(GREEN BAY) - Some three thousand enthusiastic spectators saw the Packers win their opening game in the chase for the NFL championship Sunday afternoon
at the City stadium in Joannes park at the expense of
the Hammond All Stars by the score of 14 to 0. It was
just as bitterly a contested gridiron exhibition as the
score would indicated. The visitors lived up to advance
notices. They came here with an aggregation of pigskin
chasers who are capable performers on the chalk
marked field. Hammond had a sweet looking backfield
and a rugged line. Before the season is over Doc Young
& Co. are going to win a lot of games in Joe Carr's
football circuit.
Hammond had built up a defense against forward
passes but, just the same, the Bays came through with
some splendid gains via the aerial route. Once again
the Packer machine of 1925 showed a punch. In other
seasons the Big Bay Blues relied mostly on the aerial
attack for gains but this year the line is opening holes
and the backs are riding through for timely gains.
This punch was very much in evidence late in the third
quarter and early in the fourth. With Captain Lambeau
on the sidelines with an injury, the team carried on
nevertheless and crashed their way down the field and
across the goal with a consistent line plunging attack.
Hammond was battling all the way. During the final
quarter, the visitors loomed dangerous several different
times but the Packers super-forward wall was always
equal to the occasion and the invaders were stopped
dead in their tracks.
It was an interesting game to watch. There was a lot of
open football and plenty of thrilling plays. There were
but few penalties and, on those called, the Packers lost
the bulk of the yardage. The visitors loomed as a threat
all way. The slippery Pollard, speedy Robinson or hard
hitting Falcon were closely watched by the Packers
who covered this trio of stars like a tent nearly all the
game. It would have meant trouble if any of these
players reached the open field as they sure can travel.
The Packer machine played first class football. It had to
or else Hammond would have spilled the beans. The 
Bays looked in much better shape than in the game
against Iron Mountain. George Vegara has won a home
here. The flashy end played as good a game of football
at end yesterday as has ever been seen on a Green
Bay field. Dick O'Donnell on the other end of the line
was going at top speed with "dark meat" as his
specialty. Buck, Earps and Abramson were very much 
in the game at the tackles. Woodin, Gardner and Jean
did their job nicely at the guards while Ojay Larson was
a whole team in himself at center. As usual, the
backfield stars shone brightly. Mathys was in every
play. Lewellen continued his brilliant work of last
Sunday while Basing, Lambeau, Norton and Harris
deserve special mention for their brilliant work in
advancing the ball.
The Packers, facing a strong wind, opened hostilities
by kicking to Hammond. Hess received the ball but
didn't get very far. A fumble put the invaders under a
load right off the bat and they punted. The Bays didn't
do much in their first three downs and Lewellen kicked.
Hammond couldn't gain yardage and Hess punted to
Mathys, who made a free catch on the Bays' 20 yard
line. Here the Packers chalked up a first down. Three
rushes netted little and Lewellen booted to Robinson,
who was dumped in his track by Vergara. The visitors
failed to show much on the attack and punted again.
The Packers returned the kick. Hammond's air attack
flivvered out. Towards the close of the period, the Bays
got a couple of first downs. The second quarter opened
with the ball about in midfield. Soon after, Lewellen
booted over the Hammond goal line. The ball was put
in scrimmage on the 20 yard line. Hammond soon 
kicked out of danger. Here the Packers started a march
for a touchdown. Three forward passes had Hammond
backed up to its goal posts and a pass, which Lewellen
grabbed behind the line, made the score. Lambeau
kicked the goal.
Hammond pulled a fluke kickoff and recovered the 
pigskin on the Packers' 35 yard line. Buck broke up the
advance when he intercepted a Hammond pass while
doing a nose dive. Then Lewellen got off a 70 yard punt
and the ball was put in play on Hammond's twenty. The
invaders failed in two smashes and Kendrick punted.
The Packers cut loose again and it looked like another
score but a pass which just grazed Lewellen's fingers
grounded behind the goal line and it was Hammond's
ball. Kendrick kicked poorly and once more the 
Packers opened up. Robinson, however, spoiled the
touchdown advance by intercepting a pass close to the
goal and soon after halftime was called.
The crowd got a laugh on the opening play of the third quarter when Buck took the kickoff and scampered back eight yards before he was downed. It took about half the Hammond team to stop him. Several first downs out the ball on Hammond's 30 yard mark. Here the visitors braced and Lambeau attempted a dropkick from the 40-yard line which fell short by a few feet. Fritz Pollard went into the game at half for Hammond. He celebrated his appearance by fumbling a pass and being thrown for a 10-yard loss. Gil Falcon replaced Hess at fullback for the visitors and cracked the line for five. Pollard added three. Kendrick punted to Mathys and the Bays started down the field again. At this stage of the game, Captain Lambeau was injured and forced to leave the game. Jack Harris, despite his injured ankle, went into the fray and did splendid service. The Packers got two first downs but were forced to kick and Lewellen booted behind the goal line. The visitors scrimmaged on the 20-yard line. They made 8 yards in two downs, added another on the third rush but couldn't make the necessary 36 inches on the fourth try for a first down and it was the Packers' ball on Hammond's 30 yard line.
This time the Bays were never stopped until they scored a touchdown on line smashing. Basing got three. Harris added another and then Basing crashed for a first down. This ended the third quarter. Starting the final period, Lewellen got three yards and followed with another three. Jack Harris made it a first down over the husky Carman. The goal line was only seven yards away. A penalty set the Packers back to the 12-yard mark. Lewellen gained four. Harris added two and then the Packer line ripped a big hole and Basing zipped through the remaining distance for a touchdown. Buck kicked the goal. Woodin kicked off for the Packers and the visitors began to show signs of life. After an exchange of punts, a penalty for holding cost the Bays 15 yards and the Packers were deep in their own territory. Several changes were made in the Packer lineup. Jean, Abramson and Norton going in for Woodin, Earps and Lewellen, respectively. A punt by Basing went out of bounds on the Packers' 30 yard line and the outlook wasn't very encouraging.
Pollard couldn't gain. Falcon made five. Two passes were incomplete, the second one grounding behind the Packers' goal. The Bays put the ball in play on the 20-yard line. On the second play, a Packer was offside and this meant a five-yard loss. Buck punted 30 yards. After two rushes, Kendrick failed in a field goal. Mathys ran it back to the 20-yard mark. The Packers failed to gain and Buck's kick went out of bounds on the 25-yard line. Annan skirted end for a first down. Here the Packers 
HAMMOND   -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  7  0  7 - 14
2nd - GB - Lewellen pass from Mathys (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Basing run (Buck kick) GREEN BAY 14-0

The Packers kickoff to Hammond. Woodin kicked 30 yards to Hess, who was downed in his tracks. Kendrick fumbled but recovered. Robinson was held at center. Annan made a yard through left tackle. Kendrick punted 40 yards to Mathys, who returned 5. Basing gained a yard at right tackle. Lewellen added three more in the same place. A pass from Lambeau to O'Donnell was incomplete. Lewellen punted 30 yards outside on Hammond's 44 yard line. Annan fumbled but flopped on the ball. Kendrick punted 35 yards, Mathys making a fair catch on the 20 yard line. Basing made a yard at left tackle, and Curley added three more around left end. Lewellen passed to Lambeau for a gain of 5 yards and first down. Basing hit left tackle for a yard, and then pushed through center for 6 more. Lewellen hit right guard for a yard. Lewellen punted 45 yards to Robinson, who was downed in his tracks by Vergara's flying tackle. Robinson made a yard through center. Hess hit the same place for 3 more. Annan hit right guard for a small gain. Hess punted 40 yards to Mathys, who returned the ball 10 yards to the 35 yard line. Basing hit a stonewall at right guard. Lambeau's pass to Lewellen was incomplete. Lewellen punts 45 yards to Robinson, who was again tackled by Vergara. A pass by Kendrick was incomplete. Annan pushed through center for a half a yard. Basing blocked Kendrick's pass. Hess punted 60 yards to Mathys, who returned the ball 12 yards. Lambeau smashed through center for 5 yards. Mathys gained a yard at center. Lambeau ran around right end for 15 yards. Lewellen hit center for 8 yards.
Lambeau made first down through right guard. Basing went through left tackle for a small gain. Lambeau was thrown for an 8 yard loss on an attempted forward pass. Another pass by Curley was incomplete, and Lewellen punted 60 yards behind goal. Annan gained half a yard through center. Kendrick punted 30 yards to Lambeau, who moved the ball up a yard. Lambeau passed 10 yards to Lewellen who ran 15 more. Basing took the ball outside. Basing was held at right tackle. Lambeau tossed the ball 10 yards to O'Donnell, who ran two yards before going outside. Basing hit center for a 2 yard gain. Mathys passed to Lewellen over the goal line for a touchdown. Lambeau dropkicked the goal. Kendrick kicked off 20 yards to Woodin, who fumbled. Hess recovered for Hammond. Two passes by Kendrick failed, but another gained 8 yards. Robinson lost half a yard on an attempted left end run. Buck intercepted Kendrick's pass and was held on the Packers' 30 yard line. Lewellen punted 70 yards behind the goal line. Kendick was held at left guard, and two of his passes were incomplete. Kendrick punted 30 yards, the ball being held by a Hammond end. A lateral pass, Lambeau-Basing, gained three yards. Lewellen smashed through right tackle for a 4 yard gain. A pass was incomplete. On a fake kick formation, Lambeau passed 6 yards to Mathys. Another pass failed, and then Curley plowed right through center for 10 yards and first down. A forward pass behind the goal line failed, and it was Hammond's ball on their own 20 yard line. Kendrick tossed the ball to Annan for a 4 yard gain. Two passes were knocked down, and then Kendrick punted, the ball traveling but 10 yards before going outside. Lambeau hurled a 10 yard pass to Charlie Mathys, who ran 5 yards. A pass from Curley to Lewellen was blocked. Robinson intercepted Lewellen's forward pass and held the ball on Hammond's 20 yard line. Kendrick threw three incomplete passes, and then punted 25 yards outside on the 30 yard line. A long pass by Lambeau was incomplete.
Kendrick kicked off 30 yards to Buck, who returned the ball 8 yards to the 38 yard line. Basing was held at left guard. Lambeau completed a pass to Lewellen, who ran outside for a 10 yard gain. Curley made first down through left guard for 4 yards. Lewellen passed to Lambeau for a 5 yard gain. Lewellen hit left guard for first down. Basing added three more at left tackle. Lambeau couldn't gain through the same hole. Lewellen's pass was knocked down. Lambeau attempted a dropkick which fell short and was returned by Annan to the 20 yard line. A low pass by center caused Pollard to lose 10 yards. Pollard hit right guard for 5 yards. Falcon hit 3 more through center. Kendrick punted 50 yards to Mathys, who returned the ball 5 yards to the Packers' 45 yard line. Lewellen went through right tackle for 4 yards. Lambeau went around right for 5 more. Basing gained 3 yards for first down at left guard. A pass, Lambeau to Lewellen, failed. Lewellen's forward pass was blocked. Another pass by Lewellen was incomplete, and he punted 60 yards to behind goal. Falcon gained 5 yards at left guard. Annan added 3 at center. Falcon made a few feet at left guard. Annan ran against a wall, and it was the Packers' ball on Hammond's 30 yard line. Basing made 2 yards at right guard. Harris made one more at right tackle. Basing smashed through guard for an 8 yard gain. Harris hit right guard for 3 yards.
Lewellen hit right tackle for 3 yards. Lewellen smashed through the same place for 3 and a half yards. Harris made first down through right tackle, and the Packers had 7 yards to go. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards. Lewellen gained 4 and a half yards at left tackle. Harris smashed into right guard for 2 more. Basing went over left tackle for a touchdown. Buck kicked the goal by placement. Woodin kicked off to the 10 yard line. Annan returning the ball to the 25 yard line. Kendrick punted 45 yards to Mathys, who was held. Norton lost a yard on an attempted end run. Basing gained a yard at left tackle. Norton ran around left end for a small gain. Green Bay was penalized 15 yards for holding. Basing punted 20 yards offside on the 30 yard line. Pollard couldn't gain around right end. Falcon made 5 yards through left guard. Kendrick threw two incomplete passes, and a third one, behind the goal line, gave the Packers the ball on their own 20 yard line. Harris couldn't gain at left guard, but Basing hit left tackle for 3 yards. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards for offside. Norton got it back with a 5 yard gain around right end. Buck punted 30 yards, the ball held by a Packer end. Annan hit right guard for a yard gain. Annan was held on an attempted pass. Hess' pass was incomplete. An attempted placement by Kendrick fell short and was returned by Mathys to the 20 yard line. Norton gained 2 yards at left guard. Norton was thrown for a 3 yard loss on an attempted left end run. Norton lost two more yards at right end. Buck's punt was partially blocked and went offside on the 20 yard line. A pass by Annan failed. Annan gained 10 yards around end. Kendrick was held at right guard. Falcon met a stonewall at left tackle. Hess was stopped at the same place. Annan was thrown for a 10 yard loss. Kendrick's long pass behind the goal was incomplete as the game ended.
Green Bay Packers (1-0) 14, Hammond Pros (0-1) 0
Sunday September 20th 1925 (at Green Bay)
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday afternoon should prove a gala day for football fans not only in Green Bay but all over Northeastern Wisconsin as well. The occasion will be the third invasion of this city by the famous Chicago Bears, one of the outstanding professional football teams in the country, who this year have a better aggregation than ever before. Not only will their lineup contain all of their old stars but a host of new ones as well, all fighting mad to obtain revenge for the 5 to 0 defeat which the Packers handed them on the occasion of their last visit to this city. If weather conditions are favorable, it is expected that a capacity crowd will flock to the new city stadium to witness the battle. The new field will accommodate 6,000 with ease and the Packer management has gone the limit to handle the huge crowd with the utmost dispatch. Extra ushers have been engaged to handle the patrons of the reserved seat sections and extra general admission seats have been set up. The seating capacity of the reserved sections is now 4,150 while there are about close to 2,000 seats provided for general admission patrons. There is easily standing room for another 1,000 in addition to Green Bay's now famous Knot Hole gang. The game will start at the usual time, 2:15. Many favorable comments have been heard on the excellent parking accommodations available and it is announced that several extra men will be detailed to assist the city motorcycle police in handling the turnout on Sunday...HOLD SECRET PRACTICE: A week of secret practice finds the Packers fit and ready for the battle or as the popular expression foes, "Rarin' to go". Many new plays have been rehearsed and much time devoted to the perfection of the famous aerial attack. Captain Lambeau's aggregation will have several surprise plays which they will spring on the Bears. Buck's charley horse has left him and Jack Harris, former Wisconsin captain, reports that his ankles are in good shape and will permit of his denting the giant Bear line for many gains. The Packers still remember vividly the 3 to 0 defeat handed them by the Bears at Chicago and are out to settle this old score. Fans will remember this battle in which Tillie Voss was ruled out for fighting back with a Bear player...TEAM IN GOOD SHAPE: Manager Halas of the Bears has wired the Green Bay management that his team is also physically fit for the game and their tie game with Rock Island on last Sunday has served to put them on edge for this game which they deem one of the most important on their schedule. Among the many new players in their lineup are Fleckenstein of Iowa, famous All Western guard, Don Murry, Romney and Mohardt, who played with Racine last year. The old stars include Manager Halas, Dutch Sternaman, Joe Sternaman, Trafton, Scott, Blacklock, Hanny, Walquist, Knop, Bryan, Healey. Rumor has it that Halas threatened to shake up his team if they don't slip a win over the Packers and if fight and determination means anything the Packers will be in for a busy afternoon. The story has also been making the rounds that the Bears have evolved a defense for the aerial attack of the Packers and confidently expect that the foremost exponents of the passing game in the pro league will find rather rough sailing in the coming game.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - This weekend sees the pro league teams get well underway in their race for the 1925 championship. Nine games are scheduled, eight being played next Sunday while Buffalo and Philadelphia are booked for Saturday...The Bisons get a stiff dose right off the bat because following their game with the Yellowjackets, the Buffalo eleven jumps to Pottsville, Pa., for the Sabbath day argument. It is a tough test for the Koppisch aggregation...The Providence Steam Rollers lived up to their game in their non-league fray last Sunday against the West Point artillery unit. Led by Harry Stuhldreher, ex-Notre Dame star, Providence ran up a 127 to 0 landslide...Paddy Driscoll continues to shine just as brightly as ever on the gridiron for the Chicago Cardinals. Driscoll played super football last Sunday for Chris O'Brien's team and the Cards defeated Harvey to the tune of 14-6...The Bears and Rock Island still have the tie game habit. These clubs battled to a 0-0 contest in a league fray last Sunday. Fumbles cost the Islanders a touchdown while the Sternamans blew field goal chances by inches...Al Bloodgood of Nebraska has signed to play quarterback for the Kansas City Blues. Late last fall, Bloodgood was elected to captain the Cornhuskers in 1925 but the ballot was ruled out and Bloodgood left the university...Scotty Bierce, who played end for Cleveland in 1924, will coach and hold down a wing position for Akron this year. Bierce is a lawyer in Akron and he will be on the job through the season directing the activities of the team...Louie Kolls, husky lineman, has again donned a Rock Island uniform. Kolls should be in good shape for a strenuous year on the gridiron as he has recently completed a season as umpire in the Mississippi Valley ball wheel...Culver, who gained football fame as an All American center at Syracuse, has been secured to snap the ball for the Canton Bulldogs. Culver was with Buffalo last fall and proved to be a capable gridder on the pro field...Bucher, a product of Detroit U, will play one of the ends for the Pottsville Maroons. He has reported to Coach Rauch and is being used regularly in the lineup. The former Detroiter is right at home receiving forward passes...Swede Youngstrom and Feist are the only holdovers of the 1924 Buffalo All Americans. Captain Koppisch has a lot of new blood in the lineup. Gay of Minnesota is one of the new men at guard...Milt Romney, Johnny Mohardt and Beef King, aces of the Racine Legion eleven in 1924, have put their names on Chicago Bear contracts. Romney and Mohardt are classy backfielders while King is a 260-pound lineman...The Green Bay Packers won their opening league game by taking Hammond into camp, 14 to 0. Hammond has its best looking team in years and Doc Young's aggregation made things mighty interesting for the Badger state champions...Joe Sloate, who made a name for himself as a plunging fullback at Indiana last season, has come to terms with the Akron management. Barry, a former Hammond lineman, will also perform with Scotty Bierce's pigskin machine...The New York All Collegians have completed a deal by which Alexander and Nash of the Rochester club will play with the Broadwayites. Billy Gibson, the N.Y. owner, is spending a lot of money to produce a winner...In Pete Henry and Lyman, the Canton Bulldogs have as a good a pair of tackles as there is playing pro football. Henry's educated toe should held the Cantonians win a lot of games in the pennant chase again this year...Barney Livergood, one of Knute Rockne's gridders at Notre Dame for the past several years, has been secured by the Columbus club via the release route from Detroit. He should be a valuable addition to the Tigers...Many new faces are being seen with the Chicago Cardinals. Chris O'Brien has let loose many of his veterans. Among the newcomers is Ralph Claypool from Purdue who was considered the best Big Ten snapper back last fall...The Rock Island management has plugged the open date for Sunday caused by Racine dropping out of the pro league by booking the Dayton club. The Triangles are apt to find the going pretty tough against the Independents...George Vegara of Notre Dame, who took Tillie Voss' place at right end for the Packers, promises to be a sensation on the postgraduate gridiron. His brilliant defensive play featured the Bays' combat against Hammond...Duluth opened its football season by playing a 0-0 game with Ironwood, Mich. These teams are old rivals on the gridiron. This Sunday Manager Scanlon's team will mix with the Kansas City Blues in a pro league encounter...After several years absence, pro football on a league basis will return to Detroit on Sunday when Columbus rubs elbows with the crack outfit that Jimmy Conzelman assembled to represent the Automobile City.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The biggest game of the 1925 professional football season in Green Bay will be played Sunday afternoon at the City stadium in Joannes park, between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, two of the strongest teams in the NFL. The kickoff is at 2:15. The game will be played rain or shine. The annual invasion of the Windy City Bruins is always a red letter date on the gridiron calendar of not only Green Bay but Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan as well. The football fans come for miles around to see this game and
the handwriting on the wall points to a crowd that will tax
the capacity of the huge stadium...SEAT FOR EVERY
SPECTATOR: However, the management of the Packers
is hopeful of providing a seat for every spectator at the
game. Extra bleachers have been erected for Sunday's
contest and this will provide a total seating capacity of
approximately 6,000 and in case of an overflow, there will
be standing room for another 1,200. There are still a
number of choice reservations available. In order to
handle the large crowd, the gates at the park will be
opened at 12:45. General admission tickets are sold
only at the field. A reserved seat ticket window at the
park is to be ready for business at 10:30 Sunday
morning. Special police arrangements have been
provided for and there will be parking spaces for a
thousand cars. The American Legion band will be on
hand, as usual, to put a lot of extra pep in the crowd.
The musicians are to be on the job early this Sunday
and they will render a band concert before the game
besides bursting forth with peppy tunes at every
appropriate moment. The Legion police force is asked
to report not later than 12:30...BEARS MIGHT GOOD:
The Bears have one of the strongest pro football teams
in the country. There are at least a half dozen All
American selections performing with the Bruins and 
every other man on the team has made his name on the collegiate gridiron. Healy and Blacklock, the Bears' tackles, are a pair hard to beat while George Trafton has been picked as the best center on the postgraduate gridiron for three seasons. The Sternaman brothers are two classy backs while Johnny Mohardt is a whole team in himself behind the line and he zips the pigskin as if it were a baseball. The Packers have worked behind closed gates for a week and the Big Bay Blues are in fairly good shape. It is going to be a battle royal and every member of the Green Bay eleven can be counted on to give the Bruins a reception that they won't forget for many a moon. It promises to be a wonderful exhibition of the gridiron pastime. Both teams are composed of smart footballers. The Packers' air drive is noted the league over while the Bears have a set of crashing backs who can gain a lot of ground. The Sternaman brothers are wonderful drop and placekickers while the Packers in Buck and Lewellen have a pair of bootsmiths who can ride the ball a mile.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - An eleventh hour change was necessary in the officials as George Downer of Milwaukee found it impossible to work as referee. President Joe Carr of the NFL has named Halsey Hall, sport editor of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, to handle the game.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Due to the heavy demand for tickets to the Packer-Bear game, arrangements have been made to sell tickets at the Press-Gazette Saturday night from 8 until 10 p.m., and Sunday morning from 10 a.m. until noon.
SEPTEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Go-Get-Em-George". That is the name that one of the youngsters in the Knot Hole Gang wished on Vegara. And it just about hits the nail on the end. The former Notre Dame star gave it as good an exhibition of end play as any football fan could wish in Sunday's game against Hammond...Before the game, Doc Young, Hammond manager, made the remark that his team was going to muss up Lambeau's passes. Doc was all smiles during the opening quarter but long before the third quarter was ended, he willingly admitted that the Packers' air attack was second to none in the pro loop...Lambeau will be fit and rarin' to go for the Bear game. The Packers' brilliant captain suffered a painful injury during the third quarter but, according to the doctors, he will be out in togs on Tuesday, little the worse for his mishap at the hands of the Hammond outfit...For a man with a sprained ankle, Harris recovered very quickly when he was sent into the fracas. Jack forgot all about his injured member and ripped gaping holes in the visitors' forward wall. And, incidentally, Buck put up a great exhibition although he was handicapped by a charley horse...Among those in attendance was Ambrose McGurk and his sidekick Peaches Nadolney. McGurk came up to get an eyeful of the Packers and he said he saw plenty. The Milwaukee manager wants the world to know that despite rumors to the contrary, his club will be in the going like in past years...Fritz Pollard, one of the greatest Negro football players in captivity, didn't last very long. Buck and O'Donnell sat on him once after he fumbled a pass from center and it seemed to take all the wind out of his sails. Pollard is a mighty dangerous man if he once gets past the scrimmage line...Lewellen got off some long distance punts that sailed through the ozone like an airship. One of his spirals in the second quarter traveled at least 70 yards. Lew kicks 'em high and this gives his ends plenty of time to gallop down the field and dump the receiver in his tracks...Iverson, the Sheboygan athletic director, is making a hit with the fans by his officiating. He follows the ball ala Bobby Cahn and is on top of every play. This is Iverson's first year out in handling pro league football but he seems to be developing into a corking good referee...The Bears are coming. They will be here Sunday and those who want to see the Windy City mix with the Packers in a game which may go a long way towards deciding the national football championship better get their tickets early because it is a good  bet that the big stadium will be jammed to the doors.
SEPTEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers are going to stage a practice all week at the City stadium. All spectators will be barred. Captain Lambeau wants his players to work under cover in preparation for the Bear game on Sunday and the fans are requested to stay away from the park while the Packers are drilling. Tickets for the Bear game will be placed on sale at the usual places about town tonight.
SEPTEMBER 22 (Chicago) - These are busy days for the Chicago Bears and each morning sees about two dozen members of the squad booting the pigskin around the outfield turf of the Chicago Cubs ballpark. A.M. practice is necessary because the National League baseball team is playing at home. Life is just one tough game after another for the Bruins as they are playing on foreign fields until Sunday October 18 when they open the season here with Cleveland. Last Sunday, the Bears had a battle on their hands at Rock Island but got away with a draw, 0 to 0...HAVE RESPECT FOR PACKERS: This weekend, the Halasmen invade Green Bay to meet the famous Packers and the Bruins will breathe a whole lot easier when this game is over. The Bears know that the Packer game is one of the toughest on the schedule. The Badger state champions have already chalked up two victories and reports from the Wisconsin town have it that Captain Lambeau's squad is all set to set back the Bruins. After the Green Bay game, the Bears invade Detroit to meet Jimmy Conzelman's outfit. The following Sunday, October 11, is still open due to the fact that Racine has dropped out of the league but the Chicago management is pulling every string possible to close a game...STRONGER TEAM THIS YEAR: It is the general opinion that the Bears of 1925 are stronger than the last year's team which finished second up in the pro league race. Manager Halas has nearly all his old stars and a raft of new material. The Bears boast of a half dozen All Americans. Among the newcomers in the Bear squad this year are Milt Romney, King and Johnny Mohardt, who starred with Racine last fall. Mohardt was an All American back at Notre Dame while Romney and King gained football fame at Chicago. Don Murray, Wisconsin, Fleckenstein, Iowa, and White of Lombard are also making their debut with the Bruins. Halas and Hanny are playing the ends for the Bears while in Blacklock and Healey, the Bruins have
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There are still plenty of good sears available for the Green Bay Packer-Chicago Bear pro league football game which will be played here Sunday afternoon at the City stadium in Joannes park. The demand for reservations has been unusually brisk but it is well for prospective purchasers to remember that reserved seat capacity at the City stadium is nearly three times as large as at the old Bellevue park...CAN SEAT 5,400: The huge grandstands located on both sides of the gridiron between the 30-yard lines, can handle an enormous throng. Each of these stands has a seating capacity of approximately 2,100 while it is possible to seat another 1,200 in the bleachers. This is a total seating capacity of 5,400. What's more there is standing room for another 1,500. Seats will be on sale at the usual places about town and in Appleton and Neenah until Saturday night. Those having reservations are urged to pick them early so as to avoid confusion during the rush hour. The ticket window at the City stadium will be opened Sunday morning at 10:20. Gates at the park will swing back at 12:45 and the kickoff is scheduled promptly at 2:15...ROOM FOR ALL: There is no question but that a capacity crowd will be on hand to see the Packers mix with the Bears in a game that will go a long way towards deciding titular honors in the pro league. However, the Green Bay management wants the football fans of Green Bay, Upper Michigan and Northeastern Wisconsin to know that there will be room for all in the big park. Hundreds of fans are expected to come here from Milwaukee and points en route to Green Bay and from Ishpeming and other cities in Upper Michigan as excursions are passing through here and many will take advantage of the low rates and drop off for the game. Many of the places selling tickets in Green Bay have disposed of their first installment and additional blocks of choice reservations are being put out by the management. Hundreds of requests for seats have been received from out of town fans and, from present indications, it would seem as if all roads will lead to the Bay on Sunday...PACKERS DRILLING HARD: In the meantime, the Packer squad is engaging in secret practice at the stadium and Captain Lambeau is driving his players at a terrific clip so that they will be right on edge Sunday in order to give George Halas and his husky Bears a reception that they will remember for a long time.
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Packers and the Bears meet in their annual contest here next Sunday, the event will be below its
usual standard if it does not constitute a major athletic
event in the lives of not only the blue clad warriors who
will represent Green Bay on the field, but also in the
lives of some 6,000 spectators who will visit the park.
The players who will perform on the field will represent
some of the best in the world at this sport. That in itself
is a remarkable fact and sufficient to bring many out
who have not sufficient interest in the game to want to
devote much time to it. However for the majority of fans
who are well acquainted with the merits of every man on
each team, the exhibition will be something more than 
an opportunity to view a number of famous gridiron
performers. A year ago, September 21, the Green Bay
Packers defeated the Chicago Bears, 5 to 0. Who in
Green Bay has forgotten that fact? But that is not all.
The Packers have not been defeated on their own field
since October 28, 1923. On that memorable occasion,
the Racine Legion team scored 24 points while the
Packers were able to garner only 3 points. This fact is
not so well remembered as the defeat of the Bears last
year and it seems almost criminal to mention it as most
folks have come to believe that it really never did happen
and possible never can happen again. The Packers win
on their own ground, and they are hard to beat away 
from home. This is the tradition in Green Bay. On
November 25, 1923, they took Duluth into camp 10 to 0,
and since that date have never lost a contest on the
Green Bay gridiron. They have won 10 home games
without a break, and some 6,000 Green Bay people are
confident that the victory march cannot be broken, even
by the mighty Bears. The record is an interesting one.
Here are the scalps taken by the Packers on their own
lot: November 25, 1923, Duluth 10 to 0; November 29,
1923, Hammond 19 to 0; September 14, 1924, 
Ironwood, 15 to 0; September 21, 1924, Chicago Bears
5 to 0; October 12, Kansas City, 16 to 0; October 19,
Milwaukee, 19 to 0; November 2, Racine, 6 to 3;
September 13, 1925, Iron Mountain, 48 to 6; September
20, 1925, Hammond, 14 to 0. That list includes the best and it includes the Bears. It is small wonder that the football fans are confidently expecting victory Sunday. We are confident also that the Packers will deserve the confidence of the spectators. Don't break the string. Make it eleven straight!
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer management has arranged to set up 800 more bleacher seats at the City stadium in Joannes park and these stands will be ready for use on Sunday when the Packers give battle to the Chicago Bears in what promises to be one of the greatest pro football encounters of the season. Despite the fact that the biggest crowd that ever witnesses a gridiron encounter in Green Bay is expected be in attendance, it is the aim of the Packer management to provide every spectator with a seat. When it was seen that the demand was greater than the supply for bleacher seats, the Green Bay Football corporation lost little time in setting up the additional stands, which will be located near the main entrance...NEARS BOILING POINT: As the day for the important contest approaches, interest is nearing the boiling over point, not alone in Green Bay but in the neighboring cities as well. The announcement that there would be seats for all has met with a popular reception and a renewed flood of ticket applications are sweeping in from all parts of Northeastern Wisconsin. Requests for reservations have been received from as far north as Ishpeming, Mich. A delegation of Racine fans are coming here for the game and a number of Milwaukee football enthusiasts have asked for seats as they are going to take advantage of the excursion railroad rates and make the trip to the Bay...SEND FOOTBALL SQUAD: Oconto Falls high is sending its entire football squad as they have purchased a block of 37 seats. Mulligan Seroogy reports a brisk demand in Neenah-Menasha while Basing, the Packer halfback, is doing a land office business at his sport good establishment in Appleton. The places about town selling tickets report an unprecedented demand. Many of the establishments have twice been forced to secure extra blocks of tickets in order to fill orders of their customers. It is well to remember that this brisk sale if only of reserve seats. No general admissions are being disposed of previous to the time that the gates are open at the park. There will be approximately 2,000 general admission seats available at the park and standing room for another thousand spectators...HOLD SECRET PRACTICE: The Packer squad, sixteen strong, is holding secret practice every day at the park. With but one of two exceptions, the players are in pretty good shape and they can be counted on to put up the battle of their lives when the whistle blows on Sunday afternoon. Reports from Chicago have it that Manager Halas will bring nineteen players with him to Green Bay. The Bears are putting in some strenuous drills at Cub park and the weak spots exhibited in the Rock Island game are being ironed out. The Bears fear the Packers' passing attack more than anything else and they are said to be building up an air defense by which they hope to check the famous offensive of the Big Bay Blues.
a pair of All American tackles. Scott, an All American from Wisconsin, is holding down one of the guards while McMillen is flanking the center on the other side of the line. George Trafton, considered the greatest center in pro football, is back again snapping the pigskin...CLASSY SET OF BACKS: The Bears have no end of class behind the line. Aside from Mohardt, Romney and White, there is Dutch and "Little Joe" Sternaman, both of whom are wonderful field goal kickers, Larry Walquist, Bob Knopp and Red Bryan. Manager Halas is so fixed that he can make a number of changes in his lineup without weakening the battle front.