(GREEN BAY) - Smiling, little Eddie Kotal helped show Herb Joesting and the rest of the Minneapolis eleven how forward passes should be caught Sunday when he picked tosses out of the air to run for touchdowns on two occasions and aided the Packers in running up a 19 to 0 victory over the Marines. Dick 
O'Donnell also aided in giving the Marines an aerial lesson when he likewise speared a tossed ball that he ran with over the goal line. While Kotal and O'Donnell looked good on the aerial plays, the rest of the Packer team continually broke up Marine plays and held Joesting and his fellow backfield men to few gains from the scrimmage line. It was an impressive start of
the professional game before nearly 5,000 fans, the
largest opening day crowd in the history of the sport
here. All of the new men were given a chance to play
during the contest and acquitted themselves in great
The first Packer touchdown came shortly after the start
of the game. After an exchange of punts, the Bays took
the ball on the Marines' 45-yard line and completed 
their first pass, O'Donnell receiving it and taking it to the
30-yard line. Another pass was tried, Lewellen to Kotal,
and Eddie ran over the goal line for the first count of the
season. Dunn's try to kick goal was blocked. The
second touchdown came in the second quarter following
a few line plays by both teams with neither having much
of an advantage when the Bays took the ball on their
own 42-yard line after an exchange of punts. A forward
pass, Lewellen to Dunn, then put the ball on the Marine
39-yard line. A line play failed to gain so Lewellen
dropped back on a fake end run and tossed the oval to
O'Donnell, who leaped high into the air to drag it down
and run for the second touchdown. In the final quarter,
Eddie Kotal came back in the game again to cross the
goal line for the third touchdown. Taking the ball on the
Marines' 45-yard line after several line plays had not
netted either team much yardage. Then another forward
pass was tried and Eddie had to leap high to drag down
the oval hurled by Lewellen. It was a remarkable catch
and Eddie dodged by Ursella, the Marine safety man,
and traveled unhindered to the goal line for the last
count of the game. Dunn's try for extra point went wild.
On the defensive, the Packer squad was partciularly
good and not until the third quarter were the Marines
able to gain a first down, and that was through a forward
pass attack. During the entire game, the Marines made
but two first downs. The open game proved to be the
best bet for the Packers as few gains could be made
through the Marine line. The pass attack bewildered the
Marines throughout the game and not until the last
quarter were they able to solve it effectively. Previous to
that time, some passes by Packers would have been
good for additional touchdowns, had they had better
direction. Of the new backfield men, Lollar and Marks
looked particularly impressive. Lollar was great at boring
in and blocking. He should prove a valuable man at
backing up the line in future contests. Marks showed
great shiftiness and speed on the offense and was in
almost every play on the defense. O'Boyle showed he
could pick his way through holes well and backed up
the line in good order. Estes did not have much of a
chance to show what he could do as the line faltered on
two occasions when he carried the ball and he was
downed before he had a chance to get going.
Griffin at center was a stonewall in himself. The Marines
​weren't able to gain a yard through his position. He also
covered punts well. Ashmore and Bowdoin also took out
their men well on the offense and broke through on the
defense. Webber at an end also did a lot of good
defensive work as did Darling who took the other wing
berth when Dilweg was out. Herb Joesting showed
some of the form that made him All-American fullback
for two years when he broke through the scrimmage
line on frequent occasions to break up Packer plays.
He wasn't able to do much on the offense, however as
only on two occasions was he able to make more than
three yards on line bucks, although he played the entire
game. Walt Kiesling, Cleve and Mayer were outstanding
linemen for the Marines. They were in almost every play
and frequently broke through the Packer line. Smith at
an end position also did well on the defense.
Capt. Lambeau sent Lewellen and Kotal in as halfbacks
to start the game with O'Boyle at fullback and Dunn at the quarterback post. The quartet worked fine together and handled the ball faultlessly. Dunn remained in the game the entire time and was a brilliant field general at all time. Lewellen's punts averaged over fifty yards on almost every try with one of them traveling 65 yards. The group kept the ball on the Marine territory almost the entire time they performed. Lollar went in at fullback near the end of the first quarter and remained in the game until the final quarter when he was replaced by O'Boyle. Marks went in for Lewellen in the second quarter and he likewise remained until the  last period as did Hearden who replaced Eddie Kotal. Earpe was shifted to a tackle position in the second quarter where he remained for a period. He performed equally as well as that spot as he did at the pivot position. Darling also was shifted from the center position, taking over an end when Dilweg went out. As a whole, the squad looked impressive and handled itself well. It came through the game without any major injuries, and, with another week's practice and a little bolstering of the line, should be able to furnish the Philadelphia Yellowjackets with a real battle next Sunday.
MINNEAPOLIS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY   -  6  7  0  6 - 19
1st: GB - Eddie Kotal, 30-yard pass from Verne Lewellen (Kick blocked) GREEN BAY 6-0
2nd: GB - Dick O'Donnell, 42-yard pass from Lewellen (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 13-0
4th: GB - Kotal, 39-yard pass from Lewellen (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 19-0
PRESEASON - Green Bay Packers 19, Minneapolis Marines 0
​Sunday September 16th 1928 (at Green Bay)
SEPTEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - George F. Downer, sports editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel, who acted as head linesman at the Packer-Minneapolis game yesterday, was favorably impressed with our Green Bay team yesterday. Writing an account of the game for his newspaper, Downer predicted "that with ordinary luck the Packers will be strong contenders for the NFL championship". Following are a few other comments by Downer on the game: "For an opening game which was the first scrimmage for both teams, it was excellent football. The Packers, better organized, had a slight advantage in all departments of play - but it was no more than that - except in the forward passing department. Here the Packers are in a class by themselves. Their passing plays are nothing exceptional - just good, sound aerial stuff - but where they excel is in the individual technique and natural ability of their players. They have half a dozen backs who can stall around, fade back, duck and dodge, second after second, waiting for their eligible receivers to get in position, then shoot unerring tosses. They have receivers who can pull down, from impossible distances and angles and twist away from the secondary defense after they catch them. Considered from all angles, this is the best Packer squad we have ever seen. The line is active and powerful, smart and aggressive. The backs are clever in every department of the game. There is a spirit about them which belies the common contention that professional football players do just enough to earn the wages. This team has the pep and spirit of a varsity eleven. Capt. Lambeau used twenty players in the game and they all looked good - some merely being better than others. With ordinary luck this
crowd will be strong contenders for the National Football
League championship. Their faults today were all such
as practice, scrimmages and the fire of competition will
work out. All the Packers showed in the way of an
attack was the Notre Dame shift and punt formation. It
was simple stuff but the exceptional personnel of the
team was reflected in the score. They held the mighty
Joesting to just one gain of more than a yard or two,
though in justice to him it should be said that he played
a great all around game. No fullback can gain on
plunges when three tacklers hit him before he gets his
nose through the line. Aside from Kotal, it would be
difficult to pick out individual Packers for special
commendation. They all did well."
SEPTEMBER 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "The
Packers of 1928 look to me like the greatest team that
Curley Lambeau has ever assembled," said Cub Buck,
former Packer star, who "worked" Sunday's game
between the Marines and the Bays. "There is a wealth
of strength behind the line and the new forwards seem
to have plenty of class. I think the Packers looked very
well in the opener and it must be remembered that
Minneapolis was the toughest 'first game' club that
Green Bay has ever played. Unless I miss my guess,
the Packers will place high in the National league race
and, if injuries don't handicap, it wouldn't surprise me to
see Green Bay bring home the pennant this fall."
SEPTEMBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The
Packer lineup was completed today when Roy "Bullet"
Baker, former Yankee halfback, and Edwin Nimick, Iowa
guard, arrived in town. The two men will don uniforms
and join the team in practice tomorrow. A warm sun
helped the men in practice today, given them an
opportunity to go through a strenuous workout and
unlimber any stiff muscles that resulted from Sunday's
game. All the men except Marks were out on the field.
​Marks still is confined to the hospital with his injured
knee suffered in the Marine game. He is not expected
to be back in a uniform for several days and probably
will not see action until the Bear game.
SEPTEMBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A
smooth working Packer football machine will take the
field next Sunday when the Frankford Yellowjackets,
one of the greatest elevens in the NFL, comes here. It
will be the first time in professional grid history that the
Quaker state Hornets appear on a Wisconsin field. 
Perfect fall weather of the past three days has helped 
the Packers a great deal in their workouts and has
relieved them almost entirely of the stiffness incurred by
last week's rain and damp weather and Sunday's game.
"Bullet" Baker and Nimick worked out with the squad
for the first time today. They ran through a few plays 
with the team but mostly were engaged in preliminary
limbering up work. Baker is small but well built, and
appears to possess a great deal of speed. Nimick has
all the requisites of a powerful guard and should work in
good with the Packer linemen...YELLOWJACKETS
ARE STRONG: The men all went through their plays
smoothly in training today, and the punting by Estes
and Lewellen was nearly perfect. The line is charging
faster and handling of the ball is almost faultless. The
Yellowjackets have a real football organization, and the
Packers will have a tough contest on their hands to turn
them back. The game Sunday will be the fourth
encounter between the teams. The last three games 
played between the squads have been on Thanksgiving
Day. In 1925 and '26, the Hornets were successful but
in 1927 the Bays came from behind to score a 17 to 9
victory. Like the Packers, the Frankford team is a
community backed organization. Frankford is a suburb
of Philadelphia and the natives take a great deal of pride
in their team. This year the Frankford management has
rounded up a group of All-American college football 
stars that look good...WEIR IS CAPTAIN: Weir, one of
the greatest tackles that Nebraska ever turned out, is
running the Hornets this year. One of his recent
additions is Hanson, the Minnesota All-Western forward
who performed brilliantly against every team the 
Gophers played the last two years. The Frankford club
will travel west in good style, making the trip in a 
special car which will be routed through to Green Bay.
The Quakers are scheduled to reach here Saturday in
time to work out at the City stadium the day before the
game. There will be 36 in the party, including a few
Philadelphia newspapermen who are coming here to
cover the game, which will be the first intersection
contest of the 1928 season.
SEPTEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Nearing
the end of their second week of training for the opening
of the National Football League here Sunday against the
powerful Philadelphia Yellowjackets, the Packers today
appear to be about the greatest team that ever wore the
Blue and Gold uniform for this city. The teamwork is
almost perfect and all the men appear fit and ready to
go. The line is charging with a lot of power and the
backfield men are handling the ball well and running
through plays with smoothness and precision. Baker
and Nimick who reported for the team this week are
both in perfect condition and looked fine today, their
second day in uniform. Baker is exceptionally fast and
has all the requisites of a great backfield men. Nimick is
charging with the line in great order, and likewise looks
as if he will make the grade with the squad without
much trouble...MARKS STILL OUT: Larry Marks is the
only man not out for practice. He still is suffering from
the injury to his knee received in last Sunday's game.
Doctors believe that Marks will be out of the game for
about a week yet, but stated that he might be able to
play in the Bear game. The game Sunday with the
Yellowjackets is expected to be one of the toughest on
the schedule this year as Capt. Ed Weir, of Nebraska
fame, has gathered together a great team. He has
Harold Hansen, of Minnesota, as one of his new men 
for a guard position. Hansen was All-Western guard for
Minnesota last year when playing with Joesting. He
also has several Penn State and Pennsylvania stars 
with him on the team as well as a few players from
Nebraska...ROEPKE WITH TEAM: Johnny Roepke who
was chosen on Grantland Rice's All-American squad
last year when he captained Penn state is one of the 
new men who will be with the Hornets Sunday. He is a
halfback who weighs 175 pounds. Charlie Kassell,
former running mate of Red Grange, plays an end 
position for the Yellowjackets. This is his second year
with the Philadelphia team. He was chosen as an All-
American star in 1925 and '26 while with Illinois. He was
considered with the best receiver of passes at Illinois
since the days of Chuck Carney in 1920. His position is
at end. He weighs 190 pounds and is six feet tall. 
Arnold Oehlrich, a backfield man from the University of Nebraska, and Raymond "Bub" Weller, tackle, also of Nebraska, are two other men with the Yellowjackets. Weller weighs 215 pounds and is a powerful blocker. He won All-American honors in 1922. At the quarterback position, the Yellowjackets have Henry "Two Bits" Homan, known as the smallest and shiftiest man in football. He is but 5 feet 5 1/2 inches taoll and weighs but 144 pounds. Despite his size, Homan has made a success at professional football, this being his fourth year in the game.
SEPTEMBER 21 (Philadelphia) - The Frankford Yellowjackets football team left here this morning for Green Bay, Wis., where on Sunday a NFL game will be played against the Packers. Coach Weir reported the squad in tiptop condition as all the players came out of the 12-0 victory over the Orange, N.J., team last Sunday in good shape. There are about thirty players and officials in the party.
SEPTEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will taper off their two weeks of strenuous training with a light workout tomorrow and rest up before the game with the strong Yellowjacket eleven at City stadium Sunday. Rain which fell during the night made the practice field slow today, but when the sun came out this morning, Capt. Lambeau sent his men through one of the fastest and hardest sessions since practice began. He had the players doing light scrimmage, covering punts from all formations and other preparatory measures for the game...ERECT EXTRA
BLEACHERS: Indications of a capacity house are seen
in the advance ticket sales for the game. The demand
has been unusually heavy and extra bleacher are being
put up at the west end of the field to handle the crowd.
They have been loaned from West high school. The
Philadelphia Yellowjackets are due in here tomorrow in
time to go through a practice session before the contest
Sunday. The Hornets are coming with approximately a
score of players on the roster. Among the Yellowjackets
who will be seen here are two new men in the pro
field, who the Packers tried to get but were not
successful. They are John Roepke and Roger Mahoney
of Penn State. Roepke played with the Penn State 
team for three years, captaining the eleven in his senior
year. He was chosen on Grantland Rice's All-American
squad last year. He is a halfback, who weighs 175 
pounds...CAHN WILL REFEREE: Mahoney was a
regular with the Penn State team for three years 
performing at a center position. He weighs 190 pounds
and is six feet tall. E.A. Dobry of the University of 
Montana, and Wally Diehl, of Bucknell, who was sought
by the Giants, are two other new backfield men with
the Yellowjackets, who will be seen in action Sunday.
Rudy Comstock of Georgetown, Joey Maxwell of Notre
Dame, Jack Filak of Penn State, Charlie Rogers of
University of Pennsylvania, Bull Behman of Dickinson
and Stockton of Gonzaga, a teammate of Ashmore and
Cahoon, are veterans of the professional game, who 
also are with the Philadelphia team. Bobbie Cahn of
Chicago, one of the smallest field officials in the league
and an old favorite here, will referee the game Sunday.
Otto Engle, also of Chicago, will umpire and Paul
Christensen of Menominee, Mich., will be head 
SEPTEMBER 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The NFL
will get underway Sunday as two games are scheduled.
From now until the middle of December, the pro football
elevens will get a share of the sport limelight...The
Chicago Cards and Bears will meet at Normal park 
which is a home field of Chris O'Brien's hirelings in the
first fray of a two game series. The other tilt is booked
for Cubs' park on Thanksgiving Day...The Providence
Steamrollers are looking forward to their league opening
tilt with the New York Yankees on Sept. 29. Conzelman
is keying his eleven for this encounter...The New York
Giants will play an exhibition game against the Orange,
N.Y. Athletic club eleven. This squad is composed 
entirely of former college stars and Gothamites are not
apt to have any too easy a game...With many of his
1927 Cleveland squad back in togs, Benny Friedman
figures that he can give Detroit a winner in the National
league. Reports have it that the natives of the Motor
City are talking a lot of pro football...Bobby Cahn, 
diminutive Chicago official, will work in Joe Carr's circuit.
The "half pint" referee is well liked by spectators and
players because he is right on top of the ball after every
play...The Pottsville Maroons will attempt to play three
games in six days. On Election day, Nov. 6, the Miners
meet the Giants in New York while the following 
Saturday and Sunday they have a home and home 
series with Frankford...Smith, the All-America pro center for the past two year, will perform with Providence this fall. Last season, the classy center passed the ball for Cleveland while in 1926 he was the mainstay of the Kansas City crew...The Chicago Cardinals opened their schedule with a 12 to 0 victory over Doc Young's Hammond club. Gramp, St. Mary's college quarterback, made a successful debut in pro football by making the first score of the game...Although the Duluth Eskimos are laying idle this year, many of the players will be seen in action with other elevens. Among the transfers is halfback Fitzgibbon, who has put his name on a Chicago Cardinal contract...The New York Giant management isn't doing any worrying about strength behind the line. In McBride and Hinkey Haines, Tim Mara's eleven has two of the best in postgraduate gridiron circles...The Frankford Yellowjackets figure they picked up a star in Hanson, giant lineman from Minnesota. This big Gopher hits the scales at 200 plus and is hard as a rock. He and Weir should give opponents a lot of grief...As usual, George Halas and Dutch Sternaman are bossing the Chicago Bears again this fall. These two former Illinois stars have been playing pro football for years and there isn't a smarter pair in the National loop...Conzelman of Providence and Lambeau of Green Bay are also veteran leaders. Conzelman has played with four clubs while Lambeau has directed the Packers through eleven good seasons...The New York Giants are going to play a home game at the Polo grounds until Nov. 4. They open at Pottsville, Sept. 30, then make a western tour for three weeks before returning to Gotham to face Pyle at the Yankee stadium.
SEPTEMBER 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay's finest - the Packer model of 1928 - will take the field tomorrow at City stadium against one of the best elevens in the East - the Frankford Yellowjackets - and the NFL will be officially opened. The Bay team looks about as good an eleven as ever represented this
city. It appears powerful on the defense and offensive strength appears to be equal anything in the country. Tomorrow will tell the story of what it can do against another powerful squadron. Two weeks of hard practice, and one victory already over with, has left the Packers in fine trim. But one injured man is on the squad, and he soon again will don the moleskins. Marks came out of the hospital after treatment for his injured knee and probably will see action a week from tomorrow. The forward passing offense and defense has been particularly stressed in training this week and, as a result, when the teams take the field tomorrow, the Bays are expected to show some real action in this branch of play...STRESS PASS DEFENSE: Blocking and concentrated line action also has been drilled into the men through this week's session and the players appear fast charging and should be effective in this department. The Yellowjackets come here with a heavy line that is well balance with veterans and newcomers in the professional field. With Ed Weir and Charlie Kassell playing the ends, the Packers will have a hard time going around any of the wings. With Joey Maxwell and Mahoney ready for center duty, and Hansen, Filak, Comstock and Diehl at the other line positions, it will be a real task to go through the forward wall...STARTING LINEUP NOT ANNOUNCED: Capt. Lambeau has not announced his starting lineup, but probably will use most of his veterans at the start and work in all of the new men before the game is over. O'Boyle or Lollar, Lewellen, Dunn and Kotal probably will start in the backfield, as that quartet looked like the best forward passing outfit in last Sunday's game. O'Donnell and Dilweg probably will start at wing berths with the tackle to tackle positions still in doubt. The game probably will develop into a forward passing affair with both teams relying on this method of gaining ground as the lines are too strong for much plunging to be done. Ideal football weather is expected for the encounter as weather forecasts say that a light rain may fall tonight, followed by clearer tomorrow, with the possibility of a light frost tonight. Advance ticket sales indicate a capacity turnout for the game. This will be the first time in the history of the professional game that the Pennsylvania team has played in Wisconsin. The Frankford team is expected to arrive here some time today in time to go through a light workout before the battle.