalo on Sunday. The pro league chief is visiting a different town in the circuit each Sunday. Mr. Carr is entirely satisfied with the league situation. During the past ten days, there have been several clouds on the horizon, but they have blown over nicely, according to the league head. "Alonzo Stagg's outburst did us no harm," said Mr. Carr. "The unfairness of his charges were plainly seen and I think we gained friends by his attack. Charges against Grange, the Illinois star, playing with Rock Island and the Green Bay Packers fell flat. Executives of these two pro league clubs lost little time in denying the report. Teams in my league are not tinkering with college players and it won't be long before the sporting public fully realizes that our organization is an important factor in increasing the popularity of football...LEAGUE GOSSIP: Gillies continues to do all that is asked of him at tackle for the Chicago Cardinals. The big lineman smacks 'em hard and generally he is down the field under the punts just as fast as the ends...Conover is proving a tower of strength at the snapper-back's job for the Canton Bulldogs. The big center can be likened to a brick wall on the defense and he gets the ball to his backs at bullet-like speed...Ollie Kraehe is right at home as a professional pigskin chaser. Despite his worries as manager, Kraehe rakes part in every game, filling in at center, guard or end with better than average ability...Jabber Murray, a former Marquette star, is proving a handy man to have around in the Green Bay Packer squad. Murray is budding out as an end and getting away with the task nicely for a two hundred pounder...Long Time Sleep lived up to his name in the Indian-Bear game. The Braves' center dreamed over the signals and then made a bum pass to Jim Thorpe which cost the Redskins a good chance to score on the Chicagoans...Bryan, who is playing quarter for the Bears, is getting more than his share of publicity these days. Nearly all the papers in the country played up his reply to Coach Stagg in the pro football controversy...Winkleman, substituting for Dinger Doane at fullback in the Milwaukee Badgers' lineup, starred brilliantly for Conzelman's aggregation when they kicked over the dope bucket by defeating the Rock Island Independents...Bud Gorman, who was Tommy Gibbons' training partner for the Dempsey fight at Shelby, is wearing the moleskins for Racine. Gorman is a steady performer and opens holes nicely. He is fast on his feet for a big fellow...Kiley, the Duluth tackle, pulled one for the book in the non-league game against Ironwood. He threw his headguard at an attempt for goal after touchdown and the referee very promptly gave Ironwood the extra point...Eddie Novak will have to delay his return to league football until next season. Novak was to have joined Green Bay but dislocated his shoulder in his final game with the Ironwood Legion eleven...Weather conditions put two games in the discard last week. The Hammond-Toledo encounter and the Akron-Columbus clash were postponed. If possible, the skirmishes will be played off before the season ends...If it came to a popularity contest, Coach Alonzo Stagg wouldn't win a place if the pro footballers had anything to say about it. Stagg got busy with his hammer in a very unjustifiable attack on the professional game...The Canton Bulldogs are headed for another national championship. Chamberlain and his hirelings smeared up the Cards' eleven record, 7 to 3, and it looks now as if they have pretty clear sailing ahead...Two other teams in the league haven't tasted defeat. Duluth has four victories to its credit while Cleveland has a pair of wins and two ties contests. Rock Island and the Cards fell by the wayside last Sunday...Two of the oldtimers staged the thrill in the Bear-Indians game. Halas scooped a fumble on his own 3-yard line and dashed down the field for a score. Thorpe was at his heels but couldn't quite catch him...Doc Young will make his annual invasion of Chicago on Sunday when he takes his Hammond team into the Windy City for a game with the Cards. Young has bolstered his lineup in hopes of trimming O'Brien's squad.
NOVEMBER 9 (Racine) - Horlick-Racine Legion football players have recovered from the bruises and bumps they received at Minneapolis last Sunday and
are working at top speed this week for their battle with
the Green Bay Packers next Sunday at Horlick field.
The men went through a long practice session last night
at Lakeview and will work again today and tomorrow.
The Legion has developed a fast and bewildering attack
to hurl against the Packers. They have new forward
passing plays and a number of new formations for end
runs and off tackle smashes which they believe will give
them another victory over Green Bay. If the Legion men
win Sunday's battle they will have the state football
championship practically cinched and they are working
hard to bring the title to Racine. A special section of
200 seats, located near the Packer bench, has been
reserved for the Green Bay rooters. Tickets for this
section will be on sale at Smaders' Cigar store until 1
o'clock and then the ducats can be secured at the park.
The game will start promptly at 2:30. The Legion drum
corps will parade the streets of Racine early Sunday
and march to Horlick field where they will go through the
formations that gave them first prize at the American
Legion convention at San Francisco last month. The
"Legion Misfits" will put on a burlesque football game
between the halves. Indications are that the largest
crowd that ever saw a football game in Racine will be
out for Sunday's battle. Tickets are selling fast and it is
believe that every seat at the park will be sold for the
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - George De
Lair, who will be master of ceremonies at Racine,
reports that he has a pair of cheerleaders lined up and
he hopes that enough musicians will be on the job to
draft a good jazz band for the occasion. Band members
who are planning to make the Racine trip are asked to
get in touch with Mr. De Lair, phone 120, immediately.
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Officials of
the Packer football team have answered at least a
dozen press inquiries, reading something like this: "Did
Grange ever play with Green Bay's professional team?"
We don't know why or how Grange has been linked with
the Packers but we do know that the Illinois star never
donned the gridiron togs for performances with a Green
Bay eleven.
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Guy is
playing a bang up game for Cleveland. The former W. 
and J. star is enjoying one of his best years on the
gridiron. Guy is one of the lightest players holding down
the center berth but he makes his 160 pounds count...
Frank McNeil, the Buffalo manager, has been having his
share of grief trying to get his backfield sitting pretty. Several of his aces have been injured while other stars he counted on failed to materialize...Glaver, one of the best bests behind the line for Rock Island, is suffering from torn ligaments but this injury didn't keep him out of last week's fracas with Milwaukee. Glaver is a fighter from first to last whistle...Hudson, a colored footballer, made his initial appearance in the Minneapolis battle front last Sunday against Racine. Dunn, the Marines' manager, is making use of a lot of new faces on the gridiron this season.
NOVEMBER 5 (St. Louis Star and Times) - The Green Bay Packers, being a municipally-owned team, have a wonderful hometown following. In all their games away from home, the field is connected with a hall in the Wisconsin town by long distance telephone and the fans, at home, receive a play-by-play account of the struggle. Yesterday, the phone wire was extended along one sideline with a man who telephoned every move of the game against the Bulldogs. He stated that there were as many fans in the hall at Green Bay as there were in the Sportsman's Park enclosure.
NOVEMBER 5 (Appleton Post-Crescent) - Oshkosh Normal officials are on the warpath. Certain excuses offered by colleges for defeats at the hands of state normals that the teachers payed little attention to eligibility rules and loaded their squad with outside players, which was given as the sole cause of their ability to beat the college elevens. Special reference was made to La Crosse Normal in connection with the its recent defeat of Lawrence college and also in connection with the beating which Oshkosh Normal gave Lawrence college two years ago. The article, which appeared last Sunday in the La Crosse Tribune, is quoted:...A BELOIT WAIL: "A sport writer on a Beloit newspaper went off half cocked and carelessly set forth before the clash between Beloit College and Lawrence that the local school would not accept Lawrence's defeat at the hands of La Crosse Normal as an outward sign of weakness on the part of the Blue and White in view of the fact the "northern Normals" take great delight in defeating the big Lawrence eleven and every year load up with players, paying little attention to eligibility rules." He accused Oshkosh Normal of using players from the Green Bay Packers in defeating Lawrence, 3 to 0, a year ago. "I am informed that steps have been taken to have this bit of carelessness corrected for the benefit of readers of the Beloit paper. Inspection of credits and the eligibility of each La Crosse Normal player is open to those who believe with the Beloit sports writer that Coach Keeler used others besides eligible men."....UNFOUNDED STATEMENTS: "The Normal schools of the state, particularly Oshkosh and La Crosse, whose football elevens are yearly a constant threat to the so-called collegiate teams, have no grievance with the colleges in Wisconsin. Neither do we believe the colleges themselves have any grievance with the state Normals. But it is unfounded statements such as that which appeared in the Beloit press which is stoutly resented by reason of utter misrepresentation of facts. The colleges of the state, we believe, are realizing more clearly with each new year that some few state Normals are playing football of a caliber that conservatively approaches a par with college football. Oshkosh and La Crosse have invariably been the standard bearers of the Normal conference. They cannot afford to be admired in unfounded statements regarding ineligibility of players."
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Now for Racine. The Packer footballers resumed work this morning for the game with Racine which will be played Sunday in the Legion's own backyard. Two weeks ago, the Horlickmen handed the Bays quite a walloping but this time out it is going to be a different story. And every one of Captain Lambeau's players is determined to come home with a victory. The Bay eleven came out of the mud battle at St. Louis in good physical condition. Mills injured his ankle slightly but it was not bad enough of a twist to put him on the hospital list...HARD WEEK OF PRACTICE: An intensive week of drill is ahead of the Packers. As usual, morning workout will be the rule. The new defense against forward passes worked superbly in the St. Louis game. It is safe to say that when the whistle blows on Sunday, the Legion eleven won't be staging any picnic via the aerial attack. The Packers will be in there fighting harder on Sunday than ever before. They will be battling with their backs up against the wall to defense the state championship, which has been held by Green Bay since 1917 and it will be "rarin' to go" Green Bay eleven that takes the field...PRAISE FOR GREEN BAY: The St. Louis Star, one of the leading St. Louis papers, paid the Packers this compliment in its story of last Sunday's game: "The Packers lived up to advance notices. The Green Bay team was billed as "The Pro Team with the College Spirit" and they surely were. The Badger champions are a credit to pro football. Green Bay worked like a machine. The team showed the results of long practice hours. Considering the condition of the field, their forward passing was remarkable. The Badgers must be a slick working combination on a dry gridiron. Green Bay is a city of some 35,000, but, so far as football goes, its team can hold its own with the greatest pro elevens in the country. The Packers will be welcome back here next year."
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Play by play football fans will have their inning again Sunday afternoon at Turner hall as arrangements have been completed for a special wire between Racine and Green Bay to cover completely the Packer-Racine Legion conflict on which the state championship hangs. There was a fair sized turnout at Turner hall last Sunday and the Packer-St. Louis game was thoroughly enjoyed. Enthusiasm ran high and, when Cub Buck kicked the field goal, the din nearly raised the roof. Every play of the game, along with all the sidelights, are carried on the play by play wire. Sunday's game at Racine will start at 2:30 o'clock and half an hour before, the wire will start talking with all of the preliminary details.
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Revenge is sweet and the Packers hope to get even up on Racine this Sunday in the pro league game which will be staged at Horlickville. In order to hold on to the state championship, Captain Lambeau's squad must knock off Hank Gillo and Co. this weekend and that is just what Green Bay intends to do...Sunday's game at St. Louis set a record in one respect anyway. There wasn't a single penalty called on either side. The referee and headlinesman were both St. Louis men and they overlooked several violations of the rules which would have given the Packers considerable yardage. However, it is all over but the shouting and the Packers won, so what's the difference...There were a number of surprises in the pro league games on Sunday. The Canton Bulldogs sure did take the wind out of the Chicago Cardinal sails and Milwaukee did a pretty job by taking Rock Island into camp. This was the big upset of the weekend as it was figured that Conzelman's club was in for a nice trimming. And the Marines won out over Racine. Lest we forget, the Packers beat Minneapolis earlier in the season.
NOVEMBER 6 (Racine) - The biggest game of the football season will be played here Sunday at Horlick park when Babe Ruetz's Racine Legion eleven clashes with the Green Bay Packers in a game which will decide the Badger State professional football championship. Two weeks ago, Racine handled the Packers the worst licking the Green Bay team ever experienced.
However, the Legion isn't looking for another way. The
Racine players realized that the title holders were way
off in the game and that when the game gets underway
on Sunday, it will be a scrappy Green Bay aggregation
on the field seeking revenge for the reversal of two
weeks ago...BEATEN BY MARINES: Racine didn't go
so well against the Marines and the squad returned
here on the short end of a 13 to 6 score. Hank Gillo's
educated toe being responsible for the Racine scores.
Several of the players were banged up but Manager
Reutz hopes to have all his regulars in shape to rout the
Bay invasion. It is thought that Sunday's game will draw
a record breaking crowd. The advance sale of seats has
been unusually heavy and football fans from all over
Wisconsin are coming here for the game. A special
section of 200 seats has been reserved for the Green
Bay rooters...O.K. SPECIAL WIRE: The football fans
at Green Bay, who don't come here, are going to get the
story of the game hot off the wire as permission has
been secured by Green Bay from the Racine Legion to
set up a play by play wire at the field and the Green
Bayians at home will get a detailed report of the game hot off the gridiron. The game here Sunday will start at 2:30 o'clock. Whyte, of Milwaukee, will umpire while Coffeen, of Beloit, will be the headlinesman. The referee is to be named by President Joe Carr of the NFL.
NOVEMBER 7 (Milwaukee) - Red Grange, left halfback on the University of Illinois football team and the center of a sweeping offensive developed by Coach Bob Zuppke, is reported to have played with the Rock Island and Green Bay professional teams, according to rumors. According to the stories, Grange played at Rock Island under the name of Smith. Piqued and angered by the charges of professionalism from an unknown source against Erwin Gerber, tackle on the University of Wisconsin team, Badger followers here lent an anxious ear to the wild tales about Grange. Managers of both the Rock Island and Green Bay teams Tuesday night denied that Grange ever played with them. Grange, though only a sophomore, is easily the star of the Illinois team this season. His sensational open field running was the feature of every game that Illinois played this season.
NOVEMBER 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The biggest crowd that ever attended a football game in Racine is expected to witness the Packers-Legion game in Horlickville next Sunday. Down in the southern
NOVEMBER 8 (Madison) - Wisconsin football hopes suffered a severe setback when the university athletic council late on Wednesday declared E.C. Gerber, star tackle, ineligible. The council sustained a complaint filed with Conference Commissioner Griffith that Gerber was employed in coaching work with the La Crosse Y.M.C.A. shortly after he returned from the Army. The council's action is the final and Wisconsin will meet Illinois on Saturday at Urbana without Gerber. Student feeling at the university is strong as a result of Gerber's ineligibility since it is generally believed that his loss is one of the greatest blows that the team could have received. The burly tackle is declared by followers of the Wisconsin team to be an equal to Captain Marty Below, and one of the hardest fighting tackles in the conference...ALL STATE SELECTION: Before entering the Badger ranks, he played with the La Crosse Normal school team and was selected an all-state tackle. He was ruled out on a technical violation of Rule 5, conference regulations. Miller, who had been on the sidelines most of the season, probably will take Gerber's place at the tackle position. He has been playing at guard. Gerber's case recalled vividly to football followers here the complaint of professionalism last year against Murray, also a star Badger tackle, who was ruled ineligible just before the Illinois-Wisconsin game. Several members of other conference teams were ruled out in the same case. Feeling among Badger followers is believed by officials to have resulted in rumor that a protest will be filed from the Badger camp against an Illinois player...RUMORS ABOUT GRANGE: Reports and wild rumors that Red Grange, the Illinois star, would be protested by Wisconsin were denied by Cardinal athletic authorities. "We do not believe in that sort of thing," said Athletic Director Jones. He admitted that he had heard the rumors but says it is up to the University of Illinois authorities to ascertain whether the rumors are anything but idle gossip. According to the report here, Grange is said to have played with the Rock Island, Ill., pro team two years ago under the name of Smith. It is rumored that he played at Green Bay, but this is denied by the management of the Packer eleven. The story about Grange created great excitement in the student quarter where feeling against Illinois is bitter as a result of the protest of Gerber. Illinois athletic heads claim that they did not file the charges against Gerber, but nevertheless the undergrads feel that the Champaign authorities are behind the protest even if they did not actually make it.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A big delegation of Green Bay rooters are going to Racine on Sunday to witness the crucial game in the Badger state pro championship football race between the Packers and Manager Ruetz's Legion. A special section of 200 seats, located near the Green Bay bench, has been set aside for the Packer followers. During the stay in Racine, the Green Bay headquarters will be at the St. George hotel...COVER HANK GILLO: The Racine game is being talked up a lot in football circles and the impression prevails here that the Packers are coming through with bells on. True enough, Hank Gillo is a dangerous threat but the Bay squad is confident that they can keep the mighty bootsmith pretty well covered. The Packers are putting in their hardest week of practice. Every man on the team is determined to wipe out the lacing of several weeks ago. The squad staged a dummy scrimmage this afternoon against one of the high school squads and tonight there will be a blackboard talk in the assembly room of the courthouse...HOPES TO GET BAND: George De Lair has been appointed master of ceremonies for the doing at Racine, and he is anxious to get in touch immediately with all of the musicians who are planning to make the trip. George wants to get together a jazz band that will open the eyes of Horlickville. De Lair is also hot on the trail of a cheerleader. He wants somebody to lead the Green Bay rooters at Racine. Anybody qualified for the task is urged to phone 120 immediately. The football management still needs about a half dozen enclosed cars for the invasion of Racine. It is planned to take the players to Horlickville via auto. Any car owners who will donate the use of their machines are asked to call the Press-Gazette, phone 4400, not later than Friday noon.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sometimes the mud thrower gets bit dirty himself. Gerber, the big Wisconsin tackle, got under fire and of course everybody thought it was Illinois that started someting. And now Dame Rumor has engulfed Red Grange, the Sucker marvel...The mud throwers claim that Grange say service with Rock Island and Green Bay. We know this not to be a fact. Teams in the pro league are not tinkering with college players these days. Each organization in the football loop has $1,000 on deposit against just this sort of thing and in these days a thousand dollars is a whole lot of money...Those who like to kick up a disturbance in the college uses pro football as their weapon. The Grange incident coming right on top of the Stagg outburst may cause some anti-feeling towards pro football but it is our hunch that the smoke will blow over without much fire. 
part of the state, the pigskin followers are much excited over the game as the Badger state pro title hangs fire. The Chicago Bears drew 3,600 in Racine but it seems certain that the Bay eleven will outdraw this famous Chicago aggregation.