(GREEN BAY) - Displaying an offensive that was "hitting on all eleven", the Green Bay Packers ushered in the 1925 professional football season here on Sunday by soundly walloping the Iron Mountain All Stars to the tune of 48 to 6 in a game which opened the new city stadium at Joannes park before some 4,000 spectators. This included about 500 in the "Knot Hole" gang. It was one of the largest crowds that ever witnessed a football game in this city. Weather conditions were ideal and football fans from miles around came in droves to look over the Packer machine of 1925 and it was the unanimous opinion that this year's Big Bay Blues is the greatest aggregation that has ever represented the city on the postgraduate gridiron.
The new football field came in for no end of favorable comments. Although it was the first game, there was little or no confusion around the gates and the crowd was handled nicely. After the final whistle blew, the ten
big exits were thrown open and the throng melted out of the park in a jiffy. About half the city of Iron Mountain followed their gridiron warriors here for the game and they enjoyed everything but the score. The Michiganders made themselves right at home and their
snake dance between halves drew a big hand. The
Flivvers had a jazz band which was heard frequently.
A big feature of the afternoon was the American Legion
band. These war veterans paraded downtown before the
game and then marched into the park playing a snappy
tune. When the Packers ran on the field, the Legion
band cut loose with "On, Wisconsin" and the entire
throng raised to its feet and cheered. The band also
rendered many other selections between halves and
other appropriate times. Getting back to the game it
was a pretty good exhibition of football. The visitors 
were a scrappy aggregation and never gave up the
battle but the Packers' aerial attack had them running
around in circles - and elsewhere. Captain Lambeau
was zipping the pigskin with deadly accuracy and his
receivers made all kinds of circus catches. The Packers
showed a consistent ground gaining offensive. When a
yard or two was needed, the line cleared the way and
the backs plunged over for the necessary distance. Line
plunging inside the enemy's 15-yard line paved the way
for, at least, three of the Packers' touchdowns.
Captain Lambeau made frequent changes in the lineup
and every player came through with bells on. The
Packers are so fixed this year that it is possible to 
switch the battle front without weakening the team a bit.
Every man on the squad is a regular and there are
seventeen husky gridders "rarin' to go."  It would be
hard to pick the stars of the Packer machine as every
player displayed class galore. Lewellen played his
greatest game in a Packer uniform. Lambeau, Mathys,
Harris, Norton and Basing, the other backfielders,
looked exceptionally good. O'Donnell, Wilkins and
Vegara turned in a good job at the ends. Larson put up
a whale of a game on the wings. Buck, Gardner, 
Abramson, Jean, Earps, Woodin and Heagle did
everything asked of them at the other line jobs.
For Iron Mountain Wally Neimann battled desperately
against his old teammates as did Hearden, another ex-
Packers. Carlson got away for the one run that netted
the "Flivvers" their long touchdown. The game was 
cleanly played and the officials handled it nicely. There
were but one penalty aside from several offsides, Iron
Mountin losing 15 minutes for holding. After getting the layout of the land early in the first quarter, the Packers launched their first touchdown drive when Lewellen grabbed a 35-yard pass from Lambeau. Three or four line crashers netted a first down and then Harris plunged over for a touchdown. Buck kicked the goal.
There was no further scoring in the quarter but the Packers counted twice in the second period. After Zimmers had punted to Mathys, who was dumped on the visitors' 45-yard line, the Packers got the touchdown habit again. Several short forward passes, coupled with some terrific line crashing, put the ball on Iron Mountain's one yard line and Basing slid over. Buck missed the goal. The Packers soon started another touchdown march. Mixing up the offense a bit, Norton hurled a pass to O'Donnell, who was run out of bounds on the 12-yard line. Three crashes netted a first down and then Marty Norton skirted over for a score. Lambeau dropkicked the extra point. The Packers ran wild in the third period, chalking up 21 more points on the scoreboard. The Bays kicked off and, after an exchange of kicks, Lambeau & Co. cut loose with a slashing attack. Lewellen picked a pass out of the air and scored a touchdown. Lambeau added the extra point again. Following the next kickoff, Lewellen punted 70 yards and then Iron Mountain attempted a few prayer passes. Basing intercepted one of them and ran to the 15-yard line. Then Mathys passed to Lewellen for another touchdown and Lambeau kicked the goal. The next touchdown came quickly. Zimmers punted to Iron Mountain's 15-yard mark. A penalty and a half dozen plays took the ball within the shadow of Iron Mountain's goal post and Basing plunged across for the score. Once again Lambeau kicked.
Early in the fourth quarter, the Packers marched down the field and Basing side-swiped Jabber Murray for a touchdown and Curly dropkicked successfully. It was his fifth straight. At this stage of the game, the visitors came to life and got away with several passes that took the ball well within the Packers' territory. Then to the surprise of everybody, Carlson, a substitute back, grabbed a toss and ran for a touchdown. Hearden missed the goal. Shortly afterwards, the final whistle blew and Iron Mountain had learned its football lesson.

Zimmers kicked off for Iron Mountain. Mathys taking the ball on the ten yard line and returning ten. Two line plays followed without noticeable success, and Buck punted, the ball traveling 50 yards. Iron Mountain stabbed at right tackle, at center and around right end, making about 6 yards on three plays. Zimmers punted 40 yards to Mathys. Lambeau's pass was incomplete. Packers were penalized 5 yards for offside. Harris hit right tackle for three. Lambeau passed 10 yards to Lewellen. Lewellen hit right tackle for one yard. Lambeau made four at left tackle. Mathys failed to gain. Iron Mountain was penalized 5 for offside. Mathys lost a yard at left end. Harris gained a yard at center. Lambeau passed 35 yards to Lewellen. Lambeau gained eight yards at right guard. Harris made it first down through center. Harris gained three yards at left tackle. Lambeau made three years through right guard. Harris went through left guard for a touchdown. Buck kicked goal. Zimmers kicked 50 yards to Lambeau who returned the ball 25. Lewellen gained 5 through left guard. Lambeau made another at left tackle. Lewellen's pass was incomplete. Buck punted 50 yards and Feeney was tackled in his tracks. Green Bay was penalized 5 yards for offside on the next play. Dunsmore was held at left guard. Zimmers hit center for a few inches. Heardon made 5 yards and first down through right guard.
Heardon lost three yards at right end. Feeney lost two at left end. Zimmers punted 50 yards, Mathys returning 10. Lewellen gained three at left guard. Lambeau passed 5 yards to Lewellen who ran 5. Lewellen made four yards at right tackle. Basing gained three at left guard. Lewellen gained one yard at right tackle. Basing made three more at left guard. Lambeau hit right tackle for five. Basing smashed center for four. Basing made it first down. Norton was held at left tackle. Basing made three yards to Norton. Basing took the ball over from the one yard line. Buck missed the try for goal. Zimmers kicked off for Iron Mountain. Earps receiving, returning the ball 10 yards to the 40 yard line. Norton made 15 through right tackle. Basing hit the same hole for six. Lambeau failed around left end. Norton made 15 through right tackle. Basing hit the same hole for six. Lambeau failed around left end. Norton passed 20 yards to O'Donnell, who stepped outside on the 12 yard line. Basing made six yards at center. Basing made another at left guard. Lambeau made it first down on the one yard line. Lambeau made a foot through center. Norton hit right tackle for the touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. Abramson kicked off. Dunsmore returning to the 25 yard line. A pass was incomplete. A pass to Christenson gained 8 yards. Heardon made it first down. Lambeau blocked two passes. Zimmers kicked 30 yards to Mathys. Basing was held at right tackle. Buck punted 35 yards, Zimmers returning four.
Woodin kicked off, the ball rolling over the goal line. Zimmers failed to gain at right end. A pass was imcomplete. Zimmers punted 40 yards to Mathys who fumbled, but recovered. Basing hit right tackle for three yards. Harris made a yard at center. Lewellen punted 60 yards, the ball rolling over the goal line. Zimmers gained a yard at left tackle. A pass to Jensen was fumbled, and Harris recovered. Lewellen gained 8 yards at right tackle. Basing hit the same spot for two yards and first down. Lambeau attempted two passes, which failed. A pass, Lambeau to Basing, gained four yards. Lambeau passed twenty-five yards to Lewellen, who crossed the goal for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked goal. Woodin kicked off, Zimmers returning to the 20 yard line. Heardon gained one at left tackle. Two passes failed. Zimmers punted to Mathys who fumbled, Murray recovering for Iron Mountain. Two passes failed. A short pass, Zimmers to Jensen, was good for a yard. Zimmers punted 35 yards, the ball going offside at the 15 yard line. A pass failed. Lewellen punted 70 yards to Iron Mountain's 15 yard line. Dunsmore failed to gain at left end. Basing intercepted a pass, running to the 15 yard line. Mathys passed to Lewellen behind the goal line for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked goal. Woodin kicked off to Zimmers, who returned to the 20 yard line. Iron Mountain was penalized 5 yards for offside. Zimmers punted to the 40 yard line, Mathys receiving. A pass failed. Lambeau passed to Basing who ran 10 yards. Lewellen gained nine yards around right end. Basing made a yard for first down. Basing went over on the next play for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. Woodin kicked off, Zimmers again receiving and bringing the ball to the 20 yard line. Dunsmore failed to gain at left end. Zimmers punted 30 yards, offside in midfield. Lewellen gained six yards at right tackle.
Lambeau gained three yards at center. Lambeau passed 20 yards to O'Donnell who ran to the 13 yard line. Mathys took the ball offside. A pass, Mathys to Lewellen, brought the ball to the three yard line. Basing was stopped six inches from goal. Basing carried the ball through right guard for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked goal. Woodin kicked off to the 20 yard line, Dunsmore returning 15 yards. Heardon gained two yards at right tackle. A pass was incomplete. The Packers were penalized 5 yards for offside. Two passes were incomplete. Zimmers punted to Mathys who returned 20 yards to the 30 yard line. Basing took the ball offside. A pass to Lambeau was intercepted by Heardon and returned 10 yards. Heardon passed to Chard for a gain which brought the ball to the Packers' 10 yard line. Zimmers was thrown for a loss of 10 yards. Heardon passed to Carlson who ran across the line for a touchdown. Heardon missed the goal. Woodin kicked off. Fenney being downed in his tracks by Heagle. Feeney failed to gain at left tackle. Two passes were incomplete. Zimmers punted 40 yards to Lambeau who returned the ball 10 yards. Buck punted 35 yards. Feeney failed to gain at right end. A pass, Heardon to Feeney, gained 5 yards. A pass was incomplete. Zimmers punted to Mathys, who returned the ball 5 yards to the 35 yard line. A pass was incomplete. Buck's punt was partially blocked, traveling only 20 yards. Three passes failed. Zimmers punted 40 yards to Mathys as the game ended.
EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers 48, Iron Mountain All-Stars 6
Sunday September 13th 1925 (at Green Bay)
SEPTEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the Packers step out on the field Sunday afternoon to mix with the Hammond All Stars in the opening game of
the pro league season, the team will be right on edge to
make things interesting for Doc Young's hirelings. The
injured players, Buck, Harris and Larson, are making
rapid improvement. Larson will probably be fit for the 
fray but it is not likely that Buck and Harris will get in
the going unless it is absolutely necessary. The Bear
game comes a week and Captain Lambeau wants every
man on the team fit for a battle royal in the fracas...
TEAM LOOKING BETTER: Those who glimpse at the
Packers in their daily morning workouts see a big
improvement in the play. The players are rounding into
form nicely and there is a smoothness in the attack that
will mean trouble for any team the Big Bay Blues rub
elbows with. The Packer squad is not expecting any
soft picking in the Hammond game. The players know
that Hammond will be considerably stronger than last
Sunday's opponents. Every member of the Hammond
team is a veteran pro gridder and they know every trick
of the game. Players like Falcon, Wilkins, Pollard and
Hess are wide awake footballers and as fast as they
make 'em. Falcon is one of the greatest plunging backs
in pro football. Last season, when Hammond dumped
the Chicago Cardinals, 6 to 3, Falcon plunged his way
down the field from the 40-yard line for the winning
touchdown in the last ten minutes of play...HAMMOND
IS FAST: Green Bay football fans who saw the Packer-
Hammond game two years ago on Thanksgiving Day
will remember Robinson, the speedy backfielder. This
former Northwestern star is like greased lightning when
carrying the ball and he has a change of pace that is a
pleasure to watch. If Robbie ever gets away it spells
trouble in big letters. Due to a previous engagement,
George Downer, Milwaukee sportwriter, has notified
President Joe Carr of the NFL that it will be impossible
for him to work in Sunday's game. President Carr has
appointed Iverson, the Sheboygan athletic director in
his place. Iverson worked the Iron Mountain game last
Sunday in capable style.
SEPTEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Chris
O'Brien, manager of the Chicago Cardinals, is looking
around for another fine man to fill Buckeye's shoes. He
has been pitching good ball for Cleveland and has
decided to steer clear of pro football this fall...Ed
Garvey, who played with the Chicago Bears after
earning All-American recognition with Notre Dame, has
signed to coach St. John's college in New York. Garvey
is somewhat of a pugilist and is fighting some big
fellows...Corgan, who played a brilliant game of football
last season for the Kansas City Blues, is making a 
name for himself on the diamond. He was recently sold
by Wichita to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Corgan performs
at shortstop...The Green Bay Packers opened their
season last Sunday by walloping the Iron Mountain,
Mich. eleven, 48 to 6. The Badger state champs cut
loose with a dazzling aerial attack that had the
Wolverines running around in circles...Shorty Barr,
quarterback at Racine for the past two years, will probably call signals for Milwaukee this season. Bahr lives in the Cream City and he should be a considerable drawing card for the hometown fans...George Halas, helmsman of the Chicago Bars, has had his charges working out all week in preparation for the opening game at Rock Island on Sunday. The Independents have always given the Bruins a lot of trouble...Red Dunn, one of the greatest footballers ever turned out at Marquette, has been sold by Milwaukee to the Chicago Cards. With Dunn and Driscoll in the backfield, the Cardinals will have a pair of brilliant performers...Gil Falcon has been signed again for service with the Hammond All Stars. Falcon won't be Doc Young's lone ace behind the line as Kendrick, Duke Annan, Fritz, Pollard and Robinson, Northwestern flash, will appear in moleskins...Duke Slater, All American tackle at Iowa, will play tackle for the Rock Island Independents. Slater has been with the Islanders for four years. Rube Ursella, pro veteran, is again coaching the Independents grid machine...Although Manager Dewey of Duluth has lost several of his 1924 stars, he is filling the gaps with youngsters fresh from the college ranks. The Duluthians are booked for a number of non-league arguments this fall...Gale Bullman, captain of West Virginia in 1924, has signed a contract to play with the Columbus Tigers. It was Bullman's 94-yard run for a touchdown in the Syracuse game last fall that put him on the football map...Jack Harris, Wisconsin, is the only 1924 Big Ten football captain in action on the postgraduate grid. Harris is holding down a fullback job for the Green Bay Packers. He also serves as a K.C. athletic director at the Bay...Coach Archie Golembeski of the Providence Steam Rollers won't want for veteran material this season as many of his headline performers including Oden, Koslowski, Braney, Laird and Vreeland will be back in togs...Wentworth, who burned up the gridiron for New Hampshire State in 1924, has cast his lot with Providence. Cy was the second leading collegiate scorer in the east last year. Wentworth is a ten second man on the track...Owners of the New York pro football club launched the season by entertaining newspapermen and sport leaders at the Alamac hotel. Bob Folwell, former Navy coach, will have direct charge of the Gotham gridders...The New Yorkers are gathering a corking good squad. Bomar of Vanderbilt and "Century" Milstead of Yale are two stars signed up. Benkert and Nash, former Rutgers star, will also play with the Broadway eleven...Dutch Hendrian has made another switch this fall. The former Princeton fullback started his pro football with Akron. Then he switched to Canton. In 1924, he was with Green Bay and this season Hendrian joins Rock Island...Tillie Voss is going to play football this season for his old hometown, Detroit. It was at Detroit U that Voss broke into the headlines as a pigskin chaser. Voss can turn in a great game at either end or tackle...Deible, guard from Lafayette; Schuster, lineman from Penn State; Red Fleming, crack halfback from Mount Union and Burk, Kansas backfielder, are the newest addition to the revamped gridiron squad of the Canton Bulldogs...Coach Harry Robb of the Canton machine is promising a winner at any cost. The Bulldogs will have a pair of great tackles in Pete Henry and Lyman of Nebraska. Canton plays at the Massillon Maroons in Sunday's game...The first game of the pro league schedule in the East will be played next Saturday at Frankford where the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets will tackle the Buffalo All Americans, led by Koppisch, famous Columbia gridiron warrior...Hugh Blacklock, tackle for the Chicago Bears, has put away his Grand Rapids, Michigan deputy sheriff's badge for three months and has reported for practice. Blacklock got a three months' absence leave so he could play football...Barry Conover, one of the greatest centers in professional football, is to play with the Philadelphia eleven. Other clubs were bidding for his services but Conover wanted to be near his home in Atlantic City.
SEPTEMBER 18 (Providence) - Harry Stuhldreher, Notre Dame quarterback, one of the famous "Four Horsemen" of last season, has been signed to play with the Providence Steam Rollers of the NFL during the coming season. Stuhldreher now is coaching at Villanova. He will make his debut in this city next Sunday when the Rollers open the season in a non-league game. The Packers play in Providence on December 6.
 or two in order to spring some new stuff on the Hammondites. Hess, Dune Annan and Falcon are rated mighty good at breaking up passes, but the Bays hope to teach them a few lessons that are not in the book. Lewellen, the lanky backfielder, who played such a brilliant game against the Moutaineers, has been getting off some splendid punts in practice and he will probably do a lot of booting for the Packers in the fray against Doc Young & Co. Much time is being spent this week perfecting an ironclad defense against forward passes and it is not likely that Hammond will find a weak spot in which to sink their forwards...BRISK TICKET SALES: Tickets were placed on sale Tuesday night and many of the reservations were snapped up quickly. The management has received numerous requests for seats for football enthusiasts in the neighboring towns and early indications point to another banner turnout of spectators on Sunday. Reports about Green Bay's new field have spread rapidly in Northeastern Wisconsin and with the huge seating space, the out of towners are assured of first class reservations. This fact along will bring hundreds of more spectators to the Packers' games in Green Bay this year.
SEPTEMBER 17 (De Pere) - Candidates for positions on St. Norbert's college football team were taken under the wing of George Abramson, former Minnesota star, now a member of the Green Bay Packers, yesterday afternoon. Under a hot sun, the squad of 30 was put through an hour and one-half of practice on the rudiments of the game. The linemen worked at blocking and attacking, while the backfielders drilled at passing and receiving passes, with Schumacher of Shawano and Champa of Escanaba doing the tossing. Later they worked on the art of side-stepping while carrying the oval. Toward the close of the practice, Abramson united the candidates for tackling practice. The Packer star will coach the team until the arrival of Coach George Carey.
SEPTEMBER 19 (Lafayette, IN) - R.A. Bahr, Purdue halfback who graduated last June, has signed a contract as freshmen backfield coach at Purdue university. Athletic Director N.A. Kellogg said Bahr will take the place of Joseph Bergman, who was under contract at Purdue but who is detained in New York by business. Bahr's home is in Jackson, Mich. Bahr  signed a contract on July 21 to play football with the Packers but failed to put in appearance when the candidates were ordered to report for practice.
SEPTEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
opening game of the NFL schedule will be played
Sunday afternoon at the City stadium in Joannes park
between the Green Bay Packers and Hammond All
Stars. The kickoff is slated promptly at 2:15 and
regulation quarters of 15 minutes duration have been
arranged for. Hammond is going to the Bay with an
aggregation of all stars, headed by such well-known
professional footballers as Fritz Pollard, Ink Williams,
Falcon, Robinson, Neal and Lefty Hess. Doc Young, the
Hammond manager, has molded together his best team
in years and nothing would please him better than to
upset the Big Bay Blues in the first league fray...GOOD
WEEK OF PRACTICE: The Packers have put in a good
week of practice since they put the skids under Iron
Mountain last Sunday to tune of 48 to 6. With the
exception of Buck, Harris and Larson, the squad is fit
for the fray and the players are determined to get off on
the right foot in the chase for the pro league pennant.
Iverson, city athletic director at Sheboygan, has been
named to referee the game as it was impossible for 
George Downer of Milwaukee to come here on Sunday.
White, of Ripon, and Wiley, of Indiana, are the other two
officials...EXPECT BIG CROWD: Arrangements have
been completed to handle another big crowd, which is
forecast by the heavy advance ticket sale. Hundreds of
out-of-town football fans are expected here for the 
gridiron contest. The ticket office at the park will be
ready for business at 10:30 Sunday morning while the
gates at the stadium are to be opened at 12:45. The
American Legion band, one of Green Bay's crack musical units, will parade downtown before the game and then proceed to the park where their snappy offerings will go a long way towards putting a lot of pep into the players and spectators alike.
SEPTEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The gates at the city stadium will open at 12:45. At 10:30 Sunday morning, a reserved seat ticket window will be doing business at the park. The kickoff is scheduled for 2:15. Tickets on sale at the numerous places about town will be picked up Saturday night before 10 p.m. Those having made reservations are urged to pick them early Saturday morning.
SEPTEMBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - It was the biggest score the Packers have run up since they started playing "big time" football...The Big Bay Blues looked much better in the opening game than they did their "first starts" against Ironwood and Hibbing...The visitors had drilled for two weeks on a forward pass defense but when the Bays got underway in their air drive it couldn't be stopped...Lewellen turned in a wonderful game for the Packers. The former Nebraska star was a demon on the offense and his defensive play was a pleasure to watch...Cub Buck sprung a "Charlie Horse" early in the game and squatted on the sidelines nearly all of the second half. This is the first time that Cub has ever been banged up....The quartet of ex-Packers, who performed with Iron Mountain, were going every minute in an attempt to halt the rout but it was wasted energy. Some of the fans were "on" Murray and Rosatti...The Wolverines didn't want for reserves. They had about two dozen players in uniform and Manager Erdlitz was making changes in his lineup after every other scrimmage but it didn't do any good...The Iron Mountain delegation was there close to a thousand strong. The visitors cut loose with a lot of fancy capers and one of the Mountaineers did a snake dance on top of the field railing that furnished thrills...Long before it was time to open the gates, hundreds gathered around the admission gates. When the doors opened there was a merry scramble for the choice bleacher seats. Several impromptu scrimmage enlivened the chase for seats...Much favorable comment was heard about the seating arrangements. The holders of grandstand and box seats were much pleased with their reservations while the bleachers are so arranged that they provide an excellent view of the playing field...The Legion band made an instant hit. Music peps up a football game a lot and the war veterans entered into the spirit of the affair and their tuneful airs always got a big hand. The band paraded downtown before going out to the stadium...Next Sunday Hammond plays here in a pro league game.
SEPTEMBER 15 (Hammond, IN) - Doc Young, manager of the Hammond All Stars, has molded together an aggregation of football players that should cut quite a figure in the National league race. Hammond opens the season in Green Bay on Sunday against the famous Packers, champions of the Northwest. Last season, Hammond finished with .500 percent in the pro percentage table. Among the notable victories scored in 1924 were over the Chicago Cardinals and Kansas City Blues. Hammond will start the game in Green Bay with the same backfield that was in action the day Chris O'Brien's hirelings went down to defeat. Gil Falcon of Wabash will be at fullback; Duke Annan, Brown; Fritz Pollard, Brown, and Robinson, Northwestern, halfbacks, while Hess of Indiana is to call the signals at quarterback. In addition to these topnotchers, there is Kendricks of Texas, who is a triple threat man. He played with the Bears last season...HAVE GOOD ENDS: Sifrett, a product of Knute Rockne's school at Notre Dame, is playing one of the ends while Ink Williams from Brown is the other wing. Two years ago Williams was picked for the All American pro team. The "Gold Dust" twins, Pollard and Williams, played a prominent part in Hammond's forward passing game. Rydweski, a 220 pounder, is the Hammond center. He was at Notre Dame for two years. McGinnis, of Marquette, last year with Milwaukee and Fortune of Michigan play the guards. The All Stars have three great tackles in Oltz and Neal of W. and J. Neal is a brother of Greasy Neal, the big league ball player. Carman of Purdue is the other tackle...PLAY HEAVY SCHEDULE: This year Hammond is playing a heavy schedule of games and Manager Young has placed nearly all his players at work in Hammond so that they can be on hand for daily practices. Much interest is being taken in the team and big crowds watch the workouts. Young is going to play several games at home last year and this tends to increase the enthusiasm. It is the prevailing opinion here that Green Bay has one of the best clubs in the league but Hammond is confident of making it mighty hot for Captain Lambeau and his forward passing crew.
SEPTEMBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Reserved seat tickets for the Hammond game will be placed on sale at the usual places about town tonight. Another big crowd is expected and those desiring the choice reservations had better pick up their ducats early. League football always draws well in Green Bay and this contest marks the opening of the Packers' 1925 chase for the pro league pennant.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Columbus) - President Joe Carr of the NFL has appointed George Downer of Milwaukee to referee the game in Green Bay, Wis., on Sunday September 20 between the Packers and Hammond. H.
M. White is the umpire. C.E. Wiley will be the head linesman...The Packers are practicing daily for the opening game of the NFL which will be played here Sunday against the Hammond All Stars. The Big Bay Blues came out of the Iron Mountain argument in pretty fair condition. Aside from Buck, Larson and Harris, the other players are in shape for another grueling struggle. It is not likely that this trio of players on the hospital list will start but, if necessity demands it, they will be rushed into the fray...SPEED UP ATTACK: The Packers' aerial attack, which functioned so nicely in the Iron Mountain rout, is being keyed up a notch
SEPTEMBER 17 (Columbus, OH) - The NFL, composed of the strongest professional elevens in the country, will open its 1925 schedule on Sunday. Only two games are booked, as the majority of the teams use the baseball parks in their respective cities and it will be another week before they get into action. The initial combats bring together the Chicago Bears and Rock Island Independents at Rock Island while the Hammond All Stars will invade Green Bay, Wis., to meet the well known Packers...SEPTEMBER 27 SCHEDULE: The following Sunday, September 27, sees the Bears at Green Bay; Hammond at Chicago Cardinals; Akron at Cleveland; Columbus at Detroit; Kansas City at Duluth; Rochester at Canton and Buffalo at Pottsville, Pa. Four new clubs, New York, Providence, Pottsville and Detroit, are in the league this year while Racine and Minneapolis have surrendered their franchises for the 1925 season. According to the scheduled mapped out the closing games, which most likely will decide the championship, are to be played on December 13 and 20. In discussing the pro league situation this season, Joe Carr, president of the postgraduate gridiron circuit, thinks 1925 will be a banner one in every respect...SEES STRONGER CIRCUIT: "The addition of New York, Providence, Detroit and Pottsville will greatly strengthen our circuit." said Mr. Carr. "It is true that the absence of Minneapolis and Racine may weaken the western division a bit but we hope to rearrange several of our games so as to balance the loop. As in past years, Philadelphia will have a fast team. Great things are promised from New York and I think the Providence Steam Rollers and Pottsville Maroons will win a lot of games. Buffalo, under the leadership of Walter Koppisch, should be greatly improved. The return of Canton to the fold will be beneficial to pro football in Ohio. Dayton and Columbus should be well up in the running. Jimmy Conzelman, who is directing things at Detroit, always produces a great squad."...BEARS AND CARDS: "The Chicago Bears should be as strong as ever while Chris O'Brien aims to place a much better Chicago Cardinal team on the field. McGurk, the Milwaukee manager, is building his club anew. He has sold many of his stars but has a bunch of promising youngsters lined up. Rock Island, as in the past, looks for a winning team. Doc Andrews, the Kansas City manager, claims his club will be a whole lot better than it looks on paper. The Duluth team should prove to be as troublesome as in past years while reports I have received about the Green Bay team makes me think that the Packers will be among the topnotchers in the percentage table."