Green Bay Packers (6-1-2) 14, Louisville Colonels (0-4) 0
Sunday November 14th 1926 (at Green Bay)

The Louisville Colonels were created in 1926 to fill the schedules of the expanded NFL, but they were a traveling team that operated out of Chicago. That season, the NFL added several semi-pro teams to their ranks, mostly to keep them out of the rival American Football League. While the Colonels were really a traveling team out of Chicago, they are usually accepted as a continuation of the Brecks franchise. Bill Harley, the former owner of the Toldeo Maroons, was granted the right to manage the Louisville Colonel operation out of Chicago, while Hertman still owned the team. The Colonels failed to register an NFL victory during the 1926 season. The team's first game resulted in a 13–0 loss to the Canton Bulldogs, while their second game resulted in a 47–0 loss to the Detroit Panthers.[2] Louisville's final two NFL games came on November 7, 1926 (Chicago Bears 34, Louisville Colonels 0) and November 14, 1926 (Green Bay Packers 14, Louisville Colonels 0). The Brecks-Colonels franchise is the last team from the four currently extant major professional sports leagues of North America to play its home games in Kentucky, although the Kentucky Colonels played in the American Basketball Association from 1967 until the ABA-NBA merger brought the ABA into the National Basketball Association after the 1975–76 season. Only five of 38 different players played NFL football outside of Louisville.
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(GREEN BAY) - The Green Bay Packers came across with their fifth straight victory Sunday afternoon at the City stadium when they stepped on the toes of the Louisville Colonels to the tune of 14 to 0. This win was a creditable piece of work when it is taken into consideration that Lidberg, Harris, O'Donnell, Flaherty, Rosatti and Earpe did not feast upon Colonel steak. Instead, they were being held in reserve to gnaw on Bear steak next Sunday. 
The game was played under disagreeable conditions. It
rained off and on all during the morning. There was a 
slight letup shortly after noon but as soon as the teams
came on the field, the clouds opened up again with a
steady drizzle. But the damp spell didn't wash out the
enthusiasm of some 1,300 dyed in the wool fans who
paid their money to get another glimpse at the Bays
and take a wetting in the bargain. Once again, Green 
Bay showed itself to be the greatest pro football town of
its size in the country. And even Bill Harley, manager of
the Louisville club, admitted this, "When I was up here
playing ball," Harley said, "I heard a lot about football
in Green Bay but I took the most of the talk with a grain
of salt."
"After I got away from the Bay every now and then
somebody would talk about the Packers and the crowd
they drew at home. It began to get me thinking and
what I saw out there makes me believe everything that
I heard. When you can get 1,300 spectators out to a
football game on a rainy day, it is going some. I'm sold
on the Bay and say what a game that's going to be in
Chicago next Sunday. The Packers certainly look pretty
good to me and, from what I have been told, I didn't get
a chance to see half of 'em." The Colonels turned in a
good exhibition and they were battling just as hard at
the finish as when the opening whistle blew. The much
heralded Pete Stinchomb was among the missing. 
According to Manager Harley, Stinchomb went to 
Columbus to see the Ohio State-Michigan game and he
flopped out on train connections for the return trip. This
handicapped the Southerners as it was necessary to
change around the backfield.
Robinson featured for the invaders. The former
Hammond ace was in the midst of the mixup every
minute. Glaver, former Rock Islander, and a pair of ex-
Cardinals, Sachs and Green, turned in some first class
footballing. Chuck Palmer's exhibition at quarterback
was all that could be asked. The game started off as if
it was going to be a riot as a blocked kick in the early
minutes of the first quarter put Louisville in a hole. The Bays had the oval deep in Colonel territory. A pass, Lambeau to MacAuliffe, made it first down, goal to go. But the Southerners held tight and recovered the cowhide on downs, just inches away from the touchdown sector. Giaver kicked out to MacAuliffe, who fumbled and it was Louisville's ball on the their own 30-yard stripe. There was plenty of action during the remainder of the quarter but with little advantage either way. The Colonels uncorked a pair of passes that were good for substantial gains. When quarter time was called, the oval was in Green Bay's possession about midfield.
Louisville resorted to passing frequently in the second quarter but the visitors failed to show a consistent offensive. They would complete a pass or two and then fizzle out on line plunging. Twice it seemed as if the Packers were headed touchdown-ward but Louisville was slashing hard and the Bay thrusts would be stopped. Late in this period, Louisville tried a placekick from the 50-yard line. The boot was short and Kotal ran it back to the 37 yard marker. The ball changed hands on a series of kicks. Halftime saw the cowhide in the hands of the Packers just inside of Louisville territory. Between halves, the band pepped up things a bit while the crowd busied itself trying to dodge raindrops and trying to figure out why the Bays hadn't broke into the score table. At the start of the third period, the Bays kicked off to Louisville. The invaders' passes went into the discard and they had to punt. And Green Bay did likewise a few minutes later. Louisville couldn't gain and Giaver's kick was a poor attempt. It went out of bounds at midfield. Here was the "break" that the Bays had been waiting for and they proceeded to make the most of it. Launching a savage line smashing attack, the Big Bay Blues started a march down the field that only ended when Lewellen knifed over for the first score of the game. But it was rough going all the way. Several times, first downs were only made by inches. Lewellen and Rex Enright did most of the carrying. With their backs to the wall, Louisville made a determined stand on its goal line. Three times the Packers crashed for but short gains. However, after a huddle, Lewellen plunged across with but a scant half foot to spare. Purdy added the extra point.
Louisville chose to kickoff. Purdy brought the ball back to the 36-yard line. Enright and Lambeau made a first down. Shortly after, Lewellen punted to Robinson who was dumped on the third chalk mark. Louisville couldn't gain and Giaver "sliced" his punt. It rolled out of bounds to the 26-yard line. Lewellen lost five on a wide end run as the quarter ended. An intercepted pass on the second play of the final period gave the vall to Louisville but the Colonels soon had to punt. Shortly after, Purdy tried a field goal but it was blocked and Louisville took possession of the oval.
Lewellen grabbed off one of Palmer's passes and dashed to the 12-yard line before he was chased out of bounds. Enright and Lewellen pounded on for 2 yards apiece and then young Mr. Purdy sailed a pass into Lewellen's arms for the second touchdown of the game. And Purdy goaled again. Robinson kicked off and Carlson ran the ball back to the 43-yard stripe. It was getting rather dark and both teams had some difficulty in following the ball. After several attempts at line cracking, Lewellen punted far down the field to Robinson who was dumped hard two chalk marks from the uprights. Metzer slashed through for a first down gain but that was only a flash in the pan. Two other line thrusts were stopped dead and Metzer kicked to Purdy. After one Packer pass had gone into the mud, the final whistle blew ending hostilities and a rain soaked crowd hustled to cover well satisfied with the way the Big Bay Blues had turned back the invading Colonels from Louisville.
LOUISVILLE -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY  -  0  0  7  7 - 14
3rd - GB - Lewellen pass from Purdy (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Lewellen run (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
NOVEMBER 20 (Chicago) - Determined to stay at the head of the percentage column of the NFL, the Chicago Bears have put in a stiff week of preparation for their game with the Green Bay Packers Sunday and, after the workout this morning, Manager Halas expressed himself as well pleased with the condition of
his men and opined that his huskies would be just "rarin' to go" when Referee Cahn blows the whistle to start hostilities at Cubs park. The kickoff is at 2:15. During their workouts of the past week the Bears have been rehearsing some new plays which they are going
to spring on the champions of the Badger state and,
according to those on the inside, the plays have been
perfected to such an extent that they will cause not 
only the players on the Packer team to sit up and take
notice but also the thousand of Green Bay fans who are
expected to be in the stands at Cub park...DRILL ON
PASSES: Walquist had been tuning up his passing arm
and Driscoll, Hanny, Mullin and Rooney have been
chased to all corners of the lot to gather in the passes
thrown by the former Illini star. It looks very much as if
the Bears will fill the air full of footballs in an effort to
down the invaders. This game is the most important pro
game to be played in Chicago and has created no end
of talk on the North Side. If the Bears win it means that
they will probably finish the season at the top of the
heap in the pro league but should they lose it will give
the Packers, Pottsville and Frankford better than even
chances to cop the bunting..THREE GOOD OFFICIALS:
The officials of the league also realize the importance of
the game and have assigned some of the best arbiters
to handle the fracas. Bobby Cahn, diminutive official, will
be the referee. Lawton of Detroit will work as umpire
and the headlinesman will be Edwards of South Ben.
These officials are certain to keep the old game going
from start to finish as they follow the ball closely and
are always on the job.
NOVEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - All
primed for the occasion and in their best condition of the
season the Packers, twenty strong, left this morning at
7 o'clock for Chicago where they tackle the Bears 
Sunday afternoon at the Cub park. The Packers have 
gone through a week of hard work for this game, the
most important one on their schedule and every man on
the team is confident that when the whistle ends the
combat that the Big Bay Blues will be on the top. The
team is traveling in a special chair car attached to the
train and when they arrive in Chicago will go
immediately to the Parkway hotel. The Packer leader expressed confidence in his team and stated nothing short of a win would suit him.
NOVEMBER 21 (Chicago Tribune) - The Green Bay Packers, the only team in the National pro grid league to tie the undefeated Bars, will invade Cubs park this afternoon and attempt to topple the Bruins from their lofty perch at the front of the league procession. The first argument, waged on the Wisconsin gridiron, resulted in a 6 to 6 deadlock with the Bears counting the tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter. The sole defeat chalked against the record of the Packers was placed there by the Chicago Cardinals, but the Green Bay eleven obtained revenge later, humbling the Cards, 3 to 0, at Normal park. For the first time in several weeks, the Bays have no hospital list and will throw their entire strength against the redoubtable Bear line. With Lambeau, Lidberg, Lewellen, Kotal, McAuliffe, Enright and Purdy ready for backfield duty, the Bears will face the best set of backs they have met this year. Lewellen hits the line with the drive of Nevers, and Purdy not only is an accurate forward passer but can trip around the ends with agility. The Bears are in good condition and Driscoll, Senn, Walquist and Romney will be hard to stop. The team has been strengthened with the addition of Dilweg at end and Johnny Bryan in the backfield. Both have been playing excellent games for the Milwaukee Badgers, now disbanded. The game today will go a long way toward deciding the National league championship, since the Bears have a one game lead over Green Bay, Frankford and Pottsville.
NOVEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Big Bay Blues are in the midst of a stiff week of training in preparation for the Chicago Bears' game at Cubs park on Sunday. Sitting in fourth place in the National league percentage table, the Packers are very much in
the running for stellar gridiron honors and a win over the
Halas-Sternaman combination would put Green Bay 
very much in the gridiron spotlight. The Bears haven't
tasted defeat this season and their only tie game was
with the Bays here early this season. The Chicagoans
have bumped off everything that has come their way and
they haven't had a handpicked schedule either...ALL
WILL BE FIT: Members of the Green Bay squad realize
how important Sunday's game is and every wearer of
the blue and gold will be in there battling to the last
ditch. What's more there won't be a man on the squad
that isn't able to step into action and go the limit. The
injury jinx has been camping on the Packers' trail all
season. Ever since George Abramson hurt his knee in
the opening fracas against Iron Mountain, there has
been, at least, one or two gridders on the hospital list.
However, there ain't going to be such a thing as a 
Packer hospital when it comes to face the Bears
Sunday. Rosatti's injured ankle has mended nicely and
the broken bone in Jack Harris' hand has knitted so well
that he will be able to feast on some Bear meat. Jugger
Earpe, O'Donnell, Flaherty and Lidberg will all be in
there to mix with the Bears. These players were 
purposely kept out of the Louisville combat and the 
others that did face the Colonels escaped without a 
sign of a serious injury...LOTS OF PRACTICE: A 
lengthy week of practice is ahead of the Big Bay Blues.
Aside from the regular morning workouts, there will be a
chalk talk at the Continuation school tonight and 
another skull practice Friday evening. Everything
possible will be done this week to have the Packers
keyed up to their highest pitch when the whistle blows
Sunday afternoon. The team will leave here Saturday
morning at 7 a.m. over the C. & N.W. A special parlor
car will be attached to this train for the Packers. During
their sojourn in Chicago, the Green Bay footballers will
headquarter at the Parkway. This is the same hotel
where they have put up for the last two years when in
the Windy City for a tilt with the Bears.
NOVEMBER 16 (Chicago) - The Chicago Cardinals, idle
Sunday because of rain, will be in better condition for
the encounter with the Louisville club, which has failed
to win a game to date. In addition O'Brien has signed Duke Slater, Iowa All-American tackle, and Wiederquist to strengthen his line. Both have been members of the American league Rock Island team, which is the latest team to drop out of Pyle's league, leaving only five members, with two of these, the Boston Bulldogs and Wilson's Wildcats, traveling teams.
NOVEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Members of the Green Bay Packers football team will be the guests of the Gyro club at a banquet at 7 o'clock this evening in the Beaumont Hotel, Attic room. A special program has been arranged for the entertainment of the football players. One of the features will be Tom Griffin, celebrated "yodeling blue" singer, who opens a day's engagement at the Strand theater here this evening. Griffin is coming here direct from the Oriental theater, Chicago, where he scored a big hit with his "Blues" songs. Another feature is the crack Greenwich Gardens' orchestra which will furnish the music. All Gyros are urged to attend.
NOVEMBER 17 (Chicago) - Staid old Chicago accustomed to always seeing the best that is going on in the amusement line doesn't very often get "het" up over a professional football game but just the same there is considerable talk in sport circles about the encounter at Cubs park on Sunday afternoon between the undefeated Bears and the Green Bay Packers. The Badger state champions have a big following in this city. The average football fan likes to see Wisconsin boys perform because they are past masters in the art of forward passing. It is the open game that grandstanders like to see because when the air is full of footballs they know what is going on all the time...BUMPED OFF CARDINALS: Three weeks ago, the Green bay team invaded Chicago and exhibited its football wares on the South side to the extent that the Cardinals took a 3 to 0 lacing. It isn't often that Chris O'Brien's team takes a tumbling from an out of town team but this was one of the times that it happened and Bear scouts, who glimpsed the game hurried back to Halas-Sternaman headquarters with the reports that the Bruins would do well to eye up the Green Bayians for the next several contests. So the Bruin bosses unloosed the strap on their bank roll and assigned one of the scouts to camp on the Packers' trail. This he did. He saw the Bays whip Milwaukee, 21 to 0, in the Badgers' own backyard while the best the Bears could do was a 10 to 7 win...WATCHED LOUISVILLE GAME: Last Sunday, the Bear "glimpse artist" hit the trail for Green Bay to see the Packers mix with the Louisville Colonels. The Bruin bosses figured this would be a dress parade for this Sunday's game and the scout was instructed to wear out several pencils taking down notes. But the Bear plans went astray. Aside from several "made to order" forward passes he didn't sniff a thing. What's more he flashed back the report that the Packers, aside from playing under cover all the way, kept six of the players who have been performing regularly this fall on the sidelines, evidently saving them for the combat on Sunday. The Bears' nest is expecting a battle. The players figure that a win over Green Bay will just about cinch the championship but they aren't counting their chickens before they are hatched. Daily practice is on tap although the drills are shortened up a bit because several of the regulars have shown signs of being a bit stale...BIG CROWD FORECAST: The Bear management is making arrangements to handle on the biggest crowds of the season. The game is being advertised as being between the two best pro grid teams in the middle west and the smart Bruins have plastered the South side with signs bearing the following caption: "Come to Cubs park, Sunday, and see the team that beat the Cardinals." The Cards are playing the Louisville Colonels, a team that both the Bears and Packers have stepped on.
NOVEMBER 17 (Columbus, OH) - President Joe Carr of the NFL has named Bobby Cahn to referee the Green Bay Packer-Chicago Bear game in Chicago on Sunday. This contest is considered one of the most important of the season. George Lawton of Detroit will umpire and Bill (Horse) Edwards of South Bend is to be the Head Linesman.
NOVEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Gyro club was host to the Green Bay Packers' football squad at a banquet last evening at the Beaumont hotel. The Packer team, Green Bay's entry in the National Professional Football league, leaves Saturday for three games away from home and the Gyros wished them success in their three remaining games with the Chicago Bears, Frankford Yellowjackets and Detroit Panthers, respectively. A.B. Turnbull, president of the Football corporation, introduced the players to the service club members, and Dr. W. Webber Kelly, one of the directors of the football club and team physician, gave a short talk. The physician praised the spirit of the team and the cooperation from Green Bay and northeastern Wisconsin fans and said this splendid cooperation had given Green Bay, a small city, a brand of football equaled by few cities of the country...PRAISES CAPTAIN LAMBEAU: "A deal of this credit for putting Green Bay on the football map belongs to Curly Lambeau," declared the director. "Curly had been instrumental in developing our great teams, and it is due to his untiring efforts that we have an eleven that can hold its own with the best clubs in the country. Curly has instilled a fine spirit among the players and everyone of them gives the best in him for Green Bay. A fighting team is seldom beaten - we have a fighting team and when the season ends we will be near the top of the percentage column with the best of them." Dr. Kelly pleaded for a continuance of the fans' cooperation so that Green Bay could have a great football next year and concluded by telling the Gyros a team secret and asked them not to breathe a word of it until next week...PRESENT FOOTBALL TO TEAM: The football won by the Packers' in the Cardinal game at Chicago was presented to Captain Lambeau last evening by the Gyros. The ball disappeared after the Cardinal victory and the Packer leader, who treasured it highly, was aggrieved at the loss. The ball was taken from the captain's room, by whom no one knows, but anyway it was given to the Gyros to return to him last evening. The Greenwich Gardens' 7-piece orchestra furnished music during the banquet and afterward, and "Smitty" delighted with several solos. Their excellent music made a big hit with the players and Gyros. Tom Griffin, the "yodeling blue" singer, now appearing at the Strand theater, sang several "blue" songs and responded to a number of encores. His offerings were heartily applauded and were well chosen for the occasion. He was accompanied by Mrs. Lee R. Smith, pianist at the Stand.
NOVEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - These are busy days in the Packer football camp because, aside of extra long practices and blackboard talks at
night, the players are getting ready for their football
journey which will take them to Chicago, Philadelphia
and Detroit. The Bays face three of the toughest clubs
in the league in eight days. Sunday sees the Packers
in action against the Chicago Bears at Cubs park;
Thanksgiving Day, the Bays are doing their stuff in the
Frankford stadium in Philadelphia and the following
Sunday Green Bay performs in Navin field, Detroit,
against Jimmy Conzelman's Panthers.ALL TOPNOTCH
TEAMS: The Bears and Yellowjackets are standing one
two in the National league percentage table while
Detroit is just a few notches below the Packers who are
resting in fourth position. This is just as tough an
assignment as any spoke in the field has had to face
this season. However, the Packers will start their three
game travel in the pink of condition as there isn't a man
on the squad listed as a hospital patient. In past years,
the Bays have generally gone into the Bears game with
one or two cripples...MANY ARE GOING: Unless all
signs fail, there will be a young "army" of Green Bay
Packer fans in Chicago Sunday. Many of the football
followers are going down Friday night to take in the
Wisconsin-Chicago game on Saturday and then attend
the Bear encounter Sunday. Excursion tickets for the
round trip costing but the usual price for one ($7.11) are
available on both the Chicago & Northwestern and
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroads. The complete
schedule for the Packers' trip is as follows:
Saturday November 20 - Leave for Chicago over C. N. &
W. at 7:05 a.m. Arrive Chicago, 1:00 p.m. Team will
stay at Parkway hotel.
Sunday November 21 - Play Chicago Bears at Cubs
Monday November 22 - Leave Chicago at 12:05 a.m. for
Niagara Falls, N.Y. over Michigan Central. Arrive in
Niagara Falls at 1:35 p.m. Leave Niagara Falls for
Philadelphia, Pa. at 9:50 p.m. over Lehigh Valley.
Tuesday November 23 - Arrive in Philadelphia at 9:25
a.m. Team will stay at Adelphia hotel. Practice at
Frankford field in afternoon.
Wednesday November 24 - Practice at Frankford field.
Thursday November 25 - Play Philadelphia Yellow
Jackets at Frankford Field.
Friday November 26 - Leave Philadelphia over Lehigh
Valley for Detroit, Mich. at 9:20 a.m.
Saturday November 27 - Arrive Detroit, Mich. at 2:18
a.m. sleeper will be set out so players can sleep until
8 a.m. Practice at Navin field in the afternoon.
Sunday November 28 - Play Detroit at Navin field.
Chicago sleeper ready for occupancy at 9 p.m.
Monday November 29 - Train leaves for Chicago over the
Michigan Central at 2:28 a.m. Arrives in Chicago 8:25
NOVEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Bear-
Packer football game, which will have something of the
nature of a National Championship contest, will be
reproduced on the gridgraph at the Columbus Club
community auditorium Sunday afternoon beginning at 2
o'clock. There will be a direct telegraph wire from the
field in Chicago to the Auditorium, and Edward
"Longboat" Johnson, a football expert, recognized
throughout Brown County, will file the play by play report of the contest at the Chicago end of the wire. There will be a straight charge of 50 cents per person, with no concessions made for youthfulness at the doors. The Packer management is of the opinion that the Columbus club auditorium will be crowded to capacity for the contest. Those who wish to secure good seats, and who at the same time wish to get the low down on the conditions of the grounds, wind and similar important details are advised to come early. "If the Packers win Sunday," this phrase is on every tongue in Green Bay as the opener of a conversation that leads to all manner of speculation. Generally speaking it is believed that the Bear game is the big hurdle in the path of the Packers toward a national championship or a tie for the championship. It is rumored that the Packers will fire both barrels at the kickoff, and will keep pounding until the Chicago Gunman fires the closing shot. Every fan who is not able to go to Chicago, and who is not confined to his bed will want to see the play by play on the gridgraph Sunday afternoon. 
NOVEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Saturday morning the Packer squad will board the 7 o'clock train for Chicago. This is the first stop of the trip that will take them to Philadelphia and Detroit after the Bear game. The hospital list of the team is entirely cleared up and the squad has been taking some good workouts this week. The snow didn't hamper the efforts of the men any and practice went on with a vim and vigor that broods no good for the Bears. A large number of enthusiasts have been watching the team every morning and from their comments, the Bays are due to continue their winning streak at the expense of the Chicago team...BUILD AIR DEFENSE: The Bears are sparing neither time nor money in getting in shape for the game Sunday, for this is the turning point of their season. If they come through with a win over the 
Packers, they will have pretty clear sailing to the national professional title. Their time is being spent mostly in developing an air defense to stop the famous air attack of the Big Bay Blues, which is one of the hardest to contend with in the league. Quite a number of Green Bay fans are planning to make the trip to Chicago to see the game, and most of the team are leaving early so to attend the Wisconsin-Chicago fray on Saturday.
NOVEMBER 19 (Milwaukee) - With the Milwaukee professional football team disbanded for the season, Johnny Bryan, owner, manager and halfback, and Lavvie Dilweg, captain and end, have signed to finish the season with the Chicago Bears. They will play in Sunday's battle at Chicago with Green Bay.
NOVEMBER 19 (Chicago) - The game Sunday between the Bears and the Green Bay Packers is kicking up quite a lot of interest in the Windy City. The reputation of the Badger team has been played upon by the press agents of the Chicago club and, as a result of an unusually large number of tickets have been sold. Many of the people who hold tickets for the Wisconsin-Chicago game have applied for seats to Sunday's game. Quite a number of Big Ten fans are interested enough to want to see what a professional game is really like, and consequently will stay over for the game. A block of about a thousand seats has been set aside for the Green Bay followers and it seems that every seat will be filled. The Bay fans follow their team like a college student body and make themselves heard when they do get together on the field. They have a great team and follow it in great style.
NOVEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Bears had a close shave Sunday but kept their record defeatless by downing the Milwaukee Badgers, 10 to 7. Halftime found the Bruins trailing, 7-0, but they spurted to a victory in the closing frames...Los Angeles put the skids under New York before a crowd of 20,000 who wended their way to the Polo Grounds to see Brick Muller perform. Thomas, coast guard, made the only score on an intercepted forward pass...Chris O'Brien called off the Cardinal-Akron game on account of rain. The wet spell was a blessing in disguise to the Chicagoans as their battle front was all shot to pieces following a long string of serious injuries...The Dayton club, after being idle for several weeks, returned to action and held the Detroit Panthers to a scoreless tie. Both teams fumbled frequently. Conzelman featured with a one hand stab of a forward pass...The Buffalo Rangers pushed Hartford down another notch in the percentage table to the tune of 13 to 6. This is two wins in a row for the Bisons. Kendricks, the Buffalo leader, has done remarkably well with the material on hand...Watching Nevers like a hawk the Pottsville Maroons turned back the invading Duluth Eskimos, 13 to 0. Wentz made one touchdown for the Miners while Racis counted the other when he covered a center pass which Nevers muffed...Eddie Butler's Brooklyn Lions shoved Canton into the background by a 19 to 0 count. Rex Thomas, Indian backfielder for the Lions, showed Thorpe and Calac, Bulldog redskins, some fancy prancing on the chalk marked field...The Green Bay Packers breezed through to a 14 to 0 win over the Louisville Colonels. The Badger state champions used a makeshift lineup against the Southerners as six of the players were being saved for the Bear game...A feature of the Duluth-Yellowjacket game in Philadelphia last Saturday was a reunion of the original Frankford A.A. eleven of 1899. The span of 27 years found the old timers, with but one exceptions, alive and healthy...The Duluth Eskimos sure are demons for punishment. They played three games in four days and didn't show much signs of wear. The Northerners dropped all the frays but they gave all they had in each one of the contests...Red Dunn, Chicago Card captain, is through for the season. In a recent game against the Bears, the quarterback was hit by three charging Bruins and he was carried off the field on a stretcher with a badly injured limb...Chuck Palmer, Northwestern ace of other days, has been showing flashes of his old form with the Louisville Colonels. The Southerners, despite their low standing in the percentage table, are playing scrappy football all the time...Beckley, a newcomer in the Dayton lineup, is showing lots of class behind the line. He is equally at home either cutting through tackle or skirting the wings. And what's more experts say he is a sure shot field kicker...Murphy, the Milwaukee Badger recruit back, is making quite a name for himself as a punter. In the game against the Bears, this youngster more than held his own with the much famed Paddy Driscoll in a kicking duel...Tony La Tone is continuing to shine as a gridiron star in the Pottsville backfield. This product from the Pennsy coal fields doesn't have to take a back seat for any of the them when it comes to jamming a front wall...The Rooneys are carrying a lot of the load for Duluth. Nevers is generally a marked man in every game so a lot of the ball toting is falling on the shoulders of Cobb at left half and Joe, who holds down a wing...Brooklyn is going to give its opponents a lot of trouble for the remainder of the season. The "opposition" in Dodgertown fell flat and Butler has grabbed a number of stars from the so-called "Four Horsemen" team...The Yellowjackets don't only use the air for their forward passing attack because the Philadelphia management makes novel use of airplanes in distributing circulars and other advertising features about the contests...Hinkey Haines, N.Y. Giants backfield, has pulled a new one for the book. Recently along Broadway, he caught a cowhide which was dropped from a skyscraper. A large crowd of Gothamites saw the Giant put across his stunt...An odd play was pulled off in the Dayton-Detroit melee. Barrett, the Panther center, after passing the ball, scampered across the goal line and caught a toss from Scherer. After much discussion, the score was not allowed...Pid Purdy, White Sox outfielder, is turning in a good job at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Purdy is one of the smallest players on the pro grid but, just the same, he stands up under the big fellows' banging...The Kansas City-Buffalo game in the Bison City Sunday should be a corker as both of these clubs are hitting on all elevens these days. The ozone will probably be full of footballs. Both squads do a lot of tossing.