Frankford Yellow Jackets (1-0) 19, Green Bay Packers (0-1) 9
​Sunday September 23rd 1928 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - A great forward wall of the Frankford Yellowjackets football team crushed the Green Bay Packer line and opened wide gaps in it at the City stadium here Sunday to allow a powerful, plunging quartet of backfield men to crash through for consistent gains that led to a 19 to 9 victory for the Easterners. The Yellowjackets were a perfect working machine, continually outcharging and outsmarting the Packers, showing an offense that brooked no resistance and a defense that had little if any weakness. they looked impressive in this, their first league game before some 6,500 spectators. If they continue the great playing of Sunday, they should prove formidable contendersfor the National loop title. The Packers could do little against these formidable Easterners. Time after time, their forward line was broken up and Yellowjacket men charged through to break up Packer plays before they were started. On the defense the Packers were also outclassed as the Yellowjackets plowed and pummeled their way through and threw
forward passed that could not be intercepted.
An indication of how well the Packers were stopped is given in the number of times they were able to make first down. They made but three first downs during the entire game, while the Yellowjackets went through the Packers for nine first downs. The Yellowjackets gained more than 200 yards during the game from the scrimmage line. Diehl, at a fullback post for the Easterners, was one of the outstanding players, carrying the ball behind almost perfect interference, the former Bucknell star gained more than 70 yards from scrimmage in the 35 minutes that he played. Rogers also was a great offensive star for the men from Frankford. He carried the ball on almost every try and
one occasion, the former Penn player went through the
entire Packer line and gave a brilliant exhibition of open
field running for a 45 yard gain before he was downed.
Stockton and Mercer also were consistent ground
gainers, plowing through holes in the Packer line for
gains of three to five yards. Weir and Hansen opened
up many of the holes for the Yellowjackets and were
outstanding linemen. By using a five man defense on
forward pass plays, the Frankford squad also stopped
the Bays in this department of the game. When passes
were completed by the Packers, they invariably were
but for short gains. The Packers scored their first
marker a few moments after the opening whistle. 
O'Donnell largely was responsible for the score when he
broke through and blocked a Yellowjacket punt, giving
the Bays the ball on the Easterners' 15 yard line. Two
line plays failed to net much gain, so O'Boyle dropped
back to the 25 yard line and booted the ball over the
goal posts.
The Packer lead didn't last long, however, as the
Yellowjackets took the ball again on the Packer 35 yard
line after an exchange of punts. A strong wind gave the
Hornets the advantage in the punts. Mercer then tossed
a pass to Rogers on the first play and the latter juggled
it momentarily then evaded several Packers to race 
across the goal. Mercer's try for extra point by a place
kick hit the goal post. A few moments after the first
touchdown, the Yellowjackets started a march down the
field that ended in their second marker. Forward passes
and line plunges netted most of the gains. On one play,
a pass, Kassel to Mercer, put the ball on the five yard
line and on the next Mercer carried it over the line with
a lunge through center. Rogers' try for an extra point by
placement kick went wild. A Packer fumble gave the
Yellowjackets the ball on the Bays 19 yard line shortly
before the first period ended. Diehl started the second
quarter by plunging through center for a few yards gain,
a Packer penalty netted the Yellowjackets another few
yards, and a pass, Diehl to Mercer, counted the third
touchdown. Weir's place kick for an extra point was
Shortly after the third touchdown, the Packer forward
wall stiffened after the Yellowjackets had run the ball to
the Bays five yard line, and held the Easterners to
downs. They took the ball on their own five yard line,
and a beautiful 35 yard punt by Lewellen put them out 
of danger. The Packers' first and only touchdown came
near the end of the second quarter after an exchange of
punts gave the Bays the ball on the Yellowjackets 45
yard line. Capt. Lambeau, who had replaced Lollar in
that period, threw a long pass to Lewellen who made a
great catch and went over for a touchdown after evading
several Yellowjacket players. Dunn's try for an extra
point by a place kick was blocked. A pass, Dunn to
O'Donnell, netted the Bays a twenty-five yard gain near
the end of the quarter and put the ball on the Yellow
Jacket five yard line, but the Easterners effectively
blocked four attempts by the Bays to cross the goal, and took the ball on their own 20-yard line after the fourth play, a forward pass was incomplete behind the goal line. From that time until the end of the game, the Yellowjackets were content to play a defensive game, and the Packers were never in a position to score. The game showed up a few weaknesses in the Packer line and on their forward pass defense that probably will be remedied during the week before the game next Sunday against the Chicago Bears.
FRANKFORD - 12  7  0  0 - 19
GREEN BAY -  3  6  0  0 -  9
1st - GB - O'Boyle, 35-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
1st - FR - Charley Rogers, 35-yard pass from Ken Mercer (Kick failed) FRANKFORD 6-3
1st - FR - Mercer, 2-yard run (Kick failed) FRANKFORD 12-3
2nd - FR - Mercer, 8-yard pass from Wally Diehl (Ed Weir kick) FRANKFORD 19-3
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 24-yard pass from Lambeau (Kick failed) FRANKFORD 19-9
SEPTEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Dutch Sternaman and George Halas, co-managers of the Chicago Bears, sent their squad through the last hard practice sessions at the Cubs park today before entraining for Green Bay where they take on the Packers Sunday. Sternaman expressed satisfaction with the team that has been gathered together to represent
the Bears this year and predicted that his squad would
continue their winning streak against the Packers when
the two teams meet. "The squad looks about as good
as any we have ever had," Sternaman said today. "With
the new men we have added to the team and practically
all of our regulars of last year back again we should be
able to continue our winning streak against the Packers.
We are not underestimating the Packer strength, 
however, and realize that we will have a battle on our
hands when we take on the boys up north. The Packers
always have given us a real battle, and this year with 
the additional material the Bay team has acquired we
will have to fight for everything we get." The Chicago
management will take a squad of 23 men to Green Bay
when it departs early tomorrow. The team expects to
arrive in the northern city early Saturday evening and
stop at the Northland hotel...There was no letup in the
Packers practice session this morning as Captain
Lambeau continued to drive his men through another
strenuous three hours of drill in preparation for the Bear
game Sunday. Charging, punting and passing drills
were mostly engaged in the men, with some dummy
scrimmage practice. Marks, who was injured in the
Marine game, appeared as good as ever when with the
squad today, and ran through drills with the rest of the
players. Nash, the new end, also looked impressive in
the drill.
SEPTEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) -  The
Yellowjackets will open their season at home Saturday
with the Dayton Triangles as the opposition. Both these
clubs boast of quite an overhead attack and it should be
a great exhibition for the spectators...The New York
Yankees are scheduled for Providence on Sunday. This
is the lid lifting encounter for the Steamrollers. Both
clubs rank among the best teams in the league as each
eleven has a much strengthened lineup..A record crowd
is expected to be on at hand at the Minersville park in
Pottsville when the Maroons and New York Giants
tangle. The Miners have nearly all their old stars back
​in togs this fall with several new men...Charlie Pyle,
owner of the New York Yanks, has placed his team in
charge of Dick Rauch, who coached at Pottsville for 
many years. Rauch knows the pro game thoroughly
and should be successful with the Pyle-men...Business
was good at the opening league games last Sunday.
Some 5,000 spectators watched the Bears and Cards
mix in Chicago while the Yellowjackets drew a crowd
that numbered about 7,000 to the City stadium at
Green Bay...Pritchard, who played fullback for the
Steamrollers last season, has been taken over by the
Yankees. He is a first class line plunger and can absorb
a lot of punishment. He should be a valuable addition to
the Yanks...The Yellowjackets picked up a star
backfielder in Diehl from Bucknell who gained a lot of
ground against the Packers. He has a nice change of
pace when stepping...Gus Sonnenberg is back in
"monkey togs" again with Providence. He is one of the
best tacklers in the program. Sonnenberg is also quite
a wrestler and last spring he gave "Strangler" Lewis all
kinds of trouble...Tony Planksy of Georgetown fame is
doing some ball toting for the New York Yankees this
fall. Planksy is an outstanding star behind the line and
he has an educated toe that makes him a good goal
kicker...Brute Trafton is back on the job again with the
Chicago Bears. The former Notre Dame star has been
going to retire year after year but each fall finds him 
back on the job snapping the ball for the Bruins' eleven..
The Dayton Triangles are pinning a lot of their hopes for
a winning club on Earl Britton, former Illinois fullback.
Britton played with the Ohioans part of last season and
then finished up with the Jackets...Claypool is back on 
the job again passing the ball for the Chicago Cardinals.
Several years back he was the All-American pro center.
Claypool is a product of Purdue where he captained the
team in his senior year...Tony LaTone, the Pennsylvania
Miner, is back with the Pottsville Maroons. Latone never
saw the inside of a college as a student but when it
comes to plugging a line, none of the collegians have
anything on him...Drews from Princeton is playing end
for the Bears. He replaces Duke Hanney, who has been
sent to Providence. In the opening against the Cards,
the former Tiger star showed a lot of class as a wing
man...Benny Friedman is working his Detroit team at a
fast clip these days in practice. A couple of non-league
games will be played before Benny and his crew tangle
with the Yankees in New York on Sunday, Oct. 14.
SEPTEMBER 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 
Green Bay Football corporation ticket office at The 
Press-Gazette will be open tonight, Saturday evening
and Sunday morning in order to handle the overflow of
requests for the Packer-Bear game here on Sunday.
The management is trying to fill local and out of town
orders as fast as they are received. Five hundred extra
seats will be set up at the park and this will help greatly
to take care of the "eleventh hour" rush. However, those
wanting tickets are advised not to wait until Sunday
SEPTEMBER 29 (Neenah, WI) - Cub Buck, former
University of Wisconsin football star and All-American
tackle in his college days, has left for Miami, Fla.,
where he will coach football at Miami university. Buck
has coached Miami for the last two seasons. Several former Neenah, Fond du Lac and Appleton High school football men are among Miami's gridiron regulars. After his college days Buck played professional football with the Green Bay Packers.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay) - "The Bear game", as the traditional contest between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears is designated by the local fans, will hold the attention of all Northeastern Wisconsin Sunday afternoon. There will be about 10,000 spectators in the stands for the kickoff at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon, but there will be no shortage of seats as the Packer management has been moving in additional benches and bleacher stands for the Bear game crowd which is always the record-breaker of the season in Green Bay. The Packers still smarting under their defeat by the Philadelphia Yellowjackets last Sunday are expected to come onto to come onto the field fighting for a victory. Tom Nash, All-American end with Georgia last year, has been working out with the Packers for the past week and will probably start the game with Dilweg on the opposite end of the line Sunday. Larry Marks injured in the Marine game two weeks ago has been back in the harness for a week, and he, with Bullet Baker, another recent addition to the lineup, will put life and vigor into the backfield. No small part of the entertainment of the Packer-Bear game will be contributed by the belligerent Mr. Trafton, who plays center for the Bears; Paddy Driscoll, the grand old man of professional football, and Joie Sternaman who does nearly everything in football well. Capt. Lambeau is expected to start with the Packers at fullback on Sunday, and the fans predict that the air will be full of footballs with Lambeau firing passes and Driscoll launching kicks from any point within two gunshots of the goal. However, there will be plenty of commotion on the ground if the game is anything like the fans expect the Bears and Packers to make it.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Bears are here Sunday. A simple, meaningless sentence perhaps to many fans in the country, but to Green Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin it means everything. It means the revival of the ancient feud that dates back to 1921 when the Bears and Packers first faced each other on a chalked field. It means the coming here of Trafton, that great, giant center who once played with Notre Dame in the dim "way back when" days, with his cocky attitude that is so disconcerting to fans. It means also the sight of Paddy Driscoll, the perpetual Packer nemesis, who never grows old, and a host of others from the Windy City. There are seven defeats suffered by the Packers in those six years of competition against the Bears and they all must be avenged. Only twice since 1921 has
the Bay team been able to defeat its Chicago rivals and twice the squads fought to a tie. The two 1927 games are still fresh in the minds of fans here when the Bears took the Bays into camp in two games, one by a 7 to 6 score and the other by a 14 to 6 score. They were the two games that it hurt the most to lose, for last year was one of the best years of the game here and one of the greatest teams was representing the city...NASH WILL PLAY: Now with the nucleus of that same team and the new men who have come here to make their names in the professional world the Packers will try again to turn back that eleven from the north side of Chicago. Among those new men who are here is Tom Nash, who will make his debut in the professional world. The former All-American Georgia end has worked out with the Packers all this week
SEPTEMBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - John "Slick" Lollar, the brilliant defensive fullback of the Packers who was injured in the Yellowjacket game yesterday, may be out of the game for two or three weeks, according to Dr. W.W. Kelly. Lollar suffered a badly injured knee, Dr. Kelly said, but may be able to get back in the game in a few weeks.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Chicago) - The Chicago Bears settled down to practice in earnest today for the bitter grid battle expected next Sunday when they invade Green Bay to take on the Packers. All the veterans and newcomers on the squad came through last Sunday's battle with the Cardinals in good shape and without any major injuries. They are planning to give the Green Bay team a real battle. The Bears have gathered together practically all of the veterans of last year's team, which was regarded as the strongest all-around squad in the National league. They also have augmented their squad with many promising newcomers in the professional field. Joie Sternaman and Paddy Driscoll, two of the great veteran backfield men of the squad, are with the team again this year and just as active as ever. In the Cardinal game Sunday, both Sternaman and Driscoll showed their old time form in open field running and circling the ends...TRAFTON IS BACK: White, Walquist and Senn also displayed a lot of good form in going through the Cardinal line for long gains Sunday and are being counted on to bear much of the burden in stopping their ancient rivals at Green Bay Sunday. Trafton, All-American center of Notre Dame several years ago, is just as good as ever again this year. The big pivot man seems never to grow old and is continuing to inspire his teammates with his brilliant charging. Voss, of Detroit; Evans, a famous Harvard tackle in his college days; Murry, of Wisconsin; Lyman, Buckler and Fleckenstein are other veterans back with the Bears. McMillen, an All-American guard while with Illinois, and Romney, former Chicago quarterback, also have returned to bolster the Bear team...BEARS NOT OVER-CONFIDENT: The Bears are not over-confident because of the victory over the Cardinals, but are expecting one of the hardest fights of the year against the crew at Green Bay. They always have had a terrific battle when playing the Packers. While the Bears have won most of the games played against the Packers, the scores always have been close, and it has mostly been through breaks of the game that they came through with victories.
SEPTEMBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There has been a lot of comment among sports fans here since Sunday's game with the Yellowjackets about the play in which the Packers were penalized when O'Donnell was accused of "roughing" it with an opposing player. From where we stood, which was about eight feet from where the play happened, the penalty appeared undecidedly unjust. Kostos blocked O'Donnell on the play sending him to the ground and crawled over him. Dick struggled to get to his feet to follow the ball but was prevented from doing so by the Yellowjacket player's effective way of holding him to the ground without using his hands. At no time in the scuffle did O'Donnell appear to use unfair tactics in trying to gain his feet or did he do anything that we think justified the penalty being imposed on his team. According to the official football rules, O'Donnell was allowed to use his hands and arms to push his opponent out of the way in order to get at the ball or the player carrying it. The authority for this is in Rule 1, Section 2 of the official football rules. It states in part: "If the side in possession of the ball kicks: Players of said said, who have passed the line of scrimmage, may use their hands and arms to push opponents out of the way in order to get at the ball or the player carrying it." Reading the next section of the rule we find: "Players of the side which did not put the ball in play may use (1) their hands and arms to push opponents out of the way in order to get at the ball and (2) their bodies or their arms close to the body to obstruct opponents who are going down the field from getting at a player of their own side who is endeavoring to get at the ball." According to the latter section of the rule, Kostos then should have been penalized as his arms were not close to his body but were spread wide apart and over Dick while the player was on the ground.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The South has contributed another of its great football warriors to help keep Green Bay on the professional grid map. It is in the person of Thomas A. Nash of Georgia, who signed a contract today to play with the Packers. He arrived in town last night. Little need be said of the prowess of this famous end from the University of Georgia, as his deeds have been heralded here for many months. It will suffice to say that he was
the unanimous choice of sports writers throughout the
country for a position on the mythical All-American
college team last year. Nash is built much on the order
of LaVerne Dilweg, who performs at left end for the
Packers. He is about six feet tall and weighs roughly
200 pounds..HAS PLAYED BASEBALL: Before coming
here, Nash played baseball with the Reading club of the
International league this summer. He appeared in 
perfect condition when taking the field with the Packers
for his first session of practice with the Packers this
morning, but due to his unfamiliarity with the signals
did not join the team in many plays. Capt. Lambeau
sent his men through their second hard drill in as many
days this morning when he had his men out for practice.
Charging and blocking by all of the men was particularly
stressed in the session, and a tough scrimmage also
was participated in by them. Larry Marks, who was
injured in the Marine game here a week ago last 
Sunday, was back in uniform working out with the Bays.
He appeared little the worse for his experience and 
probably will see action against the Bears.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Chicago) - Drews, the new end from
Princeton, who is with the Bears this year, continues to
impress observers with his work on a wing berth. The
Eastern star is a tall rangy young fellow who weighs
about 190 pounds and is fast on going down the field
and covering almost every play. In the Cardinal game
Sunday, the new lineman looked particularly good and
helped materially in the Bears' 15 to 0 win over their
Windy City rivals. Wynne, a fullback of Notre Dame last
year, also is a newcomer on the Bear squad this year.
He weighs 190 pounds and shows promise of 
developing into a real ball carrier. Wallace, a former
Notre Dame end, also is new on the team this year as
is Sturtridge, a halfback from De Paul...BEARS NO
OVER-CONFIDENT: The Bears haven't become over-
confident because of their victory over the Cardinals
Sunday but are working overtime periods in preparation
for next Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers.
The Bears expect to bring a smooth working team to 
the Wisconsin city Sunday that probably will give the
Packers a real battle. In previous years, the Bears have
been able to nose out the Bay team in the majority of
their hard fought contests and are planning to repeat
this season.
SEPTEMBER 26 (Green Bay) - The watchword around Green Bay this week seems to be "The Bears are coming" and translated into every day language it means that on Sunday the Green Bay Packers, local entrant in the NFL, will entertain their ancient enemies, the Chicago Bears, at the local stadium. From all indications it will be a typical Packer-Bear game which means that it will be full of excitement from the first to the final whistle. Whenever the two teams meet there is always plenty of fireworks and there is no reason to believe this game will be any exception, in fact from the advance dope it would appear that there will more than the usual amount of excitement prevailing in the Sunday fracas. The Bears are coming here with practically the same lineup which they had last season. Brute Trafton, who is about as popular with Bay fans as the barbers' itch, still holds down the pivot post in the Bears mammoth forward wall. Behind the line is the famous Paddy Driscoll, the particular Nemesis of the Packers. And also included with the lineup of the Chicago aggregation is the flashy Bill Senn, whose fancy capers almost single-handed caused the defeat of the Packers last season in Chicago. Walquist, Knop, Murry, Voss, Fleckenstein, McMillen, Halas and last but not least Joie Sternaman are also still prancing over the chalk marks, for the Bears and are showing up just as well as ever and to anyone who has ever seen the Bears perform this means much. The local team is going to enter the game Sunday with a vastly different attitude than ever before. They are smarting considerably under the stinging defeat handed them last Sunday by the Frankford Yellowjackets and are determined to show local fans that they are still in the running for pro league honors. As a result they are practicing this week with a vim and vigor which they have not shown for some time and if that means anything the Bears are apt to be in for about as tough an afternoon as they have ever spent in Green Bay. It is also rumored about town that the Packers are apt to be strengthened this week by the addition of one of two stars of All-American fame although officials of the local team fail to either deny or confirm the rumor. Arrangements are being made to handle the largest crowd which has ever attended a game in the city. Extra benches are being set up along the sides of the field and extra ushers and gatemen will be on the job to handle the crowd with as much dispatch as possible. Advance sale of tickets has been unusually heavy and it is expected that before the game until all of the reserved seats will be sold out.
SEPTEMBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Blackboard talks and extra long practice sessions this week rapidly is putting the Packers in shape for their ancient enemies, the Chicago Bears, when the squads meet at City stadium Sunday. A capacity crowd is expected as the two elevens always put up one of the toughest battles of the year. This season, with all of the veterans of last years back with the Bears and several promising new men, the Chicago aggregation is preparing to run the Packers off their feet if possible...PADDY IS JINX: Paddy Driscoll has been booting the ball with all of his old time skill, according to reports from Chicago, and he plans to continue being the Packers' jinx. Back in 1921, Driscoll started to become the Packer nemesis and he has continued through many seasons. While with the Cardinals, Paddy twice defeated the Packers by kicking field goals, and since joining the Bears has continued his good work against the Bay team. Tillie Voss, former Packer end, also is going good with the Chicago team as is Trafton, the giant center of the Chicago squad. Trafton reported in a communication with a Green Bay friend that he had several new surprises to pull on the Packers when he comes here Sunday. What they are remains to be seen. George Halas and Dutch Sternaman, co-managers of the Bears, continue to run the team from the bench this year and have instilled a lot of fight into the squad. Both of the former Illinois stars have quit active competition after nine years on the professional grid...LAMBEAU AT FULLBACK: Capt. Lambeau has been playing at the fullback position for the Bears during practice sessions this week and may start Sunday. Nash got into practice with a lot of vigor today and looked impressive. He handles himself well and is fast on getting down the field. Griffin, who was slightly injured Sunday, is back in togs again and will be in shape for the Bear game. Marks also is back in practice and may see action again Sunday. A few tickets remain for the game. They will be placed on sale at The Press-Gazette office after 8 p.m., tonight. Mail orders are being filled as fast as possible. Bobbie Cahn again will referee Sunday with Paul Christensen, umpire, and George Downer, head linesman.
and what he will be able to do against the Bears will go a long way toward making him either a "hero or bum" to sport fans. Capt. Lambeau has sent his men through a hard week of practice since last Sunday and when the Packer team takes the field tomorrow, there should be a lot of new dash and pep in the outfit...BEARS ARE CONFIDENT: Charging of the line and defensive work has been particularly stressed. Running plays, forward pass and other offensive attacks also have come in for a lot of attention, and the team is expected to surprise the Bears in this department of the game. It is going to take a lot to surprise the Bears, however, if reports from Chicago can be relied on. Communications from that city say that the Bears are full of confidence and intend to continue their winning streak at the expense of the Packers. With practically every member of the 1927 Bear team back this year and a few new men, the squad is going to be a tough one to beat. The starting lineup for the Packers has not been announced but Capt. Lambeau probably will start at fullback with Kotal and Lewellen at halfs and Dunn calling signals. On the line, Dilweg and O'Donnell are the likely starters at the wing berths. Perry and Earpe may be at the tackles, and Jones and Bowdoin at guards. Griffin, who has recovered from his slight of last Sunday, probably will be at center. A capacity crowd is expected to view the encounter. Nearly all reserved seats have all been sold out and indications are that about 8,000 fans will be at the City stadium when the whistle blows to start the game at 2 p.m. Weather conditions may be favorable as the forecast is probable light showers for today with tomorrow fair.