(GREEN BAY) - Outfighting their opponents every inch of the way, the Packers scored a grand and glorious football victory Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park when
they took the famous Chicago Bears into camp by the
score of 5 to 0 in a stubbornly fought pigskin encounter.
It was one of those game that supplied thrill after thrill
for the spectators. The big crowd was kept on tip-toe
every minute and a mighty roar went up from the mob
when the final whistle blew and the Packers were sitting
on top of the world. The Packers have scored a lot of
victories on the gridiron but Sunday's win was the
sweetest of 'em all.
The Bears more than lived up to advance notices. When
they pranced on the field wiyh their orange sweaters
they looked like young giants just let out of a cave. The
Chicagoans sure were husky enough and they were out
there doing their best - but it wasn't quite enough as the
Packers were going well enough to beat the greatest
club in the country. Weather conditions tended to shave
off the crowd, but, at that, there were nearly 4,000
spectators in attendance. Natives from every town
within a radius of 200 miles of Green Bay helped swell
the throng and these outsiders were pulling just as hard
for Lambeau and Co. as the Green Bayians themselves.
The young cloudburst early Sunday morning tended to
keep some of the out-of-towners at home and when the
clouds unloosened themselves again about 1:15
hundreds more of the football fans decided to stick by
the fire side. But nevertheless, all the reserved seats
were occupied and the general admission stands were
mighty filled. Considering the damp spell, the gridiron
was in pretty good shape. Old Sol made its appearance
in time to partly dry up the playing field and only in
spots was the going mucky, this being around the
baseball diamond. Long before it was time to open the
gates quite a crowd had gathered around the ticket
windows. These were the "early birds" who wanted to 
get the cream of the general admission seats. Inside
the park the groundsmen were working valiantly to mop
up the wet spots. In several places, it was necessary to
dig trenches to run the water off. Planks laid down over
the mud holes served as bridges for the spectators on
their way to the seats.
The Packers were first to arrive on the scene of action
and as they dashed on the gridiron through the "Knot
Hole" gang gate, the crowd gave them a royal reception.
The Bears followed soon after and got a good hand.
About a minute before starting time, Bobbie Cahn, of
Chicago, appeared and he didn't waste a second getting
the elevens in action. The Bears kicked off to the 
Packers. After one line plunge, Buck punted far down 
the field and the Bruins put it in action on their 10 yard
mark. The visitors couldn't gain and Hanny booted to
Lambeau on the Packers' forty. Two passes went astray
and Buck kicked over the Bears' goal. After two rushes,
the invaders kicked out of bounds on the Packers' 40
yard line. The Big Bay Blues missed a first down by
inches and lost the ball. At this stage of the game, the
Bears got two first downs but the Packers braced and
Hanny punted across the goal. Buck immediately
punted far down the field and it was the Bears' ball at
the 30 yard line. After an exchange of kicks, J.
Sternaman got away for 20 yards placing the ball in
midfield. The Bears were penalized for stepping out on
the gridiron.
After another exchange of kicks, it was the Packers'
ball on their 30 yard mark as the quarter ended. Following two plays in the second period, Buck got away with another long punt to the Bears' 15 yard mark. Hanny was dumped for a 5 yard loss and then standing on his goal line, fumbled a pass for a punt and was dumped behind his own goal line for a safety. The Bears scrimmaged on the 30 yard line. After two line smashes, Hanny got off a good punt. Then J. Sternaman got off for a 20 yard run. Knop bucked the line for three. Dutch Sternaman stepped back for a placekick but the pigskin went wide of the mark. For the remainder of the quarter, the ball seesawed back and forth with the Packers gaining ground due to Buck's superb booting.
The third quarter started with the Bears kicking to the Packers. The Bay eleven wheeled in action fact and got a couple of first downs. By this time the Chicagoans were changing players about every play. The Packer drive was stopped when Kendrick intercepted a forward pass. Hanny got off a punt that rolled to the Packers' one yard line. This was a bad hole, but Buck punted out 40 yards. After three rushes, Sternaman failed in another field goal and the crowd breathed easier. Buck punted to J. Sternaman, who ran the ball back 45 yards. Dutch Sternaman again failed in a goal from placement. Mathys caught the ball on the five yard chalk line. Buck again kicked out of danger, Dutch Sternaman being downed in midfield. The quarter ended here. Two rushes failed and Sternaman kicked out of bounds on the Packers' 45. Mathys caught a pass from Lambeau for a 20 yard gain. Buck's field goal was partly blocked but the Packers recovered. Halas intercepted a pass but, on the next play, Basing did likewise and he dashed down the field to the Bears' 20 yard line. The Packers worked the ball over in front of the goal posts and Buck sailed the pigskin through the uprights. The crowd went wild.
Again the Bears kicked to the Packers. The Bruins worked three or four forward passes but their drive stopped on the Packers' 30 yard line when a pass was intercepted. The Packers rushed twice and the game ended. It was a great victory. Joe Sternaman featured for the Bears while Trafton was a "bear" right on the defense. Halas grabbed off a couple of passes while Dave Healey showed a lot of class at tackle. It would be hard to pick a Packer star as the Bay eleven worked together like a well-oiled machine. Captain Lambeau, Hendrian, Basing, Lewellen and Mathys did a good job of backfielding. Tillie Voss, Milton and Dick O'Donnell performed well at the ends, while the forward wall, Buck, Rosatti, Gardner, Woodin and Earp, more than held their own against their husky opponents.
And, incidentally, Cub Buck kicked as he never kicked before. After the game, Halas, the Bear manager, paid Buck this compliment: "I have been playing pro football for about six years but never in my career have I seen such an exhibition of punting as Buck pulled off. It was wonderful."

E. Sternaman kicked off to Hendrian, who ran to the Packers' 30 yard line. Lambeau made three yards on a line plunge. Buck punted, the ball rolling to the ten yard line. Knop made one yard. J. Sternaman failed to gain. Hanny punted to Lambeau, who was downed on the Packers' 40 yard line. Lambeau made a yard off left end. A forward pass was incomplete. Lambeau made a yard off left end. A forward pass was incomplete. Another pass failed, and Buck punted over the goal line, the Bears taking possession on their own 20 yard mark. Bryan made one yard. Hanny kicked out of bounds on the Packers' 40 yard line. Basing gained three yards. Hendrian was good for three yards, and then took the ball for three more. Mathys failed to make it first down, and the Bears took possession. J. Sternaman made five yards. E. Sternaman went through for three more, making it first down. E. Sternaman plunged for four yards. Knop added two. J. Sternaman broke through right tackle for six, and first down. Knop gained five yards. J. Sternaman failed to gain around right end. Hanny kicked over the goal line, and the Packers took possession on their own 20 yard line. Buck punted outside on the Bears' 25 yard line. Hanny made eight yards on a fake kick play. Hanny punted to the Packers' 25 yard line. A pass failed, and Buck punted to the Bears' 30 yard line, but J. Sternaman, who received returned it 20 yards to midfield. The Bears were penalized 10 yards, and Hanny kicked to the Packers' 20 yard line, Mathys returning the ball to the 30 yard marker.
A forward pass was incomplete. Hendrian clicked for eight yards. Buck kicked out of bounds on the Bears' 15 yard line. Hanny lost five yards on an attempted end run. Hanny prepared to punt from behind his own goal line, but fumbled the pass, and was downed behind the line when he recovered the ball. Score: Packers 2, Bears 0. The ball was taken out to the 30 yard line, where Hanny punted 50 yards to the Packers' 20. Lewellen made three yards on an end run. Buck punted to the Bears' 40 yard line. Knop failed to gain. J. Sternaman piled up 20 yards on an end run. Knop added three yards. E. Sternaman failed on an attempted placekick from the 40 yard line. The ball was put in play on the 20 yard line. Hendrian made one yard, but the Packers were penalized 5 on the next play. Lambeau broke through for nine yards. Buck punted out of bounds on the Bears' 30 yard line. E. Sternaman made three yards. Hanny punted out of bounds on the Packers' 30 yard line. The Bears were penalized 5 yards. Lewellen was good for three yards. Lambeau added three, and Buck punted over the goal line. The ball was brought out 20 yards and Hanny punted out of bounds on the Packers' 35 yard line. Two forward passes failed. Lambeau gained one yard, and Buck punted to J. Sternaman, who returned 15 yards to the Bears' 35 yard line. Hanny kicked to Mathys, who returned to his own 40 yard line. Lewellen was good for five yards, and Lambeau added one. Hendrian failed to gain, and Buck punted to the Bears' 30 yard line.
E. Sternaman kicked off to Mathys. Lambeau gained four yards. Hendrian broke through for 17 yards, and Lambeau added five more. The Bears were penalized five yards, and Basing plunged for three. Kendrick intercepted a Packer pass on the Bears' 40 yard line. Bryan was thrown for a five yard loss. Hanny kicked to the Packers' one yard line. Buck punted out 40 yards, Bryan returning to the Packers' 35 yard line. Bryan failed at left end. Bolan made two yards. J. Sternaman failed at right end. An attempt by E. Sternaman to kick a field goal from placement failed. The Packers took the ball, and Hendrian failed to gain. A pass, Buck to Lambeau, was good for six yards. Buck punted to J. Sternaman, who made a flashy run of 45 yards before being downed by Lambeau. Bolan failed to gain. E. Sternaman failed to gain. J. Sternaman failed at right end. An attempt to score from placement failed. Mathys received the kick, but was downed on his one yard line. Buck punted out to E. Sternaman, who was downed in midfield. A pass, Bryan to Kendrick, was good for five yards.
J. Sternaman failed to gain. A forward pass failed. E. Sternaman kicked out of bounds on the Packers' 45 yard line. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was good for 20 yards. Another pass failed. Hendrian made one yard. Buck's attempted field goal was blocked, but the Packers recovered. Basing failed to gain. Lambeau made five yards. Halas intercepted Mathys' pass, but on the next play, Basing intercepted a pass from Bryan, being downed on the Bears' 20 yard line. Hendrian made three yards. Basing made one. Basing ran the ball to the middle of the field, leaving Buck in a position to kick from placement, which he did successfully. Score: Packers 5, Bears 0. Lambeau returned to kick off to the 35 yard line. Basing failed to gain. Hendrian failed to gain. Buck punted, J. Sternaman receiving and running the ball back 25 yards. A pass, E. Sternaman to Kendrick, was good for 9 yards. A pass, E. Sternaman to J. Sternaman, gained five yards. Another pass failed. A forward pass, Bryan to E. Sternaman, was good for four yards. A pass, Bryan to Halas, was good for 15 yards. Hendrian intercepted the next pass on the Packers' 30 yard line and Lambeau made three yards as the game ended.

SEPTEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well, it is all over and the Packers are sitting at the top of the heap. The Big Bay Blues simply went out and beat their opponents. A fighting team is pretty hard to beat and it is our hunch that the Packers of 1924 are going a long way towards the national championship...Considering weather conditions, it was a wonderful turnout. Even during the morning, when it was raining pitchforks, the fans were searching around for tickets. Some of the outsiders who had driven miles to see the game were much pleased with the announcement that the Packers never cancel a game on account of weather conditions...Dr. Otis Saunders, who is the field physician for the Packers squad, had an easy day of it as he wasn't called into service more than once or twice. Hendrian got one bad bump but Doc brought him around in a jiffy. The physical condition of the Packer squad is superb as the two weeks of solid practice has put the players in tip-top shape...Referee Bobbie Cahn nearly missed the gridiron part. He reached town early yesterday morning and hit the hay as he was played out, having worked a game in Chicago on Saturday. Cahn wasn't called until 2 o'clock and he made a quick trip to the park. Bobbie is well liked here and when he stepped out the crowd gave him a round of applause...Between halves, Halas was laying the law down to his backfield men for the way they were playing Buck's punts. The Bear manager drives pretty hard and there was a lot of "french" mixed up in his expressions. One of the backfielders answered Halas this way: "Come back yourself and try when that big fellow kicks, the pigskin looks like a pea in the sky." And Halas kept on playing end. Maybe he knew where he was well off...The crowd had a fine time with Dutch Sternaman while he was changing his show before trying his first field goal. Dutch took his time shifting the shoe and somebody suggested that he get a looking glass to see if his nose was powdered in gridiron fashion...Revenge is sweet and Basing got a-plenty. A year ago, Basing fumbled a ball that enabled the Bears to get in a position for Sternaman to kick a field goal. Yesterday, it was Basing who grabbed a Bear pass and traveled down to the Bears' 20 yard line from where Buck drove the ball, clean as a whip, through the uprights.
EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers 5, Chicago Bears 0
Sunday September 21st 1924 (at Green Bay)
SEPTEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - So far as insurance was concerned the Packer management didn't get the breaks of the game last Sunday. The facts of the case which have caused the board of directors to weep financial tears follows: Rain insurance is taken out for every game. Figuring that there would be a bumper crowd on Sunday, the management increased their protection to $3,000. In other words if it rained one-tenth of an inch between the hours of 9 a.m and 3 p.m., the club would collect $3,000. Well, it rained a tenth of an inch and heaps more on Sunday but the drops did not come down during the hours that the insurance was on. Between 6 and 7 a.m., it rained .10 of an inch; between 7 and 8 a.m, it rained .76 of an inch and between 8 and 9 it rained .48 of an inch. If the Packers had been riding the insurance during any of these hours they would have collected. Here's the tough break. The Packers' insurance went on at 9 a.m. There was no rainfall between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m; between 10 and 11 a.m, the drops amounted to .02 of an inch. From 11 to 12 a.m., and from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. there was no rainfall. Between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. it rained .05 of an inch. There was no rainfall between 2 and 3 p.m. This ended the period of the insurance with a total rainfall of .07 of an inch. In other words, the Packer management missed collecting the $3,000 by THREE ONE HUNDREDTHS OF AN INCH. What a difference just a few drops make sometimes.
SEPTEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Red Dunn, Goats Erickson and Benny Winkleman, a trio of the Milwaukee Badgers, gave the Packers the "once over" Sunday afternoon in the Bear game. This time the Milwaukee Badgers kept their pads and pencils in their pockets but they were spotted the minute they got out of a taxi at the park. The trio tried to hide themselves in the general admission section.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Duluth) - From present indications, the largest gathering of football fans that ever witnessed a professional game in Duluth will be on hand Sunday at Hyslop park when the Green Bay Packers come here to have it out with Manager Dewey Scanlon's eleven. It has been a long while since the appearance of any team has kicked up so much interest as the invasion of the Packers. The local management is being swamped with requests for reservations. Monday, one of the Hibbing fans called up and asked for 200 seats. Walter Buland and Emil Beasey, two of the Hibbing stars in 1923, are playing with the Packers...IN GOOD SHAPE: The Duluth club came out of the Ironwood game in pretty good shape and Captain Method has ordered daily practice for the remainder of the week. To date, Duluth has not shown its 1923 form but the team leaders are confident that by Sunday the eleven will be in shape to smear up the Packers' winning streak. Sunday night when word was received here that the Packers had upset the Chicago Bears, 5 to 0, the football colony was dumbfounded. For years the Packers have always been 
considered one of the best teams in the country, and this season it is the opinion here, they are headed for a national championship...ARRIVE SUNDAY MORNING: According to word from the Packer management, the champions of the Northwest, about eighteen strong, will arrive here Sunday morning over the Soo line. The game will be started at 2 o'clock in order to allow the visitors to catch a 5:30 train back home. The Duluth management has granted permission to the Packer management to set up a play-by-play wire in the park so that the fans in Green Bay can get a running story of the game, hot off the wire.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Life is just one tough battle after another for a pro football team. Take the Packers for instance. They had a tough nut to crack with Ironwood in the opener and then tackled the Chicago Bears, one of the greatest elevens in the country. Now this coming Sunday they venture forth into enemy territory, being booked for a performance at Duluth and a week later Lambeau's aggregation travels to Chicago for a tilt with the Cardinals...Green Bay's football world is wearing a smile that won't come off these days as the Packers' victory over the Bears was the choicest morsel ever handed to the gridiron followers in this neck of the woods. A team to wallop the Chicago Bruins has to be of championship class and it wouldn't be at all surprising if the Big Bay Blues had considerable to say about titular honors in the NFL.
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Hundreds of football fans will wend their way to Turner hall on Sunday afternoon to get the story of the Packer-Duluth game hot off the wire. Arrangement have been completed to string a special line from Athletic park in Duluth, where the game will be played, to Turner hall and the fans at home will get the facts on the contest immediately. In past years, this "play by play" service has proved very popular and, it is said, is pretty near as good as seeing the teams in action on the gridiron...TEAM PRACTICING HARD: The Packers are not resting on their laurels as Captain Lambeau is putting his players through a course of sprouts every morning on the gridiron back of the new East high school. All members of the squad came out of the Bear game in good shape and they are determined to mark up their third victory of the season at Duluth this weekend. New formations are being developed and Captain Lambeau expects to cut loose his bag of tricks against the Northerners. This will be possible as it is not likely that Manager McGurk of the Milwaukee Badgers will have any of his peeping Toms around getting an eye full...LEAVE SATURDAY NIGHT: According to present plans, the Packer squad will leave for Duluth on Saturday night. The team will take the Northwestern as far as Neenah and then step into a parked Soo line sleeper headed for Duluth. From the talk around town, it is probable that a number of the Packer rooters are going to make the trip. Several auto parties, it is said, will leave on Saturday noon.
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Badger state now boasts of another professional football team as it has been officially reported that the Toledo franchise is now in the possession of Kenosha men. It is understood that the Nash plant is backing the club. George Johnson, who was umpire in chief in the Midwest circuit, has been named as manager. He ran the Toledo club before Gil Falcon took charge in 1923.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Duluth) - "We are going to have the biggest crowd here Sunday that ever witnessed a professional football game in Duluth," said Manager Dewey Scanlon of the Duluth Kelleys as he was sorting out reserve seat ticket applications. "The fame of the Green Bay Packers as gridiron warriors is well known all over this part of the country and some of the football fans are coming here 200 miles to see the champions of the Northwest in action. The Packers' victory over the Chicago Bears last Sunday, in my estimation, has boosted Green Bay's football stock about a hundred percent."...ROOT FOR O'DONNELL: The Packers won't be without rooters at the game as the West Duluth colony will be out in force rooting for Dick O'Donnell, who last year played with the Kelleys. O'Donnell lives in West Duluth and he has hundreds of friends in that neighborhood. Hibbing is coming down here about 200 strong to see Walter Buland and Emil Beasey in action against Duluth. These two members of the Packer squad saw service with the Miners last year....START AT 2 P.M.: Sunday's game, which will be staged at Athletic park, is to start promptly at 2 o'clock in order to have the fray completed in time for the Packer squad to catch the Soo train leaving at 5:30 p.m. The Duluth squad is working behind closed doors and it is understood that several new faces will appear in the lineup Sunday when they face the Packers. Manager Scanlon is keeping the names of the newcomers under cover as he is planning to spring a surprise on the Northwest champions.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - According to rumors from Duluth, Manager Scanlon and his Kelleys are planning a gridiron surprise for the mighty Packers. It is understood that the Duluth management is making a number of changes in the battle front and the best players available in the Northwest will be used by Duluth in an attempt to take a fall out of the Packers. Duluth figures that one win over the Green Bay champions would make the season a success.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Toledo franchise has been switched to Kenosha and it is understood that the Nash interests are behind the team. George Johnson, umpire-in-chief of the Midwest league, will be in charge of the eleven...Chuck Palmer, rated as one of the best all around athletes ever turned out at Northwestern, has been added to the lineup of the Racine Legion. Palmer will play end although he is a halfback by trade...Peter Calac, famous Indian footballer, has been signed by Manager Tommy Hughitt of the Buffalo All Americans. The Redskin is still pretty much at home on the gridiron and he sure hits 'em from the fullback position...Cleveland got off on the right foot last Sunday by taking the Sandusky Maroons into camp, 7 to 0. It was the opening scrimmage for Chamberlain's crew and they took things easy all during the pigskin argument...Old Bob Marshall is still performing on the gridiron. The colored end who has played with the best teams in the country is playing a wing for the Ironwood Legion and going good. Marshall is past the 40 year mark...The Rock Island Independents won their opening game of the season from Moline, 7 to 0. The Islanders got away fast and were content to win by a narrow margin. Buck Gavin is back at fullback for Rock Island...The Chicago Cardinals, with a makeshift lineup, had little trouble taking the Pullman Panthers, a Windy City semipro outfit. As usual Paddy Driscoll led the attack for Chris O'Brien's aggregation of footballers...It takes more than a cyclone to halt a football game in Duluth. Last Sunday while the Kelleys were battling a Michigan eleven a young hurricane arrived and blew down the fence but the contest went on just the same...Canton will have to get along without its big league pro football this fall as efforts to organize a team to replace the famous Bulldogs, who were sold to Cleveland, have fallen by the wayside...A change in the official schedule for Sunday has been sanctioned by President Joe Carr. The Cleveland Indians instead of facing the Buffalo All Americans will have it out with Corcoran's Columbus eleven...The Green Bay Packers scored a notable victory over the Chicago Bears last Sunday to the tune of 5 to 0. Hanny was dumped behind the line for a safety and Cub Buck kicked a field goal from the 30 yard line...Clem Neacey, former Colgate football luminary, is slated to play one of the wings for the Milwaukee Badgers. This will be his first year in the pro game. Neacey should be right at home as he lives in Milwaukee...The Kansas City club is making ready for their opening game with Milwaukee on October 5. Manager Doc Andrews isn't worrying about his late start as it will give him plenty of time to weed out his undesirables...Rochester will have a battle on its hands Saturday as the Kodak City eleven tackles the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets. The Quakers have an all star lineup and, on the paper, they look like a topnotch outfit...A battle royal is expected on Sunday at Rock Island where the Chicago Bears are booked for action. These teams are old rivals on the gridiron and whenever they get together the officials more than have their hands full...The Dayton Triangles are booked for action in Akron this weekend. New faces will be seen in the battle front of both aggregations. A big crowd is looked for as the inner-city rivalry is exceptionally keen...Doc Young will take his squad to Racine Sunday for an engagement with the Legion team. The Hammond manager has been beating the bushes for material and he claims that he has got a winner lined up for the season...The Milwaukee Badgers, with Jimmy Conzelman at the helm, will play their first game on Sunday in Chicago against the Cardinals. Last season, the Badgers chalked up a victory and they hope to make it two straight...Pro football cost Rollie Williams his coaching job at Iowa. Williams played several game of the postgraduate variety last fall and Western Conference lost little time in protesting to the Hawkeye authorities...The biggest crowd that ever witnessed a pro football game in Duluth will be on hand Sunday when the Kelleys have it out with the Green Bay Packers. The teams are among the strongest in the Northwest.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad dashed through a snappy practice this morning at Joannes park. The players were hitting on all eleven and from the way they dashed through their drill, it looked as if Duluth would be in for a touch encounter on Sunday afternoon. Captain Lambeau's squad is determined to continue on victory row. Some fancy stuff has been polished up this week and the Packers plan to open wide in the fracas this weekend. The players are in perfect physical condition. Buland's shoulder has mended nicely and Beasey is having no further trouble with his ankle. Both of these gridders will make their debut in a Packer uniform against Duluth. Arrangements for the trip have been completed. The Packers leave here tomorrow night for Neenah where they transfer to a Soo train which will bring them into Duluth bright and early Sunday morning. The trip from Neenah to the Soo will be made in a special Pullman.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The play-by-play service on the Duluth-Packer game will hold forth at Turner hall Sunday afternoon. The special wire will start "talking" about 1:15 and everything of interest going on at the park in Duluth will be flashed back to the fans at home. A big crowd is expected to sit in at the "wire game" and those desiring seats are advised to be on hand early. The doors will open at 1 o'clock.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - If 125 paid fares can be assured, a fare and one-third round trip rate can be secured to Chicago for the Packers-Cardinals game a week from Sunday, railroad officials declared today, and transportation will be arranged either on a special train or a special section of a regular train. They point out, however, that this information must be secured at once so the necessary authorization may be secured and orders issued. Several fans who plan to accompany the Packers have approached local railroad officials as to the possibility of securing a special train. Under the rules of the Western Passenger association, a special train cannot be run nor a reduction granted unless a minimum of 125 round-trip fares are pledged. If arranged, the train probably would leave Green Bay late Saturday afternoon or Saturday night. Sleeper accommodations would be provided the sleepers to lay over at Chicago until morning. The train would return after the game, and sleepers again would be provided, in addition to coaches both ways. There would be no obligation, of course, for those who make the trip to attend the game, and the reduced rate would be open to all desiring to spend the weekend in Chicago. The principal thing is to settle the question of whether enough desire to make the trip to order the train, rail officials said. Those who are certain that they will attend may leave their names and addresses at the Press-Gazette office, tonight or tomorrow, since the request must go to railroad headquarters the first of next week.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers hop off tonight for Duluth where on Sunday they will give battle to the Duluth Kellys in a pro
league game at Athletic park. The Big Bay Blues take
the Northwestern at 8:20 for Neenah where they will
board a special Pullman sleeper for Duluth over the Soo
line. Lambeau's team will reach Duluth about 9 a.m...
START AT 2 O'CLOCK: Sunday afternoon's game will
get underway at 2 o'clock so as to have the fracas
ended in time for the Packers to hop the 5:30 p.m. train
homeward bound. Duluth is expecting the biggest crowd
that ever witnessed a pro game in the Northwest. It is
understood that hundreds of football enthusiasts from
many of the neighboring cities will invade Duluth for the
contest. Hibbing is coming several hundred strong to
watch Buland and Beasey in action while West Duluth
will be there en masse to give Dick O'Donnell the glad
hand...PACKER SQUAD FIT: The Packer squad is in
the pink of condition for the gridiron fray and Captain
Lambeau is confident that his club will make it three
straight. Being far away from the Milwaukee "peeping
toms", it is expected that the Packers will cut loose with
their bag of tricks. Duluth has been hiding secret
practice all week and it is understood that Manager
Dewey Scanlon has "padded" his lineup in hopes of 
taking a fall out of the champions of the Northwest. 
President Joe Carr of the NFL has named Halsey Hall,
sport editor of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, to referee the
game. Art Von will umpire and Jimmy Coffeen is to be
the head linesman.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dame
Rumor has it that the Kenosha club of the NFL won't
lack the financial support as both the Nash and
Simmons plants have kicked in with cash donations. 
This is pretty soft for Manager Johnson as it will enable
him to step out and buy some of the best gridders in 
postgraduate football. A winner generally pays in cash
returns and, as Kenosha is a pretty good sports town, we think the Maroons will get off to a flying start.