(MILWAUKEE) - The mighty Green Bay Packers backed by a thousand loyal rooters, headed by the famous Lumberjack band, sewed up the Wisconsin pro football championship here on Sunday at Athletic park when they defeated the Milwaukee Badgers by the
score of 10 to 7 in a sensational exhibition of pigskin
chasing which thrilled the greatest crowd that ever
witnessed a professional game in this city. Close to
6,000 spectators were in attendance. It was one of the
greatest games ever played on a Milwaukee gridiron.
With the title at stake, both teams were keyed up to
the highest pitch and they battled hammer and tongs 
from first to last whistle.
The contest took on all the earmarks of a collegiate
encounter. Both Milwaukee and Green Bay had cheer
leaders on the job and defiant yells of the rival rooting
delegations reechoed back and forth across the gridiron.
The wonderful following of Green Bay opened the eyes
of Milwaukee. The Green Bay section was filled to
overflowing and pep ruled supreme. One of the veteran
Milwaukee sport writers glimpsed the Bay crowd and
then remarked to one of this associates in the press
box: "No wonder they call the Bay the greatest football
town of its size in the country. That gang has more pep
than a bunch of college freshmen."
The Lumberjack band more than lived up to advance
notices. When they came out of the dugout, a roar of
applause made them welcome. The Bay band marched
around the field, cutting loose with popular tunes and
when they got back to the home plate, they played "On
Wisconsin" while the entire assemblage rose to their
feet. The band tooted their horns all during the game
while the leaders cut all sorts of fancy capers. Mulligan
Seroogy amused the crowd with his fancy steps.
The game will long be remembered by all those who
saw. It was a fighting, smashing, crashing Packer team
battling against a combination who were determined to
score a victory. Jimmy Conzelman had his club right on
edge for the fray and they played wonderful football but
not quite good enough for the Green Bay eleven which
right now stands with the best in the country. One of
those breaks in the game nearly cost the Packers
dearly. George Downer, who was to umpire, failed to
return from Madison in time for the contest and Pete
Schultz, a Milwaukee Normal graduate, was selected
by Manager McGurk of the Badgers to fill Downer's
place. Towards the close of the second quarter, Schultz
pulled an "Eckersall". At least, that's what the Packers
claimed. The ball was out on Green Bay's 30 yard line.
Three time, Milwaukee rushed with but scant gain.
Winkelman stepped back for a placekick, with
Conzelman squatting to hold the pigskin. The pass was
low and Conzelman grabbed the pill and started on a
mad dash across the field. He stopped dead in his
tracks and hurled the oval down to Green Bay's 12 yard
line where one of his teammates was set. Gavin
knocked down the pass but umpire Schultz ruled
interference and a heated argument cropped out as the
ball was given to Milwaukee on the spot of the alleged
interference. After much discussion, the Packers 
continued to play. Milwaukee, however, was held for
downs and Buck punted out of danger. Right at this
stage of the game, Milwaukee showed its best offense.
A forward pass and several first downs put the pigskin
back in the shadow of Green Bay's goal posts and
Dinger Doane was equal to the occasion. Three times
the former Tufts All-American star bumped the Green
Bay line, finally going over for a touchdown. Winkelman
kicked the goal. Shortly after the next kickoff the
whistle blew for halftime. And Milwaukee's scoring was
through for the day.
Cub Buck kicked his usual field goal for the Packers in
the first quarter. After the opening kickoff, the ball zig-
zagged up and down the field with the Bays having
much the best of the yardage gained. On the 30 yard
line, Buck sailed one of his twisters down the field and
it plunked into Conzelman's arms and out again. A
Packer covered and it was Green Bay's ball, well within
the Milwaukee territory. Several plays were made and 
the oval maneuvered directly in front of the uprights. 
Buck stepped back to the 30 yard line and sailed the
oval through the uprights. When the teams lined up for
the kickoff in the second half, it was a determined
Packer eleven. The Bays were fighting harder than ever for a victory. It wasn't long before the Packer offensive began working nicely. Then came the play that sent the Green Bay contingent wild with joy.
From a regular formation, Mathys called for a signal for a screen pass and it worked nicely. Getting the ball from Neimann, Mathys covered, took three steps backward while the pack plunged straight through the line. Charlie, cool as a cucumber, took his time and then hurled the ball clean as a whip to Captain Lambeau, who was about 5 yards in front of the scrimmage line. Then Lambeau started his touchdown run. And what a gallop it was. He shook off one tackle, sidestepped another and then smashed straight through Jimmy Conzelman and traveled for a score. It was a beautiful piece of footballing. Buck kicked the goal, making the score 10 to 7.
For the remainder of the game, the Packers held the upper hand. Conzelman driven to desperation, tried pass after pass with but indifferent success. The Bays were watching the Milwaukee leader like a hawk and he didn't get very far with his aerial attack. When the final whistle blew, the Green Bay contingent went wild with delight and the Packers were the heroes of the hour. While across the field, the Milwaukee squad limped their way to the training quarters, heart sore and weary, with Conzelman crying like a child. Captain Conzelman, Dinger Doane and Erickson basked in the limelight for Milwaukee. Conzelman played superb football despite his fumbled punt and the missing of Lambeau on his touchdown dash.
The Packers never looked better. Each game they seem to improve. Jab Murray, Hayes and Wheeler on the ends dumped the Badgers for many a loss. Buck and Dewey Lyle performed brilliantly at the tackle while Woodin, Niemann and Gardner, the center trio, were in there fighting like demons at every stage of the game. Charlie Mathys was never seen to better advantage at quarter. Mills and Basing displayed their wares nicely at left half; Gavin showed his class at fullback while Captain Lambeau played the best game of his career at right half. The Bay leader went even better against Racine and his touchdown run was super football.

Gardner kicked off to Milwaukee's goal line for a touchback. The ball is brought out to the 20 yard line. Milwaukee's ball, first down 10 to go. Conzelman drops back in a kick formation and is thrown for a 2 yard loss on an attempt to circle Green Bay's right end by Murray and Lyle. On the next play, Conzelman shot off tackle on a cutback for 4 yards, making it third down with 9 to go. Conzelman kicked out of bounds on Green Bay's 48 yard line. Green Bay's ball, first down 10 to go. On the first play Lambeau shot off left tackle for 3 yards. Lambeau failed to gain off right tackle. On the next play Gavin got 2 yards, fourth down 5 to go. Buck drops back to kick. Buck kicked out of bounds on Milwaukee's 20 yard line. Milwaukee's ball on it own 20 yard line, first down. Doane hit the right side of the Green Bay line for two yards. On the first play Erickson attempted to circle Green Bay's right end and after shaking off tackler after tackler was downed for only a 2 yard gain. On an off tackle Winkelman was held for no gain. Fourth down 6 to go. Conzelman drops back in kick formation. Conzelman punted to Mathys who took the ball on the run, but fumbled, Pierotti recovering for Milwaukee. Milwaukee's ball first down 10 to go on their 45 yard line. On the first play Conzelman attempted a pass, but it was intercepted by Murray. Green Bay's ball, first down on Milwaukee's 45 yard line. On the first play Mills got 3 1/2 yards through left tackle. Gavin hit center for no gain. On the next play Lambeau, on an attempted end run, was thrown for no gain. Fourth down 6 1/2 to go. Buck dropped back to kick. Buck punted to Milwaukee's 11 yard line, where Hayes covered the ball. Milwaukee's ball on their own 11 yard line. Conzelman drops back to kick. Conzelman punted out of bounds on his own 47 yard line. On the first play Gavin was held for no gain. Lambeau shot a pass to Murry, but it just grazed Murray's fingers and was incomplete. Lambeau grounded the next pass out of bounds and Green Bay was penalized 10 yards, fourth down 29 to go. Buck punted to Conzelman, who signaled for a fair catch. He fumbled the ball and Lyle recovered for Green Bay. Mills made two yards around left end. Lambeau made two yards around right end. Gavin plunged through center for about 4 yards, fourth down 2 to go. Ball on Milwaukee's 6 yard line. Buck dropped back to kick. Buck placekicked directly between Milwaukee's goal posts. Milwaukee elected to kick off to Green Bay. Winkelman kicked to Lambeau, who standing on his goal line, received the ball and returned it to his own 15 yard line. On the first play Lambeau on an attempted off tackle play was held for no gain. On the next Mills circled left end for five yards, giving Green Bay third down and five to go. Lambeau was held for no gain on an off tackle attempt. Buck kicked out of bounds on Milwaukee's 49 yard line. Milwaukee's ball on their own 49 yard line. First down ten to go. Conzelman passed to Pierotti for a ten yard gain.
It is Milwaukee's ball on Green Bay's 4 yard line. First down, Erickson attempted an end run, but gained but one yard. A forward pass, Conzelman to Erickson, was incomplete as Erickson dropped the ball which landed directly in his hands. Conzelman passed to Mooney. The ball landed in Mooney's hand, but he dropped it on Green Bay's 20 yard line. Milwaukee's ball, fourth down ten to go. Conzelman drops back to kick. Conzelman kicked out of bounds to Green Bay's 21 yard line. First down ten to go, Green Bay's ball. On the first play Lambeau plunged through left tackle for 3 yards. Gavin added two more on the next play. Lambeay plunged through for 5 yards over left tackle, giving the Bays a first down on their own 31 yard line. Mills was held for no gain. Green Bay was penalized 15 yards for holding. Lambeau attempted to circle Milwaukee's right end but gained no ground. Buck punted 60 yards to Conzelman who was downed in his tracks by Niemann on his own 35 yard line. Doane made a yard around right end. Conzelman on a fake pass went eight yards directly off left tackle, third down one yard to go. On a plunge Doane went over for the first down. The ball is on Milwaukee's 47 yard line. On another punt formation fake, Conzelman was thrown for a two yard loss by Murray. A forward pass, Conzelman to Mooney, netted Milwaukee about 20, making it first down ten for Milwaukee on Bay's 40 yard line. On the first play Green Bay forwards broke through and threw Conzelman for a five yard loss. Second down 15 to go. An attempted forward pass, Conzelman to Erickson, was broken up by Wooding. A forward pass, Conzelman to Erickson, was broken up by Woodin. A forward pass, Conzelman to Erickson, netted Milwaukee 15 yards, giving them first down on Green Bay's 29 yard line. Doane on an attempted line plunge was held for no gain. Conzelman on an attempted pass to Mooney grounded the ball and the pass was incomplete, third down ten to go. Conzelman passed to Mooney again, but Mooney juggled the ball and the pass was incomplete, fourth down ten to go. Conzelman fumbled the ball on the play and ran back and forth across the field finally passing to Mooney. The referee claimed Green Bay interfered with the receiver and gave the ball to Milwaukee. On the next play Doane shot off right tackle for five yards, giving Milwaukee second down five to go. Ball on Green Bay's five yard line. Doane added another two yards by plunging over right guard. Milwaukee's ball on Green Bay's three yard line. Doane on an attempted plunge was held by Murray for no gain. Conzelman passed to Erickson but Erickson was thrown for a 3 yard loss. Green Bay regaining the ball on its own 6 yard line. Buck punted 60 yards to Conzelman who made a lateral pass to Erickson who returned the ball to Green Bay's 25 yard line. Conzelman made one yard off left tackle. Conzelman made one yard off left tackle. Conzelman shot a forward pass to Winkelman for seven yards, third down on Packers' 18 yard line. Doane plunged for a first down giving Milwaukee the ball on the Packers' 12 yard line. First down ten to go. Winkelman plunged over left tackle for a 2 1/2 yard gain. Doane plunged to Green Bay's five yard line, third down 3 to go. Doane hit center for one more yard giving Milwaukee fourth down and two to go. On the next play Doane plunged over for a touchdown through left guard, making the score Milwaukee 6, Green Bay 3. Winkelman kicked the ball through the posts for the extra point. Gardner kicked off to Winkelman, who returned the ball 28 yards to Milwaukee's 28 yard line. On the first play Conzelman was held for no gain. Erickson hit left tackle for two yards.
Winkelman kicked to Lambeau who returned the ball 30 yards. Gavin made three yards on the first play. A pass, Basing to Lambeau, netted Green Bay 15 yards, giving Green Bay first down on their own 48 yard line. Basing is taking Mills' place. Basing was thrown for a 3 yard loss on an attempted end run. A forward pass to Basing was incomplete. Lambeau's pass to Mathys was grounded. Buck dropped back and punted 55 yards to Conzelman on his own 15 yard line. Milwaukee was penalized back to its 1 yard line. Conzelman dropped back of his goal line and punted the ball to Lambeau who returned it 5 yards and was knocked out when tackled by about 5 Milwaukee players. Green Bay's ball on Milwaukee's 25 yard line. Gavin held for no gain at left guard. Gavin plunged through for 5 yards. Lambeau failed at right guard. Fourth down 5 to go on Milwaukee's 20 yard line. Lambeau's pass to Mathys was incomplete. Milwaukee's ball on their 20 yard line. Doane hit right guard for 3 yards. Winkelman added 2 through left guard. Conzelman kicked out of bounds on Green Bay's 39 yard line. Lambeau passed to Mathys for 15 yards. Mathys ran out of bounds. Basing clipped Milwaukee at right guard for about 3 yards. Basing on an off tackle play made 2 yards. On a pass from Mathys, Lambeau evaded three tacklers and scampered over the goal line for a touchdown. Buck made the extra point after the touchdown. Gardner kicked to Erickson on his goal line who returned it 21 yards. Conzelman on an attempted off tackle play was held for no gain. Doane busted over Green Bay's left tackle for 3 yards. Third down 6 to go. Conzelman's pass to Pierotti failed. Conzelman kicked about 45 yards to Green Bay's 47 yard line to Mathys who was downed in his tracks. On the next play Gavin plunged through Milwaukee's right guard for 2 yards. Second down 8 to go. Lambeau was held for no gain on an attempted off tackle play. An attempted forward pass, Mathys to Wheeler, failed. Buck punted to Milwaukee's 20 yard line. Woodin stopped Doane for no gain on his 20 yard line. Winkelman went over center for 5 yards. Conzelman attempted a left end run but was held for no gain by Buck. Conzelman punted to Lambeau who received it on his own 45 yard line and returned it ten yards to Milwaukee's 45 yard line. On the first play Gavin broke through Milwaukee's left tackle for 6 yards.
Gavin hit center for 1 1/2 yards. Gavin plunged through center for 2 yards. Lambeau made the necessary distance. Basing hit the right side of the Milwaukee line for 4 yards. Lambeau made three off tackle. Lambeau was stopped at right tackle for no gain. An attempted pass was incomplete. Ball on Milwaukee's 27 yard line in their possession. On the first play Conzelman was thrown for a 2 yard loss. Conzelman on an attempted end run was dumped a couple of times but got up and passed to Winkelman which was called back. Conzelman attempted a pass which was intercepted by Gavin. Gavin hit Milwaukee's left guard for two yards. Gavin shot through Milwaukee's right guard for 3 more. An attempted pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was intercepted by Smith, Milwaukee's left guard. Conzelman on a fake pass after dodging half the Bay team ran 13 yards to his 37 yard line. Conzelman's attempted pass to Mooney was mussed up by Gavin. Conzelman's pass was intercepted by Niemann on Milwaukee's 45 yard line. Milwaukee made a substitution sending in Sachs for Mooney. Gavin plunged through left guard for 5 yards. On the next play Gavin added four more. Lambeau made the necessary yardage making it first down on Milwaukee's 31 yard line. Gavin hit Milwaukee's left guard for two yards. Basing was thrown for a three yard loss by Sachs. Lambeau on the next play on a wide end run gained 5 yards. An attempted pass failed. The ball was knocked down by Erickson. Conzelman was thrown for a 15 yard loss by Buck and Wheeler. Basing intercepted Conzelman's pass to Erickson on Milwaukee's 34 yard line. The ball is right next to the sidelines. Cahn penalized Green Bay 5 yards for stalling. Basing ran the ball along the sidelines for 5 yards. Lambeau hit Milwaukee's left guard for no gain. Gavin was held for no gain making it fourth down 10 to go. Buck drops back in kick formation. Green Bay was again penalized 5 yards for stalling. Buck punted out of bounds on Milwaukee's 17 yard line. Conzelman passed to Sachs who failed to catch it. Conzelman completed a pass to Perotti gaining 10 yards. Conzelman attempted another pass to Winkelman but the pass was knocked down. Mathys intercepted Conzelman's 40 yard pass and ran it back to Milwaukee's 39 yard line. Gavin hit Milwaukee's left guard for 3 yards as the game ended.
Green Bay Packers (5-2-1) 10, Milwaukee Badgers (4-2-2) 7
Sunday November 18th 1923 (at Milwaukee)
Sternaman. Each of these bootsmiths have shown an uncanny knack in driving the pigskin between the uprights. It should be interesting to see them match their skills in the weekend encounter.
NOVEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The story from Racine about Manager Babe Reutz recalling Jab Murray from the Green Bay Packers created considerable gossip in football circles here overnight. The Legion account was a bit garbled, however, and the Murray affair was painted somewhat in a wrong light. Last year, Murray was released by the Packers and he joined the Racine club, playing brilliant football. Early this fall, Jabber was notified by the Legion management to report but he wrote Manager Reutz requesting his release. Murray has an extensive law practice in Marinette and, if he played with Racine, it would keep him away from home too much of the time. The Packers opened negotiations with Murray and the Racine management. Finally, an agreement was reached. Racine released Murray to Green Bay under the condition that anytime after November 11 he could be recalled by the Racine club for two game. Murray is the property of the Green Bay club. The Bay management has laid its case on the table before Racine, showing the shortage of players here and it is an even bet that the Legion will pass up its claim for Murray.
NOVEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad is working out daily in preparation for Sunday's game with the Duluth Kellys, which will be staged at Bellevue park on Sunday afternoon for the professional football championship of the Northwest. The Big Bay Blues have pretty well recovered from last
Sunday's skirmish at Milwaukee and when the whistle blows Sunday afternoon, every man on the squad will be in shape to turn back "Little Joe" Sternaman and his much-heralded Northerners...GETTING NEW STUFF: Determined to continue its winning streak, the Packers are putting in some new stuff this week with which they plan to spring a surprise on the Duluthians. A Kelly scout, it is said, watched the game at Milwaukee and Captain Lambeau is keen to mix 'em up a bit. Unless a hitch develops at the last minute, Hal Hanson, Ironwood's great fullback, will be in a Packer uniform again on Sunday. Hanson saw service twice against Duluth and his knowledge of the Northerners' plays will be a valuable asset to the Green Bay club, even if he is only sitting on the bench...EXPECT HUGE CROWD: Tickets will be on sale at the usual places about the town this evening. There has been a heavy demand for ​reservations and all indications point to another capacity turnout. Sunday's game will start promptly at 2 o'clock. The gates at the park will be opened at 12:30. Box seat ticket coupons marked No. 7 are good for Sunday's game only.
NOVEMBER 22 (Columbus) - Bobby Cahn, Chicago, considered one of the best officials in the pro league, has been named by President Joe Carr to referee the Duluth-Green Bay Packer contest at Green Bay, Wis., on Sunday November 25. The league president considers this a very important game as the championship of the Northwest goes to the winner.
NOVEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Duluth and the Packers battle Sunday at Green Bay and those planning to attend the game want to remember that hostilities start half an hour earlier than usual. The kickoff will be at 2 o'clock.
NOVEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A game
which will decide the pro football championship of the
Northwest will be staged in Green Bay at Bellevue park
on Sunday when the Packers give battle to the Duluth
Kellys. Sunday's game will be called at 2 o'clock. It will
be the "No. 7" home game on the Packers' schedule.
Holders of box seats must make use of their coupons
marked "No. 7" as they will not be good for the
Thanksgiving Day contest here, if one is scheduled here
...SUPREME IN NORTHWEST: Duluth comes here with
the undisputed championship of Minnesota and Upper
Michigan. The Kellys dumped the Minneapolis Marines
twice; scored two wins over the famous Ironwood club;
and took Hibbing into camp. Duluth also has victories
over the Akron Indians and Hammond professionals.
The Packers tucked away the Badger state
championship in Milwaukee on Sunday. There is only
one more game scheduled in the state race, Milwaukee
playing at Racine on Thanksgiving Day and the team
that wins won't climb enough in the percentage table to
overtake the Packers. Duluth is coming here with a 
corking good football machine and reports from the
Minnesota city have it that the Kellys are determined to
take a fall out of the Packers...STERNAMAN HEADS
TEAM: "Little Joe" Sternaman, former Illinois star, is
coach and captain of the Northerners. He is a 
dropkicker extraordinary. Sternaman has been bothered
with a bad ankle but will be in shape to stick the whole
game against the Packers. Sternaman's lineup isn't
studded with All-American stars but he has got a club
that has turned in wins consistently this season. In
O'Donnell and Jack Rooney, Duluth has a pair of ends
who are right at home grabbing forward passes.
Johnson and Kelly have shown class galore at tackles;
while Stein, Williams and Dunn hold down the jobs at
guard. Williams is the big lineman that gave the 
Packers so much trouble last season. Madigan is a
classy performer at center. In the backfield, aside from
Sternaman, there is Wally Rooney, Method, Gilbert,
and Harris, a quartet of stars...TICKETS READY 
THURSDAY: Tickers for the Duluth game will be on sale at the usual places about town on Thursday night. The game is being talked up a lot and it is expected that a capacity crowd will be on hand to welcome the champion Packers back home again.
NOVEMBER 20 (Racine) - George Reutz of the Horlick-Legion football team announced today that signing of Rollie Williams who will play right in next Sunday's game with the Cardinals at Chicago. This game will mark Williams' entrance into the ranks of the professionals. Williams was captain of last year's University of Wisconsin eleven and was selected as an all American halfback last fall. Reutz denies that he has signed Gerber, recently ousted from the Badger team as a professional. He says that Jab Murray, under contract to the Racine Legion, but loaned to the Green Bay Packers, has been recalled to fill in the hole in the line.
NOVEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers' kite is flying pretty high these days. Captain Lambeau's gridiron machine has set sail for the top of the heap in the pro league race and they are not very far from their goal. The Green Bay aggregation is looking better each start and they have a right to train their guns on the best teams in the county. With the state pigskin championship tucked away safely for another season, Captain Lambeau's squad is looking for bigger things and it is better than an even bet that they may get their chance.
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Hundreds
of out-of-town fans are coming here Sunday to see the
Packers and Duluth Kellys have it out in a game which
will decide the professional football championship of the
Northwest. The pigskin fray will be staged at Bellevue
park and hostilities will start promptly at 2 o'clock.
Bobbie Cahn of Chicago will referee. There is no end of
interest in Upper Michigan over the Northwest title
argument. Duluth knocked off Ironwood in two games
and the Ironwood followers are coming here Sunday
hoping to see Sternaman and Co. get knocked for a 
goal...APPEARANCE OF HANSON: The appearance of
Hal Hanson in the Packers' lineup has also kicked up
a lot of interest up north. Hanson is considered the 
greatest player that ever chased a pigskin on the range
gridirons. Down through the valley, the Packers'
followers are legion and they will all be here on Sunday
to help welcome the champions back home. It is
expected that a delegation of some hundred fans will
represent Sturgeon Bay and the Cherry country at the
title contest...FANS ARE EXCITED: Green Bay is 
showing more interest over the Duluth game than any
contest since the Bears played here. Tickets were
placed on sale last night and they were gobbled up like
hot cakes. However, it is reported that some choice
reservations are still available. Unless the dope all goes
wrong, Bellevue park will be jammed to capacity 
Sunday to see the teams battle for the Northwest
championship. The Packer squad is functioning
perfectly in the daily practice tilts and the team will be
hitting on "all eleven" when the whistle blows. Every
man on the aggregation is determined to put the skids
under Duluth and it will be a "rarin' to go" outfit that
takes the field.
NOVEMBER 23 (Duluth) - With every man in the pink of
condition, the Duluth team leaves here Saturday
afternoon for Green Bay where Sunday they will tackle
the famous Green Bay Packers, pro champions of
Wisconsin. According to Captain Sternaman, Duluth is
going to spring a surprise on the Badger title holders.
About two dozen Duluth followers will make the trip to
Green Bay.
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Keck, the
Princeton All-American, is the newest addition to the
ranks of the Cleveland team. He played a great game 
against the Columbus Indians, coming through with a 
field goal of considerable yardage...Winters' work at
quarter has been a feature of the Columbus season. He
is a capable field general and is right at home picking
his plays. Winters is a good handler of punts and is a 
fast man in the open field...Three games scheduled for last Sunday fell by the wayside, Akron did not play in Louisville, Racine's invasion of Toledo was called off, while Hammond and St. Louis deemed it best to remain idle...Rock Island is figuring on an eastern invasion. Thanksgiving Day, the Independents expect to play the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets and then they will journey to Buffalo to meet McNeil's aggregation December 2.
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday
at Bellevue park, two of the greatest football machines
in the country, the Green Bay Packers and Duluth
Kellys will match their skill in one of the most important
games ever played at the Bay. The professional football
championship of the Northwest is at stake. Duluth has
"mopped up" Minnesota and Upper Michigan while the
Packers rule supreme in Wisconsin. Aside from the
title, the teams are battling for fifth place in the NFL
percentage. The Packers are fifth up now with Duluth
right close behind...EXPECT BUMPER THRONG: One
of the biggest crowds of the season is expected to
witness the pigskin chasing exhibition. The Packers 
have been on the road for three weeks and a bumper
throng will be on hand to welcome the Big Bay Blues
back home again. Duluth is a much feared opponent.
The Kellys have a hard hitting football machine headed
by "Little Joe" Sternaman, one of the most famous
players on the professional gridiron. Sternman is
blessed with an educated toe and his kicking ability has
marked up several victories for the Duluthians this fall...
PACKERS IN SHAPE: The Packers are fit for the
encounter. The Bay eleven has put in a strenuous week
of practice and every man on the squad is in good
physical condition. A win over Duluth means much to
Green Bay's chances for future games and the players
are determined to put another victory across. Bobby
Cahn, one of the best officials in the pro league, will
handle the game, which starts promptly at 2 o'clock
(this is half an hour earlier than usual). Regulation
periods of 15 minutes are scheduled. The doors at the
park will open at 12:30 o'clock. Tickets will be on sale
at The Press-Gazette office Sunday morning from 9:30
A.M. until noon. There has been a heavy demand for
ducats but there are still some choice reservations
UP AT 9 P.M.
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Those
having seats reserved for Sunday's game should claim 
them before 9 o'clock this evening as representatives of
the club will gather in all uncalled tickets at this time.
Tickets will be on sale at The Press-Gazette Sunday
morning from 9:30 o'clock until noon. This is for the
convenience of outsiders and others who did not secure
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dinger
Doane more than lived up to his name in the Green Bay
game. The former Tufts star banged his way 15 yards
on line plunges for the first touchdown made against the
Packers this season on straight football...Jab Murray
is proving a valuable handy man for Green Bay. The
Marquette graduate has seen service at guard and
tackle and now is filling the bill nicely at end. Jabber
gets over ground quickly for a 200 pounder...Traynor, a
Buffalo boy, is doing a good job of halfbacking for the
Bison All Americans. Buffalo has made switches behind
the line but Traynor busts into every game and 
frequently makes the "Big Type"...The splendid
defensive play of Sauers, the husky tackle, has helped
keep the Dayton Triangle up and at 'em this fall. Sauers
is blessed with a lot of football sense and he has the
knack of getting right on top of the play...Montgomery,
the Chicago Cardinal tackle, has developed into a 
valuable gridder for Chris O'Brien. The big lineman was
off his feet in the early games but he is traveling at top
speed right now, showing class galore...Harris has
played consistent football for Duluth all season. He is of
the plunging type of fullback and generally can get some
distance on his rushes. He caused the Cardinals lots of
uneasiness last Sunday...Flaherty, who serves as
understudy to Manager George Halas of the Chicago
Bears, is making good whenever given a chance to
display his wares as a pigskin chaser. Flaherty is a big
fellow and mighty handy nabbing passes...Duke Slater,
Rock Island's giant tackle, stood up well under the
smashing attack launched by the Bears. Slater took all
that was coming to him and a little bit more but he was
in there playing super football...Joe Guyon, answering
the call of the pigskin, donned the moleskins last week in a futile attempt to help Jim Thorpe's Indians make some trouble for the Canton Bulldogs. Thorpe, Calac and Guyon couldn't do it alone...Carroll continues to perform brilliant for the Canton Bulldogs on a wing position. He is an adept receiver of the forward pass, being one of the main cogs in the Cantonians' brilliant air attack machine...Rollie Williams, one of the greatest footballers ever turned out at Wisconsin, has cast his lot with the Racine Legion and will cavort in the backfield for the Horlickmen Sunday in Chicago against the Cardinals...Football fans in Cleveland are licking their chops in anticipation of Sunday's game with Canton. Neither of these teams have tasted defeat this season and it should be a combat worth going miles to see...The fur will fly on Thanksgiving Day in Chicago when the Bears and Cardinals lock horns in their annual engagement. There is no love lost between these clubs and it is generally a battle royal all the way...There are several changes in Sunday's schedule. Racine plays the Cards instead of Hammond, who has been booked by the Bears in place of Rochester. Duluth plays at Green Bay, the Turkey Day game having been set forward.
NOVEMBER 23 (Columbus) - President Joe F. Carr of the NFL has given his approval to the proposed game between the Hammond All Stars and the Green Bay Packers at Green Bay, Wis., on Thanskgiving Day, Thursday November 29...A contract has been sent to Doc Young, manager of the Hammond All Stars, calling for the appearance of his team in Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day, November 29. The Green Bay management was in conversation with Young over the long distance and he accepted the Packer offer for a
fracas here on Turkey day. He signed acceptance of the agreement to bring his team here next Thursday is looked for in every mail. Hammond is a corking good eleven. The All Stars have played a number of games
this season and have shown class galore. Several weeks ago the Cardinals were mighty fortunate to nose out a 6 to 0 win over Young's hirelings. In Tar Williams and Sol Butler, Hammond boasts of two of the most famous colored stars.
NOVEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Doc Young, the manager of the Hammond team, evidently thinks that Green Bay is situated way up in the woods. The other night while talking over the long distance phone with Lambeau, the Packer captain. Young said: "Say Curley, go out in the backyard and shoot a deer. Nothing would please me better than a venison steak Thanksgiving night." Lambeau generally tried to keep on good terms with the pro magnates but he had to pass the buck on this request...There is going to be quite some football game in Cleveland on Sunday when Canton plays here. The Cleveland team has a wealthy backer and he is going the limit to put a team on the field that will send the Bulldogs home yelping. The Cleveland management has bought Pete Stinchomb from Columbus; secured Stanley Keck from the Pittsburgh Collegians and has induced Red Roberts, the former Center star, to come out of retirement. President Joe Carr of the NFL should turn Sherlock Holmes and give the Clevelanders' salary list the once over.
NOVEMBER 21 (Duluth) - With "Little Joe" Sternaman's ankle again ready to withstand a full game, the Duluth Kellys are looking forward to a victory over the Packers at Green Bay on Sunday in a game which will decide the professional football championship of the Northwest. Duluth holds the title in Minnesota and Upper Michigan while the Packers rule supreme in Wisconsin. The Kellys are putting in an extensive week of drill in preparation for the Packer fray. This is the game of all games that Duluth wants to win and every man on the Kelly squad will go into the game at Green Bay determined to bring home a victory...IN GOOD SHAPE: The Duluth squad came out of the Chicago Cardinal fracas in good shape. Several of the players got banged up a bit but they will all be ready for the toot of the whistle on Sunday. Captain Sternaman is perfecting a defensive which he hopes will curb the famous aerial attack of the Badger state champions. Duluth figures that Cub Buck, the Bay punter, is going to meet his equal in Walt Harris, who does the punting for Manager Scanlon's team...LEAVE SATURDAY AFTERNOON: The Duluth squad, 20 strong, will leave for Green Bay over the Soo line Saturday afternoon. They will travel in a special Pullman and the car will be parked out at Neenah in order to give the players a good night's rest. The last lap of the Green Bay trip, from Neenah on, will be made by auto on Sunday morning. During their stay in Green Bay, the Duluth headquarters will be at the Beaumont hotel.
NOVEMBER 21 (Hammond) - Doc Young's Hammond All Stars are facing a tough football schedule within the next few days if present negotiations are completed satisfactorily. Sunday, Hammond plays the Chicago Bears at Cubs park. Two weeks ago, the All Stars held the Cardinals to a 6 to 0 score and they hope to do even better against the Bruins. A game with the Packers, Badger state champions, may be played at Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day. Manager Doc Young hopes to close the contract within the next 24 hours. The Sunday following Thanksgiving Day, December 2, Hammond hopes to perform in Milwaukee against Jimmy Conzelman's Badgers.
NOVEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - In the pro league game at Green Bay Sunday between the Duluth Kelly and the Packers, the spectators will have a chance to see two of the greatest field goal kickers on the gridiron in action. The Bay eleven has Cub Buck while the Northerners boast of "Little Joe"