Green Bay Packers (7-2-1) 17, Frankford Yellow Jackets (5-8-1) 9 
Thursday November 24th 1927 (at Frankford)
reserves into the game, and these fresh men improved
their attack a bit, but it was wasted energy. The gridders
from Wisconsin were not to be denied. Time after time,
Dilweg would smear the ball carrier before he got
started. Then again Frank Mayer or Perry would slice
through the front wall and upset the Jackets with a thud.
And then again it was Eddie Kotal playing the game of
his life for Green Bay. He was here, there, everywhere,
intercepting passes, knocking down tosses or running
the ball lugger out of bounds. The Jackets were
desperate, they tried everything in the book. Several
times it looked as if they were going to be dangerous,
but the fighting Packers would come back and rout the
hard-working Jackets. Early in the fourth quarter,
Lewellen went back into the fray and Purdy withdrew.
Lanky Lou soon after got off one of his copyrighted
kicks and the ball rolled to the Jackets' 10-yard line,
where Rogers was dumped in his tracks by Dilweg.
From then on it was all over but the shouting. Even the
most rabid Philadelphia rooters began to give up hope,
and even some of them left the park. However, those
that did missed the most sparkling play of the game.
With about five minutes to go and dusk settling over the
field, Kotal intercepted a Jacket pass and scampered to
Frankford's 35-yard line before he was run out of bounds.
The Packers were watching their step closely.
Three straight line thrusts did not amount to much in a
yard gaining way, but on the fourth attempt the Bays
caught Frankford's secondary defense flat-footed. 
Starting from a straight formation, Red Dunn faked a
play around end. Then he partly reversed his field, 
stopped dead and shot a bullet-like pass to Rex Enright
who grabbed the oval while going at top speed. He
bowled over a pair of hostiles and another touchdown
resulted. It was a swell piece of footballing and Red
Dunn even made it better by adding the extra point.
GREEN BAY -   0  7  3  7  - 17
FRANKFORD -   6  3  0  0  -  9
1st - FR - Chuck Kassel pass from Charley Rogers
(Kick failed)  FRANKFORD 6-0
2nd - FR - Mercer, 30-yard field goal  FRANKFORD 9-0
2nd - GB - Dilweg, 40-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) FRANKFORD 9-7
3rd - GB - Purdy field goal  GREEN BAY 10-9
4th - GB - Enright, 20-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick)  GREEN BAY 17-9
(FRANKFORD) - .Playing like champions, the Green Bay Packers scored a creditable 17 to 9 victory over the Frankford Yellowjackets here this afternoon at Frankford field before a crowd of some 10,000 spectators, who more than once were forced to give the Big Bay
Blues a good hand for their spectacular air attack.
Going into the game like underdogs, with three regulars,
O'Donnell, Jones and Rosatti on the sideline due to
injuries, the Badger state champions got off to a slow
start. Shortly after the first kickoff which Green Bay
received, a forward pass to Dilweg netted a 30 yard
gain. On the next play Lewellen fumbled and Ed Weir
hopped on the ball like a hot potato. This seemed to
spur the Jackets on to greater efforts. They uncorked a
couple of passes and finally Rogers heaved the oval to
Chuck Kassell for some 30 yards, and the former Illinois
captain, who came near being the property of the
Packers, ambled over the chalk mark for a touchdown.
Mercer missed the goal, and the score was 6 to 0 with
the Bays on the short end.
This was all the scoring in the first quarter. Lewellen
and Britton engaged in a punting duel, with the Packer
halfback having a decided edge. An intercepted pass
early in the second stanza put the Bays in a hole.
However, the Jackets could not gain on straight football
and their air drive was being punched full of holes.
Another break gave the Philadelphia crew the ball on
the Packers' 10. Here "Two Bits" Homan was injected
into the fray, with orders to pass on every play. Then for
the next few minutes the air was full of footballs. The
cowhide exchanged hands frequently, and finally after
one first down the Packers were pushed back to their
25 yard line. Here the Big Bay Blues forward wall held
tight on three rushes. Mercer stepped back to the 30
yard mark and placekicked the ball through the uprights
for an additional three points. From the stands it looked
as it if was a no account kick, but Referee ruled it O.K.
This made the score 9-0 in favor of Frankford.
Receiving the next kickoff the Bays went to it. Three
successive forward passes too the ball well into
Yellowjacket territory. The Jackets called a halt and
talked it over, but it was of no avail. They simply could
not stop the Bays offensive via the air. Two line plunges
were used as a decoy, then Dunn took a nice pass from
from Earpe and tossed the ball about half the width of
the gridiron into Dilweg's waiting arms. The lanky end
sidestepped one Jacket, straight armed another and
then leaped about two feet over Homan's dome and
galloped for a touchdown. Red Dunn added the extra
point. Score, Yellowjackets 9, Packers 7. Following the
next kickoff there were only a half dozen plays when
halftime was called with the ball in Packers possession
in midfield. Between halves a telegram was received
from Green Bay saying that the Cardinals had beat the
Bears and, so far as the Packers were concerned, it
was like feeding raw meet to the lions. They came back
on the field bubbling over with pep and vinegar. Several
changes were made in the lineup.
Pid Purdy was put into the quarterback position calling
signals while Dunn stepped over in Lewellen's job at
halfback. The Packers received the kickoff. Changing
their attack from an air drive, they began slicing the line
and gained plenty of ground. It was not long before the
Jackets were battling desperately in the shadow of their
uprights. However, at this stage of the game, they
tightened up. The Packers gained but little yardage with
the goal line in sight. Then Purdy ran the ball across
the field in front of the uprights and on the next play,
like the Purdy of old, he made good on a dropkick from
the 30-yad stripe. This put the Packers ahead 10 to 9,
and it sort of took the wind out of the Yellow Jackets'
sail. The Frankford club started sending a flock of