Chicago Bears (6-2-2) 21, Green Bay Packers (7-3) 0
Sunday November 22nd 1925 (at Chicago)
(CHICAGO) - The Packers bit the dust to the tune of 21 to 0 at the hands of the Chicago Bears before exactly 6,898 paid admissions at Cubs park here Sunday afternoon. The Big Bay Blues did not look very much like a championship team, nearly all the skirmishing was in the Packers' territory, and the "Leambeauless" Bays were never even dangerous. It
was the worst upset in the Packers' history. Something
was wrong with the Green Bay machine. True enough
they battled stubbornly on the defense but the offense
was not even a one lunger. The Packers probably did
not make five first downs during the game.
A few minutes after the game started, it was plainly
seen that the Bays were not hitting on all eleven. But it
was a different story for the Bears. Sport scribes in the
press box claimed that they never had seen the Bruins
function in such a splendid manner. Their interference
was wonderful as the runner was given ample protection
at all times. The Chicagoans sprung a nice forward
attack which was deceptive and it caused a lot of
trouble in the closing quarters. There was not a team in
the country that could have whipped the Bears on
Sunday, and that is no alibi. The Bears broke the ice in
the second quarter when Mohardt slashed over the
right side of the line for a clean cut touchdown and
Sternaman kicked the goal. There was no scoring in the
third period but in the last quarter the Bruins came
through twice. Joe Sternaman got one of the counters
and Knop came through with the other. As usual Little
Joe added the extra point. Maybe Red Grange jinxed
the Packers. The peerless one who has been receiving
more publicity than President Coolidge the past few
days sat on the bench. Between halves Grange made
his bow to the multitude and he got a hand that must
have been heard in Green Bay. The famous Red, furcoat
and all looked every inch the college hero and whenever
he moved there was about a thousand hero worshippers
at his heels.
The officiating was the best the Packers have bumped
into this season. The officials were on the job every
minute and there was not a cause for complaint of any
kind. The Packers left here at 8 o'clock Sunday evening
for Harrisburg, Pa., where they will practice until Wednesday, in preparation for their battle with the Pottsville Maroons on Thanksgiving Day. Despite the fact that several of the Green Bay men were banged up it is thought that virtually all of them will be ready for the whistle Thursday.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  0 -  0
CHI BEARS -  0  7  0 14 - 21
2nd - CHI - Johnny Mohardt, 3-yard run (Joey Sternaman kick) BEARS 7-0
4th - CHI - J.Sternaman pass from Johnny Mohardt (J.Sternaman kick) BEARS 14-0
4th - CHI - Oscar Knop pass from J.Sternaman (J.Sternaman kick) BEARS 21-0
NOVEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad, after two practices in Harrisburg, hit the trail for Pottsville Wednesday afternoon a bit more hopeful about the Thanksgiving Day game with the Maroons as the hospital list is about 50 percent smaller than when the team boarded the train at Chicago after the Bear rout. All the players except Vergara and possibly Buck will be ready for action in Pottsville. If Cub continues to improve rapidly overnight it is very likely that he will start. Vergara is out of the question. Some of the nerve connections in his left arm seem to be shattered and it is doubtful he will be in shape to play again this season with the Bays...LAMBEAU TO START: Captain Lambeau is going to start against the Maroons and it is the intention of the Green Bay captain to lose little time in uncorking his dazzling air attack. Lambeau's leg may not stand up all during the game but while he is in the Blues are going to chance their fortunes on an air drive. The Green Bay team got the best of treatment in Harrisburg. City officials gave the Packers a warm welcome, the Municipal stadium was opened for use by the team "from the west", as the Bays are called by a newspaper. Both
the Harrisburg papers had their sport scribes on the job
and half column writeups appeared in each publication.
Around the hotel the big fellows were the center of
much attention. Due to the fact that President Joe Carr
underwent an operation for appendicitis in a Columbus
hospital, assignment of officials for Thursday's game
were not received until Wednesday noon. Donahue,
Tomlin and Powell, three non-Pottsville men, are to
According to the present traveling schedule, the
Packers will leave Pottsville Thursday evening at 6:50
o'clock for Philadelphia where they will be quartered at
the Robert Morris hotel for a week. Jimmy Crowley is slated to join the Bays in Quakertown on Saturday morning.
NOVEMBER 24 (Harrisburg, PA) - With a hospital list
that would do credit to St. Mary's, the Packers arrived
here Monday afternoon after a twenty-four ride from
Chicago. Practice was held Tuesday morning at the
Harrisburg park and the players who could don uniforms
chased the cowhide with a vengeance. The fame of the
Packers had protected them and when word was noised
around that the Green Bay team was working out, quite
a few persons made a pilgrimage to the park to look
them over. They didn't seem to do much but routine
work because it was tipped off that the Pottsville
Maroons had a scout camping on the Bays' trail..LONG
HOSPITAL LIST: A check of the hospital list shows
Larson with a bad elbow on his passing arm, Moose
Gardner has several fingers worse for wear, Buck's knee
has gone bad on him he can hardly hobble and it is
doubtful if he will see any action before the Providence
game. George Vergara has an injured arm and shoulder
and doctors have as yet been unable to decide what is
wrong. George is also decorated with a discolored optic
that can be seen about a mile away. Basing sprung a
charley horse which is apt to prove troublesome, and
Marty Norton's ankle is again on the blink. The Bear
game was no parlor match and many of the Packers
claim that never during their football careers had they
every faced such terrific blocking...OUTLOOK NOT
ENCOURAGING: The outlook for Thursday's game with
Pottsville isn't very encouraging but just the same, the
Boys still have a lot of fight left in them and they are
determined to best Pottsville's record of winning all but
one game at home. It is possible that Captain Lambeau
may get in this game but if either Basing or Norton
shake off their injuries, the Bay leader may stay out so
as to be in the pink for Philadelphia on Saturday when 
he will be paired with Jimmie Crowley. Crowley is slated to arrive in Quakertown on Friday night. He got the Packers' signals and formations by mail and will be ready to step into the lineup. And he sure will be needed. The way things look now, the Packers will start against Pottsville with Wilkins and O'Donnell at the ends, Jean and Earpe tackles, Woodin and Abramson, guards, Larson, center, Mathys, quarter, Kotal and Lewellen, halfbacks, and Harris, full.
NOVEMBER 24 (Harrisburg Evening News) - The Island sod, which has been scarred by the hurrying cleats of scholastic and collegiate warriors this season, yesterday was pounded in a professional manner by members of the the Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin, a member of the NFL. The western team stopped off here to await its Thanksgiving Day game with the Pottsville Maroons. Another practice is scheduled for today. Green Bay is occupying fifth place in the league race, having won eight out of eleven games this season.
NOVEMBER 24 (Harrisburg Telegraph) - Making one of the longest football trips ever attempted by a pro team, the Green Bay, Wis., Packers are stopping off here two days en route to Pottsville, Philadelphia, Providence, R.I., and New York. This team, which has held the championship of Wisconsin since 1918, is placing fifth up in the pro league percentages and the Packers are still considered as a championship possibility. The Green Bay club worked out at Island Park this morning and they will stage another practice drill Wednesday before leaving for Pottsville where on Thanksgiving Day, they battle with the Maroons...COLLEGE STARS: The Packer squad is composed entirely of former collegians: Vergara, Notre Dame; Wilkins, Indiana and O'Donnell, Minnesota, play the ends; Buck, Wisconsin, Earpe, Monmouth, and Jean, Missouri, tackles: Gardner, Wisconsin, Woodin, Marquette, and Abramson, Minnesota, guards; Larson, Notre Dame, center; Mathys, Indiana, quarterback; Kotal, Lawrence, Lambeau, Notre Dame, Lewellen, Nebraska, Norton, Minnesota, halfbacks; Basing, Lawrence, and Harris, Wisconsin, fullback. This is the Green Bay's eleven first invasion of the east. They recently completed a long stay at home, winning eight games in a row. Notable among the victories were wins over Rock Island, Hammond, Chicago Bears, Milwaukee, Rochester, N.Y., and Dayton...CROWLEY ON TEAM: Jimmy Crowley, one of Knute Rockne's famous Four Horsemen at Notre Dame in 1924, will join the Packers when they play in Philadelphia on Saturday. Crowley is a graduate of East Green Bay high and during his prep school days was coached by Lambeau, who is captain of the Packers. During the fall Crowley had been coaching at Georgia University, but his season closes on Thanksgiving Day and he will join the Packers immediately.
NOVEMBER 26 (Pottsville) - The Packers climbed the
mountains safely into Pottsville and they are ready for
the battle with the Maroons this afternoon. All the
players except Buck and Vergara will be in the lineup,
and there is a chance that Cub may get in for awhile.
Pottsville takes its football just as seriously as Green Bay does. Talk around the hotel last night indicated that the natives considered their team unbeatable at home. Many of the townspeople visited the hotel and gave the boys the once over. The Maroons pulled a fast one at the eleventh hour. Sauers, the big Dayton guard who played against Lambeau and company in Green Bay several weeks ago, has been taken on by Pottsville. He has practiced with them for two days and, according to rumors, he told them all about the Bays' air drive which knocked off his Triangle club, 7 to 0, in a last minute rally. Weather conditions are not suitable for the Packers as the field will probably be soft. A regular old fashioned blizzard swept Pennsylvania on Wednesday and left a snow blanket. The Pottsville management is having the field scraped this morning but the turf is liable to be pretty slippery. There is a lot of interest over the game and Doc Etriegel, the Pottsville manager, is looking for a big crowd. He claims the folks in the mining region are more than anxious to see the team that put Wisconsin on the pro football map. The Packers leave Pottsville for Philadelphia at 6:30 tonight.
NOVEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jimmy Crowley, one of the famous Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, will play with the Green Bay Packers Saturday afternoon when they tackle the Frankford Yellowjackets at Philadelphia. Jimmy will do his stuff as of yore, and, in order to give local fans an opportunity to follow the crack Green Bay footballer's doings on the gridiron, a play by play service has been arranged for the Green Bay-Frankford game. The wire will begin to tick at 12:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon and the game will get underway about 1:15 Green Bay time. A direct telegraph wire from Frankford Park to the Columbus Community club will bring details of the game, which will be shown on the playograph board. Despite the fact that the wire to Philadelphia is costing considerably more than previous wires, there will be no advance in admission. The regular 50 and 25 cent prices will prevail. The proceeds from this play by play will go to the Green Bay Football corporation. Arrangements have been made to take care of a large crowd at the Columbus club auditorium, and the fans are urged to get there early for 
everybody is anxious to watch Crowley and Lambeau perform at halfback for the Packers. There is a great forward passing combination and should give the Yellowjackets an interesting afternoon. Crowley is in fine physical condition and wrote the Packer management that he was ready to perform in last season's form. Buck and Vergara may be back in the lineup Saturday. If they are the Green Bay pros they have a good chance to take a fall out of the Pennsylvanians. Remember, the play by play starts at 1:15 o'clock. Every detail of this important game will be shown on the playograph and intricate plays announced. Get your seats early and avoid the rush.