Green Bay Packers (2-2-1) 16, Chicago Bears (2-1-1) 6
​Sunday October 21st 1928 (at Chicago)
(GREEN BAY) - Some 2,000 football fans wended their way back home to Green Bay last night and today, singing the praises of the Big Bay Blues. They had a lot to sing about, did these fans, for their own Packers trimmed the Bears at Wrigley field, Chicago, Sunday. The final score was Packers 16, Bears 6. Every one of these fans, who were among the 15,000 spectators, to see the Bears get their first beating of the year in the National Professional league, had his or her own personal hero. Some extolled the prowess of Lewellen for his great punting that gave the Packers a 5 to 10 yard advantage over the Bears on almost every exchange. Others talked of O'Boyle for his goal kick that traveled more than 37 yards through the air to go over the uprights for the Packers' first score.
Then there was the two great catches of forward passes by smiling Eddie Kotal that came in for much commendation and how they put the Packers in a position to score a touchdown. Still others could talk of little but the remarkable play of Jones in the final minutes of play when he blocked and then caught a Bear pass to make the Packers' final score. But that wasn't all. There was the Packers' spirit of victory that prevailed from the opening whistle to the end of the game. It wasn't to be denied. The Packers were out to win and did.
The team worked almost perfectly. The players charged into their traditional foes like demons tackling clean and hard and came out of the game with but few minor injuries. For the Bears it was a different story, however, they fell by the wayside before those ever-coming Bays. It was the survival of the fittest and the Packers survived. ​But getting back to those Green Bay fans and their heroes. The names of Minick and Perry rolled off their tongues as they told each other about the tackling of these two stellar linemen and about the holes they opened in the Bear front line. Ashmore and Earpe also came in for much favorable comment as did Whitey Woodin. And then there was Dick O'Donnell and how he stopped all that came his way, and about how Lavvie Dilweg, who came back into his own again when he threw the Bears for losses on several occasions. In fact, there wasn't a man who played for the Packers who didn't come in for much praise.
In the matter of first downs, the Bears had a slight
advantage making nine to seven gained by the Green
Bay squad. The Packer pass attack functioned better
than did the Chicagoans, however, and therein lies
much of the Packers' advantage. Nineteen passes were
tried by the Bears, of which but five were completed.
The Bays tried seven passes and completed three of
them. The strong lines of both teams smothered any
attempts to gain through them in the opening period
and it was a punting duel between Driscoll and Lewellen
with the latter having the decided advantage. Near the
end of the period the Bays started a march from the
middle of the field that ended in the first score. Lewellen
carried the ball for a 15 yard gain to start the march,
then a pass to Kotal, another plunge by Lewellen for
seven more yards and a six yard gain by Dunn put the
ball in the center of the field on the Bear 19 yard line.
O'Boyle then dropped back to the 29 yard line and with
Dunn holding the ball booted over a perfect placekick to
give the Packers a 3 to 0 lead, and also, incidentally,
giving the Packer rooters an opportunity to put on a 
demonstration of cheering that lasted for 5 minutes.
That first score wasn't enough for the Packers, however,
as they had tasted of the choice morsel of having a lead
over the Bears, found it good, and were after more.
Soon after the second period opened, the Packers
started from the 50 yard line on their second march of
the day. An intercepted pass by O'Donnell gave them
the ball in that position. Lewellen than hurled a long
pass to Eddie Kotal, and the latter brought the ball to
the 23 yard line before he was downed. The next pass
went wild, but another followed and it found its journey
ended in the arms of Kotal again, and Eddie brought it
to the five yard line before he was stopped. Three
thrusts at the Bear line netted but four years, but on 
the fourth attempt Lewellen went wide around right end
for a touchdown. O'Boyle's placekick was perfect and
the Packers had a 10 to 0 lead, and the Green Bay fans
had another opportunity of staging a demonstration.
The first real Bear threat of the Packer goal line came
soon after the start of the second half. Senn made ten
yards around the Packer left end and then added four
more to put the ball on the Packers' 30 yard line a few
minutes after the half started. A pass, Driscoll to 
Carlson, brought the oval to the nine yard line and here
the Packer line began to tighten. Backed up against
their own goal, the Bays fought with all they had and
held the Bears to but a two yard gain in three attempts.
Apass, Driscoll to Wallace, was missed by the latter
who was over the goal on the last try, and the Packers
were given the ball on the 20 yard line. Lewellen then
punted out of danger.
The Bears started another march down the field in the
fourth period of the game that ended with the first and
only touchdown for the Chicago team. Romney, who 
had replaced Sternaman at quarterback, started the
drive with a ten yard plunge through the Packer line. A
pass, Driscoll to Romney, then netted another ten yards
and put the ball on the Packer 39 yard line. White and
Senn then carried the ball for the third first down,
bringing the oval to the 29 yard line. Another pass,
White to Romney, added a few more yards and still
another pass, White to Voss, gave the Bears the ​ball
on the Packers' two-yard line with four downs to make
the goal. Two line plays gained a yard and then Romney pulled a quarterback sneak to score the touchdown. Driscoll's try for goal by a drop kick was blocked. With but three minutes to play, the Bears started another passing attack deep in their own territory. It was halted, however, when Dunn intercepted the ball on the Bear 35 yard line. Three line plays netted but a few yards, so Lewellen dropped back and placed a perfect punt, kicking the ball out of bounds on the eight yard line. On the first play, Driscoll from behind his own goal line attempted to pass. Jones was in on Driscoll, however, and the ball had no sooner left Driscoll's hands when Jones slapped it high into the air. He leaped after it, catching the oval and falling down for another Packer touchdown. It was a remarkable play as Jones had to leap high into the air over Driscoll's head to catch the ball. The try for an extra point by a placekick went wide. The game ended a half minute later.
GREEN BAY -  3  7  0  6 - 16
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  6 -  6
1st - GB - O'Boyle, 38-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-0
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 1-yard run (O'Boyle kick) GREEN BAY 10-0
4th - CHI - Milt Romney, 1-yard run (Romney kick failed) GREEN BAY 10-6
4th - GB - Jones interception in Chicago end zone (O'Boyle kick failed) GREEN BAY 16-6
OCTOBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 16 to 6
​trimming handed the Bears was the worst the Chicago
team has ever received on their home field. It also was
the first time since 1926 that the Packer have beaten
them...Nash was injured after about five minutes of
play. He wrenched his knee in making a tackle and had
to leave the game. Before he went out, Nash figured
prominently in three good plays that threw Bear men
for losses...O'Boyle's kickoff boots were nearly perfect,
traveling to the Bear goal line and over on every try but
one. On that occasion the ball went offside on the 20-
yard line and he kicked over again sending it straight
down the field to the 2-yard line...Eddie Kotal got one of
the greatest hands ever received by a football player at
the Cubs park when he left the game near the close.
The crowd stood up and cheered for several minutes as
he walked off the field...The crowd filed into the field 
slowly before the start of the game and the Lumberjack
band paraded around the field entertaining those on
hand, with several numbers...The day was perfect for
football as the sun was shining and the air was cool
enough to put spice into the work of the players...In the
fourth quarter Lewellen ran from his own five-yard line on
apunt formation to the 35-yard line through the entire
Bear team and was almost clear for a touchdown when
he was tackled from behind...Earpe did some fine work
in stopping Bear plays that came his way. On several
occasions the forward line charged hard into Earpe's
section, only to have the giant Packer take out the
interference and then get the man carrying the ball 
before he could gain...The game was the first in which
no penalties were called for rough play or clipping. It
was declared the cleanest game that the Bears or Bays
have ever played. There were five offside penalties and
the Packers lost four of them for 20 yards.
OCTOBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There may
have been more Packer fans at the Cubs park, Chicago,
than there were at the Columbus club Sunday afternoon
but it is doubtful whether or not they made any more
noise or displayed any more enthusiasm when the team
scored its points that did the crowd that "stayed at
home". Music during the afternoon was furnished by the
Automatic Electric phonograph through the courtesy of
William Schwartz and when the home team scored a
victory, the "automatic" sensed the situation and played
"On, Wisconsin". During the intermission, the official
songs of all the big colleges were played. There was a
good sized crowd and the gridgraph never operated so
perfectly. The men handling the big scoreboard had a
system that permitted them to flash every play 
accurately and without hesitation. The Columbus club
management furnished uniformed ushers, which were
greatly appreciated by the Packer management in 
charge of the gridgraph. A concession stand was 
erected inside the auditorium which eliminated the
running down to the sports lobby for refreshments.
OCTOBER 23 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green
Bay American Legion band, the lumberjack organization
that played for the Packer-Bear game in Chicago
Sunday, claims a world record for continuous playing
without stopping to change music, or for any other
reason. The record was established after several hours
of playing intermittently during the game, and just after
the whistle blew, when the band played continuously 
for half of an hour without a break between selections.
"Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast," it is
claimed and this is the basis for the local band's
contention that its music took the fight out of Brute
Trafton and his associates and left them harmless in
the hands of the Packers. The bandsmen dressed as
lumberjacks, marched in ragged formation and were
purposely out of step, a fact that may not have been
appreciated by the WGN radio announcer, the band
things, but which surely was appreciated by both the
Green Bay and Chicago fans at the game. They
interrupted the game for a time at the opening of the
second half playing in response to strong insistence on
the part of Chicago people, who considered the band
one of the most entertaining features of the game. They
reported very courteous treatment by both the people of
Chicago and the officials of the Chicago and 
Northwestern railroad who gave them a special car and
made them comfortable in every way. Serious 
competition, such as winning first at the State Legion
convention, or playing an engagement at the State Fair,
are big events for the band, but they will be forgotten
long after the members will still talk of the Bear game
engagement in Chicago. That was all fun, and pure fun,
and moreover the band believes it contributed to the
victory, and they are proud of that.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Elated but
not over-confident because of their great showing 
against the Chicago Bears Sunday, the Packers 
resumed their training here today in preparation of the
game Sunday against the strong Dayton Triangles at 
the City stadium. All of the players came out of the 
Bear game in good shape, and were on hand for the
session. The team did not go outdoors but confined its
drill to a light signal practice and a chalk talk at the
Columbus club quarters. The Dayton team boasts one of the youngest and fastest professional grid elevens in the country. Virtually every member of the eleven has been honored by being picked for some kind of an All-American, All-Western or All-Conference team. As far as the ages of the individual players go, the Triangles are the youngest aggregation in the National league...KINDERDINE IS OLDEST: At 28 years of age, George Kinderdine, the 185 pound center from Kentucky, is the oldest man on the squad. The ages of the other players range from 27 down to 23 years. That the Dayton game will be a tough one is indicated in the showing the Ohio team had made in the two games it played against the Frankford Yellowjackets. In the first game, the Hornets won, 3 to 0, only after a hard fought game...HOLD 3 TO 0 LEAD: Last Saturday, the Philadelphia team handed the Dayton team a 13 to 9 setback but the score does not indicate the closeness of the battle. The Dayton team held a 3 to 0 advantage until the final minutes of play in the third quarter when a 15 yard penalty gave the ball to Philadelphia on the one yard line from where they scored a touchdown. In the final quarter the Yellowjackets just managed to get another touchdown through another lucky break and the Dayton team did likewise. Throughout the game, the Dayton team played the Yellowjackets on better than even teams. The Dayton team also gained more yardage from scrimmage than did Frankford.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the
Dayton Triangles come here Sunday for a game with
the Packers, Green Bay fans will have an opportunity of
seeing in action the only Chinese professional football
player in the world and two Hawaiian grid stars as well
as a collection of All-American and All-Western players.
Jim Spencer, a guard, who weighs 200 pounds and
Sam Hipps, a 170 pound end, are the two Hawaiian
boys who play with the eleven. The Chinese player is
Walter Achui, a halfback, who is known as one of the
fleetest ball carriers in the country. Spencer and Hipps
played with the University of Dayton in the college days
and Achui attended the University of Hawaii as well as
the Dayton institution. On the Dayton line are other men
of national reputation. Pup Graham, left guard, was
chosen All-National league guard last year. He weighs
215 and went to school at Ohio State University. George
Kinderdine holds down the center position for the team.
He is a veteran pro leaguer of six years and is one of 
the best pivot men in the country. At the tackle position,
Dayton has Johnnie Becker, Frank Belanich and Carl
Mankat. All of these men go well over 200 pounds and
are fast charging forward linesmen. Becker went to
school at Denison while Mankat is a graduate of
Colgate. Belanich is a University of Dayton product.
Earl Britton, a fullback who was Red Grange's running
mate at the University of Illinois, also is with the Dayton
team. Britton did most of the blocking and took out men
for Red and had a lot to do with Grange's wonderful
showing at the Illinois school. He is known as one of 
the best punters in the country and was named on
several All-Conference teams in his college days. Claire
Cook is another Big Ten backfield men who is with
Dayton. He is a halfback and while at Michigan was
named on practically all of the All-Western teams. He
was called the successor to Chick Harley.
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Max
Hoffman, musical comedy star and lead in the popular
"Good News", which is playing its thirty-fifth week at the
Selwyn theater, Chicago, paid a good-natured tribute to
a group of Green Bay Packer football players at the
close of his performance last Sunday night. Bullet
Baker, Jim Bowdoin, Slick Lollar and Bruce Jones,
members of the Bay team, had secured tickets for the
show at the last minute and owing to that fact were
occupying seats in the first row. Abe Lyman's orchestra
was in the pit and several of the musicians were known
to Baker, whose home is in Los Angeles. At the
intermission, a word of greeting passed between them
as the musicians left the pit. As Lyman, who is a
member of the cast, came out to direct his band in its
specialty number, he nodded to the football players,
dedicating the number to them. As the show closed
and the entire company took the stage for the finale,
Hoffman stepped to the footlights with his leading lady
and leaned toward the football players in the first row,
in a gesture of shaking hands with them. "Nice going
today, Green Bay Packers!" he said. There was a 
craning of necks in the balcony and a ripple of applause
started and ran around the entire house as the curtain
fell back into place and the show ended.
OCTOBER 24 (Columbus, OH) - President Joe F. Carr
of the National league has named the following officials
for the Packer-Dayton game in Green Bay on Sunday,
Oct. 28: George Lawrie, Chicago, referee; A.O. Iverson,
Sheboygan, referee; G.H. Johnson, Chicago, head
OCTOBER 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Pottsville Maroons will play the Green Bay Packers 
here on Sunday, Nov. 4. A telegram received at noon
today, from Dr. J.G. Streigel, manager of the Pottsville
club, clinched the deal which also provides for Green
Bay to play in Pottsville, Pa., on Sunday, Nov. 25. The
Pottsville game here replaces the Packers' contest with
the Cardinals in Chicago. The Cardinal management, it
is said, is having financial trouble and deemed it best
not to bring the Green Bay eleven to Chicago on the 
Nov. 4 date...BEAT PACKERS, 31 TO 0: The Packers
and Pottsville have only met once in pro football
competition. That was on Thanksgiving Day in 1925 and
the Maroons handed Captain Lambeau's team its worst
defeat in history. The score was 31 to 0. This will be the
first time that Pottsville has ever played in Green Bay.
The Maroons have a strong lineup which includes such
stars as Tony La Tone, plunging fullback, Pete Henry,
said to be the greatest tackle of all times, Osborn,
Ernst and other stars. Directors of the Green Bay
Football corporation will meet this evening at The Press-
Gazette and plans for disposal of the tickets for this
extra home game will be taken up.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - When the
Packers take the field Sunday against the Dayton
Triangles, they may be without the services of Red 
​Dunn, veteran quarterback. Dunn injured his ankle
Sunday and as it is still swollen it may prevent him from
playing against the Ohio team. Nash also will be out of
uniform as he has been ordered to rest for a week or
two. The rest of the men are in good shape, however, 
and all are expected to see action. Bullet Baker may 
get the call for the quarterback post against the Dayton
team if Red is unable to go on. Lewellen, Kotal and
O'Boyle, in view of their brilliant showing against the
Bears, are the likely other backfield starters. Marks and
Lollar who have been on the injured list for some weeks
also are expected to see some action. Griffin will be 
missing from the Green Bay lineup next Sunday, as he
was released today to the Portsmouth team. His 
release was made necessary by the National league
playing rules that prohibit a team from carrying more 
than 18 players...PLAN FOR POTTSVILLE GAME: All
of the linemen who showed so well against the Bears
will see action again Sunday. They came out of the 
game in good shape and are preparing to do just as 
good work against the Ohio team. Plans to finance the
Pottsville game, Nov. 4, which is the extra contest on
the Packers' home schedule, were mapped out at a
meeting of the Football corporation's board of directors
held at the Press-Gazette last night. When the season
tickets were sold, they provided for seven games, 
namely the Minneapolis Marines, Sept. 16; the
Frankford Yellowjackets, Sept. 23; the Chicago Bears,
Sept. 30; the New York Giants, Oct. 7; the Chicago
Cardinals, Oct. 14; the Dayton Triangles, Oct. 28, and
the New York Yankees, Nov. 11...CARDINAL GAME
CANCELLED: The Packers were booked to play in
Chicago against the Cardinals on Nov. 4 but the Card
management is suffering from financial ailments and
Chris O'Brien, owner of the club, deemed it best not to
try to stage the game at his park. The Green Bay
management immediately began negotiations for a 
game to fill the gap left vacant by the Cardinals and
finally a home and home series was arranged with the
Pottsville Maroons, a topnotch club of the NFL. This is
an expensive game for the Packers management as
traveling expenses from Pottsville to Green Bay run into
big money. However, it is figured that the fans will rally as they have always done to support of the club and that there will be a big crowd on hand a week from Sunday to see the Penn State champions perform. This will be the first time Pottsville has ever played in Green Bay...ITS HOMECOMING GAME: The Football corporation solicitors will visit each of the season ticket holders and ask them to purchase ducats for the extra game. In order to speed up the handling of the Pottsville contest pasteboards, the ticket office at The Press-Gazette will be open daily so that inquiries about tickets can be taken care of without delay. Hours for the ticket office will be from 9:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., and from 7:30 until 10 p.m. The public sale of tickets will open at the usual places about town the first of next week. It was also decided to make the Pottsville contest the Packers' first "homecoming" players day. All of the Bay stars of yesterday will be invited to attend and between halves the old timers will run through a few signals on the gridiron. Including in the veterans' lineup will be such favorites as Charlie Mathys, Wally Neiman, Tubby Howard, Art Schmael, Moose Gardner, Butts Hayes, Jab Murray, Sammy Powers, Jack McAuliffe, Paul Davis, Myrt Basing and many others who did their bit towards putting Green Bay in capital letters on the professional football map.
OCTOBER 25 (Green Bay) - Green Bay fans are planning this weekend to give the Packers a great reception when they trot on the field to battle the Dayton Triangle in a National league game here on Sunday and all in appreciation of the fact that the Big Bay Blues defeated the famed Chicago Bears last Sunday at the Windy City for the first time in the many, many years that the two teams have been rivals. It is expected that one of the biggest crowds of the season will be there to join in the tumult which no doubt will ensure when Captain Lambeau leads his blue clad warriors on the field. And according to advance dope the game should be among the best of the entire season for the Dayton outfit is no setup for any team and in every game this season have given their opponents a stiff battle. The entire aggregation are fighters from the drop of the hat and are one team in the league which never knows when they are licked. Kinderdine, center, and Abbot, who plays quarterback and halfback, are two of the most aggressive players in the league and last week in their game with the Yellow Jackets displayed just a little too much of their fighting spirit for the approval of the very dignified officials who handled the game and as a result were dismissed from further competition whereupon the Yellowjackets proceeded on to victory without feat of the game becoming too rough. And speaking of officials, Green Bay fans and outsiders as well who have been regular attendants at local games this season have done quite a bit of complaining about the officials will probably welcome the announcement that three new officials will handle this week's game. George Lawrie of Chicago will referee; Iverson of Sheboygan will umpire, and Jim Johnson of Chicago will be head linesman. Lawrie has worked here before this year and has always given satisfaction while Johnson has quite a reputation around Chicago as an official. Iverson has also worked many games here satisfactorily. Despite the victory
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - If respective scores are any criterion, the Packers are going to have a tough time turning back the Dayton Triangle when they meet the squad at the City stadium Sunday. The game will start promptly at 2 p.m. so the Dayton players can catch a 4:30 train out of Green Bay. In two games played against the Frankford Yellowjackets, the Dayton team has been nosed out by 6 to 0 and 13 to 9 scores. Both of these contests were hard fought and it was only through breaks in the games that the Frankford eleven emerged with victories. In the first game it was an intercepted pass that gave the Yellowjackets a win and in the second game Dayton led until the last quarter when a surprise attack gave the Eastern team the verdict...PACKERS SHOW IMPROVEMENT: As the Yellowjackets handed the Packers the worst defeat of the year which they played here, it seems as if the Bays won't have too easy of a time with the Dayton team. The Packers, however, have shown a lot of improvement since the Frankford game and if the line plays the ball it did last Sunday against the Bears, and the backfield men come through likewise, the team should hang up its third league victory. Cahoon and Lollar, who have been on the injured list for some time, probably will fit to take the field again Sunday. Red Dunn and Nash, however, probably will not see action as both are suffering from injuries received in the Bear game...DAYTON HAS HEAVY LINE: The Dayton team has a heavy line that averages well over 200 pounds and is rated as the fastest forward wall in the league. At the end position, Dayton has Hipps of Dayton University, and Mac Hummons, a former Wittenberg college star. Four good tackles in Belanich, former all-Ohio star, Faust of Otterbein, Becker of Denison, and Mankat of Colgate are available. Mankat also plays an end position. The guard positions are held down by Pup Graham, all-National league lineman last year, Zimmerman from Purdue, Faust from Otterbein and Spencer, Hawaiian star. In Kinderdine, Dayton has one of the best centers in the league. He is a former Kentucky University star. Jack Brown of Dayton university also is available for the center post.
OCTOBER 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Detroit Wolverines continued their exciting dash towards pennantville in the NFL by smearing the New York Giants to to the tune of 27 to 0. The champions didn't get going at any stage...Dayton took another bearing at the
hands of the Frankford Yellowjackets. The score was 13
to 9. The Ohioans battled hard every minute, too hard in
fact, because a pair of their players were chased for
rough play...Providence made it two straight against the
New York Yanks. The Conzelman-Wilson combination
was hitting on all eleven and Charlie Pyle's highly priced
gridders were forced to take the short end of a 12-6
count...The "dollar and cents" gridiron feud will be
resumed in New York on Sunday when the Giants and
Yankees meet in the first game of their 1928 series.
Last season, the Giants twice defeated Pyle's gridiron
machine...There should be quite a battle at Providence
where the Steamrollers will attempt to turn back the
Pottsville Maroons. For years these clubs have been
"blood-and-thunder" rivals on the chalk-marked field...
Detroit will invade Wrigley field, Chicago, for the tilt with
the Bears Sunday. This looks like an ace attraction
because the Wolverines haven't been beaten this 
season and nothing would please them better than to
scalp the Bruins...Benny Friedman continues to bask in
the pro football spotlight. This is the Michigan All-
American's second year on the professional field and no
one seems to stop him. He ran 60 yards for a score 
against the Giants...Hinkey Haines is back in the fold
with the New York Giants. He was a holdout for five
weeks but finally came to terms with the management.
When going right, there isn't a better ball lugger than
Haines in the loop...Kinderdine, the husky Dayton 
center, doesn't ever seem to grow old. The big fellow is
playing better football than ever this fall. He scraps from
the opening gong and never used "kid gloves" when
handling an opponent...A change in scenery has done
Weller, Frankford tackle, a world of good. The Hornets
grabbed him from the Chicago Cardinals and so far this
season he has been the one best bet on the Yellow
Jackets' line...Roy White is hogging his share of glory
with the Chicago Bears. He is a triple threat artist.
White is a consistent line plunger and a fine passer. In
a pinch, he will average about 50 yards with his punts...
​Wild Bill Kelly, one time Montana flash, has more than
been earning his salt with the New York Yanks. Kelly
prances either quarter or half and he prances around
lively. He makes a specialty of grabbing forward passes.
...One of the features of Pottsville's play this fall has
been the brilliant exhibition of Ernst at quarterback.
Ernst has been with the Maroons for many a gridiron
season but he never looked better than now...Swede
Erickson, W. & J. star of other years, is still at home
with a football. This is his fourth season with the Cards
and he is one of the few O'Brien-men playing right up to
their peak form...Providence mixes up its attempts for
the extra point after touchdown. In a recent game 
against Dayton, the Steamrollers added four points by a
dropkick, placement, pass and once Gus Sonnenberg
rushed the ball across.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Dayton
Triangles, composed of a scrapping young bunch of
gridiron warriors, who are carrying on the good work
started by their predecessors in the NFL, will come up
to Green Bay tomorrow to do battle with the Packers.
Ever since the National league started, a Dayton team
has held a charter in the circuit. This year few of the old
timers who played with Dayton in the early days of the
league remain with the team. They have gone on into
other pursuits and other stars have come out of colleges
to carry on. The Dayton team has always been a
favorite with Green Bay fans, as every time the Ohio
team has come here it has put up a great, clean battle.
Last year was no exception and it was not until the last
few minutes of play that the Bays managed to squeeze
over one touchdown to win...HAS HEAVY LINE: This
season the Dayton team has turned in some remarkable
performances against strong competition in the league.
Playing against the Yellowjackets in two games this
season, Dayton gave the Frankford team the hardest
battles of the year. The Dayton line is exceptionally
heavy, averaging well over 200 pounds, while the
backfield men rank with any in the country. Earl Britton,
Red Grange's running mate at Illinois, plays the fullback
position for Dayton. At halfback posts, the Ohio team
has Jack Keefer, former Brown University star, who was
chosen by Walter Camp, all-Western back from 
Michigan. Walter Achui, the only Chinaman in the pro
game, is another good backfield man with Dayton...
LAMBEAU WORKS HIS MEN: Arthur Matson, an all-
Southern quarterback from William and Mary college;
Gerald Bradley, from Wittenberg college, who was
ranked as the greatest field goal kicker in the country in
his collegiate days, and Lafayette Abbott are the other
men who bolster up the Dayton backfield. Captain
Lambeau has not let down in his practice since the
team's fine showing in beating the Bears last Sunday
but has sent his men through tough training grinds all
this week. Forward pass defense has been particularly
stressed, and the men have showed themselves adept
in this department while training. Red Dunn and Tom
Nash probably will not see much if any action tomorrow.
Dunn's ankle has been swollen all of this week, and he
will not be used unless it is absolutely necessary. Nash
is suffering from a wrenched knee sustained in the Bear
game and also will be on the sidelines. The rest of the
team is in good condition and all of them are slated to
see action at some time in the encounter. The game
will start promptly at 2 p.m. in order that the Dayton
players can catch a 4:30 p.m. train leaving Green Bay.
Advance ticket sales have been good and another good
crowd is expected.
OCTOBER 27 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers, 
flushed with their victory over the Chicago Bears last
week, will play a League of Nations outfit, known as the
Dayton Triangles, in a National league game here
Sunday afternoon. The Dayton team is world famous. It
has borrowed its uniforms from the wild zebras of Africa,
and it has gathered its players from the ends of the
earth. In far off China, there will be fans waiting for word
from the renowned "Sneeze" Achui, Dayton halfback,
the only Chinese player in captivity, and one of the
fastest backfield men in the business. Should fortune
smile upon the Dayton team the word will be flashed to
the Hawaiian islands, and no doubt the girls will put on
a few of their hay skirts, straw skirt dances on the
beach of Waikiki in honor of Sam Hipps, and Jim
Spencer, the Hawaiian members of the Dayton team.
While the Dayton team has the all Nations stars, it is
not without its All American members. The local fans
will have the opportunity of seeing Earl Britton, the
running mate of Red Grange, in action with the visiting
professionals. Britton is rated as one of the greatest
fullbacks in the league, and is a great punter. There are other men of national reputation on the Triangle squad including Pup Grahan, all-professional guard; George Kinderdine, veteran professional center; Johnnie Becker, Frank Belanich and Carl Mankat, all 200-pound tackles. This group of men makes up a fast charging line that will provide plenty of action for the local fans, who are going out to see one of the most entertaining games of the season. On the other hand, the Packers came out of the Bear's den in good condition and will be in uniform Sunday with the possible exception of Red Dunn, quarterback, and Tom Nash, end. The local fans feel that the Packers started their winning streak against the Bears on Sunday, and that there are few if any teams in the league that can stop a team that can conquer the Bears on their home field.
over the Bears, the Packers are not leaving up at all in their practice work. Captain Lambeau is drilling his men hard, just as hard as any time during the year and is especially preparing the gladiators in forward pass defense. This was about the only department of play in the Bear game which could have been improved upon and in two cases presented the Bears with opportunities to score one of which they took advantage of. The other was repulsed by some great playing on the part of the Packer line when the Bears had the ball on the locals' 7-yard line. All of the Bays will be ready for action this week with the exception of Tom Nash who hurt his ankle in the Bear fracas.