15 PORTSMOUTH SPARTANS                   W 14- 0    1-0-0    5,000
1929 RESULTS (12-0-1)
22 DAYTON TRIANGLES (0-0-0)              W  9- 0    1-0-0    5,000
29 CHICAGO BEARS (1-0-0)                 W 23- 0    2-0-0   13,000
6  CHICAGO CARDINALS (1-0-0)             W  9- 2    3-0-0    6,000
13 FRANKFORD YELLOWJACKETS (3-0-0)       W 14- 2    4-0-0    9,000
20 MINNEAPOLIS REDJACKETS (1-2-0)        W 24- 0    5-0-0    6,000
PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT
Verne Lewellen    B      Nebraska  13    6 6- 2 181
Cully Lidberg     B     Minnesota        2 6- 0 200
Hurdis McCrary    B       Georgia  13    1 6- 2 205
Johnny McNally    B     St. Johns  12    1 6- 0 190
Mike Michalske    G    Penn State  13    1 6- 1 215
Paul Minick       G          Iowa   6    2 5-11 210
Bo Molenda        B      Michigan  12    2 5-11 208
Tom Nash          E       Georgia  10    2 6- 3 210
Dick O'Donnell    E     Minnesota  10    6 5-10 196
Claude Perry      T       Alabama  12    3 6- 1 211
Red Smith         B    Notre Dame   5    2 5-10 225
Whitey Woodin     G     Marquette   6    8 5-11 206
Bill Young        G    Ohio State   2    1 6- 1 200
Dave Zuidmulder   B   St. Ambrose   1    1 6- 1 184
PLAYER          POS       COLLEGE   G  YRS HT    WT
Roger Ashmore     T       Gonzaga   8    2 6- 1 212
Bullet Baker      B           USC   2    2 6- 0 177
James Bowdoin     G       Alabama  12    2 6- 2 220
Tiny Cahoon       T       Gonzaga   2    4 6- 2 235
Boob Darling      C        Beloit  11    3 6- 3 215
Lavvie Dilweg     E     Marquette  13    4 6- 3 202
Red Dunn          B     Marquette  11    3 6- 0 178
Jug Earp          T      Monmouth  11    8 6- 1 235
Jack Evans        B    California        1 6- 0 195
Don Hill          B      Stanford   3    1 5-11 190
Cal Hubbard     T-E        Geneva  12    1 6- 5 250
William Kern      T    Pittsburgh        1 6- 0 187
Eddie Kotal       B      Lawrence  11    5 5-10 165
Curly Lambeau     B    Notre Dame   1   10 6- 0 190
(CHICAGO) - A victory over the Chicago Cardinals enhanced the Packers' hold on top place in the NFL. The Packers, however, were forced to exert themselves to the utmost in order to win. The Chicagoan's aggressive play in the shadow of their posts proved too big an obstacle in the first period but in the second Lewellen went over on a faked pass while Dunn neatly booted the extra point - the margin of victory as it turned out. Things went see-saw thereafter until the fourth stanza when the Cardinals unleashed a desperate passing barrage and the combination of Nevers to Kessell proved a scoring one. Nevers was rushed on the kick, however, and lost the opportunity to knot the score.
GREEN BAY -  0  7  0  0  -  7
CHI CARDS -  0  0  0  6  -  6
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 15-yard run (Dunn kick)  GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - CHI - Chuck Kassel, 28-yard pass from Ernie Nevers (Kick failed)  GREEN BAY 7-6
(MEMPHIS) - The Memphis Tigers pulled a surprise over the professional football world Sunday by defeating the Green Bay Packers. It was not a league game and has no effect on the league championship. The pros put up a listless fight against an alert, beady bunch of huskies.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  6  -  6
MEMPHIS   -  0  0  6 14  - 20
3rd - MEM - Austin Applewhite pass from (Kick failed)  MEMPHIS 6-0
4th - MEM - Buckey Moore pass from (Mahoney kick)  MEMPHIS 13-0
4th - MEM - Tiny Drouilhet (Mahoney kick)  MEMPHIS 20-0
4th - GB - Lewellen run (Kick failed)  MEMPHIS 20-6
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay's autumn idols started another season auspiciously when they defeated the powerful Spartans of Portsmouth Sunday. Portsmouth presented a strong lineup, which included, with a good sprinkling of veterans, such recent varsity stars as Chuck Bennett of Indiana and Clare Randolph, another of Pat Page's Hoosiers who was 'a general choice for all western center last fall. Green Bay used twenty-three men, trying out the personnel and making frequent shifts when the big boys showed signs of running out of gas. In such a game, individual mention is difficult. There were many flashes of brilliancy
The Packers signed B Johnny Blood (McNally), T Cal Hubbard and G Mike Michalske, leading to a 12-0-1 record and their first NFL title, posting 12-0-1 record. Curly Lambeau appeared only once on the field, playing in the November 17 win over the Cardinals. He was the last remaining member of the 1921 Packers which played in the NFL. Upon their return to the city after beating the Bears in Chicago for their first NFL title, the Packers were greeted at the Chicago & North Western railroad depot by an estimated crowd of 20,000. At a dinner the following night, each player was rewarded with $220 and a watch raised through public donations. The year also saw  Packer games broadcast on the radio for the first time, when WTMJ recreated a game from New York between the Giants and Packers. Russ Winnie recreated the broadcast using raw data from a teletype machine.
Before radio, when Packers played on the road, as many as 500 fans turned out at Legion Park to “watch” game on Playograph board (telegraph reports from press box re-created game on screen, complete with PA). Milwaukee radio station WTMJ broadcast its first Packer game on November 24, 1929, a Packer win in New York. Announcer Russ Winnie was not actually in the Big Apple. He "re-created" the broadcast based on teletype report. The first live broadcast came in 1931 when Winnie traveled to Chicago. Though its broadcasts began in 1929, WTMJ did not begin paying the Packers for broadcast rights until 1943; it paid the team $7500 to broadcast the season. In the early 1930s, there was no exclusive right given to broadcast games, and WHBY in Green Bay often sent its own announcers to call the game. Here are the primary radio announcers in Packer history, although the list is by no means complete:
Russ Winnie (1929-1946) - Winnie, with assistance from his spotter, his wife, was the first radio voice of the Packers. He stepped down in 1947 to become station manager of WTMJ, then died too young, at age 49, of a heart attack in 1956.
Bob Heiss (1947-54) - Heiss had started with WTMJ in 1938 broadcasting Wisconsin Badger football.
Earl Gillespie (1952 -?) - Gillespie was the voice of the Packers when the games were on WEMP, as well as WTMJ.
Tony Flynn (1954-?)
Bob Forte (1954-?)
Larry Clark (1947-1960) - Clark left to do the Cardinals broadcasts when they moved to St. Louis.
Blaine Walsh (1957-
Mike Walden (1957-
Ted Moore (1960-1969) - He is the voice of the famous Ice Bowl call: “Starr begins the count … takes the snap … he’s got the quarterback sneak and he’s in for the touchdown and the Packers are out in front, 20 to 17 … and the Green Bay Packers are going to be … world champions … NFL champions, for a third straight year!”, although the game was not quite over at that point. He left to work on the Baltimore Colts radio broadcasts.
Jim Irwin (1969 to 1998) - Irwin first worked with Ted Moore, then Gary Bender before getting the Packer play-by-play job by himself in 1975. Irwin worked with Max McGee from 1979 until the two retired after the 1998 season.
Gary Bender (1970 to 1974) - Bender and Irwin used to announce the Packers and the Badgers, each alternating play-by-play — Bender would do the first and third quarters, and Irwin would do the second and fourth quarters, before Bender left for CBS.
Lionel Aldridge (1975 to 1979) - Aldridge worked with Jim Irwin and for NBC before his life unraveled due to paranoid schizophrenia in the late 1970s. Homeless for a time, he eventually recovered, working as an advocate for the homeless and mentally ill until his death in 1998.
Max McGee (1979 to 1998) - The former wide received was the color man with Irwin for twenty season, before both hung up their microphones following the 1998 season.
Larry McCarren (1995 to present) - The former standout center was the third man in the first three-man team in Packer radio history from 1995 until 1998, then became the primary color man with Wayne Larrivee in 1999.
Wayne Larrivee (1999 to present) - Wayne Larivee joined WTMJ as the new "Voice of the Green Bay Packers" when Irwin retired. Before joining the Packers, Larrivee called games for the Chicago Bears for 14 seasons. He also was the television play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Bulls during WGN-TV games for 17 seasons
And if you are wondering where Ray Scott, the "voice" of the Packers on television in the 1960s, rests on this list. He does not...as he was on television. Scott was paired primarily with Tony Canadeo on Packers telecasts.
1929 Packers Uniform
Johnny Blood
(GREEN BAY) - A superior Green Bay team won a decisive victory Sunday over the Dayton Triangles in the opening game of the NFL season. It was the second home game for the Packers, and the second win. Both Green Bay scores were made in the third period. Their touchdown came after a steady advance from deep in their own territory to Dayton's 20-yard line where Red Dunn heaved a long forward pass to Lewellen over the goal line. Dunn place kicked for goal. A safety by Buchanan accounted for the additional points.
DAYTON    -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  0  9  0 -  9
3rd - GB - Lewellen, 30-yard pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
3rd - GB - Safety, Steve Buchanan tackled in the end zone trying to punt GREEN BAY 9-0
September 15: Green Bay (1-0) 14, Portsmouth 0
27 at Chicago Cardinals (1-2-1)          W  7- 6    6-0-0    8,000
NOVEMBER (4-0-1)
3  at Minneapolis Redjackets (1-4-0)     W 16- 6    7-0-0    3,000
10 at Chicago Bears (4-2-1)              W 14- 0    8-0-0   13,000
17 at Chicago Cardinals (3-4-1)          W 12- 0    9-0-0   10,000
24 at New York Giants (8-1-1)            W 20- 6   10-0-0   25,000
28 at Frankford Yellowjackets (9-2-3)    T  0- 0   10-0-1    8,500
1  at Providence Steam Roller (4-5-2)    W 25- 0   11-0-1    6,500
8  at Chicago Bears (4-7-2)              W 25- 0   12-0-1    6,000
15 at Memphis Tigers                     L  6-16               N/
with no more loose play than is to be expected in the first game of the season. The Packer old reliables like Dunn, Lewellen, Kotal, Dilwig, O'Donnell, Earps and Ashmore showed enough to demonstrate that they are still able to maintain the Packer standard.
PORTSMOUTH -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY  -  0  7  0  7 - 14
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 3-yard run (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - GB - Lidberg, 3-yard run (Blood kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
September 22: Green Bay (1-0) 9, Dayton (0-1) 0
September 29: Green Bay (2-0) 23, Chicago Bears (1-1) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay's Packers are sitting on top of the pro football world today, with three consecutive victories firmly tucked away. Fulfilling the prediction of fans, the Packers, in their third start of the season, showed themselves invincible as they administered a whitewashing to the highly touted Chicago Bears Sunday. More than 13,000 fans saw the home team dismiss, without too much difficulty, the threat of the Granges and Driscolls. Only once did the Bears have a chance to score a touchdown but Molenda ended the march to the goal posts by intercepting a pass to mark the beginning of Packers scoring. The Packers consistently outplayed and outsmarted their opponents.
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0 14  9  0 - 23
2nd - GB - McCrary run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - GB - Nash, 15-yard pass from Blood (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
3rd - GB - Safety GREEN BAY 16-0
3rd - GB - Molenda, 10-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 23-0
October 6: Green Bay (3-0) 9, Chicago Cardinals (1-1) 2
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers were forced to extend themselves yesterday to beat back the attack of the Chicago Cardinals. The Packers won for their third straight victory. Lewellen, who twice fumbled when Green Bay had the ball within the 5-yard line, redeemed himself in the last period of the bitterly fought game to score the touchdown which cinched the win. A safety produced the Cardinals' two points in the first period. It was not until the third that the Packers were able to show their stuff, when "Red" Dunn kicked a field goal that gave only a one-point advantage. Redeeming his past mistakes, Lewellen executed a series of brilllant runs to carry the ball from the Cardinal 40-yard line right down the field and through for a touchdown. Dunn's try for the extra point failed.
CHI CARDS -  2  0  0  0 -  2
GREEN BAY -  0  0  3  6 -  9
1st - CHI - Safety CHICAGO BEARS 2-0
3rd - GB - Dunn, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 3-2
4th - GB - Lewellen, 4-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 9-2
October 13: Green Bay (4-0) 14, Frankford (3-1) 2
(GREEN BAY) - The Packers trounced the YellowJackets and emerged from the fray leaders of the NFL with four consecutive wins and no defeats. This was the first defeat of the season for the Pennsylvania aggregation, which had been tied with the Packers for first. The game was bitterly contested from the kickoff to the final whistle, but the powerful Packer team crushed every attack and kept the visitors within the bounds of safety at all times. The Packers close their home season next Sunday against the Minneapolis Red Jackets. The Packers stars of other years are to gather again for this game and such former heroes as "Cub Buck, "Jab" Murray, "Tubby" Howard will make their bow to the fans between halves.
FRANKFORD -  0  2  0  0 -  2
GREEN BAY -  7  0  0  7 - 14
1st - GB - Kotal, 46-yard pass from Lewellen (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
2nd - FR - Safety GREEN BAY 7-2
4th - GB - Lewellen, 2-yard run (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 14-2
October 20: Green Bay (5-0) 24, Minneapolis (1-3) 0
(GREEN BAY) - Green Bay kept their slate clean Sunday by defeating Minneapolis. The Minneapolis team never really threatened, only being within the Packer 20-yard line once. Then its goalward march was halted when Blood intercepted a forward pass from Nydahl. The Packers demonstrated effectively by their smooth play why fans see for them the league championship. As in their last four games, they showed a consistent driving power and a sturdy defense. Yesterday's game didn't get going until Lewellen, Packer backfield ace, got in as the second period started. He knifed over tackle for a touchdown from the four-yard line. Blood's kicking was off , and he missed all four tries for extra point. 
MINNEAPOLIS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY   -  0 12  6  6 - 24
2nd - GB - Lewellen, 4-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
2nd - GB - Molenda, 8-yard run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 4-yard run (Pass for XP failed) GREEN BAY 18-0
4th - GB - Lewellen interception (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 24-0
October 27: Green Bay (6-0) 7, Chicago Cardinals (1-3-1) 6
November 3: Green Bay (7-0) 16, Minneapolis (1-5) 6
(MINNEAPOLIS) - The Packers ran over Herb Joesting and his Minneapolis Red Jackets yesterday to keep at the top of the NFL race. It was the second time the Packers defeated the Red Jackets this season and the victory put seven wins in the percentage column. The Packers have yet to be defeated. Joesting, Nydahl and other former University of Minnesota stars found the Packer front line impregnable and at the same time were unable to check the steady advances of the Packer backs. Verne Lewellen's punts featured the game. The Nebraska all-American kicked more than 60 yards on several occasions.
GREEN BAY   -  6  0  0 10 - 16
MINNEAPOLIS -  0  0  6  0 -  6
1st - GB - Blood pass from Dunn (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
3rd - MINN - Herb Joesting, 1-yard run (Kick failed) TIED 6-6
4th - GB - Dunn, 25-yard field goal GREEN BAY 9-6
4th - GB - Dilweg pass from Lewellen (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 16-6
November 10: Green Bay (8-0) 14, Chicago Bears (4-3-1) 0
(CHICAGO) - The championship road lay straight and wide before the Packers today. An eighth straight victory safely tucked away, the Wisconsin pro team has only the New York Giants to worry about, and Packer fans in view of the consistent winning ways of their players, believe this is an obstacle easily hurdled. The Giants have been undefeated but have one tie score on their record.
GREEN BAY -  0  0 14  0 - 14
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
3rd - GB - McCrary pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
3rd - GB - McCrary pass interception (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
November 17: Green Bay (9-0) 12, Chicago Cardinals (3-5-1) 0
(CHICAGO) - With nine straight wins to their credit, Green Bay today had one more reason to offer in support of their championship contention. This time it was the Chicago Cardinals. The great Wisconsin aggregation resorted to forward passes for the victory Sunday, with Dilweg doing the goal-post toting, In the opening period, McCrary tossed a 25-yard pass to Dilweg, taking the ball to the Cards' 4 yard line. Another McCrary to Dllweg pass put the ball over. Late in the last period, Blood heaved a long one to Dilweg, who caught it at the back of the goal.
GREEN BAY -  6  0  0  6 - 12
CHI CARDS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Dilweg, 4-yard pass from McCrary (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
4th - GB - Dilweg pass from Molenda (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
November 24: Green Bay (10-0) 20, New York (8-2-1) 6
(NEW YORK) - The Green Bay Packers had all but clinched the NFL championship today. While 25,000 chilled fans looked on at the Polo Grounds yesterday, the Packers, led by Lewellen, outrushed, outfought and outpassed Benny Friedman's New York Giants to gain a victory. The Packers' backfield, composed of Lewellen, Blood, Molenda and McCrary, ran brilliantly behind a powerful line to hand the Giants their second defeat of the season while keeping their own record intact.
GREEN BAY -  7  0  0 13 - 20
NEW YORK  -  0  0  6  0 -  6
1st - GB - McCrary pass from Lewellen (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
3rd - NY - Tony Plansky pass from Benny Friedman (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 7-6
4th - GB - Molenda run (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 14-6
4th - GB - Blood run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 20-6
November 28: Green Bay (10-0-1) 0, Frankford (9-2-4) 0 (T)
(FRANKFORD) - Weakened by their strenuous game with New York last week, Green Bay could do no better than a tie with the Frankford Yellowjackets in a Thanksgiving Day engagement. The Wisconsin team, however, made its claim to the NFL title more secure because the Yellowjackets were the last formidable opponent on the schedule. Only two games remain, and Packer wins are conceded in both. Both elevens had scattered chances to count, but the sterling defensive measure of the rival linemen stopped the thrusts whenever they became menacing. However, as the game ended, Dilweg had just snared a pass from Lewellen on the Jacket's 12-yard line.
GREEN BAY -  0  0  0  0 -  0
FRANKFORD -  0  0  0  0 -  0
December 1: Green Bay (11-0-1) 25, Providence (4-6-2) 0
(PROVIDENCE) - The Providence Steamroller was a mere toy to the Packers Sunday afternoon and as a result the Rhode Islanders found themselves flattened, which even at that represented only spasmodic effort by the Bays. The Packers, who had appeared somewhat played out in their scoreless tie with the Frankford Yellowjackets Thanksgiving day, were never seriously threatened by the Rollers and remain undisputed leaders in the NFL. Johnny Blood and Verne Lewellen again were the stars on offense, Blood grabbed a forward pass for the Bays' second touchdown in the third quarter and in the last quarter helped execute an unusual play for another score. Red Dunn caught a punt on his own 27-yard line and passed the ball laterally to Blood who, gathering interference as he ran, raced the 73 yards to the Roller goal line. Lewellen scored the first touchdown on a running play and Lidberg's crashes through the line scored another in the fourth quarter.
GREEN BAY  -  6  0  6 13 - 25
PROVIDENCE -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Lewellen, 37-yard run (Pass for XP failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
3rd - GB - Blood, 29-yard pass from Dunn (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
4th - GB - Lidberg, 1-yard run (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 19-0
4th - GB - Blood, 73-yard punt return (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 25-0
December 8: Green Bay (12-0-1) 25, Chicago Bears (4-8-2) 0
(CHICAGO) - The Green Bay Packers have become the first undefeated champion in the history of the NFL. The Packers ended their undefeated season Sunday by beating the Chicago Bears, 25-0. The only mark on the Green Bay record was a scoreless tie played with the Frankford Yellow Jackets earlier in the season. Seven thousand persons saw the Packers win their third victory of the year over the Bears. In the three games, Green Bay scored 62 points and the Bears none.
GREEN BAY -  6  0 19  0 - 25
CHI BEARS -  0  0  0  0 -  0
1st - GB - Lidberg run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 6-0
3rd - GB - Lewellen run (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 12-0
3rd - GB - Kotal pass from Dunn (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 19-0
3rd - GB - Kotal pass from Lewellen (Kick failed) GREEN BAY 25-0
December 15: Memphis 16, Green Bay 6 (EXHIBITION)