(CHICAGO) - Dying with their boots on, the Green Bay Packers went down to defeat by the score of 3 to 0 at the hands of the Chicago Bears Sunday afternoon in a bitterly contested gridiron argument at Cubs park before some 6,000 football fans of whom there were about
500 from Green Bay. A fumble by Hendrian of a punt in
the third quarter paved the way for the only score of the
game. Taking advantage of this break, the Bears rushed
twice and then Little Joe Sternaman booted the ball
between the uprights. It was a pretty good piece of
kicking. The Packers never gave up the ship, however.
They made as game a stand as has ever been seen on a
football field in the last two minutes of play. Playing his 
last card Lambeau tried a forward pass from his own 15-
yard line. This toss was intercepted by Halas of the Bruins.
It was so dark one couldn't tell one player from the other.
This Bruin dashed to the Bears 6-yard line for a first down.
But Green Bay never quit. Four times did the Chicago
backs hurl themselves against the Bay forward wall but
with scant yardage and when the whistle blew the ball
was still two yards from the goal line. It was a fighting 
team all the way and the Green Bay fans in attendance
were still mighty proud of their Packers. The Bays' aerial
attack cut a big figure in the game. Time after time, the
long passes of the Packers even drew a hand from the
Chicago followers. And some of the Windy City scribes
in the press box admitted that when it came to
"basketball football" the Packers were in a class by
themselves. It was a grudge battle all the way and the
players of both teams milled it all the time. There wasn't
any love lost and the teams were out to win at any cost.
Towards the close of the first half, Hanny paid Tillie Voss
a verbal barrage and Voss came back. The result was
that hostilities broke and both players were chased to
the sidelines. This was a bad break for the Bays as it
crimped the air drive as Voss was a great receiver.
Several times in the forepart of the game the Packers
were in the scoring zone. Once a forward pass went
bad across the goal line and again Buck fizzled a field
goal. The Packers had trouble launching a consistent
attack but they were always dangerous. The Bays 
followed the ball closer than usual and covered a lot of
fumbles. Once Cub Buck broke through and grabbed a
free ball. He was headed for the goal line but Halas
grabbed him from behind. It was just these sort of 
breaks that went against the Packers and made victory
possible for the Bears. The Packers came out of the
game in pretty good shape and they will be fit for the
fray at Kansas City on Thanksgiving Day. The team
leaves for Kansas City on Monday night

Chicago won the toss and chose to defend the north
goal. Hanny kicked to Lambeau on his 5 yard line and
he returned the ball to his 25-yard line. First down.
Lambeau got one yard at left tackle. Lewellen was
stopped without a gain. Third down 9 to go. Buck
punted to Chicago's 30 yard line to E. Sternaman who was downed by Buck. It's Chicago's ball there. First down. On a fake kick formation Lanum was stopped by the line without a gain. Second down, ten to go. A pass by Hanny was incomplete. Hanny punted to Mathys on his own 20-yard line and he returned the ball 5 yards, being downed by Halas. It's Green Bay's ball on their own 25-yard line. First down. Ed Sternaman intercepted Buck's pass on his own 40-yard line and returned the ball to Green Bay's 40-yard line. Chicago's ball. A plunge at center by E. Sternaman was stopped by Earps. Second down 10 to go. A pass, Bryan to Halas, was incompleted. Another pass by Bryan failed. Fourth down 10 to go. Another pass failed and it was Green Bay's ball on their own 20-yard line. Healy stepped Hendrian with no gain. Second down and 10 to go. A pass by Buck fell incompleted. Third down 10 to go. A pass, Buck to Mathys, put the ball on Green Bay's 49-yard line. First down. Lewellen failed at right tackle. Second down 10 to go. A pass by Lambeau to Hendrian was stopped by Halas with a gain of a yard. Lambeau was thrown for a yard loss on an end run by Hanny. Buck punted to Bryan on Chicago's 20-yard line and he was downed there by Mathys. Chicago's ball. Walquist got 20 yards around the Packers' left end. It's Chicago's ball on their own 40-yard line. First down. Knop was thrown by Buck for a five yard loss. Second down 15 to go. Bryan's pass to Hanny put the ball on Green Bay's 42-yard line. Woodin stopped Bryan for no gain. Second down 10 to go. E. Sternaman got 2 yards at left end, being tackled by Lambeau. Third down 8 to go. Knop was stopped at center by Earps. Fourth down 8 to go. E. Sternaman dropped back to his 40-yard line to try a field goal and failed. The ball goes to Green Bay on its 20-yard line. On a fake kick Hendrian fumbled. It was recovered by Mathys on his 32 yard line and it's Green Bay's ball. Lambeau got four yards through left tackle. Second down 6 to go. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards for backfield motion and it's their ball on their 30-yard line. Hendrian got 2 yards at center. Third down 9 to go. Buck's kick was blocked by Healy which rolled to Green Bay's 39 yard line and it was recovered by E. Sternaman. E. Sternaman failed to gain at left end, being stopped by O'Donnell. Second down 10 to go. Bryan's pass to Hanny was incomplete. Kendrick's pass to Bryan also failed. Fourth down 10 to go. Sternaman is back on his own 50-yard line for a placekick. He missed by a few feet and the ball goes over to Green Bay on their own 20-yard line and he returned it to the 35-yard line, being tackled by O'Donnell. Chicago's ball on their 35-yard line. Kendrick tried a left end run, but was thrown for a 5-yard loss by O'Donnell and Lambeau. Second down 15 to go. Hendrian broke up Kendrick's pass. Hanny punted to Hendrian in midfield. Hendrian signaled for a fair catch as the quarter ended. Score: Chicago, 0; Green Bay, 0.
Joe Sternaman replaces Byran. It's Green Bay's ball on their own 45-yard line. Lambeau was thrown for a 10-yard loss in attempting a pass by Healy and Halas. Second down 20 to go. Lambeau got 5 yards on a left tackle smash. Ball on Green Bay's 40-yard line. Lambeau's pass to Voss was incomplete. Buck punted to J. Sternaman on Chicago's 15-yard line who fumbled. Earps recovered the ball for Green Bay on Chicago's 16-yard line. Lambeau got a yard at center. Second down 9 to go. Lambeau's pass was grounded by J. Sternaman. The referee ruled the ball went over the end zone and the ball goes to Chicago on their 16-yard line. First down. Knop hit center for 2 yards. Second down 8 to go. Hanny punted to Hendrian on Chicago's 42-yard line. He stumbled and fell and it's Green Bay's ball on Chicago's 42-yard line. Lewellen got 2 yards at left end, being stopped by Hanny. A pass by Lambeau went out of bounds. Third down 8 to go. A pass, Lambeau to Voss, was completed for a 10-yard gain. It's Green Bay's ball on Chicago's 30-yard line. First down. Lewellen got 2 more yards at right tackle, being stopped by a crowd. Third down 6 to go. Lambeau stopped at center for no gain. Buck will try a placement kick from Chicago's 36-yard line. He missed, and it's Chicago's ball on their own 20-yard line. Knop went through center for 5 yards, being stopped by Lambeau. Second down 5 to go. Walquist got 5 yards through center and it's Chicago's ball on their own 30-yard line. First down. Walquist got 2 yards at left tackle. Walquist got through left tackle for 7 yards and on the third down he got three more in the same spot. Lambeau tackled him. Chicago's ball on their 41-yard line. First down. Walquist got 3 at left guard. Second down 7 to go. J. Sternaman went around left end for 2 yards. A pass by Walquist was intercepted by Woodin on the Green Bay 45-yard line, and he ran it back 7 yards to Chicago's 48 yard line. Walquist threw Mathys for a yard loss around left end. Second down, 11 to go. Trafton intercepted Lambeau's pass and it's Chicago's ball on the 50-yard line. Kendrick got 3 yards at left tackle, being stopped by Lambeau. Second down 7 to go. Knop got 2 yards through center. J. Sternaman's pass to Hanny was incomplete. Fourth down 5 to go. Hanny punted to Lambeau on Green Bay's 10-yard line and he was downed in his tracks by Halas. Anderson broke through and threw Lambeau for a 5-yard loss. Second down 15 to go. Lambeau got a yard at center. Third down 14 to go. Buck is back of his goal line and faked a kick. He then attempted to pass to Lambeau but it was incomplete. Fourth down 14 to go. Buck punted to Walquist on Green Bay's 40-yard line who signaled for a fair catch. It's Chicago's ball there. Hanny and Voss got into a fight and were pulled apart by the other players. Both Hanny and Voss were put out of the game. Scott replaced Hanny and Murray went in for Voss. J. Sternaman's free kick after the fair catch went wide and the ball goes over to Green Bay on their own 20-yard line. First down. Lambeau got a yard through left tackle. Lewellen got another yard at center. Lambeau was thrown by Scott for a 2-yard loss. The half ended with the ball in Green Bay's possession on their own 20-yard line. Score: Green Bay,0; Chicago, 0.
Woodin kicked over the goal line and the ball was put in play on the 20-yard line. Chicago ball. First down. Knop plunged through center for ten yards. Chicago's ball on the 30 yard line. Walquist got three yards on left tackle, stopped by Woodin and Earps. Kendrick's pass incomplete. Third down 7 to go. Kendrick's pass again was incomplete. Kendrick punted to Hendrian on Green Bay's 30-yard line. He fumbled and McMillen fell on the ball. It's Chicago's ball on Green Bay's 30-yard line. Walquist stopped at center with no gain. Knop got five yards through right guard, stopped by Mathys. Kendrick got two yards at right end. Fourth down, three to go. J. Sternaman back on Packers' 25 yard line for a dropkick. He made it. Score: Chicago, 3; Green Bay, 0. Woodin kicked off to J. Sternaman across the goal line. The ball was returned to Chicago's 20-yard line and it's Chicago's ball there. Kendrick got one yard at left tackle, stopped by a crowd. Second down nine to go. Kendrick got four yards at left tackle. Kendrick punted to Mathys on the Packers' 38-yard line and he was downed in his tracks by Halas. Packers' ball on their 38-yard line. Lambeau was stopped at center for no gain. Second down, ten to go. Lambeau's pass to O'Donnell was incomplete. Lambeau's pass to Mathys was good for 40 yards. It's Packers' ball on Bears' 40 yard line. First down. Lewellen failed to gain at center. Lambeau fumbled the pass and Healy fell on it. The pass from Earps was bad. It's Bears' ball on their 45-yard line. Walquist was held at center. On a sideline play, Walquist gained five yards through right end, tackled by Mathys. Kendrick's pass to Knop was incomplete. Fourth down, five to go. Kendrick punted to Mathys on Packers' 20 yard line and he came back nine yards. It's Packers' ball on their 29 yard line. Lambeau was thrown by Halas for a two yard loss at right end. Lambeau tried to pass but was thrown by Healy for a 12 yard loss. Ball on Green Bay's 13 yard line, third down, 25 to go. Buck's pass to Lambeau was grounded. Fourth down, 25 to go. Buck punted to J. Sternaman in midfield and he returned the ball nine yards, downed by O'Donnell and Woodin. Chicago's ball on Packers' 41 yard line, first down. Kendrick got two yards at center. Walquist fumbled the pass and Buck recovered on Chicago's 47-yard line. It's Green Bay's ball there, first down. Lambeau was stopped at left end for no gain. Lambeau's pass to Murray was incomplete. Walquist intercepted Lambeau's pass on Chicago's 30 yard line. He was downed by Mathys. Bears' ball there. First down. On an attempted right end run, Walquist was stopped with no gain. Kendrick's pass to Halas was knocked down by O'Donnell. Kendrick punted to Packers' thirty yard line and the ball fell grounded there. It's Green Bay's ball. Lewellen's pass to Lambeau was good for 15 yards but the play was recalled and the Packers penalized five yards for being offside. It's Green Bay's ball on her 25-yard line, first down. Walquist interfered with O'Donnell on Lambeau's pass and the ball was given to Green Bay on her 30-yard line. First down. Lambeau was pushed out of bounds for no gain and the ball was brought out to the center of the field on Green Bay's 30 yard line. Lewellen was hurt but resumed. Second down five to go. Lewellen was stopped at center for no gain as the quarter ended. Score: Chicago, 3; Green Bay, 0.
It's Packers' ball on their thirty yard line, five to go. Buck punted to Chicago's 40 yard line and O'Donnell fell on it. It's Chicago's ball. Sternaman was stopped for no gain on an attempted right end run. Basing goes in for Lewellen. Knop got a yard at center, but the ball was recalled and Bears' penalized five yards for offside. Third down, 15 to go. Walquist got around left end for five yards, tackled by Mathys. Walquist kicked to Mathys on Green Bay's 30-yard line and he was downed in his tracks by Scott. Packers' ball there. First down. Basing ran the ball out of bounds. Lambeau was thrown by Halas for a two yard loss at right end. Buck's pass to Mathys was incomplete. Buck kicked to J. Sternaman on Chicago's 35 yard line and he was downed by Lambeau in his tracks. Chicago's ball. Walquist went through center for nine yards, stopped by Buck. Second down one to go. Kendricks made it and it's Chicago's ball on their own 49 yard line. First down. Knop got through center for two yards. Walquist's pass to J. Sternaman was intercepted by Mathys who was downed on Green Bay's 32 yard line, tackled by Scott. Packers' ball on their 32-yard line. Lambeau's pass was intercepted by Kendrick and it's Chicago's ball on Green Bay's 48 yard line. J. Sternaman on a fake play dodged through center for six yards. Second down four to go. Knop got three yards on a right end run, stopped by Gardner. J. Sternaman got three yards through center. Chicago's ball on Green Bay's 38 yard line. First down. Walquist was stopped for no gain at center. J. Sternaman was dumped by O'Donnell for a three yard loss at left end. Third down, 13 to go. Walquist's pass failed. Kendrick punted over the goal line and it's Green Bay's ball on their 20 yard line. On first down, Lambeau's pass was intercepted by J. Sternaman, who fumbled and Woodin fell on the ball on the Packers' 20 yard line. Second down ten to go. Lambeau on a fake pass got around left end for 19 yards, tackled by Healy. It's Packers' ball on their 39 yard line. Basing ran the ball outside and Chicago was penalized five yards for offside. Second down on Green Bay's 44 yard line. Lambeau got two yards through right tackle, stopped by Halas and McMillen. J. Sternaman intercepted Lambeau's pass and he was downed on Chicago's 48 yard line by O'Donnell. Chicago's ball there, first down. Walquist failed at center. Second down ten to go. Knop also failed at center. Third down ten to go. Walquist punted out of bounds on Green Bay's 12 yard line and it's Packers' ball there. First down ten. Halas intercepted Lambeau's pass and brought the ball to Green Bay's seven yard line, tackled by Mathys and Buck. Walquist failed at center. Second down. J. Sternaman got three yards at left end, stopped by Buck. Walquist stopped at center as the game ended. Score: Chicago, 3; Green Bay, 0.
Chicago Bears (4-1-4) 3, Green Bay Packers (6-3) 0
Sunday November 23rd 1924 (at Chicago)
Legendary rivalry
The Packers-Bears rivalry has had several memorable players and match-ups throughout its history
One of the least surprising facts in pro football history is that the first time players were ejected from an NFL game for fighting occurred in 1924 between the Bears and Packers. Chicago's Frank Hanny got into what was reported as a "heated verbal exchange" with Green Bay's Tillie Voss, which escalated to fisticuffs and both men got tossed. There is no record of the exact dialogue of the verbal exchange but the smart money says it must have had something to do with Voss's nickname. Certainly this couldn't have been the first time Voss, whose given name was Walter, took grief about the handle "Tillie" and you can only push a guy so far before he reaches the breaking point. Voss was not the last Packer to be thrown out of a game against the Bears. Charles Martin was asked to leave the premises after his infamous body slam of Jim McMahon about a calendar day after the play was over during a game in 1986. But Voss is a member of an exclusive club in the history of football's oldest rivalry. He is one of 83 players (according to Stats Inc.) who played for both teams. Some of the players who have suited up on both sides of the Wisconsin/Illinois state line were quite famous. McMahon is at the top of that list. His stints with the Bears, from 1982-88 and the Packers in 1995 and 1996 put him in an even more exclusive section of the club; he won Super Bowl rings with both teams, both times, interestingly enough, at the expense of the New England Patriots. There is a long list of quarterbacks who did duty in Green Bay and Chicago. McMahon's backup on the venerable '85 Bears was Mike Tomczak who eventually became a starter during the late stages of his Chicago tenure (1985-90) before spending the 1991 season in Green Bay. There is even a Heisman Trophy winner in the group; Danny Wuerffel, who won college football's most prestigious award as a Florida Gator in 1996. Like many Heisman winners, Wuerffel performed unremarkably at the next level, struggling with the Saints before spending forgettable seasons mired deeply on the bench with the Packers in 2000 and the Bears in 2001. Jack Concannon played quarterback on mediocre Chicago teams from 1967-71. He was arguably a major reason for the mediocrity. He landed in Green Bay for the 1974 season. Concannon is more famous for his roles in the movies *M*A*S*H*, where he quarterbacked the losing team and "Brian's Song," where he played himself, than for anything he did on a football field that wasn't make believe. Bobby Douglass, who ran first and passed later, succeeded Concannon in Chicago. Douglass was an erratic aerialist, whose tosses were wild and hard, but he rushed for 968 yards in a 14 game season in 1972, a quarterback record that stood for 34 years. He played for the Packers in 1972, which, as it turned out was not his only connection to the dairy state. His son Billy was a point guard on the Badgers basketball team in the early 1990's. Billy's mom is the former Carol O'Neal, who was a Playboy model. Bobby obviously fared much better at finding a wife than locating his receivers. The late Bob Jeter, a cornerback on the Packers championship team during his run in Green Bay (1963-70), finished his career in Chicago (1971-73) and also created a basketball connection to Wisconsin. His son Rob is the head men's basketball coach at UWM. Jeter, born in 1969, was too young to remember his Dad playing, but says his father's experience in Green Bay had an impact on the family. "You always hear about 'Lombardi Time,'" Rob Jeter said. "If we were scheduled to go somewhere, you'd better be ready at least a half hour before we were scheduled to leave." Bob Jeter wound up living in Chicago and working for the city, but he remained a Packer at heart. He was inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame in 1985. "He had fond memories of the Packers, didn't really speak of the Bears," Rob Jeter said. "He was traded to the Packers later in his career and had hoped to stay with the Bears as a coach and it never really materialized. I think because of that, it left a little bit of a sour taste in his mouth, so he never really talked about the Bears, but he was always up for every Packer event." At one of those events, a young Rob Jeter, who grew up in Chicago supporting the Bears, met Bart Starr. "I went up to him and introduced myself and we sat down for a half hour and we just talked. It was that experience that really grew on me. It's a no-brainer now. I'm a Packers fan." Some members of the club experienced greatness with one team, finishing in a lesser role when joining the other side. Running back Jim Grabowski (Packers 1966-70, Bears 1971) and defensive lineman Steve McMichael (Bears 1981-93, Packers 1994) are prime examples. As is Edgar Bennett, one of two current members of the Packers staff on the list. Bennett, Green Bay's running backs coach and Rob Davis, the team's director of player personnel each saw action on both sides of the rivalry. But some of the best stories in this group of 83 predate FOX Sports and even television. "Tiny" Engbretsen played for two Chicago teams, the Bears and the Cardinals before joining the Packers in 1934. He was the starting guard and an accomplished place-kicker and finished his playing career in Green Bay in 1941. "Tiny" got his nickname because of his massive size, 6'1", 240 lbs, slighter in stature than many of today's tailbacks but mammoth attributes at the time. "Tiny" apparently didn't earn much on the football field. He spent his off seasons prospecting for gold in the western U.S. He did more prospecting as a Packer scout after he retired. Ookie Miller played center, guard and linebacker for the Bears from 1932-36 and with the Packers in 1938. His real name was Charles but he got his nickname from his love of cookies. Ookie was another financially challenged combatant from yesteryear. He claimed Bears owner George Halas paid him 100 bucks a game but deducted the expenses of bandages and even doctor visits from his paycheck back in the days when very few players were "physically unable to perform," and being put on "injured reserve" meant a bus ticket home. Too bad Ookie isn't playing these days. He'd have made a bundle endorsing Oreos or Chips Ahoy. And finally, we circle back to Tillie Voss, who in addition to securing his place in NFL history with his ejection for fighting in the Packers battle with the Bears in 1924, was perhaps the most frequent traveler in the annals of professional sports. Tillie played for 11 football teams in 9 seasons. He spent 1924 with Green Bay, and suited up for Chicago in 1927-28. He played for two different teams during the 1921, 1922 and 1929 seasons. In '29, he took the field for both the Dayton Triangles and Buffalo Bisons which both went out of business after the season. And Tillie was on the move 12 months out of the year. He played professional basketball in the American Basketball League from 1925-30 including stints with the Brooklyn Arcadians and Washington Palace Five. I'm guessing Tillie was mostly a renter. He must have gotten killed on deposits. So who will add their names to the already legendary lore surrounding this rivalry this weekend? Will Bears defensive back "Peanut" Tillman get into a row with Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings after enduring merciless taunting about his nickname? With these teams, anything is possible. And somewhere in the great expanse of football heaven, Ookie, Tiny and Tillie will be looking down upon Soldier Field, smiling.
NOVEMBER 25 (Kansas City) - The Green Bay Packers arrived here this morning after a night ride over the Santa Fe railroad in a special Pullman from Chicago, where on Sunday they suffered a 3 to 0 defeat at the hands of the Bears in a pro league football game. The Packers are not in a very aggressive mood, and they are looking for revenge. The upset by the Bruins was an unpleasant dose of medicine and it is a good bet that when they step out on Muehlbach field here on Thanksgiving day to clash with Kansas City, the Big Bay Blues will be right on edge for a battle royal...PLENTY OF INTEREST: There appears to be quite a bit of interest here over the game. Manager Andrews of the Kansas City club has advertised the Bays to the skies, the Packers are billed here as one of the greatest professional football teams in the country. The newspapers are giving Lewellen quite a play along with Tillie Voss, Lambeau, Buck and the other stars of the Big Bay Blues. The Packers were worked out in Muehlbach field this afternoon and another drill is scheduled for Wednesday. The Kansas City Athletic Club has opened its doors to the Bays and everything is being done to make the stay here a pleasant one. The squad is stopping at the Dixon, one of the leading hotels in Kansas City. Although the defeat by the Bears sort of skidded the Packers' national championship hopes, there is still a fighting chance for a playoff in the title series and the Bays are determined to come through with victories over Kansas City and Racine, whom they play on Sunday...FOUR HORSEMEN VISIT: Jimmy Crowley and the other famous Four Horsemen from Notre Dame visited with the Packers before they went back to South Bend on Monday. These players all sang the praises of Zip Vergara, star Notre Dame end and lineman of 1923, who has come to terms with the Packer management and will probably be seen in action on Sunday with the Big Bay Blues against Racine. Aside from Jabber Murray's stiff neck and a few other minor bruises, the team came out of the Bears combat in good shape. Tillie Voss'; mitts are none the worse for the tilt with Battling Hanny.
NOVEMBER 26 (Kansas City) - All signs point to a good turnout of football fans here on Thanksgiving afternoon when the Packers battle Kansas City in a pro league game at Muehlbach park. There will be room for all and then some as Muehlbach park is one of the biggest in the country. It has it over Cubs park in Chicago like a tent. Green Bayians are beginning to rally to the support of the Packers here. About a dozen former residents of the Bay have dropped in to say hello and reserve their tickets for Thursday's game. Among them were Wildred Moore, Fred Basche, Bud Arthur and Capeheart...KAWS LOAD UP: The Big Bay Blues are going to have a battle on their hands as the Kaws have been pointed for this game. Manager Andrews has "loaded up" for the engagement and it is said that a number of new faces will be seen in the battle front. Eddie Usher is still tending bar around here and he will play against the Bays along with Jack Milton, another ex-Packer. Lewellen, who had a two day absence leave reported Wednesday morning, brought along with him several of the Nebraska players who will be guests on the Packer bench. Among them was Weir, giant tackle. This husky Cornhusker may be a Packer after he finishes college...EXPECT TOUGH GAME: The Bays have had two practices here and the club should be 
NOVEMBER 27 (Kansas City) - The advance guard of Green Bay rooters blew in here Wednesday night. Perkins, who hasn't missed a Packer game in eight years, arrived at the Dixon hotel, accompanied by Bunion and Jorgenson. They had been on the road since Sunday. About a hundred reservations have been sold in the Green Bay section. The Packer squad participated in a street parade on Wednesday afternoon to help boost the game. Headed by a band, the players on both teams traveled through the streets in an automobile procession. A calliope wound up on the tail end. The cars carried big signs saying: "See the Packers on Thursday at Muehlbach park, one of the world's best football teams."...LOOK AT THE ELEPHANT: The cars carrying the Big Bay Blues were decorated in the team's colors and the Packer blankets were draped over the hoods. It is estimated that 10,000 persons watched the pigskin march. It sure was a peach of an advertising stunt. The players had a lot of fun out of it until some of the onlookers began likening the affair to a circus parade and one urchin drew a laugh when he pointed a finger at Cub Buck, saying, "Oh, look at the elephant." Woodin didn't like the parade because no Fords were available...EARLY TO BED: The  gang was all to bed early Wednesday night and there was plenty of pep on tap Thursday morning. Every member of the team is fit for the fray and they are confident of getting back on victory row. Thursday night the Packers will gather around the festive board and enjoy a Thanksgiving feed. A varied program has been arranged for with each member of the squad doing his bit.
NOVEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The famous Playograph will again carry Green Bay football fans to the sidelines of a Packer gridiron contest on Sunday afternoon. This time to the game with Racine Legion at Racine. The board will record every move of the Packer eleven as it is made upon the field at the southern Wisconsin city. Kickoff will be marked up at 2:00 o'clock but the wire will open at 1:30 in plenty of time to get the preliminary dope as to the general conditions before the game. A small admission fee will be charged.
NOVEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Next Sunday will probably be the last time that The Press-Gazette will operate its football playograph this season. It is hoped that the public has received as much pleasure in the operation as both the football and baseball boards as has The Press-Gazette in offering this amusement to interested fans. The Press-Gazette has been complimented on this service many times and therein lies the only satisfaction in such an undertaking. All game were shown free with the exception of the Packers' out-of-town datings. These, too, would have been given without charge had not the Green Bay Football corporation been worthy and in need of every bit of financial support. The advertising value of the Packers to the city of Green Bay cannot be computed in dollars and cents. Professional football has broadcast the name of Green Bay as a live, sport-loving and progressive city. Such an enviable reputation could not be brought, but the means of gaining such a hold on the public mind has been and always should be supported financially. When the Packers' games were shown on the playograph The Press-Gazette operated the board bore the expense and turned the proceeds over to the football corporation.
Fans here are gathered at Legion Park in Green Bay to watch the “Playograph” which relayed Packer plays during away games in 1924, before the advent of radio. Telegraph reports from the game’s press box were used to re-create the game on a mechanical display board. (Source: Packerville Blog)
at top speed tomorrow. The team is confident of climbing a notch in the percentage table at the expense of the Kaws but it is going to be a whole lot tougher game than the folks at home think. The Packers will start their regular lineup with Lewellen playing left halfback. The team is in great shape.