Green Bay Packers (1-2-1) 20, Chicago Cardinals (1-2) 0
​Sunday October 14th 1928 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - A band of football players from the South side of Chicago came up to Green Bay Sunday and saw what the Packers had to offer. They saw plenty and departed, much wiser and the loser. The final score was Green Bay 20 to the Cardinal 0. It was a great Packer football team that turned back the Windy City invaders at the City stadium before some 4,200
fans, a team that was out to win its first National league
game, and did. The forward line charged better than it
had at any time this year, fighting its way against the
Chicago foes and performing almost miraculously feats
in defensive and offensive play.
The backfield men likewise performed brilliantly, plowing
and pounding through the Cardinal line for long gains
and completing forward passes that resulted in scores.
They made a total of eight first downs to the Cardinals'
three during the game and completed four of six forward
passes tried. On the defensive, the backfielders were
equally effective backing up the line in good order and
breaking up Cardinal passes. The Cardinals were able
to complete but three of eleven forward passes during
the game. Four of the Chicago heaves were intecepted
by Bay men to give the Packers possession of the ball.
Among the players on the charging line, Perry probably
was the greatest individual star. On the defensive, he
was in practically every play, frequently charging in to
​break up Cardinal plays and down ball carriers for 
losses. His offensive work was equally brilliant.
He wasn't the only player who did good work on the line
however, as all the men came in for their share of glory -
if it can be called that. Eddie Kotal also was much in
evidence again. The flashy Bay backfielder who plays
without a headgear galloped through the Cardinal line
for long gains on frequent occasions and picked several
forward passes out of the air that went a long way 
toward the Packer victory. Eddie had a lot of assistance
however, from the rest of his teammates and fellow ball
carriers. Lewellen, O'Boyle and Dunn were consistent
ground gainers, to say nothing about Marks who on one
occasion dodged and squirmed through the Chicago 
team after he had fumbled the ball for a gain of more 
than 20 yards.
The Cardinals had three men who showed up great in
Jones, Erickson and McDonnell. Jones showed a lot of
power in driving through holes opened by his linemen
occasionally. Erickson made a great return of an 
intercepted forward pass going through the whole 
Packer team before he was caught from behind by
Lewellen on the twenty yard line. McDonnell likewise 
did some fine plunging and carried the ball 45 yards on
one return of a punt. The first Packer touchdown came
soon after the start of the second quarter. The Packers
had the ball on the 40 yard line when the period started
and O'Boyle slashed over center for 6 yards on the first
play. On the next play, Eddie Kotal took the ball on a 
crossbuck through left tackle, twisting and squirming
his way behind good interference for more than 35 yards
and a touchdown. It was one of the greatest runs ever
seen on the local gridiron. O'Boyle missed a try for
extra point with a drop kick. After the first touchdown, 
the Packers had possession of the ball most of the time
until they put it over for the second marker. Lewellen,
O'Boyle and Dunn alternated with Kotal in carrying the
ball for gains and just before the period ended a pass,
Dunn to Kotal, put the ball on the two-foot line.
The third quarter saw neither team have much of an
advantage although the Packers had the better of the
argument because of better placed punts by Lewellen.
The third and final touchdown came soon after the last
period began. Murphy, punting from behind his goal line
as the period started, got off a bad kick and Dunn
returned it to the Cardinal 22 yard line. A pass from
Lewellen to Kotal then made 9 yards and Eddie made it
first down with a center plunge. Another line plunge by
O'Boyle made two more yards and then Eddie Kotal
dropped back on a fake end run and hurled a fine pass
to Lewellen who was run out of bounds on the one-yard
line. Lewellen went over left guard for a touchdown on
the first play after the pass and O'Boyle kicked goal. 
CHI CARDS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0 13  0  7 - 20
2nd - GB - Kotal, 40-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 1-yard run (O'Boyle kick) GREEN
BAY 13-0
4th - GB - Lewellen, 1-yard run (O'Boyle kick) GREEN BAY 20-0
OCTOBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Near the
end of the third quarter, Perry broke through to catch
McDonnell before he could get started on an attempted
plunge for a seven yard loss. The Cardinals had the ball
on their own ten-yard line at the time, and Perry almost
forced the Cardinal man behind his own goal...Dr. W.W.
Kelly got a big hand (and some giggles) from the crowd
when he did a "marathon" across the field after O'Boyle
had taken the count. However, it was a short count and,
by the time, the "doctah" arrived at the spot of injury,
O'Boyle was getting up on his feet. So the team doctor
galloped back to the bench, and when he arrived very
much out of breath, he said to Capt. Lambeau: "Curley,
why the dickens can't those players get hurt closer to
home, it is a long way across the field."...Minick and
Jones did a lot of good work at guard positions and
consistently held the Chicago squad to no gains 
through the center of the line. Earpe also performed well
at center and at tackle, and was one of the mainstays
of the Bay line...Capt. "Curley" Lambeau came into the
game near the close of the encounter and did some
good blocking and tackling. On one play, after Lewellen
got off his best kick of the day, booting the ball from his
own 15-yard line to the Cardinal 10-yard line, Curley
stopped Fitzgibbon who received the punt before he had
a chance to advance the ball at all...Lavvie Dilweg was
injured again when he made a flying tackle of a Cardinal
player, and was forced out of the game. His injuries are
not regarded as serious, however, and he is expected to be back in the game next week...Bowdoin at a guard position for the Packers also broke up several Cardinal plays, as did Nash, Ashmore and Darling. Nash did some good work at going down the field and stopping Cardinal receivers of punts.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - That famous Packer punch, which appeared to be lacking in early league games, appears to have been restored in its old time effectiveness, if the showing Sunday against the Cardinals is any criterion. As a result of the victory hopes were high here today, as the Packers resumed their training, that the Bays would humble another Chicago rival - the Bears - on their invasion of the Windy City next Sunday. Rain made practice difficult this morning, but the Packers went through light drills and signal practice in preparation for the game with their traditional rivals. The Packers came out of the Cardinal game in good shape, and none of the men received injuries that will keep them out of the Bear game. Lavvie Dilweg who had to be taken from the field when he was hurt Sunday, appears in good shape again, and will be ready to go. Reservations have been made for a thousand or more fans on special trains that will be run to Wrigley field next Sunday. The American Legion band will also make the trip, as approximately $200 was donated by fans last Sunday to send it to Chicago.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Beat the Bears". That will be the was cry of some thousand of more Green Bay fans who plan to be among the rooters at Wrigley field at Chicago next Sunday when the Packers resume their feud with their traditional rivals from the north side of the Windy City. Special trains and automobiles will be the modes of travel for the Green Bay fans on the trip to Chicago. Two excursion trains will leave over the Northwestern road, one at midnight, and the other early Sunday...SPECIAL PACKER STANDS: A section of box seats for the game will be on sale at the Congress as soon as they are received from the Bear management, and besides these a special section of the grandstand at Wrigley field will be set aside for the Packer rooters and the Lumberjack band. Green Bay rooters' badges are to be distributed free to those making the trip this week. The silk ribbon was donated by Cecil Baum of Baum's department store, while the Landsmann Printing company got up the job. The color of the ribbons are the same as the Packers' color, gold and blue. The Packers will leave here at 2:40 Saturday afternoon and reach Chicago at 9:10 p.m. They will stay at the Parkway hotel near Lincoln park. As usual they will dress for the game at the hotel and go to the field by motor bus...DURFEE TO REFEREE: Jim Durfee, Columbus, will referee the game and "Horse" Edwards of South Bend will umpire. George Downer of Milwaukee will act as head linesman. The game will start at 2:15 p.m., at the Wrigley field, which is located at Sheffield, Addison and Clark streets in Chicago. Capt. Lambeau plans on taking his whole team with him to Chicago and is sending them through tough workouts this week in preparation for the encounter. The team is in good shape now and all of the injured men are recovering in good order. It still is doubtful if Cahoon or Lollar will be quite well along the road to recovery from their injuries to get in the game, however.
OCTOBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Several hundred Packer football fans are expected to take advantage of the special excursion which is being operated by the Chicago and Northwestern next Sunday to swell the attendance at the Packer-Bear game in Cubs' park, Chicago. For a special roundtrip of $1, the fans have their choice of two trains going and coming. The football special proper leaves here at 6:30 Sunday morning, arriving in Chicago at 12:30 noon, and leaves at 7 p.m.. arriving here at 1 a.m., Monday. For those who wish to spend more time in Chicago, the excursion tickets also will be honored on to the train leaving here at 12:00 midnight Saturday, arriving in Chicago at 7:10 Sunday morning, and on the train leaving Chicago at 8 p.m., and arriving here at 3:55 a.m. Enough coaches will be carried to accommodate 500 persons, according to T.A. Carney, division freight and passenger agent. The Bear-Packer game is always regarded as one of the most important on the season's schedule, and hundreds of fans annually make the trip to Chicago to witness it.
OCTOBER 18 (Chicago) - Every man on the Bear team is in condition again and ready to take the field against the Packers from Green Bay when they clash with the Chicago squad at the Cubs park here Sunday. Paddy Driscoll and Trafton, who were injured in the Packer game at Green Bay, are back in uniform and working out every day with the team. Practice on formations on the defense against the Packer passing attack is occupying most of the time of the Bears; as it was this mode of football that gave the Green Bay team a tie with the Chicago squad in the first game this year. The Bear management plans to use practically the same lineup as started at the norther city...Box seat tickets for the Packer-Bear game at Chicago were received here today and are on sale at the Congress and at the Press-Gazette office. There are only a limited number of these tickets, but a special section has been reserved in the grandstand for Packer rooters and they will be available when fans apply for them at the field. A record number of local people are expected to witness the game as both the Northwestern and Milwaukee roads are running excursions to Chicago Sunday. A special low mass will be said at St. Mary's Catholic church at the corner of North Irwin and Cass streets Sunday morning at 5:15 to accommodate the fans who plan to attend the game. The services will finish in ample time to allow fans to make connections for the 6:30 a.m. special trains.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - After working like demons all this week in practice sessions preparing for the game at Chicago Sunday against the Bears, the Packers players today showed results of the training by running through plays and charging better than they have at any time this year. Execution of plays was nearly perfect, the forward pass formations particularly functioning smoothly. End runs and line smashing plays with all members of the backfield carrying the ball also went off in fine shape. Defense against the expected Bear line smashing attack has
also been stressed in the sessions and the man are
expected to prove effective in blocking this mode of
attack by the Chicagoans...ALL-IMPORTANT GAME: If
the Packers can defeat the Bears Sunday, they still will
have an excellent chance to finish among the leaders in
the National league standings, as this will leave them 
all square with the Bears which seems the strongest
club in the league, having defeated the champion New
York Giants last Sunday, a team hitherto undefeated.
The Bears and Packers will play a third regular league
game Dec. 9 at Chicago, and, if the Packers win
Sunday, assuming a fair distribution of the breaks
between now and then, the December contest may
decide the leadership of the league. The Bays will be in
great shape Sunday and Capt. Lambeau has his men
keyed for the contest. It isn't very hard to "key" the men
for the Bear game, however, as the rivalry that has
existed between these two teams for several years does
that task nicely. Indications point to one of the largest
crowd in the history of the game at Chicago when the
two teams meet. Reports from Chicago state that the
advance ticket sale has been the largest ever
experienced and with 1,000 or more Green Bay fans
going down to the game, a record number probably will
be on hand...SPECIAL TRAINS TO GAME: Special
excursion rates are available on the Milwaukee and
Northwestern roads to Chicago. The Northwestern will
have trains leaving here at 12:05 and at 6:30 a.m
Sunday morning. The St. Paul will have trains leaving
here at 1:15 Sunday morning and at 7:00 a.m. Round
trip fare is $4.00 on both roads. Badges for Green Bay
rooters are now available at the Congress billiard hall
and The Press-Gazette. The badges also will be given
out at the St. Paul and Northwestern railroad stations.
When fans buy tickets over either of the railroads, they
are requested to ask for a badge. About 600 badges
have been printed. "Wear Your Badge So We Will Know
You" is the slogan that has been suggested by L.C.
Snavely, a faithful Packer follower. Baum's Department
Store furnished the ribbons for the badgers and the
Landsmann Printing company printed them.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Detroit
Wolverines got off to a flying start in the National league
race by smearing the New York Yankees, 35 to 12. 
Benny Friedman had one of his "on" days and he was
shooting the oval at bullet like speed...The New York
Giants, 1927 champions, got a 13 to 0 lacing at the
hands of the Chicago Bears. The Bruins were all keyed
up for Tim Mara's crew and they more than got even for
their Polo grounds lacing of last season...The Dayton
Triangles found the Providence Steamrollers altogether
too much for them and they headed back to the Ohio
community on the short end, 26 to 0. Fumbles were
costly to Manager Redell's aggregation...The biggest
upset of the weekend was the 13 to 0 defeat of the
Frankford Yellowjackets by the New York Yankees last
Saturday. The Hornets had a clean slate chalked up
until Pyle & Co. unexpectedly spilled them...A number
of the clubs are booking non-league opponents. 
Pottsville has two billed for this weekend. Saturday, the Maroons are billed to meet the Dubois, Pa., club while on Sunday they tangle with Canton...The Yellowjackets have filled in this Saturday's date with the Dayton Triangles. Several weeks ago, the Hornets only nosed out a 6 to 0 win. On Oct. 21., Coach Weir will take his eleven to Stapleton, N.Y. for a contest...The gridiron stock of the New York Yankees climbed a notch or two with the announcement that Ray Flaherty came to terms with the management. The "brick-top" is one of the best wingmen in the Carr circuit...Rosey Rosatti and Paul Schuette have been added to the ranks of the New York Giants. Rosatti played with the Green Bay Packers for three years while Schuette had two years of varsity football at Wisconsin...Benny Friedman and his Detroit Wolverines will meet the New York Giants Sunday. This is a bumper attraction and the Motor City management is expecting a sellout crowd...The Providence Steamrollers are to play a return engagement with the Yankees in New York. Several weeks ago, the Rhode Islanders won by a decisive score but this time out it may be a different sort of a grid story...Weiderquist, the giant Chicago Cardinal tackle, is proving to be a good running mate for the veteran Duke Slater. These two husky forwards and Claypool just about carry the front wall work for Chris O'Brien's hirelings...Fait Elkins is the newest addition to the Frankford Yellowjackets. This Olympic athlete starred on the gridiron while at the Indian school and the Jackets figure he is just the man to round out their backfield...Paddy Driscoll is back again lugging the ball for the Bears. He was on the sidelines for three weeks with some cracked ribs but donned the cleats for the Giants game...Feather, a hard hitting backfielder, is co-starring with Benny Friedman on the Detroit eleven. In the game with the New York Yanks, he got away for several brilliant advances which resulted in a pair of touchdowns...Mule Wilson is performing nicely for the New York Giants. The six-foot carrier from Texas is a hard man to stop on tackle smashes and there isn't a better back in the league against a forward pass attack...Wildcat Wilson is beginning to flash brilliantly for Providence. He is showing the class that made him an ace in the American league several years ago. Wilson is a triple threat artist of the front row variety.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A shrill whistle, the thud of a cleated show meeting a football squarely, the oval sailing through the air and into the arms of a waiting player - and another contest will be underway at Wrigley field, Chicago, tomorrow with the Bears and Packers fighting gamely to settle the question of one or the others supremacy. There aren't many college victories that are contested as bitterly
as a Bear-Packer game. These two teams have been rivals for many years and there hasn't been a game played that both squads didn't fight until the final whistle. And tomorrow's game will be no exception. There is a little matter of a 12 to 12 ties played between the teams in Green Bay a few weeks ago, and the memory of that contest is still fresh in the minds of players on both teams, as well as thousands of fans...THREE GAME TIED: Then there is the matter of the seven defeats suffered by the Packers from the Bears in six years of competition that also must be avenged. Only twice in 1921 has the Bay team been able to defeat its Chicago rivals. Three times they fought to a tie. It will not be an easy task for the Bays to turn back their Chicago opponents for the Bears have shown improvement since they played here taking the Giants into camp as well as Minneapolis. The ever-young Paddy Driscoll is back in the lineup again as is Trafton, that great giant center who roves all over the backfield on the defense and plugs up any hole that the Packers try to make in his forward wall. Driscoll and Trafton won't be the only Bear stars, however, if the showing made by the Chicagoans here is any criterion. There is Sturtridge, who was responsible for the Bays not winning that last game when he ran through the entire Packer team for a touchdown after catching a punt to say nothing about McMillan and Senn...PACKERS SHOW IMPROVEMENT: The Packers have shown a lot of improvement, however, since that last game here, and if comparative scores have any bearing on the game, they should come through with a win. The Bears just managed to win over the Cardinals when the two teams clashed, while the Packers took the Cardinals into camp by a 20 to 0 score and outplayed them throughout the contest. The Packers squad is in the best condition of the year and have put in the hardest week of training they ever went through in preparation for the game. Every man on the team, with the probable exception of Lollar and Cahoon, are in condition to play. These two men are still suffering somewhat from injuries although Lollar's hurt is practically healed and he may see some action. Capt. Lambeau has not announced his starting lineup as he intends to wait until just before the game to do so. Every man on the squad probably will see action, however, before the game is over...START AT 2:15: The contest which will start at 2:15 at Cubs park probably will be played before the largest crowd of the year, as reports from Chicago state that the advance ticket sale has been the largest ever experienced. At least 1,000 Wisconsin fans will see the game, as both the Milwaukee and Northwestern Roads are running excursions to Chicago, and about the same number or more will witness the game here at the Columbus club as it is replayed on the gridgraph.
OCTOBER 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Eddie Kotal carrying the ball for the long gains through the broken field - O'Boyle hitting off guard for five yards - Lewellen punting 70 yards - Perry breaking through to stop the Bears without gain - all of these details of the Packer and Bear game at Chicago should they transpire will be shown to Green Bay fans who remain home tomorrow on The Press-Gazette gridgraph at the Columbus club. The kickoff, then every play by play of the game, will be re-enacted on the giant board while the fans sit in comfort in the spacious auditorium of the Columbus club tomorrow. It will be flashed to them direct from Wrigley field to the auditorium. A direct Western Union wire will give the plays as soon as they transpire at Chicago and a large group of men will operate the machine. Several extra features have been planned to enliven the afternoon and doors will be opened at 1:15 p.m. First reports from the Cubs park will start coming in about 1:40 p.m., and all of the sidelights of the game will be megaphoned to spectators before the game gets underway at 2:15 p.m. The board shows runs, offside penalties, touchdowns, goal kicks and other details of the play and is almost the same as watching the game. The gridgraph has proven popular with fans in previous years when the Packers played out of town and preparations have been made to provide seats for 2,000 fans for the game.
OCTOBER 21 (Chicago) - Green Bay's Packers are coming to town. The professional football team of the Wisconsin city, the most colorful squad in the National league, deploys at Wrigley field this afternoon at 2:15 o'clock to engage Chicago's Bears. The Packers do not come alone. One thousand rooters, the famous Lumberjack band, will be here to encourage Eddie Kotal, Verne Lewellen, Curly Lambeau and Red Dunn in the assault on the Bear eleven. More than any other game on the Chicago schedule this contest has the trappings of the collegiate. The Packers are a city's institution. There is no owner, unless the liberal supporters of athletics in Green Bay can be termed owners. Although the club always shows a profit each season, the shareholders declare no dividend, but use the money in obtaining players and increasing salaries...PLAYED 12-12 TIE: Fans who have seen the long series of gridiron engagements between the two clubs know these facts. There is no team the Bays would rather defeat than the Bears, and there is no team more feared by the Bears than these Big Bay Blues. Three weeks ago, the game in Green Bay ended in 12 to 12 tie. It was worthy of a place in the list of fiercely fought battles. At the half Chicago led, 12 to 0, only to have Eddie Kotal to an accompaniment of Red Dunn's passes, run wild to even the count. Sharing first place in the league standing with Detroit, the Bears can, by triumphing this afternoon, have undisputed possession if Benny Friedman fails in the game with the New York Giants at Detroit. And should both Detroit and the Bears lose, Frankford, Providence and the Giants will close in to make the race distinctly every one's affair. Although the Packers have a community of 40,000 as self-appointed coaches, and the women of the city have become so interested in gridiron strategy that they purchased blankets for the team. Curly Lambeau, coach-in-chief, has a formidable aggregation...ENDS ARE ALL-AMERICANS: Two all-Americans play end for the Packers. LaVerne Dilweg of Marquette and Tom Nash, University of Georgia, are the lads. Nash graduated from Georgia last June. Both are extremely fast, cover kicks excellently and excel on the defense. But their greatest value is as receivers of Red Dunn's passes. Dunn rates next to Friedman in the art of tossing a football. With a pair of ends, not to mention Lewellen in the backfield, to get under them, the air threat which is the Packers is easily explained. With the exception of Walquist, who was severely cut above the eye in the game with New York last Sunday, the Bears are ready for the Packers. And if the team plays as it did in defeating the Giants there will be excitement for all and then some.