(CHICAGO) - A field goal by Paddy Driscoll from the 40 yard line during the first quarter greased the skids for the Chicago Cardinals to defeat the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon in the Windy City by the score of 3 to 0. If ever a club deserved to win a pigskin
encounter, the Packers did. The Bay piled up twice the
yardage of their opponents but, when within scoring
distance, the Packers failed to grasp the opportunities 
for a tie game or a possible victory.
Four times did Cub Buck fizzle out in tries for field goals
while late in the final period, Lambeau missed a drop
kick from the 40 yard mark by less than a foot. In the
third quarter, one of Buck's attempts hit the upright and
then bounced. Another inch inside would have done the
trick. During the third inning, it looked as if the Packers
sure would score. The aerial attack was working
superbly and the Cards were running around in circles
trying to check the air drives. Lambeau heaved a long
pass to Tillie Voss who lit out for a score but he was
dumped on the 8 yard line. Here the Cards presented a
stone wall. Lambeau got a yard off left tackle. Basing
got about the same distance. Then Lambeau ran around
left end and was downed with little gain, but the pigskin
was resting before the uprights. On the next play, Buck
made his kick that hit the uprights and bounded back.
But the Packers kept on fighting right up until the final
minute of play. Pass after pass was thrown with telling
effort. Several times it looked as if Mathys would get
away. Once Hendrian made a splendid gain after
grabbing the pigskin and Basing was also much in the
limelight. This method of attack had the Cards beating a
hasty retreat. The Packers were making first down with
due regularity and it wasn't long before they were within
scoring distance again. With the ball on the 25 yard
line Buck stepped back for another try and the crowd
held its breath. The ball went wide of the goal posts and
the Cardinal rooters breathed easier. The Cards
scrimmaged on their 20 yard line. They made two first
downs and then Driscoll kicked to Hendrian, who made
a pretty return to the Packers' 36 yard line. Once more
the Blue avalanche began functioning superbly. With
the time slipping by, the Packers were more desperate
than ever and they battled as no Packer team ever
battled before.
The Packers were passing on every play and try as
they might the Cards couldn't stop the advance. Twice,
tosses that meant scores were missed by bare finger
tips. The Cards were baffled and Manager O'Brien made
several shifts in his machine in an attempt to check the
advance. The Bays worked the ball within the Cards' 30
yard mark. Here the Chicagoans stood fast on three 
downs. Then Captain Lambeau in a dying attempt 
stepped back to the 40 yard marker for a drop kick. The
ball seemed headed for the goal posts, it had plenty of
distance and height, but a wisp of the wind blew up and
carried outside the upright by about a foot. The groan of
the Green Bay rooters must have been heard in
Evanston. For the remainder of the game the play was
in Packer territory.
There was plenty of action in the first quarter. A penalty
for offside cost the Cards 5 yards on the first kickoff. On
the second boot, Driscoll kicked to Lewellen. Three
plays netted little yardage and Buck punted 60 yards
down the field. The Cards got a first down but then hit a stonewall. Driscoll kicked to Mathys who was bumped on the Packers' 30. On a fake kick, Buck tossed a pass to Lambeau for a ten yard gain (This was one of the bag of tricks). Lewellen fumbled and it was Chicago's ball on the Packers' 40 yard line. A first down put the Cards in scoring distance but Driscoll failed on a field goal, and it was the Bays' ball on their own 8 yard line.
Buck kicked from his own goal line to Driscoll who was downed about 35 yards from the Packers' goal. Three rushes netted but a few yards and Driscoll stepped back to the forty chalker from where he sent the oval skimming through the goal posts for the only score of the game. For the remainder of the quarter, the Packers held the edge and when time was called the Packers had the ball on the Cards' 35 yard mark. After two plays in the second quarter, Buck missed a field goal from 35 yards. The Cards scrimmaged on their 20 yard line. Several first downs grouped around a 30 yard dash by Driscoll carried the ball well within Packer territory. The Packers blocked a drop kick by Driscoll and recovered the ball on the 20 yard line.
From this stage of the game, the Packers held the upper hand. Lambeau's team cut loose with a sweeping attack and down the field marched the Big Bay Blues. Mathys mixed up his attack nicely and the yard sticks were pegged up rapidly. The offensive took the ball down to the Cards' 20 yard line, where after a trio of line smashes, Buck tried another placekick and failed. Driscoll soon punted out of danger and once more the Packer offense swung into action. When the half ended the ball was in the Cardinals' possession on their own 40 yard line.
Every man on the Packer team played great football. Mathys was catching forward passes from every possible angle. Captain Lambeau was a demon on the defense. Dutch Hendrian put up a wonderful exhibition while Basing and Lewellen frequently bobbed into the limelight. O'Donnell and Voss never looked better on the wings while Buck and Rosatti at tackles often dumped the Card backs for losses. The Packer center trio, Woodin, Earps and Gardner, can rightfully be likened to a stonewall. As for the Cardinals, it was all Driscoll. The brilliant Paddy was never better. He was in the center of every play. Driscoll carried the ball over half the time. He called signals, did all the forward passing, punted well and lest we forget kicked one field goal that robbed the Packers of a well deserved victory.

Driscoll kicked off for Chicago, Driscoll kicked over the goal line. Green Bay's ball on the 20 yard line. Chicago was offside, and the ball was returned for second try. Lewellen got the ball on the ten yard line and advanced thirteen yards. Lambeau makes five yards on a straight line buck. The ball is on the 29 yard line. Buck punts 60 yards to Driscoll who was downed in his tracks. Hurlbut gained one yard through Buck, second down 9 to go. Driscoll made 8 yards through tackle, third down 2 to go. Koehler made 3 yards through center for a 1st down. Koehler made a half yard over center. King threw a forward to Driscoll for six yards. Third down, 4. Koehler carried the ball out of bounds on the 46 yard line, fourth down, five to go. Driscoll punted 30 yards to Mathys who returned five. The ball is on Green Bay's 30 yard line. Packers, first down. Buck threw a pass to Lambeau for ten yards, for a first down. Ball is on Chicago's 48 yard line. Lewellen fumbled, Cardinals' ball on 35 yard line. Folz gained five yards on end run around Voss. Driscoll gained 2 yards through Buck. Third down. King made first down through left guard on Green Bay's 40 yard line. Ball was carried by King for one yard. Second and nine. Driscoll threw an incomplete pass, third down and nine to go. Another pass from Driscoll to Hanke, which was incomplete. Fourth down, nine to go. The ball is to be kicked by Driscoll. Driscoll was shot on a drop kick, the ball remaining on Green Bay's 5 yard line. Buck, 8 yard behind his own goal, is getting ready to punt. Buck kicks to Driscoll who returned 12 yards. The ball is on Green Bay's 33 yard line. Driscoll goes around right end for two yards, second and 8 to go. Koehler goes over Buck for one yard. Third down about 7 to go. King threw a pass to Anderson but the pass was incomplete, fourth down 7 to go. Ball on 31 yard line. Driscoll is trying a drop kick from the 40 yard line. Driscoll made the goal from the 40 yard line. The Cardinals kickoff to the Packers from the 45 yard line. Driscoll kicked to Lewellen who returned 27 yards, play is on the north side of the field near the sidelines. Hendrian gained three yards over center. Lambeau lost one yard on a try for a right end run. Third down, 8 to go. Buck kicked to Driscoll who was downed in his tracks. The ball is on the Chicago 18 yard line. Time out for Chicago. Earps stopped Koehler in his tracks, second down 10 to go. Driscoll makes three yards through Rosatti, Lambeau getting the tackle. Third down about 7 to go. King gained three yards through the center of the line. The ball is on the Chicago 25 yard line. Driscoll punts 10 yards to Hendrian who returns the ball ten yards to Chicago's 25 yard line. Lambeau gained one yard. First quarter is up and team changes goals. Basing substituted Lewellen.
Lambeau got two yards through left tackle. Lambeau goes through for 3 yards. Buck is placekicking from the 34 yard line. Goal was missed, the ball going over the line for a touchback. Chicago's ball on their own 20 yard line. Driscoll punts 40 yards to Mathys, who takes the ball for ten yards to the 50 yard line, going out of bounds on the north side of the field. Packers' ball on the 50 yard line. Lambeau passed over center of the line and King intercepts pass, Chicago ball. Koehler goes through the center for nine yards. Ball is on the 50 yard line again with Chicago playing. Time out for measuring. First down on 50 yard line. Driscoll made four yards around end, Rosatti getting him. Driscoll gains 30 yards on a right end run. He shook off several men until Lambeau stopped him. Folz lost four yards trying around Voss. Second down 14 to go. King makes two yards. Third down 11 to go. King threw a pass to Driscoll who went out of bounds on the south side of the field. He is dropkicking from an angle. Driscoll's kick was blocked and Green Bay got the ball on their own 20 yard line. Ball is 15 yards from south sidelines. Basing made one yard around right end. Lambeau makes one yard. Buck is back to kick from his own 15 yard line. He throws a pass to Lambeau who ran out of bounds on the 37 yard line, gaining 18 yards. Ball is about 15 yards from south side. Lambeau threw a pass to Hendrian who gained 9 1/2 yards to 37 yard line in the center of the field. Basing makes first down. 50 yard line. Hendrian goes through center for four yards. Second down - 6. Basing makes six yards for first down. Time out, first down on Chicago's 40 yard line. Basing makes eight yards through center. Second down. Time out for Chicago. Ball is in the center of field on Chicago's 33 yard line. Basing made two yards and a half. First down, Packers. Ball on 44 yard line. Lambeau makes four yards around left end. Second down - 6 to go. Basing loses a yard through center. Third down about 7 to go. Basing makes two yards around right end. Buck is trying for a placekick from the 32 yard line. Buck's kick missed to the south side of the field. Chicago's ball on their own 20 yard line. Buck was hurried somewhat in his kicking. Koehler makes three yards around right end. Second down about 7. Koehler makes three yards through center. Earps got him. Third down 4 to go. Driscoll punts 40 yards to Mathys who returns five yards. Ball is on Green Bay's 33 yard line on the north side of the field about 15 yards from the sidelines. Lambeau threw an incomplete pass to Mathys. Second down 10. Basing was held for no gain. Third down 10. Buck standing on his own 25 yard line, punts to Driscoll who returns five yards to the 35 yard line. First down 10 to go. Driscoll passes 40 yards to Anderson - incomplete. Second and ten. Koehler goes through center for four yards. Ball is in the center of the field. Half is over. Ball on the Chicago 40 yard line, with Chicago in possession of the ball.
McNulty is taking Hanke's place and Hurlbut is taking Folz's place. Lambeau kicked to Chicago's 10 yard line to Driscoll who returned 20 yards. Hurlbut gained one yard. Earps making the tackle. Second down 8 to go. Driscoll punts over the Packer goal line. Green Bay's ball on their own 20 yard line. Lambeau makes three yards around left end. Second down and 7 to go. Lambeau threw a pass over center to Mathys but Hartung intercepted it and returned to the 33 yard line. Koehler made one yard. Driscoll was stopped in his tracks by Earps. King threw a pass but was incomplete. Ball is in center on 30 yard line. Driscoll tries dropkick, but fails. Basing getting the ball on south corner of 15 yard line. Basing lost a yard around right end. Hendrian makes 18 yards on a fake punt through center. Green Bay's ball on south side of field. Basing makes three yards through Buck. Lambeau on a wide right end run made five yards, third down one and one half yards to go. Basing was held for no gain. Ball in center of line on Packers' 33 yard line. Buck is punting from his 25 yard line. Buck punts to Driscoll who was downed in his tracks on Chicago's 41 yard line in center of field. Chicago's ball. Hurlbut makes three yards on plunge through Gardner. Second down and 7 to go. Driscoll gains with Buck making the tackle. Third down and 6 to go. Time out for Chicago. Driscoll punts over the goal line to Mathys. Touchback and the ball is brought out to 20 yard line. First down and ten to go. Basing threw a pass to Lambeau but pass went over his head and was incomplete. Ball on Green Bay's 20 yard line. Second and ten. Lambeau threw a pass to Mathys and gained 20 yards on the play. Green Bay is in the center of the field and on 40 yard line. First and ten. Lambeau throws incomplete pass to Mathys. Second and ten on Green Bay's 40 yard line. Lambeau threw a pass to Mathys but the ball was dropped. Pass was incomplete. Third and ten. There was no one near him when he missed the oval. Another pass was tried but it was blocked. Fourth and ten. Buck gets back to kick from his own 30 yard line. Buck kicks to Driscoll but the ball was dropped. Chicago recovered and has the ball on the north side of the goal. Chicago is penalized for offside and ball is on 18 yard line. Driscoll makes one yard on right end. Driscoll kicked out of bounds to Green Bay's 13 yard line. Green Bay's ball on north side of the field. First and ten. The ball is about 15 yards from north side of gridiron. Both teams are taking timeout. Green Bay's ball on 13 yard line. Basing goes through center for 18 yards. Green Bay's ball first down on 31 yard line. Lambeau threw incomplete pass to Mathys. Second and 10. Lambeau threw a long pass to Voss who missed it. Third down and 10. Lambeau threw a long pass to Mathys who gained 18 yards to Green Bay's 49 yard line. The runner took the ball out of bounds. Green Bay throws a pass to Voss who runs 45 yards to Chicago's 8 yard line. Green Bay's ball first down, goal to go. Lambeau makes one yards through left tackle. Basing was held for no gain. Third down and eight. The teams are playing six yards from Chicago's goal. Lambeau on an end run carried the ball in front of the goal with no gain. Getting ready for a kick. Timeout for Green Bay. Fourth down about 5 1/2 yards from goal. Buck gets back for a placement from 15 yard line. Mathys holding ball. The ball hit the goal post and the kick failed. The ball is brought out to 20 yard line and given to the Chicago team. Buck stopped King for a one yard loss to the Cards. Driscoll punts over the Green Bay goal line. Touchback. Green Bay's ball on 20 yard line. First and ten. Basing goes through right tackle for 2 yards. Ball is in center of field. Second down 10. Lambeau threw a pass which was intercepted by Buckeye of Chicago. Cards' ball on Green Bay's 21 yard line. Driscoll loses four yards in center of field on a right end try. Buck and O'Donnell got him. Driscoll made up the four yards on line play. End of quarter.
Ball is just south of the middle of the field. King threw a forward pass to Driscoll which Basing knocked down. Fourth and ten. Driscoll is trying a dropkick. Kick is no good, goes to right of post. Green Bay's ball on 20 yard line. Buck punts to Driscoll who returns one yard to Green Bay's 46 yard line. Moose Gardner stopped Koehler in his tracks. Second and ten. King fails to gain. Chicago is penalized 15 yards for holding. Chicago has ball on 25 yard line. Second down 25 to go. King lost five yards on an attempted pass. Driscoll kicks to Lambeau who is downed at his own 35 yard line. First down and ten. Lambeau throws a pass to O'Donnell but pass is incomplete. Second and ten. Lambeau throws a pass to Mathys who runs forty yards and out of bounds on north side of field at Chicago's 35 yard line. Lambeau throws pass to Basing who gained to the Chicago 20 yard line. First and 10. Basing was held for no gain through center. Second and ten. Lambeau throws a pass to Hendrian, who gained 7 yards to Chicago's 13 yard line. Third and three. Basing lost three yards on an end run. Timeout. Buck is to placekick from his own 25 yard line. Fourth down and six. Buck failed at a goal as the ball went to the right of the post. Chicago's ball on their 20 yard line. Driscoll goes around right end but lost a half yard. Second down about 10 1/2 to go. King was stopped by Gardner and Woodin. Driscoll is standing on his own 10 yard line to kick. On a fake punt, Folz went through center for 15 yards. First down. Driscoll makes three yards around left end. Second and 7. Driscoll went through Gardner for two yards. Koehler went through for two yards over right side of line. Fourth down 2 to go. Driscoll punts to Hendrian who returns to 36 yard line. Play is 15 yards from south side of field. Timeout to get a drink. There are seven minutes left to play. Lambeau throws a pass to Basing for 15 yard over fullback. Green Bay's ball on Chicago's 47 yard line. Lambeau threw an incomplete pass to O'Donnell. Lambeau threw another incomplete pass to Hendrian. Third and ten. Lambeau threw a pass for first down to Mathys. Ball on 36 yard line. Lambeau makes 5 yards around right end. Lambeau throws a long pass to Voss but it was incomplete. Ball is on Chicago's 30 yard line. Lambeau threw a pass to Mathys who caught it out of bounds. Incomplete. Lambeau is getting back for a dropkick from the 40 yard line. Lambeau dropkicked but the ball went outside the posts. Chicago's ball on 20 yard line. Driscoll gained 9 yards around left end. Second and 1. Koehler made two yards through center. First and ten. Driscoll on a wide end run made two yards. Ball is on Chicago's 35 yard line. Second and eight. Koehler goes through right side of line for five yards. Third and 3. Koehler made one yard. Driscoll kicked to Hendrian who returned five yards to his own 37 yard line. First and ten. Three minutes to play. Lambeau threw an incomplete pass to Basing. Second and ten. Basing took the ball, but fumbled and Chicago recovered. Ball on Green Bay's 37 yard line. Koehler made one yard through right side of line. Second and 9. Driscoll went one yard around right end. Third and eight. Chicago is penalized five yards for stalling. Third and 13. Koehler made four yards through Earps. Fourth and 9. Driscoll is getting back to kick. Driscoll punts over the goal for a touchback. Green Bay gets the ball on 20 yard line. First and 10. Lambeau throws a long pass to Mathys but it was incomplete. Second and 10. One and one half minutes left for play. Basing threw incomplete pass to Curly. Third and ten. Lambeau threw a pass to Basing for 5 yards as the game ends.

OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - To the victor belongs the spoils but in Sunday's game at Chicago against the Cardinals the Packers carried off all the glory except the percentage table count. And that's what hurts. The Bays gained over twice as much yardage as Chris O'Brien's hirelings but that one boot by Paddy Driscoll kept the Chicagoans' record clean...So far as attendance figures go, the turnout was disappointing. Chicago boasts of huge football crowds but the Packers have yet to see it in dollars and cents. At Sunday' game, there was only about 2,800 paid admissions and at least 300 of them were from the Bay. The Packer management has to be satisfied with their guarantee as the percentage of the gate 
Chicago Cardinals (2-0) 3, Green Bay Packers (0-2) 0
Sunday October 5th 1924 (at Chicago)
was considerably lower...The Packer rooters nearly went wild with joy when Tillie Voss pulled down the forward pass and stepped out for a touchdown. It seemed as if he would clear all right but Eddie Anderson, one of the greatest ends ever turned out at Notre Dame, bore down from nowhere and dumped Tillie on the six yard line. The Packers made but scant yardage in three downs and then Buck blew a field goal...Despite the fact that the breaks of the game were going against 'em, the Packers never gave up the ghost. Right up until the last minute of play they were battling all the way and it is a certainty that no team ever played in Chicago that looked better in defeat. It was a fighting, rarin' to go gang, wearing the blue and gold out there yesterday and, if ever a club deserved to win, the Packers did. "Whew, I'm glad that's over," remarked Paddy Driscoll as he headed into the Cardinals' dressing room after the game. "I never saw such forward passing in my life and you can take it from me those Packers have the best aerial attack of any team in the pro league. We can thank out lucky stars that Buck's educated toe wasn't going right."...There was quite a gathering of football celebrities near the Packer bench. Jimmy Crowley came in from Notre Dame for the game. Doc Young dropped in from Hammond to look 'em over while Emmet Clair, Art Schmael and George Carey, who were connected with the Packers in 1921, came around to say hello...Next Sunday the Packers open a five week sojourn at home by playing the Kansas City Blues at Bellevue park. Tickets for this game will be placed on sale at the usual places about town Wednesday evening.
OCTOBER 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Kansas City Blues, sixteen strong, arrived here on Monday and they will spend the week practicing for the pro league encounter with the Green Bay Packers at Bellevue park on Sunday afternoon. The Packer management announced a change in starting times for all the remaining games at home. The opening whistle will blow at 2 p.m. instead of 2:30. Manager Doc Andrews of the Kansas City club claims that his aggregation will make things interesting for the Packers on Sunday. "We played good football against Milwaukee," said Andrews. "But we were unable to pile up any yardage on the offense due to the fact that the umpire and head linesman had a peculiar way of inflicting penalties on our team whenever we came through with a substantial advance."...HAS GOOD CLUB: This is the first year that Kansas City has had a club in the league and Manager Andrews has spared no expense in rounding up an aggregation that will hold its own with the best clubs on the postgraduate gridiron. The team is composed mostly of former Missouri conference players as Andrews tried to pick his men from as close to home as possible. Webber of the Kansas Aggies and Corgan of Arkansas are playing the ends; Krueger of Drake and Bassett of Nebraska hold down the tackle posts while the center trio is composed of Berquist, Nebraska, and Owens of Phillips, guards, and Petersen, Nebraska, center...INDIAN PLAYS QUARTER: Maclemore of the Haskell Indians is the quarterback. Jack Hill of Oklahoma is playing one of the halves while Herb Dewitz of Nebraska at the other. Strauss, who was a teammate of Tillie Voss at Toledo last year, is the fullback. Jack Hill of Baker U; Choape of Haskell, Morrison of Oklahoma and Rehnquist of Bethany are reserve linemen and backfielders. Petersen, Bassett and Dewitz were teammates of Lewellen, the Packers back, for several years at Nebraska.
OCTOBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tickets for the pro league football game between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Blues, which will be staged at Bellevue park on Sunday afternoon, are to be placed on sale at the usual places about town this evening. Early indications point to another big crowd as the management has already received requests for a flock of reservations from out of town football followers. The Kansas City club practiced Tuesday afternoon and those who saw the visitors go through their paces claim the Blues have a snappy aggregation, light but fast. The invaders' backfield is shifty and they have a pair of fast traveling ends. Aside from three of the players, all of the Kansas City gridders are just out of college..."FRIENDS DO PART": "When Friends Do Part". That might be the topic for Sunday's game as Lefty Lewellen, Packer halfback and former captain of Nebraska, will be in there milling against three of his former teammates, Dewitz, Peterson and Bassett, who are now sporting the colors of the Kansas City squad. MacLemore and Choate, two graduates of Haskill Indian School, took a jaunt to Oneida on Tuesday and resumed acquaintances with some of their former schoomates. It is expected that there will be a big representation from the reservation at Sunday's game...MURRAY REJOINS CLUB: Another old Packer has returned to the fold as Richard "Jab" Murray will be in the Blues' lineup on Sunday when they have it out with Kansas City. The Marinette lawyer is a pretty handy man to have around as he can fit in at center, guard, tackle or end very nicely. Captain Lambeau's squad came out of the grueling Cardinal game in first class condition and the players will be right on edge when the whistle blows on Sunday afternoon. The players as well as the fans are hungry for a Packer victory and, maybe, the appetites will be satisfied this weekend. Sunday's game is scheduled to start at 2 o'clock. The playing time has been advanced a half hour. The contest is to be staged rain or shine.
OCTOBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tickets for the Kansas City-Packer game at Bellevue park on Sunday afternoon were placed on sale at the usual places about town Wednesday evening, and according to reports, the advance sale more than exceeded expectations. The management has also filled a raft of orders from out of town football fans. The Packers are going to have a battle on their hands. That is the prevailing opinion of the gridiron dopesters who have got a peep at the Kansas City eleven during their practice workouts. The Blues appear to have a firm forward wall and the backfielders loom as fast as lightning. Manager Andrews' club got pretty well banged up in the Milwaukee game but the hospital list is clearing away fast and the Blues will have all their regulars in the game when the whistle blows on Sunday...STAGE HARD PRACTICE: Captain Lambeau's team put in a hard practice drill this morning. Two workouts are scheduled for Friday with a blackboard talk in the evening and there will be another drill as usual Saturday morning. The Bays are fit as a fiddle and every man on the squad predicts that the sting of victories will start on October 12. The Packers will probably meet an old friend in the Kansas City machine as Jack Milton, who was recently released, has been taken on by the Kaws. Walter Buland, veteran tackle, has been released by the Bays. He injured his shoulder early in the season and found it difficult to get the injured wing in shape. Buland will return to Hibbing and it is likely that he will play with Bessemer. This is the club that Emil Beasey is now performing with.
OCTOBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Little Joe Sternaman was nearly a whole team in himself when the Bears bit the dust at the hands of Cleveland. Twice the former Illinois gridder reeled off long distance dashes of the touchdown variety...The Chicago Bears pry off the lid at home in Cubs park by taking on the Racine eleven. Halas is not satisfied with the way his club is going and it is rumored that a shakeup looms if the team does not start winning...Over at the White Sox park in Chicago, the Cardinals will have it out with the Minneapolis Marines. The Gophers took a licking in their opening game and it is probable that Driscoll and Co. will hand them another upset...The first  game of the Badger pro championship series is billed at Milwaukee on Sunday with the Badgers meeting Kenosha. The Cream City crew is traveling nicely these days and they should turn back the Maroons...Akron has visions of a win over Cleveland. Guy Chamberlain's team plays in Philly Saturday, and then hops back home for Sunday's tilt. Two games on successive days is a difficult task for any gridiron outfit...Columbus is scheduled to make another invasion of the Empire state as the Tigers meet the Rochester Jeffs in Kodak City Saturday. Captain Nemecek's club is hungry for a win and they may have their appetite satisfied...Kansas City continues its Wisconsin invasion by rubbing elbows with the Packers at Green Bay. Following the tilt with the Badger champs, the Blues, a week later, are billed for action against the Racine Legion...Little Twig, who played with the Oorang Indians in 1923, is making quite a bid for a job as a tackle on the Rock Island club. In Duke Slater, Scott and Little Twig, the Islanders have three corking good linemen. McNulty, a Notre dame end of several years back, has joined the ranks of the Chicago Cardinals. He made his first appearance last Sunday against Green Bay and turned in a classy exhibition of flanking...Paddy Driscoll's educated toe is functioning very nicely for the Chicago Cardinals. The Cards' captain chased one through the uprights from 42 yards for the only score of a thrilling encounter...The Kenosha Maroons got off to a bad start in Philadelphia when the Yellowjackets sent them homeward on the short end of a 31 to 6 score. Owner Johnson "housecleaned" his eleven as a result of the game...The Dayton Triangles marked up a creditable victory over the gridders from Philly, 19 to 7, last Sunday. This was the Quakers' second game in two days and they sort of wilted away under the strain...The Duluth club marked up its second straight victory in the post graduate wheel by taking Minneapolis into camp, 3 to 0. Gilbert celebrated his return to the lineup by kicking the winning field goal...The Buffalo Bisons chalked up a victory over Columbus, 13 to 0. All the scores were made in the final quarter. Morrisey kicked two goals from the field and Boynton caught a pass and ran 30 yards for a touchdown...Rochester opened its season at home by taking a 3 to 0 whipping at the hands of Akron. The clubs battled even up all the way and a big crowd got quite a run for their money. Rochester is looking better this year...A forward pass, Armstrong to Wilson, paved the way for Rock Island to score a touchdown on Racine. Wilson was dumped on the one yard line and Gavin plunged over. The final score was in favor of the Islanders...One of the big games on the weekend schedule is the clash scheduled for Saturday in Philadelphia between the Yellowjackets and Cleveland. Both of these clubs are rated as championship possibilities...The Kansas City Blues made their pro league debut at Milwaukee and suffered a 3 to 0 reversal. The Kansas aggregation looked pretty good against the Badgers. Dewitz of Nebraska was the Blues' luminary...Louisville will play its first pro league game at Rock Island on Sunday. Dame Rumor has it that the Colonels will be represented by a husky gridiron machine which will be much stronger than in past years...Headed by Ink Williams and Sol Butler, two famous colored players, Hammond will jaunt to Duluth on Sunday and attempt to break the winning pace of the Northerners. Doc Young will have several new faces in his lineup...The fur should fly in Buffalo when the Bisons and Dayton Triangles lock horns in a pigskin tussle. The Dayton forward wall should give Buffalo's famous set of backfielders a severe test.
OCTOBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - John Getchell of Minneapolis has been named by President Joe F. Carr of the NFL to officiate in the game here Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park between the Kansas City Blues and Green Bay Packers. Jimmy Coffeen will serve as head linesman. The umpire will be selected today. This decision hangs upon Manager Doc Andrews of the visiting club. Sunday's game will start at 2 o'clock instead of 2:30. The time has been set forward half an hour so as to get in the full fifteen minute quarters before semidarkness sets in. The gate at the park will be opened at 12:45. All ushers and ticket men must be on hand at 12:30 without fail...DRILLED WITH COLLEGIANS: Thursday afternoon the Kansas City squad scrimmaged with St. Norberts college at De Pere. According to Manager Andrews, Coach Carey's youngsters gave his squad just the kind of workout needed to put them right on edge for Sunday's game. Early this afternoon, the Blues drilled at Bellevue park to get the "lay of the land". The Packers went through another strenuous drill this morning and a blackboard talk is scheduled tonight at the Continuation school. Captain Lambeau is making even more possible to get his squad back on Victory Row...TICKETS MOVING WELL: Tickets for Sunday's game are moving well. There is a healthy demand for reservations and all signs point to a banner crowd. There are still many choice reservations available. The additional seats set up for the Bear game are still standing and they provide a greatly increased reserved space. The management intends to pick up all unsold reservations Saturday night and it is suggested that those having tickets set away claim these pasteboards before 9 p.m. tomorrow evening.
CTOBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There will be a homecoming at Bellevue park Sunday afternoon and, if fair weather prevails, quite a gathering of fans will
be present to give the Packers a rousing sendoff in their
NFL game against the Kansas City Blues. The kickoff
is scheduled for 2 o'clock. Sunday's game is the first of
a series of five encounters which the Packers will play
at home and Captain Lambeau's team is determined 
while they are in their own backyard. If the schedule is
followed, Kansas City will be victim No. 1 tomorrow...
BLUES IN GOOD SHAPE: But the Blues have a 
different version of the affair. Manager Andrews has had
his club here all week getting tuned up for the 
engagement, and, according to the Blues' helmsman,
his squad is right on edge for the fray. The Kansas City
eleven ranks with the best in the pro league. Last week
against Milwaukee, they held the famous Badgers to a
3-0 score. A field goal by Red Dunn was the only
marker during the fray. Milwaukee papers in
commenting on the game gave the Kansans credit for
having a husky forward wall and a shifty set of backs...
FOUR NEBRASKA STARS: Four members of the
Blues, Bassett, tackle; Peterson, center; Berquist,
guard, and Dewitz, halfback, earned their gridiron spurs
at Nebraska. Choate and McLemore are products of the
Haskill Indian school. Webber was a star end for the 
Kansas Aggies while Strauss, the big fullback, was a
teammate of Tillie Voss at Toledo last year. The Packers
will present practically the same lineup as at the start
of the season. Beasey, Buland and Milton are missing
but in their places are Eddie Usher and Jab Murray, a
pair of Packers from other seasons, who are well known
to the Green Bay football fans. The team has been
driven at top speed during the latter part of the week
and Captain Lambeau is hopeful that his Big Bay Blues
will get back on Victory Row in Sunday's game. No
matter who wins, it is sure to be a great exhibition of pigskin chasing as both teams are right on edge for the combat.
OCTOBER 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday's game will start at 2 o'clock. The kickoff has been set half an hour ahead so as to get in the regulation 15 minutes before semi-darkness arrives. The gates at the park will be opened at 12:45. All ushers and ticket takers must be on the job at 12:30.