(GREEN BAY) - Displaying a wonderful aerial offensive, the Green Bay Packers, football champions of Wisconsin, defeated the Hibbing Miners here on Sunday in the opening game of the season by the score of 10 to 0. Hibbing presented a stonewall forward line but
they proved unable to cope with the Packers' air attack.
Time after time, Captain Lambeau hurled the pigskin 
into the waiting arms of Wheeler, Mathys and Lyle for
considerable yardage.
The Packers' first score came in the second quarter.
Ursella, standing on his own 20-yard line, attempted to
punt. Earps smashed through and blocked the ball.
Lyle covered it behind the goal line. Buck added
another point. In the third quarter, the Packers marched
down the field but a penalty halted the procession.
Buck stepped back to the 30-yard mark and kicked the
pigskin through the uprights. The Packers threatened
several time in the final period but Hibbing held tight in
the shadow of its goalposts.
Exactly 2,760 paid their way into the grounds to see the
game. It was a splendid turnout for the opening fray. The
reserved seat sections were nearly all filled up. The
boxes held a capacity crowd and nearly all of the
bleacher space was occupied. Quite a number of the
youngsters took advantage of the "Knothole" gang
admission price. There was little or no confusion. The
gates opened promptly at 1 o'clock and the crowd
arrived on the scene early. By the time the Packer
squad pranced on the field, at 2:20, the stand were well
And on all sides the management was praised for the
splendid layout. The spectators expressed amazement
at the wonderful way the "scene" had been shifted in a
week's time. The box seats gave splendid satisfaction,
the reserved proved O.K. and the vast amount of space
for the general admission ticket holders made a big hit
with the spectators. The gridiron was in much better
shape than was expected and it is safe to say that by
the time for the Chicago Bear game, the playing field
will be "slicked up" nicely.
Hundreds of autos were packed in a close radius of the
playing field and thanks to several of the city policemen,
two motor bike cops, several of Sheriff Guerts' deputies,
and a detail from the Sullivan Post, American Legion,
the motorists cleared away in good shape and the jam
wasn't half as as was looked for. Walter Buland, the
Hibbing coach, after the game, has this to say about Green Bay and its Packers: "We bit the dust for the first time in two years and from now on, up our way, we'll be thinking that the Packers are just as good as they are cracked up to be. Your forward pass combination is wonderful. I never saw anything like it. You have got a splendid field for your games and your organization treated our club like 'kings'. No wonder they call Green Bay the best 'little' football country in the country. I hope we can come back here again next year."
Considering the fact that the Packers had but a week of preparation, the team played good football. Lyle and Wheeler performed brilliantly at ends; Buck and Jug Earps were there a yard wide at tackles; Gardner, Woodin and Kenyon did everything that was asked of them at guards while Nieman, as usual, starred at center. Mathys shone brilliantly at quarter. Gavin more than lived up to advance notices at fullback, while Mills and Captain Lambeau were here, there and everywhere as halfbacks. Hibbing's line was of the stonewall variety with Walter Buland, the veteran Rock Island players, and "Ink" Marshall cutting quite a figure. Rube Ursella was about the whole show in the Miners' backfield. Two of the Hibbing players, Zgone and Beasey, suffered fractured collar bones during the encounter.

Gardner kicked off to Ursella, who returned the ball 25 yards. Beasey made eight yards through left tackle. Chicken failed to gain. Zgone made first down around right end. Zgone failed at right tackle. A forward pass, Zgone to Ursella, failed. A forward pass, Zgone to Chicken, was good for ten yards. Ursella failed at center. Beasey failed at right tackle. Ursella punted over the goal line and the ball was put in play on the 20 yard line. Mills made one yard through right tackle. Buck punted 45 yards to Ursella, who was downed in his tracks. Beasey made five yards through right tackle. Rooney made five yards through right tackle. Rooney failed around left end. On the next play, Ursella fumbled and Niemann recovered for Green Bay. Lambeau made six yards through right tackle. Gavin made five more through left guard. Mills made five through center and Green Bay was penalized five yards for offside. Lambeau passed 20 yards to Mathys. Green Bay was penalized five yards on the next play for offside. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, failed, and the ball went over. Beasey failed to gain. Gregor went in for Zgone at right half for Hibbing and made five yards. Ursella made 15 through right tackle. Rooney made five more thought the same hole. Beasey made two through center. Gregor made 30 yards through right tackle as the quarter ended.
Gregor made one yard through right guard. Ursella missed a dropkick from the 35 yard line. Lambeau made one yard through right tackle. Mills made two yards through right guard. Lambeau made six around left end. Buck punted 50 yards to Ursella. Ursella failed at right tackle. Beasey made seven yards through right tackle. Woodin went in at left guard for Kenyon of Green Bay. Beasey failed at right tackle. Ursella punted 35 yard to Mills, who returned the ball ten. Gavin made five yards through center. Mills made two through left guard. Gavin made five yards through center. Mills made two through left guard. Gavin made first down on a plunge through left tackle. Gavin made one yard through center. Lambeau passed 30 yards to Wheeler. Mills made one yard through right tackle. Lambeau made one around right end. Lambeau made five through right tackle. Lambeau missed a placekick from the 20 yard line. Beasey made one yard through center. Ursella made one through right tackle. Beasey made four through right tackle. Earps blocked Ursella's kick and Lyle recovered, crossing the goal for a touchdown. Buck dropped a placekick between the crossbars. Score, Green Bay 7, Hibbing 0. Gardner kicked off to Beasey, who returned the ball 25 yards. Beasey made four yards through right tackle. Gregor made three through left tackle. The first half ended with Hibbing in possession of the ball on its own 40 yard line.
Gardner kicked to Ursella, who returned the ball 15 yards. Rooney made one yard around right end. Ursella made two through left guard. Ursella punted 35 yards to Gavin, who returned it five. Lambeau passed 30 yards to Mathys. Lambeau made eight yards through right tackle. Gavin failed through right tackle. Lambeau passed 15 yards to Wheeler, who was downed on the one yard line. Lambeau took the ball across the goal line on the next play, but Green Bay was penalized for offside. Mills failed around left end. Beasey was hurt, and Nord took his place. Mills made one around left end. Buck dropped a placekick between the bars. Score, Green Bay 10, Hibbing 0. Gardner kicked off, but the ball rolled out of bounds on the 20 yard line. Gregor made two yards through right tackle. Ursella made three yards through right tackle. Green Bay was penalized five yards for offside. Gregor made three yards through right tackle. Ursella made four through left tackle. Nord made two yards through center for first down. Gregor made five yards around right end. Rooney failed to gain through center. Ursella kicked 35 yards to Gavin. Mills failed to gain at right tackle. A pass from Lambeau failed. Buck punted 50 yards to Nord, who returned the ball 15.
Ursella tried a pass which failed. Green Bay was penalized 15 yards for interfering with the receiver. Ursella made two yards through left guard. Niemann intercepted a pass from Ursella. Gavin made three yards through center. Buck punted 45 yards to Ursella, who returned the ball five yards. Gregore's pass was intercepted by Mills. Lambeau failed around left end. Gavin made five yards through right tackle. Mills failed to gain. Buck punted over the goal line, and the ball was put in play on the 20 yard line. Ursella made ten through left tackle. A pass from Nord failed. A pass from Underwood failed. Another pass from Underwood was intercepted by Mills. Lambeau made four yards through right tackle. Gavin made two through center. Mathys made one through center. Buck's punt was blocked, but Mills recovered for Green Bay. Gavin failed to gain. Lambeau passed five yards to Mills. Lambeau passed 20 yards to Mathys. Lambeau failed to gain around left tackle. Mills failed to gain. A pass from Lambeau failed. Buck attempted a placekick from the 15 yard line, but it was blocked, Buck recovering the ball himself as the whistle blew.
EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers 10, Hibbing Miners 0
Sunday September 23rd 1923 (at Green Bay)
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Wes Leaper and Jab Murray have been added to the Packer football squad and word has been received from Eddie Usher that he will be positively here for practice on Thursday morning. With the addition of these players
the Bay eleven is pretty well set for the season. Wes
Leaper has returned to the gridiron after a two years'
absence. He is an old Packer end and should have little
trouble in fitting in perfectly with the Bay machine.
Leaper starred at West High and also played a year at
Wisconsin. Wes is in pretty good shape and a few
days of practice will put him in shape for action...
RELEASE IS SECURED: After several weeks of
negotiations the Packer management succeeded in 
getting Jab Murray's release from Racine. Jab is pretty
well known around these parts. In 1921, he was a star
with the Packers. Last season Jab was traded by 
Green Bay to Racine for Whitey Woodin. While with the
Legion club, Murray played a great game. Murray has
been aching to come back to the Bay and he can be
counted on to play with all his old time brilliance. Eddie
Usher will be in the pink of condition when he arrives
here. He has been at Ann Arbor for two weeks helping
Coach Yost whip his Michigan team into shape. Usher
was mingling with the backfield candidates...GAME
DRAWS INTEREST: The Packers' clash with the
Minneapolis Marines on Sunday is kicking up on end of
interest and, if fair weather prevails, there should be a
capacity crowd at the game. Reserved seat tickets will
be placed on sale Thursday night at the usual places
about town. The Marines have played bang up games
against the Packers in their two appearances here. In
both contests, Captain Lambeau's team has come from
behind to win out. The Minnesota champions have a
stronger club that usual this fall and they are considered
among the contenders for national pro football honors.
Sunday's contest starts at 2:30 o'clock. It will be played
rain or shine.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Green Bay Packers are going to have a battle on their
hands Sunday when they face the Minneapolis Marines.
The Gopher state champions are coming here with an
all-star aggregation of pigskin chasers and they will be
primed to the minute to give Captain Lambeau's team
the stiffest kind of a fight. The Marines make use of the
famous Minnesots shift and this formation is one of the
most spectacular in the day of modern football. It takes
a might good defensive team to check this method of
attack but we think the Packers will be able to do it.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Columbus) - Included in the list of
assignments of officials for the opening game of the
NFL Sunday announced today by President Joe Carr of
the pro circuit is that of Arthur Con, Duluth, Minn., for
the Green Bay Packer-Minneapolis Marines contest at
Green Bay. Von is an experienced football official and
he is rated as one of the best officials in the Northwest
section. President Carr considers the Packer-Marine
clash one of the most important on the opening card.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Milwaukee) - Speedy Race, former
halfback for Purdue, who played with the Canton
Bulldogs last season, has been signed by the Milwaukee Badgers and worked out with the Conzelman crew at Athletic park Tuesday afternoon. Race is one of the fastest field runners in professional football and 
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well, the Packers opened the season in a blaze of glory. It was a made to order lifting affair. The game was well
played, the crowd was unusually large and the field and
stands surprised nearly every spectator that entered the
park. Unless we are all wrong, Green Bay is in for the
greatest year of professional football that this city has
ever experienced. And that is saying a whole lot...The
opening game attracted a representative gathering.
Staid businessmen rubbed elbows with their employees
and every man, woman and child enjoyed the pigskin
exhibition immensely. And they all journeyed homeward
happy because it was the unanimous opinion, after
seeing Captain Lambeau's team in action, that the
Packers will be way up there among the topnotchers in
the NFL.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Minneapolis) - Represented by the
strongest team in their twelve year career on the
gridiron, Manager John Dunn of the Minneapolis
Marines will take his famous aggregation of footballers
to Green Bay, Wis., next Sunday for the opening game
of the NFL. This will be the third appearance of the
Marines in the Badger state city. In 1921, Dunn's team
lost a 7 to 6 game while last season the Marines met a
13 to 6 defeat. Both of the contests were thriller. This
year, however, the Marines hope to reverse the verdict
and get even for one of the upsets...ALL STAR OUTFIT:
This year's Marine team is an all star outfit. They have
been practicing for two weeks and have their famous
Minnesota shift down to perfection, along with a
"bucketful" of trick plays. Paul Flynn, Minnesota; Bully
Christianson, Montana, and Harold Hansen, South
Dakota, will play the ends. Tierney, Minnesota; Burrill,
St. Thomas; Kraemer, Oregon; and Rudy Tersch, North
Dakota are the tackles. Gaustad, Wyoming; Fosdick,
Buffalo, and Mohs, Hammond, are slated for duty at the
guards while Harry Mehre, Notre Dame '21, is the 
center...CLEVE BACKS AGAIN: Irgens, the Marines'
veteran quarterback, will direct the team while Cleve,
who scored against the Packers last season, is to hold
down one of the halfback berths. Danny Coughlin,
Notre Dame, last season with Duluth, is another
halfback along with Louie Pahl of California. Art
Sampson is the fullback. He has played with the
Marines for nine years. Abe Kaplan, varsity quarterback
at Hamline U for three seasons, is one of the new
additions on the Marine team. He has played several
games against Lawrence college.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
next attraction for the professional football fans in 
Northeastern Wisconsin is scheduled at Green Bay on
Sunday when the Packers will give battle to the 
Minneapolis Marines. The Minnesota champs have 
played here twice before and in each encounter they
gave Lambeau's aggregation the toughest kind of a
battle. This Manager Dunn has another classy team and he predicts an upset for Green Bay.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Reserved seats for Sunday's football game, which will be played at Bellevue Park, Green Bay, between the Packers and Minneapolis Marines will be on sale Thursday evening. The tickets can be secured at the Beaumont hotel, Congress, Bobby Lynch's, Bosses' News Depot, Schweger's Drug Store, Emil Pire's barbershop. Harry Loper has charge of the ticket sale in De Pere. Mail orders for tickets, addressed to the Green Bay Football Corporation, care of the Press-Gazette, will receive prompt attention.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Minneapolis Marines, one of the leading professional football teams in the country, will give battle to the Green Bay Packers here Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park in a NFL encounter. The game, which will be played rain or shine, is scheduled to start promptly at 2:30 o'clock. Regulation periods of 15 minutes will be played. Arthur Von of Duluth has been named to referee by President Joe Carr of the pro wheel...HAVE
FAMOUS TEAM: The Minneapolis Marines have long
been famous on the professional gridiron. Their famous
Minnesota shift has carried them to many victories and
they are known throughout the pigskin world as "smart"
footballers. The Marines are coming here with a veteran
lineup, studded with stars. In Flynn, end, and Tierney,
tackle, the visitors have a pair of former Minnesota 
players, who were named on All-Conference selections.
Mehre, the team captain, earned his gridiron spurs at
Notre Dame, under Coach Rockne...TWO PRETTY
GAMES: This is the third appearance of the Marines in
Green Bay. The contests of 1921 and '22 were
humdingers. In both tilts, the Packers came from behind
to snatch a victory off their far-famed opponents. 
Sampson, who is playing fullback for the Marines
tomorrow, made the touchdown in '21 while last year,
Cleve made a spectacular dash after gobbling a forward
pass. He is again in the Marine battlefront. Aside from
Gavin, the Packer fullback, the Green Bay team is right
on edge to turn back the visitors. There is a lot of fight
in the squad and every man on the Packer teams is
determined to take another step towards national pro
honors...EXPECT BIG CROWDS: All signs point to a
capacity crowd. The advance seat sale has been
splendid but the management hopes to take care of all
the spectators and live up to their slogan, "A seat for
everybody". Hundreds of football fans from Northeastern
Wisconsin and Upper Michigan are expected here for
Sunday's game. Between halves, George De Lair and 
his funmakers will put on a skit, "The Review of 1923".
This is an added attraction and it will furnish a lot of
amusement for the crowd.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 
"Review of 1923: will live up to advance notice to George
De Lair, who will be master of ceremonies of the fun
making skit which will be staged between halves
Sunday afternoon at the football game between the
Packers and Marines. Mulligan Scroogy, Billy Pratt and
a host of other funmakers, assisted by East and West
High students, will cut a figure in the "laugh maker". A
number of novel stunts will be uncorked and
"Matchmaker" De Lair promises a round of pleasure for
the spectators.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Once in
awhile it is a pleasure to read what others think about
Green Bay. So here goes. The following extracts were
included in a sport page story which appeared in the Hibbing Daily News last Monday under the caption "Green Bay Has Fine Sportsmen and a Good Team": "The football fans of Green Bay are worthy of a 'story' all by themselves. The All-Stars were accorded treatment by the fans and the management of the team that is seldom given a visiting team. Arrangements had been made to accommodate the team at Green Bay's leading hotel. Nothing was too good for them before or after the game. When the Hibbing team took the field they were given a 'hand' that lasted for fully three minutes. The members of the opposing team were perfect gentlemen and showed every consideration for their Minnesota opponents. Throughout the game Hibbing plays were as well received as those of the Packers. When Zgone and Beasey were taken from the field, injured, the crowd arose and applauded. It was necessary to take the injured Hibbing players the full length of the field before getting them into taxis and the applause did not die down until they were both out of the park. What Wisconsin people think of Hibbing is a fine story. Fans came from hundreds of miles, all of 3,000 of them, to see the game and they have the finest thoughts of the town and the team today."
SEPTEMBER 29 (Columbus) - Eight games are scheduled for Sunday in the opening round of play in the NFL. Several important contests being on tap with the first whistle. The Minneapolis Marines and Green Bay Packers will meet at Green Bay; the Chicago Bears battle in Rock Island; the Buffalo All Americans face the Cardinals in Chicago while the Akron club travels to Duluth. Other arguments scheduled are: Toledo at Racine; Thorpe's Indians at Milwaukee; Hammond at Canton and Columbus at Dayton. In speaking of the opening of the pro football loop, President Carr said: "We are looking forward to a successful season and the fans can rest assured that our teams will display a super-brand of football. There doesn't seem to be a weak link in our organization as each and every one of the clubs are figuring on getting off to a flying start."
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The seat layout is the same as last Sunday. Reserved seat sections A and B, and box seats marked right are located on the east side of the field. Persons holding tickets for these reservations are asked to enter the park at the gate at the east end of the old baseball grandstand. Reserved seat sections C, D, E and F and box seats marked left are located on the west side of the playing field. Ticket holders to these sections enter the park at the entrance at the north end of the old baseball grandstand. General admission spectators enter the park at the old main entrance to the baseball grandstand. They can also use the gate at the east end of the old baseball grandstand and also the "Knothole Gang" entrance located at the extreme northwest corner of the field. There is a section of 200 bleacher seats down at this end of the gridiron.
his purchase from the Canton club cost the Badger management a neat sum. He weighs 165 pounds and can do the century in 10 flat. The Badgers are working out every afternoon under the direction of Jimmy Conzelman, the former Great Lakes star. Conzelman is perfecting a fast open game and he hopes to whip his eleven in shape before Sunday's game with the Oorang Indians. Jim Thorpe, captain and manager of the Redskins, has one of the strongest teams of Indians ever gathered and if the Badgers can lift their scalps in the season's premiere it will be a big feather in their bonnets.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad scrimmaged against the Lawrence varsity at Appleton this afternoon. The team made the trip to the College City by auto and they rubbed noses with the varsity in a lengthy drill. According to the present plans, the Packers will go to Appleton twice a week during the season for scrimmage workouts. The Bay eleven will be in good shape for the tilt with the Minneapolis Marines in the first game of the pro league season here on Sunday. The Packers have smoothed off a lot of the rough spots, evidenced in the fracas against Hibbing, during this week, and, when the whistle blows Sunday the Big Bay Blues will be in there, like a machine, fighting hard to mark up their second victory of the season. Tickets for Sunday's game will be on sale tonight at the usual places about town. Indications point to a capacity crowd. There is a healthy demand for reservations from the "out-of-towners". It is suggested that those who desire their seats purchase them early.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Several pro games of considerable importance are booked on Sunday in the opening round of the NFL. The Minneapolis Marines play in Green Bay. Jim Thorpe's Indians will battle in Milwaukee against the Badgers. The Toledo Marines are slated for action in Racine while the Chicago Bears journey to Rock Island for a gridiron tilt with the Independents. This should be a humdinger of a game. We see by the papers that Trafton is back with the Bears again. This should make a hit with Jab Murray...The addition of Wes Leaper and Jab Murray should pretty well round out the Packer football machine. Both of these players are mighty good pigskin chasers and they will be valuable adjuncts to Captain Lambeau's aggregation of footballists. Each of them will be seen in action here Sunday against the Marines.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the whistle blows Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park for the opening game of the pro league season, the Green Bay Packers will be ready to make things mighty interesting for the invading Minneapolis Marines. The
game will start promptly at 2:30 and the contest will be
staged rain or shine...READY FOR ACTION: The
workout at Appleton Thursday against Lawrence did the
Packers a world of good and the players seemed to
enjoy the scrimmage stuff against the collegians. Aside
from Buck Gavin, every man on the squad is ready for
action. An extra attraction has been lined up for the
spectators at Sunday's game. Between halves, George
De Lair is going to stage his "Review of 1923" and
Green Bay's famous funmaker promises a quarter of an
hour of laughs for the crowd. George is keeping his stuff
under cover and promises that it will be up to snuff. An
air of secrecy holds forth in the De Lair training camp
but it is known he will uncork some brand new stuff.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Minneapolis) - The Minneapolis
Marines leave here Saturday afternoon on the first leg of
their trip to Green Bay, Wis., where on Sunday they will
face the Green Bay Packers, state champions of
Wisconsin. The Marines will travel in a special Pullman
car. The first lap of the trip is being made over the Soo
road. The Marines' car will be sidetracked at Neenah,
Wis., so as to allow the players to get a good night's
rest. Sunday morning Dunn's squad of footballers will
resume their journey to Green Bay via automobile. The
Beaumont hotel will be the headquarters of the Marine
contingent during their stay in Green Bay. Manager
Dunn will take 16 players and Secretary Van Ess to Green Bay.