(GREEN BAY) - The Packers made it four straight over the Minneapolis Marines Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park when the Big Bay Blues trampled roughshod over John Dunn's Gopher footballers to the tune of 19 to 0. The smallest crowd of the season witnessed the combat as there were slightly more than 2,500 paid admissions. Dunn, the Minneapolis managers, who
is vice president of the NFL, paid the Packers quite a
compliment on the air drive. "It was always said that
Green Bay had one of the best forward passing
combinations in the game," remarked Dunn. "But after
what I saw out there Sunday afternoon, I am convinced
that the Bays' air drive is second to none."
The invaders were not very dangerous. They didn't get
within the Packers' 35 yard line during the game. Every
once in awhile the Marine backs would get away for a
short gain but the great Packer line was too husky for
them. Norton and Novak were stopped dead in their
tracks. The visitors attempted a raft of forward passes
but only one of two of them had a prayer tacked on. The
Minneapolis line turned in a pretty good job. Tierney, 
former all Conference center from Minnesota, put up a
whale of a game as did Dunnigan, Scott and Madigan.
This Dunnigan is the same players who several years
ago tried out for the Packers. Later, he was engaged in
business on Pine Street.
The Packers cut loosed with a varied attack. Captain
Lambeau unearthed another bag of tricks built around
the forward pass and this formation had the visitors 
running ragged. They tried a half dozen different kinds of
defense to knock down the air drive but it was fruitless
and the Packers chalked up yardage galore with their
overhead tactics. In the final period, the visitors tried to
take a leaf out of the Packers' book and they tossed the
ball to the four corners of the gridiron in an attempt to
break away for a touchdown but they got little else but
exercise for their efforts.
The Packers were in a whole lot worse condition for the
fray than the majority of spectators realized. With
Lewellen and O'Donnell on the hospital list as a result
of the Milwaukee game, the team was not in any too
good shape. To make matters worse, Basing sprung a
crop of boils on his right foot which slowed up his
progress a lot. Mathys was sick with a cold and had
been ordered to bed but ignored the physician's advice
and took a chance in the game. These ailments, 
however, produced a couple of pretty good footballers.
Dukes Duford made his initial appearance in the Packer
lineup as a backfielder and got away nicely. He
intercepted a couple of forward passes, ran back one
punt for 30 yards and showed some ability as a line
plunger. Len Hearden got in the game in the last half in
Basing's place and looked mighty good. He is as fast
as streaked lightning and several times shot around the
end like an express train. Hearden handles the ball
nicely on passes and he grabbed one toss for a
The other members of the team worked like the great
machine that they are. Dutch Hendrian was in a jovial
mood all during the game. He blocked like a whirlwhind
and fattened his scoring average with two touchdowns.
Captain Lambeau was brilliant and his fighting tactics
kept his squad on their toes every minute. For a sick
man, Mathys certainly performed nicely. Basing
crashed 'em hard while he was in. Voss and Jab Murray
dumped the invaders every time on end. Rosatti 
continued his super play at tackle while Cub Buck was 
in his glory all the time. The Bays' center trio, Woodin,
Earps and Gardner, kept up their stonewall exhibition
and Wallace Neimann did his part when he substituted
for Earps during the final minutes of play. As usual the
Packers started slowly and there was nothing doing in
the scoring line during the first quarter. However, after a
few plays, it was very plainly seen that the Packers had
a big shade over their opponents and the fans settled
back in their seats waiting for a touchdown or two.
When the second quarter got underway, the Packers 
had the ball on the Marines' 35 yard line. Lambeau 
passed to Voss for a big gain. Four rushes netted the
Bays a first down by inches and it was first down, goal to go. Lambeau made three over tackle and then Hendrian plunged over for a score. The play for the extra point was mussed up. It wasn't long after the next kickoff before the Packers launched another touchdown drive. Using their new forward passing formation, the Bays stepped lively down the line. Hendrian, Voss and Mathys were the big factors in this thrust with Lambeau on the throwing end. Three passes netted 52 yards and put the Packers in a position to score, which they did when Dutch Hendrian plunged over. Buck kicked goal.
The Bays didn't get the touchdown habit in the third quarter although several times they were far down in the scoring zone. A fumbled pass from center by Buck on the Bays' 40 yard line gave the Marines their best chance. But that was all. Norton tried a "cakewalk" in the open field but he was dumped for a 20 yard loss and the invaders were forced to punt. As quarter time ended, it was the Marines' ball on their 25 yard line as Norton had intercepted a pass. In the final period, after three downs, the Marines kicked to Lambeau who ran the ball back to the 35 yard line before he was downed. Hearden stabbed a  pass and traveled to the visitors' 35. Lambeau dashed through to the 10 yard mark. Then a pass was grounded and the Marines scrimmaged on their twenty. After the ball had changed hands several times, Duford caught a punt and ran it back to the Marines' twenty. Hearden added 17 yards and it was first down, goal to go. Three rushes netted a few yards and then Lambeau passed to Hearden for a touchdown. Hendrian missed the try for goal. During the remaining minutes of play, the ball was way down in the Marines' territory with the Packers running wild over their much wilted opponents.

With the Marines defending the south goal, Woodin kicked off and play began on the Marines' 20 yard line. After two line bucks netted a scant two yards, Houle punted to Lambeau who returned 15 yards to his own 44 yard line. The Packers were penalized five yards for offside. A pass to Basing failed. Lambeau made five yards around left end. Hendrian got two over right tackle. Buck punted, Voss downing the ball on the Marines' 20 yard line. A pass, Houle to Pahl, was grounded. Simons fumbled but recovered, Murray throwing him for no gain. Houle punted to the Packers'
20 yard line, Lambeau returning the ball to the 45. He
was aided by some pretty blocking by Hendrian. Basing
got a yard through right tackle. Lambeau passed to
Hendrian for a 10 yard gain, Hendrian making a pretty
good catch. Christianson downed Basing for a two yard
loss. A pass, Lambeau to Basing, gained two yards. 
Another pass, Lambeau to Mathys, failed. Buck punted
out of bounds on the Marines' six yard line. Houle
punted to his 40 yard line, Lambeau returning five yards.
Lambeau made three yards over left tackle. Basing got
two in the same place. Cleve intercepted Lambeau's
pass on the 20 yard line, and returned to midfield before
he was downed. Cleve made eight yards around right
end. Rosatti stopped Pahl and Simons in the next two
plays without a gain. Voss blocked Houle's punt and the
ball rolled to the Marines' 12 yard line where the
Marines recovered. Houle punted to the Packers' 35
yard line and Lambeau came back 15 yards. Hendrian
hit the line but failed to gain. Lambeau's pass failed. 
Scott broke up Hendrian's attempted pass and threw 
him for a six yard loss. Buck punted to the Marines' 20
yard line. Voss threw to Cleve for a five yard loss. Houle
passed to Simons who let it fall through his arms. Houle
punted 55 yards, and Mathys returned it 14 yards to the 
48 yard line. Lambeau made nine yards around left end,
Christiansen finally downing him. Christiansen broke up
the next play and stopped Basing without a gain. 
Lambeau slashed right tackle for five yards and a first
down, as the quarter ended. Score: Packers 0, Marines
The Packers were in possession of the ball on the
Marines' 35 yard line. Lambeau passed 25 yards to
Voss who ran out of bounds on the 12 yard line. Basing
made three yards over left tackle. Basing made another three through the same hole. Basing made two yards over left tackle. Basing made it a first down. The referee had ruled it Marines' ball but Curley insisted on measuring and the Packers had first down. Lambeau made three yards over right tackle. Hendrian smashed through for the score, additional point was wide. Score: Packers 6, Marines 0. The Marines sent in Norton in place of Pahl. Woodin kicked over the goal line. Hendrian interfered with a Marine receiver and it was Marines' ball on their 27 yard line. Cleve only got three yards on a wide end run. Hendrian bringing him down with a hard tackle. The Packers were penalized again for offside and it was first down for the Marines on their 32 yard line. Norton made eight yards around left end. Houle passed to Norton for a first down.  Gardner threw Cleve for a five yard loss. Houle's pass to Cleve failed. Houle punted to Mathys who ran out of bounds on his 29 yard line. Basing made six yards over left tackle. Lambeau passed to Hendrian for eight yards. First down on the 42 yard line. Curly passes to Mathys who eluded the halfback and dashed 25 yards. A pass to Hendrian netted 15 yards. Lambeau failed to gain through the line. Lambeau passed to Voss for a 12 yard gain. Basing made a yard over right guard. Eberts was sent in for Scott for the Marines. Lambeau failed to gain. Hendrian smashed over the line for the touchdown. Buck placekicked for the extra point. Score: Packers 13, Marines 0. Duford went in for Mathys for the Packers. Lambeau returned the Marines' kickoff to the 31 yard line. Duford made a yard over left tackle. Duford smashed for four yards. Lambeau was smothered in attempting a forward pass and was thrown for a four yard loss. Buck punted 55 yards to Cleve who fumbled, but recovered. The Packers were penalized 15 yards again for interfering with an eligible receiver. First down for the Marines on the 40 yard line. Houle's pass failed. Novak, the Marines' celebrated half, replaced Cleve. Jab Murray intercepted a pass on the 50 yard line as the half ended. Score: Packers 13, Marines 0.
Hearden had replaced Basing when the second half started. Woodin kicked over the goal line. Rosatti threw Simons for a five yard loss. Houle's pass was grounded. Lambeau returned Houle's punt to the 40 yard line. Lambeau made a yard over left tackle. Hearden got three around left end. Hendrian passed to Voss for a 10 yard gain. Lambeau made four yards over right tackle. Lambeau fumbled, Putzier recovered for the Marines. Novak lost five yards in a try around right end. Houle passed to Novak for a five yard gain. Houle punted to Lambeau who ran out of bounds on the 45 yard line. Lambeau's pass failed. Hendrian failed to gain around right end. Buck dropped Earps' pass, and it was Marines' ball on the 42 yard line. Voss dragged down Novak for a two yard loss. Norton lost 20 yards attempting to get off a pass. Houle punted to the 40 yard line. Lambeau returning two yards. Duford made two through center. Hearden failed to gain. Buck passed 25 yards to Hendrian who was downed on the 35 yard line. Hearden made five yards through tackle. Norton intercepted Lambeau's pass on the 25 yard line as the quarter ended. Score: Packers 13, Marines 0.
The Marines were holding the ball on their own 25 yard line as the last period began. Houle passed 25 yards to Simons who was downed on the 50 yard line. Norton dropped Houle's next pass. Houle tried two more passes, both of which were grounded. Houle punted to Lambeau who returned to the 35 yard line. Duford failed to gain. Hearden grabbed a long pass from Lambeau and ran to the 35 yard line before being caught. Lambeau dashed 24 yards around left end. Two passes to Voss were incomplete. The second pass grounded over the goal and it was the Marines' ball on their 20 yard line. Duford intercepted Houle's pass and was downed on the 29 yard line. Lambeau added two yards in two attempts at center. Duford made five through center. Norton intercepted Lambeau's pass, Voss downing him on the 15 yard line. Cleve came back into the game for the Marines, taking Houle's place. Ebert's long pass was incomplete. Hooley went in for Christianson for the Marines. Another long pass by Eberts failed. Lambeau knocked down Eberts' pass. Novak punted 50 yards to Duford who returned 30 yards to the 20 yard line. Hearden got away for 17 yards around left end, bringing the ball to the three yard line. Hearden made two yards over left tackle, going out of bounds on the one yard line. Hendrian failed to gain. Lambeau passed to Hearden for a touchdown. Hendrian's attempted dropkick for the added point went wide. Score: Packers 19, Marines 0.
Niemann went in for Earps and got a big hand from the crowd as he dashed onto the field. Woodin kicked over the goal line. Eberts' pass was grounded. Hendrian intercepted the next pass and returned to the 35 yard line. Lambeau's pass was intercepted by Simons who returned 20 yards to the 30 yard line. Niemann pulled him down with a terrific tackle. Hearden intercepted Cleve's pass and ran 18 yards to the 20 yard line. Hearden made two yards through left tackle. Hendrian made two yards through right guard. Lambeau got 10 yards around left end. Lambeau failed to gain. Hendrian covered Niemann's low pass on the 29 yard line. The Packers lost about 20 yards on this play. Lambeau's pass to Voss failed. Lambeau's 40 yard dropkick went wide. Marines' ball on their 20 yard line. Hearden intercepted Cleve's pass and was downed on the 25 yard line. A pass to Hendrian was grounded. The Packers drew a fifteen yard penalty for holding. Duford made two yards through center. Lambeau's pass to Voss fell short. Lambeau passed to Hearden who was downed on the 35 yard line as the game ended. Score: Packers 19, Marines 0.
Green Bay Packers (3-2) 19, Minneapolis Marines (0-3) 0
Sunday October 26th 1924 (at Green Bay)
OCTOBER 29 (Racine) - Blessed with one of the greatest backfields that ever trod a professional gridiron, the Racine Legion will invade Green Bay on Sunday
with high hopes of putting the skids under the mighty
Packers. For two years running, Racine has journeyed
to the Bay and returned home with a victory. Milt
Romney's outfit hopes to repeat their 1922 and 1923
performances on Sunday. The Packer game is
considered the most important contest on the Racine
schedule. Ever since the season started, the Legion
has been priming for Green Bay. It is understood that
Manager Romney has kept close tab on all the games
the Packers played at home and it is public knowledge
that Johnny Mohardt's first job after signing a Racine
contract was to scout the Packer-Cardinal game in
Chicago...HALF DOZEN BACKS: Racine is carrying six
backs and every one of them is a big leaguer. Manager
Romney, who is playing quarter, is a famous Chicago
footballer. Rowdy Elliott of Wisconsin fame is preparing
at one half while Johnny Mohardt, one of the greatest
graduates of the Rockne school of football at Notre
dame, is playing the other. Hank Gillo, Colgate, a
veteran gridder, is doing his stuff at full. Gillo seems to 
have taken a new lease on life, and, last Sunday 
against Milwaukee, he was the outstanding star. Shorty
Barr of Wisconsin and Art Glaver of Georgia Tech
complete the half dozen backfielders and these gridders
are as good as the regular four. In Kilbo Brumm, 
Wisconsin, Death Halladay, Chicago, and Fritz
Roessler of Marquette, the Legion has a trio of star
wingmen. Both Halladay and Roessler have played
against the Packers before. This is Brumm's first
season in postgraduate football. A pair of Wisconsin
footballers, Fat Smith and Don Murry, are holding down
the Legion tackles. Murry is the player who two years
ago was protested by Illinois, just before the game with
the Badgers. Last fall, he was coaching in the East...
OTHER GOOD LINESMEN: The Horlickville eleven has
a husky center trio. Ralph King, a 250 pounder, who
starred with Chicago in 1923, is playing one of the
guards while Bentzin of Marquette is flanking the center
on the other side. Roessler of Wabash is the extra man
for these jobs. Johnny Mintun at center is one of the
smarted snapperbacks in professional football. He has
been a mainstay of the Racine team for four years and
appears to improve with age. Mintun roves on the
defense and he has a nose for plays ala Cub Buck of
the Packers. 
OCTOBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tickets for
the Packer-Racine game here on Sunday will be
placed on sale tonight at the usual places about town.
Those desiring the choice reservations are advised to
pick up the pasteboards immediately as all signs point
to the biggest crowd that ever witnessed a professional
football game in Green Bay.
​OCTOBER 30 (Columbus) - Bobbie Cahn, rated as one of the best officials working on the postgraduate gridiron, has been named by President Joe F. Carr of the NFL to handle the game at Green Bay on Sunday between the Packers and the Racine Legion. Around the circuit, this contest is considered one of the most important of the week. The Badger state pro championship is at stake and the dopesters figure that the winner of this encounter will stand a chance for the national title..."Fight", that is going to be the Packers' middle name when they step on the gridiron at Bellevue
park Sunday afternoon to mix with the Racine Legion in
a game that will just about decide the professional
football championship of the Badger state. Captain
Lambeau's team knows it has a battle ahead. Racine is,
without doubt, one of the best squads in the pro wheel
and, right now, the Legion combination is at the peak
of its game. One victory over the Packers and
Horlickville would consider the season as a success.
Against Milwaukee, Racine played superb football. The
players worked like a machine and the interference
border on the college style. Milt Romney has built up a
happy family with his Racine tribe and harmony is said
to rule supreme. The Packers are getting in their best
week of practice and the team will be fit for the fray
when the whistle blows this weekend. It is expected
that all of the players with the exception of Lewellen will
be in shape to take a crack at the Legion. Tickets were
placed on sale last night and it looks like a sellout
although there are still some choice reservations
available. The management is making arrangements to
handle an overflow crowd.
OCTOBER 30 (Racine) - At least two hundred Racine
rooters will follow their team to Green Bay on Sunday.
Manager McDowell got a block of 150 tickets from the
Bay management on Wednesday and they were
snapped up like gold bricks. Headquarters for the
Racine delegation while in Green Bay will be at the
Beaumont hotel.
OCTOBER 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Unless the
dope goes astray, the biggest crowd that ever witnessed
a professional football game in Green Bay will be on
hand Sunday when the Packers give battle to the
Racine Legion in a state championship encounter at
Bellevue park. The kickoff is at 2 o'clock. The team from
Horlickville will be well supported as a big delegation of
rooters will be here on Sunday. Nearly 200 reserved
seats have been sent to Racine and the Legion
management is crying for more...TUNED UP NICELY:
The Packers are being tuned up nicely for the crucial
fray. Thursday morning's practice was one of the best of
the season. The gang staged another good drill Friday
a.m., and a blackboard talk is schedule this evening at
the Continuation school. The preparation for the Racine
tilt will be tapered off on Saturday with a snappy signal
workout. Aside from Lewellen, every member of the Big
Bay Blues can be used if necessary. The football
dopesters are looking for a brilliant exhibition of open
play on Sunday. Racine, it is said, has a wonderful air
drive, while the Packers' forward pass reputation is
known all over the pro league circuit. The punting duel
between Cub Buck and Hank Gillo, the former Colgate
All American star, should be worth the price of
admission alone.
OCTOBER 31 (Racine) - With the big battle against
Green Bay only two days away, Manager Romney sent
his Legion squad through a stiff workout at Horlick park
until late last night. Every member of the squad was 
present and all are back in playing trim. A block of
reserved seat tickets for Racine fans from the Packer
management were placed on sale Tuesday and they
were gobbled quickly. An S.O.S. call was sent to
Green Bay for more tickets and fifty additional seats
arrived here this morning. Present indications point to
a big crowd of local fans making the pilgrimage to the
Bay City. The trip has become an annual affair with 
many fans, and, this year, with the Legion squad hitting
its present fast stride, and with the state professional
title at stake, interest is greater than ever. Most of the
fans are expected to make the trip in automobiles, and
a bus has been chartered to carry those who have no
cars available. Many will probably leave this city late
Saturday night or early Sunday morning.
OCTOBER 31 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There are
only two clubs in the league with a clean record. Duluth
has won three straight while Cleveland has copped a
trio of arguments and played a 3 to 3 tie with the 
Philadelphia Yellow Jackets...Rock Island Independents
had their perfect record shot full of holes by a surprise
reversal at Kansas City. Doc Andrews' crew played
"heads up" football and they scored a 7 to 3 victory over
the Islanders...Doc Young of Hammond sure handed
Chris O'Brien of the Chicago Cardinals a nasty pill when
his club nosed out a 6 to 3 win over the Windy City
South Siders. Gil Falcon and Watson ran wild for the
Hammond outfit...The Chicago Bears sure did clip the
wings of the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets. It was figured
that the Quakertown gridders would make it hot for the
Bruins but the Halas clan triumphed to the tune of 33 to
3...The Rochester Jeffs went further in the cellar when
they were knocked off by the Cleveland Bulldogs, 59 to
0. Chamberlain & Co. simply ran wild over the Kodak
City gridders, scoring touchdowns at will...Nemecek,
the Columbus helmsman, put his team in the lead
against Dayton when he substituted Schell for Rapp
with the chances for a field goal looming bright. Schell
filled the bill and booted the ball between the uprights...
​The Racine Legion, thanks to Hank Gillo's brilliant all
around play, put across a 10 to 0 victory at the expense
of the Milwaukee Badgers. Gillo gained a lot of ground
and kicked a field goal that traveled 50 yards...Duluth
had little trouble beating the Kenosha Maroons, 32 to 0.
The Northerners' slashing attack had the Nash-
Simmons combination pretty well wilted long before the
second period of play had been completed...Buffalo
climbed a notch in the percentage table by nosing out
the Akron Indians in a sensational contest, 17 to 13. 
Benny Boynton again starred for the Bisons,
contributing ten of the winning counters...The Green
Bay Packers continued their winning streak with a 
victory over the Minneapolis Marines, 19 to 0. Dutch
Hendrian, former Canton Bulldog, scored two of the
Badger state champions' touchdowns...Somebody is
due for a tumble in the pro league standings on Sunday
when the Chicago Bears and Rock Island lock horns at
Cubs park. Earlier in the season, these clubs battled
each other to a 0-0 no decision...The Philadelphia
Yellow Jackets are going to attempt the ironman stunt
again this weekend as they play at home Saturday
against Akron and then journey to Buffalo for the 
Sabbath day pigskin encounter...Akron is also 
scheduled to double up because after the tilt in
Quakertown they jump back to Columbus to mix with 
the Tigers. This should be some game as the elevens are ancient football rivals...The Kansas City management is looking for a bumper throng Sunday for the Hammond game. Pro football is making fair headway in Kawtown and, if the Blues can put across a few more wins, they should pack 'em in...Quite a battle is on tap Sunday in Minneapolis when the Marines tackle the undefeated Duluth team. This will be the first at home fracas for the Marines and Dunn's club hopes to celebrate the affair with a win...Welch accounted for the only points scored by the Yellowjackets in their waterloo at the hands of the Bears when he came through with a clean cut goal from the field in the early stages of the pigskin joust...Milwaukee is going to Chicago again for the second game of the season with the Cardinals. Something seems to be wrong with the Badger machine as McGurk's brilliant performers are not pulling together...Smith, a product of one of the Ohio colleges, is turning in a slick job at tackle for Cleveland. He is filling the shoes of Pete Henry, the giant lineman, who took "french leave" to the independents in Pennsylvania...Dayton is booked for appearance in Cleveland. The Triangles got off to a flying start but they got bumped off in their last two games. Even in defeat the Dayton club looks good and they ought to fight the Bulldogs hard...Gil Falcon, who managed the Toledo club last season, jumped back into the moleskins last week to help bolster the Hammond lineup. He looked like the Falcon of old and just about ripped he Cardinal line to shreds...A decisive game in the Badger state pro championship series is on tap at Green Bay Sunday when the Packers rub noses with the Racine Legion. On paper, the teams appear to be evenly marched and it will be a battle royal.
NOVEMBER 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With the
professional football championship of the state at stake,
the Racine Legion and Green Bay Packers will battle
here Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park. Gridiron
hostilities will get underway about 2 o'clock and the
quarters will be of regulation length, 15 minutes. Bobbie
Cahn, Chicago, considered one of the most capable
officials on the postgraduate grid, is to be the master of
ceremonies. A capacity crowd is forecast. The advance
seat sale has been the heaviest of the season and the
management is preparing to handle the overflow crowd 
by making use of the park benches. A half thousand
lusty lunged rooters from Horlickville are going to follow
their team here for the crucial pigskin encounter. All
signs point to a 4,000 plus attendance...ARE EVENLY
MATCHED: The rival elevens in Sunday's game appear
to be evenly matched. Possibly, the Packers have an
edge on the scoring sheet but Captain Romney of the
visiting team claims that this will all be forgotten when
the final whistle blows. Racine has a wonderful backfield
and two good ends and a stone wall line but the Big
Bay Blues are going mighty good these days and
Captain Lambeau's team expects to keep on victory
row. Thrills galore are promised the spectators as both
elevens are right at home in the forward passing game.
Romney shoots the oval for the Legion while Hallady,
Brumm and Rowdy Elliott are receivers extraordinary.
The Packers have spruced up their air drive this week
and the contest is very likely to develop into a passing
duel with some wonder punting thrown in as extra
measure, by Cub Buck and Hank Gillo...BOTH TEAMS
FIT: Reports from the rival camps have it that both
teams are fit for the fray. The teams have indulged in a
solid week of practice and when the whistle blows they
will be right on edge for a battle which promises to be the greatest ever staged on a Green Bay gridiron.
OCTOBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The battle
of the professional football season will be staged in
Green Bay Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park when the
Packers have it out with the Racine Legion in a state
championship game. The clubs appear to be very
evenly matched. Both teams have whipped Milwaukee
and the winner of the Sabbath Day argument will have a
strangle hold on pro football honors in the state. The
Packers have held the title for the last seven years but
this season Racine looms as the greatest threat the
Big Bay Blues have ever faced...NEVER BEAT RACINE
HERE: Since the Packers have been playing pro league
football they have only dropped four games in their own
backyard. In 1921, Rock Island did the trick. Racine
took away a victory in 1922 while last fall the Chicago
Bears and Racine accomplished the feat. Strange as it
may seem, the Packers have never won a game from
Racine at home. This year, Captain Lambeau and his
griddery are determined to break the jinx. The Bays
 came out of the Minneapolis game in pretty good shape
and it is a certainty that the hospital list will all be 
cleared up with the exception of Lewellen. Reports from
Racine carry the news that the Legion team is coming
here backed by several hundred rooters. The Racine
management has requested a block of 200 seats
reserved for the Horlickville fans. It is probable that the
Racine delegation will move here on a special train. The
victory over Milwaukee last Sunday boosted Racine's
gridiron stock to the skies and they have visions of a championship...HAVE GOOD CLUB: The Legion machine is as good as any in the country. Right now, Racine is placed ahead of Green Bay in the percentage table. The visitors have won three games, beating Hammond, Kansas City and Milwaukee. The Legion lost to Rock Island and played a tie with the Bears. Milton Romney, former Chicago Maroon star, is leading the Racine club this season. He serves as playing manager. Romney has surrounded himself with a 
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers seem to improve at every start. In yesterday's game, it wasn't so much the weakness of the Marines but the greatness of the Big Bay Blues. Captain Lambeau's eleven is developing a varied attack. Nearly all of the formations border on "smartness" and an opposing team has a dickens of a time trying to solve what is coming...The play for the extra point after touchdown sort of fooled some of the spectators. The try for the score can be made either by kicking or rushing. Seeing that the Marines were huddled up close to the scrimmage line to try and block the kick, the Packers attempted a pass and Hendrian's toss just grazed Lambeau's fingers. If the play had been completed successfully, the Packers would have been credited with the extra point just as if Buck had booted the oval between the uprights...Whitey Woodin has a new battle cry. Just as the ball is passed, he yelps, "Get a man". And the Packers did. They were cracking the Marines pretty hard. Norton was sort of frisky when he got in the game but after he had been flopped a few times, nearly all his pep and vinegar sort of simmered out. It was the same story with Novak. Eddie didn't show much against the Packers. Maybe his star is fading. He sure was a "bear" here several years ago when he played with Rock Island...One of the thrills of the game came in the first period. Houle of the Marines attempted to punt but Voss blocked the kick and the oval set sail for the Marines' goal line with a half dozen players in pursuit. Voss made a grab for the ball and a Minneapolis player covered on his own ten yard line...Such a thing as a jinx doesn't mean anything in Len Hearden's young life. Sporting the hoodoo number 13, he went into the argument and ran the legs off the Marines. The former East high gridder can run like a deer and several times he shook a wicked pair of hoofs for good gains. The crowd was as pleased as Hearden himself when he grabbed the pass from Lambeau for the touchdown...When Mathys left the game, Hendrian moved up into quarterback and he yelped his singles in a deep voice which would be heard in every corner of the park. The spectators got quite a kick out of Dutch's vocal efforts...Racine next Sunday. An hour after yesterday's game some of the out of town fans stopped in and placed an order for their seats. It will be a 4000 plus crowd if the weather holds good. Seats will be on sale Wednesday night.
galaxy of stars. He has a husky front line and every backfielder is a speed artist and then some. Old Hank Gillo is still turning in a good job of footballing and his gilded hoof was very much in evidence last Sunday in Milwaukee...OSHKOSH PRODUCT PLAYS: The football fans in Oshkosh are coming here strong on Sunday to see Fat Smith go against the Packers. Smith got his primary gridiron education at Oshkosh High and Normal. Then he went to Wisconsin where he paired on the line with Marty Below, another Oshkoshian. Smith is studying at Rush college in Chicago and in between times he is chasing the pigskin for Racine.