Green Bay Packers (3-1-2) 35, Racine Tornadoes (1-4) 0
Sunday October 24th 1926 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers pulled down the curtain on their "at home" football season Sunday afternoon at the City stadium by staging a field day at the expense of the Racine Tornadoes to the tune of 35 to 0 before a farewell crowd that was way below expectations. It was an ideal day for football. A chilly wind swept the field but it tended to put pep into the spectators and players alike. Despite the frequent rains of the past week, the playing field was in fairly good condition although the soft going in spots proved disastrous to some of the fleet-footed Packer backs who slipped after they seemed headed goalward.
The Tornadoes didn't even prove to be a gentle breeze.
The mighty MacIllwain and Kernwein, much famed 
conference backs, flopped completely. Jeff Sterr got
away for several fair runs but a couple of his fumbles
proved disastrous for the invaders. Racine did not have
a capable bootsmith and poor punting tended to keep
the visitors in a hole continually. Reichow and Boettcher
were the Tornadoes' best bets behind the line while
Kibbo Brumm and Hardy were the stalwarts of the front
line. The Packers had it over Racine like a tent. The
invaders never got within the Bays' 45 yard line and
they didn't make over a half dozen first downs during the
entire fracas. Displaying a varied attack, the Packers 
ran their guests ragged through a mixture of forward
passes and straight football. In justice to the invaders,
it can be said that they never quit the battle and several
stands in the shadow of their goal posts cut off at least
three Packer touchdowns.
Even in the last minutes of play, Racine made a game
stand right on their own goal line. Three times did the
Bays crash forward with a touchdown in sight only to be
held inches from the marker. However, this all went for
nothing as Jack Harris slashed over for the score just
as time was called. Aside from Dick O'Donnell, who is
recovering from an injured shoulder, and Cully Lidberg,
plunging fullback, all the other members of the Packer
squad got into action and helped "blow" over the
Tornadoes. The gang came out of the game in pretty
good shape although Captain Lambeau suffered a badly
gashed mouth and Eddie Kotal pulled up with an injured
leg. However, it is practically certain that the Packer
captain and the former Lawrence star will be fit to do
their stuff against the Cardinals in Chicago next Sunday.
Babe Reutz, president of the Racine club, who is a
veteran at the pro game, was a bit down in the mouth
after the final whistle blew but it didn't stop him from
singing the Packers' praises. "Ever since 1921," said
the Babe, "I have had a lot of respect for Green Bay in
the football line. But I can honestly say that this year's
team is the best one I have ever seen in Blue jerseys.
Of course, we didn't look so good out there but just the
same we would have been 'world champs' to have beat
your outfit. I can't figure out how you took a trimming at
the hands of the Cardinals and, believe me, my money
is going on the Bays next Sunday when you invade
Chris O'Brien's Normal Park." It was a sweet victory for
the Packer family but sweeter still to one Jack Harris,
who is bobbing frequently into the football spotlight this
fall. Harris is a product of Racine and he should have
made the old home rooters wish he was home again.
This was the game of all games for Fighting Jack since
he left dear old "Alma" and he did plenty. Along in the
third quarter, the Bays shifted their battle front a bit and
Harris got a chance to carry the ball from the backfield
position. And he carried it to the extent of two scores
and a lot of additional yardage. Harris probably went to
sleep last night feeling that the old world wasn't such a
bad place after all.
Dick Flaherty wasn't born in Racine but just the same
the soon-to-be doctor, who plays end for the Big Bay
Blues, turned in his best game since he donned a
Packer uniform. Flaherty was making such impossible
catches of forward passes that some wit in the Racine
cheering section yelped out to MacIllwain, captain of the Racine teams, "Look at his hands, Mac, I think he is using flypaper." And it is needless to add this caustic comment drew a big laugh from those in hearing distance. Flaherty had a greater incentive than ever before to come through in a star role because among those present at the game were his mother and sister from Spokane, Wash., who came all the way from the northwest to see "their Dick" play. And he didn't disappoint them. They had good reason to be proud of him. Instead of opening slowly, the Packers got off with a bang and, inside of two minutes, the Bays had a "7" marked up on the scoreboard. Gardner kicked over the goal line and Racine scrimmaged on its twenty. MacIllwain found the going a little tougher than in the "rah rah" days when he paired with Red Grange at Illinois and his two line rushes were stopped dead. Kernwein fumbled the pass for a punt and his attempt was blocked. The Packers got the oval on Racine's 23 yard line. After Basing and MacAuliffe had pushed through for three yards apiece, MacAuliffe passed to Flahery back of the goal line for a touchdown and Purdy kicked the goal.
For a few minutes after the next kickoff, the ball seesawed back and forth. Finally, Kotal intercepted a Racine pass and legged it to the visitors' 20-yard line before he was dumped. Some savage line plunges made a first down and, then, Racine drew a penalty for offside. This put the ball close up to another six points and Basing crashed over for the score. E. Pid goaled again. When time was called for the quarter, the Bays were deep in Racine territory. However, the visitors held for downs and Reichow kicked out of danger, temporarily. The Packers surged forward again and it wasn't long before Kotal grabbed a well directed pass from Mathys, who had replaced Purdy, for another touchdown. Whitey Woodin placekicked the additional point. That ended the scoring for the half although the Bays were knocking at touchdown's door quite frequently. The Bays breezed along under nearly all of the third quarter. Towards the close of the period, the Bays started another touchdown procession, during which time Enright piled up considerable yardage by some bang up line plunging.
As the period ended, the Packers only had a couple of yards to go for a touchdown and, on the second play of the final quarter, Jack Harris waded through for a score. He lugged about three Raciners with him on the way over. Purdy dropkicked again. Sterr cut short another Packer spurt by intercepting a forward pass and galloping back to midfield. This was only a flash in the pan. Racine couldn't gain and punts were exchanged with the Bays having a big advantage. With a couple of minutes to go, Purdy passed to Lewellen for a 15-yard gain and Enright ripped through for fifteen and three. Harris and Lewellen got a few more yards and the ball was on the goal line. The Packers huddled and Harris was picked out as the battering ram. It was a good choice because he squeezed over with inches to spare. Time was up but the rules allow a scoring team a chance to add the extra point and Purdy booted the ball between the uprights clean as a whistle. And so endeth the 1926 pro football season on a Green Bay gridiron.
RACINE    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY - 14  7  0 14 - 35
1st - GB - Flaherty, 17-yard pass from McAuliffe (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Basing run (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
2nd - GB - Kotal, 5-yard pass from Mathys (Woodin kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
4th - GB - Harris run (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
4th - GB - Harris, 1-yard run (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 35-0
OCTOBER 26 (Chicago) - Chris O'Brien is expecting a
capacity crowd at Normal park on Sunday when his
Cardinals, the pride of the South Side, rub elbows with
the Green Bay Packers, who are rated as one of the
strongest teams in the NFL. O'Brien figures that the
Badger state champs will easily outdraw the opposition
"up north" at Cubs field where the Bears and Akron are
booked to perform. The Akron club is composed of old
timers and only last Sunday they were taken into camp
by Detroit, 25 to 0. The Bruins whipped Detroit early in
the season. The "other" league game won't cut in on
the Cardinals much as last Sunday with the undefeated
Cleveland team playing at White Sox park, the
Sternaman gate was only about 3,000...HAVE BEEN IN
SLUMP: The Cardinals have been in a slump but
Captain Dunn looks for a much better exhibition this
weekend. Two weeks ago, the Bears administered a
decisive lacing to the South Siders and last Sunday in
Milwaukee, O'Brien's hirelings were mighty fortunate in
getting away with a 3 to 2 victory. Every one of the
Cards know that they will have to "on" to whip the
Badger invaders as the Packers are dangerous at all
times and what's more they are coming in here for
revenge. A few weeks back, the Cards returned home
from Packer-town with a 13 to 7 victory after the 
toughest game of the season. Even O'Brien admits that
his team played the best ball of the season against
Green Bay...TWO NEW FACES: The Packers will be
confronted with two new faces in the Cardinal lineup.
Hank Gilles, a veteran guard, has returned to the fold.
His appearance adds considerable strength to the 
forward wall. Swanson, a pass catching end, who 
​formerly starred with Rock Island, is being used at a 
wing. "Swannie" is a speed demon and, to date, has
been an important cog in the air drive. President Joe
Carr has assigned Lawton of Detroit to referee the
game. Lawton is one of the best officials working in the
pro league. "Horse" Edwards, South Bend, former Notre
Dame star, will umpire while "Gig" Olsen of Gary is the
umpire. This is the first time this season that three non-
Chicago men have been selected to handle a Cardinal
game at home.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Charlie
Mathys, a veteran of the Packer machine since 1922
who has been rated as one of the best quarterbacks on
the pro gridiron, has turned in his togs. In other words,
Charlie's gridiron career is at an end. Mathys has been
always one of the mainstays of the Green Bay club and
every member of the organization is sorry to see him
drop out of active competition. Up until last fall, Mathys
never lost a minute of active going. He was always on 
the job and, when it came to loyalty, he was for the
Packers and Green Bay, first, last and always. Towards
the close of the 1925 schedule, Mathys got a pretty bad
banging up and this season the injury jinx seemed to
cling to him. In the Cardinal game, he cracked a bone in
his arm but carried on despite doctor's orders that a
complete rest was necessary or else a permanent 
injury might set in. Charlie laid out of the Milwaukee fray
but went back in against Racine. However, the injured
member didn't stand the strain at all well so he decided
to call quits. He offered his resignation to the Packer
management and it was reluctantly accepted. Speaking
of Mathys, Captain Lambeau, who has played beside
him for four years, said: "I am sorry to see Charlie go.
When things weren't breaking quite right, I knew I could
always count on Mathys for his whole support. Never
did we have a more loyal player on the team. And we
won't ever forget that it was Charlie's brilliant play that
helped put the Packers where there are today in the pro
football world."
OCTOBER 27 (Chicago) - Chicago grid fans who prefer
the postgraduate brand of football will have a full card of
games to choose from for their Sunday's pastime, as all
three of Chicago's pro elevens are scheduled to appear
on their home grounds. The Bears, who are tied for the
leadership of the National league, will clash with Akron
at the Cubs park. The Akron team is one of the dark
horses of the league, but demonstrated its strength two
weeks ago by holding the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets, 
who are tied with the Bears for the league leadership, to
a 6-6 tie. The Cardinals return to Normal park for an
engagement with Green Bay. The Packers are snapping
at the heels of the league leaders with three victories,
two ties and one defeat on their season's record. Joie
Sternaman's rejuvenated Chicago Bulls of the American
League will continue operations at the White Sox park
against Boston, a team of former eastern collegians.
The easterners are coached by Herb Treat, all-American
tackle from Princeton, and Ralph Gilroy, former
Princeton halfback. Erwin Gehrke, famous Harvard
fullback, is another outstanding star on the team.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay) - Arrangements are about
completed for the "Gridgraph" presentation of the 
Packer-Cardinal game in Chicago on Sunday. The
football board will be set up, as usual, in the auditorium
stage in the Columbus club and a direct wire from
Normal park in Chicago will bring the play by play story
of the game back to the fans here "hot off the gridiron".
Fritz Gavin, former East high football captain and later a
3-year varsity footballer at Marquette, will be on the
Chicago end of the telephone wire flashing the game in
detail back in here. Gavin is now coaching in Chicago
on the south side and he hasn't missed a game the
Cardinals have played at home all season. Gavin will be
provided with an extension telephone line and he will
camp up and down the sideline of the gridiron, getting
everything that is going on during the argument. In other
years, Gavin has often worked the wire on Packer
games and receivers here claim he never misses a 
thing. Gavin will also do the flashing on the Milwaukee, Racine and Chicago Bears games later in the season...EXPECT LARGE TURNOUT: Although a big delegation of Packer followers will make the hop to Chicago on Sunday, it is safe to say that the larger majority will keep the home fires burning and this means that some 1,500 or so will wend their way to the Columbus club and follow the game over the board. Efforts will be made to speed up the service on Sunday. Only those actively engaged in the operation of the board will be allowed back stage. In other years, a number of uninvited guests sometimes tended to gum up fast proceedings. The crew of board workers is being lined up for the opening shift on Sunday. The gridgraph will be tested out beforehand so that there will be no chance of things going wrong...MAKE SPECIAL CONNECTIONS: The Wisconsin telephone company, working in conjunction with the A.T. & T., is whipping the line into shape. Special telephone connections have to be set up at Normal park in Chicago. An extra loops is to be strung so that the sender will be able to follow the game along the sidelines. Sunday's game with the Cardinals will be termed the "crucial" one on the schedule. If the Big Bay Blues come through with a victory, their chances for placing one, two, three will be exceptionally bright. It will be a battle royal all the way and the fans at home, even though two hundred miles away, can have "ringside" seats by seeing the contest through the Gridgraph.
OCTOBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers are going about their preparation for the Cardinal game with an air of determination that means a battle royal in Normal park next Sunday afternoon, when they face the hirelings on Chris O'Brien's hirelings. The Big Bay Blues like to win just as much as anybody else, possibly a little bit more, because they are more accustomed to victories than defeats. The upset administered by the Cardinals at the City stadium a few
weeks back is still well remembered by everybody on
the club from Captain Lambeau down to Bud Jorgenson,
the property man...REVENGE IS SWEET: Revenge is
sweet and that's just what the Packers are hoping to
get this Sunday. A win over the Cardinals will go a long
way towards making the team forget a little about the
13 to 7 reversal. And this is the main reason that the
squad is going about their work this week in a "win at
any cost" manner. The Bays are going the limit in an
attempt to tuck away the victory. Nothing will be saved
as the team is going to "shoot the whole works" in an
attempt to bring home the bacon. Plays which have 
been kept in mothballs all season will be flipped wide
open against the Cardinals. Unless some unexpected
injury crops out in the next day or two, every player on
the squad will be in the "pink". Eddie Kotal's injured
knee is responding to treatment nicely and Captain
Lambeau's cut mouth is healing up much faster than
was forecast. As yet no starting lineup has been
announced, but it is safe to say that every one of the
eighteen players will get a chance to go against the
Cardinals on Sunday.
OCTOBER 28 (Chicago) - Daily workouts are being
dished out to the Cardinal team by Manager Chris
O'Brien and he is confident that his squad will be out of
their slump by Sunday when they meet the Green Bay
Packers, pro football champions of Wisconsin since
1918, at Normal park. The South Side team took a fine
licking at the hands of the Bears and then they were mighty lucky to nose out Milwaukee last Sunday. The Cards are facing three tough games in a row, as they play Green Bay here Sunday. The following Saturday, O'Brien's gridders invade Philadelphia for a mix with the Yellowjackets and the day after perform in New York against the Giants. The Packers are well known to Chicago football fans, and the Bays open style of play always makes a hit with the crowd. Manager Chris O'Brien reports a good advance sale of tickets and, with good weather, he expects one of the largest crowds of the season.
OCTOBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Saturday afternoon at 3:10, the Packer football squad will hit the trail for Chicago where on Sunday the Big Bay Blues will stage their revenge battle with the Cardinals at Normal park. The gold and blue squad, about 20 strong, will travel in a special car attached to the afternoon Northwestern train. Arriving in the Windy City, about 9:50 p.m., the players will go to the Pershing hotel, 64th and Cottage Grove, which will be the Green Bay headquarters during the weekend stay in Chicago. This hotel is located well out on the South Side, not so far from Normal park...GET ROOTERS TOGETHER: Efforts will be made to group the Green Bay rooters in the park close behind the Packers bench. The only reservations in the Cardinal "stadium" are box seats as
the grandstands and bleachers are first come, first served.
However, some of the Green Bay "early birds" will be
posted in the grandstand and help to gather together
the Bay followers as they come into the park. From the
talk heard around town, a big delegation is going to take
part in the Cardinal invasion. Many will leave on the
midnight trains and, if the weather holds good, there will
be quite a caravan of cars headed Chicago-ward in the
wee hours of Sunday morning. The Packers have been
working at double speed all week and they'll complete
their preparation with a snappy signal drill Saturday
morning. Then the trunks will be packed and it will be.
"All aboard for Chicago". This evening a blackboard talk is scheduled at the Continuation school where the game against the Cards will be gone over in the black and white.
OCTOBER 29 (Chicago) - There is more than the usual amount of excitement on the South Side over the Cardinals game with Green Bay. Ever since the natives quit warring, they had to get heated up over something so they are turning their attention to pro football. A Cardinal scout who covered the Green Bay-Racine game last Sunday reported to Manager O'Brien, according to the dope received by the insiders, that the Packers looked fifty percent better against the "Malted Milks" than when they lost to the Cardinals by a 13 to 6 count. The Cards are dressing up their forward pass attack and a number of new plays are being centered around Swanson and McDonnell.
OCTOBER 29 (Chicago) - Ike Mahoney, Cardinal halfback, has been shifted to quarter, and will assume the responsibility for calling the right plays Sunday in the pro grid crash with the Green Bay Packers. The Cards defeated Green Bay, 13-7, three weeks ago by a margin of two placekicks by Red Dunn, but the team is not in the best physical condition for the return engagement as Claypool, center, and Francis, fullback, will not play because of injuries received last Sunday in the Milwaukee game.
OCTOBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There are only two teams in the NFL with a "clean slate". The Philadelphia Yellowjackets have tucked away a half dozen victories while the Chicago Bears are credited with 5 wins. Each team has one tie game...Two of the undefeated elevens fell by the wayside over the past weekend. The Providence Steam Rollers dented the dope bucket by smearing Pottsville, 14 to 0, while the Bears took a fall out of Nevers' Eskimos, 24 to 6...The Hartford Blues crawled out of the cellar by defeating Brooklyn, 16 to 6. Evidently a double weekend ball was a bit too much for the Dodgers who last Saturday gained a 20 to 12 victory over the Columbus aggregation...Fritz Pollard, negro flash, has hung up his cleated shoes. The former All-American from Brown recently drew the pink ticket from Akron. Father Time tended to slow up Pollard and he only showed flashes of his old self...The New York Giants put across a 13 to 0 win on the Kansas City Cowboys in Gotham. Despite rainy weather, the game drew a 12,000 crowd. Joe Alexander of the Broadwayites was the scoring luminary as he made both N.Y. touchdowns...The Cardinals had a battle on their hands to down the Milwaukee Badgers by a "baseball score". Red Dunn, Chris O'Brien's quarterback, played the role of a pinch hitter and he came through with the needed field goal...After a wobbly start, Conzelman's Detroit club is playing bang up ball these days. The Panthers' 25 to 0 victory over Akron was a creditable piece of work as the Ohioans don't often get thrown for such a one-sided loss...Brick Muller, Imlay & Co. from Los Angeles bumped into a rude surprise in Buffalo when the Bisons held them to a 0-0 count. The Westerners couldn't get their passes moving as the Buffalo forwards were rushing mighty fast...The Canton Bulldogs who don't appear to be barking as loud as in the days of old took the count before the Yellowjackets, 17 to 0. Chamberlain's youngsters were much too speedy for Pete Henry and the other old-timers...The football scribes in Chicago gave Nevers a fine sendoff for the game he played against the Bears. One of the sport writers in his story of the encounter said the correct score would be: "Chicago Bears 24, Nevers 6"...The Green Bay Packers ran up the biggest score of the weekend when they blew over the Racine Tornadoes, 35 to 0. Racine was hopelessly outclassed and not once were they inside the Badger state champs' 40-yard line...Election Day in New York next Tuesday will be enlivened by a gridiron battle between Canton and the Giants. In the east, "ballot day" football frays are always popular and the New York management expects another big turnout...The championship race in Joe Carr's circuit is bunched more closely than ever this fall. Aside from Doc Young's Hammond club and the Louisville Colonels, every other spoke in the wheel has crashed its way into the win column....Pro football fans will be keeping their ears to the ground for reports from the Philadelphia-Providence fracas Saturday. The Steamrollers' success against Pottsville has put them far up in the postgraduate grid world...Bill Harley, manager of the Louisville club, is going to take a revamped machine into Racine for Sunday's fray. The Colonels have undergone a house cleaning and a number of new faces will make their appearance in the lineup...Red Bryan is deserving a lot of credit for the brand of ball his Milwaukee club is  playing. The Badgers are shy All-American stars but just the same, the Byran-men are battling nearly even up with "big time" aggregations...Russ Stein continues to hold his own in postgraduate. The veteran of several seasons is taking care of a wing position for Canton. Stein is a pretty smart footballer and he knows all the tricks of the game from A to Z...Stockton, former Gonzaga fullback, is flashing again for the Yellowjackets. This is his second season in pro football and the way he is performing certainly shows that he profited by his experience while a recruit in '25...Chris O'Brien of the Cardinals has added Gilles, a veteran lineman, and 
OCTOBER 30 (Chicago) - One of the most important games of the NFL season will be staged Sunday afternoon at Normal park on the South Side where the Chicago Cardinals will give battle to the Green Bay Packers. The game is start at about 2:15. The Cards have lost but one game this season and it is the same with the Badger state champions although the Wisconsin title holders have twice been held to tie contests. A win for either will put them in line for the championship and, with this end in view, the rival squads have been going through a course of sprouts 
​this past week that has included daily practices and
nightly blackboard talks...HAVE LOTS OF RESPECT:
Chris O'Brien's team has a lot of respect for Green Bay
as the Packers are ranked as one of the best drilled
elevens in Joe Carr's postgraduate football loop. The
Bays have a much vaunted air drive that piled up 35
points against Racine last Sunday while the best the
Cardinals could do against the same team was a three
touchdown victory. In Lidberg, former Minnesota star,
Green Bay has one of the best plungers in pro football
while Purdy, the White Sox outfielder, who plays quarter
for the Packers, is said to be a past master in the art of
dropkicking. The Bays boast a line from end to end that
will weigh 200 pounds..ARE NOT WORRYING: However
imposing array of footballers isn't worrying the Cardinals.
They have beat Green Bay once this year and figure
they can do it again. The Bays will face a stronger 
machine this time out as the addition of Swanson, fast
end, and Gilles, veteran guard, rounds out the O'Brien
machine much better than it was in the early season
games. In view of the importance of the game, Joe Carr,
president of the NFL, has named three non-Chicagoans
to act as officials. Lawton, of Detroit, is to referee;
Edwards, of South Bend, umpire and Olson, of Gary,
head linesman. The game has aroused much interest
on the South Side and the biggest crowd of the season
is forecast as Green Bay is bringing quite a delegation
of rooters with them.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bubbling
over with lots of pep and fight, the Green Bay Packer
football squad hit the trail this afternoon for Chicago,
where on Sunday, the Badger state champions will have
it out with the Cardinals in a NFL game at Normal park.
The Big Bay Blues traveled in a special parlor car attached to the 1:10 Northwestern train. The Bays have put in a good week of practice and they are confident of getting even with the Chicagoans for the 13 to 7 defeat suffered at the hands of Chris O'Brien's crew a few weeks ago at the City stadium. Jack Harris, former Wisconsin captain, will probably start at halfback for the Bays with Lidberg, Lewellen and Purdy as his running mates behind the line. Dick O'Donnell has fully recovered from his injured shoulder and he will again do duty at left end with Dick Flaherty holding down the other wing. A big delegation of Green Bay fans will make the Chicago trip and reservations for 300 Packer rooters have been made at Normal park. During the stay in Chicago, the Packer headquarters will be at the Pershing hotel, 64th st. and Cottage Grove ave.
OCTOBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Friday evening during the blackboard talk at the Continuation school, Charlie Mathys, veteran quarterback of the Packers who turned in his uniform during the past week, was presented with a handsome watch by the Green Bay Football corporation in appreciation of his loyal services to the team, captain and management. When Mathys announced his resignation, the directors lost little time in taking the opportunity to give Charlie a little token of their esteem. Dr. W.W. Kelly made the presentation speech. Several members of the board of directors were present. Stating it mildly, it can be said that Charlie was tickled to death - and then some.
Swanson, a sharpshooting end, to his ball club. O'Brien is facing a tough schedule for the remainder of the season as he has a half dozen big encounters...Old Erin is pretty well represented on the Hartford squad. Among the Irishmen with the Blues are Foley, McEvoy, O'Connell, McCormick, Gildea, Flynn, McCann, Garvey, O'Brien, O'Neil, O'Conner, Keenan, Donlan and Pat Halloran...Gregory, ex-halfback for Fielding Yost at Michigan, is finding the pro game pretty much to his liking while his cavorting in a Detroit uniform. Last Sunday against Akron, the Wolverines scampered across for one of the scores...Dick Flaherty, Green Bay end, had a field day against Racine. His brilliant receiving of forward passes helped the Bays pile up their big count. Once Flaherty leaped high in the air to grab a skyline toss for a touchdown.