Green Bay Packers (1-0) 14, Dayton Triangles (0-1) 0
​Sunday September 18th 1927 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers chalked up their first victory in the 1927 NFL race Sunday afternoon at the City Stadium when they turned back the hard hitting Dayton Triangle aggregation by a score of 14 to 0 in a well played exhibition of gridironing. The Ohioans more than lived up to advance notices and they gave the Big Bay Blues a battle all the way. Joseph, a red headed end, was a continual thorn in the side of the Packers while a big hudky named Graham who parked
himself in a left guard position gave as good an example
of line play as has been seen in here in a number of
Achui, the Chinese halfback, "sneezed" his way around
end for several gains but he was generally dumped 
awfully hard. However, he weathered the storm and
came up smiling. Cabrinha, his running mate from the
Hawaiian islands, suffered an injured side early in the
fracas and was forced to retire. Britton, the Illinois
sensation of Red Grange days, got a couple of chances
to show his stuff but didn't set the world afire. It was a 
great day for football. Everything was ideal except the
wind which swept the gridiron in gale-like fashion and
caused the team facing the blow lots of trouble. Ground
keeper Jake Miller was the busiest man on the lot with
the canvas fence but with the aid of boards and uprights
the vision was pretty well cut off from some of the
spectators who didn't care to contribute to the gate.
Bobby Cahn, as usual, was in all his glory. The little
referee was on top of the ball every minute. In fact, he
was so close some times that he took his falls like the
players on both teams. After the game, Bobby had this
to say about the Packers: "When I got the assignment
from President Carr to work the game, I knew I would
see some football and I did. From what I hear, the
competition was a bit keener than expected. Just the
same, your Packers always seem able to rally to the
occasion and they sure did in the closing periods. I
think the Green Bay club is stronger than ever. I know
that this is saying a lot, too. Your new guards swing 
into the interference nicely and of course Dilweg and
Dunn would be an addition to any club in the National
league. And don't forget that Capt. Lambeau looked
better out there than I have seen him in several years.
He sure played real football. Lewellen still knows how to
kick a football, too." Dayton had the wing at its back in
the opening period and the visitors proceeded to make
the best of it. It was pretty close to impossible to get
any yardage against the gale. One of the Dayton boots
rolled out of bounds pretty close to the Bay goal line
and it put the Packers in a hole. Lewellen kicked but
the oval didn't carry far and it was the visitor's ball on the Packers' 30-yard stripe. Dayton didn't do much on two line plays but a pass grazed Dilweg's fingers and Joseph grabbed it. He was dumped on the Packers' 9-yard line.
The Bays held tight and the invaders were tossed for several losses. Mr. Chinaman Achiu attempted a field goal but the oval went wide. Soon after the quarter ended and the teams changed goals. This gave the Packers a distinct advantage with the wind as first aid. To the surprise of the crowd, the Daytonians didn't fade out of the picture as was expected. True enough, Lewellen was piling up a lot of yardage on punts but the visitors every now and then would cut loose a forward pass which would pick up some lost ground. Towards the close of the period, Dayton bunched a couple of successful air tosses and, with but seconds to go, Britton was called into the game to attempt a field goal. His boot did not go anywhere near the goal posts and Dunn grabbed it for a ten yard return before he was thrown as the half whistle blew.
Evidently Capt. Lambeau must have injected some dynamite into his Big Bay Blue squad between halves because the Green Bay crew came back like a  bunch of wildcats and the good old winning pep was oozing out of every member of the team. It was a good sign and the spirit was catching with the spectators. Some wit in the grandstand yelped out "It won't be long now!" And the crowd laughed. Dayton kicked off and the Packer had the wind at their backs. On the first lineup, Lewellen booted the ball about 75 yards and the oval sailed over Mahrt's head and rolled behind the goal posts. Dayton scrimmaged on its twenty. Several rushes netted little and the visitors punted. It was a weak attempt and the Packers regained the oval on Dayton's 46 yard line. Here the Packers' touchdown march started. Dayton was watching the Bays passing attacks mighty close. As a matter of fact the Packers completed only one successful pass during the game. Making the best of conditions, the Bays crashed their way down the field. Lewellen, Lambeau, Dunn and Enright alternated in smashing the line and slowly but surely the yard sticks moved in the direction of the East river.
Dayton was fighting for every inch of ground and, when the visitors were backed up to their goal, they battled harder than ever. Three players were stopped pretty dead. Then the Packers attempted a pass. This was blocked but a Dayton forward was offside and the Bays retained the oval with four chances to push it over. After Lewellen had been stopped dead, Lambeau smashed over for the first touchdown. Dunn kicked the goal and the fans, about 3,600 of them, breathed easier. The Packers received the kickoff and they held the advantage for the remainder the quarter. When the fourth period started, Dayton had the ball on its own 15-yard line. The invaders were troublesome all the way but they were not getting very far. About midway in the quarter, Abbott tried to punt but Jugger Earpe waded through and blocked the ball. Cahoon covered for the Packers and another touchdown procession was on. Straight football provided the advancement power and it wasn't long before Lambeau plunged over again. And, of course, Dunn added the extra point.
During the remainder of the fray, Dayton tried everything via the forward pass route to hand up a marker but the Packers' defense had stiffened a lot and the visitors were unable to make much progress. Red Dunn intercepted a Dayton pass which halted the visitors and time was called as Rex Enright made four over center. The Packers used only twelve men in the game. The lone substitution being Woodin for Mayer early in the fourth quarter.
DAYTON    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  0  7  7 - 14
3rd - GB - Lambeau, 1-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Lambeau, 7-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
SEPTEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Cleveland Bulldogs will arrive here Friday afternoon from
Excelsior Springs, Mo., where they have been training
for two weeks, according to word received by Packer
officials from Manager LeRoy B. Andrews. The Bulldog
club expects to get in two practices here before
Sunday's game. While in this city, Cleveland will be
quartered at the Northland hotel.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Cleveland) - There is a legend about
Benny Friedman, All American quarterback who heads
the Cleveland Bulldog eleven which will meet the Green
Bay Packers Sunday, that in all the all the time he was
quarterback for the Michigan eleven, which won the Big
Ten championship the past two years, he never called
his own signal to carry the ball when Michigan was 
inside the opponents' 20 yard line. That legend isn't
quite true. When the legend was put up to Benny
recently, he corrected it. He never called his own signal
within the thirty yard line. Yet one season he led the
Big Ten in scoring and was near the top the other two
times...KICKED FIELD GOALS: How then did Benny
score? Either by making goals from the field, by making
goals for points after touchdown, by making a long run
from scrimmage, by returning a punt or kickoff for a
touchdown. Many quarterbacks don't call their own
signals much as a measure of protection. There is one
school of football though that insists the quarterback is
a general only and should not be allowed to run the ball
much so as not to be bumped up so that he can't call
the right play. The late Percy Haughton used to carry
the idea to the extreme with his quarterback at Harvard.
But Benny wasn't worried about getting bumped. He is
big and strong and rather likes to mix it. Nor was he
acting under orders. As a matter of fact, Coach "Hurry
Up" Yost gave him no orders. Benny ran the Michigan
team, being privileged to use any plays and any players
he wished. Now, as a professional, Benny will, of
course, be the big boss for his Cleveland Bulldogs, but
it was unique in a college eleven. Friedman did that
because, though individually a great star, he is primarily
a team player. Here's how he explained it:...GIVES HIS
REASON: "There are some players," Benny said, "who
think they are appreciated only if they score. They want
to have their names in the papers and get the glory.
Backfield men have to do a lot of hard work in bringing
the ball down the field. Only one can carry the ball over
and sometimes the other get jealous. To make these
fellows feel better I used to let them score. They were
satisfied, I was satisfied and we got the touchdown,
which was the most important thing." Benny himself
scored a lot of touchdowns and also forward passed to others for touchdowns. Of course, he got no credit for the latter in the scoring column but that never bothered him. That is one reasons especially why Benny is certainly going to be a star in the pro game. And this Cleveland team is getting the team work and cooperation. Green Bay fans will see eleven men working as one. Benny is the outstanding star, of course, and his skill is not going to be subdued. He will pass and kick and carry the ball and more than do his share but the team isn't built to exalt him. It is built to win football games and it expects to win them.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Excelsior Springs, MO) - The Cleveland Bulldogs, headed by Benny Friedman, Michigan all-American quarterback, will break camp here Wednesday night and hit the trail for Green Bay, Wis., where on Sunday they will make their start in the NFL race against the Packers, who are rated as one of the best teams in the country. Friedman and his cohorts have been "camping" here for two weeks at the Hotel Royal and working out twice a day with skull practice every night. Some thirty odd candidates have been showing their stuff here in the daily workouts, but the squad will be cut down to 22 players before the Green Bay jaunt gets underway...ANDREWS MANAGING TEAM: Manager L.R. Andrews, who handled the Kansas City Cowboys for several years, is directing the Cleveland team. Wealthy businessmen of the Forest City are backing the club and they gave Andrews an open purse to get together a squad that would be second to none in the country. Andrews figures that if he can leap the Green Bay hurdle, Cleveland will have a mighty good start along the championship highway. Friedman, who will play quarterback and captain the team, was one of the greatest players ever turned out at Michigan. He can do anything and everything on a football field and what's more backs his physical ability with smart brain work. Friedman is a triple threat artist as he passes, kicks and runs the ball...OTHER BACKFIELD STARS: However, "King Benny" isn't the only Cleveland luminary behind the line. Rex Thomas, left half, was a star of the Brooklyn team in 1926. He is a product of St. Johns university, Brooklyn. Tommy weights about 170 pounds. Herb Dewitz, right half, is a graduate of Nebraska. He has had two years of professional football. Last year, he dashed through the Chicago Cardinal team for a touchdown, winning the game for Kansas City. Feather, the Cleveland fullback, weighs 190 pounds. He was selected by many scribes last year as the all-Missouri valley fullback. Feather starred with the Kansas Aggies for three seasons. This is his first year in the pro game. Other backfielders include Babgy, of Arkansas, who was with Brooklyn in 1926; Kelly of South Dakota State; Simmons of Oklahoma Normal; Weberg of Nebraska Wesleyan; Peery of Oklahoma Aggies and Bloodgood of Nebraska. In 1926, Bloodgood was the field goal kicking sensation of the National league. Kelley, Simmons and Weberg are freshmen in the pro game...TWO GREAT ENDS: The Cleveland club lays claim to two of the greatest ends in the country. Cookie Cunningham was an all-American when at Ohio State while Carl Baccus of Missouri was a national selection last fall. Baccus was a teammate of Pete Jackson, the Packer player, when in college. Both the Cleveland ends go over 200 pounds.Tom Cobb of Arkansas and Bill Owens of the Oklahoma Aggies are the tackles. They both played with Kansas City last year, Cobb being captain of the team. Cobb weighs 250 pounds while Owens is only twenty pounds lighter. Rehnquist, a Kansas City veteran for three years, and Howard, who was with the Kaws for two seasons, fit in well at the guard positions while Smith of Missouri, all-American pro center in 1926, completes the Bulldogs' middle trio. Both Howard and Rehnquist are two hundred pounders while Smith tips the beam at 190...OTHER GOOD MATERIAL: Cleveland is well supported with extras. Randal and Munn (a brotherof the famous Wayne) are two veteran professional ends. Kaysal is a husky tackle from Kansas while McGee from the Kansas Aggies is a fast working guard. Flohr, another center, gained the football spotlight while playing at Bethany college.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday is going to be "Benny Friedman Day" at the City stadium and Michiganders from miles around are coming here to pay tribute to the Wolverine star, who according to Fielding Yost, is one of the greatest gridders that ever pranced across a chalk marked field. Friedman is the "main spring" of the Cleveland Bulldogs and the mixup against the Packers will be the famed Wolverine's debut as a pro footballer...HERO AT MICHIGAN: For three years, Friedman, who is a hometown Clevelander, made football history at Ann Arbor. He was practically the unanimous choice for All-American quarterback in 1925 and 1926. Benny wasn't so keen at first about pro football but inducements were cast his way and Friedman having a good eye for dollars and cents put his name on the dotted line. Shortly after the National League meeting was held here, the news flashed through upper Michigan that Friedman was going to to play in Green Bay on Sept. 25. Ever since that date the natives of the upper peninsula have counted the days until they would have a chance to see their idol and now that the time is close at hand, everybody who can beg, borrow or steal a ride down from the "Yukon" is planning to be here Sunday...NORWAY BAND COMING: And the Wolverines will have music, too, as the Norway city band is to be here on Sunday for the Packer-Cleveland game. However, this Norway musicians most likely will be on the fence so far as "pulling" concerned. Of course, they are strong for Michigan and Friedman but, on the other hand, R. Rosatti, star Packer tackle, is a resident of Norway and sometimes neighborly ties are a bit stronger than collegiate ones. Aside from the band, there will be about 300 football fans from Norway and vicinity here for the game. Reservations have been received from nearly every city in upper Michigan. A flock of fans are coming down from Marquette. Ishpeming will be represented along with Stambaugh, Ironwood, Iron Mountain, Escanaba, Gladstone, Menominee and a flock of other towns. One thing is sure Benny and his troopers won't lack for support when the whistle blows...MAY BE DIFFERENT: This Michigan-Wisconsin encounter most likely will be a whole lot closer than the Badger-Wolverine college games of the past two years. Benny Friedman always took special delight in running wild over Wisconsin elevens but the Packer followers are willing to bet good money that he will find things a bit different here than when he faced the "U" products from Madison. Many football fans in this part of the state have a vivid recollection of Friedman's performance against Wisconsin in 1925. On the first play after the initial kickoff, Friedman zipped a long pass to Oosterban and the other half of the famous "Benny pair" scooted for a touchdown. Wisconsin kicked off again and this time Friedman tucked the ball under his arm and hot-footed it some 90 odd yards for a touchdown while the Badger gridders got blisters on their footsies trying to catch him. But Sunday is another day and if Friedman gets away for another run like this the Packer followers will be willing to admit that he is the king of 'em when it comes to footballing. The kickoff is at 2:15.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Excelsior Springs, MO) - Working out under the hottest sun Excelsior Springs has known for over thirty years in the month of September, Benny Friedman's Cleveland Bulldogs are fast rounding into shape for their opening game at Green Bay, Wis., Sept. 25. Twenty-two boys now make up the squad and they are going through two workouts daily. Each morning is devoted to the finishing up of the offense but each afternoon finds the linemen in head gear and shoulder pads with charging, blocking and tackling as their chief amusements and twice this week they have all appeared in full equipment and gone through a hard siege of tackling under punts and scrimmaging. The forward passing department of the offense is progressing in great shape and the backs are repeatedly ripping holes through the line and circling the ends. Al Bloodgood is kicking better than in 1926 when he was picked as the best quarterback in the league, and two new punters have been added who are doing nicely. Friedman seems unable to miss the crossbar with his placekicks and Bloodgood is also punting most of his attempted dropkicks where they belong. The squad will break camp Wednesday and move to Green Bay, taking two workouts there prior to the opening whistle on Sunday.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Marty Bross, one of the stars of the 1926 Wilson Wildcats, reported for practice with the Packers this morning. The speedy backfielder should be a valuable addition to the team as he "burned up" the Grange league last fall. Bross weighs about 170 pounds and he is built on chunky lines. Records show that he is a brilliant open field runner and an "ace" in the forward passing attack. The former Gonzaga all-Pacific coach luminary looks to be in good shape and he will probably be ready to step into the lineup whenever the occasion demands.
SEPTEMBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There may be another Packer fullback here Saturday. The Packer management uses the "may" expression due to the fact that there has been some trouble lining up fullbacks this year. Cully Lidberg signed his contract and then faded out of the picture just as the practice sessions got underway. Rex Enright signed early in August and he is here right now playing great football. Pug Daugherty puts his name on the dotted line the day the Packers played Milwaukee and the following Thursday, he wired his declination, saying that it was impossible for him to get a leave of absence from his job. So that brings Gil Skeate into the fullback merry-go-round. Keep your fingers cross, football fans. He hasn't signed on the dotted line but has accepted terms by telegraph and, if the strings haven't been pulled the wrong way, he is now on his way to Green Bay. According to schedule, he should arrive Saturday morning. Skeate has been working in a lumber camp ten miles out of Aberdeen, Wash. Wires to Skeate had to be relayed by phone and communication was slow. However, it is hoped he will make up for lost time when he gets here. Out in the northwest, Skeate ranked high as a fullback. He played with Aberdeen high for four years and then saw the same amount of service with Gonzaga. He was a teammate of Cahoon, Hector Cyre, and Ashmore, the big Milwaukee tackle. In the '23 and '24 seasons, he was picked as all northwest fullback. During the past two years, Skeate was the mainstay of the Tacoma Athletic club team, which is composed entirely of former collegians. Due to his lumber camp connections, Skeate could not get away from work long enough to enter professional football. This fall, however, the concern employing Skeate told him if he could land a berth with a "big league" football club, they would give him a three months' vacation. It didn't take him long to query the Packer management and, after several exchanges of wires, the following message was received from Skeate late Tuesday afternoon: "Leaving for Green Bay tonight." The new fullback, who is supposed to be on his way to Green Bay, will go about 190 pounds and he is just a shade under six foot. According to Dick Flaherty and Tiny Cahoon, he is a line plunger of the Lidberg type. Both the Packer players think the Gonzaga star will make the grade with the Big Bay Blues without much trouble. Here's hoping Skeate shows up and does everything that Dick and Tiny say he will.
SEPTEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "A seat
for everybody at the Packers' games" has long been the
aim of the Green Bay Football corporation and, with the
expected large increase in attendance at the remaining
home games on the schedule of the Big Bay Blues, the
football management is setting up another 1,500 
bleacher seats. These will be located at the west end of
the playing field. There seems to be an impression 
prevailing in neighboring communities that it is difficult
to secure seats to the Packer games. However, this is
not a fact. Only once during the Packers' long career in
the NFL has there been a complete sellout of reserved
seats. This was last year when the Chicago Bears
played here...SEAT ABOUT 7,500: With the additional
bleachers, there will be a seating capacity at the City
stadium of about 7,000. There are over 4,000 reserved
seats and the rest are general admission. Not a single
bleacher ticket is sold until the gates open at the park 
and it is simply a question of first come, first served.
The Packer management is going to the limit to handle
both local and out-of-town business as promptly as
possible. There are some dozen places about town
taking reservations and handling tickets. All uncalled
for tickets are picked up Saturday night. The charts are
set back in shape before Sunday morning when a ticket
office in The Press-Gazette building is open from 9:30
until noon. This is done to accommodate the late
comers and particularly the out-of-town customers who
only reach the city a few hours before the whistle blows.
..FILL MAIL ORDERS: Out of town mail orders for tickets are filled within 24 hours after they are received. Packer fans from other cities who mail their checks in have little trouble getting their seats. Many fans of Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan are following this system and as many as 250 ticket mail orders are being filled weekly. A.B. Turnbull, president of the Green Bay Football corporation, is discussing the ticket situation said: "For some unknown reason, there is talk going around that Packers football tickets are hard to get. I can't see where this story started. The Bear game last year was the only time that we ever had a sellout here. It is the aim of the Football corporation to have a seat for every spectator at the City stadium and, with this in view, we are setting up 1,500 extra bleacher seats this week."...DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE: "The Football corporation wants to do everything possible for its customers because it has been their splendid financial support which has enabled the Packers to keep pace in a football way with some of the biggest cities in the country. We are trying in every way to take care of our home patronage and out of town customers on a fifty-fifty basis. Mail order requests for tickets are given just as much attention as personal calls. Unless our forecasts are all wrong, professional football in Green Bay this fall will draw heavier than ever before. Our schedule for the next six games at home is unusually attractive and you can rest assured that is the Football corporation finds that they haven't seats enough to take care of the spectators, it won't take very long to build some more.
SEPTEMBER 22 (Beloit) - Pid Purdy, Cincinnati Red centerfielder, and former Beloit college gridiron ace, will join the Green Bay Packers at the close of the National League race, he has advised friends here. Purdy last year was rated one of the leading quarterbacks in the professional wheel. He was an all-Midwest choice at Beloit. In a recent letter to Capt. Lambeau of the Packers, Pid Purdy wrote that he expected to be here next week as he expressed himself "in time to help take a fall out of the Bears."
SEPTEMBER 22 (Cleveland) - Green Bay has the honor of playing host to Benny Friedman, former All-American quarterback from Michigan and rated by competent football men as the greatest quarterback of all time, in his debut in professional football. Friedman is quarterback of the Cleveland Bulldogs, who will open their season by playing the Packers there on Sunday. Friedman is entering the pro game now, after sticking with his school and taking his degree according
to schedule, instead of leaving school right after the
football season to capitalize his college game, as did
Red Grange. Friedman had many offers to turn pro, 
even before last season was over, but turned them all
down, deciding to remain true blue to his alma mater.
After his graduation, however, he saw no reason why he
shouldn't continue the game he loved and make some
money at it. So Benny is now going into the pro game.
He had offers to play with other teams but cast his lot
with Cleveland, his hometown, which this season re-
enters the NFL after a lapse of one year...IN PERFECT
TRIM: Benny is in perfect trim right now. Green Bay
fans and Green Bay players who have an idea that he is
a star who will just walk through the game, taking the
easy way out, will be very much mistaken. Benny is
always in good shape. After the football season he
worked in the gym, then played on the baseball varsity
and has just completed a summer in charge of a boys
camp. Benny had no weight to take off when he joined
​his mates in a training camp that was established at
Excelsior Springs, Mo. He has been working hard to
keep the edge of his physical condition. But Benny's 
practice has largely been to sharpen his forward 
passing and his placekicking eye. He was the last
word at both passing and kicking goals in big league
college football last fall, his passes and kicks carrying
Michigan to the Western conference championship and
he still has the old skill. Because Benny's exploits are
largely individual he is expected to shine much more
than did Grange in professional football. Grange was spectacular only when he was making long runs and couldn't make long runs unless he was given good interference. That is hard to develop in professional football, few pros caring to sacrifice themselves for Grange's benefit and the team's, as did the Illinois players. So Red was just one star among many in the pro game instead of being the one and only as when he played for Illinois...SOME PLACEKICKER: It will be
difficult with Benny. He won't need much cooperation
when placekicking, for instance. All that is necessary is
for the player who holds the ball for the kick to hold it
correctly and Benny will do the rest. He's a marvel at it
once given an even break for the kick. Also with his
forward passing. Were Benny playing for the worst
team in the world, and Cleveland this season has a
really great team, still Benny would be able to
pass just as fast and just as accurately. He doesn't
have to depend on the whims of his other players to
make the pass. There is still no doubt that they will be
well thrown and it will be up to his receivers to hang on
to them. Leroy B. Andrew, who is coaching the
Cleveland pros, is making sure that there will be
capable receivers for these passes. One will be Cookie
Cunningham, former Ohio State captain and all-Western
conference end. Cookie was a great pass grabber at
Ohio State and has lost none of his cunning. Passing
and goal kicking as well as inspired generalship are
Friedman's chief assets and they can't be taken from
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - An all
star collection of footballers, most of them big boys with
plenty of weight, will be headed by Benny Friedman,
twice All American quarterback from Michigan, when
the Cleveland Bulldogs plays the Green Bay Packers
on Sunday in a NFL game. Friedman is a Cleveland
product and his college career was at Michigan. Cookie
Cunningham, who plays end for the Bulldogs, is also an
Ohioan and was captain of the Ohio State eleven. But
practically all the others are from the west and played
in the Nebraska and Missouri valley leagues. The
nucleus of the Cleveland team this year comes from 
last year's Kansas City Cowboys, who were the
sensations of the pro league last fall after getting off to
a slow start. The best of the Cowboys have been
selected to from the supporting cast for Friedman, who
is certain to be as big a star in the professional game
as he was at Michigan, where he was captain and was
selected unanimously for the All American eleven the
past two years...BUILD UP TEAM PLAY: Friedman's
passing and kicking and generalship will be the
highlights of the Cleveland attack but the others will be
just as important. Friedman, first and last, is a team
player. In all his college career, he never hogged the
limelight, never tried to pile up individual glory at the
expense of his mates. He and Manager Leroy Andrews
have been working on team play and it will be a unified
combination, working with unselfish spirit that Friedman
will lead against the Packers Sunday. Some of the
other players will be well known to Wisconsin fans,
either by sight or by reputation. For instance, Cookie
Cunningham, a couple of years ago Ohio State captain
and All Western conference end. Also Lyle Munn,
brother of the famed Wayne Munn and Monte Munn,
stars at wrestling and boxing. Lyle played end at 
Kansas Aggies and was on the All Missouri team two
years. Procter Randels, a mate of Munn, and also an
end, was just as highly esteemed. Joe Berquist, former
Nebraska guard, was on the All Missouri Valley twice.
Milton Rehnquist, of Bethany, was an All Kansas guard
twice...ALL PRO CENTER: Clyde Smith was an All
Missouri Valley star at Missouri U and was rated the
best center in the pro league last year. Al Bloodgood
was star quarterback at Nebraska U two years ago and
is almost as brilliant a performer as Friedman. He was
the offensive star of the last year's Kansas City
Cowboys. Dewitz, Hill, Spear, Feather, Peery, Wiberg,
backfield men, were all named for all star teams in the
Valley league of the west. Also Brion and Krysl, of the
Kansas Aggies, Flohr of Bethany, Bagby of Arkansas,
McGree of Kansas Aggies and other linemen were
named for all star teams. Manager Andrews has a big
squad to pick from and he is taking the cream of the lot.
Of last year's Cowboys he only took the best. These
with players like Friedman and Cunningham will make 
up the team and the others, despite their reputation,
will have to battle for the few remaining positions.
Andrew has been in the pro game long enough to know
what's what and what kind of players will make good.
For instance, last year after the Cowboys had played
Brooklyn, Andrew and his team agreed that Rex
Thomas, Brooklyn halfback, was the greatest back they
had seen during the year. Well, Thomas is now with Andrews and will be one of the Cleveland stars that will take the field against Green Bay.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Columbus, OH) - Joe F. Carr, president of the National league, has named Bobby Cahn of Chicago to referee the Packer-Bulldog game at Green Bay on Sunday. Rex Brown and R.E. St. John, two other Chicagoans, will serve as umpire and head linesman, respectively.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Cleveland Bulldogs are scheduled to arrive here this afternoon and Manager Andrews hopes to put them through two practice sessions before Sunday's game is called. While in Green Bay, Benny Friedman, Andrews & Co. will stay at the Northland hotel.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Red Smith is the latest Packer to report. The former Notre Dame guard checked in today and he will be among those present in moleskins at Sunday's game. Fullback Skeate is expected Saturday and Purdy should report next week. When E. Pidney gets here the squad will be complete.
SEPTEMBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - In the opening National league game of the 1927 season, the Dayton Triangles invaded Green Bay and took a 14 to 0 licking at the hands of the Packers. Capt. Lambeau made both touchdowns for the Badger state champions...Doc Young's Hammond club pulled a surprise on the Chicago Cardinals by taking Chamberlain's crew into camp, 6 to 0, in a practice game. Cearing, Hammond halfback, scampered 60 yards for the only marker of the encounter...Red Grange and his Yankees won a preliminary skirmish from the Aurora, Ill. All Stars, 13 to 3. The former Illinois star got one of the touchdowns while Eddie Tyron, collegiate all-American, got the other and kicked one goal..The Chicago Bears had little trouble putting the skids under the La Grange, Ill. professionals, 28 to 0. The Sternaman-Halas combination used a young army of players. Senn tore off a pair of long runs for two scores...Graham, the veteran Dayton guard, bids fair to have another banner year of pro football. The husky
lineman is a product of the sandlots but this doesn't prevent him from holding his own with the best of the "rah rah" boys...Pete Smith, former Holy Cross center, is making a determined bid for a job with the Providence Steamrollers. Smith showed plenty of class in the Rhode Islanders' opener against the New London submarine base eleven...John Dunn has "revived" his Minneapolis Marines for a gridiron skirmish with the N.Y. Yankees this Sunday. The game will be played in the Millers' ballpark. Grange's appearance up north is creating considerable interest...Charlie Moran and his Frankford Yellowjackets start their chase for another championship on Saturday. Dayton will be the opposition. The Yellowjackets displayed gobs of class in the "prelim" against Atlantic City...A battle royal will be on tap in Chicago Sunday as the Cards and Bears are billed to clash. Generally these clubs put off their battles until later in the season but this year it was decided to get together at the start...The Cleveland Bulldogs have completed a two weeks stay at Excelsior Springs, Mo. Benny Friedman and the other stars on the club got in some good practice under the watchful eye of Manager LeRoy Andrews...Aside from McInery, Weller, Erickson and Rhoddy Lamb, the Chicago Cardinals are presenting a bang up lineup this fall. Guy Chamberlain, former Philadelphia coach, has made a thorough housecleaning in the O'Brien outfit...Tony La Tone will again be the battering ram for the Pottsville club. The husky miner was one of the first to report for practice and it didn't take him long to get going. Pottsville plays host to Buffalo on Sunday...Tillie Voss, one of the veterans of pro football, is working out with the Chicago Bears. In his prime, Voss was one of the best wingmen in the country. He has seen service with five of the National league elevens..."Half-pint" Homan is back in moleskins with the Yellowjackets. The diminutive signal caller is getting some keen competition for his job but when the big games roll around, he will probably be in there with bells on..."Wild Bill" Kelley, the Montana flash, who was rated as one of the best collegiate backs in the country last fall, has cast his lot with the Grange-Pyle combination. Kelley is one of these triple threats gridiron artists...Benny Friedman, Michigan All-American, will make his pro football debut at Green Bay on Sunday. The famous Wolverine will be supported by an all star cast on his Cleveland eleven. Benny should have a banner season...Paul Minnick, Iowa, and Frank McConnell, Georgia Tech, two husky guards, have been signed by the Buffalo Bisons. Harvey and Beuthel are playing at the tackles with Allison, White, Otte and Spin Roy holding down the wings...George "Wildcat" Wilson has come to terms with the Providence team. Wilson is rated as one of the greatest backs in the country. Last season he had a team of his own. About a half dozen clubs were bidding for Wilson...The New York Giants have started practice in preparation for their opening league game at Cleveland on Oct. 2. The Boradwayites have rounded together a team which should make a strong bid for championship honors...Ashmore and Neacy, two of the best bets on the Milwaukee Badgers, have been taken on by the Chicago Bears. Ashmore is a rugged 200-pound tackle while Neacy is a 6-foot end who is right at home in grabbing passes...A quartet of gridiron stars from Knute Rockne's football school at Notre Dame are with Green Bay. Rex Enright and Tom Hearden are playing in the backfield while Mayer and Red Smith hold down guard positions.
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the feature games of the Packers' home schedule will be played Sunday afternoon at the City stadium when the Big Bay Blues give battle to Benny Friedman's Cleveland Bulldogs in a football contest that may go a long ways towards deciding possession of the championship bunting in the National league race. Gridiron hostilities will get underway promptly at 2:15. The Cleveland club arrived in Green Bay Friday afternoon direct from Excelsior Springs, Mo., where the Bulldogs put in two weeks getting in shape for the season. Manager Le Roy Andrews claims his club is in tip top shape and he has promised the Green Bay fans an A1 exhibition of footballing. From first appearance the Bulldogs more than live up to their name. They are a big husky bunch of two hundred pounders and every man on the club looks fit to go 60 minutes of longer if necessary...HAVE CLASS GALORE: There is no question about the class of the Clevelanders and if they don't get somewhere in the pro football race every gridiron critic in the country will be surprised. The Bulldogs have two All-American ends in Cunningham of Ohio State and Bacchus of Missouri. Both of these wingmen top the beam at the 200-pound plus mark. Cobb and Owens, a pair of man mountains, hold down the tackle posts. These two players starred with the Kansas City Cowboys last year as did Rehnquist and Howard, who play the guards. Smith, a former Missouri product, plays center and he is one of the outstanding stars of the ball club. Last season, he was practically the unanimous choice for all-American pro center...FRIEDMAN PLAYS QUARTERBACK: Benny Friedman, Michigan luminary, plays quarterback. For two years running, he was picked up by nearly every football dopester on the all-American team. Benny is one of those rare triple threat artists who would rather play football than eat. Sunday's game marks Friedman's debut as a pro gridder and football fans in all parts of the country will be anxiously waiting to hear how Fielding Yost's famous Wolverine made the grade in his initial appearance on the postgraduate gridiron. The sensational young Mr. Friedman, however, is not the only star in the Cleveland backfield as Herb Dewitz and Thomas don't have to take their hats off to many when it comes to halfbacking. Both these boys are pro league veterans. Thomas saw service with Brooklyn last fall while Dewitz played for two seasons with Kansas City. Dewitz is a Nebraska product and was a teammate of Lewellen, the Packer bootsmith...FEATHER AT FULLBACK: Feather of the Kansas Aggies is playing fullback for Cleveland. This is his first year in professional football but Manager Andrews says he is taking to the "dollar and cents" brand like a duck to water. The Bulldogs are well supplied with reserve material. Such players as Randel, Munn, Krysl Bagby, Kelley and McGee can step into the battle front without weakening the team a bit. The Packers have stepped along at a fast clip in practice this week. Capt. Lambeau and his Big Bay Blues know that they have a battle on their hands and every move possible to gear the team up to high speed has been put across. Aside from Basing and Tom Hearden, the Big Bay Blues are in pretty good shape. Basing's ankle is still giving him trouble while Hearden's shoulder still has kinks once in a while. Bross, the classy backfielder from the Wilson Wildcats, is going good in practice. It is expected that Skeat, the stone crushing fullback from Gonzaga, will also be in uniform. Along with Red Smith of Notre Dame, who reported on Friday. All signs point to a large crowd but there are plenty of choice seats still available. The additional 1,500 bleachers set up at the west end of the field will help the increased patronage and the Packer management feels safe in saying that there will be a seat for everybody. Upper Michigan and Northeastern Wisconsin will invade the Bay several thousand strong for the game. The Wolverines from up north are all excited about what they call the "Friedman" game and every football fan from Marquette down to Menominee is planning to make a pilgrimage here and pay tribute to the athlete who did so much for the Wolverines...TWO BANDS TO PLAY: There will be plenty of music on tap to put pep in the crowd. The Green Bay Legion band will be on hand as usual and the Norway, Mich. troupe of musicians are coming down to serenade Rosatti, the Packer tackle. When the football season isn't on, Rosatti does his voting in Norway. Tickets for the game will be on sale at the usual places about town until Saturday evening. All the uncalled for ducats are to be picked up by the Packer ticket men. Those having made reservations should pick up their ducats before 7 o'clock Saturday evening. The ticket office in The Press-Gazette building will  be open from 5:30 until noon on Sunday in order to take care of the late comers and the gridiron folks from out-of-town who are unable to get here until just an hour or two before the game. Ticket booths and gates at the park will open promptly at 12:30. No general admission seats are sold until the park gates are opened. Ushers and ticket takers must be on hand shortly after twelve as the Packer management expects a rush and every step must be taken to handle the army of spectators with the least possible confusion. 
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Due to the rush of late hour business, the Packer management will have its ticket office open in the Press-Gazette building this evening as well as Sunday morning. Ticket customers will be handled tonight from 8 until 10 P.M., while Sunday morning the ticket force will distribute ducats from 9:30 until noon.