(RACINE) - Unleashing a savage and wicked attack and keeping Shorty Barr's aerial drive covered like a tent, the Green Bay Packers handed the Racine Legion
a 16 to 0 walloping Sunday afternoon at Horlickville in a
pro league game before some 3,500 spectators. It was
the biggest crowd that ever attended a pigskin contest
in Racine. The game was more one sided than the
score would indicate. Twice the Packers lost the ball on
the Legion's one yard line and, when the final whistle
blew, the Bays had the pigskin resting four inches from
Racine's goal, first down with a touchdown looming.
The Packers gained 439 yards against Racine's 122.
This tells the story in a nutshell, the Legion were never
near enough the Packers' goal for Hank Gillo to even
try for a field goal. The Racine star's gilded toe was
covered with crepe. It was one of the greatest games
ever played by a Packer team and the game was 
witnessed by the greatest following that ever followed a
Green Bay eleven to a foreign field. There were 240 
seats saved for the Bay delegation, down near the goal
line. Half an hour before the whistle blew, the section
was jammed to capacity and the overflow jammed into
every available inch of space. It is safe to say that there
were close to 500 Green Bayians at the game.
And how they enjoyed themselves. When Lambeau
skirted around end early in the game for a touchdown,
the Bay rooters nearly went wild. Pandemonium ruled
supreme. Hats were thrown into the air and the joyful
rooters staged a demonstration that opened the eyes of
Racine. Towards the close of the game, when the
Legion followers began mourning to beat a hasty retreat,
the Green Bay followers gave them a fine bunch of
raspberries. It was an ideal day for football. The field
was fast as lightning. The crowd gathered early and,
when the whistle blew, vacant seats were at a premium.
Before the game, Racine's famous drum corps staged a
drill on the field. This made a big hit with the crowd. The
corps went through the same fancy steps that won first
place at the Legion convention in San Francisco last
After the game was over, Bobby Cahn, the Chicagoan
who officiated, came up to a member of the Packers
and paid this compliment: "It was the greatest exhibition
of football I have ever seen by a pro team. The Packers'
performance was superb. The line drilled big holes while
the backs picked their openings wonderfully. I think
Buck is the most consistent kicker in pro football."
Getting back to the Racine rout, Shorty Barr had a
tough afternoon. He tried pass after pass but the
majority of his tosses went astray. Barr grew desperate
in the closing minutes and he was even throwing 'em
while standing behind his own goal line.
The Packers were cracking 'em hard, but fairly. Rowdy
Elliott wilted after several tough bumps and was forced
to retire while the continual pounding of the Big Bay
Blues had several other Ruetzmen much the worse for
the wear. Captain Lambeau's team held the upper hand
right from the opening whistle and they were never
headed. Revenge was sweet and Racine got a licking
they will never forget. The Packers played perfect
football. There was not a flaw in the attack while the
defense, built up to curb the Racine air drive, functioned
Jug Earps was forced to retire in the third quarter with a
twisted ankle but the big tackle hopped around on one
leg and unless complications set in, he will be fit for the
fray next Sunday against Milwaukee. The only other
change in the Green Bay lineup was when Wheeler was
sent into the game for a few minutes to replace Hayes.
Every man on the Packer team was a star. Captain
Lambeau played like he never played before. Gavin
cracked the line for gain after gain while Mills and
Mathys made the Racine defense look foolish. Hayes,
Murray and Wheeler were stars at the ends. Jab nabbed
a forward pass for a big gain and he was happy as a kid
with a new top. Earps, Buck and Lyle did their jobs at
the tackles superbly while the Bay center trio, Woodin,
Niemann and Gardner, could be likened to a stone wall.
Halladay and Milt Romney did the brunt of the work for

Green Bay lost the toss and Racine chose to defend the east goal with the win at their back, however, they have the sun in their eyes. Green Bay is going to kickoff to Racine. Gardner kicked off to Langhoff, who let it roll over the goal line for a touchback. It is Racine's ball on their own 20 yard line. Barr went through right guard for a half yard. Elliott on an end run was thrown for a yard loss. Barr punted to Green Bay, and the ball was downed by Halliday on Green Bay's 42 yard line. Green Bay's ball, first down ten on the 42 yard line. Gavin was held for no gain on the first play. On an off tackle smash Lambeau plowed his way through the Racine team for 20 yards. On the next play Mills got 3 yards. The ball is now on the Racine 45 yard line. Gavin was held for no gain. A pass from Lambeau to Mills made it first down on Racine's 30 yard line. Mills fumbled. Mathys picked up the ball and ran to Racine's ten yard line. First down and goal to go. On the next play, Mills went around Racine's left end for a touchdown, but the ball was called back and Green Bay was penalized five yards for offside. Green Bay's ball second down 12 yards to go. Mills added two yards around left end, third down ten to go. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, went out of bounds. Buck's placekick went wild, and the ball was brought out to Racine's 20 yard line. On the first play Barr punted to Mathys, but Mathys did not cover the ball. Braman, left guard, covered the ball on Green Bay's 40 yard line. Green Bay's ball on their own 40-yard line. Mills hit center for no gain. Lambeau skirted Racine's right end on a fake pass for 14 yards. Mills shot off Racine's left tackle for 3 yards. Green Bay's ball on Racine's 40 yard line, second down 7 to go. Gavin added a yard over right tackle. Mills passed to Lambeau, but the pass went out of bounds and was recalled. Green Bay's ball, fourth down 6 to go. Buck punted to Elliottt. Racine's ball on their own 20 yard line. Barr punted to Mathys, who returned the ball ten yards before being downed by Halliday on Green Bay's 47 yard line. Mills was held for no gain. Niemann's pass to Lambeau on the next play was high and Lambeau was tackled for a three yard loss. Halliday threw Mills for a two yard loss on an attempted end run. Buck kicked to Barr who fumbled the ball and Earps recovered on Racine's 10 yard line. Gavin went through Racine's left guard for four yards. Mills added two more around Racine's left tackle. Lambeau made one yard on an attempted off tackle smash. Lambeau skirted Racine's right end for a touchdown on a wide end run. Buck's placekick went wild by about ten yards. Barr kicked off to Lambeau who returned the ball from his own goal line to his own 28 yard line, where he was downed by Meyers. Mills hit off tackle for no gain. Lambeau shot off Racine's left tackle for six yards. An attempted forward pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was incomplete when Mathys dropped the ball. Buck punted 45 yards to Barr, who was downed in his tracks by Mills. Barr on an attempted end run passed it to Meyers, who was downed for a 7 yard loss as the first quarter ended. Second down, 15 to go.
On a fake kick Gillo plunged through right guard for four yards. Barr punted to Mathys who fumbled but recovered on Green Bay's own 30 yard line. Mills' attempt at Racine's left end made two yards. Lambeau lost a yard on an attempted end run. On a fake kick Gavin was stopped for no gain. Buck punted to Racine's 40 yard line. The ball struck the ground and was declared dead by the officials after Lambeau had picked it up. Lambeau claimed that a Racine man had touched the ball. Gillo made two yards on an off tackle smash. Barr passed 10 yards to Elliott who ran 10 yards more, making Racine first down on Green Bay's 35 yard line, first down. Barr was held for no gain. Second down ten to go. A pass, Barr to Elliott, was complete and Lambeau nailed Elliott before he had made more than two yards. Second down 13 to go. A pass, Barr to Halliday, was incomplete, third down 13 to go. Another pass was broken up by Jab Murray who fumbled the ball with a clear field in front of him. Fourth down 13 to go. Barr back in kick formation. Barr punted to Mathys who was downed on his own two yard line. Buck immediately kicked out 60 yards to Barr who returned the ball 10 yards. Racine's ball in midfield. Barr threw to Halliday, and the pass was incomplete. Murray made a punching bag out of the football to break up Elliott's pass to Barr. The ball bounced into Barr's hands and out again, making the pass incomplete. Mathys by a great leap broke up another pass from Bauer. Barr drops back to kick. Barr punted to Mathys who let the ball drop to the ground, and it was covered by a Racine end. It is Green Bay's ball on their own 29 yard line. First down ten to go. Roessler is taking Halladay's place at end for Racine, while Halliday is taking Elliott's place in the backfield. Gavin plunged through Racine's center for nine yards on the first play. He added four more yards on the next play for a first down. Green Bay's ball on its own 43 yard line. Lambeau on the next play shot off Racine's left tackle for nine yards, but was knocked out on the play. Gavin plunged three yards making another first down, Green Bay's ball on their own 50 yard line first down 10 to go. Mills was held for no gain. Mills on an end run made three yards. Lambeau added three more around Racine's right end, fourth down four to go. Buck punted to Racine's 25 yard line where the ball was downed by Murray. Halliday was stopped by Earps and Gardner for no gain. Barr was held for no gain. Barr punted to Mathys who brought the ball back eight yards to their own 40 yard line, first down 10 to go. Wheeler takes Hayes' place at left end. Gavin was held for no gain. A pass, Lambeau to Wheeler, was knocked down by Gillo, third down ten to go. Lambeau was back on a pass formation and he was not expecting Niemann's pass and it went past him for a fifteen yard loss, Mills recovering for Green Bay. Buck punted to Barr, who received the ball on his own 35 yard line and was thrown in his tracks by Gardner and Wheeler. A pass, Barr to Halliday, was complete as the half ended, gaining Racine 15 yards.
Gillo kicked to Mills, who returned the ball about 25 yards to Green Bay's 35 yard line. Lambeau shot off tackle for five yards. Gavin went through for two yards, third down 3 to go on their own 42 yard line. Gavin plunged through for six yards for first down in midfield. Mills shot off left tackle for 3 yards. Lambeau on an end run fumbled, but recovered with no gain, third down 7 to go. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was complete and Green Bay gained 22 yards, giving Green Bay first down on Racine's 28 yard line. Gavin was thrown for a yard loss. Mills shot off left tackle for two yards, third down nine to go. Lambeau hit Racine's right tackle for four yards, fourth down and four to go. Cub Buck drops back to placekick. Buck standing on his own 38 yard line kicked a perfect field goal between the posts, giving Green Bay three more points for a total of 9. Gillo sort of fizzled his kick and the ball hit the ground in front of Mathys, who ran it back 35 yards to Green Bay's 45 yard line. Gavin made 3 1/2 yards through right tackle. Mills plunged over right tackle for another yard, third down 5 to go in midfield again. Lambeau drops back in a forward pass formation. Lambeau's pass to Mathys was incomplete, Mathys stepping in a hole on one side of the field. Buck punts to Barr, who was downed on his own 25 yard line by Earps. Gillo hit center for two yards. Barr's pass to Halliday was completed for about a 7 yard gain. Earps was injured on the last play and time is being taken out. Earps was taken out of the game. Lyle went in as tackle. Racine failed to make the down. Green Bay's ball on Racine's 35 yard line. Mathys went out of bounds with the ball on Racine's 31 yard line. A pass, Mathys to Murray, put the ball on Racine's 7 yard line, first down goal to go. Gavin plunged through for five yards. Mills was stopped with a six inch gain. Lambeau carried the ball a foot. Racine held Gavin on their 1 inch line. Barr punted to Lambeau who made no return as he was stopped by Roessler in his tracks, on Racine's 30 yard line. On the first play Mills carried the ball, being stopped by Gorman for no gain. Lambeau's pass to Mills was incomplete over the sidelines and the ball was returned to Racine's 30 yard line. Buck's kick went wild and over the goal line, giving Racine a touchback. Romney drops back in kick formation, and the ball was passed to Barr, who attempted to pass to Roessler. Lambeau busting up the pass. Barr again attempted to pass to Roessler but the pass was broken up by Buck. A pass, Barr to Halliday, was incomplete when Halliday dropped the ball. Barr punted to Lambeau, who returned the ball 5 yards. Mills skirted Racine's left end for 10 yards exactly, in the meanwhile stepping on Shorty Barr's large bay window, temporarily knocking him out. Mills again skirted Racine's left end for 5 1/2 yards.
Lambeau plunged over Racine's left guard for about a yard and a half. Mills again skirted around Racine's left end for about 10 yards, bringing the ball down to Racine's 15 yard line. Gavin made two yards through left guard. Lambeau made two yards on an end run. On the third down Lambeau plunged through the center of Racine's line for 4 yards. Fourth down, about a foot to go. Mills skirted Racine's left end for the necessary foot, giving Green Bay a first down on Racine's 5 yard line. On the first play Mills carried the ball out of bounds on Racine's three yard line. On the next play Mills carried the ball over Racine's goal for a touchdown. Buck kicked the ball between the goal posts for the extra point after touchdown, making the score 16 to 0 in favor of the Packers. The Green Bay section went up in an uproar. Foster replaced Smith for Racine at left tackle. Gardner kicked out of bounds, the ball being brought back for another kickoff. Gardner kicked off to Romney, who returned the ball about 25 yards to Racine's own 35 yard line. Lambeau knocked down Barr's pass to Halliday, second down 10 to go. Romney's pass to Romney was knocked down by Lambeau. Barr punted to Mathys, who let the ball roll down to Green Bay's own 9 yard line. On an attempted end run Mills was stopped for no gain. Lambeau was also stopped for no gain. Buck punted to Barr, who received the ball on the 50 yard line and returned 9 yards to Green Bay's 41 yard line. Barr's pass to Roessler was incomplete. Romney's pass to Barr was complete, gaining 6 yards on the play. Barr passed to Romney for about 6 yards and a first down on Green Bay's 29 yard line. Hayes intercepted Barr's pass on his own 29 yard line and returned it ten yards to his own 39 yard line. Gavin plunged through center for 15 yards with the whole Racine team hanging on his back. Mills hit left tackle for two yards. Gavin put the ball over for a first down. Lambeau plowed through for three yards. On the next play Mills carried the ball three yards more. Lambeau's pass to Mills was incomplete, Halliday knocking it down. Buck kicked over Racine's goal line, Racine's ball on their own 20 yard line. On the first play, Barr passed over Romney's head. The ball was brought back, second down, ten to go. Barr again passed wildly, the ball being brought back. Hayes again intercepted a Racine pass and brought it back three yards. On the first play Lambeau made two yards through left tackle. He repeated another yard. On the next play Gavin made a yard through left tackle, fourth down, six to go. Gavin plunged through the center of Racine's line for a first down on a fake kick. Ball on Racine's 10 yard line. Mills on an attempted end run was thrown for a two yard loss. Lambeau went through center for five yards. Mills was held for no gain. Gavin made three yards. Barr's pass from behind his own goal line to Miller was incomplete. Barr's pass to Roessler covering about 60 yards was incomplete, dropping over Roessler's head. Mathys intercepted one of Barr's long passes in midfield and returned it to Racine's 20 yard line. Lambeau hit center for two yards. Mills made a yard on the first play. Lambeau passed to Mathys for a gain of about three yards. Green Bay's ball, fourth down three to go. On a fake kick, Buck passed to Lambeau bringing the ball to Racine's five yard line. On the next play the ball was fumbled. The game ended. Score: Green Bay 16, Racine 0.
Green Bay Packers (4-2-1) 16, Racine Legion (2-3-2) 0
Sunday November 11th 1923 (at Racine)
NOVEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Fit for a fray, and in the pink of condition, the Green Bay Packers will hop off Sunday afternoon for Milwaukee, where on Sunday the Big Bay Blues will rub noses with Jimmy Conzelman's Badgers in a pro league title.
A win for the Packers cinches the state championship.
Hundreds of Bayites will invade Milwaukee for the
Sabbath day tilt. Eight hundred seats, located in the
west stands directly in the center of the field, have been
saved for Green Bay's followers. Special seats have
been set up for the famous Lumberjack band and the
fun makers...STAY AT WISCONSIN HOTEL: During the
stay in Milwaukee, the Green Bay headquarters will be
at the Wisconsin hotel. The Packers squad will reach
Milwaukee about 6 o'clock, and get a good night's sleep
before the big game. The team will leave here at 1:45
o'clock from the Elks club. The Packer squad has spent
a strenuous week of practice. Last night there was a 
blackboard talk at the Continuation school and Captain
Lambeau went over all the new stuff which will be used
against Milwaukee. The players are rarin' to go and it
will be a smashing, crashing Green Bay team that
takes the field on Sunday.
NOVEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It will be
up to the Packers to put the skids under Milwaukee's
dream of a gridiron conflict with the Canton Bulldogs.
Captain Jimmy Conzelman has promised his players a
conflict with the world champions if they put one over on
Green Bay. Of course this is a golden opportunity but
we've got a hunch that the Milwaukee club will stick to
its regular schedule.
NOVEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Knop, the
newest addition to the Chicago Bears' backfield, is
proving a find for Manager Halas. The former Illinois star
is some line plunger and he tops off the Bruins' offense
with sensational advances...Daum played a whale of a
game for Akron against the Bears. His aggressiveness
sort of roused the ire of the Chicagoans and several
times he was the target of vicious attacks but the
Akronite escaped unmarked...Once again, Pete Henry,
the Canton Bulldogs' star tackle, bobbed into the 
limelight. With about a half minute to go, Henry kicked
a field goal which kept Canton's slate cleans by 
knotting the count against Buffalo...Luke Urban showed
flashes of his old time form against Canton. His
smashing defensive tactics on the wing gave Guy
Chamberlain and Co., considerable trouble during the
bitterly contested gridiron argument...Sies, the Rock
Island captain, was kicking in hard luck against the
Minneapolis Marines. The Independent leader blew a 
half dozen chances for field goals, any one of which
would have put the tilt on ice...Abe Kaplan, the former
Hamline star, is developing into a kicking fool for
Minneapolis. He came through with two clean drives in the Rock Island fracas and both of his boots were over the forty yard mark.
NOVEMBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bing Scarvada, star halfback of the Bessemer (Mich.) pro team, has been signed by the Packers. Scarvada will arrive in Green Bay this evening and will be all set to report for practice tomorrow morning. Scarvada, who is a line plunger extraordinary, tore wide holes in the almost impregnable walls of the Hibbing and Ironwood teams during the season just closed. Scarvada weighs about 190 pounds and is a fast open field runner. He is a superb defensive player and is expected to greatly strengthen the Packers backfield, which seems to have hit its season's stride. Manager Caldwell of the Bessemer eleven, former Penn State tackle, recommended Scarvada highly to the Packer management as did Walter Buland, manager of the Hibbing team.
NOVEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Between 250 and 300 football fans who could not make the trip to Racine, followed the destiny of the Packer team yesterday afternoon at Turner hall through the medium of a play by play service direct from the Belle City gridiron. When the Packers scored the first touchdown, the fans nearly "raised the roof" with their lusty yells. The same service will be carried on the Milwaukee-Green Bay game next Sunday.
NOVEMBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - All aboard for Milwaukee! Unless the signs of the times are all wrong some 600 Green Bay football fans will follow the Packers to Milwaukee on Sunday where Captain Lambeau's team will battle the Milwaukee Badgers in a state championship pigskin encounter. Last Sunday over 400 Packer followers hit the trail for Racine and they had the time of their lives. The Bay delegation is expected to be nearly doubled this weekend as the Cream City is a bit closer to home...ARRANGEMENTS UNDERWAY: Arrangements for the Green Bay invasion of Milwaukee are in the making. Efforts are being made to get a jazz band together and a number of the musicians have already volunteered their services to help put over the Bay sojourn in Brewers town in a blaze of glory. Manager McGurk of the Milwaukee Badgers have set aside a block of 800 seats for Green Bay (and what's more they will be located in the center of the field). McGurk was much pleased when told a band would probably accompany the Bay delegation...GETTING BAND TOGETHER: George De Lair is getting a band together and those wishing to hop on the bandwagon are asked to get in touch with him immediately, the more the merrier. It is planned to have the jazz band parade around the gridiron before the game and between halves. With the exception of Jug Earps, the husky tackle, the Packer squad came out of the Racine game in pretty good shape. Practice was resumed this morning and Captain Lambeau has mapped out some "new stuff" which he expects will help put the skids under the Badgers. A victory for the Packers on Sunday cinches the pro
championship for the Bays for another season...STUDENTS TO ATTEND: The Green Bay club at Marquette is planning to attend the game in a body and they will bring along many of their classmates to help cheer the Packers to victory. Let's do it "the Green Bay way" Sunday and show Milwaukee again that the Bay is the greatest football town of its size in the country.
NOVEMBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With the state football championship back in their grasp again, the Green Bay Packers will invade Milwaukee on Sunday for a skirmish with Jimmy Conzelman's Badgers. Right now the Brewers appear to be hitting on all eleven but it is our opinion that, if Captain Lambeau's team continues at the same clip they polished off Racine last Sunday, there isn't a team in the country that can beat 'em. And we know we are taking in a lot of territory in this statement...Two of the pro games Sunday were either tied or won in the last minute of play. Winkelman kicked the field goal for Milwaukee that beat Duluth with 40 seconds to go while Pete Henry kept the Canton slate clean by boosting the pigskin between the uprights against Buffalo just as the timers' whistles were about to blow. This kick tied the count at three all. Who said thrills were missing in pro football?
NOVEMBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The play-by-play service, which has proven so popular with the football fans, will be set up again Sunday for the Packers' clash in Milwaukee against Jimmy Conzelman's Badgers. A direct wire will connect Athletic park, Milwaukee, with Turner hall, Green Bay. The game in Milwaukee will start at 2:30 and half an hour before the play by play wire will start "talking". Another big crowd is expected.
NOVEMBER 14 (Milwaukee) - The biggest crowd that
ever witnessed a professional football game in this city
is expected to be on hand Sunday afternoon at Athletic
park when the Green Bay Packers face Jimmy
Conzelman's Badgers in a pro league game, which will
just about decide the state championship. The Packers
draw better here than any other team in the pro wheel.
The Northerners are coming here with a well oiled
football machine determined to sew up the title again,
which they have held since 1917. The Packer squad is
rated as one of the best in the country and last Sunday
walloped Racine 16 to 0, the game being much more
one-sided than the score would indicate...ABOUT 600
STRONG: Green Bay, rated as the best football city of
its size in the country, is coming here Sunday about
600 strong. The Packers have the most loyal following
in pro football. Aside from the rooters, Green Bay's
Lumberjack band, headed by a trio of funmakers, will be
in attendance and they are lining up a lot of new stunts
to open the eyes of the spectators. Two years ago, this band invaded Chicago and "burned up" State street and other highways of importance in the Windy City...OVERCONFIDENCE COSTLY: Green Bay defeated Milwaukee in their October meeting and this loss still rankles in the memory of Jimmy Conzelman and his teammates. Candid enough to admit that Milwaukee lost because of their overconfidence, Conzelman has seen to it that no such arrogance remains to hinder a win at Athletic park this week. Milwaukee will take the field for a stiff practice each day this week and is now perfecting a complete revised system of play. Green Bay will run up against a different team and a different style of attack this Sunday than it did when the two teams met before...TAKING NO CHANCES: The locals are taking no chances in being thrown for a loss on Sunday. There is too much at stake. Manager McGurk has promised his crew a game here with the Canton Bulldogs, provided they defeat Green Bay, and this is the goal to which the Badgers are pointed. Canton is acknowledged one of the best teams in the country today and a win over them will insure the locals national recognition.
NOVEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Arrangements are progressing nicely for the Green Bay invasion of Milwaukee on Sunday and, unless all signs fail, over 700 followers of the Packers will be in the stands at Athletic park when Captain Lambeau's team starts battling with Jimmy Conzelman's Badgers. The Lumberjack band is assured. Tony Vandenberg and Ernie Stiller are rounding up the musicians. The band will be twenty strong and every member will be "togged out" in the Lumberjack togs like which they used when they burned up Chicago two years ago. The bandmen are donating their services. They will make the trip in a big truck owned by the Leicht Transfer Co. This company is only charging for the driver's salary and the oil and gas en route. Meals for the band total $30. Each of the musicians will be allowed two meals at 75 cents apiece. The total cost of the trip will be under $70 and this money has been raised by dollar volunteers. The list of the donors will be made public in Friday's paper. Green Bay's seats are on the west side of the field and 800 of them have been set aside by the Milwaukee management. The Bay reservations are located close to the center of the gridiron.
NOVEMBER 15 (Milwaukee) - The Milwaukee pro team, which meets the Green Bay Packers at Athletic field on Sunday, is already looking forward to a post-season swing around the south and east. Manager McGurk is in receipt of telegrams from St. Louis, Des Moines, Pine Bluff, Ark.,; Shreveport, La.; New Orleans, Richmond, Atlantic City and Philadelphia from teams who have heard of the grid prowess of the Milwaukee outfit and seek games. Milwaukee is on the upgrade and is now tied for third place out of the twenty teams in the National league. This is remarkable considering that this is only Milwaukee's second year in the game. The Sunday game is the hardest contest that they faces thus far this season and, as a result, the sixteen men comprising the local squad have been practicing three hours daily. If Milwaukee can win over Green Bay on Sunday, McGurk plans to bring the famed Canton Bulldogs here for a game that will take on the aspect of a national championship match.
NOVEMBER 15 (Racine) - The Racine Legion squad will lay off Sunday and the players will attend the Milwaukee-Green Bay game in the Cream City. Racine was booked to play at Toledo but things are not breaking any too good for Gil Falcon and his team in Mudhenville and the Toledo manager was forced to call off the game on account of financial conditions. Manager Ruetz has announced the release of players Miller, Braman and Bauer. The management is negotiating for a new tackle and halfback.
NOVEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With an air of expectancy, Milwaukee is looking forward to the Green Bay invasion on Sunday. The Packers always draw well in the Cream City and their appearance on Sunday is expected to draw the biggest crowd that ever attended a pro league game in Athletic park, the playground of Otto Borchert's Brewers during the summer months when baseball rules supreme. Eight hundred seats have been saved for the Bay rooters and it is a safe bet that the Packer section will be well filled. Better come along.
NOVEMBER 17 (Milwaukee) - With fair weather forecast, Manager McGurk of the Milwaukee Badgers is making preparations to handle a record breaking crowd Sunday afternoon at Athletic park when his Milwaukee Badgers mix with the Green Bay Packers in
a pro league football encounter. It is a crucial game in
the state championship series. Green Bay needs this
game to sew up the title which it has held since 1917.
However, Jimmy Conzelman and his Badgers are 
determined to knock off the Big Bay Blues...PACKERS
PACK 'EM IN: Never before has a pro game attracted so
much interest here. The Packers, always a splendid
drawing card in Milwaukee, are expected to pack the
gate. Racine is idle on Sunday and several hundred of
the Legion followers are coming here to see the game.
Last Sunday, Green Bay walloped Racine, 16 to 0. The
contest was much more one sided than the score would
indicate. Many football followers from all parts of the
state who attended the Wisconsin-Michigan game on
Saturday plan to stop off here for Sunday and see the 
pro teams in action. The Green Bay rooters, about 800
strong, will cut a figure at the game. Living up to the
slogan, "The Pro team with the College Spirit", the
Packers will have an organized cheering section,
headed by several comedians. Green Bay's famous
Lumberjack band will be very much in evidence and this
famous musical organization, outfitted in woodcutters'
togs, bobtail shows, etc., will show the crowd a lot of
their fancy stuff...CAHN TO REFEREE: Bobby Cahn of
Chicago has been named by President Joe Carr of the
NFL as referee. George Downer, football expert of the
Milwaukee Journal, is to umpire while Jimmy Coffeen of
Beloit will be the head linesman. Regulation periods of
15 minutes will be played. Both teams are reported fit for the fray. The rival captains both predict a victory and claim they will have no alibi to offer if beaten. There is a red hot rumor in circulation here that Hal Hanson, the famous Ironwood, Mich., coach and fullback, will be in a Green Bay uniform here on Sunday.
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Duluth Kellys, one of the strongest teams in the pro league, will appear in Green Bay Sunday November 25, instead of Thanksgiving Day, as originally scheduled. This shift in playing dates was made necessary when Manager Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals shifted the Packer game back to a December date. According to O'Brien, he didn't want his club to meet such tough going, just before the annual clash with the Bears. With Duluth moved up to Sunday November 25, the Packers have an open date on Thanksgiving Day but the Green Bay management is now negotiating for a game with one of the strongest teams in the pro league and there is a possibility that the contest will be staged in Green Bay on Turkey Day. Duluth has a corking good team this season. Headed by "Little Joe" Sternaman, former Illinois star, the Kellys have a swift moving aggregation, capable of holding its own with the best in the country. Duluth has beaten the Marines and Ironwood twice; downed Hibbing in a close game and took a fall out of Akron.
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dewey Lyke, former Minneapolis and Rock Island star, is having a great year with the Green Bay Packers. Lyle's brilliant play has helped keep the Badger state champs pretty well up in the pro league pennant chase...Duluth's clean record was smeared last Sunday when Milwaukee waltzed home with a 6 to 3 victory while Ollie Kraehe's St. Louis club marked up their first victory by taking the Indians into camp, 14 to 7...Cleveland has a tough game booked for Sunday as the Columbus Indians will attempt to put a dent in the winning streak. Another tough battle brings together the Chicago Bears and Rock Island Independents...Bo McMillin performed in the Cleveland backfield against Dayton. The former All American star showed lots of his old class against the Triangles, cutting loose for several spirited dashes over the gridiron...Thiele is playing brilliant ball at end for Duluth. He is an adept receiver of the forward pass, being a sure catch of the pigskin. Thiele gets down the field fast under the punts and can table like a demon...Milton has shown lots of class as a footballer since joining the St. Louis team. Manager Kraehe secured the wingman from Milwaukee via the waiver route. Milton starred in the game against the Indians last week...Arrow Head, Jim Thorpe's right end, broke into the scoring table in the tilt at St. Louis, He grabbed a well directed air toss from the famous Jim and scampered ten yards through a broken field for a touchdown...Madigan has performed with class at center for Duluth. He has lot of pep and fight in the scrimmage field and he is fast on his feet for a big fellow. Madigan passes superbly to Little Joe Sternaman on kicks...Winkelman, the Milwaukee backfielder, is developing quite an educated toe. In the Duluth argument, Winkelman counted both of Milwaukee scores, with well directed kicks from placement with Conzelman holding the ball...The Columbus team is building up a splendid aerial attack and it was the forward passing game that beat the Toledo Maroons, 16 to 0. Pete Stinchomb's crew has played brilliant ball in their last few starts...Watson is proving himself a handyman to have around in the Toledo backfield. He can play quarter or any of the other positions well and has the faculty of being up there fighting all the time he is in action...Annan turned in a swell game for Hammond against the Chicago Cardinals. He ripped off considerable yardage on his smashes outside of tackle besides being in the midst of the scrimmages on the defense...Rip Crangle plunged his way through the Hammond line for the only touchdown in the Hammond game. Chris O'Brien's husky fullback is nearly always a sure ground gainer when there is a yard or two to go.
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "If music counts for anything, the Packers will win by a mile," so said a member of the Lumberjack band as he dusted off his sheepskin and got his red flannel shirt ready for the invasion of Milwaukee on Sunday. "We opened the eyes of Chicago," said another member of the band, "and we hope to knock 'em dead in Milwaukee. Watch us go tomorrow, we'll be in there playing just as hard as our footballers." The Lumberjack band has planned all sorts of fancy capers for the big show. Every member of the band is a crackerjack musician and they have had several rehearsals in order to put their stuff over with a bang. The Lumberjacks leave from the Stiller store on Cherry st., Sunday morning at 5:30 o'clock. It is important that every member of the band be on the job promptly. The trip will be made in Leicht's big truck and it is planned to cut a few capers en route. A set of Packer yells have been drawn up and printed. They will be handed out to the Green Bay spectators at the park on Sunday. Tom Mulligan, a former East High cheerleader, has volunteered his service and he will lead in the Packer followers in whooping it up. Billy Pratt and Mulligan Seroogy will be on hand to do their stunts and it is probable that several other funmakers will take along their bag of tricks to amuse the crowd.