SEPTEMBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) -
According to Dr. W.W. Kelly, Packer team physician,
there is a good chance that the injury to Dick Flaherty
will not lay him up as long as was expected. "The injury
to Flaherty's knee was first though to be extremely
serious," Dr. Kelly said, "but X-ray pictures disclose the
fact that no bones were broken. However, it is bad
enough as it is. Dick is resting comfortable at St.Mary's
hospital and I think it is quite possible that he may be
in shape to take part in the game against the Chicago
Bears on Oct. 2."
SEPTEMBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Russell
"Pug" Daugherty, who played fullback at Illinois for two
years, is a newest addition to the Green Bay Packers.
Daugherty, in response to a telegram from the Packer
management, made a hurried trip here from his home in
Streator, Ill., and was among those present on the 
Packers' bench at the Milwaukee game Sunday. 
Immediately after the argument, he put his name on the
dotted line. The former Illinois star hadn't planned to
play pro football this season but the football bug hit him
when he got the Packers' wire and it didn't take him
long to arrange for a leave of absence from his business
connections. Daugherty left for his home last night to
get his football duds together and he will be back here
either Wednesday or Thursday. It was Daugherty,
McElwain and Britton who paved the way for Red
Grange in 1925 to make football history. Last season,
Daugherty was the bone crusher of the Illinois backfield
​and his line plunging scored many a touchdown for
Zuppke & Co. He practically won the Chicago game 
single-handed for the Suckers. Next to Herb Joesting of
Minnesota, he was considered the best fullback in the
Western conference last year. Daugherty will go about
185 lbs. in fighting trim. Aside from his line plunging
ability, Pug is a first class receiver of a forward as his
basketball ability comes in handy in this respect. He
was a varsity cage man at Illinois for three years and
last winter captained the quintet. Daugherty was placed
on nearly every one of the all Big Ten basketball
selections. The Packer management expects to be
able to announce two more additions to the club this
week. Negotiations have practically been closed with a
star Notre Dame lineman and the wires are being 
burned up for a backfielder who was rated among the
best in the "Grange" league last year.
SEPTEMBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - 
Something out of the ordinary will be on tap Sunday
when the Dayton club plays here in the opening game
of the NFL as the Triangles have a Chinese and 
Hawaiian in the backfield and, according to college
records, both of 'em are first-class footballers. "Sneeze"
Achiu, a Chinese, played three years of varsity football
at the University of Dayton and got away with flying
colors. He was also a track man and was credited with
stepping the century in 10 seconds flat. Achia is a first-
class field runner and splendid receiver of the forward
pass...BEAT HASKELL INDIANS: His partner is August
Cabrinha, Hawaiian, who was Achia's teammate at
Dayton U. The "Islander" bobbed into gridiron fame in
1925 when playing against the Haskell Indians, he
nabbed a pass and dashed 78 yards down the field for
the only touchdown of the game. Achia and his side
kick, Cabrinha, were the pass luminaries for Dayton U
two years running. The Chinese does the majority of the
tossing with the Hawaiian on the receiving end. Two
other Dayton U products are also playing with the
Triangles and, according to Manager Redelle, before the
1927 pro season is history, these husky forwards will be
listed among the best on the dollar and cents gridiron...
GUARD AND TACKLE PAIR: Bill Belanich and Aubrey
Strossnider played side by side at Dayton for the
seasons of 1924, '25, '26. Strossnider is a guard while
Belanich holds down a tackle berth. These two gridders
graduated from the U in June and the Triangle
management worked fast to get their names on a
contract as a number of other clubs were after them.
Both these footballers are in the 200-pound class and
they are said to be mighty fast for big fellows. Belanich
was "so fast" in 1925 that Grantland Rice, noted sport
writer, put him on his all-American team at a tackle
position. The Dayton club has been out practicing since
late in August. The majority of the players have been 
given jobs in the Delco factory at Dayton and the early
closing hours, coupled with the daylight savings,
enabled the Triangles to get in lengthy drills after
working hours...AFTER WILDCAT WILSON: There is a
chance that "Wildcat" Wilson, the sensational Pacific
coast halfback, may be with the Triangles but Manager
Redelle is not in a position to guarantee it as yet. It
seems that the Wildcat is dickering with several clubs
and he is holding out while the dollar piles grows with
each new offer. Last reports had it that Wilson would
announced his decision on Wednesday as to which
club in the NFL he would play with. The Dayton club is
one of the pioneer spokes in the NFL. The same
management has been holding the reins for a number
of years. Carl Storck, treasurer of the NFL, is
connected with the Triangles in an advisory capacity.
The Triangles have only shown in Green Bay once
before. That was in 1925 and Daytonians put up a
stubborn battle but were forced to accept defeat when
the Bays scored a touchdown in the final seconds of
SEPTEMBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Frank
Mayer, one of the best guards ever turned out from
Knute Rockne's school of football at Notre Dame, is the
most recent addition to the Green Bay Packers. Mayer
reported Tuesday morning and immediately jumped into
togs for the workout. He is built something along the
lines of George Abramson although somewhat heavier
than the Packer star of 1925. Mayer will weigh about
215 pounds. He has been working outside all summer 
and right now is in shape to perform. His hometown is
at Glencoe, Minn...HIS OLD TEAMMATES: The former
Notre Dame ace will be right at home with the Packers
because in his "rah rah" days he played with Tom
Hearden, Rex Enright and Red Smith, who is slated to
be on hand for practice next Tuesday. Guy Chamberlain
of the Chicago Cardinals camped on the heels of Mayer
for quite awhile but the Rockne product decided to 
come here and chase the cowhide with his old 
teammates. It is lucky that reinforcements are arriving
for the Big Bay Blues because the hospital list is sort
of "crowded" for this time of the year. Dick Flaherty will
be in bed for at least another week with his injured
knee. Tom Hearden has a sore spot in his shoulder and
is not likely to be seen in action against Dayton on
Sunday. Eddie Kotal's bad knee is still giving him plenty
of trouble while Basing's sore ankle has delegated him
to the sidelines...PETE JACKSON BETTER: Pete 
Jackson is pretty well recovered from his sick spell and
the former Missouri star should be ready to go on
Sunday although he is still a bit underweight. "Pug"
Daugherty, former Illinois halfback, is due in here today
and should be out for his first practice on Thursday. The
Packer management is still on the trail of one more
stellar back. Negotiations are underway with two 
topnotch footballers but it probably won't be until the
last of the week before arrangements are completed
with either one of them. In the meantime, the Big Bay
Blues are going through their "daily dozen" on the field
behind East high school and the young army of fans
who take in the workouts every morning are noticing a
much improved brand of play...EXPECT TROUBLE
SUNDAY: Cap. Lambeau is building a sound foundation
for what looks like the Packers' greatest team and the
squad will look a whole lot better in Sunday's encounter
against the Dayton Triangles. The Bays are expecting
plenty of trouble from the Ohioans and extra long
workouts are being held this week. Tickets for the
Dayton game will be on sale tonight at the usual places
about town. A brisk demand is forecast as the brilliant
showing of the Big Bay Blues against Milwaukee has
put a lot more fire under the interest pot. Persons
reserving seats for the Dayton game must pick them up
before Saturday evening as the Packer ticket men are
going to gather in all uncalled for tickets. A ticket office will be open in The Press-Gazette building from 9:30 a.m. until noon Sunday.
PRESEASON - Green Bay Packers 34, Milwaukee Badgers 0
​Sunday September 11th 1927 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - The 1927 Packer model wheeled into action for the first time this season Sunday afternoon at the City stadium and proceeded to give such a good
exhibition of football that Johnny Bryan's Milwaukee
Badgers were bowled over to the tune of 34 to 0. This
new Packer machine with seven new "features" added
functioned so efficiently that the red sweatered invaders
never made a single first down and not once did they
have possession of the ball in Packer territory past
midfield. The day was more fit for a bathing beauty
contest than gridiron pastiming as the blazing rays of
Old Sol, who was out in all his glory, chased the
temperature reading well up to the sizzling point and
made condition very un-footballish for players and
spectators alike. It was a shirt-sleeved crowd that
witnessed the engagement and the fans who occupied
seats in the north stands are probably using sunburn
lotion today.
The enlarged City stadium was given a thorough once
over by the spectators and much commendation was
expressed. The additional entrances made it easier to
handle the last minute rush. The canvas barrier didn't
work out so bad and by next week when the lower 
edges are fastened down so as to prevent flapping by
the win, the "peeping toms" outside the park won't be
able to get an eyeful of what is going on inside. The 
crowd gathered early and when the gates opened there
was the usual hundred yard dash staged by the early
birds to get choice seats in the bleachers. The Legion
band togged out in their natty new uniforms uncorked a
number of tunes before the game started and the usual
"On, Wisconsin" rent the air when the Packers trotted
out on the field for their pre-game practice. The
Milwaukee club followed soon afterward and they, too,
got a good hand from the crowd.
The Packers, with their gold plated headguards and
brilliant gold and blue jerseys, made an imposing
picture as they pranced around the field waiting the call
to action from Referee Cub Buck. Preliminaries were
over with quickly and it wasn't too long before the
whistle tooted and the 1927 football season was on.
Milwaukee received the opening kickoff and the play
during the first quarter was fairly even up although the
Packers were marking time and waiting for an opening
for a touchdown, many of which resulted before the final
whistle blew. Young Mr. Murphy, who got his footballing
at Superior Normal, was about the whole show for
Milwaukee during the first quarter. Murphy peeled off
several man-sized punts that zoomed through the air
for 60 yards plus and this bit of exceptional punting
offset the ground gained by the Packers on straight
footballing. The first thrill of the game came when Lavvie
Dilweg grabbed a toss from Red Dunn and zig-zagged
his way down the sideline and then through a broken
field for what looked like a touchdown. However, the cheers turned to groans when Referee Buck brought the ball back, claiming Dilweg had stepped on the sideline during his dash down the field.
On the third play of the second quarter, Dunn started one way with the ball, then he reversed his field, side-stepped a couple of "aliens" and shot a perfect pass to Dick O'Donnell on the Milwaukee goal line for the first touchdown of the combat. Dunn added the extra point. The Packers found the touchdown habit so much to their liking that is wasn't long before they put across another score. Once again "well done" Dunn zipped the ball through the zone to Lavvie Dilweg, who made a fancy catch and legged it for the area in front of the goal posts. Dunn kicked the goal. Between these two touchdowns, the injury jinx struck the Packers a crushing blow as Fahey, the Milwaukee end, clipped Dick Flaherty and the veteran Bay end was carried off the playing field with a badly injured knee. It is doubtful if Dick will be able to play for at least a month anyway.
Bryan's troopers seemed to get their wind back during the 15-minute halftime intermission and for a time they repulsed the Packer attack when the third quarter got underway. However, the visitors couldn't do anything on the offensive and they were soon retreating doggedly towards the goal. Basing grabbed a pass and skidded to Milwaukee's 3-yard marker. Here the Bryanites held tight for a couple of downs and even refused a penalty on the third rush, figuring they could stop the Bays on the last thrust. But Tom Hearden fooled 'em. He cut across behind Milwaukee's goal line and grabbed a well times pass from Red Dunn for a touchdown. Just to add spike to the engagement, Dunn showed the fans that it was possible for him to miss a goal after a touchdown. That was all the scoring in the third quarter but the Packers added to more in the final period. After working the ball well down in Milwaukee territory, Lewellen pulled a duplicate of Tom Hearden's touchdown and Dunn resumed his goal kicking activities.
The final score was a thriller. Milwaukee threw precaution to the winds and Johnny Bryan began hurling a lot of prayer passes around in hopes that one of them would connect and a touchdown might result. It did bit with reverse English. Rex Enright squeezed one of these Badger tosses and scampered 34 yards to be exact on his touchdown voyage. En route, the former Notre Dame star shook off a number of would-be tackler en route and then straight armed two others. It was a brilliant piece of work. Aside from Eddie Kotal, who is on the hospital list with a knee injury, all the Packers had a chance to help spank the Badgers. The new players showed plenty of class while the veterans performed in the same capable style they always have.
MILWAUKEE -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0 14  7 13 - 34
2nd - GB - O'Donnell, 30-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Dilweg, 10-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Hearden pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
4th - GB - Lewellen pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
4th - GB - Enright, 34-yard interception return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 34-0
SEPTEMBER 15 (Dayton) - The Dayton Triangles will
leave here Saturday morning for Green Bay, Wis. where
on Sunday they will open the National league football
season against the Packers, one of the strongest clubs
in Joe Carr's circuit. This will be the only National 
league game of the day. The Triangle squad will
probably be made up of twenty players, Coach Storck
and Manager Redelle. This year's outfit is composed
mainly of new material although there are just enough
veterans to give a proper balance. Practically all of the
player are employed here by the General Motors 
corporation...THREE GOOD TACKLES: Beanich of
Dayton U, Becker of Dennison, Zimmerman of Purdue
and Lewis of Monmouth are the tackle candidates.
According to Coach Storck, the first two players will be
in the starting lineup. Graham of Pittsburgh, Reiter of
West Virginia Wesleyan, Deweese of Brown and Brown
of the Dayton U are the guards. Both Graham and 
Reiter have seen service on the professional gridiron
before. Zip Joseph of Miami and Kinderdine, a pro
veteran of six years, are slated for duty at center. It is a
tossup which player will draw the starting assignment
although the chances favor Joseph because he is a
faster man on the pass defense and the Triangles know
that they will have to face a varied air attack...MAHRT
AT QUARTERBACK: Eddie Mahrt will call the signals
at quarter. He has been with the Triangles for three
years and is rated as one of the best field generals on
the postgraduate position. The Triangles have plenty of
class behind the line. Abbott, one of the all-time stars
at Syracuse, will lug the cowhide from the fullback's
post while he will be supported in the starting lineup by
Achiu, Chinese, and Cabrinha, Hawaiian, at the halves.
Whitelaw of Geneva college, who starred against 
Harvard in 1926, is sure to see plenty of service as a
back along with Tares of Penn State, Sillin of Western
Maryland and Roll of Nebraska...TWO STAR
BOOTSMITH: The Dayton club has two first class
bootsmiths in Abbott and Mahrt. Abbott is the punter
while Mahrt does the place and dropkicking. The
Triangles have developed a shifty offense around an air
drive which they hope will produce considerable 
yardage when they tackle the Packers in their own
backyard on Sunday.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - For 
$8.38 one ought to secure a pretty good ticket to the
Dayton-Green Bay game on Sunday. So believes Ralph P. Tribbey of the Press-Gazette linotype force. Of course, only $1.50 of this is the price of the ticket; the remaining $6.88 is court costs. Tribbey stopped in front of Coffeen's, on E. Walnut St., yesterday afternoon, to buy his ticket. He stayed more than the prescribed fifteen minutes, and, as a result, contributed $6.88 to the city coffers in Police Court this morning.  Nevertheless, he's going to see the game Sunday, and will yell "Hold 'em, Packers!" with a firm belief that he'll get his money's worth if the Green Bay team does just that.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bobbie Cahn of Chicago has been chosen to referee the opening game of the NFL season which will be played Sunday afternoon at the City stadium between the Green Bay Packers and Dayton Triangles, according to information received here from President Joe F. Carr of Columbus, Ohio. R.E. St. John of Chicago will do the umpiring while Chester Wiley of Indiana has been selected as head linesman. All of these officials have worked here before in pro football games. Cahn is well liked by the fans as his jumping-jack antics on the playing field always gives the crowd a laugh...START AT 2 P.M. SHARP: Sunday's game will get underway promptly at 2 o'clock in order to have the contest finished in time to allow the Ohioans to catch the late afternoon C. and N.W. train for Chicago. Railway officials have promised to hold the passenger a few minutes if necessary. According to reports from the ticket sales booth around town, there is a good demand for ducats for Sunday's game. The fans are expecting a first class combat as the Triangles are coming here with an outfit that will give any spoke in the wheel plenty of trouble...FOUR PLAYERS INJURED: The Packers won't have their full strength on the field for the game as neither Flaherty nor Kotal can possibly play and there isn't much chance of either Hearden or Basing getting into action on the chalk marked field on account of injuries. However, the rest of the players are all reported in the pink and the squad has been getting in some stiff workouts despite the torrid spell that has held forth all week. It didn't take Mayer, the guard from Notre Dame, very long to find his place in the machine and he probably will start Sunday's game against the Triangle. The appearance of the Chinese, Achiu, and the Hawaiian, Cabrinha, in the Dayton backfield has kicked up a lot of interest among the fans who are eagerly awaiting the chance to see the "out-of-the-ordinary" gridiron stars do their stuff. Football records for the past three years show that both these gridders did more than their share in putting Dayton U prominently on the gridiron map of Ohio colleges.
SEPTEMBER 16 (Columbus) - One game, that being
between the Dayton Triangles and Green Bay Packers,
will usher in the 1927 NFL season on Sunday. President
Joe Car of the National league has appointed Cahn of
Chicago, St. John of Chicago and Wiley of Indiana to
officiate. In speaking about professional football for
1927, Carr said: "I think we will enjoy our most
successful year. The league has been cut down to a
dozen clubs and this means that the competition will be
keener than ever before as each one of the twelve
teams has greatly strengthened its battle front. The
game at Green Bay should be a good one as Dayton
has a much improved team and from what I have heard
about the Packers, this splendid Green Bay eleven is
better than ever before - and this is saying a whole lot."
SEPTEMBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Joe Carr,
president of the National league, thinks this is going to 
be pro football's banner year. Reports from around the
circuit show a much increased interest in the game,
according to the league prexy...There will be twelve
spokes in the National loop this season. The circuit is
made up of the N.Y. Yanks and Giants, Chicago Bears
and Cards, Providence, Pottsville, Cleveland, Buffalo,
Philadelphia, Dayton, Duluth and Green Bay...The
Philadelphia Yellowjackets have secured the services of
Charlie Moran as coach. Moran is the football mentor
that put Centre college on the gridiron map. Last year
he was in charge of the Bucknell college eleven...
Cleveland is building its hopes around Benny Friedman,
the Michigan all-American footballer. Owner Brandt is
going the limit to place a winner on the field and he has
rounded up a number of collegiate luminaries...The Red
Grange-Pyle combination will play their home games at
the Yank stadium in New York. Grange's troopers are to
travel during the first half of the season and won't be
seen on Broadway until early in November...Jerry
Corcoran, who ran the Columbus club in the National
loop for a number of years, is the "father" of an Ohio
State pro league. Short railroad jumps between the eight
cities will tend to cut down the traveling overhead...Ernie
Nevers is feeling fit again and will be ready to step into 
his fullback job when the whistle blows for the Duluth
Eskimos. The former Golden West star was operated
on for appendicitis in August. He has recovered rapidly..
Sneeze Achiu has signed his contract to perform with
the Dayton Triangles. Achiu is the Chinese football
wonder who played stellar ball for Dayton university. He
is also credited with being a 10 second dash artist...
Johnny Bryan is running an independent club in 
Milwaukee this year but he has booked a number of
games with league teams. Bryan's outfit is being
backed by the Eagles. A week from Sunday, Milwaukee plays against Duluth...Jimmy Conzelman has moved again. This fall finds him as gridiron boss for the Providence Steamrollers. Sonnenberg and Lynch, two stars of the 1926 Detroit Panthers squad, are also playing with the Rhode Island eleven...A young army of ​players have reported for practice at Pottsville. The Maroons' management has some 33 players under contract and included are a number of gridders who have seen a lot of professional football...Dim Batterson is going to have a hand in running the Buffalo eleven this year. A house cleaning of the 1926 Bisons has been underway for quite a while as the Buffalo owners intend to have nearly a new team on the field...Guy Chamberlain will coach the Chicago Cardinals this fall and, if the former Nebraskan lives up to his record of other years, Chris O'Brien will have to set a flag pole from which to float the championship banner...Wilbur Henry, veteran pro gridder, and Tut Imlay, who flashed so brilliantly for the Los Angeles club in 1926, will do their gridironing for the New York Giants. Both these players should greatly strengthen Doc March's tribe...George Halas and Dutch Sternaman, co-bosses of the Chicago Bears, feel confident that their Bruins are going to have a lot to say about the championship. Over a dozen of the 1926 veterans will be back in
SEPTEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Green Bay Packers will usher in the 1927 NFL pennant
chase Sunday afternoon at the City stadium by tackling
the Dayton Triangles, who are one of the most improved
clubs in the revamped twelve-spoke wheel. Gridiron
hostilities will start right on the dot at 2 p.m. as the
Ohioans want to get out of here about 4:15 on the C. &
N.W. train for Chicago in order to make their train
connection enabling them to reach Dayton in time for
work Monday morning...CAHN WILL REFEREE: The
game will be handled pretty fast because Bobbie Cahn,
the well known Chicago referee, who is popular with
Green Bay fans, will be tooting the referee's whistle.
Cahn is on top of the ball every minute and he always
keeps the teams stepping along at top speed. St. John,
another Chicagoan, will do the umpiring. Chet Wiley, of
Indiana, has been named head linesman. With a better
brand of football weather on tap, every indication points
to a large crowd. Tickets have been moving fast since
they were put on sale Wednesday and there has been
a heavy demand from out-of-town customers...PICK UP
ALL TICKETS: Packer ticket men will pick up all 
uncalled for pasteboards when they make the rounds of
the places having ducats on sale Saturday night.
However, a ticket office in The Press-Gazette building
will be open Sunday morning from 9:30 until noon to
handle the out-of-towners and those who delay until the
eleventh hour to purchase their seats. The ticket booths
and the gates at the City stadium will be opened
promptly at 12:30. No general admission tickets to
Packer games are sold elsewhere than at the stadium
and generally the line of bleacherites forms at least an
hour before it is time to do business...LEGION AND
CITY POLICE: The stage is all set to handle a big crowd
at the City stadium. City and Legion police will patrol
the "fence zone" and ward off the gate crashers while
the crew of ushers and ticket takers are all set for
business following their practice session last Sunday. The American Legion band, which made such a hit with the crowd at the Milwaukee game, will again be on the job to "distribute" the music necessary for the gridiron fray. It is quite possible that between halves the musicians will "two step" around the playing field to some scrappy tune. Dayton will put a shift aggregation against the Packers. When the Triangles decided to remain the National league, Manager Redelle and Coach Storck made a thorough housecleaning of their 1926 club. Only four veterans were retained. These are Fenner, end; Kinderdine, center; Mahrt, quarterback, and Abbott, fullback. Each one of these players have long ranked high in postgraduate gridiron circles...MANY NEW PLAYERS: In 1926, Dayton U had a corking good college team. It won the championship of the Ohio conference and swept clean all of its opponents from the Pennsylvania circuit. The Triangle management got busy in June and when some of these stars graduated their next step was to sign a pro football contract. Belanich, Cabrinha, Achiu and Brown are first-class gridders and they are all husky enough to stand the pro game gaff. Achiu, the Chinese, and Cabrinha, the Hawaiian, should be two of the best attractions in the postgraduate game. These two "foreigners" filled the halfback jobs at Dayton U for three years...BAYS ARE HANDICAPPED: The Packers will be handicapped in Sunday's game as four of the players, Flaherty, Kotal, Hearden and Basing, are on the injured list. To increase the gloom, a wire from Pug Daugherty, the star Illinois fullback, brought the news that he was unable to get a leave of absence from the corporation employing him and that he had decided not to play pro football. Daugherty signed his contract here last Sunday after the Milwaukee game and had promised to report Thursday morning. However, there is a lot of fight in the Big Bay Blues and the players that are fit can be counted on to tear against the Daytonians and make it pretty interesting for them while they are strutting their stuff at the City stadium. Some "reinforcements" are en route for the Packers but it is doubtful if the "shock troops" will reach here in time to be of any use for the Dayton affair.
SEPTEMBER 17 (Dayton) - As the Dayton Triangles boarded a train for Green Bay, Wis., this morning, Coach Storck announced that he had signed Earl Britton, former Illinois star, and that the famous gridder who always "cleared the way" for Red Grange in their "rah rah" days would be in uniform against the Packers Sunday.
togs again...The Green Bay Packers pried the lid off the football season last Sunday by tumbling the Milwaukee Eagles, 34 to 0. Bryan & Co. couldn't get started and not once during the game did they have the oval in scoring territory...Johnny Bud, who captained the Yellowjackets in 1926, has accepted terms from the Pottsville Maroons. Budd was a sweet working guard and his ability to follow the ball gave him a high rating in professional football ranks...In Roddy Lamb, Ike Mahoney and Swede Erickson, the Chicago Cardinals have three veteran backs ready to lug the cowhide. The Cards have several fullback prospects lined up to complete an all star backfield quintet...Connaughton, the "man mountain" who gained all-American recognition at Georgetown in 1926, will play with the Yellowjackets. Coach Moran expects the big fellow will be one of the pillars of his forward wall...Bill Belanach, star tackle at Dayton U for three seasons, has been added to the battle front of the Triangles. Belanach is a two hundred pounder and is known for his aggressiveness. He is expected to go over big...The Green Bay Packers secured a pair of sterling gridiron stars via the purchase route. Lavvie Dilweg, end, was purchased from Milwaukee while Red Dunn, quarterback, was secured from the Cards for a cash consideration.