(GREEN BAY) - Back in their own backyards, the Packers cut loose with a banner brand of football Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park, and turned back the Kansas City Blues, 16 to 0, in a pro league football game. It wasn't a good football day for the players but it was ideal for the spectators. The gridiron was in superb condition and it was fast as lightning. The heat tended to wilt the pigskin chasers a bit but the Packers appeared to stand the gaff better than Andrews and his
A splendid crowd witnessed the game. There were over
2,800 paid admissions and the park was comfortably
filled. Hundreds of out of town football followers took in
the encounter. The spectators were late in arriving but
there was a flood of humanity through the gates right at
starting time. Some 200 fans from Marinette and 
Menominee made the trip here while many of the other
neighboring cities and towns sent big delegations. The
Kansas City crew put in appearance first and they went
through a few practice stunts before the Packers, who
were a bit late arrived on the scene. Due to the illness
of John Getchell, the league referee from Minneapolis, it
was necessary to draft Tom Johnson, the Marinette
High school coach, into action. He got away nicely.
Earl Wyman of Oshkosh umpired while Dick Williams,
a Milwaukee newspaperman, was the Kansas City
choice for head linesman.
The visitors received the kickoff and, after Woodin had
booted the ball behind the goal posts, the ball was put
in scrimmage on the 20 yard line. After three rushes,
the Kansans punted. Strauss' kick was a fizzle and the
Packers swept into action on the visitors' 45 yard line.
A penalty set the Bays back five yards and they lost
the ball on downs by inches. After three cracks at the
line, Strauss punted to Mathys on the Packers' twenty.
Buck soon returned the kick and gained considerable
on the exchange. The play was well within the invaders'
territory. Hendrian dumped HIll for a big loss and the
Kansans punted again. The Packers cut loose with a
savage attack and it wasn't long before Lambeau hurled
a pass to Tillie Voss who scampered over two
chalkmarks for a score. En route the Packer end shook
off a couple of aliens as if they were schoolboys. Buck
kicked the goal.
Hill received the kickoff and came back 35 yards. It was 
a great run but Mathys stopped him with a flying tackle.
Strauss hurled a pass to Dewitz and again Mathys
saved the day. Strauss hurled a field goal from the 40
yard line. The Packers scrimmaged on their twenty. 
Buck punted 50 yards down the field. Dewitz nabbed a
pass for a 25 yard gain as the quarter ended. Hostilities
in the second period started with the ball in the visitors'
possession on Green Bay's 32 yard line. A penalty sent
Kansas City back 5 yards and two passes were
grounded. Strauss punted out of bounds on the Packer
17. The Bays got a first down. Mathys was dumped for
a loss before he could pass. Buck kicked to the 
invaders' forty.
Kansas City got away with three successful passes but
their air drive wilted and the Packers regained the ball 
on their own twenty. Two rushes netted little and Buck
kicked 50 yards to McLemore who fumbled and Basing
hopped on the oval as if it were a hot tomato. After three
line plays, Lambeau's attempt for a field goal hopped its
way back of the Kansas City goal line. The ball was
scrimmaged on the 20 yard mark. Here the Packers
drew their fourth penalty for offside. Rosatti dumped
McLemore in his tracks. Strauss punted 60 yard to
Mathys. Here the Packers got going fast and a series of
passes took the ball right down to the Kansas City goal
line. It was a wide open attack and the visitors were
beating a hasty retreat. Just as Lambeau's pass to
Voss behind the goal grounded, time was called for the
At the start of the third quarter, Woodin again kicked
over the goal and the visitors put the ball in play on their twenty. Voss smeared one play for a loss and then Strauss fizzled a kick. Lewellen, who replaced Basing, covered the ball. Lewellen got several good gains but the Kansas front stiffened and Buck missed a field goal. The ball went in play on the 20 yard line. Voss again nailed Hill for a loss and Strauss punted out of bounds at midfield. A pass to Lewellen gained 15 yards. Hendrian gained another pas for a big gain, and followed this up by hooking another for considerable yardage.
Lambeau hit the line for two and then Lewellen smashed his way over his former teammate, Bassett, for a touchdown. Buck missed the goal. Lewellen had been worked pretty hard and Usher took his place. The crowd gave the former Nebraska captain an ovation as he came to the sidelines. The Packers kicked off again but an offside brought the ball back and Woodin again kicked. Hill returned the ball about 40 yards. It was some run. After two smashes, Voss stretched up and intercepted a pass. Usher got two and a pass, Lambeau to Mathyus, made it first down.
The string was loosened on the much discussed bag of tricks and Dick O'Donnell cut over and made a great grab of a neat pass for another first down. Hendrian took a hand at the passing and tossed one to his roommate Voss for a ten yard gain. Dutch made a couple of yards through the line and then caught a toss from Lambeau. Keeping up his good work, Dutch stepped neatly to the 30 yard mark and, from a difficult angle, dropkicked the ball between the uprights - and then some. The pigskin landed on top of the Bellevue barn. Strauss kicked off to Hendrian who came back a chalkmark. Then Lambeau got around right end for a brilliant run. The quarter ended with the ball in the Packers' possession on their own 45 yard line.
After the scrimmage in the final quarter, Webber blocked Buck's punt and it was Kansas City's ball in midfield. It wasn't long before Voss intercepted a pass on the Packers' 43 yard line. Usher took a toss from Lambeau for a 12 yard gain. Webber nabbed a throw from Lambeau, checking the Bay onslaught. Milton, former Packer, went into the Kansas lineup but he found the going pretty rough. After a few plays Voss pulled down another enemy pass on the enemy's 31 yard marker. Corgan killed the Packers' hopes for another score by grabbing a pass. He started down the field fast but was chased out of bounds in midfield. Strauss punted 50 yards to Mathys who wisely signaled for a free catch on the Packers' first chalkmark. The Bays put the ball back in play on a free kick, Buck sailing the pigskin 58 yards down the gridiron. The visitors got a first down, thanks to Dewitz. Mathys blocked a pass from Strauss and O'Donnell dumped Corgan for a loss after he scooped up a free ball. Just as Mathys received a punt from Strauss the final whistle blew.

It was 75 in the shade at the opening whistle; Kansas City has its back to the sun, defending the south goal. Woodin kicked over the goal line, and play was begun on the Blues' 20 yard mark. The Packers were penalized 5 yards for offside on the first play. Hill made 6 yards through left tackle. Two more plunges by Hill over the left side netted a scant yard and the Blues were forced to punt. Strauss was rushed and his kick went only about 20 yards, the Packers downing the ball on Kansas City's 45 yard line. Hendrian smashed off right tackle for three yards, and Basing made four through the same hole. The Packers were penalized again - 5 yards for offside. Hendrian grabbed a pass from Lambeau for a 7 yard gain. The Packers failed to gain on the fourth down, and the ball went to Kansas City. The Packers were again penalized for offside; the line was mighty anxious to break through and smash up the plays. Hill carried the ball again for a 2 yard gain and Dewitz went through right tackle for 3 yards. Strauss tried bucking the center, but only got one yard. Strauss got off a punt, Mathys running the ball out of bounds on the 20 yard mark. Lambeau skirted end for seven yards and got 2 through right tackle. Hendrian failed to make the first down, and Buck punted 50 yards, Voss downing the ball on the Blues' 20 yard line. McLemore gained 2 yards off end but Hill lost the gain when Hendrian smashed through with a terrific tackle. Kansas City was offside and took a 5 yard penalty. Strauss punted 35 yards, Mathys returning 3 yards. Lambeau cut back over left end for 3 yards. Corgan just tipped Lambeau's pass to Mathys and grounded it. Lambeau threw a 25 yard pass to Voss who traveled 20 yards more for the first score. Buck's placekick added another point. Score: Packers 7, K.C. Blues 0. Hill received Woodin's kickoff on the 8 yard line and made a pretty return to the 35 yard line. It looked as through he might get through, but Charlie Mathys nailed him. Strauss passed 15 yards to Dewitz who went 4 yards before Mathys stopped him with a hard tackle. Two line plunges failed to gain for the Blues, the Bay's center trio proving impassable. Hill attempted an end run, and sidestepped several tacklers but failed to gain. Strauss missed a 40 yard dropkick by a few feet. Packers' ball on the 20 yard line. Buck punted 50 yards to McLemore who was downed in his tracks by Basing and Voss. Strauss tried to hit the line again and made a yard. Dewitz grabbed another pass from Strauss for a 25 yard gain as the quarter ended with the Packers leading, 7 to 0.
The quarter began with Kansas City in possession of the ball on the Packers' 32 yard line. McLemore failed to gain in an attempt to round O'Donnell's end. Kansas City was offside again and drew a 5 yard penalty. Strauss' pass to Hill was wide, and another pass to Corgan was too high, going way over the big end's head. Strauss' short punt went out of bounds on the 17 yard line. Basing started around right end, but changed his mind, and cut back, being downed on the scrimmage line. Lambeau smashes over right tackle for 7 yards, and Hendrian made 5 yards through the same hole on a delayed pass. A line plunge failed, and Mathys attempted to pass but was nailed 8 yard back before he could get rid of the ball. Buck kicked 50 yards to the Blues' 40 yard line, where the ball went out of bounds. Hill made about a yard in two attempts at the line, and then passed to McLemore for a 20 yard gain. Dewitz passed to Strauss for 15 yards. Kansas City went back to line bucks again and gained five yards in 3 attempts. A pass grounded and the Packers resumed the offensive on their own 18 yard line. The Packers almost slipped one over on the Blues by having Buck pass from kick formation under the shadow of his own goal, but the throw was a little high for Mathys. Buck punted 50 yards to the Blues' 40 yard line. Basing recovered McLemore's fumble of the kick. Lambeau cut back from right end for a 7 yard gain and Mathys was thrown behind the line for a 2 yard loss. Lambeau's attempted dropkick jumped along the ground and bounced over the goal line, the Kansas City Blues taking the ball on their own 20 yard line. The Packers were penalized for a fourth time for offside. McLemore tried to slip through Rosatti but was downed without a gain. Strauss got over the longest kick of the day, a 60 yard punt, which Mathys ran out of bounds on the Packers' 20 yard line. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, gained about 3 yards. Mathys dodged about ten men on this play, sidestepping half the width of the field before he was downed. Hendrian made 5 yards through a wagonhole Buck opened up. A shoestring pass to Mathys gained 15 yards. Curly tossed one on the run to Basing, the play netting the Packers about 9 yards. Hendrian failed to gain on a line plunge. A wide pass to Hendrian gained 12 yards. Basing hit the line for 2. Basing made it first down with an 8 yard smash dragging one of the Kansas City tacklers about 6 yards. Lambeau's pass to Voss grounded over the goal line as the half ended. Score: Packers 7, Blues 0.
Woodin kicked over the goal line. A line plunge failed, and Strauss attempted an end run, but Voss broke up the play and downed the runner. Strauss fizzled a punt and Lewellen, who had replaced Basing, downed it on the 18 yard line. Lewellen went around end for 9 yards, and two line smashes netted another two. Lewellen made a yard through the line, but Corgan dropped him without a gain on an attempted end run. Buck missed a field goal by a narrow margin. Kansas City held the ball on their own 20 yard line. Voss tore in and nailed Hill for a 2 yard loss. Strauss punted 35 yards out of bounds. Packers' ball in midfield. Lewellen grabbed a pass from Lambeau for a 15 yard gain. Hendrian hit something hard in the line and stopped in his tracks. Lambeau passed over fullback, Hendrian grabbing it out of nowhere for a 15 yard gain. Another pass to Hendrian over the halfback gained 12 yards. Curley made 2 yards and Lewellen carried the ball over in his second attempt. Lewellen got a big hand as he left the field after the touchdown. Eddie Usher took his place. Buck's attempted field goal went wide. Score: Packers 13, Blues 0. Hill made another pretty return of Woodin's kickoff, bringing the ball back to the 40 yard line. An end run was smeared up before it got started. Dewitz and Strauss found an opening in the center of the line for a 4 yard and 5 yard gain. Voss intercepted a pass and the Packers took possession of the ball in midfield. Usher went through left guard for 2 yards. Lambeau passed to Mathys for a first down. Another pass was grounded and Lambeau smashed tackle for 4 yards. Andrews replaced Kreuger for Kansas City. O'Donnell jumped up between a couple of Blues to grab Lambeau's pass for a first down. Hendrian took a turn at the passing game and his toss to Voss put the ball on the 10 yard line. Hendrian made a yard through the line, and grabbed a pass from Lambeau for a short gain. Hendrian dropkicked the goal from a difficult angle. Score: Packers 16, Blues 0. Hendrian returned Strauss' kickoff to the 18 yard line. Lambeau went around right end in a beautiful dash of 25 yards. It was the longest run from scrimmage during the game. Lambeau grounded a pass as the quarter ended with the Packers in possession of the ball on the 45 yard line. Score: Packers 16, Blues 0.
Hendrian made a yard through center. Webber blocked Buck's punt, the ball going out of bounds, so it was the visitors' ball on the 50 yard line. Strauss' pass was grounded, O'Donnell was rushing him tightly. Voss intercepted the next pass on the Packers' 45 yard line. Lambeau passed to Usher for 12 yards. McLemore was injured on the play, and Milton, who was with the Packers last time they were home, replaced him for the Blues. He lost a yard and grounded the ball in an attempted pass. Another pass went way over McLemore's head, and Strauss punted 45 yards to Lambeau who returned 5. Bassett broke through Buck and blocked Lambeau's attempted forward. After an unsuccessful plunge Buck punted to the 35 yard line. Voss grabbed another one of Strauss' passes and it was the Packers' ball on the Blues 31 yard line. Corgan intercepted a pass from Lambeau. It looked as though he was clear but he ran out of bounds on the 50 yard line. Strauss punted 50 yards to Mathys who signaled a free catch. The ball was downed on the 10 yard line. The Packers elected to put the ball back in scrimmage by free kick. Buck's punt was perfect, traveling 58 yards along the sidelines before going out of bounds. Dewitz made 10 yards through right tackle. Mathys jumped about 12 feet up in the air to block a pass from Strauss. The Blues fumbled, Corgan recovering for them, but O'Donnell threw him for a 15 yard loss. Strauss punted 49 yards to Mathys as the game ended. Score: Packers 16, Blues 0.

OCTOBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well, the Packers looked just as good on the gridiron yesterday as their lineup sizes up on paper. Every man on the squad was going at top speed and the Big Bay Blues gave a bangup exhibition of football. The boiling sun forced the players to work under a handicap but the superb physical condition of Lambeau's squad was very much in evidence...It is mighty fortunate that the Packers were on as this Kansas City crew is going to win a lot of games before the curtain is pulled down on the pro league race. The visitors showed a pair of shifty backs in Dewitz and Hill while the ends, Corgan and Webber, gave a good account of themselves. Webber blocked a punt on Buck. It was the first time in two years that this has happened...The crowd sort of gave Head Linesman Williams the razz. They didn't like the way he was offsides on the Packers. The Bay forward wall was a bit overanxious and it is likely that all his penalties were justified. These were the only penalties of the contest. It was as clean an exhibition of pro football as has been seen here for a long time...At times it seemed as if the visitors were taking a leaf out of the Packers' book with their passes but most of the damage in the Kansas air drive was done in midfield. Whenever they got within the danger zone, the Big Bay Blues tightened up very nicely. Not once during the game did the invaders have the ball inside of the Packers' twenty...Hendrian's dropkick had plenty of distance to it. The ball shot between the goal post clean as a bell and a mile high. It landed on top of the Bellevue barn. If Dutch had been standing in midfield, he would have probably counted on the boot as it traveled a long ways after passing the uprights. Yesterday was Hendrian's best day for the Packers. He sure was playing football. And this goes for Voss too, and all the rest of the team...Lewellen smiled for the first time since the Duluth game. The Packer half has been bumping into some tough breaks but it would have taken a stone wall and then some to have stopped him in his smash for a touchdown. Before the score, Lew had cut considerable figure in the Packers' brilliant march down the field...Next Sunday, Milwaukee plays here in the Packers' first game of the state championship series. It is going to be some battle and the management expects a crowd bigger than the Bear game. Better reserve your tickets early.
Green Bay Packers (1-2) 16, Kansas City Blues (0-2) 0
Sunday October 12th 1924 (at Green Bay)
1924: In its fifth season, the National Football League looked to expand its territory and put its first team west of the Mississippi in Kansas City. Using the name Kansas City Blues like its minor league baseball team, the Blues played few games at home using Muehlebach Field and won even fewer under Coach LeRoy Andrews. The Blues first game would come on October 5th a 3-0 loss to the Milwaukee Badgers. After losing their next two games in Wisconsin the Blues made their home debut by earning their first win a 23-7 victory over the Rock Island Independents. The Blues would split their four home games, later earning a 7-3 win over the Badgers on November 11th. It would be the only two wins the Blues would record as they finished their first season with a record of 2-7.
1925: For their second season the newly rebranded Kansas City Cowboys would play all their games on the road, starting the season with a 3-0 win over the Duluth Kelleys. However, they would not win another game until the final game of the season, a 17-0 upset of the Cleveland Bulldogs in a game that Clarkin Field in Hartford, Connecticut. In between the Cowboys lassoed just one tie in six games, finishing the season with a record of 2-5-1.  
1926: Despite starting the season with shutout losses to Detroit Panthers and Duluth Eskimos, the Kansas City Cowboys showed significant improvement in their third season, as they would lose just one of their last nine games, ending the season with a seven game winning streak. The Cowboys would finish the year in fourth place with a record of 8-3. However, there would not be another season in Kansas City as the cost of traveling to and from Kansas City was too cost prohibitive in the NFL's fledgling formative years. The Cowboys final game would come on December 12th with a 12-7 win over the Duluth Eskimos at Muehlebach Field. Most of the players from the Kansas City Cowboys would go on to play with the Cleveland Bulldogs who were returning to the NFL after a year hiatus. Kansas City would get another team also called the Blues, which split time between St. Louis and Kansas City in 1934 in the short lived second edition of American Football League. In 1963 it would get a permanent team when the AFL's Dallas Texans coming off a championship but unable to outdraw the NFL's Dallas Cowboys became the Kansas City Chiefs. 
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Somebody's clean record is liable to get mussed up on Sunday when Dayton and Rock Island, two undefeated teams, rub elbows. The Islanders are playing at home but the Triangles are a corking good road club...The fur will
fly at Cub park in Chicago where the Cards and Bears
are booked to clash. Paddy Driscoll's team hasn't
tasted defeat this season but the Halas-Sternaman
combination are about due for a victory...The Columbus
Tigers face a twinbill engagement over the weekend.
Saturday Nemecek's aggregation faces the Yellow
Jackets in Philadelphia and then hop back to Cleveland
on Sunday to meet Chamberlain's tribe...The Buffalo-
Rochester feud is resumed this weekend as the Bisons
and Jeffersons will stake their annual gridiron row. The
Jeffs have dropped three in a row and they appear to be
headed for another loss on Sunday...Kansas City winds
up its Badger state invasion by battling the Legion team
in Racine. The Kansans have suffered reversals in both
starts but the Andrews aggregation is a dangerous
outfit at all stages of the game...Two of the tailenders,
Kenosha and Hammond, will take picks on each other
in "Nashtown" Sunday. Both clubs are bolstering their
lineups to the limit in an attempt to place a marker in
the win column...The opening game of the Wisconsin
pro championship series is scheduled in Green Bay 
Sunday when the Packers meet the Milwaukee
Badgers. The Green Bay eleven has held the Badger
title for the past seven years...The Winters-Rapp
forward passing combination cut a big figure in the
Columbus win over Rochester, 15 to 7. Both the Tigers'
scores came from this air drive as Rapp scampered
over for each of the touchdowns...Mills, end for Akron,
is credited with the longest run to date in the pro league
wheel. He intercepted a Cleveland forward pass on his
own 15-yard marker and dashed 85 yards down the
gridiron for a sensational touchdown...Osborne, the husky Cleveland center, is playing a whale of a game for the Bulldogs. For a big fellow, he is fast on his feet and covers a world of territory on the defense. What's more, Osborne is a perfect passer...Dayton's victory over Buffalo sort of put a dent in the dope bucket as the Bisons were listed in the championship class. A long forward pass and line plunge is the last few minutes of play sent Buffalo down to defeat...Hurlbut, former Chicago star, is making a great name for himself on the postgraduate grid with the Chicago Cardinals. In the game against the Minneapolis Marines, Hurlbut got two scores for the Windy City South Siders...The Minneapolis eleven boasts of a star backfield in Marty Norton, Eddie Novak, Sammy Kaplan and Marty Pahl, former Boston College ace. The Marines, however, are missing some of the old mainstays on the forward line...Gavin, the Rock Island fullback, is sort of hogging scoring honors for the Independents' machine. He has counted in every game except the Bear contest. Last Sunday against Hammond, he smashed over for three touchdowns.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With the players in fighting trim, the Green Bay Packers are "rarin' to go" for Sunday's state championship football game which will be played at Bellevue park with the Milwaukee Badgers. The kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. Holloway, one of the best officials in the pro league, will referee. The Packers have been stepping along at a good clip all week. The decisive win over Kansas City last week did the team a lot of good and the squad will be on their toes when the whistle blows Sunday afternoon. There will be no changes in the Bays' lineup. Usher will not be seen in action as he has been released to Kansas City. The demand for tickets never has been better. The pasteboards are selling like hot cakes and hundreds of applications from out of towners have been received. It looks like a capacity crowd. In order to handle the overflow, the management will again use the bench seats for reservations. All unclaimed tickets will be picked up Saturday night. Tickets will be held for prospective customers until 1:30.
OCTOBER 17 (Milwaukee) - With every one of his gridders in the pink, Manager McGurk of the Milwaukee Badgers thinks his dream will come true on Sunday when the Packers are played at Green Bay. Ever since McGurk took hold of the Milwaukee club in 1922, he has been longing for a victory of the Packers. The first year, the Packers played a tie with the Badgers in Milwaukee and, later in the season, defeated the Badgers in Green Bay. Last fall, Milwaukee bit the dust in Green Bay, 12 to 0, and in the return game in Milwaukee the Badgers again took a licking in a sensational tilt, 10 to 7. This contest was a heartbreaker for Milwaukee. The Packers scored first when Buck kicked a field goal. Then Milwaukee came back with a touchdown and goal kick. In the final half, a screen pass from Mathys to Lambeau gave the state championship to Green Bay. Manager McGurk hasn't forgot any of this and Sunday he is determined to get his revenge in big letters.
OCTOBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With one of the greatest collections of football stars ever gathered together, the Milwaukee Badgers will invade Green Bay on Sunday afternoon to battle the Packers in a pro league game. It will also be a state championship series contest. The Packers have held the Badger state pro title for seven years but Manager McGurk claims he is going to upset the Big Bay Blues or go broke in the attempt this season. Dame Rumor has it that his club is one of the most expensive in the circuit. It is understood that the Milwaukee manager has come to bat with a 10 percent bonus offer to his players if they beat the Packers. Milwaukee has never scored a win over Captain Lambeau's team on the professional girdiron...ARE GOING GOOD: Milwaukee started off the season by taking a 17 to 7 licking at the hands of the Chicago Cardinals. Breaks of the game paved the way are all three of the Milwaukee touchdowns. Two weeks ago, the Badgers beat the Kansas City Blues, 3 to 0, thanks to Red Dunn's educated toe, and last Sunday they buried the husky Kenosha Maroons, 21 to 0. Manager McGurk has rounded up the best football players in the country. At the tackles, he had Bub Weller, star of the St. Louis club in 1923, and Larry Wiederquist, last year's captain of W. & J., who was named on several All American selections. Jean, Bob Foster, Nadolny are his center flankers while Larsen and Pierotti are playing center. These players are considered top notchers in the post graduate class. Sachs, Clem Neacy, and Benny Winkelman are the ends. Winkleman starred for the Badgers last year, while Neacy is a product of Colgate college, the Packers tried hard to get...STARS IN BACKFIELD: The backfield is composed of stars. Red Dunn, famous Marquette star, is playing quarterback and burning up the pro grid. Jimmy Conzelman has moved to halfback, where he is showing better than ever. Erickson, considered the best halfback ever turned out at W. & J., is captaining the eleven and playing the other half while the old reliable Dinger Doane, line plunger extraordinary, is at fullback. Doane is the gridder who smashed through the Packer line for a touchdown in the sensational game played between the two teams at Milwaukee last year.
OCTOBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sport Editor, Press-Gazette: The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers football game, Sunday, September 21st, at Green Bay, which was attended by some 4,000 lovers of the sport, from all parts of this state and upper Michigan, must have demonstrated to every outdoor sport enthusiast that Green Bay must have a modern, up-to-date athletic field. As an observer, relative to such new field, the writer calls attention to those who would be interested, to the southeast corner of the Joannes park. Right there is where such field is absolutely necessary for the High School use. This site afford not only sufficient room for a public playground but for an enclosed athletic field as well, where winter sports as well as summer sports can be held at all times, such as football, baseball, ice skating, hockey, etc. It is absolutely necessary to have a good enclosed field for the contests between the East and West High schools and that must be in the most accessible location that can be found. The same field could be used for the Packer games, the baseball club, and even the St. Norbert's college would find it the best place to hold their games to say nothing about the amateur ball clubs in the city. Every enthusiast for clean outdoor sportive games will admit that Green Bay sadly needs such a field and is much amiss in the present system. It was nearly two hours after the Green Bay Packers had scalped the Chicago Bears before the last automobile got away from the grounds Sunday - most baby chicks waiting to see Green Bay, leave their shells in less time. Now bear in mind, we should look well into the future for it will not be so many years that we are going to hop into the 100,000 class and we want to be prepared with the very best to help the ball roll along faster to that end, by which I mean that we should be getting a move on us so as to get going with the spring of 1925. We should have a get-together meeting and go out and view the grounds and map out a course of action to bring all this about. Now is the time while the donors of the
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the
whistle blows Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Bellevue
park and the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee
Badgers spring into action against each other, the
crowd will be all set for one of the greatest exhibitions
of professional footballing ever on tap in this neck of the
woods. It is going to be a grudge battle. There is little
love lost between the rival elevens and every mother's
son on both squads will be in there fighting his hardest
to bring home the bacon. Word about how the teams
"liked" each other reached President Joe Carr of the
NFL and he immediately notified both managements
that he had named three neutral officials to handle the
game. What's more the pro league executive has
ordered the officials to go to the limit to keep peace in
the family...DETERMINED TO WIN: Milwaukee has
never defeated Green Bay in a professional football
game and that's where the rub comes in. Manager
McGurk would give an arm away to mop up the Big Bay
Blues and this is the one game that he has got his mind set on winning. Last season, after the Packers had beaten Milwaukee two games in a row, McGurk asked a football writer what his team needed to beat Green Bay. The reply was, "Get two tackles and a kicker." And that is just what the Badger manager has done. He signed Widerquist, 1923 All American, who was tackle and captain at W. & J., for one of the tackles and then bought Bob Weller from the St. Louis Browns for the other. Weller is rated as one of the best in the country. McGurk was up against for a kicker but he finally induced Red Dunn, 1923 pigskin hero at Marquette, to join his club. Dunn has an educated toe either for fields or punting. It is said that Dunn is getting one of the highest salaries ever paid a pro footballer. These three great gridders, along with a dozen other stars, including the famous Jimmy Conzelman, will be in Milwaukee uniforms when the Badgers take the field at Bellevue park on Sunday...PACKERS ON EDGE: Realizing the strength of the opposing team, the Packers have put in a good week of practice and they will be right on edge to give Manager McGurk another nightmare. Captain Lambeau's crew is "rarin' to go" and a fighting team is pretty hard to beat. The bag of tricks will be ripped wide open and the Big Bay Blues will shoot everything they got in order to give McGurk & Co., a lesson in the sometimes gentle art of pigskin chasing. Holloway, Thomas and Whitlock are the officials chosen by President Carr to handle the argument which is the first of a series of games to decide the professional football championship of Wisconsin. The Packers have held the title for seven years. The gates and ticket window at the park will open promptly at 12:45. The game will get underway about 2 o'clock. Regulation periods of 15 minute duration have been agreed upon. Indications point to a record breaking crowd, as the advance sale of reserve seats was as heavy as for the Bear game. Those holding reservations at downtown ticket selling places must claim their tickets before 9 p.m. this evening as all the ducats will be called in by the management at that time.
​OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Several cheerleaders are wanted for Sunday's game. Another effort will be made to add a college air to the Milwaukee game by combined rooting for the Packers. If there are any volunteers for the job, they will find a welcome on the doormat at the Press-Gazette, Saturday evening between 7:30 and 10.
OCTOBER 15 (Columbus) - Acting on the request of the managements of both teams, President Joe F. Carr of the NFL has named three neutral officials to handle the game at Green Bay on Sunday October 19 between the Packers and Milwaukee Badgers. Holloway of Chicago is to referee; Thomas of Minnesota will be the umpire while Whitlock of Ohio Wesleyan is to
serve as head linesman. This contest is one of the big
dates on the pro league schedule for Sunday as it will
have a direct bearing on the Badger state football
championship. The Packers have held the title for the
past seven years...Unless all signs go astray, one of the
biggest crowds that ever witnessed a professional 
football game in Green Bay will be on hand Sunday
afternoon at Bellevue park when the Green Bay Packers
tackle the Milwaukee Badgers in a state championship
game. It will be the battle of the season in Green Bay
and it seems as if all the football fans for miles around
realize this fact. The advance demand for tickets, so far,
has been as heavy as for the Bear game on September
21. Numerous requests for tickets have been received
from out of towners while the hometown folks have been
making reservations every since Sunday night...Tickets
for the game will be placed on sale at the usual places
​about town this evening. Those who have made 
reservations are urged to pick up their ducats before
Saturday night at 9 o'clock as all remaining tickets will
be picked up at that time. Sunday's game will start at 2
o'clock. The doors to the park will be opened at 12:45.
The management will make every effort to handle the big crowd without confusion. The bench seats again will be in use on Sunday but these will not be placed on sale until all other reservations are disposed of. Ample police protection has been arranged for. The blue coats will be on duty outside the park while a young army from the American Legion will patrol the lines inside the field.
OCTOBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The star of professional football is in the ascension - there can be little doubt of that. Pro league games all over the country are drawing increasingly large crowds and an increased interest is being manifested in the game as played professionally by former college stars, in spite of the opposition of university athletic directors and coaches who opposed the organization of a professional circuit on the ground that it would put the taint of professionalism in the game and hurt amateur football...While many prominent football officials are still antagonistic to pro football the country-at-large is gradually being won over, and a few years will probably find professional gridiron games occupying the same place during the fall season that baseball occupies during the summer...Practically all of the men on the different league teams are college graduates who have been outstanding stars during their college careers, and are, on the whole, a clean-cut body of men who have learned their lessons of good clean sportsmanship from the country's greatest athletic directors...The majority of these men, while salary, of course, is a big consideration, play the game because they like it and are out to give spectators an exhibition of football as it can be played only by experts at the game, and we fail to see why these man should be considered as a menace to amateur football, anymore than Walter Johnson or Babe Ruth are a menace to amateur baseball.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - These are serious days for the Packer squad as the team is working as they haven't worked this season to be on edge for the tilt with the Milwaukee Badgers on Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park. It is a state championship affair and the Big Bay Blues are determined to defend the title which they have held for seven years. The strength of the Milwaukee team is not underestimated. On paper, the Cream City aggregation looks like the strongest eleven that the Packers have faced this year. The backfield is studded with stars; the ends are likened to a stone wall...DUNN WITH MILWAUKEE: Red Dunn, famous Marquette quarterback, will positively appear in the Milwaukee lineup. He has supplanted Jimmy Conzelman at quarterback and is directing the attack of the Cream City gridiron warriors. Dunn has played swell football in the the last two games for Milwaukee and the followers of McGurk's club claim that he is just good enough to make the Packers bite the dust. The Packer machine isn't losing any time reaching the stage of perfection. The schedule was so arranged as to have the team at top form when the Milwaukee game rolled around. It is the most important game on the Bays' schedule and a victory in this contest would be sweeter than all of the others...WILL BE SOME BATTLE: Sunday's game will be a battle from start to finish. The Milwaukee management's tactics this fall hasn't set any too well on the Packer squad and every player on the team will be in there fighting to the finish to get even for some of the verbal raspberries that have been tossed their way by McGurk and company. This is one of the reasons why President Joe Carr of the NFL has named three neutral officials to handle the contest. Tickets were placed on sale Wednesday night and they moved very quickly. Every sign points to the largest crowd of the season if the Weather Man keeps the rain clouds away.
grounds can still give their consent with the approval of the city officials for that purpose. All these plants, if worked out, would work in the interest of the Public Service corporation, and would being about a complete system connecting up Main and Mason with a loop directly to the west side which must eventually take place. However, the main reason for immediate action on the part of all enthusiastic lovers of clean outdoor sports to obtain what is deemed the best spot for an athletic field in Green Bay which will enhance the interest of Green Bay in a way that will keep the followers of real sportsmanship throughout the Fox River valley observing Green Bay as the Mecca in this line. Yours for Good Sport, All Year Fan.