(GREEN BAY) - A great forward passing attack lifted the Green Bay Packers to the coveted first position in the National professional football league here Sunday when they trimmed the powerful Frankford Yellowjackets eleven by a 14 to 2 score. More than 9,000 fans saw he first intersectional game of the year played in Green Bay. The battle was one of the hardest
fought here in years with neither team having much of
an advantage in running plays. The Packers had a 
decided edge over the Easterners in the aerial game,
however, completing nine of 20 passes and constantly
threatened the Yellowjacket goal. The mighty Packer
line again showed its power when it held the Jackets to
two first downs in running plays. Kern, Hubbard and
Michalske were the main cogs to the Bay front wall and
time after time charged through on the Frankford backs
to smear them without a gain. This trio of Packer
linemen also were outstanding on the offense. Frankford
linemen also did impressive work and forced the Bays
to take to the air to gain ground. Hansen and Behman
were always dangerous for the Easterners by their great
line play.
Lewellen, Dunn, Kotal, Blood, Molenda and Dilweg
figured most prominently in the Packers' aerial offense.
They were all over the field on pass plays to catch 
heaves. Some great punting by Lewellen, the Packers'
plunging district attorney, did a lot to keep the play
deep in Frankford territory. Lew punted out of bounds
beyond the Frankford 20 line continually, often placing
his boots off the sidelines beyond the invaders' ten yard
line. The Yellowjackets threatened soon after the start
of the game when "Two Bits" Homan took a punt on his
own 35 yard line, and aided by excellent interference
carried the ball to the Packers' 25 yard mark. Homan
showed a lot of speed and was almost clear for a
touchdown. A pass was intercepted by Lewellen on the
second play after the run, however, and the Packers
kicked out of danger.
The first Packer touchdown came late in the first period,
after the Bays had pushed the play deep into Frankford
territory by getting the best of an exchange of punts.
Lewellen punted out of bounds on the Jacket 3 yard line
and the return kick was brought back to the 32 yard 
line by Dunn. Two passes, with Dunn throwing the ball
and Molenda on the receiving end, brought the play to
the 10 yard line. A bad pass from center pushed the
Packers back to the 15 yard line, however, and the
Packers lost the ball on downs at this point. Diehl then
punted and the ball was down on the Jacket 46 yard
line. Molenda failed to gain on a line plunge but on the
next play, Lewellen dropped back and hurled a pass to
Eddie Kotal which the latter caught on the 30 yard line
with a great effort. Eddie, aided by some great blocking
by O'Donnell, outran three Frankford backfield men to
the goal for a touchdown. Dunn placekicked for the
extra point. Kern recovered a Yellowjacket fumble on
the invaders' 10 yard line late in the second quarter. On
the first play after the fumble, McCrary plowed through
the center of the Jacket line on a spinner play but
fumbled on the four-yard line, Frankford recovering and the Jackets punted out of danger. After an exchange of punts had put the ball on the Frankford 20 yard line late in the second period, a blocked punt by the Packers again put the Packers in scoring position.
Diehl was back to punt on his own 15 yard line when
Kern broke through and blocked the kick, knocking the
ball out of bounds on the Frankford 11 yard line. A pass,
Dunn to Kotal, went over Eddie's head and as there was
only a few seconds to play, Dunn tried a placekick from
a difficult angle, but the ball went wide of the posts. The
Yellowjackets punted to Dunn on his own 15 yard line
soon after the start of the third quarter, and on the first
play a wild pass from center went over Blood's head as
he was back to punt, the ball going beyond the end
zone, automatically giving Frankford a safety. The
Packers started a march from their own 14 yard line in
the fourth quarter that brought the second touchdown
On a fake play, Lewellen passed to Kotal who brought
the ball to the Packer 30 yard line before he was
downed. McCrary picked up three yards and Blood
made a great smash over tackle, shaking off three men
to pick up 13 yards. Blood then made a sensational
catch of a pass and brought the oval to the 10 yard line.
The head linesman claimed he went out of bounds on
the 40 yard line, however, and the play was brought
back to that spot.
Another pass, Blood to Kotal, brought the ball to the 27
yard line. Lewellen picked up three yards and then 
dropped back and heaved a pass to Dilweg on the 15
yard line. Two line plays failed to gain, so Lew again
dropped back and passed to Dilweg who brought the
ball to the Jacket 2 yard line before he was downed.
Molenda failed to gain at center, but on the next play,
Lewellen found a hole at left guard and went over the
line for a touchdown. Molenda placekicked for the extra
point. An intercepted Frankford pass late in the game
gave the Packers another chance to score but the 
opening was missed. Nash intercepted a pass on the Frankford 31 yard line. Kotal advanced the ball seven yards on two plays and on the third down, Molenda dropped back and tried a placekick, which fell short a few seconds before the game ended.
FRANKFORD -  0  0  2  0 -  2
GREEN BAY -  7  0  0  7 - 14
1st - GB - Kotal, 46-yard pass from Lewellen (Dunn kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
3rd - FR - Safety, Earpe snapped ball through end zone on a punt attempt GREEN BAY 7-2
4th - GB - Lewellen, 2-yard run (Molenda kick) GREEN BAY 14-2
Green Bay Packers (4-0) 14, Frankford Yellow Jackets (3-1) 2
​Sunday October 13th 1929 (at Green Bay)
OCTOBER 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Herb Joesting's Minneapolis Red Jackets coming here Sunday for the Bays' last game on the home field this season,
will be fresh from victory over the Chicago Cardinals,
and according to all reports a much stronger team than
that which lost to the Chicago Bears in the opening
game. The big northerners have been building up a
strong aggregation, and getting their machine into
shape in three games, two against the Bears and one
against the Cardinals. They trounced the Cards handily
last Sunday, but were handed shade margin defeats by
the Bears. Relative scores mean nothing so the Bays
are preparing for a stiff contest for their last at home
game. The Cardinals were a tougher package for the
Packers than were the Bears, so there is nothing to be
guessed about the outcome of the contest Sunday on
the basis of previous winnings. Herb Joesting, All-
American fullback at Minnesota in 1926 and 1927, has
with him Kenneth Haycraft, All-American end at
Minnesota, 1928, he was on the second All-American
team in 1927, and on the All-Conference and All-
Western selections in that year. Mally Nydahl, also
from Minnesota, was the All-Western choice for
halfback in 1926 and 1927. These three men are the
outstanding figures in the Red Jacket organization, but
there are many others whose game on the gridiron is
only slightly less. Lloyd Young, of Macalester College,
was all Minnesota tackle, during his college days, and
the same honors were won by Ben Oas, center, St.
Mary's. Tony Mehelich, tackle, also of St. Mary's.
Chester Widerquist was All Eastern, and second All-American tackle, at Washington and Jefferson in 1923. Since that time he has polished off his education with the Chicago Cardinals and Rock Island Independents. Johnny Fahay who was educated at St. Thomas and Marquette won All-Western mention at tackle in 1925, while Wilbur Lundell was All-Minnesota end at Gustavus Adolphus, in 1927. Henry Willegalle was all midwestern fullback at Carleton College in 1926 and 1927. Rube Ursella is perhaps the best known quarterback in the professional game. He has played with the Minneapolis Marines and any number of other clubs in the National league. Tickets have been placed on sale around town and a brisk demand is reported. Some out of town business has already been marked up. The Packer ticket office in the Press-Gazette building will be re-opened on Wednesday to handle the calls for reservations during the remainder of the week.
OCTOBER 15 (Minneapolis) - After coming through with a victory over the Chicago Cardinals, Herb Joesting and his Minneapolis Red Jackets are pointing their efforts this week to the game with the Green Bay Packers Sunday. Joesting, Nydahl, Haycraft and all the rest of the local troupers have heard tremendous tales of the prowess of the Packers but they think that with a fair break in the luck and some smart playing they can win out. They have high hopes of being the first club to crash into the Green Bay perfect record. Members of the Chicago Bears told the Red Jackets plenty here a week ago Sunday about the power and drive of the Packers. Then, along came the Cardinals to town and what they had to tell didn't help in the least the peace of mind of the hired hands of the Owatonna Thunder Bolt. While the Jackets have lost twice to the Bears, local fans think that both contests should have gone to Minneapolis. The 7-6 game in particular was a horseshoe contest for the Chicago outfit and Lady Luck seemed to have been the twelfth player on the Grange machine. Break after break went against the home club and the Chicago touchdown was something that the insurance policies might term "an act of God". In his college career Molly Nydahl was credited with only 6 fumbles - a fair record for three years. But his fumble close to his own goal line cost Minneapolis the game. Joesting went out of the fracas in the last quarter with a sore knee after playing a superhuman game. The knee was not seriously hurt and he will be in action against Green Bay. Dr. Clarence Spears, University of Minnesota coach and one of the strong supporters of pro football, was an interested spectator at the Cardinal game and he predicted the Jackets would be heard from more and more as the season progresses. Rain here in the last few days has hampered the practice but workouts have been going on twice daily.
OCTOBER 15 (Minneapolis Star) - The Green Bay Packers, leading the NFL with four consecutive victories, prepared today to meet Herb Joesting and his Minneapolis pros here Sunday. The Packers came out of last Sunday's victorious game with the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets in splendid condition and will be in top form to stop the Joesting invasion. It will be their last game in Wisconsin this season, as a week later they will start an extensive tour of eastern and midwestern states.
OCTOBER 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Every indication points to a large farewell crowd at the NFL game at the City Stadium here Sunday between the Packers and Herb Joesting's Minneapolis Red Jackets, the team that gave the Chicago Bears two battles and then trimmed the Chicago Cardinals, with Ernie Nevers in the lineup. The clash with the Gophers is the last scheduled home game for the Bays. Following the contest, Captain Lambeau and his hirelings will take the road on a jaunt that will lead them into Chicago four times, Minneapolis, Providence, New York and Philadelphia. The Packers have eight engagements on the road and there isn't a single setup scheduled en route. The spectators at Sunday's game will have a chance to glimpse the stars of yesterday for a minute or two between halves. The Green Bay Football Corporation has extended invitations to
forty players, who have done their part in other years to
put Green Bay on the professional football map. Such
stars as Cub Buck, Moose Gardner, Tubby Howard,
Richard (Job) Murray, mayor of Marinette, Cowboy
Wheeler, Wally Nieman, Sammy Powers, the Zoll
brothers, Secord, Ladrow, Bero, Buldoon, Rosenow and
others have signified their intentions of being present.
These veteran Packers will be along the sidelines near
the Packer bench and between halves they will
assemble on the gridiron and through the Vita-Vox
loudspeaker introduced to the crowd. It is possible a
banquet will be staged for the old timers after the game.
An extra feature of Sunday's game will be the
distribution of the official Packer team picture to every
purchaser of a program. This photo, done by Stiller, will
be a 10 by 5 inch picture reproduced on high grade
paper, which makes it suitable for framing. Each of
these pictures will be inserted in a folder, which will
carry the Packers' road schedule and some facts about
the play-by-play service which will again be offered the
fans at the Columbus Club when the Bays are battling
on foreign gridirons.
OCTOBER 16 (Minneapolis) - Judging by the showing
the Minneapolis Red Jackets made against the Chicago
Cardinals last Sunday, the Green Bay Packers are in
for an exciting afternoon October 20. The Gophers looked like an aggregation that found themselves against Ernie Nevers and his brilliant band of warriors. Green Bay fans must remember that the Cardinals gave them the battle of the year October 6 and staged that fight without the assistance of Nevers. Coach Dewey Scanlon said here after the Sunday game that the blonde Stanford giant added at least 50 percent to the drive of the Chicago club. Despite his presence on the field, Minneapolis played his eleven off its feet in every quarter and in every department of the game. The half ended scoreless after one of the greatest and gamest stands ever seen on any field when the Red Jackets held the visitors for four down on the one foot line. Twice the mighty Nevers catapulted himself into the line for the 12 inches necessary and twice he was stopped dead in his tracks. McDonald and Hill also tried the concrete line without result. Minneapolis then kicked out of danger and the half ended shortly after. The touchdown that won the game for the Red Jackets was one of the prettiest pieces of forward passing ever witnessed anywhere. Working the old combination they played with eminent success at Minnesota, Joesting shot a long forward pass to Kenneth Haycraft, another All-American performer. Kenny speared it out of the air and ran 40 yards before he was downtown on the two-foot line. On the very next play, Mally Nydahl shot through the line for a touchdown. The play proved that the Cardinal defense was not of the stonewall variety that Minneapolis showed in the first half. "I think we have found ourselves," Herb Joesting said Tuesday, "and I also think we are going to make some trouble for that terrible Green Bay team of which we have been hearing so much. Anyway, tell the fans down there we are going to furnish our share of a game that will be well worth watching.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay) - One argument that has
long split the ranks of Minnesota's football colony - who
was the best fullback, Lidberg or Joesting? - will be
settled in actual competition at the City Stadium here
Sunday afternoon when the Minneapolis Red Jackets
and Green Bay Packers clash in a NFL encounter. The
argument about these two plunging fullbacks has been
heard on the Gopher campus ever since Lidberg
graduated from the forestry school and Joesting loomed
on the varsity football horizon to plunge his way to All-
American fame for two successive seasons. Both those
former Gophers are of the bone crushing type of players.
When they plunge something has got to give and it is
generally when Lidberg first joined the Packers he was
the sensation of the National league. "Cully" coached
for two seasons at Colgate and returned to the pro
ranks of the gridders this fall. He has not been used
much as the fullback's work has been split up three
ways but Sunday, Captain Lambeau is going to give him
every opportunity to step into action and offer the much
celebrated Mr. Joesting a chance to see what a real
fullback looks like. Reports from Minneapolis carry the
news that Joesting is working harder than ever this
week so that he will be right on edge when the whistle
blows for his duel with Lidberg. These two fullbacks
have clashed but once before and that was when
Lidberg was in his senior year on the Gopher varsity
and Joesting was lugging the ball from the same
position as a member of the Minnesota Frosh eleven.
The feud started then and it is still on, according to all
accounts. The Football Corporation ticket officer in the
Press-Gazette building will be open for the rest of the
week. None of the bleacher seats are being reserved
and this means much more of a stampede for the
reservations in the big stands. However, there are a lot
of choice tickets still for sale but the management
expects them all to be gobbled up long before game
OCTOBER 17 (Minneapolis) - When Herb Joesting and
his Minneapolis Red Jackets appear in Green Bay next
Sunday, the crowd will have a chance to gaze upon a
player reputed to be the most popular who ever
performed in the Big Ten. He is little "Mally" Nydahl, 22
years old, 160 pounds in weight and as conscientious
and spectacular a back as ever sunk a cleat into the
sod. Mally is studying medicine at the University of
Minnesota but the lure of professional football was so
enticing this year that he answered its call. He quit his
studies with Minneapolis but will resume them at the
start of the winter semester. Wisconsin University fans
still remember him for the brilliant run in the final closing minute of the last game he played against the Badgers to turn defeat for Minnesota into victory. And apparently he is kindly remembered in Madison. When the Jackets played Red Grange's Bears there last month, he won the verdict over the Galloping Ghost for the popularity of the crowd. When the game ended he was surrounded by a large crowd and spent about 15 minutes autographing score cards. Dr. Henry L. Williams, for years coach at Minnesota, recently pronounced Nydahl one of the highest types of athletes he had ever met. "Mally is a credit to football," Doc said, "and I am glad to count him my friend. He is one of the hardest playing backs I ever saw in action but he is also one of the cleanest. He would not resort to an unsportsmanlike trick on the gridiron no matter what it might profit him." In the first two games against the Bears, Nydahl took a terrific pounding. There were times when he was roughed a little unnecessarily but not a word of protest was uttered by him. Green Bay fans may be assured that he will play in every quarter down there unless he breaks a leg or fractures his skull. With several thousand Minneapolis fans planned to attend the Minnesota-Northwestern game in Evanston October 19, it looks as though many of these will tarry on the way home to see Sunday's game between the Red Jackets and Packers. More than a dozen special trains have been chartered for the game with the Packers.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers and their followers are going to see red Sunday afternoon when Herb Joesting's Minneapolis Red Jackets dash out onto the field for the final home contest of the local professional football team. The Jackets are going to hit the crowd right into the eye when they show up in their startling color scheme. The boys from the Gopher state are wearing a scarlet ensemble this season, which varies not in color from their helmets to their shoes. Hooded coats have been made of the same material. The Packer management has arranged the ensuing contest as the homecoming, and any number of old times have promised to appear on the field. Cub Buck will speak to the assembled spectators over the radio arrangement at the field, and other of the old timers will be introduced to the fans. In addition to a Homecoming, the game will be in the nature of a farewell reception for the Packer players, who will start their swing around the circuit on the following Sunday...GOOD SEATS LEFT: While there has been a good deal of interest in the coming fray with the Gopher team, there are still many desirable seats available for this contest. The enlarged stadium assures every one of a seat, though the bleachers will not be reserved next Sunday. The ticket office in the Press-Gazette building is open daily and each evening so that there will be no difficulty in picking up tickets for this game. The victory of the Red Jackets over the Chicago Cardinals a week ago sent the Minnesota huskies into practice this week with new hopes, and they are pointing for this game with the league leaders. Sig Harris, former freshman coach at the University of Minnesota, has taken charge of the direction of the team, and is using a style of play that is a combination of the ideas evolved by Doc Williams and Doc Spears at Minnesota...LAWRIE TO REFEREE: With a wealth of All-Conference, All-American and All-State material to work with the new professional coach is not worrying about individual effort, and is concentrating on coordination of effort and speed. He is said to be pounding the Scarlet aggregation into a wonderful machine. Those sharing the limelight with Joesting, are such well known Northmen as Mally Nydahl and Kenny Haycraft. Haycraft is reported to be playing a much better game today than he did in college. Officials for the contest Sunday have been announced by the Packer management as follows: George Lawrie, referee, Otto Engle, umpire, and George Johnson, head linesman, all of Chicago.
OCTOBER 18 (Minneapolis) - Joesting's Minneapolis Redjackets, some two dozen strong, will leave here Saturday afternoon over the Soo line in Neenah, Wis., where they will stop Saturday night at the Valley Inn before going on to Green Bay early Sunday morning for their scheduled NFL encounter with the Packers. Manager Dunn decided on the route to Neenah better than ride the train all night and meet a foe like the Packers. In other years, Minneapolis used to make the all night jaunt but Dunn isn't taking any chances on this game because he figures that his Redjackets are just about ready to teach the Packers a football lesson that they won't forget in a long time.
OCTOBER 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Two of the clubs will attempt "ironman" stunts over the weekend. Orange and the Yellowjackets meet on Saturday while Sunday sees the Hornets performing in New York while the Skeeters do their stuff in Boston...The pro football lid is to be lifted in Chicago this 
OCTOBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - There was little to be desired in the Packers' aerial offense. The team sent three or four men down the field on every pass play and the back heaving the ball got some fine openings to complete the passes. Excellent blocking by Packer linemen also figured prominently in the plays...A box defense, used the Packers, broke up most of the Jacket forward passes. The invaders tried 13 passes, completing only four. On four occasions, Green Bay backs or ends intercepted Frankford passes...The Packers gained 134 yards by forward passes. They made 10 first downs, to four for the Jackets. The Jackets completed four passes for a total gain of 69 yards...The Packers had the edge on yards gained from scrimmage, as they made 125 yards on running plays. They lost 40 yards on plays from scrimmage formations. The Jackets made 50 yards from scrimmage and were thrown for losses totaling 30 yards...The Yellowjackets stopped the game early in the first period so that the backfield men could change jerseys. The jerseys of the Frankford team were similar to the those of the Packers, and, as a consequence, handicapped both teams in the forward passing plays...When Eddie Kotal caught a pass that brought the Packers' first touchdown, Dick O'Donnell was right by his side and took out the only man who had a chance to catch the fleet Packer halfback. Dick made a great flying block to keep Mercer from getting to Eddie. It was a great play by Dick. O'Donnell played most of the first period and did some fine work...Eddie Kotal and Cal Hubbard played the full game for the Packers. Hubbard worked at end for awhile at the start but was shifted to tackle for the last three periods. He turned in some nice football...Red Dunn, veteran quarterback, got a terrific jolt on a line play early in the game, but played until the last period when he was taken out. Dunn used excellent field generalship throughout the game, but was a little unsteady at times as a result of the shakeup...Because of a league ruling that prohibits more than 18 men in the lineup of a team, Capt. Lambeau was forced to keep Lidberg and Bullet Baker on the sidelines. He plans to give both backs a lot of work next Sunday. Lambeau used all 18 men allowed Sunday...Paul Minick, star Packer guard of 1928, and his wife arrived here from Des Moines, Ia., in time to see the Bays put the skids under Bull Behman's tribe Sunday. Minick will report for practice Tuesday morning. Business affairs delayed the arrival here of the former Iowa all-western center flanker for nearly a month, but he says he has been working out daily in Des Moines. He looks to be in the pink of condition...A collection taken up during the game to send the American Legion Lumberjack band to games in Chicago brought a total of $302.34, it was announced today. The Packer management issued a statement, thanking the fans for their support of the movement to send the musicians to the Windy City...Wally Diehl had to leave the game after a punt was blocked on him in the second period, and an examination showed two broken ribs. The Frankford fullback played a whale of a game in the back line.
OCTOBER 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - By defeating Philadelphia the Packers prove themselves the greatest football team in America at the present moment. This is some distinction for town of 40,000 people. Without a doubt the Packers have played the best football in the United States thus far. College football need not to be taken into account in rating the Packers, for the best of it is far inferior and amateurish. Whether the Packers will finish the season with this standing depends to a small extent upon the "breaks" in future games, but primarily whether they can preserve the team spirit, determination and coordination exhibited in the Bear and Philadelphia games. They have the skill, the resourcefulness, the nerve. They have an organization which can play the best football it is possible for any team as now constituted to play. In other words, they have the team that can win - that can win the national championship. For the rest of the season, two things only are needed. One is morale, the will to win. The other is that indefinable something that puts a star player in any contest "on his game", that causes him to hit his stride and become invincible. It applies to team as well as individual play, as displayed in a superlative degree by the Athletics in the World Series, and so pathetically by the Cubs. Given this combination the Green Bay Packers will win more games than any team in the league. They are the finest aggregation of players ever assembled here, and, delivering their best, are unbeatable. For the first time we have a real championship team. Go out and win it, men; the town is loyally and enthusiastically with you.
OCTOBER 14 (Minneapolis Star) - Having broken into the win column of the NFL with their impressive 14 to 7 triumph over Ernie Nevers' Chicago Cardinals yesterday, Herb Joesting's Red Jackets today settled down for an intensive week of training in preparation for the tussle at Green Bay next Sunday. The Green Bay Packers are recognized as the most powerful organization in the league, and today lead the league with four straight victories. The Red Jackets face another hard assignment the following week, when they play the Bears at Chicago. They return home for their final Minneapolis appearance Nov. 3, with Green Bay as the opposition.
Sunday with the Cardinals clashing against the Bears in Wrigley field. Managers of both clubs are hungry for a win and it should be a hard fought fracas...The Buffalo management has hopes of getting out of the woods in the game with Providence. Manager Jerry Corcoran is making several additions to his squad which he claims is sure to put the Bisons on victory row...Several thousand loyal Frankford rooters are going to follow Bull Behman and his footballers into Gotham last Sunday. The New York invasion is always one of the red letter events on the Jackets' grid calendar...Goldie Rapp, a first class blocking back, who played several seasons with the Columbus Tigers, is the newest addition to the Buffalo club. The Bisons, it is said, can still use some more extra weight behind the line...From the 41 to 0 score that Boston piled up on Dayton, it would seem as if Dick Rauch has got his Bulldogs going along in a way that will mean trouble for the other spokes in Joe Carr's postgraduate gridiron wheel...Don Hill, a transfer from the Green Bay Packers to the Chicago Cardinals, made good in his debut with Dr. Jones' crew. The Pacific coast star grabbed a pass from Nevers and ambled some 65 yards for a touchdown...However, Hill's brilliant performance wasn't enough to turn the tide for the Cardinals as the Minneapolis aggregation, thanks to some brilliant work by Joesting, Haycraft and Nydahl chalked up 14 hard-earned points...Orange lived up to advance notices in the game with Providence but the Steamrollers launched one determined drive that produced the only score of the game. The Cycledrome was well filled for the encounter...Andrews and the Giants are still sitting pretty in a pro football way in the New York area as Stapleton was chased back to Staten Island on the short end of a 19 to 9 score after 60 minutes of thrilling football...Senn, the Bears' galloping back, came into his own against Buffalo and burned up the gridiron. The speedster was on the receiving end of two well directed passes and then proceeded to step along to touchdown territory...Jackson McArthur, who has played a lot of professional football, is now drawing his paycheck as an utility lineman for Orange. Big Mac has played with Los Angeles, Buffalo and the New York Yanks in recent years..."Two-Bits" Homan is not letting the grass grow under his feet this season. The pint-sized backfielder is a wonderful punt receiver and once he starts stepping he is as slippery as the much discussed sidewalk banana...Gombleske, coach of the Providence college team, is back in the Steamroller uniform again. He played center part of the game against Orange turning in a good job at a position which was something strange to him...Kuzco bids fair to become one of the greatest field generals in the National league. The youngster, who is making the grade with Stapleton, is a swell ball handler besides being right at home with tugging the oval...Bellanich, the Dayton tackle, doesn't have to kill much time during the football season as his gridiron engagements with the pro club and his coaching duties at Dayton U give him a full schedule seven days a week...Feather, the New York Giant fullback, is much heavier than his name would indicate according to players who have faced him this season. Coach Andrews rated the youngster so well that he gave Jack McBride the gate...Pierotti, one of the veterans of the pro league, has donned the moleskins again and is snapping the ball for Boston. The "Chef" is still a rugged customer on the gridiron and he knows the center job like a book.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A thundering herd of Norsemen from the plains of Minnesota will loom up in the City stadium here tomorrow determined to trample over the Green Bay Packers and crush their hopes of a championship in the NFL. These Vikings from the north, headed by such stellar crusaders as Herb Joesting and Mally Nydahl, are out for blood and intend to get it from the Bays. Whether they can get it will be learned after the game, which starts at 2 p.m. The game will be the final home tilt of the year for the Packers. The Packers are sure to have a lot to say about the outcome, however. They will be fighting to keep up their successful march toward the National league championship and also will be battling to keep their goal from being crossed this year. Two safeties have been the extent of the scoring against the Packers in the five games that they have played and won. The great Packer line has withstood attacks from such mighty teams as the Yellowjackets, Bears and Cardinals without weakening, and it is just as confident that it can turn back the thrusts of Joesting and his Minneapolis mates...BATTLE OF LINEMEN: The game is expected to be a battle of linemen with the teams relying on forward passes and punts for gains. Eventually one team or the other will weaken by the constant bombardment along the front line, and the squad with the strongest line probably will emerge on top. Flanking the center position Minneapolis is expected to use Kraemer and Fahay the greatest part of the game. Kraemer is a veteran professional gridder and is a tower of strength. He weighs 230 pounds and can charge like a bull. Fahay is a little lighter than Kraemer but likewise is a great charger. Oas and Charpe also are big men who are available for center duty, while Mehelich and Lovin are ready for guard work if Kraemer and Fahay find the job too much for them. At tackles, Franta and Glause are scheduled to alternate on the left side of the line with Widerquist, former Washington and Jefferson star, on the other side of the center. The end positions will be well protected as Haycraft, Minnesota's outstanding wingman last year, and Wilson, Cornell star, are slated for regular work...JOESTING AT FULLBACK: In the backfield, Joesting will be at his old post at fullback with Willegale, Sandberg and Erickson as halfbacks. Mally Nydahl and Ursella are quarterbacks will be used. Nydahl was one of the sensations of the Big Ten when he attended Minnesota and is doing even better in the professional game. Pitted against this array of talent, the Packers will have men who have succeeded in keeping Green Bay on top of the National league. Earpe is scheduled to do most of the work at center. The Jugger has played the best football of his career this season and is by far the class of the league at this post. Darling can be counted on to do some nice work if Earpe is taken out for a rest. He has been coming along nicely in recent years and can hold his own with most of the pivot men in the league. Michalske, whose work at guard has been the sensation of the Packer defensive play, is scheduled for a full afternoon on the left side of the line with Bowdoin on the other side of the center. Bowdoin also has shown a lot of ability this year and working with Earpe and Michalske has made the center of the Packer line as strong as any in the country...FOUR TACKLES TO WORK: Kern, Perry, Hubbard and Ashmore are slated for tackle work. Kern, who is playing his first year of professional football like Michalske, has been a sensation for the Packers. He is unusually fast for a big man and charges like a demon. Perry, Hubbard and Ashmore also have proven their worth. Dick O'Donnell, who turned in a great game last week against the Yellowjackets, is slated for work at one end again Sunday. He probably will alternate with Nash on one side of the line. Lavvie Dilweg will hold down the wing post. Red Dunn is slated to be back at his old job calling plays. He may be relieved part of the time by Blood, however, as the latter has seen some service in that position in practice. McCrary also has been shifted and has been playing a halfback position in practice and may work at that post part of the game, alternating with Lewellen and Kotal. Lidberg, because of his knowledge of Minneapolis play, is due for most of the work at fullback, although Molenda also may be used. A number of good seats are still available for the game. The Packer ticket office in the Press-Gazette building will be open again this evening and from 9 a.m. until noon Sunday. Uncalled for reservations will be picked up from the ticket selling places about town early this evening and returned to the Packer ticket office where they will be placed in the open sale immediately.
OCTOBER 20 (Minneapolis Star Tribune) - The Minneapolis Red Jackets of Herb Joesting are in Green Bay, Wis., today, where they will take on the powerful and undefeated Packers in a game that is attracting the attention of the professional football world. The Badger state boys are admitted to have one of the most powerful pro teams ever assembled, but the Red Jackets are determined to hand them their first defeat. The Chicago Cardinals held the Packers to a 9 to 2 score two weeks ago and then lost 14 to 7 to the Jackets. With the Green Bay game out of the way, the Jackets will invade Chicago next Sunday for a return tilt with the Bears. On November 3, the Red Jackets will play their third and last home game at Nicollet park. Green Bay will be the opposition. The Minneapolis athletes will then take to the road for a month's invasion of the east. The first game will be with Providence, R.I., November 10.