Rock Island Independents (1-0-2) 3, Green Bay Packers (2-1) 0
Sunday October 4th 1925 (at Rock Island)
(ROCK ISLAND) - The Packers' winning streak ended with a thud here on Sunday afternoon at Douglas park when the Rock Island Independents pulled one of the biggest surprises of the pro football season when they slipped one over on the Green Bay eleven by the score of 3 to 0. It was one of the pigskin exhibitions that is hard to explain. The Packers gained much more yardage than the Islanders but they could not bunch their gains consistently. The Islanders did not do much to speak of except towards the close of the second quarter and in the final period with halftime only about three minutes off, the Independents grabbed off a punt in midfield. Two line slashes moved up the chalk mark a bit and then Buck Gavin, who was playing like a fighting fool, slashed through the line for a 20-yard gain. The Packers held stubbornly for three downs but old Rube Ursella, veteran of about 'steen years on the pro gridiron, still had one good boot left in his kicking toe, and he proceeded to make use of it. The pigskin sailed through the uprights clean as a whistle from the 20-yard line and some 2,000 Islanders went wild with delight. It put them ahead, 3 to 0, of what the papers here had proclaimed was the greatest pro football eleven in the country.
The handful of Green Bay followers were not exceptionally worried about the three-point advantage as they figured Lambeau and Company would yet bring the
bacon. Starting the third quarter, the Islanders played
on the defensive all the time. They would rush a couple
of times and then kick. Ursella had the win behind him
and his kicks were making up the ground gained by the
Packers. Towards the close of the third period, the
Packers unleashed a very brisk offensive that netted
three first downs in succession and the natives of the
Tri-Cities began yelling, "Hold 'em." Gavin knocked
down a Packer pass at this crucial stage of the game
and the ball changed hands. It was another lucky break
for the Islanders. When the fourth period got underway,
the Packers had the wind behind them and it was
figured that the Bays would stage a "ninth inning" rally
and pull the game out of the fire. However, the dope
went astray. Rock Island inserted a youngster by the
name of Lamb, who had burned up the gridiron at
Lombard college for three years. The newcomer was far
from being as meek as his name implies. He was a
whole team in himself. He gained plenty of yards and
his spirited runs caused the Packers plenty of trouble.
However, Green Bay died with its boots on. The
Packers were going hard at the finish. Captain Lambeau
resorted to every trick of the trade to get across the one
pass that would bring home the bacon but the Islanders
were not to be denied. Flushed with victory close at
hand, they did some wonderful blocking and every one 
of the Packers, eligible to receive a pass, was always
covered like a tent.
Even with but a minute to go and the ball deep in 
Packers territory, the Packers attempted three forward
passes and then hurled a fourth one rather than kicking
but it went bad and a few seconds later the whistle blew
and the Packers dropped from a 1.000 to .667 in the
percentage table. During the first period and up to the 
halfway mark in the second quarter, the Packers simply
played circles around their foes. The Islanders couldn't
move to speak of through the line or around the ends
and their few feeble attempts to forward passes went
astray. The Packers showed an offensive early in the
game that had endeared them to the fans at home. It
was a crashing, smashing game and the Islanders were
doing some fancy goose-stepping in their own backyard.
Several times the Packers were right on the verge of
scoring but the cards were dealt the other way, and the
breaks in football were breaking the other way. The
Packers' touchdown play did, but it didn't in this quarter.
With the ball about a dozen yards from the Islanders'
goal, the Bays pet formation went through like
clockwork. Once again Mathys hurled the ball to 
Lewellen who grabbed the pigskin right on the outside
line. If Lew had been two inches inside, it would have
been a touchdown. But "ifs" don't win a ball game.
Continuing their rapid advance, the Packers twice more
​thew shivers down the backs of the Rock Island crowd
but somewhat always crabbed the act when a
touchdown loomed certain. It was a grueling combat.
There was little love on either side and the players went
at it hammer and tongs. Bobby Cahn was a pretty busy
individual and sometimes it looked as if he might have
himself to take a hand in the milling himself.
The Packers got their share of bruises and Lewellen
suffered a badly sprained ankle. Some of the others
were much the worse for their afternoon on the gridiron.
However, the Islanders had their share of aches and
bruises. They knew they had been through a pigskin
feud with frills. The Bay fans didn't suffer such of a loss
from a pocketbook point of view because Rock Island
was afraid of the Packers and they were asking three or
four to one odds.

Captain Lambeau won the toss and chose to defend the
west goal. Slater kicked to Vergara who was downed on
the 18 yard line. Basing hit the center for a yard and 5
on a tackle smash. Lewellen punted to Armstrong who
was downed after making a sensational return to his
own 49 yard line. Armstrong made 5 around end. 
Armstrong failed at center. Ursella punted to Mathys
who made a fair catch on 40 yard line. Lambeau made
3 over center. Basing followed with two in the same place, but Green Bay lost 5 for offside. A pass, Lambeau to O'Donnell, was incomplete. Lewellen punted over the Rock Island goal. Novak was tackled by O'Donnell for no gain. He again failed to gain, and on the next play Earpe broke through and threw him for a 5 yard loss. Ursella punted to Rock Island's 40 yard line. It was a poor kick. Lambeau failed to gain and then made 4 on a tackle smash. Basing made a first down for Green Bay on Rock Island's 25 yard line. Lewellen made 5 through the line. He followed with 2 more. Lambeau failed to gain. A pass, Mathys to Lewellen, went over the goal line. Gavin failed to gain. He then made 2 over center. Gavin failed to gain. Ursella punted out of bounds on Green Bay's 45 yard line. Lambeau fumbled but recovered for a loss of 3 yards. A long pass from Lambeau to Mathys carried the ball to Rock Island's 32 yard line. A pass, Lambeau to Vergara, incomplete. Another to Lewellen was also incomplete, being knocked down behind the goal by Armstrong. Novak made 5 over center. Gavin lost 3 yards as the quarter ended.
Ursella punted and Mathys was downed on the Packers' 43 yard line. Lambeau made 5 off tackle. Lambeau made 1 through the line. Basing failed to gain. Lewellen punted to Rock Island's 20 yard line and Armstrong returned to 30 yard mark. Novak lost 5 when he slipped in the mud. Ursella punted to Mathys who was downed in his tracks on the Packers 35 yard line. Lambeau made 15 around left end. Lewellen got 2 through center. Basing followed with 3. Lambeau made it first down through center. Lewellen lost 1 yard but Rock Island lost 15 yards for rough playing. Lambeau failed to gain on two tries. Ursella intercepted a pass on Rock Island's 20 yard line. Armstrong made 15 yards on end run. Ursella made 2 yards. A pass was incomplete. Ursella punted to Packer 20 yard line. Basing failed to gain. Lewellen made 6 yards and Lambeau lost 4 on the next play. Lewellen made a nice punt to Rock Island 40 yard line. Armstrong returned it 9 yards. Lamb went in for Armstrong. Ursella made 9 through center. Gavin went through center for 33 yards being downed by Mathys on Green Bay 16 yard line. Lamb made 1 over tackle. Gavin failed to gain. Lamb carried the ball to a position in front of the goal posts where Ursella booted a perfect dropkick for 3 points. Lewellen kicked off and Ursella returned it 35 yards to Rock Island's 40 yard line. Ursella failed to gain and Rock Island lost 5 for offside. Before another play could be made, time was called. Score: Rock Island 3, Packers 0.
Armstrong returned to his original position for Rock Island. Woodin kicked off to Rooney who fumbled. Ursella recovered on Rock Island 20 yard line. Rock Island penalized 15 yards for holding. Ursella punted and Mathys was forced out of bounds on Rock Island 42 yard line. Lewellen made 2 off tackle. Lewellen punted out of bounds on Rock Island 11 yard line. Novak made 1 yard through center. Armstrong failed to gain. Novak lost 2. Ursella punted to Mathys who was down on Rock Island 39 yard line. Lewellen made 2 off tackle. Basing failed to gain. A long pass, Lewellen to O'Donnell, was incomplete. Lewellen punted to Armstrong who was downed on his 32 yard line. Novak made 3 around end. A long pass, Ursella to Armstrong, incomplete. Ursella punted to Mathys who returned it to Packer 40 yard line. Lambeau made 1 through center. Pass, Lambeau to Mathys, was incomplete. Lewellen punted out of bounds on Rock Island 36 yard line. Ursella punted and Mathys was downed on Packers' 30 yard line. Lewellen made 5 off tackle. He made another through center. Basing made a first down on Packer 47 yard line. Basing made 6 on same kind of play. Lambeau hit center for 3 yards, and followed with a short gain which gave Green Bay a first down on Rock Island 46 yard line. Lambeau made 10 for another first down. Ball on Rock Island 36 yard line. Packers lost 5 yards for offside. Lambeau gained 5 through the line. A pass, Lambeau to Mathys, made 6 yards for the Packers. An attempted pass, Basing to Mathys, incomplete. Another pass incomplete. Rock Island obtained possession of the ball on their own 29 yard line. Ursella punted to Mathys who was run out of bounds on his own 34 yard line. Basing made 2 over center. Lambeau added three in same place, as quarter ended.
Lambeau made 1 through center, but the play was recalled and the Packers penalized 5 for offside. A pass was incomplete. Lewellen punted to Rock Island's 15 yard line. Lewellen was hurt and had to be removed, Norton taking his place. Three plays made 6 yards for Rock Island and Ursella punted to Mathys who was downed on his own 35 yard line. Two plays gained three yards for the Packers and a pass was incomplete. Buck punted to Lamb on Rock Island 15 yard line and he returned it 16 yards. Novak made 1 over center. Lamb made 4 over tackle. Lamb failed to gain and Ursella punted out of bounds on his own 45 yard line. Two plays failed to gain and a pass on the next was incomplete. Packers lost 5 for offside. Basing made 19 through center. Lambeau punted over Rock Island goal line. Lamb made 22 yards through the Packer team, and followed with 6 more. Ursella hit center for 3 yards. Lamb failed to make first down. Ursella failed to gain and the Packers got the ball on the 49 yard line. Norton failed at center. Lambeau failed around end. A pass was incomplete. Buck went back to punt but the pass from center was bad and he was downed on the Packer 45 yard line. Ursella made 7 yards. Ursella punted out of bounds on Packers' 21 yard line. Three Packer passes were incomplete all being knocked down by the Rock Island safety. Rock Island received the ball on their own 14 yard line. Lamb gained 3 yards as the game ended.
GREEN BAY   -  0  0  0  0 -  0
ROCK ISLAND -  0  0  0  3 -  3
4th - RI - Rube Ursella field goal ROCK ISLAND 3-0
OCTOBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Milwaukee Badgers and the Green Bay Packers make their first grab for the 1925 state professional football championship at the City Stadium here Sunday afternoon. The kickoff is at 2:15. While the Packers are
rated as the favorites in the contest Sunday, the
knowing prognosticators and wisdom peddlers of the
gridiron are inclined to believe that things have been
evened up a bit by the Packer hospital list and then, too
the Badgers are carrying some talented pigskin
manipulators who have been underrated here. The
management of the Green Bay Football corporation,
however, is confident of victory and are ready to
guarantee a remarkable exhibition carrying and passing
the pigskin...VISITORS ARE STRONG: The Milwaukee
club is a pretty husky gridiron machine. In Gillo, Barr,
Roessler, Brumm, Bryant and a host of other stars, the
Badgers are capable of making it interesting for any 
club in the pro league. Last week's game against the
Cardinals should not be taken as an example of 
Milwaukee's quality because McGurk's hirelings went
into this combat with but two days of practice. The
Badgers have been drilling this past week and reported
to be in tip-top shape for the combat. Milwaukee has
never beaten Green Bay in a football game but its
gridders are hopeful of breaking the jinx tomorrow. The
absence of Lewellen is apt to be a blow to the Packers.
The lanky backfielder has been showing all sorts of
class this season and he was a big factor in the Green
Bay attack. Although the injury he received in the Rock
Island game is not as serious as first forecast, there is
no chance of him jumping into Sunday's game and 
doing his stuff...SHIFTING HIS LINEUP: Captain
Lambeau has been shifting his lineup frequently during
the past week and, it is understood, that there may be
several changes in the battle front. The Green Bay
squad is set for a tough game because they know that
Milwaukee will play harder against them than any other
club in the postgraduate circuit. Arrangements have
been made to handle another large crowd. Seats will be
on sale at the usual places about town until Saturday
evening at 8 o'clock. One of the ticket windows at the
park will be opened Sunday morning at 10:30 for the
sale of reserved seats. The gates at the park will be
opened at 12:45. As at past games, the Legion band
will be on hand to put a lot of extra pep into the crowd.
The musicians will render a band concert before the
game and between halves besides cutting loose
whenever the occasion presents itself.
OCTOBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Members of
the Packer football team and officers of the Green Bay
Football corporation will be guests of the Kiwanis club
at the weekly luncheon at the Northland hotel Monday noon. It will be "football day" at the club and the Kiwanians are planning several features which will enliven the program. A big attendance of club members is forecast.
OCTOBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Beat Milwaukee and then Rock Island." That was the rallying cry of the Green Bay Packers as they resumed their practice sessions at the City Stadium this morning. A second checkup on the injured list from the grueling battle with the Independents show the casualties less serious than was forecast. An x-ray examination by Dr. W.W. Kelly of Lewellen's ankle, which was injured when Little Twig twisted it, does not disclose any broken bones but a bad sprain. Lew won't be in the Milwaukee game and there is some doubt about him playing in the Rock Island fray. The other members of the team who "got theirs" at Rock Island will be in shape to launch a new winning streak on Sunday at the expense of Milwaukee...ARE NOT OVERCONFIDENT: There is no sign of overconfidence in the Packers. True enough, the Cardinals handed McGurk's crew an artistic trimming but the fact of the matter is that the Milwaukee club drilled but once before the game in Chicago last Sunday. This week the Milwaukee players are camping in the Cream City and the squad will practice every afternoon. McGurk, the Milwaukee manager, would rather beat the Packers than any other team on his schedule and, in a letter to the Green Bay management, he said that the fans here would see a much improved team over the one that the Cardinals trimmed last Sunday. Milwaukee has the makings of a first class football machine. Hank Gillo can hold his own with the best in the country at fullback and he is a very disagreeable habit of booting field goals against the Packers. When he played with Racine, he was a thorn in the side of the Big Bay Blues. Gillo isn't the only luminary in the Milwaukee battle front. Shorty Bair is a slick working quarter and he is an expert passer. Roessler and Kibo Brumm are other stars of the Milwaukee club who played with Racine last year...BRYAN WITH MILWAUKEE: Red Bryan, a former member of the Bears, is performing in the backfield for Milwaukee along with Mason and Blood, a pair of crack college stars from Minnesota. Neacy is far from being the worst end in the world while Barney Traynor at center, was one of the greatest players ever turned out at Colgate. Dunnigan and Miller are two more linemen who should give the Packers a lot of trouble.
OCTOBER 7 (Milwaukee) - It seems like old times in Milwaukee to see the pro footballers doing their "daily dozen" at Athletic park. Despite a lot of preseason bunk about Milwaukee not having a team in the NFL, the Badgers have got underway but it is a late start. Last Sunday McGurk's aggregation opened against the Cardinals and they got a fine trimming but there are reasons aplenty for this season. The squad had only practiced twice and the players' first scrimmage of the year. Signals were an unknown quantity and the Milwaukee club was forced to use the huddle system entirely...DIFFERENT STORY THIS WEEK: But it will be a different story this weekend when the Badgers take the field at Green Bay. A stiff week of practice will change the complexion of things entirely and those camping along Gridiron Row have a hunch that it will be a smooth working machine in action against the Badger state champions in Packerville. There should be a new spirit in the Milwaukee club this season as a number of Milwaukee players are on the team. Hank Gillo and Shorty Barr, two of the backfield aces, are products of the Cream City. Gillo was an All American at Colgate while Barr bobbed into the spotlight frequently a few seasons back at Wisconsin...OTHER MILWAUKEE PRODUCTS: Barney Trantor, center, is another Milwaukee product. Trantor has been coaching for several seasons. This is his first year on the postgraduate grid. Clem Neacy also hangs his hat in the Cream City. The lanky footballer is a corking good end. So good in fact that the Packers were dickering for him early in the season. Red Bryan, backfield, last season with the Chicago Bears, has been engaged in business in Milwaukee for several years while Kibo Brumm and Fritz Roessler are "year rounders" in the Cream City. Miller, who played on the line for Wisconsin in 1924, has since graduation drawn his weekly pay envelope from a banking institution in Milwaukee. In order to strengthen his forward wall, Manager McGurk has purchased the release of Neal from the Hammond club. Neal is the big tackle who picked up Paddy Driscoll's fumble in the Cardinal game and ran for a touchdown, winning the fray for Hammond. According to reports, several other additions to the team are looked for within the next day or two as negotiations are underway with two stars.
OCTOBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Milwaukee Badgers step on the field here Sunday afternoon to face the Packers, old Hank Gillo and his educated toe will be listed among the visitors. The educated toe of Gillo is very important of his makeup. This is Gillo's first year with the Milwaukee club but during the past four yeas he has booted the pigskin for Racine with brilliant success against the Big Bay Blues and other strong clubs in the NFL...STILL CAN KICK: Maybe old Hank isn't as fast on his pins as he used to be and it is possible that he can't stand the "gaff" as in the olden days but his ability to kick hasn't been dimmed by old age and this fact alone is enough to give the Packers plenty to worry about in Sunday's game. From a Green Bay point of view, Gillo has been a very disagreeable habit of booting placekicks against the Packers and, since 1921, he has come through with five field goals, not to mention a few kicks after touchdowns. It was way back in 1921 when Gillo started his goal kicking spree against the Packers. Racine was not in the pro league at that time but they challenged Green Bay to a state championship game on a neutral field. The contest was staged in Milwaukee. The Packers were leading, 3 to 0, until the last minute of play when Gillo booted one from the 40-yard line knotting the count...TWO MORE FIELD GOALS: In 1922 Gillo came here with Racine and booted a field goal which won the game after the teams had staged a great battle. The score was 10 to 6. Later in the season, the Packers invaded Racine and Green Bay was leading 3 to 0 right up to the last ten seconds when Gillo came through with another one of his pesky field goals. Two weeks later in Milwaukee, the Packers walloped Racine, 14 to 0. Racine never did get near enough the goal line to try a placekick. In 1923 the Packers played Racine here about midseason and they suffered the worst rout of their career. When the smoke blew over, the score was 24 to 3. Gillo kicked a field goal and three goals after touchdowns. Later in the season the Bays got even and Gillo was kept field goalless....HE KICKS ANOTHER: Last year, the Packers and Racine had it out again here. Early in the battle a Packer fumble paved the way for Gillo to bob in the limelight again and he booted the ball between the uprights. This put Racine in the lead but a rally by the Packers in the last quarter wiped out this score. Gillo claims he still has a lot of field goals left in his kicking foot and it will be interesting to see if he makes good his threat to score against the Packers on Sunday.
OCTOBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - This has been a stiff week of practice for the Green Bay Packers as Captain Lambeau is determined to get back on Victory Row at the expense of the Milwaukee Badgers in Sunday's pro league game at the City Stadium in Joannes park. The Big Bay Blues showed plenty of fight against Rock Island but the punch when needed, was missing. The past several days has seen the Packers working at a fast pace building up their offensive and it wouldn't be surprising if the Green Bay team cut loose with a lot of new stuff when attacking...SHIFTS HIS LINEUP: Captain Lambeau has shifted his lineup frequently during the practice sessions. Some of the players who have been warming the bench all season have been getting heavy drill in the signal practice. It is possible that these gridders may get a good chance to display their pigskin wares. The Green Bay team is not underestimating Milwaukee. Although the Badgers didn't look any good in the Cardinal game, reports from the Cream City carry the news that the Milwaukee club is engaging in stiff workouts every day...LAURIE TO REFEREE: George Laurie of Chicago has been named by President Joe Carr to referee the game. Iverson, athletic director at Sheboygan, is to umpire and Murph White will be the head linesman. The ticket sale is picking up nicely and another good crowd is in prospect. Tickets can be secured at the usual places about town until Saturday night. The ticket window at the ball park will be opened at 10:30 Sunday morning...MILWAUKEE: The Milwaukee Badgers will take sixteen players to Green Bay for Sunday's game with the Packers. Manager McGurk announced his squad is in good shape and he claims that he will spring a surprise on the Badger state champions. During their stay in Green Bay, Milwaukee will headquarter at the Beaumont hotel.
OCTOBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Bears are having their troubles trying to break into victory row. The Bruins bumped into another surprise last Sunday at Detroit when the Panthers played them to a tie game on a mud soaked gridiron...The Milwaukee Badgers did not set the world afire in their opening league game against the Chicago Cardinals. McGurk's aggregation looked sorely in need of football practice and they took a 34 to 0 lacing...The Canton Bulldogs came into their own nicely in the fray against Dayton and the Triangles were forced to take the count 14-0. Jones made one of the touchdowns while other came on a pass, Henry to Zimmerman...Doc Elliott's educated toe gave Cleveland a 3 to 0 win against Columbus. Noble, former Nebraska star, returned to the Cleveland battle front and his brilliant ball carrying was a feature of the hard fought fracas...The gridiron feud between Buffalo and Rochester has resumed only to end in a scoreless encounter. Kendrick, former Bear, made his initial appearance in a Buffalo lineup and starred while Griggs was the Rochester ace...Philadelphia kept its record in the pro wheel clean by knocking off the Providence Steam Rollers, 7 to 0. Guy Chamberlain's club is playing great football and down Frankfort way they already have visions of a pennant...Pottsville lost their second start of the season as Providence, with its lineup greatly reinforced, trimmed the Maroons, 6 to 0. The Rhode Islanders had an imposing array of gridiron talent in the clash with Pottsville...After two tie games, Rock Island finally came into its own by downing the Green Bay Packers in a grudge battle, 3 to 0. A 30-yard run by Buck Gavin followed by Rube Ursella's kick paved the way for the lone counter...Akron came through with its second win of the season by dumping the Kansas City gridiron machine, 14 to 7. Boss Neid's squad played wide awake football and they were just a trifle too good for the husky invaders...Coach Folwell's New York makes it bow in to pro league football on Sunday in Providence against the Steam Rollers. Jim Thorpe, Dutch Hendrian, Hinkey Haines and a raft of other noted gridders are in the Gothamites lineup...Duluth, fresh from a 9 to 0 victory over its non-league rival Ironwood last Sunday, is set for the Rock Island invasion. Dewey Scanlon's outfit has always jinxed the Islanders and they are determined to keep the hoodoo on...McInerney, who played center for the Chicago Cardinals until Ralph Claypool joined the team, is turning in a bangup game for Chris O'Brien at end. Mac tips the beam at over 200 pounds but he is a fast man on the gridiron...Guy Wimberly, former W. & J. lineman, is holding down a regular berth on Detroit's forward wall. Wimberly is standing up well in the pro league contests and Manager Conzelman thinks he will develop into a star performer...Berry and French, two member of Connie Mack's Athletics, have tossed aside their baseball togs and are wearing the moleskins of Pottsville. Berry starred at end for Lafayette while French was a slick gridder at West Point...Bob Marshall is chasing the pigskin for Duluth. The veteran colored ace has been on the pro grid for many seasons. However, he appears to be ripening with old age and still makes a lot of the youngsters travel pretty fast...Billy White, star at Oklahoma for the past three years, is getting away nicely for Kansas City. In a recent game against Duluth, White broke into the limelight with a 50-yard placekick which won the game for the Blues...The Cleveland eleven has signed up a husky lineman in Billy Brennan, who earned his football spurs at Cornell under Gil Dobie. Brennan is a 225 pounder and he cane work at either tackle or guard with equal class...Shorty Barr, Hank Gillo, Fritz Roessler and Kibo Brumm, ex-stars of the Racine Legion, are performing with Milwaukee. These players are veteran pro footballers and they form the making for a likely looking aggregation...Dolph Eckstein, one of the great centers turned out at Brown, is doing his stuff for Providence. Eckstein is rated as a wonderful passer and he is an ace on the defense as he has a habit of scenting opponents' plays...Wally Foster has been turning in some good exhibitions at quarterback for the Koppisch outfit in Buffalo. During his college days at Bucknell, Foster was considered one of the best field generals in eastern football...The Rock Island Independents have picked up a splendid prospect in Lamb, a backfielder, who is coaching at Lombard college. Lamb played his first pro game against Green Bay and he gave the Packers plenty of trouble...Tex Hamer has got off to another flying start for the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets and he bids fair to lead the pro league in touchdown scoring. In the game against Buffalo, Hamer got all four markers for the Frankford team.
Tickets for Sunday's game with Milwaukee are now on sale at the usual places about town.