(GREEN BAY) - A wonderful catch of a 40 yard pass from Captain Lambeau by Tillie Voss back of the Racine goal line enabled the Packers to turn back the hard hitting Racine Legion eleven, 6 to 3, Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park, in the greatest game of football seen here this season. Incidentally, this victory just about sewed up Badger state pro honors for the Big Bay Blues for the eighth successive season. Another perfect day for football was on tap and the
biggest crowd of the season jammed the park. The
biggest crowd of the year was on hand as slightly over
4,000 spectators paid their way into the park. Racine
was represented by about 400 rooters and they were
very much in evidence until the final period when the
Lambeau-Voss combination cooked the Legion's goose.
There was plenty of enthusiasm in evidence. Racine
had a cheerleader who had a great time and his rooters
every now and then burst into song about what they
were going to do to the Big Bay Blues. "Come on 
Packers, Let's Go." That was a frequent battle cry heard
during the first three periods and when Voss made the
touchdown, the crowd went simply wild.
The Packers played brilliant football. The Bays fumbled
more frequently than usual but every member of the
squad was in there going at top speed. Mathys,
Lambeau, Hendrian and Basing turned in a great job of
backfielding. Voss was a team in himself at end while
Murray and Duford shared the honors at the other 
extremity. Buck and Rosatti did their stuff well at the
tackles while the stonewall center trio, Earps, Gardner
and Woodin, were there with bells on. Racine had its
share of stars. Old Hank Gillo appears to improve with
years. Captain Romney performed splendidly at
quarterback while Glaver sure could shake a wicked 
hoof when it comes to skirting the ends. Voss' wonder
catch will furnish plenty of fuel for the Hot Stove league
during the winter. It was a great piece of footballing and
only a classy gridder like Tillie could have pulled the
trick. The Packers pulled the game out of the fire in the
first play of the fourth period.
It was fourth down about six to go. The Bays held a
huddle and then the Blue team pulled the string on the
bag of tricks. Once was enough. Lambeau stepped
back to the 40 yard line. Jug Earps got the ball back to
him nicely. Curley timed his pass perfectly as Voss was
tearing over the goal line. Tillie collided with Glaver, who
attempted to knock him. Glaver flopped but Voss only 
slid down on one knee. He lunged forward and made the
catch only inches off the ground. King Joy ruled
supreme. Hats were tossed in the air while hundreds of
fans roared their approval. There was only one fly in the
ointment, the Racine section. The gloom was kneedeep
around Section H, on the right side of the field. Racine
blocked the goal kick but what was one point when
there were three to spare. However, there was still
fourteen minutes to play. It seemed like an hour to the
Packer rooters. Racine received the kickoff and the
Legion cut loose with everything they had. The visitors
got away with a number of forward passes for good 
gains but, when they would get down within the danger
zone, the Packers were always equal to the occasion.
Once Barr missed a field goal and the crowd breathed
easier. On another occasion, Mohardt got away for a
healthy run but he was dumped hard just in time. Cub
Buck was punting perfectly and, when the Packers
regained the oval, the big tackle would sail the pigskin
down the field 50 or 60 yards at a lick. With but a 
minute to go, Mathys leaped a mile in the air and
knocked down a Racine pass. The Packers got the ball.
Lambeau crashed through for six yards and Hendrian
added three. As Buck went back to kick again, time
was called and the Legion had bit the dust. The 
hometown fans got an awful jolt hardly before the game
was a minute old. Hostilities opened with the Legion
kicking to the Packers. Murry booted to Hendrian who
made a pretty return to the 20 yard line. On the first
scrimmage, Basing fumbled and it was Racine's ball.
Glaver failed on a tackle buck. GIllo crashed for five and
Elliott added two. Then as was expected, Gillo came 
through nicely on a placekick. It sure was a rude
However, this only made the Packers fight all the harder.
Woodin kicked off and the teams went at it hammer and
tongs. There was little love lost on either side. The play
was clean but mighty hard. It wasn't long before Elliott
hobbled to the sidelines and Johnny Mohardt pranced
in. The former Notre Dame star failed to report to the
referee and it cost the visitors a five yard penalty. During
the remainder of the quarter, the ball seesawed up and
down the field with the Packers having a slight edge due
to Buck's punting. When quarter time was called, the
ball was in Racine's possession on its 20 yard line.
There were plenty of thrills in the second period. The
longer the game went on, the more desperate the
Packers became and they were battling like wild men.
Both lines were playing a bang up game and it was
generally two or three smashes and, then, a punt.
Racine was presenting a stone wall defense against the
Bays forward pass while Glaver and Gillo were about
the only Racine huskies who could squirm through for
any gains. Just before halftime was called, Gillo
attempted another placekick but the ball went wide.
It was a fighting Packer team that stepped forth for
action in the third quarter. Racine kicked off. The Bays
couldn't gain and Buck punted far down the field. Gillo
got through for 25 yards but the advance was short
ended as a Racine forward was intercepted. The Bays
got their offense working well and it wasn't long before
backed down in the shadow of their own goal posts but
they kept their goal line clear by intercepting forward
passes. A spirited return of a punt put the Packers in
the running again. Woodin's attempted field goal was
blocked and Racine recovered. A penalty for roughness set the Legion back 15 yards and then Murry's punt went out of bounds on Racine's 45 yard line. Time was called for the period. Then came Voss' great play that kept the Packers on victory row.

Murry kicked off to Hendrian, who eluded several tacklers in returning the ball to the 20 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage, Basing fumbled and Racine recovered. Glaver failed to gain through tackle. Gillo made five yards. Elliott squeezed through for two. Gillo stepped back to his 22 yard mark and kicked a field goal from placement. Woodin kicked off, Gillo received. He brought the ball back to Racine's 20 yard line. Elliott gained a yard. Romney failed to gain. Murry kicked to Mathys who was downed in midfield. Hendrian dove off tackle for three yards. Lambeau added four, but the forward pass, next attempted, was incomplete, and Buck was forced to kick. He booted 45 yards to Romney who fair caught. Elliott failed to gain. Gillo and Glaver were both held, and Murry punted to Mathys who caught the ball in midfield and returned to Racine's 30 yard line. Basing made a yard at center. On a lateral pass, Lambeau to Hendrian, the Packers gained 8 yards. Lambeau and Hendrian both failed to gain, however, and the ball went over. Gillo smashed center for five yards. Glaver skirted left end for 25 yards. Gillo failed to gain at right end. A forward pass was incomplete. Murry punted out of  bounds on Green Bay's 30 yard line. Lambeau pounded tackle for seven yards. Basing added two, and Hendrian made it first down. Lambeau made five more on a line smash, and a forward pass was attempted, Glaver intercepting it in midfield. Elliott made two yards on right end. Glaver failed at left end. Mohardt was substituted for Elliott, and caught a forward pass from Gillo. The play was disallowed, however, as Mohardt had failed to report. Mohardt passed to Romney, who juggled the ball and finally lost it. Murry punted to the Packers' 35 yard line. Buck attempted a pass, which failed. Buck promptly punted, Glaver receiving and being downed on the 20 yard line.
Gillo did a brodie for five yards. Mohardt added three, and Glaver two. Murry punted 45 yards to Mathys who was downed on the Bays' 25 yard line. Basing plunged for nine yards, and Hendrian made it first down for the Packers. On the next play, Lambeau fumbled and Glaver recovered on Racine's 25 yard line. Glaver made one yard. Mohardt failed to gain. Gillo failed, and Murry punted 45 yards to Lambeau who returned the ball 10 yards. Hendrian squeezed through for six yards. Buck punted 45 yards to Glaver. Romney made five yards, and Racine took timeout, receiving a five yard penalty as it was the fourth timeout taken. Glaver made three years and Murry punted to Mathys. Basing made a yard; Lambeau, two, and Buck punted to Racine's 15 yard line. Glaver failed, but Mohardt made three yards. Gillo was held for no gain, and Murry punted 60 yards to Lambeau who returned 19. A pass, Lambeau to Basing, was good for six yards. Halliday intercepted the next pass, but fumbled. Earps recovering. Lambeau made a spectacular catch of Basing's pass, the Packers gaining 8 yards on the play. Basing failed to gain, and three consecutive passes were incomplete. Racine took over the ball, and Glaver plunged for 8 yards. Mohardt made it first down. Gillo attempted a placekick from his own 45 yard line as the half ended, but the ball was short.
Woodin kicked off to Glaver who was downed on his own 12 yard line. Murry kicked to Green Bay's 45 yard line. Basing made a yard, but two successive passes were incomplete, and Buck punted to Racine's 20 yard line. Gillo smashed center for 25 yards, and Glaver added three. A Racine pass was intercepted. Lambeau plowed for 12 yards. Hendrian added two. Lambeau made four more, and came back for another plunge of 10 yards through center. Basing made two yards. Mohardt intercepted a Packer pass on Racine's 5 yard line. Glaver and Gillo failed to gain. Murry punted to Mathys who returned to Racine's 35 yard line. Hendrian made three yards and Lambeau added two. On the next play, Lambeau fumbled, but recovered. Woodin's attempt to placekick a field goal was blocked, and Racine recovered. On the next play, Racine was penalized fifteen yards for roughness. Mohardt failed to gain, and Gillo made two yards. Murry kicked out of bounds on Racine's 45 yard line. Basing made three yards; Hendrian made one, and Lambeau made another as the quarter ended.
On the first play of the period Lambeau passed 40 yards to Voss who caught the ball as he was stumbling, and fell behind the goal line. Buck's attempt to add an extra point by placekick was blocked. Woodin kicked off, the ball crossing the goal line, and being put in play on Racine's 20 yard line. A forward pass was incomplete, and Barr made one yard around end. The Packers were penalized 15 yards. A pass, Barr to Brumm, was good for seven yards. Glaver made it first down on a line smash. A pass, Barr to Glaver, gained 8 yards. On an attempted pass, Barr lost ten yards. Murry kicked to Mathys, who was downed on the Packers' 8 yard line. Lambeau made two yards, and then Buck punted from behind the goal line to Racine's 40 yard mark. Glaver made three yards and a pass, Barr to Halliday, was good for 15 yards. Barr was thrown for a nine yard loss. A pass, Barr to Mohardt, made three yards. Glaver failed to gain. Barr's attempt to placekick from the 45 yard line was wide of the posts. The Packers put the ball in play on their 20 yard line, and were penalized 5 yards for offside. Lambeau plunged through a pile of red jerseys for eleven yards. Basing and Hendrian each made three yards, and then Buck punted to Glaver who was downed on Racine's 15 yard line. A pass, Barr to Mohardt, was good for 25 yards. Mohardt hit right tackle for eight yards. Three successive passes failed, and the ball went over to the Packers. Hendrian advanced the ball three yards. Lambeau made three more, and then Buck punted 70 yards across the Racine goal line. The ball was put in play on the 20 yard mark. A forward pass was incomplete. A pass, Barr to Halliday, was good for nine yards. Barr shot a long pass to Mohardt, the play advancing 30 yards. Mathys intercepted another long pass, and the Packers regained possession of the ball. Lambeau made six yards and Hendrian went for three as the game ended.
Green Bay Packers (4-2) 6, Racine Legion (3-2-1) 3
Sunday November 2nd 1924 (at Green Bay)
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will wind up their home season Sunday afternoon at Bellevue park when they tackle the undefeated, league leading Duluth Kelly eleven in a National Football wheel encounter. The game starts at 2 o'clock and
regulations 15 minute periods are scheduled. Halsey
Hall, St. Paul sportwriter, will make his debut here as a
football referee. The stage is set for a hotly contested
gridiron fray. Both teams are reported in the pink of
condition and it promises to be a battle worth going 
miles to see. The visitors haven't bit the dust this
season. They have four league wins to their credit,
including one over the Packers, and are sharing the top
of the heap with the famous Cleveland Bulldogs. If they
succeed in knocking off the Big Bay Blues, Duluth has
been promised a three game trip in the East...
PACKERS WANT REVENGE: However, the Packers
expect to have something to say about Sunday's game.
The players have been waiting a long while to get even
for that "waterloo" of Sunday September 28 and 
tomorrow they will have their chance. A victory over
Duluth should raise Green Bay a notch in the
percentage table and better their chances for a playoff
in the national championship series. Duluth is coming
here with a classy outfit. Underwood, who plays end, is
a great forward pass receiver while the three Rooney
brothers are corking good footballers. Method and 
Gilbert are snappy halfbacks while Williams and Kiley
rank with the best when it comes to capable linemen...HOSPITAL LIST CLEAR: The Green Bay team will be in good shape for Sunday's game. Dick O'Donnell will be back at end while Lewellen can be used in the backfield if necessary. Basing's attack of boils is past history and all the other players are ready for the whistle. The advance seat sale has been unusually heavy, and, with the promise of fair weather, there is every indication that another huge throng will jam Bellevue park. The game will be played rain or shine. Doors at the park will be opened at 12:45. Uncalled for reservations at the ticket selling places downtown will be picked up after 9 o'clock tonight.
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Tickets will be placed on sale tonight for the Duluth-Packer game Sunday afternoon, the last home game of the season for the Big Bay Blues. The remarkable record of
the northern team to date makes them a big attraction
and indications point to a record breaking crowd at
Bellevue park. Duluth became the "mystery" team of the
NFL through their defeat of the Packers on September
28, and they have since lived up to their reputation by
taking into camp three more league teams, including
the Minneapolis Marines who appeared here a week
ago. Right at present this mystery bunch from Duluth
are sitting on top of the pro football world as far as the
percentage is concerned, with four games won, none 
lost and no tie scores. Cleveland has not lost a game
this year but was held to a tie by the Philadelphia
Yellowjackets and must therefore be ranked below the
Minnesota aggregation in the official standing...WILL
SOLVE MYSTERY: The Bay team realizes that if it
were not for that unexpected upset at Duluth in the
opening game of the pro league season, there would be
an entirely different story to write concerning the leaders
of the circuit, and the Packers are determined that 
Sunday will see the solving of the mystery of the north.
Strenuous sessions are in order, and Captain Lambeau
is driving the squad at top speed in preparation for the
struggle. Nothing in the Packers' notorious bad of tricks
will be left in the darkness after this clash; the team is
determined not only to win, but to win by as decisive a
margin as possible. Every player will be in shape to
take the field against the Irishmen.
NOVEMBER 6 (Duluth) - Accompanied by a handful of
supporters, the Duluth Kellys will depart for Green Bay,
Wis., on Saturday afternoon, where on Sunday,
Manager Dewey Scanlon's undefeated league leaders
are slated to meet the famous Green Bay Packers.
Every member of the Duluth squad is in tip top shape
for the engagement with the Badger state champs and
the team is confident of repeating the 6 to 3 trimming
handed to the Bays in the initial contest of the pro
league season...ORDER SPECIAL WIRE: Interest here
is at high pitch over the game and the fans have
arranged for a special play-by-play wire direct from the
ball park. In this way the Duluthians will get the game
in detail. The football colony in Duluth has gone crazy
over the brilliant showing of the Kellys as it is figured
that a national championship team is in the making. A
victory over the Packers will mean a lot to Duluth as the
Kelly management has been promised a game with one
of the greatest teams in the East if they successfully
 hurdle the Packer obstacle. Reports from Green Bay
have it that the teams will combat before a capacity
crowd. It is the last home game for the Packers and the
Badger football fans are anxious to get a look at the
team that took their mighty eleven into camp. Records
show that Green Bay has not been beaten on its home
field this season and right now the Packers are in the
midst of a winning streak, having chalked up four in a
row. From present indications, Manager Dewey Scanlon
will take the following players on the Green Bay trip:
three Rooney brothers, Underwood, Stein, Johnson,
Strand, Williams, Kiley, Gilbert, Method, MacDonald,
Kelley, Vexal, O'Toole.
NOVEMBER 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Minneapolis Marines sure help to fill the coffers of the
railroads. Joe Dunn's team only plays one game at
home this season. The traveling schedule will pass the
8,000 mileage mark...There was little love lost in the
Bears' game with Rock Island. The players milled
frequently during the final half and referee St. John
inflicted a number of penalties for unnecessary
roughness...The Philadelphia Yellowjackets climbed a
notch or two in the pro league percentage table by their
performances over the week. Saturday they goose
egged Akron, 23 to 0, and Sunday took a fall out of
Buffalo...Cleveland took another step towards the pro
championship by administering a 35 to 0 lacing to the
Dayton eleven. The Triangles fought gamely but
Chamberlain's crew had it over them like a tent...The
title dreams of Chris O'Brien got another bump when the
Milwaukee Badgers beat his Chicago Cardinals, 17 to 8.
Jimmy Conzelman, the Milwaukee backfielder, got away
with one run nearly the whole length of the gridiron...
Football business is picking up for Doc Young at
Hammond. His eleven put across another win by
dumping the Kansas City Blues, 6 to 0. A punt from
behind the goal that hit the cross bar helped Hammond
to victory...Columbus knocked off another old rival when
they flopped Akron, 30 to 0. The Niedmen were pretty
well tuckered out after their grueling conflict in
Philadelphia and an all-night journey on the train...The Minneapolis Marines bit the dust again at the hands of the Duluth Kelleys. One lone touchdown spelled the margin between the two teams. It was the Duluthians' fourth straight victory in the postgraduate circuit...The
Green Bay Packers just about clinched Badger state pro honors by upsetting the Racine Legion, 6 to 3. Tillie Voss made a sensational catch of a forward pass for the winning touchdown in the final quarter...Kraus of Hobart and Hoffman of Ohio State, both tackles, are the newest additions to the Buffalo club. President Patterson is determined to get a winner at all costs and he is rounding up the best gridders available...The Stein brothers, Herb and Russ, are playing a great brand of football on the forward wall of the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets. Herb is a corking good center while Russ can play tackle with the best of 'em...The Cleveland Bulldogs open their "abroad" season by traveling to Akron for a gridiron encounter. The Indians have bowed to the  Bulldogs once this season but in their own backyard they should play a stronger game...East meets West on Saturday in Quakertown when the Kansas City Blues match their skill against the Yellowjackets. The Kaws haven't shown an awful lot this season and the Pennsy tribe may stage quite a scalping...Columbus is billed for action in Chicago against the Bears at the Cubs' park. The Bruins have improved their game greatly of late but they are sure to find plenty of opposition in the Buckeye Tiger aggregation...Another Ohio State team is scheduled for a Windy City invasion as the Dayton Triangles do their stuff against the Cardinals. The Driscoll team is in the midst of a slump and the Triangles are sure to make it interesting...Racine hopes to get revenge on its return game with Rock Island on Sunday. Earlier in the season the Independents knocked off the Legion machine but Romney's crew is hitting on all eleven these days...Duluth will face an acid test this weekend when they tackle the Packers in Green Bay. The Northerners have been stepping along Victory Row at a lively clip as they haven't tasted a reversal during the season...Gus Tebell has rejoined the Columbus Tigers and is again doing duty on a wing position. The former Wisconsin star sure is a classy running mate for Paul Goebel, who earned his gridiron spurs at Michigan...Eddie Usher, a former Wolverine backfield ace, is quite a traveler in pro football. Usher made his postgraduate debut with Rock Island. Then he went to Green Bay and how he is hanging his hate in Kansas City...Three members of the Rooney family are helping to put Duluth on the pro football map. Jack plays end; Cliff is the quarterback while Wally is playing fullback. The three Irishmen are right at home on the grid...The call of the gridiron was too strong for Jerry Jones and Horse Edwards, a pair of veteran linemen, to resist and they are both back in moleskins, performing splendidly for the Cleveland Bulldogs...Bobbie Cahn, the Chicago referee, got nearly as many bruises as the players in the Racine-Green Bay game. Several times Cahn was spilled by following the ball closely and the players piled on top of the little official.
OCTOBER 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad completed practice this morning for the tilt with the undefeated Duluth Kellys here on Sunday at Bellevue park. Captain Lambeau declared a holiday on Saturday so that the players could drive to Madison and see Notre Dame mingle with the Badgers. The Packers are traveling together and they will all be back home on Saturday night. The Big Bay Blues are in the pink of condition for their last game at home. Dick O'Donnell will resume his position at end against his old club mates. Lewellen's shoulder has mended nicely and it will be possible to use him if necessary while Basing's attack of boils isn't bothering the crashing backfielder anymore...WANT THEIR REVENGE: When the Packers step on the field Sunday afternoon, it will be a fighting crew, determined to win at any costs. The Green Bay players have not forgotten what happened in Duluth on September 28, and, if possible, want to wipe out this 6 to 3 licking with something to spare. It is the prevailing opinion around town that the Packers will ride to victory easily but this is a mistaken impression as Duluth is coming down here primed for the game and the Northerners don't intend to be pushed off Victory Row without a struggle. The Kelleys have promise of big games in the East if they knock off the Packers and it is a safe bet that Sunday's game will be full of thrills...EXPECT BIG CROWD: There has been a heavy advance sale of tickets and all signs point to another capacity crowd. It is the last time this season that the Packers play at home and this fact alone should be enough to pack the park. The game will be played rain or shine. It is scheduled to start about 2 o'clock.
OCTOBER 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday afternoon when the Packers play Duluth at Bellevue park in the last home game of the season, it is possible that a national football hero may be in attendance. Jimmy Crowley, a Green Bay boy, who is starring with Notre Dame, plans to drive home from Madison with Captain Lambeau and he will be a guest of the Packer management at the game. According to schedule, Crowley will leave here on a Sunday night for South Bend to be on hand for Monday's practice of the Rockne men.
NOVEMBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There is no getting away from but that Bobbie Cahn is the best liked official who works here in the pro games. The little Chicagoan follows the game every minutes and sometimes he gets tipped up as if he was a contestant. Cahn had his shirt ripped and his trousers dirtied in the games. Several times he flopped hard following the ball but got up smiling. The crowd sure ​does like to see him work as he keeps the fray moving along at top speed...Johnny Mohardt looked pretty good catching forward passes but that was about all. Knute Rockne would have turned gray if he had been in the stands watching his former pride. To begin with, Mohardt went into the game without reporting to the referee. This cost his team a five yard penalty. In the third quarter, Mohardt intercepted a Packer pass on his own five yard line. If he had knocked it down, the ball would have been returned to midfield. As it was, the play went into action close to the Racine goal...Paul Meyers, the umpire, played end for Racine last season but he was absolutely neutral in his decision Sunday. Meyers was right on top of the play when Voss caught the pass and after the game he paid Tillie this compliment. "It was the smartest bit of footballing I have seen in a long time. When I saw the ball coming Voss' way, I didn't think there was any chance for Tillie to grab it but he smeared Glaver out of the way and then lunged forward to make the catch."...That break in the first minute of play was enough to take the heart out of any team but it didn't bust the Packers. They went at it harder than ever and stood the gaff much better than Racine. Only once did a Packer stay on the dirt. That was Earps but he got up quickly and wasn't much the worse for wear. Elliott was the first visitor to seek refuge on the sidelines and during the half, Gillo also took a seat on the bench. The Packers sure are in the pink of condition these days...The turnout sure was a humdinger and football fans for miles around helped to jam the park. When all the seats were taken, the management announced to every purchaser of a ticket that standing room only was available but this didn't stop the sales and the crowd kept flocking in well along until nearly the end of the first half...Duluth, tied with Cleveland for the lead in the pro league, plays here next Sunday. They have won four games and have one victory to their credit over the Big Bay Blues. Better reserve your seats early.
NOVEMBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The eyes of the professional football world will center on Green
Bay Sunday afternoon when the league leading Duluth Kellys tackle the Green Bay Packers at Bellevue park. This game will have an important bearing on the postgraduate gridiron championship honors and it is
understood that the Cleveland Bulldogs will have a scout here to look over the teams. It will be the last home appearance of the Packers this season. Duluth is the surprise of the league. They have won four circuit games and are sitting on the top of the heap. Cleveland also has chalked up four victories by Guy Chamberlain's club played one tie game with the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets...BEAT PACKERS 6 TO 3: After tucking away three preliminary games, Duluth kicked over the dope bucket by the opening tilt of the pro league season by taking the Green Bay Packers into camp, 6 to 3. Then the Kellys played a tie with Ironwood and followed with a 3-0 win over Minneapolis. Hibbing was knocked off by a big score. Another no decision game was on tap with Ironwood. The Kenosha Maroons were handed a fine licking, 32 to 0, and last Sunday Manager Scanlon's crew invaded Minneapolis and scalped the Marines to the tune of 6 to 0 in a sensational argument. Duluth is coming here with a stronger squad than beat the Big Bay Blues on September 28 as Larry Gilbert, kicker extraordinary, is back in the battle front. When the Packers played Duluth, Gilbert was still seeing service in the Michigan-Ontario baseball league...DESERVED TO WIN: In the waterloo at Duluth, the Packers were outplayed, due to their constant fumbling. The Kellys followed the ball closely and they hopped on every loose pigskin as if it were a hot potato. In the third quarter Buck kicked a field goal putting the Bays in the lead but Underwood pulled the game out of the fire early in the fourth period by snatching a forward pass from Cliff Rooney and running for a score. Tickets for the Duluth game will be placed on sale at the usual places about town Wednesday night and every indication points to another huge crowd. Hundreds of out of towners are coming here for the game and the local following will be out en masse as all the gridiron followers are anxious to get a look at the team that trimmed the Badger state champions. Sunday's game will start at 2 o'clock.
NOVEMBER 5 (Racine) - Rumor has it that the Kenosha Maroons, pro football squad backed by the Nash and Simmons companies, is to disband in the near future. According to reports, enthusiasm hasn't been running very high in football circles in Southport, and light attendance has made the team far from a paying proposition. The report of the team's disbanding could not be confirmed at a late hour this morning. The Maroons have lost every start this season, and this may have had much to do with the Kenosha fans failing
to give the team their support. Two games were booked by the local Horlicks-Legion team, one on November 16 ​and the other here on Thanksgiving Day, and if the reports of the disbanding of the Maroons are true, it is likely that a game with some other pro team in this section will be substituted.