Green Bay Packers (4-2-1) 26, Pottsville Maroons (1-3) 14
​Sunday November 4th 1928 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - Those Pottsville Maroons just did not know what to do about Eddie Kotal at the City stadium Sunday when he dashed in amongst them, past them and in fact all over the field to pull footballs out of the air and help the Packers turn in their fourth successive victory. The final score was Green Bay 26, Pottsville 14. Eddie wasn't the only Packer player, that the boys from the Pennsylvania mining region had trouble watching, however. It must have seemed to them as if the Green Bay backfield men and ends had wings, the way they covered ground and seemingly flew into the air to catch forward passes. Even when on the offense, Pottsville couldn't quite fathom how Packer
players seemed to come from nowhere and intercept 
the Easterners' passes. But let's not get the idea that
throwing of forward passes was all that transpired in the
National league game before some 5,000 spectators on
an afternoon with perfect football weather prevailing. 
There was plenty of the spectacular in every branch of
play to enliven the day.
It was a hard, clean football game put up by these two
great teams, and when the battle was over, fans went
home, content that they had witnessed one of the
greatest games of the year, or perhaps of many years.
They had seen the Packers roll up a 19 to 0 advantage
in the first half of the game with a forward pass attack,
the like of which has never been seen here before.
During that time they completed nine of eleven passes
that either directly or indirectly resulted in all of the 
Packer touchdowns. That wasn't all that the fans saw
during the first half. They also saw some sensational
blocking by Dilweg, Minick, O'Boyle, Lewellen, Dunn
and other Packer players, as well as a defense that
held the Pottsville team to three first downs while the
Packers were making nine in the first half. Then they
saw the Pottsville team come back with a drive in the 
last half of the game that nearly tuned the tide for 
victory. They saw Tony La Tone, the Pennsylvania coal
miner, tear through holes opened in the Packer line by
Stein and plow through time after time for long gains
and score two touchdowns for the Maroons. And then
to climax it all, they saw the Pottsville team stopped 
after its two great marches down the field for scores.
And when Pottsville was stopped, the Packers started
again and put over another touchdown in the closing
minutes of play.
The Packers opened up with their passing attack soon
after the start of the game and had a 6 to 0 advantage
before the battle was five minutes old. Taking the ball on
his own 41-yard line after an exchange of punts,
Lewellen started the march toward a score by a brilliant
16-yard run around left end. Lew was given some fine
interference by his running mates on the play. Dunn 
then dropped back and passed over the center of the
line to Kotal on the next play, and Eddie twisted,
squirmed, fell and arose and finally crossed the line for
a touchdown. It was a sensational run as Eddie had to
dodge at least six of the Pottsville men. Dilweg and
other Packer men did some great blocking on the play
to help Eddie cross the line. O'Boyle missed the try for
kick for extra point. The play for the remainder of the
period was in the Pottsville territory most of the time 
with no further scoring. A few moments before the first
quarter ended, Dilweg intercepted a Pottsville pass on
the latters' 35-yard line before he was downed. The play
started the second march for a Packer touchdown. On
the first play in the second quarter, Dunn tossed a pass
to O'Donnell for an 8-yard gain and then Dunn made it
first down on the 14-yard line. Marks, who had replaced
Lewellen, then added 4 more around right end and Dunn
cut around the other end for 5 yards. On the next play,
Eddie Kotal made a drive through a hole opened up by
Jug Earpe and Minick for a touchdown. There wasn't a
very big hole for Eddie to get through and how he did it
was a mystery to many. O'Boyle's kick for goal was low.
The Packers continued their running and passing attack
after their second touchdown and soon worked the ball deep into Pottsville territory, only to lose by an intercepted pass. Then Dilweg intercepted a Pottsville pass again and brought it to the Packer 45-yard line. Two line plays and a penalty netted a first down and Baker, who had gone in for Kotal, added 7 more with two line plunges. Marks made it first ten and then Dunn passed to Baker, who brought the oval to the 21-yard line. A line plunge by Dunn added 5 yards, then Dunn dropped back and passed to O'Donnell, who made the most sensational catch of the game to bring the ball to the 4-yard line. O'Donnell had to dive for the ball and caught it a second before it touched the ground. Two line plays failed to gain so another pass was tried by Dunn. He threw to Marks, who made a good catch over his left shoulder and crossed the line for the third touchdown. O'Boyle kicked the goal to make the score 19 to 0. Soon after the start of the second half, the Pottsville team began a march from their 30-yard line that ended with the ball across the line. La Tone ripped through center and off tackle on most of the gains. Two passes and a 15-yard penalty to the Packers for tripping also helped the ball over the goal for the touchdown and Henry kicked goal. Pottsville started its drives and passed again after the kickoff but lost the ball when the Packers intercepted and were not able to score again in the third period, although they were constantly threatening.
Blood started the second Pottsville march for a touchdown soon after the start of the last period with a run of 25 yards, evading several Packers to bring the ball to midfield. Ernst then passed to La Tone to the Packers' 20-yard line. Two line plays failed as the Packer line stiffened and then La Tone passed left-handed to Moran on the Packers' 11-yard line. La Tone and Blood advanced the ball to the two-yard line and then La Tone fought through tackle for a touchdown. Henry kicked goal again. Lewellen went in for Marks after the kickoff and dropped back as if to punt. Instead of punting, Dunn took the ball on the fake play, ran back to his own 25-yard line and passed to Eddie Kotal, who made another sensational catch of the ball and raced to the Maroons' 32-yard line before he was stopped. The Packers were stopped at that point, however, and Lewellen punted over the goal. Pottsville immediately started another passing attack but they were all knocked down by Packer players. Minick intercepted the third Maroon pass on the 32-yard line and when the Packers couldn't gain much against the Pottsville line, Lewellen again punted, the ball going out of bounds on the 21-yard line. Again Pottsville started to pass in a vain attempt to score, but the Packers knocked them all down. O'Donnell intercepted the third pass on the 30-yard line and the Packers again took the ball. O'Boyle advanced the ball five yards on two plunges, and then Dunn dropped back and tossed to Lewellen, who caught the ball on the 10-yard line and dashed over the goal line for the final touchdown of the game. O'Boyle kicked goal. Eddie Kotal intercepted another Pottsville pass deep in the Packer territory a moment before the game ended. Two completed forward passes by Pottsville brought it into that territory.
POTTSVILLE -  0  0  7  7 - 14
GREEN BAY  -  6 13  0  7 - 26
1st - GB - Kotal, 44-yard pass from Dunn (O'Boyle kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
2nd - GB - Kotal, 5-yard run (O'Boyle kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
2nd - GB - Marks, 9-yard pass from Dunn (O'Boyle kick) GREEN BAY 19-0
3rd - POTT - Tony Latone, 7-yard run (Pete Henry kick) GREEN BAY 19-7
4th - POTT - Latone, 3-yard run (Henry kick) GREEN BAY 19-14
4th - GB - Lewellen, 30-yard pass from Dunn (O'Boyle kick) GREEN BAY 26-14
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Hey, Minick, cut out that tackling when you make love to a girl, this is a moving picture, not a football game." The words of a director in the Teckart Studio lot in Hollywood snapped out at Paul Minick in the midst of a scene in the filming of "College Days". What Minick answered or how he met the situation probably never will be known, for Paul Minick, now one of the star linemen on the Green Bay Packer football team, is reluctant to talk of his career in the movies. By degrees, however, it has been brought out that Minick did considerable work around the lots of Hollywood and reached the stage where he has taken several good parts getting many "closeups". "Closeups", in movie language, means filming of an actor from a very close range with little or no background. Minick had his biggest parts in the filming of the "Poor Nut" that starred Jack Mulhal and in the "Drop Kick" with Richard Barthelmes. In the "Poor Nut", Minick played the part of one of the runners. Larry Marks, Harold Griffin and Bullet Baker also acted in the "Poor Nut", doing minor roles, but terminated their movie careers shortly after the picture was finished. They also all worked in Red Grange's picture, "A Minute To Play". In the "Drop Kick", Minick had his most important role when he played the part of the referee. The scene in the picture above was taken in the "Poor Nut". Minick is on the extreme left with Maurice "Fat" Ryan in the center and Jack Mulhal, the star of the picture, on the right. Minick, Baker and Marks plan on returning to the coast after the football season is over, but all are reluctant to say whether they will go back into movie work.
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Detroit
Wolverines hit the skids fast this weekend, suffering two
defeats at the hands of Frankford and Providence and,
as a result, Benny Friedman's tribe are tied for third 
place in the National league standings...A snappy
offense, headed by Diehl and Oelrich, started the Yellow
Jackets off fast against the Michiganders and when the
final whistle blew they were leading the procession by
the topheavy score of 25 to 7...After taking the licking at
Frankford, the Detroiters headed for Providence where
they got it on the wrong cheek, Sunday, to the tune of
7 to 0. It was a grueling battle with two teams playing
bang up football...The Chicago Bears handed the New
York Yankees a 27 to 0 licking. The Pyle-men were
without the services of Gibby Welch and this ruined 
their offensive to such an extent that the Bruins weren't
bothered at all...Halas and Sternaman, the Bears'
managers, were pleased with their decisive win over the
Yanks and they figure their club is beginning to click
again on all eleven after a pair of costly reversals in 
league combats...About 1,500 loyal Frankford fans
followed the team to New York for the game with the
Giants and they had to be satisfied with "half a loaf" as
the old rivals battled to a no decision, 0 to 0, gridiron
fracas...Neither of the clubs were in touchdown scoring
distance but each of the squads peppered away at the
uprights via the field goal route. Bruce Caldwell blew
three chances for the Giants while the Jackets muffed
two...Pottsville and Frankford will hook up in a home
and home series this weekend. On Saturday, the
Maroons are booked for a game on the Jackets' grid 
while on Sunday the Hornets perform at the Minersville
park...Jimmy Conzelman, leader of the Providence
Steamrollers, is out of the hospital and is getting around
on crutches. Conzelman's knee went bad and a major
operation was necessary to straighten out the torn
ligaments...The Rhode Islanders aren't booked for a
league game this weekend but they will have plenty of
outside competition. Saturday, the Rollers face the Pere
Marquette ream in Boston while on Sunday the clubs
meet in Providence...Detroit is billed in the east again
on Sunday as the Wolverines are booked to mingle with
the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds. This Haines
vs. Friedman attraction should be productive of
spectacular football...The New York Yanks are staying 
in Green Bay for two weeks. This Sunday they meet the
Packers and then the Pyle crew will stay at Green Bay
until two days before the game in Detroit on Nov. 18...
Jack Britton will lead the Dayton Triangles into Wrigley
field, Chicago, this Sunday for a game with the Bears.
The Ohioans haven't taken a league fray all season and
it is likely their defeat total will jump a notch...Red
Smith, baseball catcher for the Montreal club of the
International league, is turning in a good job of
backfielding for the Yankees. Smith is a Wisconsin boy
and he is one of Knute Rockne's products from Notre
Dame...Ernie Vick is a new addition to the Detroit
Wolverines. The former Michigan star was with the
Bears for two seasons. Friedman put through a deal for
Vick because he figured he would be a drawing card in
Detroit...Al Nesser, veteran pro player, has drawn his
pink ticket from the New York Giants. In the olden days,
the Nesser tribe ruled supreme on the sandlots in Ohio.
The release was a surprise as Nesser had been going
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay) - Realizing the necessity of
keeping keyed up to the same high pitch which has
carried them through to four straight wins, the Packers
are making things hum in their daily practice this week
in preparation for the game here Sunday with the New
York Yankees. One team in the league thought that 
they would be able to turn the Yankees with more or
less ease and woke up to find themselves on the short
end of a 13 to 0 count. This was the Yellowjackets and
it is the only defeat suffered by the Hornets this season.
The last two games has shown Captain Lambeau that
every man on his squad is capable of competing on 
even terms with any team in the league and it is 
probable that there will be a lot of shifting about in the
Green Bay lineup Sunday, partially to keep away from
chances of injury and then again to give home fans a
chance to glimpse all of their favorites in action for the
last time this season. A visit to West High field where
the Yankees are practicing would convince any fair-
minded fan that the Yanks are working toward no other
purpose than to hand the Packers a defeat and a 
stinging one at that. They are working up interference to
give Gibby Welch their great ball carrier a chance to get
out into the open field and once there the former Pitt
star will cause any team in the country plenty of grief
for he is one of the greatest open field runners in the
game today. And the Yanks are also devoted a great
amount of time to perfecting their forward passing game.
Kelly, Yankees quarterback, is one of the best passers
in the pro game. Red Smith, former Packer star and
now with the Yanks, has also been outlining to the
Yanks all of the details of the Green Bay passing attack
which enabled the Packers to ring 4 touchdowns 
against Pottsville Sunday and the invaders are going to
have a special defense in action Sunday which they
think will slow up the air drive of the Big Bay Blues
considerably. However, there a lot of teams whom the Packers have met who figured that they had defenses which was going to stop the Bays passing but they have always discovered to their sorrow that they still had a lot to learn before they could successfully cope with the working of the club.
NOVEMBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - As the American Legion band plays the tunes of "On, Wisconsin" at the City stadium tomorrow, a group of blue and gold clad football warriors will run onto the field, prepared to give their best in the final home game of the season against the New York Yankees. It will not be an easy task, for these big blue baymen to turn back Gibby Welch and his cohorts from New York. They probably will have to give all they have before the string of consecutive Packer wins is run up to five. There should be a record crowd out to cheer the Packers on their way to the Eastern invasion which begins after tomorrow's game, if favorable weather prevails and the advance ticket sales are any indication..YANKS WORK HARD: The Yankees have put in a tough week of training here for the game and are planning to make the Packers keep going from the opening whistle to the end of the game before they give in. The setback at the hands of the Bears last Sunday has not set well with Coach Dick Rauch of the New York team and he has given his line particular attention in an attempt to remedy the weakness disclosed last Sunday. By using Michalske and Gallagher at guard positions, and McArthur at center he thinks he has found a combination that will stop any thrusts by Packer charges through the center of the line. The return of Gibby Welch to the lineup this week after a layoff because of injuries also will increase the offensive power of the Yankees a great deal. Welch was the outstanding performer in the country last year while with Pittsburgh, and is known as one of the greatest open field runners of all time...FOUR STAR BACKFIELDERS: With Wild Bill Kellt, Welch, Molenda and Red Smith in the backfield, the Packers probably will have their hands full stopping the Yankee running and passing attack. All of those men are adept at the forward passing game. Capt. Lambeau has made a few changes in his backfield lineup during practice this week and may elect to run Baker at a fullback position in some parts of the game. Bullet showed a lot of power while driving from the fullback position and may prove a sensation in such a role against the Yanks. Baker also is a good man on forward pass defense...USE EVERY MAN: Every man on the squad probably will see action for the Packers at some time or other during the game, according to Capt. Lambeau, as they are all in good condition and ready to play. A souvenir picture showing every man on the Packer team is on the official program that is printed for the game. Fans who desire may secure them at the park. Several Milwaukee fans are expected to at the game as the Wettendorff-Neubert hat company of that city has given tickets to all of their customers who desire them.
NOVEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers set some kind of a record in the number of completed passes in the Pottsville game. They completed 13 of 17 passes tried. Pottsville tried 19 and completed 7 passes...In the matter of first downs, there wasn't much to choose between the two teams. The Packers made 16 to 14 gained by Pottsville during
the game...Packers' stars of yesterday gathered on the
field and were introduced to fans between halves.
Among those present were Faryl Klaus, Andy Muldoon,
Jab Murray, Rigney Dwyer, Cowboy Wheeler, Wally
Labrieu, Tubby Bero, Rosy Rosenow, Paul Davis, 
Charley Mathys, Al Michel, Erman Martel and Hank 
Gillo, who never played with the Packers but was a star
with Racine some years ago. They were given a good
hand by the crowd...Lewellen made a great run around
left end in the first quarter shortly after the Packers' first
touchdown. He went about 24 yards behind good
interference before being stopped...Eddie Kotal was
knocked down twice in his dash for the first Packer
touchdown, but he has never completely stopped until
after he had crossed the line. Several of the Pottsville
players had their hands on Eddie but couldn't hold him..
La Tone gained more yardage than any man on the field.
His plunges netted Pottsville more than 100 yards in
gains and scrimmage...Baker and Marks reeled off a
few nice gains while in the game. Baker was successful
in picking holes off tackle, while Marks' best efforts were
around the ends...Dunn did some good work in blocking
and returning punts, and also picked up several yards
for the Packers from scrimmage formations...Lollar got
into the game for a short time but wasn't able to show
much, as his leg still gives him a little trouble. Another
week should put Lollar in perfect condition again. It was
Lollar's first appearance since he was injured in the
Philadelphia game several weeks ago.
NOVEMBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Bruce Jones, one of the regular guards with the Green Bay Packers, will have a new incentive to spur him on in the game against New York. It will be in the thought of the new arrival in his family - an eight pound boy. The son, and future football star according to Bruce, was born to Mrs. Jones Sunday night in Alabama. Jones received word of the newcomer yesterday.
NOVEMBER 7 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Coach Richard Rauch sent his New York Yankee team through its first practice session of the year in Green Bay today preparing for the game with the Packers here Sunday. The team came in from Chicago yesterday and will work out every day in preparation for the game. All of the men are in good shape, according to
Coach Rauch, and are planning to hand the Packers
the same treatment they handed the Yellowjackets a
few weeks ago when they beat the Frankford team by a
13 to 0 score. Coach Rauch came to the Yankees this
summer from Pottsville where he built up the Maroon
squad to become national champions in 1925. He has
surrounded himself with a good group of players with
the Yankees this year, and is planning to avenge the 7
to 0 defeat suffered at the hands of the Packers last
year...WELCH HARD TO STOP: The chief threat on the
Yankee team is Gibby Welch, known as the Grange of
the East last year while with Pittsburgh. Besides Welch
Coach Rauch has several men who have been chosen
on some "all" team at some time or other and Hector
Cyre and Red Smith. Cyre and Smith played with the
Packers last year and are well remembered by fans
here for their good work. Cyre is a tackle who comes
from the same school as Tiny Cahoon, Gonzaga. He
was an all-coast linemen in his college days and was
mentioned on some of the all-professional teams
chosen last year. Red played alternately at guard, end
and fullback for the Packers. Several hundred Kaukauna
fans are expected to be in the stands Sunday to cheer
Smith as he got his football start with the Kaukauna
High school team before going to Lawrence and then to
the Packers. If the respective showing of the Packers
and Yankees against Frankford is any criterion, the
Bays are going to have a tough time disposing of the
Easterners. Fans here remember how the Frankford
team took the Bays into camp in the first league game
of the season...LAST HOME GAME: The game Sunday
will be the last home game of the season for the
Packers and Capt. Lambeau is giving his men plenty of
work to put them in shape. He is particularly anxious
that the Packers so that they can start the Eastern
invasion, secure in third place and only one game from
the league leaders. Defense plays planned to stop
Welch from getting off on any of his great open field 
runs, are being particularly stressed in the Packers'
daily workouts. They also are drilling to contend with
the passes of Wild Bill Kelly and Bo Molenda. August
Michalske, great all-around athlete from Penn State,
Cobb Rooney and William Pritchard are the other 
Yankee men that the Packers will have to stop if they
are to win Sunday. Rooney played with Ernie Nevers
during the seasons of 1926 and 1927 and with the
Duluth Pros in 1924 and 1925. Pritchard is a former
Penn State star and played on the All-East team
against the All-West eleven New Year's day at California
this year.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay) - Verne C. Lewellen, a 
member of the Green Bay Packers football team, was
elected district attorney of Brown County Tuesday,
defeating William C. Nook, veteran Democrat, by about
450 votes. Lewellen ran far ahead of the Republican
ticket. The new prosecutor played football for three 
year at the University of Nebraska and captained the
Cornhusker eleven in 1923. For the last five years he
has played on the Packer backfield.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay) - The New York Yankees
play the Green Bay Packers here Sunday and in their
lineup have a former Packer star hailing from Kaukauna
who is more than anxious to hand his former team
mates a trimming. His name is Red Smith. Smith
learned his football at Kaukauna High and then went to
Lawrence for a year but longing for bigger worlds to
conquer enrolled at Notre Dam where for two seasons
he was one of Knute Rockne's most dependable players
as well as the most versatile. When at Notre Dame Red
played guard and also fullback and was equally at home
in either position. After his graduation from Notre Dame,
Smith signed with the Packers and played here last
season playing the positions of guard, end and fullback
and playing them all well. This season he was traded to
the Yanks and was assigned to a regular halfback berth
and he has been the star in nearly every game he has
played along with Gibby Welch, Grange's successor 
with the Yanks. Only last Sunday against the Bears
Red garnered two passes, one for a 60-yard gain and
the other for 45 yards besides making a lot of ground
from scrimmage. He is very likely to be at his best
Sunday in an effort to trim the Big Bay Blues. Welch
who was out of the Bear game last week except for a
few minutes in the final quarter has nearly recovered 
from his injury and will be in prime shape when the 
whistle blows Sunday sending the two teams into
action. The Yanks arrived in town Monday night and
held practice at the West High field. They looked
impressive in their workout. They had a lot of snap and
ginger and with Wild Bill Kelly tossing passes around
like election cigars the practice was a spectacular
affair. From the looks of things the Yanks are going to 
try and beat the Packers with their own game, the
aerial attack. It will be the last chance of the season for
most of the Packer fans to see the team in action this
season as the following Sunday the Blues play their 
first game of their eastern trip. If fair weather prevails a
record crowd is expected to attend the last game here.
NOVEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Gibby"
Welch, whose performance with the University of
Pittsburgh eleven last year gave him the ranking of one
of the greatest open field runners of all time, is sure to
play in the Yankee game here Sunday against the
Packers, Coach Richard Rauch of the New York team
said today. Welch was injured slightly a few weeks ago
and only got in for a few moments of action against the
Bears last Sunday, but he has fully recovered now and
is working out daily with the team here. Coach Rauch
sent his squad through a light drill today in preparation
for Sunday's game and stressed defense work against
forward passes that he expects the Packers to use
Sunday. All of his men are in good shape, Coach Rauch
said, and he expects them to halt the Packers in their
march toward a pennant. The Packers now have won
four games straight and a victory over the Yankees will
keep them right up among the leaders. They are but one game behind the first place Yellowjackets and Providence teams which are tied for the lead. The game Sunday will be the last home appearance of the season for the Packers, and a record crowd is expected to turn out and see them battle the Yankees. If the Yankees play the same kind of ball they did when they handed Frankford a 13 to 0 defeat, the Packers no doubt will have their hands full trying to run their string of wins to five. All of the Packer players are expected to see action against the Yankees. Tom Nash, who has been on the sidelines for the past two weeks because of injuries, is expected to be seen in action again as he has practically recovered from the infection in his leg.
NOVEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers of 1928 - probably the best team that ever represented this ancient city in the football world - will bid farewell to the home lot and to Bay fans Sunday when they battle the New York Yankees and as a result one of the largest crowds of the season is expected to be on hand to give the squad a rousing sendoff. After their game here Sunday, the Packers will start on their Eastern invasion, the results of which will determine whether or not they will be successful in their quest for the championship of the National league. All of the new men on the team who remain and the veterans of former years have helped to make this one of the most successful seasons ever experienced. After a poor start, the men have all contributed toward giving Green Bay impressive victories over the
NOVEMBER 6 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green
Bay Packers will be after their fifth consecutive victory
when they take on the New York Yankees here Sunday
in the last home game of the season. The Easterners
are coming here this Sunday with one of the greatest
teams ever assembled, and are expected to give the
Bays their toughest fight of the year before the game is
over. Among the players on the Yankees this year is the
sensational ball carrier from Pittsburgh last season, 
Gilbert Welch, otherwise known as "Gibby"...RAN 105
YARDS: While with Pittsburgh last season, Welch
made the longest run of any man on any college team.
taking a ball from kickoff 5 yards behind his own goal
line. He traveled 105 yards to make a touchdown. The
run was made against Stanford last New Year's day. As
an open field runner, Welch has few if any equals. He is
very fast, shifty, elusive and a great pass receiver and
thrower. He holds last year's record with Bernard
Bienstock of New York with the longest run with a 
completed pass going 71 yards with the ball. Welch 
was on the sidelines in the Bear game at Chicago last
Sunday as he had a charley horse in one of his leg
muscles. He has recovered from the ailment and is sure
of playing in the game here Sunday, according to word
from Chicago where the Yankees are training for the
game...MOLENDA WITH TEAM: Welch isn't the only
great player with the Yankees. Bo Molenda, University
of Michigan fullback, also performs for the squad. 
Molenda is playing his second year with the Yankees
and is going just as great as in his college days, when
he was a sensation with Benny Friedman. Wild Bill
Kelly of the University of Montana is another former All-
American player who is with the Yankees. He is a
quarterback and played with the Western team in the
New Year's Day East-West game in 1927 at San
NOVEMBER 7 (Green Bay) - The Green Bay Packers,
by far the best team which has ever represented this
ancient city in the National league, will bid farewell to
the home lot and to the Bay fans this Sunday when
they battle the New York Yankees. If good weather
prevails as it has the past two Sundays, it is expected
that a record breaking crowd will be there to witness the
game and to give the Packers a real rousing send off
for their Eastern trip, the results of which will determine
whether or not the Blues will be successful in their
quest for the championship of the National league. The
Yankees this year have not hung any impressive string
of wins but one victory which they have won certainly
was impressive. They hold the distinction of being the
only team in the league this season to defeat the
Yellow Jackets and they did in decisive fashion, the
count being 13 to 0. The game shows that the Yanks
have a lot of possibilities and it certainly would be
disconcerting to Green Bay fans and the Packers as
week should the Yanks decided to give the Blues the
same treatment they accorded the Yellow Jackets. Two
former Green Bay players are in the Yankee lineup and
one of them, "Red" Smith, has been basking considerably in the limelight so far this season. Despite the defeat which the Bears handed the Yanks yesterday Smith turned in a great performance making one 70-yard run and another 30 yards besides catching several other passes for good gains. The other player is Hector Cyre, former lineman who has not played much this season because of injuries but is reported to be in first class shape now, and ready to give his former team mates a trimming. Michalske, given unanimous rating last season on the All Pro team is also with the Yanks again this year and is playing the same aggressive game which earned his spurs for him last season. Bo Molenda has continued his great work as fullback and Ray Flaherty has been holding down one of the end berths in the same style of the past two seasons which means that he is still one of the best wings in the pro game. Gibby Welch, last year the greatest performer in collegiate circles, has assumed Red Grange's role with the Yanks and has a remarkable record behind him. In every game this year except the tilt Sunday with the Bears, Welch has scored at least one touchdown and in yesterday's fracas he performed only a few minutes on account of an injured leg which will be in perfect shape for the game here next Sunday.
Cardinals, Bears, Dayton and Pottsville...HAVE HARD TEST: Sunday the players will receive another hard test, as the Yankees, while they have not hung up a very impressive string of wins, are rated among the best in the circuit. If the Packers can succeed in turning back these Eastern foes, they can start the Eastern trip right up among the leaders. Capt. Lambeau plans to get all of his men in action in their final appearance at home. Dilweg and O'Donnell, who have been doing great work at the wing berth, are likely starters at the end position. Tom Nash, who has been on the injured list for the past two weeks, also will be back in uniform again and is slated to receive one of the ends in part of the game. Perry, who has been one of the outstanding tackles of the National league this year, Cahoon and Ashmore will alternate at the tackle positions again. At guard, Minick, on the basis of his great work of blocking, opening holes and tackling this season, is sure to work at one of the guard posts most of the game...BAKER AT FULLBACK: Bowdoin, Jones and Woodin, who also have turned in some remarkable performances, will take a turn at the guard posts. Jug Earpe and Darling are available for center duty, with Earpe because of his experience and power probably seeing most of the service. Capt. Lambeau has tried out Baker at fullback post in practice this week, and the Bullet showed up well in that spot. He may get some action in that position Sunday. Lewellen and Kotal are sure of seeing a lot of action at the halfback posts together with Marks and Lollar. Lollard has been used in one of the halfback positions this week and looks impressive in that capacity. He may see some action at one of the halfback jobs or at fullback Sunday. O'Boyle, Dunn and Lambeau also will see a lot of work.