PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT
Claude Perry      T       Alabama   9    1 6- 1 211
Pid Purdy         B        Beloit   6    2 5-10 175
Roman Rosatti     T      Michigan   6    3 6- 2 210 
Gil Skeate        B       Gonzaga   2    1 5-10 190
Red Smith       G-E    Notre Dame   5    1 5-10 225
George Tuttle     E     Minnesota   1    1 6- 0 178
Whitey Woodin     G      Marquette  7    6 5-11 206
PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT
Myrt Basing       B      Lawrence   3    5 6- 0 200
Marty Bross       B       Gonzaga   2    1 5- 9 170
Tiny Cahoon       T       Gonzaga   8    2 6- 2 235
Boob Darling      C        Beloit   2    1 6- 3 216
Lavvie Dilweg     E     Marquette  10    1 6- 3 202
Red Dunn          B     Marquette  10    1 6- 0 178
Jug Earp          T      Monmouth  10    6 6- 1 235
(GREEN BAY) - Playing their best game of the season, the Packers administered a pasting to the Chicago Cardinals Sunday. The score doesn't indicate how badly the Chicagoans were outclasssed. Only once did Guy Chamberlain's crew look dangerous and on each occasion the stonewall Packer line sat the visitors down hard. The big Bay Blues passed the invaders to death. Bullet like passes had the Cardinals running around circles and only when within the shadow of their goal posts did Chamberlain and company have any success halting the Packer procession. The Bays had the ball within scoring distance a half a dozen times only to have passes go astray. The Packers started fast and on the second play of the game, Lewellen ran the ball well into Cardinal territory from a fake punt formation. From then on the Cardinals were beating a hasty retreat. Lewellyn was gaining 20 yards on every exchange of kicks with Weller and this tended to make things all the more troublesome for the invaders.
CHI CARDINALS -  0  0  0  0  -  0
GREEN BAY     -  0  6  0  7  - 13
2nd - GB - Kotal run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0 
4th - GB - Lewellen run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 13-0
(FRANKFORD) - The strong Packers from Wisconsin beat the Frankford Yellow Jackets before 10,000 fans Thursday. The forward passing of the Packers caused the home team defeat. Rodgers, Britton, Kassel and Mercer excelled for the Yellow Jackets, while Dunn, Purdy and Lewellen starred for the visitors.
GREEN BAY -   0  7  3  7  - 17
FRANKFORD -   6  3  0  0  -  9
1st - FR - Chuck Kassel pass from Ken Mercer (Kick failed)  FRANKFORD 6-0
2nd - FR - Mercer field goal  FRANKFORD 9-0
2nd - GB - Dilweg, 40-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick)  FRANKFORD 9-7
3rd - GB - Purdy field goal  GREEN BAY 10-9
4th - GB - Enright, 20-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick)  GREEN BAY 17-9
11 MILWAUKEE BADGERS                     W 34- 0    1-0-0      N/A
1927 RESULTS (7-2-1)
18 DAYTON TRIANGLES (0-0-0)              W 14- 0    1-0-0    3,600
25 CLEVELAND BULLDOGS (0-0-0)            W 12- 7    2-0-0    4,500
2  CHICAGO BEARS (1-0-0)                 L  6- 7    2-1-0    5,500
9  DULUTH ESKIMOS (0-0-0)                W 20- 0    3-1-0    4,000
PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT
Rex Enright       B    Notre Dame   9    2 5-11 195
Thomas Hearden    B    Notre Dame   4    1 5- 9 175
Bruce Jones       G       Alabama   9    1 6- 0 165
Eddie Kotal       B      Lawrence  10    3 5-10 165
Curly Lambeau     B    Notre Dame  10    7 6- 0 190
Verne Lewellen    B      Nebraska  10    4 6- 2 181
Frank Mayer     G-T    Notre Dame  10    1 6- 0 215
Dick O'Donnell    E     Minnesota   9    4 5-10 196
(GREEN BAY) - Uncorking a dazzling passing attack and making the best of their opponents' miscues, the Packers successfully lifted the lid on their 1927 pro football season by walloping the Milwaukee Eagles before a large crowd of coatless gridiron fans who suffered nearly as much as the players from the torrid heat. For the first quarter it was a nip and tuck affair. Murphy, the Milwaukee bootsmith, got off several long drives that more than counterbalanced the offensive thrusts of the Big Bay Blues. Considering the fact that seven new faces appeared in the Packer lineup, the Big Bay Blues gridiron machine stepped along on all eleven most of the time. It was the irony of fate that two Milwaukee boys, Dunn and Dilweg, 
The Packers begin to move up in the NFL standings as they complete an impressive 7-2-1 season. However both losses, which came at the expense of the Chicago Bears, cost them any shot at a Championship.
Football historians generally credit the Green Bay Packers with inventing several aspects common in today’s game. The team is believed to be the first to:
* Implement daily practice (Curly Lambeau, 1920s).
* Innovate the forward pass into the pro game (Lambeau used the play at will at East High School, then after only semester at Notre Dame in 1918 brought Knute Rockne’s “secret weapon” to early NFL).
* Introduce a mascot at pro game (dog named Olive, because he liked to eat Durkee olives, 1919).
* Install a stadium public address system (City Stadium, 1925; local radio shop owner Peter Platten installed speakers powered by six-volt wet-cell batteries; former Packers player Jim Coffeen was team’s first PA announcer).
* Have cheerleaders on sidelines (several games in 1931, from Green Bay East and West high schools. After the 1988 season the decision was made not to reinstate the team's official cheerleaders. While some Packers fans supported the official cheerleaders, many were opposed or indifferent. For several years, the team has used cheering squads from two local schools, St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.)
* Use pass patterns (Don Hutson, 1935, ran a deep post to catch first career pass, 83-yard TD vs. Bears, Sept. 22, 1935).
* Charter an airplane to fly to a road game (1940).
* Have “tailgating” fans (some evidence suggests it was introduced at Bellevue Park, 1923-24, but no doubt perfected in
new City Stadium’s spacious parking lots, 1957).
(SOURCE: Packer Media Guide)
September 11: Green Bay (1-0) 34, Milwaukee 0
16 CHICAGO CARDINALS (2-1-0)             W 13- 0    4-1-0    4,500
23 NEW YORK YANKEES (3-1-0)              W 13- 0    5-1-0   11,000
30 X-at Milwaukee Eagles                 W 22- 7             2,700
NOVEMBER (2-1-1)
6  at Chicago Cardinals (2-3-0)          T  6- 6    5-1-1    3,500
13 DAYTON TRIANGLES (1-5-1)              W  6- 0    6-1-1    2,500
20 at Chicago Bears (6-1-1)              L  6- 14   6-2-1    6,000
24 at Frankford Yellowjackets (5-7-1)    W 17- 9    7-2-1    9,000
X-Non-League Game
September 18: Green Bay (1-0) 14, Dayton (0-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers chalked up their first victory in the 1927 NFL pennant chase Sunday afternoon by defeating the Dayton Triangles. The Ohioans held the Badger state champions even up during the first half but the Packers came back strong in the closing periods and Lambeau twice plunged through for touchdowns and Red Dunn added the extra point on each occasion. A high wind swept across the field and the team with the gale behind its back had a decided advantage. Lewellen, the Packer bootsmith, however had considerable advantage over several Dayton kickers.
DAYTON    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  0  7  7 - 14
3rd - GB - Lambeau, 1-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Lambeau, 7-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
September 25: Green Bay (2-0) 12, Cleveland (0-1) 7
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers rung up their second victory by defeating Benny Friedman and his Cleveland Bulldogs in a sensational exhibition before a rain swept crowd of some 5,000 slicker coated fans. A steady rain made the field sloppy and the players skidded often in the mucky going. There was no scoring in the first two periods, but the Packers had the oval twice deep down in the Cleveland territory only to be stopped dead by the Clevelanders stonewall defense. The third period had hardly got under way when the big Bay Blues racked Cleveland down to its goal line. Lewellen's well placed punts keeping the Ohioans running ragged. Bloodgood attempted to kick in his end zone, but Lavvie Dilweg, who played a whale of a game, slashed through and blocked the kick. Cahoon fell on the ball for a touchdown. The Packers enjoyed the first marker so much that it didn't take them long to get another. Several well executed passes and some topnotch line banging put the Packers in a position to score. Enright slashed over tackle for the counter. Dunn again miscued on the goal kick. When the final quarter got under way, Friedman returned to the fray and he immediately began shooting passes in true "Michigan" style. The Wolverine finally tossed one to Bloodgood and the former Cornhusker skipped some 30 yards for a touchdown and also kicked the goal. The air was full of passes during the closing minutes, but the Packers were on their guard.
CLEVELAND -  0  0  0  7 -  7
GREEN BAY -  0  0 12  0 - 12
3rd - GB - Cahoon, blocked punt recovery (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
3rd - GB - Enright, 9-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
4th - CLE - Al Bloodgood, 50-yard pass from Benny Friedman (Bloodgood kick) GREEN BAY 12-7
October 2: Chicago Bears (2-0) 7, Green Bay (2-1) 7
(GREEN BAY) - The Chicago Bears smeared up the Packers' clean sheet Sunday. Over 6,000 wild eyed fans witnessed the game which was fast and furious. It was a grudge battle all the and several times during the final stanza the players were at each others throats. The initial period was pretty well even up, both clubs feeling their way for an opening. At the start of the second frame the Bears pulled out their shock troops and the regulars headed by Paddy Driscoll and Brute Trafton were sent into the fray. The Bruins started a straight football attack and they slashed down the field for five first downs in a row. Near the goal line the Packers stiffened and held tight on two thrusts, but Senn finally wiggled over for a touchdown and Paddy Dnscoll kicked the goal. Early in the final quarter the Packers picked up speed. A series of well executed passes had the Brums making a dogged retreat. Once the Packers made what looked like a touchdown, but the cheers of the crowd were turned to jeers when a penalty took the marker away and cost the Packers five yards. However, the big Bay Blues weren't to be denied. Another pass put the ball about three yards from the goal line and then Lewellen knifed over right tackle for a touchdown. Pid Purdy was injected into the fray to try a goal kick, but his attempt went bad and the chances for a tie game went up in smoke. The final whistle blew shortly after.
CHI BEARS -  0  7  0  0 -  7
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  6 -  6
2nd - CHI - Bill Senn run (Paddy Driscoll kick) CHICAGO BEARS 7-0
4th - GB - Lewellen run (Kick failed) CHICAGO BEARS 7-6
October 9: Green Bay (3-1) 20, Duluth (0-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Ernie Nevers and his Duluth Eskimos were handed a trimming Sunday by the Packers. As usual, the Packers rode to victory on an air drive which had the Northerners baffled. Lewellen, Dunn and Dillweg made the Bay touchdowns. Nevers was a whole team in himself for Duluth. Five thousand
fans witnessed the game.
DULUTH    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  7  0 13 - 20
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 5-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Dunn, 11-yard pass from Lambeau (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
4th - GB - Dilweg, 25-yard pass interception (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-0
October 16: Green Bay (4-1) 13, Chicago Cardinals (2-2) 0
October 23: Green Bay (5-1) 13, New York Yankees (3-2) 0
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers won from the New York Yankees before a record-breaking crowd of 10,000. Still lame from a torn ligament in his leg, Red Grange sat on the sidelines thioughout the entire game. Purdy, the Green Bay QB, scored the first touchdown on a short plunge through center and kicked the extra point. Enright crashed through for the second score near the end of the second period.
NY YANKEES -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY  -  0 13  0  0 - 13
2nd - GB - Purdy, 5-yard run (Purdy kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Enright run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 13-0
October 30: Green Bay 22, Milwaukee Eagles 7 (Exhibition)
(MILWAUKEE) - Green Bay's famous Packers proved too much for Milwaukee's fighting Eagles Sunday afternoon at Athletic park when they turned the local crew back. The invading Packers, though crippled by the injuries of Enright, Rosatti, Flaherty and Cahoon, four stellar performers who remained on the side lines, displayed plenty of championship ability, and completely outclassed the local crew. The invaders required only eight minutes to register their first touchdown after a series of line drives and a beautiful 15-yard run by Smith that placed the ball on Milwaukee's 12-yard line. Two passes brought the ball to the Eagles' 2-yard line, from where Hearden smashed through the line for a touchdown.
GREEN BAY -  9  6  7  0 - 22
MILWAUKEE -  0  7  0  0 -  6
1st - GB - Hearden, 2-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
1st - GB - Purdy, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 9-0
2nd - MIL - Gerlach, 55-yard fumble return (Goggins kick) GREEN BAY 9-6
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 20-yard pass from Dunn (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 15-6
3rd - GB - Dunn, 3-yard run (Kotal to Lewellen pass) GREEN BAY 22-6
November 6: Green Bay (5-1-1) 6, Chicago Cardinals (2-3-1) 6 (T)
(CHICAGO) - The Chicago Cardinals and Packers fought to a tie Sunday. It was a great rally on the part of the Big Bay Blues who outplayed their opponents throughout most of the game. The Green Bay team played the entire game without the services of Cahoon and Rosatti, tackles, and Enright, fullback, who were out of the game with injuries. With a few minutes of the second quarter left to play, McDonnell tossed a pass and both Dunn and Lewellen of the Packers rushed in to knock the ball from the receiver's hands. The ball glanced off their fingers tips after both had touched it and fell into the arms of Weller, who ran 15 yards for a touchdown. Swanson missed the try for the additional point. Tho team from the Badger state could not be denied. With only three minutes left of the last quarter, three well executed passes caught by Perry, Dilweg and Kotal brought the ball to the Cards' 1-yard line, where Lewellen smashed over. Dunn missed the extra point.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  6  0 -  6
CHI CARDS -  0  6  0  0 -  6
2nd - CHI - Bub Weller pass from Mickey MacDonnell (Kick failed) CARDS 6-0
4th - GB - Lewellen, 5-yard run (Kick failed) TIED 6-6
November 13: Green Bay (6-1-1) 6, Dayton (1-6-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Continuing their quest for NFL honors, the Packers defeated the Dayton Triangles. In the last minute of the second period, a 66-yard pass to Kotal placed the ball on Dayton's 3-yard line. Three line plays failed to gain, but on the fourth down Lewellen took the ball over the goal line for the only score of the game. Dunn's place kick was wide.
DAYTON    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  6  0  0 -  6
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 1-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
November 20: Chicago Bears (7-1-1) 14, Green Bay (6-2-1) 6
(CHICAGO) - Forward passes at crucial moments were offered today as the chief reason why the Bears scored a victory over the Packers Sunday. Both teams completed more than half of their passing attempts, but the Bears produced their passes at just the right time to net them one more score at the Packers. The Bears' first touchdown came shortly after the second quarter opened when Driscoll made a lateral pass to Senn, who grabbed the ball and dashed 23 yards to the score. The Packers marched down the field close to the goal line in the third quarter, where Dunn made a pass to Enright for the touchdown. A long pass, Driscoll to Senn, accounted for the Bear's last touchdown.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  6  0 -  6
CHI BEARS -  0  7  0  7 - 14
2nd - CHI - Bill Senn, 52-yard pass from Paddy Driscoll (Joey Sternaman kick) BEARS 7-0
3rd - GB - Enright, 11-yard pass from Dunn (Kick failed) CHICAGO BEARS 7-6
4th - CHI - Senn, 28-yard pass from Driscoll (Driscoll kick) CHICAGO BEARS 14-6
November 24: Green Bay (7-2-1) 17, Frankford (5-8-1) 9
played a leading role in the decisive upset of their home town club.
MILWAUKEE -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0 14  7 13 - 34
2nd - GB - O'Donnell, 30-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Dilweg, 10-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Hearden pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
4th - GB - Lewellen pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
4th - GB - Enright, 40-yard interception return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 34-0