(KANSAS CITY) - Showing the natives of Kansas City a few stunts in the gentle art of forward passing, the Green Bay Packers pranced home a 17 to 6 winner over the Blues in a pro league football game Thursday afternoon at Muehlbach field before a slim sized crowd.
It was a great exhibition of footballing and the Kansas
City eleven gasped for breath as they saw pass after
pass thrown over their heads for substantial gains. The
Bays' air drive never looked better. Voss was grabbing
'em on all sides while O'Donnell and Mathys horned into
the limelight with due regularity. Towards the close of
the game, the Kaws tore a leaf out of the Packers book
and got away with several clever tosses which helped to
pave the way for their only score.
But the touchdown wasn't made without an effort,
however, as the Big Bay Blues forward wall held tight for
three downs. Strauss finally smashed across on the
fourth rush. The Bays broke the ice in the first quarter
when Lambeau, standing on the 40-yard line, made a 
beautiful dropkick. Even the Kansans admitted it was
quite some boot. There was nothing doing in the second
quarter, although the Bays should have had a marker as
Dutch Hendrian fumbled on the Kaws' 5-yard line, first
down, goal to go. In the third quarter, the Packers
speeded up their air drive and on the crossover pass
Lambeau tossed to Voss, who made a sensational
catch and fell over the goal line for a score. Buck added
the extra point. Early in the final frame, the Bays put
across another touchdown, thanks to the Voss-
Lambeau combination. Then as if to add insult to injury,
the Packers added the point after touchdown by 
passing instead of kicking. Buck hurled the ball and
Lambeau made the catch. The team came out of the
game in good shape. The Packers leave here Friday
night for Racine where they will play on Sunday.
Kansas City kicked to Green Bay. Andrews booted to
Basing who was dumped on the 25 yard line. Hendrian
made four off tackle. Buck kicked 60 yards to Lane.
Strauss failed to gain. Dewitz got 2 yards. Strauss
passed to Hill for 20 yards. Strauss out of bounds for a
yard gain. Green Bay offside, 5 yard penalty. Dewitz
dumped in his tracks. Kansas City pass fails. A pass
to Weber netted a scant yard. Lane kicked 40 yards. A
pass, Buck to Mathys, netted 40 yards. The ball was in
midfield. Hendrian made a yard. Basing gets another.
Hendrian added four on a shot pass. Buck punts out of
bounds on Kansas City's 15-yard line. Lane kicked
immediately to Green Bay's 30-yard line. Lambeau 
crashed center for 5 yards and Hendrian made it a 
first down. Kansas City lost 5 on an offside. Hendrian
gets four. Lambeau fails to gain. Hendrian plunged for 3.
Bays lose five for offside. Mathys doesn't gain. Buck
punts out of bounds on Kansas City 8 yard line. Lane
makes 4 yards. Dewitz out of bounds, no gain. Hill gets
two. Weber punts to Lambeau who comes back fifteen.
Hendrian makes four. Passes fail twice. Lambeau's
dropkick from 40 yard line sails between uprights, clean
as a whip. Score: Green Bay, 3; Kansas City, 0.
Kansas City kicked to Green Bay. Lambeau runs ball
back to 15 yard line. Hendrian got a couple of yards and
Basing added six. Time up for quarter.
Basing makes three. Buck punts 50 yards. Strauss
makes a yard. Hill couldn't gain. Strauss blows a pass.
Weber punts to Lambeau. Green Bay's ball on 20 yard
line. Hendrian smashed center for seven. Basing counts
a first down. Lambeau adds a yard and Hendrian
another. Lambeau passes to Hendrian for a 20 yard
gain. Offside costs the Bays 5 yards. Hendrian runs the
ball out of bounds. Basing's pass failed. Lane intercepts
Buck's pass, Kaws' ball in midfield. Lane stopped dead.
Kansas City penalized 5 yards for offside. Hill gets a 
yard. Lambeau grabs Weber's pass. Bays' ball in
midfield. Hendrian plunges for two. Hendrian followed for
a first down. Basing adds a yard. Lambeau gets five
yards. The Bays' attack is under full steam. Hendrian
gets a first down. Basing is stopped. Lambeau is
halted. Lambeau passes to O'Donnell for 35 yards. He
is dumped on the 5 yard line. Hendrian fumbles and
Kansas City recovers right on the goal line. Weber
punts to Lambeau who fumbled in midfield. Kansas City
recovered in midfield. The Kaws fumbled but recovered.
Hill's pass failed. Kansas City offside, 5 yards lost.
Lambeau grabbed Hill's pass and runs to midfield.
Lambeau gets two yards. Lambeau passed to Hendrian
for a 25 yard gain. Lambeau gets 3 yards on a fake
pass. Milton grabbed Lambeau's pass and made a 20
yard return. Kansas City's ball on their own 30 yard line
at halftime.
Green Bay kicked to Kansas City. Lane stopped on the
10 yard line. Dewitz gets 7 yards. Hill adds two. Green
Bay grabs fumble on Kansas City 20 yard line. Hendrian
stopped dead. Lewellen, who replaced Basing, failed to
gain. Lambeau passes to Hendrian for a first down.
Lambeau doesn't gain. Lambeau's pass to Mathys
netted scant yardage. Lewellen doesn't gain but then
adds a yard. Lambeau passes to Voss for a touchdown.
Buck kicked the goal. The Packers kicked to Kansas
City. Offside on the kickoff cost the Bays 5 yards but
Woodin made this up by booting the ball across the
goal line. Strauss ran it back to the 15 yard line. Weber
didn't gain. Dewitz makes two. Dewitz failed on a pass.
Strauss punted to Lambeau who was downed on the 25
yard line by a fierce tackle by Corgan. Lewellen
plunges for a yard. Hendrian doesn't gain. Buck punts
60 yards to Corgan who returns to midfield. It was a splendid run. Dewitz is stopped. Corgan gets six. Corgan couldn't repeat. Hill plunges for a first down. Dewitz adds a yard. Dewitz is stopped still. Corgan's pass fails on the fourth down. Green Bay's ball on its own 30 yard line. Lewellen makes three as time is called for the quarter.
Green Bay Packers (7-3) 17, Kansas City Blues (2-7) 7
Thursday November 27th 1924 (at Kansas City)
Muehlebach Field - Kansas City
NOVEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Duluth Kelleys put the skids under the Independents at Rock Island and pulled them down to third place with a 9-0 defeat. Bill Rooney grabbed a long pass from Gilbert for a touchdown and the Kelleys' quarterback got a 40 yard placekick for the winning points...Our old and familiar, but hardly welcome, friend, Jupe Piuvius spoiled the making of a nice football game at Akron by forcing the cancellation of the Dayton-Akron tilt. The all-Ohio clash had kicked up considerable interest and a number of fans were disappointed...The Workman-to-Work forward passing combination was working to perfection in the Bulldogs-Tigers clash at Cleveland, and the league leaders made off with a hard earned 7-0 victory. Columbus was only dangerous once, but some stellar defensive tactics by Workman stopped them...The scoring of the Independents-Duluth game bordered on the sensational, as Big Bill Rooney traveled from midfield for a touchdown, shaking off several tacklers on the way, and Gilbert's field goal was from the 40 yard line at a most difficult angle...The Milwaukee Badgers played two games, both on the road, over the weekend and split even in the percentage. Saturday they dropped a game in Philadelphia to the Yellowjackets but Sunday they downed the Bisons at Buffalo, 23-0...The Badgers flashed a great aerial attack in both these games, completing 18 out of 20 passes against Buffalo. All three touchdowns came on passes, two successive throws netting a total of 80 yards. A wet ball hampered the Badgers at Philly, yet reports say theirs was the best air game of the season...Buffalo also broke even in two games last week, for besides the tilt with the Badgers on Sunday, they battled the Rochester Jeffs at the Kodak City on Saturday. The lowly Jeffs played their best game of the season against their ancient rivals but lost 16-0...Racine and the Cardinals staged a kicking bee in the Windy City with honors so evenly divided between Paddy Driscoll and Hank Gillo that the game ended in a draw at 10 to 10. Gillo scored all the points for the Legion while Folz helped Driscoll get the Cards' total...Dutch Hendrian's fumbled punt put the Chicago Bears in position to score the only points of the game with the Packers and get revenge for that preseason defeat at Green Bay. Little Joe Sternaman dropkicked from the 28 yard line for the lone score...Buffalo will pull the "ironman" stunt again this weekend, as the Bisons tackle the Yellowjackets at Philly on Saturday, and hop over to Cleveland to engage the league-leading Bulldogs on Sunday. That will make four games in nine days for the Bisons...The Green Bay Packers will defend their Badger state title in Racine Sunday in the final game of the state series. The Bays have got to win this game to keep their title claims clear and the argument promises to be fast and furious...Buffalo invades Cleveland Sunday for its first game of this season with the Bulldogs. There is no love lost between Chamberlain's crew and the Bisons and the fur is sure to fly. The Bisons are a hard crew to down and may upset all the so-called experts' dope...Rock Island ought to have rather easy going against the Marines Sunday. The Minneapolis aggregation has been getting bumped off rather frequently this season and to date have not registered a single victory. However the worm turns, and this had been a season of upsets, so that nothing should be surprising...Akron and Rochester will have a title fight all of their own Sunday at the Ohio city. The Jeffs have not been able to break into the win column yet and one of the games they lost was the only game Akron has won. The score of that argument was 3-0. Sunday's should be a merry battle...Louisville is slated to make its debut in the pro league next Sunday when they entertain the Columbus eleven at Derbytown. Columbus has a .500 percentage in the league standing right now, but little is known to the southern entry.
NOVEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers' squad of footballers arrived here this morning from Kansas City. They are quartered at the Racine hotel. The team was scheduled to take a workout at Horlick field this afternoon to get the lay of the land. The players stood the trip from Kansas City in good shape and are on edge for the title with the Legion eleven. Captain Lambeau drilled his squad Friday afternoon at Muehlback field, Kansas City, and the players worked off the sore spots of the Turkey Day game with the Blues which was a lot harder than the score would indicate. The regular lineup will start in Sunday's game with Lewellen drawing the assignment at left half. Friday Kansas City papers sang the praises of the Big Bay Blues to the skies, one of the morning papers saying that the air drive of the Packers was the best ever seen in Kawtown. Lambeau got a heap of printers' ink bouquets while Cub Buck's masterly kicking came in for some newspaper compliments. The gang is "rarin' to go" and they are counting on the support of a big delegation of Green Bayians at Sunday's conflict with Romney, Gillo and Co.
Lambeau's pass fails. Buck punts 50 yards to Corgan who runs it back to midfield. A bad pass cost the Kaws 10 yards. Dewitz's pass fails. Weber caught a pass for a ten yard gain. Dewitz made a poor punt and Voss covered it across the field. It only went 10 yards. Green Bay's ball on 40 yard line. Lambeau's pass fails. Lewellen passed to Lambeau for a first down. Hendrian adds two. Lewellen snakes through for 15 yards. Bay lost five on an offside. Lewellen is stopped. Lambeau shoots a pass to Voss for a 15 yard gain. Lambeau again hurled a pass to Voss it was good for twelve yards and a touchdown. The Bays cross Kansas City by passing for the extra point. Buck to Lambeau. Green Bay kicked to Kansas City. Corgan is dumped on the 15 yard line. Corgan gets around end for a dash to midfield. Corgan adds four. Hill passed to Lane for a first down. Dewitz makes another first down. Dewitz is stopped. Corgan gets two yards. Hill makes four. A bad pass cost the Kaws a chalk mark and the ball. Buck punts downs the field. Lambeau is hurt, but resumes playing. Lane passed to Weber for 15 yards. Usher substituted for Dewitz. Niemann replaces Earps. Usher fails to gain in two rushes. Lane passes to Usher for a first down on the Bays' 15 yard line. Basing replaced Lambeau. Usher gets two yards, Hill gets one yard and adds one more. On the final down, Strauss bucks for a touchdown. Andrews fails to kick goal. Kansas City kicked to Green Bay. Ball in play on Green Bay's 20 yard line. Hendrian made two yards. Time is called.