(GREEN BAY) - Cutting loose the much discussed bag of tricks, in a way that thrilled the biggest crowd of the season, the Green Bay Packers scored their greatest win of the year Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park, when they fought the much famed Milwaukee Badgers off their feet in the first game of the state championship and marked up a victory over McGurk's high priced gridders to the tune of 17 to 0. It was one of those games that will be talked about for months to  come. There never was a harder fought pigskin encounter in this city. The visitors came here with an all
star lineup, determined to win at any cost but they went
homeward a much wiser lot of footballers. The Packers
taught them a football lesson - and then some.
Red Dunn got his taste of Packer football. It was his
first experience and he presumably learned a lot that
wasn't included in his pigskin training at Marquette.
Dunn saw some forward passing that opened his eyes.
He admitted this after the game. At that Dunn was
about the whole show for the Badgers and he carried off
the Milwaukee honors. But it was a different story with
some of the other Cream City "aces". As a matter of
fact, they looked more like deuces. Milwaukee's pair of
mighty tackles busted completely. Weller only lasted 
about three minutes while Widerquist took as terrible a
pounding as could be imagined. This same Widerquist,
who last year was picked on several All American
teams while at Washington and Jefferson, was just
about shot through with holes. The Packers crashed
play after play over Widerquist. He and his teammate
Peaches Nadolny sure had a terrible afternoon.
Jim Conzelman, star of other days, was covered like a
tent. Jimmy simply couldn't get going. He tried a few
prayer forward passes but these tosses didn't do much
damage. Conzelman will probably spend the next few
days writing "The Green Bay Blues". When Conzelman
isn't chasing the pigskin he spends his spare time
producing some hits. It would be a difficult task to pick
the stars in the Packer lineup. They all played fighting,
crashing football. Rosatti never showed better class at
tackle. He made Widerquist look like a schoolboy. The
Bays' center trio, Gardner, Woodin and Earps, had it
over their opponents like a city block. Dinger Doane
bumped his dome against them several times and then
looked elsewhere for holes. Buck was in his glory at
tackle and once he gave the crowd a thrill by running 
with the pigskin. Tillie Voss turned in a perfect game at
end while Dick O'Donnell was going mighty fast until
forced to leave the game with an injured leg. Basing
took the wing and Lewellen went in to the backfield.
Later in the game, when Lewellen smashed his collar
bone, Basing moved back to half and Jab Murray
cavorted at end. The pride of Marinette was there with
bells on.
The Packer backrfield worked like a well oiled machine.
Dutch Hendrian was in the midst of every play. He
chalked up a lot of yardage, furnished great interference
and was a demon on the defense. Captain Lambeau
was a team in himself and he instilled the fight in his
club that paved the way to a victory. Lewellen looked
mighty good while in there but a bad crack laid him low.
He may be out of the game for a month. Mathys called
his plays nicely and, as usual, was a big factor in the
air drive. Biff Basing performed like the star he really is.
Time after time, he ripped the Milwaukee line to shreds
and generally was good for a gain every time he
carried the ball. It was a perfect day for football and the
fair weather brought out a capacity crowd. Long before
the gates at the park were opened, several hundred fans
were standing in line waiting their chances to buy 
tickets. Many fans from the neighboring cities sat in at
the state championship fray. There were a couple of
hundred present from Sturgeon Bay and vicinity while
Upper Michigan sent down a raft of football enthusiasts.
According to the officials count on paid admissions, 
yesterday's crowd was about 150 more than the mob
that witnessed the tilt with the Bears on September 21.
Milwaukee had its share of rooters and many Marquette
graduates were out there pulling for Red Dunn. The spectators sure got their fill of football and, as the thousands wended they way out of the park after the game, there was a smile on nearly everybody's face except McGurk and it was the unanimous opinion that the Packers of 1924 are the best in the pro game. The first three quarters was pretty much routine football with the Packers having the upper hand. Once Milwaukee reached the 30 yard line but Dunn missed a dropkick and this was their only scoring threat of the game. The Packers launched several smashing attacks that brought them into field goal distance. Dutch Hendrian missed a couple of dropkicks and a placement try by Buck went into the discard.
It was beginning to look like a tie game when the fourth quarter started. The Packers had the ball on Milwaukee's 29 yard line. The Bays crashed through for a first down. Then Milwaukee held tight on two plunges. Lambeau ran the ball over in front of the goal posts and Buck stepped back to the 20 yard line and kicked a field goal. The crowd went wild when the pigskin sailed through the uprights. After this score, Milwaukee chose to receive the kickoff. It wasn't long before the Packers regained the oval and another touchdown march got underway. Line crashes by Basing, Hendrian and Lambeau chalked up first downs with due regularity. A penalty for holding set the Packers back 15 yards but a pass to Voss more than made up this loss.
With the ball on the visitors' 12 yard line, the Packers netted but scant gains in three downs. Then came the master stroke of the game. Buck stepped back as if to placekick. Mathys squatted to receive the ball from Earps. Conzelman chased his secondary defense up on the line to try and block the kick. Earps snapped to Mathys, who handed it to Cub and Buck sailed the oval to Lambeau back of the goal line for a touchdown. It was smart football. Buck kicked the goal. After this touchdown, many of the fans started homeward but those that did missed the best forward pass of the day. Lambeau intercepted a Milwaukee pass in midfield. A penalty set the Packers back fifteen. Then Lambeau uncorked a toss of 45 yards to Mathys who grabbed the ball on the dead run and crashed for Conzelman as he was tackled for a touchdown. It was a great piece of footballing. Two minutes later the whistle blew and Milwaukee had learned its football lesson. It sure was the end of a perfect day.

Milwaukee faced the sun, the Packers defending the south goal. Weller kicked off for Milwaukee, but the ball was taken back and the Badgers penalized five yards. Weller kicked off to Lambeau, who received the ball on his 1 yard line and returned it 25 yards. Lambeau hit center for 4 yards. Basing found the same hole for 4 more. Lambeau made it first down through Weller. Weller was taken out, being replaced by Pierotti. Hendrian hit center for 2 yards. Lambeau went through right guard for 14. The Badgers were fooled on this play when Curley hit the weak side of an unbalanced line. Basing made a yard through left tackle. The Packers seem to be tearing the Badger forward line to shreds. Basing was stopped without a gain and the Packers were penalized five yards on the play. A 20 yard pass, Lambeau to O'Donnell, was grounded, O'Donnell making a great attempt for the ball. He twisted his knee on the play, but resumed his position. Conzelman knocked down a long pass headed for Voss. Buck punted 38 yards, the ball going out of bounds on the 21 yard line. Erickson dashed through center for a 7 yard gain. Two more line bucks made it first down. Dunn got a yard over left tackle. Conzelman made a yard around end. Dunn got off a pretty punt of 55 yards. The ball went out of bounds on the 15 yard line. Hendrian smashed center for 6 yards, and Basing went through the same place for 15, but the ball was called back. Both sides were offside. Basing made a yard. Buck punted out of bounds on the 30 yard line. His kick traveled 55 yards. Conzelman cut back over tackle for a 3 yard gain, Woodin downed him with a hard tackle. Doane smashed center for 6 yards. Doane fumbled on the next play and Hendrian recovered the ball for the Packers on Milwaukee's 48 yard line. O'Donnell's knee forced him to retire, Basing taking his place at end, and Lewellen going in at half. Lewellen made 2 yards around end. Lewellen streaked through center for 7 yards. Buck punted 45 yards over the goal line. Milwaukee's ball on their own 20 yard line. Dunn hit center for 3 yards and went around end for 3 more. Dunn punted 45 yards to Mathys who was downed on his 42 yard line. Lambeau hit tackle for 3 yards. Hendrian got 2 over left tackle, but the Packers were penalized 5 yards on the play. Lambeau threw a 10 yard pass to Lewellen who juggled the ball and dropped it. Buck attempted to pass from punt formation but was smothered and had to run with it. The crowd got a big kick out of his performance. Buck punted 55 yards to Dunn, who had the crowd on their feet with his shifty return. He brought it  back only 10 yards at that. Erickson made a yard at left tackle; Doane hit center for 2 yards. Dunn punted 50 yards to Mathys who was downed without gain by Winkelman. The Packers ran the ball out of bounds and it was taken in fifteen yards. Lambeau failed to gain. Buck punted 50 yards to Dunn who returned 25 yards before he was stopped, Lambeau downing him with a vicious tackle. Conzelman made 2 yards over tackle as the first quarter ended with Milwaukee in possession of the ball on their own 49 yard line.
Dunn passed 7 yards to Conzelman who was downed on the 30 yard line. The Badgers ran the ball out of bounds and it was brought in 15 yards. Dunn was stopped without a gain. Rosatti threw Dunn for an 8 yard loss on a criss-cross run. Dunn fell short in an attempted dropkick. The distance was about 40 yards. It's the Packers' ball on their 20 yard line. Buck punted 50 yards to Dunn who was stopped on his 45 yard line after a short return. Doane made a half yard through center. Voss intercepted Dunn's pass and was downed on the Badgers' 42 yard line. Lambeau's pass to Lewellen was too high. Lewellen passed to Lambeau who ran to the 22 yard line. A shoestring pass to Basing was knocked down by Dunn. Lambeau failed to gain around end. Hendrian cut back over tackle for a 9 yard gain. Hendrian's dropkick was wide, and it was Milwaukee's ball on their 20 yard line. Erickson failed to gain. Conzelman made a yard. Lambeau ran Dunn's punt back to Milwaukee's 40 yard line. Hendrian fumbled the ball but recovered and was downed for a 2 yard loss. Conzelman knocked down a long pass to Voss. Lambeau was smothered before he could throw the pass on the next play, and Pierotti downed him for a 10 yard loss. Buck punted 40 yards to Dunn, who was downed in his tracks by Voss. Rosatti broke through and downed Erickson behind his line for a half yard loss. Dunn made 6 yards around end. Dunn punted but the ball was taken back and the Packers penalized 5 yards. Dunn made 2 yards through right guard. Doane hit center for a yard. The crowd continually razzed the officials for penalizing the Packers. Dunn's 30 yard punt went out of bounds on Milwaukee's 45 yard line. A pass to Voss was grounded. Curley passed 12 yards to Basing, the ball bouncing off into Lewellen's hands. He was downed on Milwaukee's 30 yard line as the half ended.
Conzelman kicked over the goal for the Badgers. After two plays failed to gain, Buck punted 45 yards to Dunn who was literally smothered with Packer tacklers before he could get started. Doane made about 2 yards through center. Erickson added another. Dunn punted 40 yards to Mathys but the ball was called back. Dunn attempted another punt but he was smothered again and the punt was blocked. Basing recovered for the Packers on the Badgers' 32 yard line. Hendrian failed to gain; a long pass to Voss was grounded and Lambeau failed to gain. Hendrian's dropkick went way wide, the ball going out of bounds on Milwaukee's one yard line. Dunn's punt was partially blocked, the ball going only to the Badgers' 40 yard line, Mathys returned the punt 18 yards, and it was the Packers' ball on Milwaukee's 18 yard line. Lewellen was taken out with a badly injured shoulder. Basing went back to half, and Jab Murray took end. Lambeau made a yard through left tackle. Basing bucked the line for a yard. Buck's placekick was blocked, and Jean recovered for Milwaukee on their 11 yard line. Doane was held on two line bucks without a gain. Dunn punted to the 50 yard line, Hendrian returning 5 yards. Curley made 3 yards over tackle. The Packers were finding plenty of yardage through Widerquist. Dunn intercepted Lambeau's pass on his 30 yard line. Doane ran the ball out of bounds on the 31 yard mark. Jab Murray and Buck threw Dunn for a slight loss. Dunn punted out of bounds on the Packers' 41 yard line. Curley went through guard for 5 yards. Basing made 2 yards through Widerquist again. Hendrian smashed center for first down. Basing made 5 yards through Widerquist and Nadolny. Hendrian made 3 yards through left tackle. Curley smashed left tackle for a first down. Two line bucks netted 5 yards; Basing made 4 yards through Widerquist as the quarter ended with the Packers in possession of the ball on Milwaukee's 29 yard line.
Hendrian made 2 yards, but Milwaukee was offside and the Packers got first down on the 25 yard line. Curley made 2 yards over left guard. Basing made 7 yards through right tackle. Hendrian failed to gain. Basing made it first down through left guard. Hendrian got 2 yards over right guard. Basing went through right tackle for 2 yards. Curley lost 2 yards bringing the ball in front of the goal. Buck put it over the bar from placekick formation from the 20 yard line. Score: Packers 3, Milwaukee 0. Woodin kicked over the goal. Conzelman running the ball back to the 18 yard line. Green Bay was offside, and the ball was called back and the Packers penalized five yards. Woodin kicked to the 5 yard line to Conzelman who was downed by Hendrian on the 22 yard line. Conzelman threw a pass toward Neacy who was ineligible to receive, and let the ball drop. Dunn passed to Erickson for a 3 yard gain. Dunn's pass to Erickson was grounded. Dunn kicked 38 yards to Packers' 43 yard line. Basing hit tackle for 20 yards. Hendrian made 2 through right guard. Curley passed 10 yards to Basing. It was first down for the Packers on Milwaukee's 26 yard line. Curley made 6 yards through Widerquist. "Beef" is right. He's finding it tough going. Basing made 3 yards through him again. Curley fought through center to the 8 yard line, but the Packers were penalized 15 yards for holding. Curley passed 15 yards to Voss, first down on the 12 yard line. Lambeau made a yard at center; Hendrian another yard; and Hendrian a yard at left guard. Buck went back to placekick, but Mathys tossed him the ball and he passed it to Lambeau for a touchdown. Buck added the point with a placekick. Score: Packers 10, Milwaukee 0. Woodin kicked over the goal line and the ball was put in play on the 20 yard line. Milwaukee's ball. Conzelman passed to Erickson for an 8 yard gain. Conzelman passed to Erickson again for a 2 yard gain and first down. Lambeau intercepted Conzelman's pass on the 50 yard line. Hendrian made 2 yards through left guard. Basing made 2 yards through the same place, and Lambeau fought through center for 12 yards. The Packers were penalized 15 yards for holding again. Lambeau passed 45 yards to Mathys, who ran 15 yards for a touchdown. Conzelman tackled him on the one yard mark, but Mathys dragged him over. Buck added the point with a placekick. Score: Packers 17, Milwaukee 0. Woodin kicked over the goal line. Milwaukee's ball on their 20 yard line. Dunn's long pass to Neacy was grounded. Conzelman threw a long pass to Winkelman who dropped it as Buck tackled him. Conzelman passed to Erickson for a 12 yard gain. Conzelman passed to Neacy for a 15 yard gain. Basing intercepted Conzelman's next pass on the 30 yard line as the game ended. 
Green Bay Packers (2-2) 17, Milwaukee Badgers (2-2) 0
Sunday October 19th 1924 (at Green Bay)
1924 Green Bay Packers vs. Milwaukee Badgers Program - Only Known Example! Up until only a few years ago, no Green Bay Packers 1924 one-sheet program was known in the hobby. However, on a typical day at a popular "Titletown" antique shop, that day turned into an important collectible discovery when a small handful of of early 1920's programs walked through the door, and that missing piece of Packers history made an unprecedented appearance. (SOURCE:
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday's game at Bellevue park between the Packers and Minneapolis Marines should prove to be football deluxe.
The visitors from the Gopher state are coming here with
an evenly balanced team, touched off with two of the
best halfbacks in the country, Marty Norton and Eddie
Novak. However, Norton and Novak are not the only
stars in the lineup. Quarterback Houle, who is playing
his first year of pro football, showed last Sunday in the
Ironwood game that his thinking cap is part of his 
regular gridiron equipment...GAVE IRONWOOD
SAFETY: The Marines were holding a 7 to 0 lead over
Ironwood and the final period was on its last legs when
Mason, the Ironwood bootsmith, got off a long punt,
which bounced out of bounds on the Marines' two yard
line. There was about three minutes to go. Houle took
his time calling signals and then stepped back as if to
punt but instead purposely downed the ball behind the
goal line, giving Ironwood two points and a safety. The
ball was moved out to the 30 yard line and, after two
line crashes, time was called. Houle played it safe and
gave Ironwood two points rather than chancing a
blocking kick which might have resulted in a touchdown.
This is just an example of the smart football played by
the Marines. Dunn's crew is making use of the famous
Minnesota shift and this offensive formation always
gives the spectators a run for their money as they can
see everything that is going on in the attack. It is
understood that Christianson and Bell have returned to
the Marines' lineup. These two players have been at Bessemer all season where they served as coach and captain respectively...LEWELLEN AND O'DONNELL OUT: The Packers are apt to have a patched up battle front in Sunday's game as the hospital list is not clearing away as well as has expected. Lewellen will be out of the game for at least three weeks while reports from St. Mary's hospital have it that Dick O'Donnell's injured knee is extremely slow in rounding into shape. Jab Murray is sure to start at end on Sunday in O'Donnell's place.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The old rivals, Columbus and Dayton, will rub elbows on Sunday. Both teams have been primed for a battle royal.
It is liable to be an air battle as each eleven has a shifty
forward passing offensive...Manager Johnson will take 
his Kenosha Maroons to Duluth for an encounter with
the Kelleys. The Northerners haven't tasted defeat all
season and, if they play up to form, should knock off
the Simmons-Nash combination...Kansas City opens
its season at home with Rock Island. The Kaws didn't
go so well on the road, losing three games on their
Wisconsin invasion but Manager Andrews is hopeful of
better results in his own backyard...Quite a pigskin fray
is on tap Sunday in Milwaukee when the Badgers and
Racine Legion lock horns. Milt Romney's outfit is going
better each game and McGurk's gridiron warriors are
certain to have their hands full...The Minneapolis
Marines will make their annual invasion of Green Bay.
The Gophers have a bunch of capable footballers with
Eddie Novak and Marty Norton, backfield aces, looming
as the best bets of the club...Joe Sternaman is playing
brilliant football for the Bears. He is a flash on the 
attack and his educated toe is a continual threat to an
opening team. Sternaman won the Cardinal game with 
a pair of field goals...Peter Calac has been switched 
back to his regular position at fullback on the Buffalo
team. This is where he belongs as the Redskin is as
hard a line plunger as there is in the postgraduate game
today...Welsh and Gulian are going great guns for the
Philadelphia Yellowjackets. This pair of gridders learned
their football lesson at Brown and they both size up as
past masters when it comes to chasing the pigskin...
Comstock continues to loom as one of the mainstays
of the Cleveland forward wall. The veteran gridder is 
showing lots of fight and his aggressive play has been
an outstanding feature of the game this fall..Walter
Buland, who played with Green Bay at the start of the
season, has been taken on by Rock Island. The veteran
played against Dayton last Sunday and gave a good
account of himself at a guard position...East meets
West Sunday in Chicago when the Philadelphia
Yellowjackets invade the Windy City to tackle the Bears.
The Quakers have been going good all season and the
Halasmen are sure to have their hands full...A change in
the schedule brings together Rochester and Cleveland
this weekend. The Kodak City Jeffs haven't won a game
all season and Guy Chamberlain's crew will probably
put another win away in the victory column...Buffal
handed this Rochester team a fine whipping to the tune
of 26 to 0. Benny Boynton, the Bison City backfielder,
was just about the whole show as he scored two
touchdowns and booted a pair of field goals...Rock
Island sure did smear up Dayton's clean slate. The
Independents continued their brilliant football and the
Triangles headed homeward on the short end of a 20 to
0 score. Gavin got his usual two touchdowns...Hank
Gillo, the Racine Legion fullback, just about beat
Kansas City Blues singlehanded. The former Colgate
star plunged across for the only touchdown of the game
and twice made good with placekicks...Old Sol Butler,
the negro gridder, saved Hammond from defeat in the
argument at Kenosha when he tied up the county in the
final minute of play by grabbing a forward pass and
running through a broken field for a score..The Green Bay Packers defended their claim to the Wisconsin pro grid honors by defeating the Milwaukee Badgers, 17 to 0. Captain Lambeau's club made all its scores in the last twelve minutes of the final period of play...The Chicago Cardinals had a considerable dent put in their percentage table standing when the Chicago Bears took 'em into camp, 6 to 0. It was the first victory of the pro league season for the Bruins.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - President Joe Carr of the NFL has appointed James Holloway of Chicago to referee Sunday afternoon's gridiron engagement at Bellevue park between the Green Bay Packers and Minneapolis Marines. The selection of the other officials is to held up pending word from Manager Dunn of the Minneapolis Marines. It is probable that Earl Wyman of Oshkosh will umpire and Jimmy Coffeen will be back at his old post as head linesman. If the Weather Man continues to dish out his banner brand of football weather on Sunday, early indications point to another banner crowd of gridiron followers. Seats are moving pretty well, yet there are a number of choice reservations still available. As usual, many of the out of towners have already written in for their tickets...STAGE SNAPPY WORKOUT: The Packers went through another snappy workout this morning and the team looked in pretty good shape. Aside from Lewellen and O'Donnell, the Big Bay Blues are ready for a stubborn battle with the invaders from the Northwest. In speaking of the game, Captain Lambeau said: "For some unknown reason the Packer followers are stocked up with overconfidence about the Marine game. This is a wrong impression. The Minneapolis club is one of the strongest we have to face all season. They are coming here with a collection of all stars, headed by Marty Norton and Eddie Novak, two of the best tackles in the country. Of course, I think we are going to win but it will be just as touch a battle as the Milwaukee game - and that was plenty tough enough."
OCTOBER 24 (Minneapolis) - Eighteen players, Manager Dunn and Secretary Ness will make up the Minneapolis Marines contingent for the invasion of Green Bay. The team leaves here late Saturday afternoon over the Soo line in a private sleeper. The car will be set out at Neenah and Sunday morning the team will complete their trip to the Bay via auto. During their stay in Packerville, the Marines will headquarter at the Beaumont hotel.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The officials came in for a lot of abuse. Nearly all of the penalties inflicted were on the Packers and those two 15 yard setbacks for holding came just at the time when the Bays were piling up a lot of yardage. It was a tough game to handle as both teams were out for blood and the players were going to the limit to put a victory across...Manager McGurk got in a jam between halves. He came across the field to pick a row with Holloway about placement of a ball and got a bit abusive to several of the Legion men who tried to tone down his language. For a minute, it looked like fireworks but cooler heads prevailed and the storm clouds wafted away when McGurk went back to his own side of the gridiron...Lewellen was nearly heartbroken when he had to leave the game on account of his injured shoulder as the crash came just at the time he was sneaking through the Milwaukee line for good gains. It was deemed best that Lew go down to a doctor's office immediately but the Packer backfielder couldn't be budged as he wanted to see the finish of the game. It is spirit like this that makes the Packers what they are...Conzelman didn't have a very pleasant afternoon. Running from a halfback position, Jimmy got tangled pretty often and the Packers were not handling him with kid gloves. He was being smeared hard every time he grasped the pigskin and, when the final whistle blew, he was a pretty much tired footballer...Rosatti sure did perform with bells on. He was confronted by the mighty Widerquist but Rosie didn't waste much time breaking through. He frequently sifted across and dumped the Milwaukee carriers before they even got to the scrimmage line. There were about forty natives from Norway, Mich., Rosatti's hometown, present and they whooped it up every time Rosie bobbed into the limelight...Buck's run with the ball was one for the book. Buck got back on a fake kick formation. He was to pass but the Badgers got on him quick. Cub sidestepped one enemy and then dashed in elephant style down the field. He gained about six yards before four of the Milwaukee Badgers brought him to earth. Cub got up smiling and appeared to enjoy his play just as much as the spectators who roared their approval.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers came out of the "Battle of Milwaukee" in better physical shape than was expected. X-ray pictures showed no break in Lewellen's collarbone but he has a badly dislocated shoulder. It will probably be at least two weeks before he is fit for action again. O'Donnell's knee is badly strained but the club physician hopes to have the fighting end in shape for the Minneapolis game. Several of the other players got banged up considerably but they were "rarin' to go" by Sunday.
OCTOBER 21 (Minneapolis) - With the strongest team in seven years in togs, the Minneapolis Marines will invade Green Bay on Sunday to face the Packers, champions of the Northwest, in a pro league football game. Manager Joe Dunn has a collection of footballers second to none in this part of the country. Tough breaks cost the Marines victories in their first two games. Against Duluth, a fumble punt gave Dewey Scanlon's crew a chance to dropkick for the only score of the game. A week later, the Marines bit the dust in Chicago at the hands of the Cardinals, 13 to 0, after they had played rings around Paddy Driscoll's crew. Last Sunday, the Marines shook off the jinx and handed Ironwood a 7 to 2 upset in their own backyard...WANT TO WIN: The Marines are going to Green Bay all set to win. Dunn's crew has never beaten the Packers, but this year they expect the worm to turn. Back in 1921, the Marines lost 7 to 6 when the Packers came from behind to get a victory in the final minutes of play. In 1922, Marty Norton, who is again with the Marines, streaked through for a touchdown which put his team in the lead but again the Packers launched a "ninth inning rally" and pulled the game out of the fire by scoring twice. Last season, the teams battled even up for two periods. Basing, the Packers' line plunging halfback, hammered his way across for two touchdowns. Manager Dunn has revamped his Marines this season and there are a number of new faces in the lineup. He has three of his old stars in the backfield, Mohs, Marty Norton and Eddie Novak. Simons, a youngster from Hamline U, is burning up the gridiron at fullback. Cleave, Pahl and Putzier are the Marines' second string backs...TWO GOOD TACKLERS: Scott of Hamline and Eberts of Carlton are playing the tackles while Baril of St. Thomas and Christianson of Minnesota hold down the ends. Tierney, Minnesota All Western, and Kraemer, a Marine veteran, perform at the guards while Hooley, Detroit, snapping the ball at center. Madigan, Johns and Dunnigan are the reserve linemen.
OCTOBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - W.F. (Dukes) Duford, one of Marquette's famous athletes, is the newest addition to the Packer football eleven. Duford signed his contract Tuesday night and practiced with the Big Bay Blues Wednesday morning. Duford is one of the best known athletes in the state. He is a triple sport star, playing basketball, football and baseball. Dukes played basketball for four years at Marquette and saw service with the football team for three seasons. During the last two summers, he has managed the Rhinelander ball club. Duford is a first sacker. This year his Rhinelander club captured 47 out of 62 ball games and laid claim to the Badger state independent baseball championship...GOOD IN PASSING GAME: The baseball season finished at Rhinelander but a week ago and the Packer management lost little time in getting Duford into the fold. The new Packers is right at home in the forward passing game and when at Marquette he was linked with Dunn and Dilweg in the air drive. Duford played 
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Minneapolis Marines, one of the strongest teams in the NFL, will mix with the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park in what promises to be one of the best at home games on the Big Bay Blues schedule. The pigskin encounter will start about 2 o'clock and regulation quarters of 15 minutes will be played. Holloway of Chicago is the referee. The footballers from the Gopher state are coming here with a great collection of pigskin chasers and in Manager Joe Dunn, the invaders have a crafty leader who never passes up a chance to put the "V" in victory. In Marty Norton and Eddie Novak, the Marines have a pair of backfielders rated in the plus class. In past games, they have scored against the Packers and they have been primed to do it again on Sunday...HAVE EIGHTEEN PLAYERS: The Marines will bring eighteen players and their reserve material is just as strong as the first stringers. Manager Dunn carries two sets of backs and he is constantly sending fresh players into the battle front. In Simons, Houle, Eberts and Hooley, the Minneapolis team will have a quartet of youngsters playing in their first year of postgraduate football and it is said they are burning up the gridiron. With the exception of Lefty Lewellen and Dick O'Donnell, the Packer squad is in good shape for the fray. Captain Lambeau is determined to push up his string of wins to three straight. It is probable that Dukes Duford, Marquette's famous athlete, who recently signed with the Packers, will be given a chance to show his football stuff. Duford is a great handler of the forward pass and he should fit in nicely with the Packers' air drive. Indications point to another capacity crowd. The attendance at the Packer game this fall has been unusually good and reports show that the turnouts at the Bay are as good as any of the cities in the league. This speaks well for Northern Wisconsin as Green Bay is the smallest city in the professional wheel...WAY BACK IN 1921: Way back in 1921, the Marines came here as champions of the Northwest. The Minneapolis eleven had ruled supreme in this part of the country for a long while. But the Packers upset the dope and knocked them off which gave them the title along with Badger state honors. That year the score was 7 to 6. In 1922, the Marines came back in quest of the title, only to be beat 13 to 6 and last year they made another bid for the championship only to be goose-egged 13 to 0. Tomorrow they claim they are going to pack up the title and take it back home with them. Manager Dunn would rather win the Northwest championship game than any other tilt on his schedule.
half and full for Marquette and he is credited with being a splendid defensive gridder. George Downer, the veteran Milwaukee sportwriter, had this to say when told last night over the long distance phone that Duford has joined the Packlers:...DOWNER SINGS PRAISE: "I think Dukes Duford will prove a valuable man for Green Bay as his basketball ability makes him a superb handler of the forward pass. Duford played mighty good football for Marquette. He is a fighting type of gridder and gives his best all the time. Duford cracks 'em hard. He was one of the best defensive backs ever turned out at Marquette." The Packers resumed their daily dozen for the Minneapolis game and the team will be in pretty fair shape to turn back the Gopher machine. The Bays realize that in Norton and Novak, the Marines have a pair of stellar backs but they hope to stop these brilliant performers. Tickets for Sunday's game will be placed on sale tonight at the usual places about town. Another big crowd is looked for as a raft of orders for seats from out of town have already been received.