(FRANKFORD) - Playing before some 8,500 spectators here Thursday afternoon at Frankford field, the Green Bay Packers kept their record clean in the NFL race by battling the Frankford Yellow Jackets to a goose egg no decision score. So far as football went, it
was the best exhibition of the gridiron game that has 
been seen in the Hornet suburb this season. Even the
rabid Philadelphia fans admitted this, and when the
followers admit anything like this it must be so because
Green Bay never played before a more hostile audience.
From the moment the Bays stepped on the field until
the final whistle blew and a near fight developed, these
Frankforders were on Capt. Lambeau and his men 
nearly everywhere. Some of the sideline coaches went
to the heights of sarcasm to express their views and the
players on the bench had to stand plenty with a smile.
Whitey Woodin finally got even with them by picturing
the hometowners as a string of sausages and this kept
them quite for awhile. When the final whistle blew the
Philadelphians staged quite a celebration but no one
knows why unless it was over the feat of holding the
coming pro champions of 1929 to an even up count. The
Packer players were hot under the collar at the close of
the game as they figured that they had been "gyped" in
the time. Every one of the players are willing to bet their
season's salary that there was at least four minutes to
go. However, the umpire blew his cold whistle and that
was all there was to it. Lewellen just a few plays 
previous had asked about the time and was informed
there was seven minutes to go. Then after Kotal had
grabbed a pass and skipped to the 9 yard line, just as
the Packers started to line up for another pass, the
whistle tooted and the drive was over. The box score of
first downs follows:
​GREEN BAY    -  0  1  3  3  - 7
PHILADELPHIA -  2  2  1  1  - 6
The Jackets were keyed up to a high notch and they
were in there bearing down from start to finish. They 
played the kind of inspired ball that the Bays put up 
against the Giants last Sunday and they were out to
win at any cost. Several times it looked as the Hornets
might rise to victory but a stubborn Packer forward wall
held tight on the forward line for three thrusts and then a
pass was shunted into the discard. Another time when
within scoring distance, Halicki attempted a field goal
but Lavvie Dilweg loomed on the horizon and blocked
the kick. What is more the "big attorney" chased the
ball back to midfield and fell on it like a hot potato. A
chilly wind that blew across the field in cross currents
handicapped the Bays' air drive. It is safe to say that at
least a half dozen passes were dropped that would have
spelled victory if snatched securely. The Bays had
some drive but it wasn't consistent like the Golden
Wave that took the curl out of Benny Friedman's hair.
The Frankford forward wall was plenty tough with Bull
Behman, the toughest of the lot. Time after time this
giant coach and captain of the Yellow Jackets would 
smear through Green Bay interference and throw the
carrier for a loss.
Perry and Dilweg were the outstanding performers for
the Bays. The former Alabama tackle was on top of the
passer every minute and his rushing tactics hurried 
many of the passes that went wrong. Even at that a
goodly number of the Jackets' passes clicked perfectly.
There wasn't much love lost on either side. Long before
the game was scheduled to start, Haines, the Yellow
Jacket manager, notified Capt. Lambeau that he would
only stand for 18 men in uniform. As a result, Dick
O'Donnell, Dave Zuidmulder, Whitey Woodin and Capt.
Lambeau were ineligible to play. Kern was not at the
park as he took a ride up to Boston for his injured
shoulder. The game was plenty rough and occasionally
it looked as if each of the officials would get a rule book
for a Christmas present. Jim Durfee kicked a couple of
them just as he di din the Cardinal game and both of 
his "fox paws" were costly to the Packers. There was a
lot of savage tackling and "Two Bits" Homan was 
carried off the field early in the first period after he had
been "crucified" by Ashmore and Perry. Both of whom
connected at the same time in a flying tackle. The Bays
escaped any serious injuries although McCrary was
knocked cuckoo after grabbing a pass from Lewellen.
Kelly, who collided with "Hooks" also was the worse for
wear for several minutes. They came together at top
speed. Both Kotal and Dunn got back in the game and
gave a good account of themselves. Several times it
looked as if Eddie might get away but the cards weren't
stacked that way.
There was plenty of action in the first frame. Halicki 
kicked off for Frankford and Lidberg returned to the 19-
yard mark. Then came an exchange of kicks with but
little advantage to either side. A pair of intercepted
passes made things even although both runs took the
ball deep into opponents' territory. Blood had a kick
blocked on him and this gave the Jackets an edge. This
was followed by a pass, Diehl to Halicki, which took the
ball within the Packers' last stripe. Here the Packers
braced and the Hornets didn't get more than four yards
in three downs. Then a pass went astray and the scare was over. When the quarter ended the ball was in the Packers' possession on their own 16-yard line. Lewellen and Molenda went into the Packer lineup as the second round got underway. The Bays had the wind behind them and it wasn't long before Lewellen was sailing his kicks 65 or 70 yards and Frankford was losing on every exchange. Neither team was able to click via the air route and the period was nearly all a punt duel with our district attorney winning nearly all of the cases. Both clubs came out with blood in their eyes in the third quarter. Hubbard went into the game at right tackle for the Bays. A fumble by Diehl which was recovered by Perry gave the Packers the ball on Frankford's 25-yard line, but Bay passes went astray and the Quakers regained the oval on downs. There was another exchange of punts and when the Bays bunched two first downs it looked as if they were beginning to hit on "all eleven" but a fumble checked the offensive and for the remainder of the quarter, it was a see-saw affair with a slight advantage to the Bays. The final period started with Frankford having the ball in their possession in midfield. An 18-yard pass, Halicki to Kelly, put the ball in Packer territory, but the Bays held firm for three downs and then Dilweg blocked Halicki's attempted field goal and covered the ball in the midfield. From that point on, it was Green Bay's all the way, twice they connected on forward passes but the follow through toss would go astray. So it went until the famous early finish with the ball resting on Frankford's 9-yard line, thanks to a well-executed pas, Lewellen to Kotal.
GREEN BAY - 0 0 0 0 - 0
FRANKFORD - 0 0 0 0 - 0
NOVEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - DAILY
NEWS SAYS - "Frankford Yellow Jackets fought the
Green Bay Packers to a scoreless deadlock in the 
Frankford stadium this afternoon in the presence of the
largest crowd in Frankford history numbering more than
15,000 persons. By the tie, Frankford's last chance of
winning the National league championship flittered away
and Green Bay virtually clinched the title. Frankford
came within two yards of a touchdown in the first period
and Green Bay was on Frankford's 9 yard line when the
final whistle ended the game. Both teams lacked the
punch at the critical moment. The game was one of the
roughest of the year. Among the victims being little Two
Bits Homan who was hurt in the first period.
EVENING BULLETIN SAYS - "The Frankford Yellow
Jackets battled the Green Bay Packers to 0-0 tie this
afternoon in their National professional football game at
Frankford stadium before 12,000 spectators. The game
was fiercely contested throughout sixty minutes of play.
The nearest the Yellow Jackets got to scoring was in
the opening period, when they worked the ball through
to their one yard line where the Packers held. The game
was a punting duel between Wally Diehl of the Yellow
Jackets and Verne Lewellen, district attorney of Green
Bay, Wis. Lewellen also outshown Wild Bill Kelly, of the
Yellow Jackets in his hurling of forward passes. Only
once throughout the game, and that in the final period
did Green Bay threaten to score, when they worked the
ball to the 20 yard line following a series of forward
passes. The Green Bay team's thrust failed for lack of
EVENING LEDGE SAYS - "Frankford Yellow Jackets
gridders missed a golden opportunity this afternoon
when they held to a scoreless tie by the undefeated
Green Bay Packers, the National League leaders, at 
the Frankford stadium. The tie just about clinched a
championship for the visitors, who would have to lose 
two of their remaining games while the Jackets were
winning the majority of their last five to nose them out.
Today's battle witnessed by 12,000 fans were hard 
fought but was lacking in thrills, the defensive play of 
the teams being far superior to the offensive. The Green
Bay team registered seven first downs to six for
Frankford, but the home team was more successful in
the air, completing six passes for seventy two yards.
Frankford lost its biggest chance to score in the first
period when it advanced the ball to the Green Bay one
yard line only to lose the ball when Diehl's pass on
fourth down grounded over the goal line. Another
opportunity in the last period was muffed when Halicki's
try for field goal was blocked. Green Bay's nearest 
proximity to the Frankford end zone came in the final period, in fact just as the whistle blew."
PHILADELPHIA RECORD - "Green Bay and her league-leading band of professional grid Packers came to town yesterday, hoping to pick up the national league championship here in the annual turkey-tiff with the Frankford Yellow Jackets in the Frankford stadium. Instead of grabbing the title, they were within two yards of defeat. The Jackets themselves were on the war path and proved the first snag which the Wisconsin clan had encountered this year. When it was all over, two much-battered and half-frozen teams returned to the showers. They might have saved themselves the exertion for still there was no decision as the scoreboard read: Frankford 0, Green Bay 0. The scoreless deadlock virtually eliminated Frankford from the pennant chase, and should the Jackets win all of their remaining games they still could not win the league crown with an earthquake on the other hand, the stalemate leaves Green Bay still in undisputed possession of first place and favorite for the crown. Before coming to town, the Packers had a clean record of 10 successive victories and not a single defeat or tie. Frankford on the other hand has not tasted defeat in its  last eight games. The game was one of the roughest battles of the year here and may cost Frankford the services of one of its star backs, little 'Two-Bits' Homan. This diminutive ace was injured in the first five minutes of play by a wholly unnecessary bit of roughness on the part of Lidberg, alien fullback. Homan slid out of bounds with the ball and was roughly tackled outside by Lidberg and knocked unconscious for more than five minutes.
NOVEMBER 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer "Championship fund" was given another boost today, when exactly $202 in checks and cash was received by Treasurer A.B. Turnbull. The fund now totals $1,347. The goal is $5,000. If Green Bay fans are to show their appreciation of the advertising that has been given the city by this year's great team they will have to act at once for only a short time remains before the players return home. Unless Captain Lambeau arranges a post-season game with some club the squad will arrive here Monday Dec. 9, thus allowing only 10 days in which to raise $3,653 to complete the fund. Several sizeable donations were received today. The largest was for $50 from the McIntyre-Burrall company and employees. Announcement that the fund was being raised for the players was made over radio station WTMJ yesterday during the broadcast of the Packer-Frankford game and it is hoped that a number of donations will be received from football followers outside the city as a result. Persons wishing to contribute to the Packer fund are urged to send in the cash or checks at once to A.B. Turnbull, care The Press-Gazette, Green Bay, Wis...PRAISE TEAM AND LAMBEAU: A letter commending the Packer Football team for its record this year has been received by A.B. Turnbull, treasurer of the Packer Football Championship fund, from V.H. Ausloos of Valparaiso, Ind., formerly of Green Bay. It says: "Born in Brown county, and having live all my lifetime in and near Green Bay, I find since last April when I moved to this city ​that it is a very nice thing to hear good things of your old hometown. I want to tell you that is surely is sweet music to my ears to hear the comments on your wonderful Packers. I am proud of them. I certainly would like to congratulate Curly personally as well as those wonderful players on that World Championship team. How's Red Dunn?"
NOVEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Coach Earle Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers will face Sunday's game without the great burden of worry that has gripped him since Monday, when his mother, Mrs. Marcel Lambeau, underwent an operation of a ruptured appendix and was in a critical condition for several days. Today physicians announced that Mrs. Lambeau will recover and the word was wired her sone in the east, where he is leading the Green Bay team to a national championship.
NOVEMBER 30 (Manitowoc Herald-News) - Despite the fact that the Packers are practically assured of the championship in the National pro circuit this year, Curly Lambeau has started building for 1930. One report says Bronko Nagurski, great fullback and tackle of the Minnesota team, has already been signed by the Packers for next season. But nothing is being said about it because Nagurski wants to make the trip to the coast during the holidays as a member of the East team in the annual East-West game there. Coach Spears of Minnesota paid Nagurski a great compliment the other day by saying that the "Nag" was the greatest player he had ever coached. And what a trio of fullbacks the Packers will have in Nagurski, Lidberg and Molenda.
Green Bay Packers (10-0-1) 0, Frankford Yellowjackets (9-2-4) 0 (T)
Thursday November 28th 1929 (at Frankford)
NOVEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer "Championship Fund" today was near the $1,500 mark, $125 additional having been received in the mail this morning by Treasurer A.B. Turnbull. Letters accompanying the donations all expressed the hope that the fans of Green Bay and vicinity would contribute enough to reach the $5,000 goal set last Monday, when the fund was started. While donations have been coming in more slowly than expected, it is believed that a sizeable amount will be on hand for distribution to the players when they return from their Eastern trip. If you haven't contributed to the fund and
want to do so send in your donation to A.B. Turnbull, treasurer, care of the Press-Gazette, Green Bay, Wis... PRAISE FUND IDEA: Following are excerpts from some of the letter received by Mr. Turnbull: From Busch-Tombal company: "Kindly accept our check with best wishes to the well deserving Packers. Hope we will be among the top notchers next year." Fred L.G. Straubel: "I'm not a football enthusiast but I have $5.00 for them anyway." Joseph Kaster: "Good news of
the boys. Our football team has most certainly shown
themselves wonderful and has put Green Bay on a map
'big' and with it the whole State of Wisconsin and Upper
Michigan. They all claim it rightfully, 'Our Football Team.'
Harmony and teamwork stand out prominently as
nothing else for their victory. In addition wish to say the
result of it is shown by the coach work of our great
'Curly Lambeau' who started out and in spite of criticism
at times, worked away until finally the goal is reached.
Herewith my little mite to help the good cause along."
Cady-Barnard company: "We are very pleased to send
you the enclosed check toward the Packer fund. They
have been a real asset to Green Bay and fully deserve
the substantial testimonial that you propose for them.
It was mighty thoughtful and patriotic to undertake the
J. Cormier: "Enclosed find check for $5.00 towards the
Football fund that you and the Press-Gazette have
started. I hope you reach your goal, we have a wonderful
team and they are entitled to whatever we can do for
them." From George Seroogy, Jr.: "I want to thank you 
for taking up this fund for the boys. Enclosed find $1.00
from George Seroogy, Sr., and here's one more from
me. This fund is growing too slow to suit me. As
customary and as always, the poor, but highly spirited
citizen, will sacrifice, and at this time his holiday money
to help get this $5,000. But he would rather do that than
let the world know that his town could not raise a 
measly $5,000 to present its champion football players.
Thank you for your appreciation for what the Packer 
team has done for our city." Today Mr. Turnbull received
the following telegram from Captain Lambeau, who is
with the team at Providence, where the Packers play Sunday: "Appreciate wire and interest. Team crippled and tired. Yellowjackets gave us toughest battle of season. They were keyed but boys played good ball considering conditions. We certainly gave Providence everything we have and should win if breaks are not against us. Hope to see you in Chicago."
NOVEMBER 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There will be no gridgraph presentation of the Packer-Providence football game Sunday, it was announced here today by football club officials. The WTMJ radio station at Milwaukee will give a broadcast of the game, starting at 3 p.m.
NOVEMBER 30 (Providence) - The famous Packers from Green Bay, Wis., top-notchers in the NFL, will exhibit their gridiron wares here Sunday afternoon in the Cycledrome against the Providence Steamrollers, who are directed by Jimmy Conzelman, one of the veterans of the cash and carry circuit. According to Business Manager Coppens of the Steamroller club, one of the biggest crowds of the season is expected. The fame of the Packers has created considerable interest here and hundreds of fans from the neighboring communities are coming in to see the mighty Badgers strut their stuff on the chalk marked field. The Steamrollers haven't been going so well this fall but it will be a fighting team on the field against the Wisconsinites. According to the reports, the Steamroller management has promised a bonus to the players if they are successful in putting a dent in the Packers' winning chain, which has ten links in it...SCOUT GREEN BAY: Providence scouted the Green Bay-Philadelphia game. For some unknown reason the Roller tilt with Boston on Thanksgiving day was called off and a group of players hastened to the Quaker city and saw the Packers perform. Manager Conzelman has built up a new defense with which he hoped to ruin the Packers' strong air offensive. Jack McBride, Gibby Welch and Mountain Garvy, three of the Roller stars who have been on the injured list, are reported fit again and they will be in the starting lineup against the Packers. The Rollers figure that "Wildcat" Wilson is about ready to have one of his big days, and, if he is on, the Packers are sure to find him plenty troublesome.
NOVEMBER 30 (Philadelphia) - The Green Bay Packer squad left here Saturday morning via New York for Providence for a game on Sunday with the Steamrollers. The Packers worked out Friday afternoon at Frankford field. Coach Lambeau used the drill to limber up his athletes, who are pretty much the worse for wear after the two tough encounters with New York and Philadelphia. Several of the veterans could just jog along and the Bay leader was forced to use a revamped lineup in his signal drill. The Bays are beginning to feat that the cards are stacked against them in the East. In other words, the squad thinks that the cancellation of the Boston-Providence game was just another move to keep the championship in the east at any cost. Several of the Providence players were at the game in Philadelphia and they got a good look at the prides of Wisconsin. The winning streak is beginning to get on the nerves of some of the players and there is a grim determination about the whole team. One loss will spill the championship hopes, but the players are determined to carry on to success despite physical pains, victory worries and all the other things that crop out just when the season's goal is around the corner. Dr. Kelly left the team at Philadelphia Friday afternoon and all the players were sorry to see him go. However, the football corporation president will rejoin the club when it arrives in Chicago on Dec. 7.
NOVEMBER 30 (Providence) - Gathering courage from scouts' reports that the Green Bay Packers, heading toward the national professional football championship, had "played themselves out" in the game against New York, the Providence Steamrollers go into a mix with the Wisconsin team here tomorrow confident that if they can defeat them, they can hold the westerners to a tie. The Rollers are in excellent condition. They called off their Turkey Day game with Boston so that they might be in the pink of condition. The game is be broadcast in Wisconsin by station WTMJ.